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***Starwars Galaxies - PC Review 2006*** Starwars Galaxies ( unimarter UniMarter
***Starwars Galaxies - PC Review 2006***

Starwars Galaxies (SWG) is an ambitious Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMORPG) from Sony Entertainment. It is a game surrounded by history and controversial views. The actual product itself has been around now for a number of years but has been significantly re-invented by Sony twice since going live.These large changes that Sony made have often been open to fiery debate by both old and new players. For the purpose of this review I will treat the game as new and try only to refer to the game in it's current form.The Starwars Galaxies starter kit has everything a new player needs to get up and running. You start by choosing from a set of races and then pick one of the available iconic careers. They are iconic because each career is based on a starwars character. A career may have you searching the galaxy as a bounty hunter or if you prefer learning the path of a Jedi. You can even customize the look of your character and give them a name.Once your finished with the character generation you can launch into a specially designed training level that helps teach you the basics of your chosen class. During this level you will run into the likes of Han Solo and even Boba Fett.Your character develops by gaining experience levels. With each level new skills and rewards become available. The maximum level is 90 but even with a regular player it will take many hours of gameplay to reach this.The galaxy itself consists of planets from the star wars films and books. A recent addition was the volcanic planet Mustafaar which was seen in the final Star Wars film. To play on this planet you will need to purchase the online expansion.Each planet has it's own eco system and day / night cycle. As you grow within the game you will eventually be able to purchase your own home and vehicles. As well as the land based game you also get to fly around in space. The vehicle you fly in will depend on both your alignment (Rebel / Imperial / Neutral) and your piloting skill level. You can upgrade various components on your starship such as it's engines, shields and weapons.Both the land and space areas contain a wide range of missions. Some are short while others are lengthy but all will give some kind of reward for completing them. One way of completing difficult missions is to create a group with other players.Starwars galaxies is set at a time somewhere between the first (A new hope) and the second (the empire strikes back) films. Throughout the game you will come across reminders of the clone wars. In one mission it is even possible to obtain some old clone armour. There are rumours of the time frame moving on for the game but so far nothing offical has appeared.Combat takes place in real time whether it is ranged, melee or force powers. The combat system shows by a simple colour icon as to whether or not you are likely to win a fight.For myself the verdict is not out yet on this game. I know that Sony are planning on making many improvements and additions in the near future. Star Wars fans will be at home in the SWG universe. All the favourite places are there like the Mos Eisley Cantina and the waterfalls at Naboo. The social aspect of this game creates the potential for all kinds of adventures. Although it's good to make alliances in SWG it also works just as well if you prefer to take the single player approach.I would like to give this game a higher score but as I feel it is still yet to be improved I shall lower it.MMORPG fans may find this a disappointment where as hardcore Star Wars fans are more likely to stick with it.Misty Pathster's Score - 7 / 10Gamers DiaryMy current in-game experiences.

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Niania elektroniczna BEURER BY33 AGD małe > DLA DZIECKA > Nianie elektroniczne

Niania elektroniczna BEURER BY33

Dzieci i niemowlęta > Bezpieczeństwo niemowląt > Nianie elektroniczne
Oczyszczacz BEURER LR 300 AGD małe > DO DOMU > Oczyszczacze powietrza

Oczyszczacz BEURER LR 300

Dom i ogród > Sprzęt AGD > Ogrzewanie, wentylacja i klimatyzacja > Oczyszczacze powietrza
Urządzenie do aromaterapii BEURER LA 20 AGD małe > DO DOMU > Nawilżacze powietrza

Urządzenie do aromaterapii BEURER LA 20

Dom i ogród > Sprzęt AGD > Urządzenia do kontroli klimatu > Nawilżacze
Aparat do masażu Beurer MG 70 Masażer AGD małe > ZDROWIE I URODA > Masażery i maty masujące

Aparat do masażu Beurer MG 70 Masażer

Zdrowie i uroda > Higiena osobista > Masaż i relaks > Masażery
Pulsometr BEURER PM 15 AGD małe > ZDROWIE I URODA > Ciśnieniomierze

Pulsometr BEURER PM 15

Zdrowie i uroda > Opieka zdrowotna > Monitory funkcji życiowych > Ciśnieniomierze
BEURER Jonowy włosów 2200 W HC 80 Małe AGD > Pielęgnacja osobista > Suszarki do włosów

BEURER Jonowy włosów 2200 W HC 80

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***Star Wars Battlefront 2 - PS2 Review*** I have played an unimarter UniMarter
***Star Wars Battlefront 2 - PS2 Review***

