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***Poland Travels*** Poland is a favorite destination for to unimarter UniMarter
***Poland Travels***

Poland is a favorite destination for tourists and travelers for business. People can travel to Poland in three different ways.People can reach Poland by air. Individuals can board a flight from most big cities in United States to Poland. LOT the official airline carrier of Poland, has its website called as www3.lot.com. This site provides information about Poland travel and flight information to Poland. Flight travel may depend on flight carriers as well. Singapore airlines in the Asia Pacific region have one of the most costly air travel fares in Asia Pacific region. Lufthansa also has one of the most costly air travel fares in European region. Delta Airlines and United Airlines provide flight services from North America. One of the cheapest options for air travel in North American region would be North West Airlines as they offer lower rates than most other airlines.Poland can also be reached by sea at Gdansk, its Baltic Sea shore town. Gdansk is on of the oldest regions in Poland. This city was torn down by many wars and it took almost forty years to rebuild this beautiful city. Gdansk lies towards north of Poland and can be reached by sea from all capitals of northern countries such as Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Cost of traveling by sea differs from cruise to cruise. There are indeed many such tours to choose from if you are trying to reach Poland?s northern part by sea. Individuals, who may like to indulge in a leisurely travel, may do so by traveling on the sea route to Poland.Poland can be approached by road only from countries such as Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Ukraine, and Belarus. Road travel requires authority clearance to pass through Polish borders so as to enter Poland.Poland travels have lots to offer to interested persons and groups who would like to visit this beautiful country near the Baltic Sea. People can witness modernization and a touch traditional Polska values as a tourist.Poland provides detailed information on Poland, Poland Travels, Poland Tours, Poland Real Estate and more. Poland is affiliated with Portland Oregon Hotels.

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ZEGAREK CERTINA DS Podium Big Chrono WRC Poland C001.647.17.057.10

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Koszyk do przechowywania z pokrywą CURVER POLAND Style Box M V2 + LID - DRG308 Ciemny szary

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Koszyk do przechowywania CURVER POLAND Style S - OWH885 Kremowy

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***Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Poland*** Poland unimarter UniMarter
***Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Poland***

Poland is a country located in central Europe. It is situated between Germany, which lies to its west, and Ukraine, Belarus lie towards east. Towards south of Poland is Czech Republic and Slovakia. Lithuania and Russia of erstwhile USSR and Baltic Sea are to the north Poland. Poland has been a member of European Union since 01 May 2004. Most Polish companies have come under the central authority of European Union since then. Old currency of Poland no longer exists and there have been several reforms in trade and commerce.Poland has a very interesting and turbulent history and is called Polska or Rzeczpospolita Polska in its native language. It all started 1000 years ago, when Piast dynasty took over and reformed Poland. The country witnessed a golden age under the leadership and command of Jagiellonian dynasty by the end of the sixteenth century. This dynasty took Poland to great heights and at one time became the wealthiest and most powerful regions in Europe. On May 3, 1791, the Sejm of Polish and Lithuanian commonwealth adopted the constitution of Poland, making Poland the only country in the entire world to adopt democratic governance apart from United States. Poland thus became the second country in the world to have adopted a constitution along with US.The perils of World War II had completely demolished Poland had left the Polish absolutely penniless. Until 1989, communist parties from Russia ruled Poland. Poland then had to face a new crisis of Communism. After the cold war, Poland gained partial independence in 1989. It then reverted back to its democratic rule. Today Poland is a far better country then what it used to be after the country lost to German forces during World War II.With free trade and booming economy under the European Union, Poland has reformed in leaps and bounds. Today's Poland is indeed a new country marching on the route of economic and political freedom.Poland provides detailed information on Poland, Poland Travels, Poland Tours, Poland Real Estate and more. Poland is affiliated with Portland Oregon Hotels.

