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***The DXA Bone Density Test*** The Bone Density test comes unimarter UniMarter
***The DXA Bone Density Test***

The Bone Density test comes in many forms. You may have seen the small machines at Health Fairs or at your local pharmacy.These devices measure bone density by ultrasound technology. It is inexpensive, portable and there is no radiation exposure. Several studies have shown it to be a good predictor of fracture risk. It is sometimes called Quantitative Ultrasound(QUS).However, ultrasound is not recommended to monitor osteoporosis long term because of limited precision of the machine and the fact that bone mass at peripheral sites (e.g. heel) changes very slowly. If an ultrasound test reveals an abnormal result we suggest obtaining a confirmatory DXA scan of the hip and spine.It is also possible to use Quantitative Computed Tomography (QCT) to measure bone density. It is used less often than DXA. It is more expensive, less reproducible and emits a higher radiation dose than DXA.So let's talk a little about DXA. DXA is short for Dual X-Ray Absorptiometry. It is also known as DEXA, Bone Densitometry or the Bone Mineral Density (BMD) test / scan. It is really the 'gold standard' of bone density measurement techniques. DXA uses a very low radiation dose. The radiation is equivalent to the dose received when flying on an airplane from San Francisco to New York! So as you can see the exposure is minimal, but you should NOT undergo a scan if there is any chance of you being pregnant. DXA measures the BMD in one hip and in the lumbar spine. teksty few centers will measure both hips. Smaller, more mobile peripheral DXA devices are also used(pDXA). Talk to your physician about which Bone Density Test is available in your area.So when you have had your scan you will be given a t-score. This is a statistical number that compares your bone density to that of a young adult. The more negative the t-score the worse your bone density. The lower the t-score the higher your risk of fracture. Take a look at this scale to see where your t-score lies.The World Health Organisation classifies your t-score as follows:teksty-SCORE better than -1.0 is NORMALteksty-SCORE from -1.0 to -2.5 is OSTEOPENIAteksty-SCORE -2.5 or worse is OSTEOPOROSISOn the day of the exam, eat normally, but don't take calcium supplements for at least 24 hours beforehand. Wear loose, comfortable clothing, avoiding garments that have zippers, belts, or buttons made of metal. Inform your physician if you recently had a barium examination or have been injected with a contrast material for a computed tomography (CT) scan or radioisotope scan; you may have to wait 10-14 days before undergoing a DEXA test. Women should always inform their physician or x-ray technologist if there is a possibility they are pregnant.The results of a DEXA bone density exam are interpreted by a physician specially trained in Bone Densitometry.I am a Certified Clinical Densitometrist with the International Society for Clinical Densitometry (www.iscd.org). I send an interpretation of your results and a signed report to your primary care physician, who will work with you to develop a treatment plan. Usually available within a few days, your test results will be in the form of two scores:teksty score ? This number shows the amount of bone you have compared to a young adult of the same gender with peak bone mass. teksty score above -1 is considered normal. teksty score between -1 and -2.5 is classified as osteopenia, the first stage of bone loss. teksty score below -2.5 is defined as osteoporosis. It is used to estimate your risk of developing a fracture.Z score ? This number reflects the amount of bone you have compared to other people in your age group and of the same size and gender. If it is unusually high or low, it may indicate a need for further medical tests.Despite its effectiveness as a method of measuring bone density, DEXA is of limited use in people with a spinal deformity or those who have had previous spinal surgery. The presence of vertebral compression fractures or osteoarthritis may interfere with the accuracy of the test. CT scans may be more useful in such instances. DEXA cannot predict who will experience a fracture, but can provide indications of relative risk.Central DEXA devices are more sensitive than pDEXA devices, but they are also somewhat more expensive. The peripheral devices don't accurately follow changes in your bones during therapy. teksty test done on a peripheral location, such as your heel or wrist, may help predict the risk of fracture in your spine or hip. But because bone mass tends to vary from one location to the other, measuring the heel is not as accurate as measuring the spine or hip.Adrian J Rawlinson MD
http: / / www.osteoporosis-advisor.com

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***CT and MRI Scans in Neurological Practice: teksty Quick Overvi unimarter UniMarter
***CT and MRI Scans in Neurological Practice: teksty Quick Overview***

Before computed tomographic (CT) scans became available in the 1970s, there was no good method for imaging the brain. The available methods and technologies struck around the target without quite hitting the bull's-eye.We had skull x-rays which imaged the bony brain-case, but not the brain itself. We had arteriograms which imaged the insides of blood-vessels supplying the brain. We had nuclear brain scans which imaged chunks of brain that were recently damaged. We had a particularly nasty test called a pneumoencephalogram (PEG) in which the doctor squirted air through a spinal tap needle and encouraged it to bubble around and inside the brain by turning the patient every which-a-way—including upside-down—while x-ray pictures showed where the air could and couldn't go. Finally, the most accurate method was not a physical picture at all, but a mind's-eye picture within the brain of an examining neurologist. Yet diagnoses still got made and patients did get treated.CT scans revolutionized the practice of neurology. It's not that the other methods disappeared (well, yes, PEGs thankfully did disappear) but that CT scans vastly improved the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment. Even when CT scans didn't show the disease itself (e.g. multiple sclerosis or a fresh stroke) they assisted the diagnostic process by proving the absence of a brain tumor, abscess or hemorrhage that were also on the list of diagnostic possibilities.CT scans did (and still do) this by sending x-ray beams through the head at various angles and collecting the x-ray beams on the opposite side that were not absorbed by the head. Then magic occurs. teksty series of images appear on a computer monitor or on x-ray film as if the head had been run through a giant salami-cutter and the slices were laid out flat and in sequence.On CT pictures the different parts of the head are displayed in various shades of gray according to how much they absorb x-rays. The skull-bone absorbs x-rays the most and shows as the whitest component. At the other end of the gray-scale, the watery spaces in and around the brain absorb x-rays the least and show as the blackest components. The brain itself is somewhere in between, showing up in the mid-gray range. Abnormal components, like brain tumors and blood-collections, are identified not just by appearing in their own shades of gray, but also by their locations and shapes. Creating a second set of slices after the patient receives an infusion of intravenous dye provides an additional dimension to imaging not unlike that provided by the older, nuclear scans.Then in the 1980s magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans burst upon the scene and astonished the medical community by not just imaging the brain itself, but by doing so in a brand-new way. Instead of imaging the extent to which the head's different components absorb x-rays, MRIs instead focus on water-molecules. To be more precise, MRIs image the rate at which spinning hydrogen-atoms of water molecules within different parts of the brain either line-up or fall out or alignment with a strong magnetic field. These differing rates of magnetization or de-magnetization are fed into a computer. Then magic occurs yet again. teksty series of slice-like images is created and displayed on a computer-screen or x-ray-type film in shades of gray. Abnormal structures, like brain-tumors or the plaques of multiple sclerosis, are displayed in their own shades of gray and are also recognizable by their shapes and locations. Obtaining another set of images after intravenous administration of gadolinium—the MRI equivalent of x-ray dye—also adds diagnostic information.One of the virtues of MRI pictures is that they are based on physical principles totally different from those responsible for creating CT pictures. Thus, the MRI is good (or not so good) at showing different things than CTs. Another virtue is that MRIs can slice and dice the brain at different angles, while CTs slices are limited to just the horizontal plane. Yet another virtue of MRIs is that they are much better than CTs at imaging most diseases of the spine. Finally, MRIs are much more flexible than CTs: new bells, whistles and capabilities are being added all the time.To the patient, the experiences of having a CT and of having an MRI greatly resemble each other. In both cases the patient lies horizontally on a flat table that moves into and out of an opening in the scanner that resembles a giant doughnut-hole. The doughnut-hole in the MRI machine is narrower, so claustrophobic patients need to inform their doctors if this might be a problem. The MRI machine is also noisier: a loud sound is created each time its radio-frequency coils turn on and off. For each kind of scan the technologist might stick a needle in the patient's vein to administer contrast-material.Both tests are otherwise painless and are very safe with certain exceptions. Pregnant women who need a scan might have to do without one for fear of exposing the fetus to excessive x-rays in the case of the CT scan or to an excessive magnetic field in the case of the MRI. If push comes to shove, the woman is more likely to receive a CT scan because her abdomen can be draped with a lead shield that blocks passage of most x-rays, while there is no good method for blocking the magnetic field produced by an MRI machine.teksty circumstance in which MRIs are simply not done is when the patient has a cardiac pacemaker. This is because the MRI machine's magnet might disrupt the pacemaker and stop the heart. No image is so necessary and valuable that this risk would be worth taking. Another circumstance in which an MRI is avoided is when the patient is critically ill. An unstable patient can be adequately monitored and supported while receiving a CT scan, but not while receiving an MRI.Depending on the nature of the patient's problem, the doctor will usually order just one of the two types of scans and not the other, but in selected cases the magic of both kinds of scan might be needed.(C) 2005 by Gary CordingleyGary Cordingley, MD, PhD, is a clinical neurologist, teacher and researcher who works in Athens, Ohio. For more health-related articles see his website at: http: / / www.cordingleyneurology.com