I have played an awfull lot of Starwars games over the years right back to the early days of the wireframed arcade game. Battlefront 2 has brought back to me some of that early fast paced arcade excitement.As a youngster I also enjoyed the toys so being able to jump into multiple starwars vehicles and ships is just brilliant.
I never played the original Battlefront but can see why it was so popular.The game has a lot of content and is based across the starwars universe at different times. You can play during the clone wars as well as the later period. What makes the game particularily appealing is the use of special hero characters.Battlefront 2 has been given more emphasis towards the single player as well keeping its multiplayer roots. Both work well and the AI of the bots in a single player game is quite good.
There are three distinct game types you can play. A training game set during the clone wars, a galaxy conquest game and the instant action games.New to Battlefront 2 is the ability to wage war in space. This is very exciting as you have the option of taking down an enemy capital ship from either space or by boarding and sabotaging it's systems. This is not one sided though as the enemy can do exactly the same to you.The more competent at combat you become then the more strategies you discover. You start to use the landscape, weapons and vehicles around you.
Taking control of a lumbering AT-AT and blowing that rebel scum to pieces is just sheer fun. The AT-AT are a unique unit in this game as they act as a mobile base capable of spawning troops.I do have some grumbles though and one or them is certain missing vehicles. The Millenium Falcon and B-Wing do not appear to be flyable vehicles in this game. I would have also liked to have seen bigger Star Destroyer, Rebel Cruiser interiors as these massive ships only have a limited area in which to fight and explore. If there is ever a Battlefront 3 then maybe some of these elements would be considered.All in all this game is well rounded and entertaining and it should keep me occupied for sometime to come.Misty Pathster's Verdict - 8 / 10Gamers DiaryMy current in-game experiences.

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***Star Wars Galaxy Credit - Real Cash for Virtual Credits*** unimarter UniMarter
***Star Wars Galaxy Credit - Real Cash for Virtual Credits***

What's your Star Wars Galaxy credit rating? If you've got a few bucks, it could be millions. As of December 2005, the exchange rate between the dollar and the Star Wars Galaxy credit stood at $4.40 for a cool million. What can you buy for a million credits? How about a really nice lightsaber, a moisture farm on Tatooine, or a stake in your very own asteroid? Sadly, the Star Wars Galaxy credit exists only in Star Wars Galaxies, one of the world's most popular MMORPGs -- but that doesn't mean it lacks reality in the financial world. Trading real-world currencies is a long-standing tradition in the world market, so is it any surprise that folks now trade currencies from other worlds, too?Money...it's a sinIn any decent MMORPG, in-game currency is a must. How else are you going to get all the best training, weapons and equipment that money can buy? In Star Wars Galaxies, the unit of exchange is the Star Wars Galaxy credit. You make your Star Wars Galaxy credits by going on missions, destroying bad guys, making deliveries, or crafting items that all your in-game buddies want to buy. But hey, that's the slow, difficult way to make the Star Wars Galaxy credit you need to get ahead. Why scramble for your Star Wars Galaxy credits when there's an easier way?Care to indulge?Pssst! Wanna buy a
Star Wars Galaxy
credit or two...million? We've got the goods right here. Find the best
sources for Star
Wars Galaxy credits.

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***Where Can I Find The Best Case Mods Online and Save Money?*** unimarter UniMarter
***Where Can I Find The Best Case Mods Online and Save Money?***

Are you captivated by the stunning Case Mods you've seen online but shell shocked at some of the prices.What is a case mod, some of you may ask? Have you every wanted to spice up that boring bland box you call your computer?Well you can and there are lots of people online with fantastic clever ideas on themes, gee whiz lights, sounds, and much much more. Here is a list of top places where you can get information, buy stuff, and chat with others about your ideas.If you want great case mod information you should go to the Best Case Scenario;http: / / www.thebestcasescenario.com / There you will get great advice on do it yourself case mod projects that will save you money. You will find "well written and photographed case modding worklog that allows us to follow a modder's project in a step-by-step fashion".If you want to buy great case mod items at low prices you should go to:http: / / www.case-mod.com / storeTheir statement sums up what the site is about; "A unique shopping experience for the Hardcore PC Enthusiast! Along with providing an excellent selection of high quality items and offering exceptional and personal customer service, Case-Mod.com has found many unique ways to save you money and make your shopping experience an enjoyable one."If you want case mod forums and galleries go to;http: / / www.casemodgod.comDo it yourself case modding projects. "If you want guides to dozens of creative modding projects, this is your site"These sites have great advice and products on all kinds of case mod ideas.Now First-Ever Star Wars PC
(more info at http: / / www.maxsvr.com / case-mod-information / )Alienware now has a line of Star Wars PCs. In addition to stunning Star Wars graphics on the case, the systems also come with spectacular Star Wars skins and Wallpaper. (more info at http: / / www.maxsvr.com / case-mod-information / )According to Alienware;"As possibly the most popular movie franchise of all time, Star Wars has appeared on countless products and become an indelible part of pop culture. Despite all of that, however, there has never been a PC that Star Wars fans could call their own. Until now. The first-ever Star Wars PC, the Alienware Aurora: Star Wars Edition, has arrived, bringing together one-of-a-kind Star Wars style and award-winning Alienware power to forever transform your computing experience."The Star Wars graphics on both the "light side" and the "dark side" versions look as impressive as it gets. (more info at http: / / www.maxsvr.com / case-mod-information / )Kevin Taylor is a freelance writer / webmaster and lives in Toronto, Canada. http: / / www.maxsvr.com / case-mod-information