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***Poland Tours*** Poland had witnessed a golden era under t unimarter UniMarter
***Poland Tours***

Poland had witnessed a golden era under the dynastic regime of Jagiellonian in the sixteenth century. It was one of the wealthiest countries in the world and one of the first to adopt democratic governance. World War II has had devastating impact on its historical monuments coupled with Communist regime. Yet there are several places of historic importance that make Poland an interesting tourist spot.Warsaw, the capital of Poland is situated on the river Vistula, which is almost 370 KM from both the Baltic Sea coast and the Carpathian Mountains. Even though Warsaw is a new city, it has number of tourist attractions. Royal Castle, King Zygmunt Castle and the Barbican further down south are some of the most notable landmarks in the Old town quarter. Warsaw university campus, Swiat Street and the presidential palace are some other notable places of historic importance.Krakow, another major city of Poland, also has some really interesting landmarks. Krakow called as royal capital city of Cracow, is one of the largest and oldest cities of Poland. Krakow is called as the heart of Poland as it more then a thousand years old. This ancient city is famous for cultural, artistic and scientific center. Krakow receives almost 2 million tourists from around the world every year. It has some very beautiful landmarks like that of St Mary's church, which sounds the trumpet from the main door of the church. Krakow also has 28 museums. It also boasts of Wawel Castle. The famous Corpus Christi Church, where Steven Spielberg filmed his movie Schildlers List is also situated in Krakow. Indeed Krakow is worth a place to visit.Poznan is another city which has the Collegiate parish church and Town hall which is preserved as it was first constructed hundreds of years ago. Lodz, Lublin are simple and clean cities as these citied have few inhabitants. Opole Viovodship has attracted several foreign investors, making a great place to stay for business.Poland tours provides an excellent oppurtunity for Tourists to see the country that once was, and now is so different because of development in the country.Poland provides detailed information on Poland, Poland Travels, Poland Tours, Poland Real Estate and more. Poland is affiliated with Portland Oregon Hotels.

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***Save Money when Traveling to Eastern Europe*** When you t unimarter UniMarter
***Save Money when Traveling to Eastern Europe***

When you think about travel destinations, what comes to your mind? An exotic destination? A seaside retreat? A small adventure? Do images of Hawaii, Paris, or the Seychelles, spring to mind? Most people do not immediately think about Yalta, Vilnius, or Warsaw. But Eastern Europe is opening up and welcoming travelers in ways not previously imaginable.Eastern Europe offers not only history and culture, but also sun and fun type holidays. Services and offerings are constantly improving and prices are excellent. Yalta is a famous Ukrainian seaside resort with a pretty promenade (boardwalk) and many lively restaurants, bars and cafes. Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania is well established as being amongst the world?s most attractive cities. Warsaw is a fun and exciting city offering excellent dining and nightlife at affordable prices. For more details about these and other destinations in Eastern Europe see the TravelsWise.com website.Access
Eastern Europe is changing rapidly. Visas used to be required in all Eastern European countries; this is no longer the case. Many Eastern European countries no longer require visas for short stays. Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania are now part of the EC and generally do not require visas for westerners. Even Ukraine has recently dropped its visa requirements for travelers from many western countries. As visa situation changes frequently, it is suggested that the traveler confirms visa requirements before departure.Affordable Flights
Until recently it was relatively expensive to fly to many Eastern European destinations. But now, low cost carriers are changing this. Czech Air flies from New York to Prague for fares which are less than many US domestic rates. Lithuanian Airlines, Air Baltic and Estonian Air are all positioning themselves as low cost carriers and all have extensive routes throughout Eastern Europe. EasyJet, one of Europe?s largest discount airlines now flies to Budapest, Warsaw, Split, Bratislava, Ljubljana, Prague, Rijeka and offers return rates of under GBP 100 to many of these destinations. To see a list of European Discount Airlines Click Here.Top Hotels
The past decade has seen an incredible development in the level of hotels. Eastern European cities such as Prague, Warsaw, Vilnius, Kiev and Moscow all have top quality hotels. Many of the international chains are there such as Intercontinental, Sofitel, Raddison. But the best part is that many of these hotels, even the internationally recognized chains, offer rates and specials that would not be imaginable in the West. Imagine staying in a beautiful top quality hotel with a breathtaking view, rich buffet breakfast and luxurious wellness facilities (Sauna, Jacuzzi, Swimming Pool) all included for under euro 100. This is possible in cities such as Warsaw and Vilnius.How do you do it? Start with a list with links to hotels. Most of the National Tourist websites offer a databank of all hotels, generally organized by city and hotel category (5 star, 4 star, etc). To find a list of Official European Tourist and Travel boards, click here: Click Here. First check the hotel websites. Often times you will find a special offer that meets your needs. If not, simply compose a general letter requesting the hotel's best offer. Give the type of room (double / single) and your travel dates, decide what category you are interested in, and send it to all of the hotels in that category. Then sit back and wait to see what offers you get! Unless nearly filled, many Eastern European hotels will make offers well below the advertised rates. We have used this strategy successfully in Poland, Lithuania and Czech Republic, but it probably will not work in Belarus, for example. Usually the amount you save will be well worth the effort.Gene and Galina are international travel enthusiasts. Gene is from California and Galina is from Minsk, Belarus. They live in Switzerland and have traveled extensively in Western and Eastern Europe. They created Travels Wise, a resource which contains recommendations about travel in Europe, photos and free travel videos.

