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***Aerobic Workouts For Weight Loss*** Aerobic workouts are unimarter UniMarter
***Aerobic Workouts For Weight Loss***

Aerobic workouts are an effective way to control your weight, exercise your heart, strengthen your muscles and just make you feel healthier. It can also help you live a longer, healthier life and enhance your well being.Aerobic workouts are any exercise that helps your body use oxygen more efficiently. This is done by increasing your heart rate and breathing harder for an extended period of time.Regular aerobic activity can increase your ability to take in and transport that oxygen improving your aerobic capacity.teksty regular aerobic routine gives your heart the kind of workout that helps it do a better job of delivering oxygen to all your organs. It makes your heart more efficient and stronger.When you raise your heart rate your body begins to used stored carbohydrates and fatty acids for energy. That boosts your mood, helps you with weight loss and can even lower your blood sugar levels.Aerobic activity makes you feel better about yourself so you can enjoy life more. It can also help increase your stamina and even help you manage stress.teksty session of exercise and cardiovascular fitness can help you relax after a stressful day at work and help you sleep better at night. When you exercise, the brain releases endorphins that put you in a better mood so you feel good.As we get older, if you maintain a regular aerobic exercise routine your muscles will stay stronger and help you avoid fractures and falls. This helps keep you independent for a longer period of time. People who exercise on a regular basis live longer than those who don't.If you think aerobic activity has to be expensive, think again. If you don't belong to a gym or have a exercise machine at home, try taking a brisk walk, swimming laps, riding a bicycle or even go out dancing. Any activity that raises the heart rate for at least 20 minutes is considered aerobic.Life is meant to be enjoyed. Exercise can help you live longer, stay healthier and feel great. The benefits of regular aerobic workouts are not just good for weight loss but good for your body, your mind and even your soul.Copyright © 2005 Treadmill Info.com All Rights Reserved.This article is supplied by http: / / www.treadmill-info.com where you will find valuable information, ratings, reviews, articles and buying tips before you make the investment in quality fitness equipment. For more fitness related articles go to: http: / / www.treadmill-info.com / articles_1.html

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***Purification That Sweetens Life's Experiences*** Purifica unimarter UniMarter
***Purification That Sweetens Life's Experiences***

Purification is not a word I invented. It has been in the dictionary for a long time. However, when I used it for first time many years ago to refer to a client’s condition which he called “sickness,” it did seem as if I had made a new discovery. This man suddenly had a different and more empowering perspective of what was happening. He was willing to be purified, yet seconds before he viewed his condition as sickness, vacillating between resisting it and trying to mask it.Purification by Another Name Can be Sweet, or NotPurification is not always sweet. It is primarily after the purification process that you experience the sweetness or clarity or freedom. The naming of a thing can make all the difference in the way you relate to it. Here are some names that are often applied to the process of purification:Detoxification; Detox; Retracing; Illness; Sickness; flu, cold, headache; Healing Crisis; Correcting Crisis; Health Correction; Paradigm Shift; Recycling Toxicity; Release; Cleansing; Cleansing Response; Chronic / Acute Condition; -itis; Recoiling; Pattern Breaking; Falling Apart; Breakdown; Breakthrough. And perhaps you have others you could add to the list.Levels of ExperienceSo often I speak and write about four levels of experience: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Of course, these are not mutually exclusive categories. While your attention may be on one dimension, all the other levels are somehow involved in each experience, even if you are not aware. I do find that when distinguishing these four levels (or layers or bodies or parts or aspects), they are easier to sort out, and therefore, they are easier to clear out. Integration follows differentiation. Ultimately, you want to be in touch with the whole; familiarity with the parts enhances familiarity with the whole.Through my ability to read information in the energy field, I know that the density of these levels becomes finer when proceeding from one to another in the order listed. That is, the physical level is the most dense (for example, you can see, touch, hear it), the emotional level is less dense, the mental level is an even finer vibration, and the spiritual level is the finest and lightest of all four. I have trained myself to see, touch, and hear in the emotional, mental, and spiritual levels and consider this as natural as accessing the physical level in these ways.teksty Day for a Yearteksty client of mine, Sue, embarked on a personal purification process several years ago when she committed herself to a 49-day juice fast, supervised by a health care practitioner and me. Her intention was to clear anything from her body that she did not need. She thought of it primarily as a physical cleansing, but also experienced powerful healing in other ways. The emotional release often took her by surprise. In addition, she was constantly aware of how her mental body was working. And she experienced herself as more spiritually attuned.It was a delight to check her energy field each day and notice the changes. In addition to the fasting from solid foods, she reflected and wrote about a year of her life, counting backwards. So, the first day, she released anything that may have accumulated during the current year; the second day, she released anything that may have accumulated during the previous year when she was forty-eight, and so on. The forty-ninth day coincided with the year of her birth. Throughout the 49 days, she carried on a full day’s work, usually six days a week.teksty Recent Personal Purificationteksty few months ago, I unexpectedly engaged in a purification process. This began at a three-day conference in an extremely toxic environment: a hotel conference center during the day and hotel sleeping room at night. The conference was sandwiched between two airplane flights. I am not accustomed to being without fresh air for more than an hour or so at a time. As my body started to release the toxic overload, I began to feel “sick.” My head ached, my joints stiffened, and I felt listless. My body was reacting to the toxins; more precisely, my immune system was working properly to release the toxins.Just as my clients find it helpful when I re-frame their disempowering situations, I immediately re-framed my situation by converting the thoughts of “sickness / illness” to acknowledge that my body was strong enough to eject toxicity. Truly, when the body is healthy enough, it does release toxins. Most of these symptoms are mildly to very uncomfortable; however, when you understand the process, you are more likely to cooperate than resist.Without this understanding, you are likely to reach for some substance to repress the symptoms so that you do not have to feel uncomfortable. I grew up with parents who did not want their children to experience such discomforts. We were given many over-the-counter remedies and prescribed drugs. I equate this to removing the batteries in the smoke detector because you find the sound annoying when the detector works properly and gives its warning. I have not taken any drug (prescribed or over-the-counter) for many years.True for Me; True for Others?I often experiment with healing processes for myself because I have been challenged by some health conditions over the years. In addition, processes pop into my mind and flow from my lips or finger tips for clients and others. Sometimes my personal experiences serve as great barometer for others' experiences; other times they do not.Of course, when I report my own personal experience, I am reporting just that: one person’s experience. As valid and helpful as that may be, it is not appropriate to generalize one person’s experiences to everyone’s experiences. I am fortunate to have information from so many others to help me to make generalizations and see patterns: clients, workshop participants, web site visitors, subscribers, and thousands who benefit from my services on the Internet. All those connections serve to reinforce that each one of us is unique.Purification as Week OneThe principles of purification I have discovered when working with myself and clients have served as a solid foundation for the first week of the DailyAffirm Process. The first week of each calendar month is devoted to purification — called “Releasing / Cleansing.”About purification, I have learned that “a little goes a long way” and often “less is better.” These are, of course, cliches, but they connote important dynamics. I have found that those who benefit most from the DailyAffirm messages are the ones who know how deeply to work with each message. As with any discipline, you need to know when to be unrelenting in following a practice and when to be gentle with yourself. I suggest you not construct a lot of rules (e.g., “I must do this every day for twenty minutes.”), which further limits you. Since the purpose of purification is to release limitations, it is wise to avoid adding new limitations.The Bottom Line for PurificationThe true test for knowing the success of a purification program is to experience greater clarity or health or freedom when it is complete. You can call the program by any label that seems appropriate — from a cold to a healing crisis or an illness or a rose — but the results at the end must make you feel more pure and vibrant, otherwise it is not a purification program.Copyright © 2006 Marshall House. Jeanie Marshall, Empowerment Consultant and Coach with Marshall House, produces Guided Meditations on CD albums and MP3 downloads and writes extensively on subjects related to personal development and empowerment. She has developed the well-known DailyAffirm process which is available by free email subscription or on the Internet at
Daily Affirm: Positive Affirmations Day by Day, http: / / www.dailyaffirm.com