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***An Addition For Practitioners - How to Help Your Patients and unimarter UniMarter
***An Addition For Practitioners - How to Help Your Patients and Your Practice***

Please feel free to comment, so I may modify this appropriately, or help
Do you refer to other modalities or tests?I invite people to investigate this valuable additional resource to their practices. Contact pk.saunders@virgin.net to start properly.I am looking for quality people who will do their homework to assess the company and the science. This is a call for people with a Professional attitude.1) Candidates will need to establish that there is a fit in our values and theirs2) Typically candidates will want to assess the people around them, that can provide inspiration3) Want to know they are compensated fairly4) Want to know that they can develop useful skillsContact me below to find out more and get yourself measured locally to you. (pk.saunders@virgin.net)Researchers at the Huntsman Cancer Institute have
developed the Biophotonic Scanner. Initially developed to
look at eye health, this remarkable machine was developed
to look at carotenoids in human tissue. This is a new,
cutting-edge testing device that safely and easily measures
a carotenoid antioxidant biomarker that provides immediate
evidence of antioxidant activity.Backed by over 30,000 papers in 30 years of researchIs this valid?This has been subject to clinical trials comparing to blood
tests, with a greater degree of accuracySo what can I do about it?Having now measured 2 million people, the data is there
showing the effects of smoking, obesity and the benefits of
a healthy diet and supplementation. Under licence to US
olympic committee. Certified banned-substance free.So what is the bottom line?
contact me to find out more20 minutes in front of a broadband connection - and we can go through this properly online. thank youpk.saunders@virgin.netPeter Saunders osteopath
Enginering Science Oxford University
Background in finance and health care since 1987

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***To Buy a Dream ? Consumer Electronics*** It is an age whe unimarter UniMarter
***To Buy a Dream ? Consumer Electronics***

It is an age where whims and needs mingle in euphoric dance to satisfy the passion of desire.
Image: a 20-year-old male sits in a black leather chair, looking out his panoramic view of the city through a window that touches the floor. The pronounced beat of the bass thuds methodically from behind him through LCD speakers with single blue lights, gleaming elegance. The doors open and enters his girlfriend, placing the solitary car key down on a granite counter. He slides his arms around her and kisses her briefly, but strongly, his biceps squeezing her sides. Image stop.
This life is a dream, distanced only by a single click. Life is not what becomes of you, it is not what happens; life is what you make it. The average life expectancy is less than 90 years old. What proportion have you already expended? Too much. The time to live is now, because tomorrow and tomorrow are fleeting moments that if not grasped will fade away.
How will you fulfil your dream? Try this. A Digital Camera to capture the memories you share with friends ? of nights on city streets, with heat and happy sweat. Picture a laugh, head thrown back, hair blowing in the wind. Click. An Mp3 Player to bring the beat of parties through your dreary day, until the night springs up again, and you can live. Click. A notebook to power through the net, to watch, to know, to see.
When you decide: to live to dream, to die perchance to live ? to grasp a single moment in perpetual exuberance. We?ll be there, so you can be the best.
Digital 1 is home to over 30 000 digital cameras, mp3 players, home theaters, printers, scanners, telecom, flat screen tv, and specials. Be The Best.

Buy Now: Digital Cameras | Mp3 Players

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***It's All In The Planning - Surviving Disaster*** ITS ALL unimarter UniMarter
***It's All In The Planning - Surviving Disaster***

ITS ALL IN THE PLANNING - PREPARING FOR THE UNTHINKABLE* Make it clear who needs to do what, and who takes responsibility for what.* Appoint deputies for key roles.* Use checklists that people can follow easily.* Include clear, direct instructions for the crucial first hour after an incident.* Include a list of things that do not need to be considered until after the first hour.* Agree how often you will check your plan to ensure it is always a ?living document?. Update it to reflect changes in personnel and in the risks you may face.* A good plan will be simple without being simplistic. You can?t plan in detail for every event. Remember that people need to be able to react quickly in an emergency; there will be no time to read lots of detail.* Plan for worst-case scenarios. If your plan covers how to get back in business if a flood destroys your building, it will also work if just one floor is flooded.FIVE STEPS TO GET ROUND DISRUPTIONStep 1 Analyse your BusinessStep 2 Assess the RisksStep 3 Develop your StrategyStep 4 Develop your PlanStep 5 Rehearse your PlanPeople to contact who can give you advice:
Archival Record Management plc: info@armplc.com
AXA Insurance:axa4business.co.uk
Norwich Union: nu-riskservices.co.uk
The Federation of Small Businesses: contact local branch
Institute of Directors: 020 7766 8766Terry Cohen is a director of Archival Record Management plc who looks after the data that other businesses create; in a controlled & safe environment.
He can be contacted on 0207 703 3915 or email:tc@londonweb.net

#disasterrecovery #businesscontinuity #archiving #scanning #magneticmediarotations
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***Disaster Recovery- Managing the Risk*** Helping your busi unimarter UniMarter
***Disaster Recovery- Managing the Risk***

Helping your business survive in the event of an unforeseen disaster: Most business failures are not from bad business but from bad business practices.Most companies that fail are the ones that have not planned how their business will continue to function in the event of a disaster.We put in the conventional safeguards such as alarming the premises, locking up vital areas and information, putting in fire prevention systems.But what thought is given to make sure that the vital data that is needed for a business to continue is in a safe place- can be accessed and is current information.Sales / purchases ledgers.Do you know what the company is owed?Can you prove to your insurers what is owed and what your replacement costs are?Business processes.Where are your procedures manuals, technical drawings, and patents?Insurances.Where are your policies kept?Back up tapes- they are off site but what do we load them on to.How often do we back up our information? Where is it kept? On site-in your
briefcase? How do we restore it.Cheque books-paying in books-writing paper-invoice paper.
Have they gone up in smoke?There are a few safeguards that we can put in place so that the business can continue to function in the event of a disaster. These processes do not have to be expensive or costly.They require common sense, a little professional help and a place that is risk free where
you can store the information vital for your survival.We spend millions each year with insurance companies, insuring for the eventuality of the
business having a disaster- surely the small amount of time cost & effort in making sure
that you have the wherewithal to continue trading as soon as possible is the prime
objective."BattleBoxes?? containing essential items for business continuation can be created for
your company with a minimum of effort and will give you the peace of mind, so that you
can continue the business in the event of a disaster.Oh! And by the way ask your insurers for a reduction in your premiums. Lowering the
risk limits their exposure- why should they reap all the rewards.Terry Cohen is a director of Archival Record Management PLC, who specialise in looking after the data that companies create - in all formats. They offer a full records management service that includes scanning services. Contact him on 020 7703 3915 or email:tc@londonweb.net

#archiving #scanning #disasterrecovery #businesscontinuity #recordmanagement
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***Barcode Scanner - How Does it Work*** Barcodes have becom unimarter UniMarter
***Barcode Scanner - How Does it Work***