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***MMORPG: The New Trend In Computer Gaming*** From the firs unimarter UniMarter
***MMORPG: The New Trend In Computer Gaming***

From the first bar gaming machines like pacman or pong to the current computers or console games like The Sims 2 or Halo enormous steps forward have been made, up to the point that it is difficult to consider the latters just as a natural evolution of the firsts. But that is the real truth, the wonderful masterpieces the videogames industry is able to produce nowadays are nothing more than the results of a slow work made of tiny improvements that in the years brought up to those results.If we check the differences between today?s and ten years ago videogames, the most obvious ones are in the graphics. Graphic cards with always more powerful GPUs (Graphical Processing Unit) and more memory have made possible the modeling of three dimensional fantastic alive worlds.
But graphics are not certainly everything. Also the whole concepts and actions that constitute the game itself, the gameplay, have been notably deepened and improved. And so the two white bars at the edges of the screen hitting the ball as fast and diagonally as possible disappears, while adventures with deep plots, arcades in which being able to coordinate movements and hiding at the right moment is as important as firing with an excellent aim, together with games where more than one players fight or cooperate for a common objective are born.Oh yes, multiplayer games. Since 1999, year of release of a cult in the multiplayer genre like Unreal Tournament, the phenomena became a mass one, so that it gave life to a new word, netgamer.And obviously the videogame industry hasn't ignored the phenomena and started to work.But already two years before Unreal Tournament, the US based corporation "Origin" released what at the moment was the diamond edge in the multiplayer field, Ultima Online.Set in an ancient Britannia, lands of dragons, wizards and knights, the Ultima Online servers were (and still are) capable of hosting in the same world more that one thousand players. And here is how the multiplayer gaming genre goes from a last hit battle between two six-people teams to much more, a "real breathing virtual world" with its society, its ecosystem, its economy, and all of this on its player?s hands.Thousands of players creating guild and alliances or declaring war each other for resources control or simply to defend their own or plunder others richness was something absolutely new. And fun.To define the new game genre that Ultima Online made famous, the MMORPG term was created, acronym of Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, where massive refers to the amount of players concurrently playing together.Ultima Online was followed by many more games of success, like EVE Online, World of Warcraft, Dark Age of Camelot, City of Heroes, Star Wars Galaxies, Guild Wars, Planetside and so on. Eve Online is even capable of servicing on its server about 30.000 players at the same time, while World of Warcraft distributed between a few hundred servers more than 7 millions players all around the world.Today specialized websites like www.ogrank.com covers the topic, addressing the new players to the MMORPG that fits best for them and servicing resources and news to the more expert ones.OGRank.com - Online Games News

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***A Martial Artist's View of the Film:
***A Martial Artist's View of the Film: "Galaxy Quest"***

What if a distant civilization, threatened by an evil empire, received TV transmissions from Earth that carried old ?Star Trek? episodes, and instead of interpreting them as entertainment, they thought they were ?historical documents,? that Captain Kirk, Spock, Sulu, and Scotty were real warriors, the best in the universe?Why, they?d try to get these battlers to come to their rescue, wouldn?t they?This is the premise of ?Galaxy Quest,? the 1999 movie starring Tim Allen as the Kirk-alike.Make no mistake, this is a comedy; but it is a comedy with a lot of heart, and it is something that the martial artist can definitely relate to.Imagine this scenario. You?ve been a student of the martial arts for years and your neighbors have occasionally seen you come and go in part of your uniform. (Following dojo rules, you never wear your belt on the street!)One evening, while you?re watching a video, your neighbor bangs on your door and tells you her ex-husband is on the way over to kill her, and well, she knows you know how to handle yourself, so please protect her!?No, hold it a second,? you want to reply, ?I study martial arts, sure, but this is REAL; I mean he could kill BOTH OF US!?And you?re just about ready to cop out, when you see her fear is real, and it?s crunch time.You need to step up, and fast.Or, turn her out, plug up your ears, and try to get back to life as usual, though that uniform and your training will never feel the same.Comedy aside, can you count on yourself to step-up?This is the question EVERY character in ?Galaxy Quest? must answer, and frankly, some of the replies are hilarious. Sam Rockwell, as ?Guy,? the crewman so insignificant that the TV writers dispensed with his last name, that Guy, is hilarious and not to be missed.Sigourney Weaver does a fun turn while trying to hide her crush on Tim Allen.Alan Rickman, not generally known as a comedic actor, is incredibly funny as the Spock-type, but instead of pointy ears, his head looks a little like the Florida Marlins logo.This movie has it all, and you?ll undoubtedly get a kick out of it, while its deeper message might provide you with a kick in the pants, if you?re a martial artistDr. Gary S. Goodman is the best-selling author of 12 books, over 700 articles, and the creator of numerous audio and video training programs, including "The Law of Large Numbers: How To Make Success Inevitable," published by Nightingale-Conant-a favorite among salespeople and entrepreneurs. For information about booking Gary to speak at your next sales, customer service or management meeting, conference or convention, please address your inquiry to: gary@customersatisfaction.com.

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