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***Energy Balance in the Body is a Key to Better Health*** H unimarter UniMarter
***Energy Balance in the Body is a Key to Better Health***

Historical references to a universal energy field date back as far as 5000 teksty.C. to India where prana was considered to be the basic source of life. In China it was called chi and was believed to be in all matter. Two polar forces were recognized, yin and yang. When these two forces were in balance, one was considered to be healthy. More recently Western medicine has begun to recognize energy within the body with the advent of devices capable of detecting its effects in the body. Energy fields associated with the human body have been detected by electroencephalograms (EEG), electrocardiograms (ECG), and very highly sensitive devices such as superconducting quantum interference devices (SQUID). Even biomagnetism has been recognized, as more sensitive devices have been developed to measure very weak magnetic fields.Practitioners of alternative forms of health care often believe much of the illness we see in the human body is the result of either a blockage of the flow of energy of the body, or an imbalance in the energy from one side of the body to the other. When the energy balance is restored, the body begins the healing process. Often, symptoms seem to almost miraculously lessen or even disappear. Conditions such as migraine headaches, the cause of which is poorly understood anyway, respond remarkably well to a restoration of the energy in the body.Energy imbalance is the result of too much nerve energy being sent to a part of the body in response to pain or dysfunction. Nerve energy, as I have called it here, is an electrical signal that is sent along the path of the nerve. All electrical signals also have a magnetic field. The magnetic field is so weak around this nerve impulse that it would seem to be undetectable. When measures are taken to restore proper balance to the energy of the body, a clinical result can be measured. teksty definite beneficial change takes place. If balance is not restored, the body gets caught in an endless loop of trying to make corrections. The result is an imbalance in which the deficient side develops painful trigger points. These trigger points are formed in the areas where acupuncture meridians are located. Therapies have been developed using these points to release blockages of energy and allow the proper amount of energy to flow. One does not need to use needles. These are the same acupressure points used by massage therapists, and other touch type therapies, to release tension, increase blood flow, and strengthen the body’s natural life force to assist in healing.When energy is flowing to one side of the body more than to the other, it can be easily felt in the form of muscle tension. Nerve impulses are sent along the nerves to muscles and other locations in the body. In the muscles, this naturally causes them to be more contracted. teksty muscle that is contracted is shorter than a muscle that is relaxed. Remember as children how we showed off our muscles by forcefully contracting them ourselves? As a result of the increased muscle contraction, one entire side of the body will often feel tighter and tenser than the other. How can we balance this energy and cause both sides of the body to be equally relaxed? The method is simple.Trigger points are located by their tenderness, and once located, gentle pressure is applied. The initial stimulation of the trigger point sends a signal to the central nervous system to send more energy to the deficient side. It is like saying, “Hey, look! There is a problem over here too.” The side that was getting the excessive energy suddenly has energy diverted from it, and the deficient side begins to receive an increase in energy. After a short time, a balance is achieved. The body is then able to use its resources for healing instead of continually attempting to bring the flow of its energy back into balance.Dr. Conny Young has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology and a Master of Arts degree in Physiology and Biochemistry. He did postgraduate work in Neurophysiology and Phamacology. He worked as a research scientist for a major pharmaceutical company for 17 years before becoming a chiropractor. He attended seminars on Touch for Health, Logan Basic Technique, Bioenergetic Synchronization Technique, Reiki (Level III master), Network Chiropractic, Brimhall 10 Step Protocol and has studied the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Shiatzu, Kiatzu, and Reflexology. He maintained a private practice for 17 years, and taught Neurophysiology and Toxicology at Palmer College of Chiropractic. He conducted research on the effectiveness of energy balancing for the treatment of migraine headaches. He can be reached through his website at: http: / / www.healthandwellnesssolutionsonline.com