Barcodes have become a part of our lives. They are on everything from auto parts to your groceries. A barcode is the way things can be traced by a computer. Barcodes and automatic ID systems are the most effective asset a business could have. A barcode is a message that is coded by the length and width of the bars and spaces that are printed in pattern.They use the binary code and is essentially just bars and spaces representing ones or zeros. Barcodes are read by sweeping a spot of light over the printed barcode symbol. The light is called a barcode scanner and it will ring the item up or display some information about the product, a barcode with start with a white space and then alternative black and white spaces until needed with a bar. The heights of the bars are simply a technique to try to keep the information within the bar code area. The longer the information that is needed to be coded, the longer the barcode will be.The decoder is the most important component of the barcode scanner and it accepts about 33-200 scans per scanning rate to be able to read error free. An automatic discrimination feature on the scanner means that it will pick out what kind of code that it is scanning. In grocery stores you will find that almost every thing as a UPC code. It will read the UPC code or the universal price code and then ring it into your total. There are other parts of the scanner that is as equally important, but what is the purpose of the Barcode Scanner?The purpose of a bar code scanner is the fact that it needs to read a hidden message that is coded with the white spaces and black bars and it is vital information. Practically everything will scan into a computer now since out world has been so technologically advanced. Barcodes have also made our world easier to function within.Because of barcodes we don?t have to wait in line for everything to be typed up, all you do is scan and go. Everyone who is anyone can use a barcode scanner and it is so easy to learn. It doesn?t take a genius to learn how to work the scanner and you don?t need a degree. In fact, most of the people who are employed at business that use scanners are under the age of 25 or with the extent of a high school education. Bar code scanners are very easily to operate and they are very helpful when it comes to large orders or such because they save so much time. Barcode scanners are just an easy way to find out information.Read more about Barcode Scanners on http: / / www.barcode-scanner.info.

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***Barcode Scanner - a Practical Tool*** A barcode scanner o unimarter UniMarter
***Barcode Scanner - a Practical Tool***

A barcode scanner or reader is a computer peripheral that reads barcodes printed on various items. It will consist of a light source, lens, and a photo conductor, which will translate optical impulses into electrical ones. Practically all barcode scanners are produced containing decoder circuitry analyzing the image of the barcode, provide a photo conductor, and send the barcode?s message to the scanner?s output port. For grocery stores this would be the receipt that you receive for your purchase.The different types of barcode scanners are by light source or by housing. A light source will either be an LED Scanner, Laser Scanner, or an Imager Scanner. An LED scanner is like a CCD scanner. Laser is definitely more expensive then LED scanners, but they are cable of longer scanning distances. As for the imager, it scans an image of a linear barcode and are more rugged because the have no moving parts. Housing is simple handheld. It is held in the hands and you will need to push the trigger button for a light source.Want scanner is just pen shaped and is scanned and swiped almost practically at the same times. You will also notice a stationary scanner that is simply mounted and the barcode is passed under or beside. This is what you would find at a retail store or supermarket. Fixed position scanner is just an industrial barcode reader that will identify products while being processed. This is often used to identify the different pallets or cartons of items. Finally, a PDA is a scanner that has a built in barcode reader that will help you when it comes to looking at inventory and deciding what to purchase so that your inventory doesn?t go down passed the need of demand.Barcodes are used throughout our lives. They have become so important when it comes to tracking inventory and goods. It is also necessary when it comes to knowing information about the product. By scanning the barcode you will know the price, the year it was manufactured and other information.Barcodes play a major role and purpose in most transactions. A barcode scanner is simply just something that will read a hidden message. The message could be anything from price to history of the product. The code is formed by white spaces and black bars. All the information that is decoded is vital. Practically everything will scan into a computer because we live in a world that needs to collect as much data as quickly as possible. We live in a technologically advanced world that expects to know everything about a product in a split second. Barcodes and Barcode scanners have made our world as simple as possible.Read more about Barcode Scanners on http: / / www.barcode-scanner.info.

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***Scan / Print / Copy Machines: Do They Live Up to the Hype?*** unimarter UniMarter
***Scan / Print / Copy Machines: Do They Live Up to the Hype?***

Think Small. Think Cheaper. That's the way the industry seems to be heading these days. Laptops are outselling desktops in some places. Those who can afford them are buying Palm Pilots. Zip drives are nearly all but forgotten. CDs and CD writers are now as common as floppies were in a previous computing life. Now USB drives are hitting the market and showing no sign of going away. You can store so much in them now and they are getting so cheap. Nearly $100 per gigabyte of space. Wow.But what does all this have to do with the Multi-Function Centre? Well, that should be enough. People have less room to put their toys, let alone their computers (or are they one and the same?). People are purchasing slim line computers and LCD flat screen monitors now, along with cosy desks for the space conscious, as they take up less room. Once upon a time, you had to have a desk with plenty of space. What with your big 17" CRT monitor, your massive computer tower, keyboard, mouse, speakers, and if you went on, you would have a printer, a scanner, a draw to store your paper and a pile of floppies in the corner. Well, all but one has disappeared or shrunk. Until now.Multi-Function Centres (aka Multi-Function Devices aka All-in-One Centres) are the grand summary of desk space saving. In these gadgets you have your scanner, you have your printer, you have a rudimentary "photo copier", some even have built-in fax machines! They are good. They really are. For many reasons: less cables getting tangled, less power cables required (less power plugs about the place), less electricity being used (we hope!) and some are quite compact. You can now fit everything into a small 2-foot wide desk. Are they convenient? I think they are. Instead of stretching out to go from your scanner to printer, or vice versa, then over to your fax machine, you do it all in one go, which saves a lot of time.For small business, they are a must. I highly recommend the ones that come with 4 separate ink cartridges (if bubble jet), as they are cheaper to run than the standard 2 ink cartridges (if you only have 2 ink tanks, if you run out of blue, but use no red or yellow, you still have to buy a new whole cartridge. If you have 4 ink tanks, if any of them run out, you just go and buy a cheap replacement cartridge and be on your way).It's really not worth it, economically, to get them separate any more. You get a printer for about AU$70, a scanner for $90-$120, or get a cheap MFC for $90-$140 in which you get the scanner, you get the printer, you get a copier and in some cases a fax machine and / or a media card reader (for reading the memory cards used in many digital cameras), plus being able to print directly from the media card itself without even needing a computer! You'll soon have an answering machine and an LCD screen by which to control the whole thing. Oh wait, they already have those now.I would say they are definitely living up to the hype. Plus they can only get better.Martin Coleman is a freelance writer, computer programmer and computer geek. He runs http: / / www.computerhelppanel.com, your first and only stop to getting expert advice and answers to your computing questions. He can also be reached at http: / / www.martincoleman.com

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***Advanced Tips on Speeding Up Your PC*** Other then keepin unimarter UniMarter
***Advanced Tips on Speeding Up Your PC***

Other then keeping your HDD free of viruses, spyware, and ad-ware at all times, there are other methods for speeding up system speed which you may like to employ. One of these is overclocking. Overclocking is a method of increasing your system speed by increasing the frequency at which your CPU operates at. If this interests you, please refer to our guide on overclocking.Other methods of keeping your computer up to speed include: -Running defrags / scandisks on your PC once to twice a month
-Upgrading your RAM by installing faster, or more memory
-Formatting at least once a yearRunning a defrag is easy. You can find this windows tool in programs--->accessories--->system tools. You can also find scandisk on this same menu. Running defrags / scandisks will help to improve your hard drive read / write time. Scandisk and Defragmentation work to fix corrupted files on your PC. These files become corrupted when you restart your computer by using the reset button, or by being careless with your hard drive (like not bolting it properly to your case or removing it constantly).You could also use a tool called a Registry Fixer. Sometimes, especially if you have been infected recently with a virus, spy-ware, or ad-ware, these programs work to fix your registry and repair certain errors. This is more for an advanced user, however, as some of these programs can be difficult to grasp.There are also several registry tweaks programmers have produced which improve startup and shutdown times by skipping some uneeded parts of processes. These are also recommended for advanced users as they can sometimes result in a hardware or software error, although such incompatibilities would likely be rare. If however they do cause a problem, post your problem on our forums and we will try to help.I am a young, aspiring computer engineer into Internet Marketing, hardware, software, web design, SEO and just about anything related to computers. Please come check out my growing PC forum at http: / / www.markspcforum.com

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***Eye Scan for Cows*** Tracking our nations cattle is impor unimarter UniMarter
***Eye Scan for Cows***

Tracking our nations cattle is important to make sure our meat is safe from Mad Cow disease in fact it is essential that we pay attention to these things in the future. People are pretty fearful of such things whether or not the fear is warranted or not. The Cattle and Beef Industry is a very important part of our civilization and the added protein in our diets helps our nation stay ahead of the pack and feed our large brains as we carry the torch and the worlds most advanced and leading civilization.Many ideas for tracking our cattle have been proposed. Some have indicated that bar coding the ear tags has proved to be a great way to use hand held scanners and computer generated lists to track the Cattle from cradle to grave. This makes a lot of sense and is good from a cost standpoint and many ranchers already use these techniques. Recently the idea of RFID or Radio Frequency Identification Tags be used to track cattle and although it is a little more expensive, such an overlay system could track the meat to the actual serving container or individual packaging on the store shelves, which seems to make consumers feel happy knowing their beef is truly safe.Some are saying that since each animal; whether it be a worthless human animal or a future all you can eat steak or even 1000 hamburgers with four legs; has a unique retina pattern. This is very good to know. In New Mexico scientists are actually trying out this new scheme using eye-scanning technology on tracking cattle, which they hope to integrate into a national animal health tracking system.Although it sounds very interesting and Sci Fi, this idea and concept could actually work, as the beam of light flashes at their eyes without hurting them and records it as a specific animal since no tow animals would be the same. Think on this.Lance Winslow

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***Free Virus Scan*** Anti-Virus on the CheapFor some odd re unimarter UniMarter
***Free Virus Scan***

Anti-Virus on the CheapFor some odd reason, I have this image of George Foreman in my mind, saying "I'm not gonna pay a lotta money for this virus scanner!" But I have good news for you... I just saved a load of money on my, oh wait... wrong commercial. There *are* some excellent free virus scanners, and some can even be run online.I recommend Trend Micro's Housecall for starters, which will scan your computer for viruses directly from the web. They also offer a free online spyware scanner. This site is trustworthy and uses an ActiveX applet to do the scanning. If you have trouble starting the scan, your security settings may be too high. Follow the instructions on the site to modify your settings and things should work fine.Use an Offline Virus ScannerFor maximum protection, I recommend that you also install a good anti-virus program on your computer, which will scan your system at startup and continuously thereafter. McAfee virus protection is now included with AOL membership, and Road Runner offers their users the EZ-Armor package at no charge. If your ISP isn't offering any freebies, check out the free AVG package from Grisoft at http: / / free.grisoft.comWant to learn more about viruses and spyware? Read my article How Can I Avoid Computer Viruses?BOB RANKIN... is a tech writer and computer programmer who enjoys exploring the Internet and sharing the fruit of his experience with others. His work has appeared in ComputerWorld, NetGuide, and NY Newsday. Bob is publisher of the Internet TOURBUS newsletter, author of several computer books, and creator of the http: / / LowfatLinux.com website. Visit Bob Rankin's website for more helpful articles and free tech support.

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***Scanning & Data Entry of Documents*** In Modern world unimarter UniMarter
***Scanning & Data Entry of Documents***

In Modern world managing records or documents is a key task in every business. It requires identifying, classifying, storing, circulating and disposing of documents. Each of these activities involves multifarious, minor tasks that are often time consuming and costly. This is not such a problem in recent times though because computers and other technologies are available to make management of documents easier, cost effective and more convenient.Generally, transfer of data into a electronic form (so that they can be stored electronically) is called data entry. The most traditional way of doing it is by typing. Now a days, data entry includes other methods e.g. scanning documents etc.The computer programs used to track stored documents and related records is the Document Management System. Today, document Management is also being used to differentiate imaging from records management focused on capturing images and managing of records, respectively.Document imaging is the latest technology used now a days in order to capture, store and manage documents that are scanned. Scanning of documents prove to be more beneficial, as it reduces time spent considerably for the collection of data, and it reduces the size of data files as well. As compared to the scanned images, the electronic documents stored using earlier technology like typing or computer program are prone to changes that may require tracking and security authorization.Converting the data into document imaging is called data conversion. For an small to average-sized organization, it can be done simply with the use of a scanning machine. A high-speed scanner can do the job even faster than the typical scanners which take time to scan the documents.For medium to large companies with a medium to high volume of documents that need to be scanned and stored, an independent document imaging company can be the best solution. These companies provide fast and affordable data conversion services to their clients worldwide. A typical company providing offshore data entry and document scanning services is New Delhi Digital Works, based in New delhi, the capital of India.Article Published By: Rajeev Guglani

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***Windows Registry Cleaner Checklist*** Over 92% of compute unimarter UniMarter
***Windows Registry Cleaner Checklist***

Over 92% of computers are infected with Adware and spyware. Such software is rarely accompanied by uninstall utility and even when it is it almost always leaves broken Windows Registry keys behind it. Even if you have an anti-spyware tool your Windows Registry might be broken - developers of those tools are focused on removing Adware and spyware functionality, not every trace of software itself.Another category of software that is known to leave bits and pieces behind on uninstallation is games. There are a lot of special installation systems that creates strange files, unique entries in your registry file as well as changes system dll?s to other versions. Once you uninstall the game a lot of the special installation changes it made will be left behind, causing you problems.You should run an advanced registry cleaner for Windows that allows you to safely scan, clean, and repair registry problems with a few simple mouse clicks on a regular basis.Problems with the Windows Registry are a common cause of Windows crashes (blue screens) and error messages (memory as well as disk errors). By using a PC tune-up utility, your system will be more stable, your software will run quicker, and your operating system will boot faster.Registry problems can occur for many reasons, including references left behind after uninstallation; incorrect removal of software; missing or corrupt hardware drivers; or orphaned start-up programs. With a few easy steps, a good registry cleaner will scan your entire registry for any invalid entries and provide a list of the errors found.You then can choose to clean each item or automatically repair them all after making a backup without the need for a registry editor such as Regedit.To help people choose a product have we created this short checklist.A good windows registry clean and repair product should have the following options.Automatic ScanTo facilitate your windows registry scan. This is the simplest way to clean up the registry. Automatic Scan is recommended for 'non-technical' users.Custom ScansYou customize your search and scan Windows registry for particular types of errors (shared DLLs, missing fonts, invalid start-up entries, etc.).Manual CleanupAfter the scan is complete, the program should show you a full list of errors with details, broken down by types and let you fix individual invalid entries or all invalid entries of a certain type.Backup and UndoBefore removing an entry from your registry, should an automatic creation of a backup file be done, that can be used to undo the changes. This to avoid changes without backup.SchedulerTo schedule the program to scan the registry whenever you start your computer.Using software like this is not a one time fix. You must run it on a regular basis to keep your registry clean and without errors. This will help the stability and speed of windows.We have tested a number of registry fix and clean utilities and present our top 3 list on our site for your convenience.Visit Windows Registry Repair for more information.The Windows Registry Scan and Fix toplist was made by Kenth Nasstrom to answer questions from customers about Windows

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***It's a Small RFID World After All*** Trolley Scan of Joha unimarter UniMarter
***It's a Small RFID World After All***

Trolley Scan of Johannesburg, South Africa has announced the delivery of the first commercialized version of "RFID-radar" to a European IT company.RFID-radar enables a system user to accurately measure the distance travelled by a signal from a transponder to a reader. This provides users with the unique coordinates of a tagged entity, accurate to within 0.5 meters.Let's say that you buy a ticket to a hockey game. That ticket is RFID-chipped to track your entry and exit through the RFID-rigged gate. Conventional RFID operates with a pass / fail system. When your ticket (and presumably you) pass through the entry gate, you are identified as being inside the rink. Somewhere. When you pass through the exit gate, you're identified as being outside the rink. Somewhere.RFID-radar turbo-narrows the scope of "somewhere". You're no longer simply inside or outside the rink. You are now trackable to within a few feet of your skin.If you think that's not a new capability of RFID, think again. Conventional RFID has a fairly limited read range. Until now, you would have had to install RFID readers every 10-25 feet to achieve this degree of scrutiny.RFID-radar accomplishes this with only one reader, up to 300 feet away.According to Mike Marsh, Managing Director of Trolley Scan, "RFID-radar will result in the development of an entire new set of applications for computer based equipment. As all measurements are performed from one set of antennas, the equipment can even be mounted on a forklift truck to locate goods in a warehouse relative to the current position of the vehicle."Although he declined to give any details, Marsh said that Trolley Scan has been asked to install RFID-radar on a helicopter.I can see it now: Here comes the zamboni! Quick, cover yourself in foil!Sally Bacchetta - Freelance Writer / Sales TrainerSally Bacchetta is an award-winning sales trainer and freelance writer. She has published articles on a variety of topics, including selling skills, motivation, pharmaceutical sales, parenting and RFID.You can contact her at sb14580@yahoo.com and visit her RFID blog for an exploration of the ethical and social considerations of RFID.