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***Shoulder Problems in Diabetics in India: Frozen Shoulder - Art unimarter UniMarter
***Shoulder Problems in Diabetics in India: Frozen Shoulder - Arthroscopic Release, a Welcome Boon***

Diabetics in India have an additional burden of joint problem in addition to their systemic problems of nerves, eyes, blood vessels, kidneys etc.
Diabetics are prone to develop a condition of the shoulders called primary frozen shoulder. It can affect both shoulders in a small percentage of people. It usually resolves over a period of time but can leave behind a lasting deficit of certain movements.Middle aged diabetics also develop tears of the rotator cuff and this can lead to a secondary frozen shoulder. Rotator cuff is group of tendons on top of the shoulder which help to stabilize the joint.They can develop calcium deposition in the rotator cuff tendons.They are prone to develop Gouty arthritis in their shoulders like in any other joints since Gout has an association with diabetes. Gout is a condition due to consumption of uric acid which is a by product of the digestion of red meat.In this article I shall discuss frozen shoulder.Definition-Frozen shoulder (Adhesive capsulitis, periathritis) is a condition characterized by a loss all movements at the true shoulder joint. There is pain initially. Pain settles down and there remains stiffness which sets in over a short period of time. Clever people may recall a traumatic incident. In others it may come on slowly. Stiffness may be permanent. The movement that is maximally affected is external rotation (rotating the arm outwards away from the body). This results in inability to reach behind the head with the hand to tie the hair. When both shoulders are affected elderly women are in an embarrassing situation. Overhead activities are also affected as the degree of elevation of the arm is reduced.AnatomyThe shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body. Its function is to position the arm in space to reach out to objects and deliver them to the mouth for eating and for other actions. The shoulder is a ball and socket joint formed by the upper end of the humerus (arm bone) and the socket formed by the glenoid of the shoulder blade. It is lined by a bag like capsule. The capacity of this joint is about 15- 20 cc. In frozen shoulder the capacity is reduced to 2- 3 cc. The movements at the shoulder joint occur synchronously with that at joint between the shoulder blade and the torso and are compensated to some extent by this.History of frozen shoulder-Only in the last few years has the ideal treatment been suggested. It is a relatively rare disorder of the shoulder and in a population of 20 shoulder patients there may be one or two with this condition.However many doctors and orthopaedic surgeons label any painful condition as a frozen shoulder and advice physiotherapy. This can make the condition worse.Recent advancesIt has been recently discovered that the answer to frozen shoulder lies in the genes. These genes may also be associated with Diabetes mellitus. The alterations in these genes and chromosomes lead to a distorted response to wound healing and scar tissue formation. Exuberant scar tissue forms in response to trauma. The remodeling of scar tissue collagen is less. When more scar tissue forms in the capsule of the shoulder joint, the normally possible movements are grossly reduced. Diabetics also develop nodules in their palms and feet, another evidence of the exaggerated healing process.Standard treatment-This is a combination of physiotherapy and steroid injections when the condition is initially painful. Physio can be done at home. The standard Orthopaedic treatment has been a manipulation under anaesthesia. This carries a theoretical risk of fracture but has not been validated in practice.teksty manipulation is contraindicated when a x ray reveals that the bone is very osteoporotic. It is also contra indicated in diabetics as more exuberant scar tissue will form in response to the crude method.Since I have pointed out that sometimes rotator cuff tears can coexist with a frozen shoulder, the ideal management for a frozen shoulder would be an arthroscopic release of the contracted structures within the joint. An arthroscope is an instrument used to look into joints through tiny key hole incisions. The benefits are less pain after surgery and faster rehabilitation. Since scar tissue formation is minimized, chances of recurrence are less and greater are the chance of retaining the full range of movement achieved during the procedure. The range of movement achieved after the release has to be maintained with physiotherapy. In case there is some tear of the rotator cuff, repair can be done at a later stage.Dr. teksty.K. Venkatachalam
Consultant orthopaedic surgeon, Chennai
Knee & Shoulder clinic, Besant nagar
http: / / www.shoulderindia.com
http: / / www.kneeindia.com
tel- 00 91 44 22530855
0091 9282165002

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***Shoulder Stiffness- a Common Problem in India*** Many mid unimarter UniMarter
***Shoulder Stiffness- a Common Problem in India***

Many middle aged people complain of shoulder stiffness. They have tried some physiotherapy without success and are disabled in their daily activities. Some have accepted it and carry on.The causes of shoulder stiffness can be one out of four
1) Adhesive capsulitis syn Frozen shoulder
2) Stiffness in diabetics
3) Stiffness following some internal fixation of fracture
4) Osteoarthritis of the shoulder.Stiffness in diabetics is the most commonly encountered one and is particularly difficult to treat.
Idiopathic shoulder stiffness is a rare condition. It occurs without a known cause. Tears of the rotator cuff may be seen in a small proportion of these people.Stiffness after internal fixation occurs in those people who had sustained a fracture of the upper humerus and undergone internal fixation.
Osteoarthritis of the shoulder is a rare condition.
Symptoms-The affected arm cannot reach behind the back commonly. Lifting the arm forward (elevation) and turning it out (external rotation) may be hampered to a variable degree. Pain accompanies stiffness in early stages and is worse on sleeping on the affected side. Sleep is disturbed and the patient may become depressed due to chronic pain.Treatment- Physiotherapy under the supervision of an able person is the mainstay and primary treatment. It can be carried out as part of a home exercise program. When there is no success, your shoulder surgeon may advise a manipulation under anesthesia. After being put to sleep, your arm will be put through a range of movement. After the procedure, continuous passive motion will be started.An Arthroscope is a pencil like instrument which carries a source of light and a camera into a joint to visualize the interior. Other instruments like shavers, punches, radio frequency, Laser can be introduced inside and tight structures can be release.Arthroscopic release of a stiff shoulder is particularly rewarding and can be accomplished through tiny key-hole incisions. Only the tight structures are divided with an instrument under direct visualization of the arthroscope. The amount of pain is less after this surgery.Dr.teksty.K.Venkatachalam
Consultant orthopaedic surgeon
Knee & Shoulder clinic,Chennai,
http: / / www.shoulderindia.com
http: / / www.kneeindia.com
Venkataeswara hospitals, Nandanam,
Kamakshi memorial hospitals,
Tel 00 91 44 24912905
00 91 44 22530855
mobile- 00 91 9282165002The author performs these operations in Chennai,India. He can be contacted by e mail akvenkat@gmail.com

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***Xbox 360 Camera On The Way Soon*** The Xbox 360 camera wa unimarter UniMarter
***Xbox 360 Camera On The Way Soon***

The Xbox 360 camera was unveiled at last year's E3 alongside the system and it was shown that the camera would be used for a variety of purposes. Rumors are now spreading that Microsoft has shown the camera off to developers recently in hopes that they will use it to develop games via an Eye-Toy type experience or something even more advanced. If this holds true we could be using the camera in games within the coming few months!The only purpose thus far that has been shown to developers it seems to show off the technology has been that of a video chat over Xbox Live. This is actually a cool idea because if you could use the camera in conjunction with a live arcade game, something simple like Chess, it could make for a relaxing social experience for the casual fan over Xbox Live.The new camera is expected to be availble within the next few months.Regardless one thing is for sure, the camera is on its way very soon and I would not be surprised if Microsoft shows off a few games to go along with it at this year's E3. Say cheese and get ready for the Xbox 360 News Camera!For more news, check out our PS3 News site or our Nintendo Revolution site.

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***Will The Nintendo Revolution Be Able to Out Sell The Xbox 360 unimarter UniMarter
***Will The Nintendo Revolution Be Able to Out Sell The Xbox 360 And PS3?***

Despite the fact that many perceive Nintendo to be on the downturn in the video game industry, enthusiasts of the popular company will be happy to hear that the latest news is of exactly the opposite. The latest release of financial statements from Nintendo shows that the company has actually seen growth rather than any sort of decline.According to the company's financial statements, the consolidated net profit for October-December rose to ?55.56 billion ($479.7 million) as compared to ?21.3 billion for the same period last year. For the nine months ending December 31st, the company posted a net profit of ?92.2 billion ($801 million) up from ?67.8 billion for the same time frame in the previous fiscal year, a 36% increase.However, news like this still doesn?t sway people like the CEO of 3D Realms, Scott Miller, who says, "My prediction for this new round of consoles is that the Xbox 360 and PS3 will wind up about equal in terms of sales, with Nintendo's Revolution coming in a distant third," Miller writes. "Perhaps this will be the last console from [Nintendo]."Will the Nintendo Revolution truly be Nintendo?s last console or are they just ingenious and we haven?t realized it yet? According to the stats, Nintendo might really know what they are doing after all.For more news, check out our Xbox 360 site or our PS3 site.

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***PS3 And Nintendo Revolution May Launch American Thanksgiving** unimarter UniMarter
***PS3 And Nintendo Revolution May Launch American Thanksgiving***

Could the Nintendo Revolution and the PS3 launch the same time? It?s beginning to look more and more likely. Both Nintendo and Sony have been less than forthcoming with any real concrete information. Rumors have set release dates anywhere from March to sometime next year. However, the latest rumors have both consoles to launch around American Thanksgiving.Nintendo is planning on releasing their ?revolutionary? new system this fall, near Thanksgiving to be precise. This release date is drawn from new quotes from Nintendo president Satoru Iwata who stated, "We can't disclose the Revolution's release period yet, but we have no plans to miss out on the year-end sales battle. As for North America, we need to release it by Thanksgiving, or otherwise we won't receive support from the retail industry. So the Revolution will be released prior to that period."In regards to the issue of when the Sony PS3 will launch, Forbes Magazine said: "Sony's last word on this remains spring 2006, but almost nobody believes it ? at least not for the North American launch ? because of a history of delays for previous products. Thanksgiving looks to be a better bet, at least to Evan Wilson, an analyst with Pacific Crest Securities."Could we see both the Nintendo Revolution and the PS3 this thanksgiving? What kind of marketing strategy would this be? Microsoft was fortunate to launch their Xbox 360 with absolutely no competition. The head-start allowed the 360 to gain ground on the competition; however because of massive shortages, only 600,000 consoles have been sold so far.If both the Nintendo Revolution and the PS3 launch this thanksgiving they will not have the same luxury. Instead, all 3 consoles will have to split the market share.By June of this year, Microsoft hope to sell 4.5 to 5 million Xbox 360?s worldwide. That means both Nintendo and Sony will have a lot of catching up to do. It would seem to delay the launch of either console to 2007 would be a marketing nightmare, no matter how impressive the Revolution controller is, or how powerful the PS3 might be. Peter Moore of Microsoft has recently said that they ?will pull Halo 3 when the time is right,? which many believe will happen alongside the PS3 launch.It seems unlikely that both consoles will launch the same time. Perhaps the Revolution will see a mid to late September launch while the PS3 takes the November slot (or even later).It is this author?s opinion that both consoles will hit the shelves 2006. Though the question remains, when?For more news, check out our Xbox 360 site or our Nintendo Revolution site.