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***Penetration Testing on a Switched LAN*** In this is artic unimarter UniMarter
***Penetration Testing on a Switched LAN***

In this is article we will explore the presence of known vulnerabilities in switched LAN?s. I hope to open your eyes on some of the techniques & tools that can be freely downloaded and used to test your network. Let?s start out with some of the basics we see in most small to medium networks. Now we need to start assessing the network and gathering information on it. We need to look at few things first to better understand the obstacles we might face on a pen test. Start with these basic questions as a foundation to gathering information.Where are the switches located?
Can you gain access to the equipment?
What kind & type of switches or hubs are in the network?
Are the switch?s manageable and do they have a web interface?
What is the physical topology or design of the network?
Do the switches have security features (IDS) and are there VLAN?s being used?Once we have the basic information on the network design and the equipment used in the network we need to research the vendor?s security bulletins to see if there are any known exploits to test. If this network has wireless there are a lot of other techniques we can deploy to find vulnerable points. At this point we should also look at what Physical media is used to move data on the network (CAT5, Fiber, or Wireless). Once you know what the network media is you can figure out the best way to tap into it. Below are some ideas on tapping into the network and tools used.Ethernet (CAT3, CAT5, or CAT6):
To tap Ethernet it?s normally done by using a protocol sniffer like Ethereal. To sniff on an Ethernet LAN you need to have access to the network via switch port of other network connection.Fiber (Gig-e or FDDI):
To tap a fiber network you need an optical splitter like ?netoptics?. To tap with a splitter you will have to have access to the fiber lines. Once you have the splitter installed you can run ethereal or any other network sniffer.Wireless (802.11 A, B, & G):To tap wireless you need to first identify what kind of signal the network is using. Most common networks will be using 802.11 B or G but there are some networks that have an 802.11 A. To find out what the type of wireless is you can run software like Network Stumbler. Network Stumbler will allow you to see the access points and all the need info about them like the channel, signal, encryption used. Once you know what if the AP is open or encrypted you can plan you path to accessing the network. If you find the wireless network is encrypted you will have to find tools to crack the encryption. For WEP encryption you can use tools like AirCrack to break the encryption. Once you have gained access to the wireless network you will use a network sniffer like ethereal to capture packets.Sniffing / Tapping the NetworkAs I have stated above Ethereal is a very good (and free) network sniffer but there are many other protocol Sniffing tools on the internet many are free but some vendor charge for there tools. The idea behind sniffing is that you can see all the packets on the network. With the ability to see the packets and capture them you can reconstruct the data that flows over the network and gain access to passwords and password hashes. Other useful data you can collect is e-mails, website data, database info, & a lot of other sensitive info. Some obstacles you may face sniffing is that if the network is switched you will only see broadcast traffic and traffic directed to your IP. To solve this problem you will have to sniff on a trunk port, mirror port, or spoof the network traffic to pass though your port. One good tool to sniff and spoof is Cain & Able, with Cain you can also sniff for VoIP calls and many other passwords.Port ScanningPort scanning is a way of testing network devices to see what communication ports might be open. This can be done from a LAN, WAN, MAN, or the internet. Port scanners are some of the most used tools by pen tester to so what is open and how to best identifier devices and services running on network devices. For example if you port scan an IP and you see port 25 open then there is a possibility that a mail service is running. Next step to test port 25 might be to telnet to the port and see if the reply is a banner. If the device is a mail server it will normally report back to your telnet session with a service banner. Microsoft Exchange server will report its SMTP name and the version of Exchange running on the server. Other interesting ports are 23 Telnet, 21 FTP, 23 SSH, 80 HTTP, 443 HTTPS, and 3389 Terminal servers (RDP). Some good programs for port scanning are SuperScan (from foundstone), Nmap (from insecure.org) and X-scan (from xfocuse.com). There are hundreds of scanners on the internet and many are specialized for scanning for certain services or exploits. If you want more information on port scanning just Google it and you will be busy for months.Password RecoveryPassword recovery can be done remotely or physically with software. On windows PC?s you can run programs remotely like PWDump and if you have access you can run many different kinds of bootable disk to change and recover passwords. Other password recovery methods include running Hash or Sam files recover tools from the PC on a users account. With the SAM file of Hashes you can then proceed to crack the hash to gain the password.Password CrackingPassword cracking is done by taking an encrypted value (Hash) and using a technique to crack or reverse engineer it. A few commend type of cracking is running deanery, Burteforce, or Cryptanalysis attacks on the hash. There are many programs on the internet to run dictionary & Burteforce attacks but the fastest way to crack passwords is to use rainbow Tables on them. There are a few rainbow tables cracking sites online and the program rcrack.exe is a free download with source code from ?antsight.com / zsl / rainbowcrack? The most popular site to crack hashes online is plain-text.info and they allow 2 hashes free per hour to crack. With rainbow tables a pen tester?s life has gotten a lot easier. Older methods of cracking like ?Burteforce? can take months to crack a password and dictionary attacks only work if the password is a commend word.So far we have discussed how to analyze a network and then profile it for a pen test. We have also covered ways to tap / sniff the network for data. With the little info we have discuses it should prove as a good primer session to show you where to start with pen testing. All the tools mentioned in this article are easily found on the internet and all the tools talked about in this article are free for download. If you need any help with pen testing just use the internet as there are many guides around that cover specialized areas of pen testing. Remember that the whole idea behind pen testing to learn and secure your network.Brian Wilson
CCNA, CSE, CCAI, MCP, Network+
http: / / www.middlegeorgia.org
http: / / www.middlegeorgia.info

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***OCR Software--Optical Character Recognition or Optical Crud Re unimarter UniMarter
***OCR Software--Optical Character Recognition or Optical Crud Recognition?***

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) refers to a software technology and processes that involve the translation of printed text into computer searchable text.Done correctly, OCR enables users to search for and retrieve individual words contained within a file or page. In addition, when a set of files is indexed, users are able to search for keywords across an entire document library and retrieve each page with exact precision. OCR enables users to execute searches in seconds, searches that once could take several hours or days to complete.However, this technology did not work well on older or poor quality documents that contained mixed fonts or combinations of texts and graphics. Until now!!Due to several recent technology advances, it is now possible to obtain six-sigma level character accuracy from these types of document collections.Although it is important to keep in mind that the quality and condition of the paper documents are still key factors in the successful OCR conversion, dramatically improved results can be obtained by enhancing the quality of the scanned image prior to processing.Noise removal of borders, speckles and skews are now common on the more advanced document scanners.Furthermore, advanced color filter technologies may be used to reduce any page background colors, in conjunction with multi-light image capture technologies to remove any shadows cast by page creases that could impact image quality or recognition accuracy.Once document scanning and processing are complete, an OCR text layer can actually be added and hidden behind each image. An additional orientation filter can be used to ensure that the best image is presented to the OCR engines.To achieve the highest conversion accuracy possible, the characters in the image can be processed using multi-engine OCR voting technologies that rank each character to determine the best text recognition fit. Then once a word is generated, it will be filtered through a proprietary lexicon to ensure the highest quality results.Finally, this text can be processed utilizing sophisticated layout retention technologies to represent the image text layout, to provide the best possible text representation for precise search and retrieval. After all, isn?t that why they call it Optical Character Recognition?James M. Eglin, Jr.
EVP, Global Sales and Marketing
http: / / www.DigitalDocumentsLLC.com