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***Release Date Of the Xbox 360*** According to a recent new unimarter UniMarter
***Release Date Of the Xbox 360***

According to a recent news article at CNN, the Xbox 360 will be going on sale on November 22, 2005 in North America. There is a lot of speculation that the shipments of the new next generation
console will be lower then expected. The expected first shipment was allegdly said to be 2-Million units, but Bank of America's Gary Cooper says that number maybe be even lower at anywhere from 1.4 to 1.6 Million units. What does this mean? It means that getting a new Xbox 360 will be even harder then you think and the price is more then likely going to be more then what it was first said to be.Here is quote fromt he CNN article regarding this issue:"Complicating matters is Microsoft's plan for a worldwide launch of the 360. That means those initial shipments, whatever they turn out to be, will be split between North America, Europe and Japan. McNealy said he expects Microsoft to send roughly 900,000 to 1 million units to North American retailers, 600,000-800,000 to Europe and another 100,000-200,000 to Japan."Retail Stores in Canada such as EB and Wal-Mart are both taking pre-orders for the new consoles well into the new year. Most premium bundles which include the larger hard-drivers are sold out. However, some locations still have the core bundle available for pre-order.For more great gaming information, check out this great Xbox 360 News site or check out this great Nintendo Revolution resources http: / / www.nintendorevolution.ca

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***The Nintendo Revolution Controller - Skepticism Meets Reality* unimarter UniMarter
***The Nintendo Revolution Controller - Skepticism Meets Reality***

Well over the past week or so I have had plenty of time to sit back and take a critical look at the new Nintendo Revolution controller. Initially, when I first saw the teaser I was excited about the possibilities the new controller offered. However after some more reflection and further reading, though I am still enthusiastic, I think there are some serious questions that need to be asked.Nintendo has been an innovator in the video game industry since the early 1980?s. From the very beginning, Nintendo engineers have had to prove themselves. The introduction of the analogue controller and even the ?rumble pack? was met with a great deal of skepticism, yet are considered industry standards today. However, a single hand remote style controller is arguably a much larger innovation and is met with even more skepticism.It has been reported on several websites that the Nintendo Revolution will be compatible with Gamecube titles. Of course this raises questions on how the new controller will function with these games?What we are telling people right now is that there are several peripherals in the works that will be used for the older games,? said Perrin Kaplan, vice President of Marketing and Corporate Affairs for Nintendo. ?Of course, people will be able to plug their Gamecube controller right in and use that, but if they want, they can use the Revolution?s peripherals for an entirely new and fresh experience.?Will gamers be able to adapt to a single hand controller? I think the answer to this question will depend on game developers. The success of the controller and the console for that matter depends on whether-or-not game developers will be able to produce games which compliment the new controller.This also raises questions over game cross-over from one system to another. With the introduction of a whole new controller, effectively changing the way we play games, well we see a drop in big title games available for multiple systems?With the release of the new teaser and a slew of new images, people are forgetting that the new Nintendo Revolution controller is not at the final design stage.?No, this is not the final design. You won?t see that until the release is here, but we are getting much closer,? explained Kaplan.Over the next several months, more information will become available. Information which will either put much of the skepticism to rest, or more likely, create even more. With a product like the Nintendo Revolution controller, apprehension and skepticism are natural, making this a critical time for Nintendo. With the release of the Xbox before the end of 2005 and the processing power of the Playstation 3 Nintendo really does have to come up with something revolutionary to compete in the next generation game console market. Does Nintendo really have something special for us? Only Time well tell.For more great gaming information, check out this great Xbox News or check out this great Nintendo Revolution resources

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***Nintendo Revolution Price*** While on my constant search unimarter UniMarter
***Nintendo Revolution Price***

While on my constant search for new Nintendo Revolution information, I came across some articles speculating the European release date and price tag for Nintendo?s next generation gaming console. Of course, this is only a ?rumor,? and I have not confirmed the date, or the price in any official capacity.Amazon France has slipped a page with the European release date and price for Nintendo?s monumental new game console, the Nintendo Revolution.The tentative release date for the Nintendo Revolution is listed as June 15, 2006. The total cost after conversion to US dollars, would be approximately $365. European game console prices tend to be a bit priced a higher than in North America, but this still sounds a bit overpriced given the Xbox?s $299-$399 price tag. From what we know so far the Nintendo Revolution will be less technologically advanced than the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3.Based on the GameCube?s 2001 launch cycle?it arrived in Europe six months after it debuted in North America. This leak gives credence to rumors that the Revolution could see a surprise 2005 launch in Canada and the US.Of course, when more ?official? information is available for both the release date and price, htt: / / www.nintendorevolution.ca will let you know.For more great gaming information, check out this great Xbox News site or check out this great Nintendo Revolution resources http: / / www.nintendorevolution.ca

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***Software Upgrades Aren't Always the Best Move*** When my unimarter UniMarter
***Software Upgrades Aren't Always the Best Move***

When my daughter was getting into AOL instant messaging (AIM) and using all the cool add-ons, I looked for more as it's a great way to learn about extending applications. While doing research, I learned that if you wanted to use AIM themes, you don't want to upgrade to AIM 5.9. A post at MyThemes suggests sticking with or downgrading to 5.5. MyTheme shows what steps to take, should you prefer to stick with 5.9. The post also shows where to download 5.5 and how to downgrade back to it. Furthermore, 5.9 was bloated. Think it took a while for AIM to completely load in 5.5? 5.9 is worse.Many people, Hubby included, didn't upgrade WinAmp past version 2.8 because he didn't like version 3.0's playlist and it kept crashing. Then, he got a pop up that an upgrade was available. He figured he'd try it as it couldn't hurt and he still had 2.81's install. He liked the new interface and themes on version 5.0, so he stuck with it. That's three versions later.When I got my new computer, I stayed with Microsoft Office 2002 / OfficeXP. The new features weren't worth it and I'm happy with this version. As long as I have my word count, tracking, and comments -- the other stuff doesn't matter as much. New software products tend to have more bloat than usefulness. This does not apply to ALL new software, just a general statement that it's often the case.I usually skip a version or two before considering an upgrade unless I see a feature that I think would prove valuable. When it comes to operating systems, I wait till the new one has been out for a long time before considering it.When I finally got around to buying accounting software in 2003, I researched to see what would best meet my needs. Many users pointed to the older versions of QuickBooks. I currently use QuickBooks Pro 2000. Although, I miss some of the more modern features and functionality, it has all I need. In a quick search, I couldn't find the sites that talk about the versions and their advantages / disadvantages. I had to buy my copy from eBay.If you find an upgrade awful and uninstalled the old version that you want back, just hop to OldVersion.com -- can't forget a name like that. But if it doesn't have your software, use Google and enter the software title along with the version number. It always works for me.Meryl K. Evans is the Content Maven behind meryl's notes, eNewsletter Journal, and The Remediator Security Digest. She is also a PC Today columnist and a tour guide at InformIT. She is geared to tackle your editing, writing, content, and process needs. The native Texan resides in Plano, Texas, a heartbeat north of Dallas, and doesn't wear a 10-gallon hat or cowboy boots.