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***Keep Your Computer Virus Free*** Getting a virus means ge unimarter UniMarter
***Keep Your Computer Virus Free***

Getting a virus means getting sick and no one in their right mind wants to be ill. Well, now that computers have become our close friends, it?s a shock to learn that foreign bodies too can invade them with malicious intent. No, your computer doesn?t get a runny nose or diarrhea. This is a sickness that stops your friend from functioning properly, sick in bed, incapacitated.
Well in Nature viruses occur from a power outside of our control. But, with computers it?s different, humans, mean or ignorant humans are creating these viruses. Why? Usually these are disgruntled people who want to wreak some havoc on others or companies that they feel have done wrong to them. In any case we have to be in the know and prepared to deal with these debilitating scourges.
There are many ways to approach the protection of your computer. First of all there?s the step of awareness. Be aware of how viruses are transmitted. You can catch them from a disc but in most cases it is through your email system. Check your email carefully. Be very wary of anything that has an attachment. Check whom it?s from and look at the title of the mail, is it something you were expecting? Even if it?s from someone you know, be careful as their computer could be infected and the virus being transmitted without their knowledge.
Next, read the cover message, you can?t catch the disease without actually opening the message. Look at the name of the attachment; remember viruses are written to entice you. Beware of free offers and generally anything from people you don?t know, as well as messages that sound irrelevant to your contact?s usual style. Delete them straight away. Delete, delete, delete. This will ensure you of a lower risk of infection. You can even send the message back to the sender without opening it to make sure it is valid.
Now for the heavy protection: Virus scanning and virus protection software, and rescue discs are all readily available and easily utilized. Some are free, and others are obtained for a very small charge. Most software manufacturers offer subscriptions for updating services, which automatically download protection to the latest viruses.
There are two main types of virus scanning software: one searches through your entire computer files looking for recognizable viral signatures, the other scans your incoming and outgoing emails. Alerts will show you when a file needs to be erased or repaired. If you do receive a virus that none of the software can repair you can send a copy of it to a company like Symantec who will be happy to develop a cure for it.
The main message here is not to get too worried about your good friend Mrs. PC getting ill or sick. The humans are on top of the case and they seem much better adapted at fixing their technology than they are at beating the viruses that attack our physical bodies. If only we could cure human virus and illness as easily as we solve the problem of computer sickness.Jesse S. SomerM6.Nethttp: / / www.m6.net
Jesse S. Somer is an analyst hoping to show fellow humans how far the computer age has come in terms of its strengths and weaknesses.

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***Sports Illustrated Lament: There Are No More Heros*** Is unimarter UniMarter
***Sports Illustrated Lament: There Are No More Heros***

Is the sports hero dead? Sports Illustrated writer Phil Taylor apparently thinks so. Lamenting the fall from grace of San Francisco big bat Barry Bonds, Taylor said that the Bonds steroid scandal made him sad (poor, sad Phil Taylor!). Then Taylor put forth some provocative, questions to readers of his recent SI column. These questions were as tough as any question that a serious sports writer can ever ask:"Giving our allegiance, our affection, to a sports star is a riskier proposition than ever," wrote Taylor. "Is there anyone safe to root for? Is there an athlete out there who won't make us eventually feel like a fool for holding him in high esteem?"Taylor makes the failure of the sports hero appear to be some kind of recent phenom. His list of failed figures only went as far back as Pete Rose and OJ Simpson. Such short memories we have. In fact, sports hero's have been failing their worshippers for as long as they have been human, which is to say, they have always failed us. If we stretch our memories a little, we can recall the Black Sox scandal of 87 years ago. Think a little harder and you can go back thousands of years and recall how Goliath let down the Philistine's by failing to defeat a boy with a rock.Taylor is right in his conclusion: living vicariously through the achievements of our sports hereos is a risky proposition.But then he asks, "is there anyone safe to root for?"To that question I can only answer, go down to your local homeless shelter and root for the people who show up there each day to make a difference. Go to your kid's school and root for his teacher and principal. Go out to this website and root for our troops in Iraq. Go out to ChristopherReeve.org and root for this organization to continue building on the legacy of Chris and Dana Reeve.The secret is, Mr. Taylor, to root for something that matters. I hate to break it to you, and it may take you awhile to comprehend what I am about to say.Professional sports doesn't matter.Read it over and over again if it didn't make sense the first time.Don't get me wrong -- participating in sports offers plenty of good lessons in cooperation, teamwork, striving, personal best, and healthy active lifestyle.But at the professional level, it should be seen only as entertainment. Sports figures will always fail us when they are elevated to level of gods, because they're not gods. They're just people with a little bit of talent, nice cars, good lawyers and a lot of money.And it seems mighty hypocritical of you Mr. Taylor, as a representative of Sports Illustrated, to be lamenting the fall of the sports hero. After all, SI has had as pivotal a role in building up Barry Bonds and other hero's as any media outlet. Build 'em up, then tear them down, eh Mr. Taylor? SI will make a profit either way.But if you must root, and you are serious about your hero-quest, then my constructive advice to you is to root for real people, who are doing real work, that really matters.They're out there, and a kind word from you would really make their day.Scott Wild is a regular commentator on life, love, sports and politics for My Mountain ==>http: / / www.mymountain.blogspot.com

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***Travel Tips for Bus Travel between Arusha to Dar es Salaam*** unimarter UniMarter
***Travel Tips for Bus Travel between Arusha to Dar es Salaam***

To travel from Arusha to Dar es Salaam is easiest by air, however, this will cost about US$200 per person. The cheapest alternative is to travel by bus, which is never advised by tour operators. However, it need not be a nightmare as there are some good companies operating in Tanzania.The most well known bus company must be the Scandinavia Express. They operate probably the best, safest and most comfortable transport between the two cities; it is, of course, the most expensive private bus option - at US$25 per person - and to book in advance is essential. In Arusha the offices for Scandinavia have moved to Kilembero Market ? which is close to the Shoprite supermarket. Scandinavia have recently been in huge debt and have had some of their buses seized by the police; this has made the headlines in the East African news papers. It has also made booking in Advance more essential as the fleet is depleted.The ?Dar Express? bus service comes a close second to Scandinavia or maybe an equal first place. They have different classes of busses and when at the booking Office ? which is situated close to the Kimahama Bookshop [about 500m up hill from the Arusha Stadium] ? it is essential to say you want the first class bus which should cost about US$18 per person. Dar Express are, without doubt, my favourite company and I would recommend this company above all others. However, some of the coaches do not have a toilet - although this may in fact be a blessing ? as you travel in the African heat [and especially if you are sat toward the rear of the bus] a toilet may not seem such a luxury after most of the passengers have taken advantage of the service. The smell can become quite overpowering and the journey is a long one ? about ten hours.If you opt for the cheaper end of the market, most busses leave from the Bus Station close to the ?Stadium?. Buffalo seem to be a favourite but they travel too fast. Speed is not a good thing as in places the road is single carriageway, it winds and there are hills; slowly slowly is the best way to ensure you get from Arusha to Dar es Salaam alive.I would recommend either Fresh Coach or Amazon Coach ? the ticket price must be negotiated and do not pay more than US$10 per person. The last of each of these coaches leaves Arusha Bus Station at 8 am sharp. Tickets are usually sold by freelance workers and as the commission is good ? the more they charge the more pay they take home ? competition is fierce. If you are a westerner then you will be targeted and you will be surrounded by enthusiastic ticker touts. This experience is not for the faint hearted. Hang onto your luggage and watch out [as you would as a tourist anywhere in the world] for pickpockets.Fresh coach and Amazon travel to Dar es Salaam at a more leisurely pace and they are safer than the full steam ahead express buses.If you want to leave Arusha and travel by bus to make the ferry crossing to Zanzibar in a single day - I would suggest leaving Arusha around 6 am to ensure you are in Dar es Salaam by 2pm. That gives you a good couple of hours to get from the Bus Station into town and to the ferry, buy your ticket.The site http: / / www.tanzania-info.co.uk has full details and timetables for Zanzibar Ferries, flights and Buses in Tanzania ? and http: / / www.betheladventure.co.uk has safari information. Use responsible tourism to make a difference to the countries and peoples you visit.