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***Release of the Xbox 360*** When the October 4th 2005 X 05 unimarter UniMarter
***Release of the Xbox 360***

When the October 4th 2005 X 05 events were going on in Amsterdam all in the gaming industry realized that the Microsoft will announce for the release of its Xbox 360 games in North America and Europe.
But to everyone?s surprise Microsoft didn?t did so and that led to the confusion in the minds of many people.However, the corporate vice president of Xbox marketing and publishing, Peter Moore told the masses that there are two hundred Xbox 360 games in development phase that are one of the best games ever designed. He also stated that they would organize the best launch lineup of Xbox 360 that has not been done ever in this industry. Peter Moore refused to declare the list of all the games that would be available for sale in November 22 during the launch of the Xbox 360. This launch is to be held in the United States.As if this was not enough, one more press release by Microsoft titled ?Xbox 360 launch line-up announced? has added to more confusion. Three first party games are listed in the press release under the heading of an impressive Christmas holiday portfolio. The games that are listed are ?Kameio Elements of Power?, ?Perfect Dark Zero? and ?Project Gotham Racing 3?. The next catalogue of games under heading of the other great games announced or shown at X05 consists of games like Too Human, Crackdown, FIFA 06, Saint?s Row and many more. In the third category the games were included under the heading of the franchise titles that will make their debut on Xbox 360 that consists of games like Tom Clancy?s Splinter Cell 4, Superman Returns: The Videogame, Call of Duty 2 and many more such games.The main confusion is that most of these games have 2006 release dates. Moreover some of the games that are announced would be impossible to be added into the Xbox 360 launch lineup that is opposite to the title indicated in press release.To add to the confusion, when director of platform marketing for the Xbox 360, David Reid was asked about the available games during the launch then he stated that only fifteen to twenty Xbox 360 titles will be launched in November and the next half?dozen would be available next year. According to David Reid, only eight games would be available in November, namely, ?Need for Speed Most Wanted?, ?FIFA 06: Road to FIFA World Cup?, ?Project Gotham Racing 3?, ?Perfect Dark Zero?, ?Kameo?, ?Madden NFL 06?, ?NBA Live 06? and ?Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06?. Remaining seven games that would be available in November will be announced by him in the next few weeks. He stated that those games are in the final stages of certification referring to the quality assurance process all games have to go through before they are available in the market. He also confirmed that if any game is unable to pass the certification then that game may not be available for sale in November Xbox 360 launch.The main problem is that the decision to rush games is for the reason that the company wants to take the advantage of the holiday sales season. The other reason is that the gamer in today?s world can analyze whether the game was rushed that may result in the destruction of the reputation of the game. Now there are only tow conditions, either the Xbox 360 games would be a great success or a big failure. All this is due to the excessive pre release publicity of Xbox 360.Although the three games that Microsoft assures would be available on the release dates but when it comes to the remaining twelve titles all confusion prevails. It is thought that even if the Xbox 360 is spared the proposed PS3 would be under the same trap of questions.The best way to know about the release of Xbox 360 is to wait and watch. Here we are in a state of confusion whereas on the other hand the Microsoft is fueling the market for the sale of its Xbox 360 games.http: / / www.onlinegamesarena.com is a online games site dedicated to providing quality articles and information. Click through for more articles.
To read more articles by Greg Culver, check out http: / / www.justsportsweb.com

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***Microsoft Windows Vista - Release Candidate 1 (RC1) - Finally unimarter UniMarter
***Microsoft Windows Vista - Release Candidate 1 (RC1) - Finally Here***

The long awaited Windows Vista Release Candidate 1 is finally here. A few days ago, Microsoft released Windows Vista RC1 (a test version) to allow 5 million users, their largest test program ever, to download and test the operating system. If the RC1 version receives positive results, then we should expect to see Windows Vista to be meet the set release date of November 2006 for enterprise customers and January 2007 for consumers.Microsoft has provided a website where users can download and test the RC1 version. If you decide to download, please note this is a test version and not the official release by Microsoft. There are most likely bugs and other nuisances that will need to be addressed after they receive feedback from the millions of users testing RC1. If you decide to download the test version make sure you backup your system’s files and if you are upgrading from Beta 2, make sure you download and install any critical updates for your system.When downloading, you have a choice between the 32-bit or 64-bit versions. Please note that most of our desktop applications are developed for 32-bit so if you download the 64-bit version then there is a chance that your applications on your computer will not longer function properly. If you’re not sure which one to download then I highly recommend the 32-bit version. Also, once you install Windows Vista RC1 you cannot roll back to your previous operating system installation - you will either have to acquire and install the final released edition of Windows Vista or reinstall a previous edition of Windows. Before installing Windows Vista RC1 on any computer, please remember to back up all your files completely.There are three installation scenarios for Windows Vista RC1:You can do a clean installation. This process will overwrite any data that you have on your hard disk or on your installation partition. The overwritten data will be lost and unrecoverable.You can upgrade an existing installation of Windows XP.You can upgrade an existing installation of Windows Vista Beta 2.According to Microsoft, after completing the download, you will need to burn the ISO file to a DVD. This means you’ll need a DVD burner with appropriate software. If you are unsure if your DVD burning software supports burning of an ISO file, please refer to your DVD burning software program and search “Help” for instructions on creating a disc from an ISO file. If you are still unsure about burning your own DVD, ordering the Windows Vista RC1 DVD kit might be a better option for you. If you would like to share your feedback, whether it’s positive or negative, then you can submit your feedback directly to Microsoft by completing their online feedback form. View PC Magazine's slideshow of 100 screen shots.At Hudson Horizons, we provide website Content Management conversion for the small to mid-sized business to easily allow our clients the ability to manage the data of their website on a day-to-day basis.Hudson Horizons is an e-business product, solution and marketing company specializing in creating highly sophisticated customized websites, web-based software applications and providing e-marketing services for small and mid-sized businesses.Our vision and ultimate ambition as a company is to always strive to be "The New Light for e-Business."By offering new, innovative and extremely competitive products and solutions to our customers, we provide better ways to run and operate their business online.

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***The Model Release Passes Muster*** Photographers often fo unimarter UniMarter
***The Model Release Passes Muster***

Photographers often follow certain legal practices to protect themselves,
but cannot be sure that they will work when challenged. One such
example is using a model release to obtain a model?s permission to use
photographs taken of him or her in specific ways. The good news is that
the standard model release was recently put to the test, and it passed
with flying colors.In 2002, Russian tennis player, Anastasia Myskina, who then was 20
years old, posed for photographs by Mark Seliger. Seliger first
photographed Myskina for the Gentleman's Quarterly's 2002 "Sports"
issue and then photographed her topless. Myskina had signed a model
release that said she consented to the use of her name and the pictures
by the magazine and by "others it may authorize, for editorial purposes."After winning the French Open in 2004, a Russian newspaper published
the topless photos. Myskina filed an $8 million lawsuit against the
publisher, Conde Nast Publications Inc., Gentleman's Quarterly and
Seliger alleging emotional distress and economic injury.The New York judge who presided over the case held that Myskina's
rights were not violated despite her insistence that she did not
understand the signed model release and was not fluent in English at
the time. Instead, the Judge stated that, "absent allegations of fraud,
duress or some other wrongdoing, Myskina's claimed misunderstanding
of the release's terms does not excuse her from being bound on the
contract. Nor can she avoid her obligations under the release because
of her purported failure to read its contents."Even though the photographer allegedly told Myskina that the topless
photos were for ?himself,? the Judge found that the oral agreement
contradicted the plain language of the written agreement and was not
admissible. The Judge then dismissed the case.As a photographer, it is important to protect yourself as much as
possible. Fortunately, the model release is one way that has been
proven to be effective.Take my advice; get professional help.
PhotoAttorneyCopyright 2005 Carolyn E. Wright All Rights Reserved--- ABOUT THE AUTHOR ---Carolyn E. Wright, Esq., has a unique legal practice aimed squarely at
the needs of photographers. A pro photographer herself, Carolyn has
the credentials and the experience to protect photographers. She?s
represented clients in multimillion dollar litigations, but also has the
desire to help new photographers just starting their careers. Carolyn
graduated from Emory University School of Law with a Juris Doctor, and
from Tennessee Tech Univ. with a Masters of Business Administration
degree and a Bachelor of Science degree in music.She wrote the book on photography law. ?88 Secrets to the Law for
Photographers," by Carolyn and well-known professional photographer,
Scott Bourne, is scheduled for fall 2005 release by Olympic Mountain
School Press. Carolyn also is a columnist for PhotoFocus Magazine.Carolyn specializes in wildlife photography and her legal website is
http: / / www.photoattorney.com

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***Rights of Publicity For All - Model Releases in Foreign Countr unimarter UniMarter
***Rights of Publicity For All - Model Releases in Foreign Countries***

In general, you may photograph people when they are in public. The use of those photographs, however, can be restricted due to certain privacy rights. Privacy rights are recognized in most states, but are different for each one. Since it?s tricky to know what you can do, the safest approach to follow is the most restrictive one.One right of privacy ? also known as the right of publicity ? is the commercial appropriation of someone?s name or likeness. It happens when the name or likeness of someone is used without consent to gain some commercial benefit, such as when a photograph of a person is used in an advertisement without the person?s permission. That is why model releases are so important. It is evidence that you have the person?s permission to use his image for certain purposes.So what do you do when you travel to foreign countries to photograph the people there? Do you need a model release? What if the people don?t speak English?Nevada Wier has published thousands of travel photographs from all over the world. Her advice in her book, Adventure Travel Photography, is:"If you plan to use your photographs for publication or stock, I think it is wise to have signed model releases from any people you photograph in a foreign city, no matter what their nationality or what the shooting situation is. (Even though lawsuits aren't currently common in the rest of the world, this might change.) Translate your release forms into the language of the country you'll be traveling and photographing in. In more remote regions it is a bit trickier to get signed model releases, and not always appropriate. People may be suspicious, confused or frightened if they're asked to sign a piece of paper. Use your common sense."I couldn?t have said it better.Take my advice; get professional help.Photo AttorneyCopyright 2005 Carolyn E. Wright All Rights Reserved--- ABOUT THE AUTHOR ---Carolyn E. Wright, Esq., has a unique legal practice aimed squarely at the needs of photographers. A pro photographer herself, Carolyn has the credentials and the experience to protect photographers. She?s represented clients in multimillion dollar litigations, but also has the desire to help new photographers just starting their careers. Carolyn graduated from Emory University School of Law with a Juris Doctor, and from Tennessee Tech Univ. with a Masters of Business Administration degree and a Bachelor of Science degree in music.She wrote the book on photography law. ?88 Secrets to the Law for Photographers," by Carolyn and well-known professional photographer, Scott Bourne, is scheduled for fall 2005 release by Olympic Mountain School Press. Carolyn also is a columnist for PhotoFocus Magazine.Carolyn specializes in wildlife photography and her legal website is http: / / www.photoattorney.com

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***Know Your Rights and Limitations When You Photograph Property* unimarter UniMarter
***Know Your Rights and Limitations When You Photograph Property***