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***An Overview of Norway for Travelers*** Norway is a Scandi unimarter UniMarter
***An Overview of Norway for Travelers***

Norway is a Scandinavian country in northern Europe and a beautiful place. Following is a summary of background information you should know before taking a trip.The official name of Norway is the Kingdom of Norway. The country covers an area of mainland and accompanying island territories. The total size of Norway is approximately 150,000 square miles. For comparison purposes, this makes the country slightly larger than the State of New Mexico in the United States.The capital of the Kingdom of Norway is Oslo, which is also the biggest population center with over 520,000 residents. Other major cities of note include Bergen with just under a quarter of a million residents, Trondheim with 150,000 residents and Stavanger with roughly 110,000 residents.The terrain of Norway can be described as extreme with high plateaus, steep fjords, mountains, and fertile valleys. The climate is temperate along the coast, but much colder inland. With its far north location, Norway experiences very long days during summer months and equally long nights during winter. During summer, it can stay light until close to midnight.Citizens of Norway are known as Norwegians. The most recent estimate of the total population for Norway was 4,593,000 in 2006. The population is not exactly expanding with annual growth rate just above zero at .41 percent. To provide perspective, there is approximately one Norwegian for every 15 square miles of land.Ethnicity in Norway is primarily a blend of peoples from the Scandinavian countries in antiquity. The dominant majority is a mix of Nordic, Alpine and Baltic peoples intermixed over time. Norway does not have a strong immigrant movement with only 300,000 immigrants as of 2005.From a religious perspective, the Church of Norway is the dominant faith with over 87 percent of Norwegians claiming it as their faith. The Church of Norway is a Lutheran denomination. No other religion is able to claim more than two percent of the population as followers, but pockets of Pentecostal Christian, Roman Catholic and Muslim can be found here and there.The Kingdom of Norway has two official languages - Bokmaal Norwegian and Nynorsk Norwegian. English is also widely spoken by most and taught in the school system. Small pockets of Sami and Finish speaking minorities also exist.Although statistically impossible, Norway claims a literacy rate of 100 percent. The true number if probably not much less due to compulsory education. Life expectancy for male Norwegians is 76 years of age, while women live an additional five years on average.As this background information reveals, this country to the far north has led a somewhat isolated existence. That being said, the people are universally pleasant and the country is stunningly beautiful.Richard Monk is with FactsMonk.com - a site with facts about everything. Visit us to read more about country facts and facts on Norway.

#norway #fjords #oslo #scandanavian #europe #vikings #bergen #trondheim #stravanger #norwegian
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***X-Rays, Film & Videotape: Get Your Media Through Airport unimarter UniMarter
***X-Rays, Film & Videotape: Get Your Media Through Airport Security Unscathed***

Could these new, enhanced devices erase your data or are you just wringing your hands over nothing? While erasure is highly unlikely, there are reasons to be cautious, particularly if you are transporting older tape formats or floppy discs.Check It In or Carry It On?
According to new guidelines issued by the Transportation Security Administration, or TSA, 100% of all checked bags must be screened before being loaded.During the screening process, checked bags may go through as many as three types of scanners, including X-ray, and two different types of explosive detection systems. Still, it is doubtful that these systems will have a negative impact on magnetically recorded media. In fact, the TSA says, "None of the screening equipment...will affect digital camera images or film that has already been processed, slides, videos, photo compact discs, or picture discs."But the main concern for media in checked bags isn't electronic damage - it's physical loss. Airport personnel have the authority (and the duty) to open and inspect any suspicious bag, including any bag that is locked. (HINT: Leave your bags unlocked or use a TSA recognized locking mechanism.)With your bags out of your control, the risk of damage, loss, or even theft is greatly increased. Therefore, you should always carry on your tapes, discs, cameras, laptops and any other valuable or irreplaceable item. The TSA states that the "air carrier has no liability for photographic equipment, computers, VCRs and any other electronic equipment including software or components...TSA HIGHLY recommends that you do not pack these items in your checked baggage."But even if you carry on these items, there are still dangers lurking. Your laptop and video camera must be removed from their carrying cases and placed in one of the TSA bins for security scanning -- down the belt, through the machine, and out the other side where everyone else is waiting on their belongings.Tips from the TSA* Transporting Film and Photographic Equipment* Security Checkpoint Procedures* Travel TipsAnd as most travelers know all too well, while your things are being thoroughly inspected, so are YOU! You will be asked to remove your coat, and maybe also your shoes, jewelry, belt, etc. And if it's your "lucky" day, you could also be pulled aside for a thorough frisking. Someone else accidentally (or purposely) picking up your video camera, laptop, or other objects is not uncommon. So keeping a close eye on your personal items is vital.To minimize the time you are separated from your belongings, think ahead and dress the part: Check your steel-toed boots and wear thin-soled flip flops instead. Unless you're willing to swap out your metal body piercings to plastic or bone, that hidden belly-button ring that makes your mama so proud will set off the metal detector - so take it out ahead of time! And don't forget that things like foil gum wrappers are metal, too. So, empty your pockets into your carry-on bag before going through security.Handheld Wands, Metal Detectors, & X-rays
Okay, so you're going to carry on your tapes (and hope you don't lose them!). But even carrying the tapes on, they still have to go through scanning systems similar to those used for checked baggage. Can these X-ray systems cause data loss? Almost certainly not. To understand why, you need to understand how magnetic media is recorded.Data is written onto tape and discs by arranging metallic particles with a powerful magnetic field. For tapes, magnetic energy is delivered by a recording head that comes into direct contact with the tape. For discs, the record head floats just above the surface. Both methods deliver a great deal of magnetic energy in close proximity to a tightly confined area.To scramble your carefully arranged magnetic particles from a distance takes a tremendous amount of magnetic energy. How much energy depends on the distance and the coercivity of the media -- the magnetic force required to "coerce" it into zero magnetism.Floppy discs have a very low coercivity rating. In other words, it doesn't take much magnetic energy to scramble them. Ditto for non-metal audio cassettes. Older videotape formats based on metal oxide like 3 / 4 inch, VHS, and 8mm also have low coercivity ratings.At the opposite end of the scale are modern tape formats using pure metal particles or pure evaporated metal formulations. These tapes, which include DVCAM, MiniDV, Hi8, and Betacam SP, have very high coercivity ratings and are the most resistant to erasure.Obviously, X-rays are not magnetic and won't cause problems themselves. There has been some conjecture that magnetic energy created as a byproduct of producing X-rays and even conveyor belt motors might give some cause for concern. However, damage from these sources has not been well documented.Direct sources of magnetic energy come from the walk-thru metal detectors and handheld wands. While it is doubtful that either of these devices would cause problems, some handheld wands, in theory, do generate enough magnetic energy to corrupt data on low-coercivity formats. This is only a theoretical possibility, however. Practically speaking, security officials won't allow you to walk through the metal detector with metal, and that includes recording media.Film:
Unlike magnetic media, X-ray will most certainly ruin undeveloped film. While the TSA states that film below 800 ASA / ISO would be unaffected by passenger checkpoint X-ray, it also says that the cumulative effect of multiple passes through these devices can fog even low-speed films.Conclusion:
According to the TSA, and based on reports from customers, manufacturers and our own personal experiences, it is highly unlikely that any of the scanning devices in use today would corrupt magnetically recorded media. Your most likely source for trouble is damage or loss from the hand inspection of a checked bag or carry-on items lost in the hubbub of a security checkpoint. If you do discover you are missing an item, the TSA provides phone numbers for airport lost and found departments.For complete information on airport security and other travel tips, please visit TSA's web site at www.tsa.gov.Comments?
We'd love to hear from you. Give us some feedback about this article or tell us about your recent airport experiences. Drop us a line at: comments@tapeonline.com.http: / / www.tapeonline.comhttp: / / www.tsa.gov