In general, if property is visible and can be photographed from a public place, you don?t need a property release to use the image in any manner. This exclusion to copyright law includes buildings located on the property, but not statues or other items that may have separate copyrights. There also are restrictions on some governmental property for security purposes, such as federal seals and insignia, and military or nuclear installations. But if the statue or copyrighted item has minimal presence in your image, your photo still may fall under the exclusion. Otherwise, you must get permission to use the image for commercial purposes.Nevertheless, some companies have tried to prevent the use ? both commercially and editorially ? of photographs of their buildings or objects via trademark protection or contract law. Examples include the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the lone Cypress tree at Pebble Beach, CA, and the ?Hollywood? sign. While these attempts have been unsuccessful, they can be expensive to litigate. Is it worth it to you to spend thousands of dollars to test this issue? That?s a choice you?ll have to make.If you want to avoid this battle, though, check the list of properties and objects collected by the Picture Archive Council of America that have been reported by its members to be allegedly protected. http: / / www.stockindustry.org / resources / specialreleases.htmlOn the other hand, photographers should protect their rights, too. Don?t be intimidated from photographing what is within your legal rights. Check with an attorney to fully understand and exercise your privileges.Take my advice; get professional help.PhotoAttorneyCopyright 2005 Carolyn E. Wright All Rights Reserved--- ABOUT THE AUTHOR ---Carolyn E. Wright, Esq., has a unique legal practice aimed squarely at the needs of photographers. A pro photographer herself, Carolyn has the credentials and the experience to protect photographers. She?s represented clients in multimillion dollar litigations, but also has the desire to help new photographers just starting their careers. Carolyn graduated from Emory University School of Law with a Juris Doctor, and from Tennessee Tech Univ. with a Masters of Business Administration degree and a Bachelor of Science degree in music.She wrote the book on photography law. ?88 Secrets to the Law for Photographers," by Carolyn and well-known professional photographer, Scott Bourne, is scheduled for fall 2005 release by Olympic Mountain School Press. Carolyn also is a columnist for PhotoFocus Magazine.Carolyn specializes in wildlife photography and her legal website is http: / / www.photoattorney.com

#photograph #property #copyright #release #permission #contract #lawsuit #trademark #permit #suit #sue
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***Practical vs. Legal - Getting Model and Property Releases*** unimarter UniMarter
***Practical vs. Legal - Getting Model and Property Releases***

Depending on the circumstance, a model or property release may not be legally necessary. But getting one never hurts and it may help. It may make some people think that they can't sue you (they can, even if their cause of action is bogus). If they do sue you, having a release may shorten the litigation and it could help you win. Even when you win, though, your defense fees can be costly.In those situations when a release is not required, other legal issues may be presented when photographing a person, an animal or other property. These include trespassing, trademark, false light or invasion of privacy. All of this can get confusing. That's also why it's dangerous to take anecdotal advice.For example, if one person has a fashion shoot in a national park and needs a permit, it does not mean that all professional photographers who shoot in a national park need a permit. While some stock agencies may require a property release for an animal photo, it does not mean that it's legally required. It means that they are being cautious in this litigious society.I recently photographed some huskies at a public park. I wasn?t trespassing on public property, the dogs are not trademarked and I did not misrepresent them (also known as ?false light?) in my photos. Further, since animals don't have privacy rights like humans do, I did not need to get a model or property release from their owner. But I got one anyway. I asked the owner in writing for permission to use the photos. I did that that only to keep the owner from getting upset and to avoid any hassle with a stock or advertising agency.What is often practical is not always legally required. To figure out the differences and to make the best decisions about what to do, talk to an attorney to discuss your particular situations.Take my advice; get professional help.PhotoAttorneyCopyright 2005 Carolyn E. Wright All Rights Reserved--- ABOUT THE AUTHOR ---Carolyn E. Wright, Esq., has a unique legal practice aimed squarely at the needs of photographers. A pro photographer herself, Carolyn has the credentials and the experience to protect photographers. She?s represented clients in multimillion dollar litigations, but also has the desire to help new photographers just starting their careers. Carolyn graduated from Emory University School of Law with a Juris Doctor, and from Tennessee Tech Univ. with a Masters of Business Administration degree and a Bachelor of Science degree in music.She wrote the book on photography law. ?88 Secrets to the Law for Photographers," by Carolyn and well-known professional photographer, Scott Bourne, is scheduled for fall 2005 release by Olympic Mountain School Press. Carolyn also is a columnist for PhotoFocus Magazine.Carolyn specializes in wildlife photography and her legal website is http: / / www.photoattorney.com

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***Winning and Release of Chemicals in the Brain*** There ar unimarter UniMarter
***Winning and Release of Chemicals in the Brain***

There are many who study sports psychology and believe that some of the top athletes who compete love to win so much that they release chemicals in their brain before, after, and during the competition.I believe winning releases chemicals too, lots of them. I can remember winning lots of races (track and field) and always feeling "no pain" but if I did not win, the pain was exacerbated to the point of almost unbearable-ness. If a salesman put himself into that scenario, then he would experience a release from winning.Winning competitions and those real winners see it in advance they know they are going to win; call it psycho-cybernetics, but they see it all in their mind prior to the finish? I use to feel these premonitions in foot races and motorcycle racing before the race even started. Almost to the point of willing the events to favor me in advance, it is an interesting thing.It is as if you can control the events in the future thru will. Your body would be running redline at the starting line and then all the nerves would go away all at once as the gun went off. That feeling is something very powerful. I have talked with superstar athletes in other sports, particularly basketball, baseball, golf, tennis, etc. They all say the something.And I too have felt this in other sports that I was not really that great at; like Bowling for instance, as you release the ball, you just know. It is as if you are either willing it to occur or feeling the anticipation of that chemical release, which is coming in a few seconds. There is something very powerful to this. The bigger the event the more you feel in advance, perhaps. Consider all this in 2006.Lance Winslow - Online Think Tank forum board. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; www.WorldThinkTank.net / wttbbs /

#Winning #ReleaseofChemicalsintheBrain #competition #sports
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