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***Tourist Attractions in Sweden - A Personal Top-10*** Swed unimarter UniMarter
***Tourist Attractions in Sweden - A Personal Top-10***

Sweden is one of Europe's best kept secrets. The country has so much to offer. Besides, it's very affordable nowadays and the climate is much better than most people think.Just to give you an idea what to see I made a top-10 of tourist attractions in Sweden. Here they are - in no particular order.StockholmStockholm has it all: unique location, great architecture, historical sights, famous museums, huge parks, a vibrant nightlife, trendy shops ? and an archipelago of 24,000 islands just around the corner. It's a remarkably clean and safe city as well. If you haven?t seen Stockholm, you haven?t seen Sweden.GotlandSpeaking of tourist attractions in Sweden, one wouldn?t expect to think of beaches. But there are beaches in Sweden. Some of the best are found on the Baltic island of Gotland, which is popular among Swedes and attracts thousands of visitors every summer. The walled medieval town of Visby is an attraction on its own.Lake SiljanFound in the heart of Dalarna, central Sweden, this lake is the center of folklore and tradition. Dalarna is a popular holiday destination in summer. Thousands of Swedes visit Leksand every year to see the midsummer pole set up. The nearby town of R?ttvik is famous for its folk dancing. Also worth a visit is the bear park in Orsa.MinesMining has always had a special attraction. Mines make some of the most exciting tourist attractions in Sweden. Three are worth a visit. The copper mine of Falun, Dalarna (now on the World Heritage List), and the iron-ore mines of Kiruna and G?llivare in Lapland. You can book a guided tour and go down yourself.National ParksSweden has dozens of national parks and nature reserves. Even Stockholm has a national park within its city borders! The most impressive scenery - wild rivers, deep valleys, dark forests, high mountains - is found in Lapland in the North. Very popular is Abisko, a great spot with the famous Lapporten landmark. Also recommended is Padjelanta park.Bohusl?nBohusl?n is the area at the west-coast of Sweden, roughly located between Gothenburg and the Norwegian border. It is characterized by rocky fragmented islands and small fishing communities. Awesome scenery, and one of the best tourist attractions in Sweden according to the Swedes.G?ta CanalOne of the most popular attractions in Sweden. Make a cruise from Gothenburg to Stockholm with an old ship, crossing one river, three canals, eight lakes, passing 66 locks and traveling on two seas. The G?ta Canal is one of the most pleasant waterways in Sweden.InlandsbananOr the Inland Railway. Great trip for fans of train journeys, across the Arctic circle. Inlandsbanan runs from Kristinehamn at the side of lake V?nern to the wilderness near G?llivare, Lapland. Distance: around 1300 km. Stop wherever you want or spend the night and get back on the train - it's all up to you.KungsledenThe most famous hiking trail of Sweden, 500 km long and leading from Abisko to Hemavan (south). Well-marked and popular, with cabins along the trail that can be busy in the holiday season. You?ll pass Kebnekaise, Sweden?s highest mountain (2,078 m) and see some of Europe?s wildest and most beautiful nature.Storsj?nStorsj?n (the Great Lake in Swedish) in the province of J?mtland is the Nordic Loch Ness. Locals believe there's a monster in its dark water ? and typically Swedish, the monster is even protected by law! The area around Storsj?n has a lot more to offer, with highlands, trails and the likable ?stersund as its biggest town.ABOUT THE AUTHOR:
Marc A. De Jong is a Dutch journalist and editor of http: / / www.stockholm-sweden-travel-guide.com. This site tells you all about the major attractions, yearly events, how to get there, where to stay, and gives lots of other practical tips.

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***Stockholm - A Great Destination That Is Kind To Your Budget*** unimarter UniMarter
***Stockholm - A Great Destination That Is Kind To Your Budget***

Sweden is one of the most affordable travel destinations in Western Europe. This statement would have raised some eyebrows a few years back, but it has become reality. So why not go to Stockholm this year?Leaders from both continents may have different opinions about world politics, but US travelers love Europe, just like Europeans love to see the US. Some American tour operators and travel agencies even expect to sell more trips to Europe this year than ever before.That is remarkable. The dollar-euro exchange rates make a European vacation far from cheap nowadays.If you want to see Europe without losing too much money, you should pick destinations that have not switched to the euro.Sweden is a great choice. Sweden is an EU country (no visa required for Americans), but the Swedes still pay with crowns, not with euros.To check if prices in the Nordic country are really that much lower, I compared prices of three well-located three-star hotels in the Swedish capital Stockholm with similar hotels in the popular capitals of two euro-countries, Paris and Rome.The difference was incredible. Rates in Stockholm started between 113 and 125 US dollar per night. In Rome you had to pay between USD 155 and 184 and in Paris between USD 167 and 222 USD.And those are just hotel rates. Restaurant prices in Stockholm have gone down in recent years as well, at least for foreigners.I also went to a popular airline ticket seller and searched for the lowest airfare. The cheapest ticket from New York to Stockholm cost USD 851, while the best tickets to Rome and Paris cost USD 897 each.But hey, you?re not picking a travel destination because of money alone! You want to see something too!Well, don?t worry about that. Stockholm is often called the most beautiful capital in the world, and rightly so.The city is built on 14 islands and has another 24,000 just around the corner. Wherever you go you will always get a glimpse of water. It?s a very green city too. Stockholm is the only capital in the world with a legally protected national park within the city borders.And that?s not all. There?s a well-preserved old town centre with medieval streets and alleys. The city has about 100 museums that are all different and appealing to all ages ? and many even have free admission.The vibrant nightlife and modern shopping district keep you busy after sightseeing, while the relaxed atmosphere and stunningly clean streets only add to your holiday mood.See you in Stockholm this year? You should be there already!-----------------

Marc A. De Jong is journalist and editor of the Stockholm Sweden Travel Guide. This site tells you all about the major attractions, events, how to get there, where to stay, and gives lots of other practical tips. Includes a blog and an RSS feed.

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***Stockholm - The Most Beautiful Capital In The World?*** S unimarter UniMarter
***Stockholm - The Most Beautiful Capital In The World?***

Stockholm is not as big and famous as Paris, London or New York. Still it is regarded as one of the most beautiful capitals in the world. The Swedish city captures the heart of every visitor.Arriving in Stockholm is already something special. From your plane you will see the water, the immense green areas, the fourteen islands with the colorful buildings that make up Stockholm ..... You are in a holiday mood even before you set your first step on Swedish ground.Located between the lake M?laren and the Baltic Sea, Stockholm is sometimes called the Venice of the North. And, indeed, there is water everywhere. However, you don?t need a gondola to get around. An extensive bus and subway network takes you everywhere.Stockholm and Sweden don?t make the news regularly. Sweden is a sparsely populated, but rich country and the nine million Swedes lead a wealthy calm life. They are modest, helpful, tolerant, and speak excellent English ? which makes Stockholm even more pleasant to visit.The city is remarkably clean. It?s a very safe place too. Swedish crime figures are among the lowest in the world.Stockholm has a rich history and many points of interests. Take in walk in Gamla Stan, the old town centre with its medieval streets, well-preserved houses and royal palace. Visit the world?s first open-air museum Skansen, which is a joy even if you are not a museum fan. Or make a boat trip in the archipelago: no less than 24,000 islands and rocks create majestic sceneries you will never forget.But even modern Stockholm has a lot to offer. Nightlife in the Swedish capital is hip, the Scandinavian design goods in shops are hard to resist, and the once controversial business district around Sergels Torg becomes one of the most vibrant parts of town in summer.Stockholm mixes the latest trends and developments with ancient Nordic culture and tradition, located in an area with an almost magic natural charm. It?s truly one of the world?s most beautiful capitals.-------------------------------Marc A. De Jong is journalist and editor of the Stockholm Sweden Travel Guide. This site tells you all about the major attractions, events, how to get there, where to stay, and lots of other practical tips. Includes a blog.

#travel #tourism #citytrips #stockholm #sweden #europe #scandinavia
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