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***An Overview of Poland for Travelers*** Poland has a uniqu unimarter UniMarter
***An Overview of Poland for Travelers***

Poland has a unique history in Europe, often pulled between Russian and Western interests. It you are planning a trip to Poland, here is some background information your should know.The official name of the country is the Republic of Poland. It covers an area of roughly 120,000 square miles, about the same size as the State of New Mexico in the United States. The capital of the country is Warsaw, which is also the biggest city by population with nearly 1.7 million residents calling it home. Other cities of significance include Lodz with a population of just fewer than 800,000, Krakow with 760,000 residents and Gdansk with 460,000 people. The terrain of Poland is primarily flat although mountains can be found in the region along the southern border of the country.Citizens of the Republic of Poland are known as Polish. The most recent census found there 36.8 million people living in the country, though some are undocumented aliens. The annual growth rate for the population is stagnant, neither growing nor declining sufficiently to be considered to be changing from a statistical point of view. Unlike many European countries, Poland is primarily populated by its own people with Polish people making up 98 percent of the ethnicity. A smattering of German, Ukrainian, Belorussian and Lithuanian people also live in the country.Poland is a predominantly uniform religious country. Over 90 percent of Poles subscribe to the Roman Catholic faith. Followers of Eastern Orthodox, Uniate, Protestant and Judaism can also be found.The literacy rate in Poland is over 98 percent, on par with rates throughout much of Europe. The official language is Polish, which is also the dominant language actually used by the citizens of Poland. Life expectancy for Polish men is 70 years of age, while women life an extra nine years on average, a marked difference.Poland is often overshadowed by Hungary and Czech as a travel destination in the former bloc countries of the Soviet Union. This gives you an opportunity to experience it before the fast food joints of the west start taking over the quaint country.Richard Monk is with FactsMonk.com - a site with facts about everything. Visit us to read more about country facts and facts about Poland.

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***Better Legal Billing: Win Win Client Options*** In the o unimarter UniMarter
***Better Legal Billing: Win Win Client Options***

In the old days of legal billing, lawyer's invoices ? usually a single page of elegant letterhead?contained only the phrase, "legal services rendered," and a hefty dollar amount. No time breakdowns, no list of activities performed or equipment and supplies used?just a final, usually shocking, charge.
But client demands and the evolution of sophisticated billing software have led to more detailed invoices today. Itemized statements have triggered discussion among businesses about whether hourly billing is the best way to be charged for legal services. As the legal profession becomes more competitive and dependent on high quality customer service, lawyers need to embrace alternate billing methods.
Fixed or flat fees, contingency fees, non-refundable retainers with discounted hourly fees, blended hourly fees and variations on those themes are becoming increasingly common. But many law firms have been slow to join this trend ? lawyers still perform approximately 95 percent of their corporate legal work on an hourly basis.
What does that mean for your small business? If your company is currently working with a law firm or looking for legal counsel, try requesting alternate billing options. While many law firms rarely initiate different options, they'll negotiate when brought to the table. If you want something better than the old "bill by the hour" deal, try presenting one of these billing structures:
Project billing for routine issues
If your legal needs include large but repetitive tasks, consider a flat-fee approach, also known as project billing. If you need legal assistance on a large research project involving several repetitive tasks with a fair amount of predictability for cost estimation and time duration, request a dollar cap for predetermined services. Be sure to compare estimated costs at the equivalent hourly rate?a projected cap that far exceeds any likely bill is really no cap at all.
Once you get a project billing estimate, don't hesitate to shop around. Making an informed decision ? shopping around, comparing prices and services with other law firms ? is good business sense, especially if you intend to hire a firm for a single project. If you anticipate establishing a long-term relationship, mention this as you're negotiating a project amount ? a firm may provide a better deal if it expects future work from your company.
Results-oriented options
Forget the image of personal injury attorneys taking a third of any verdict or settlement. Consider instead contingency fees ? fees based on the outcome of the case and the performance of your counsel. Creative use of contingency fees can create efficiencies in even the most high-level corporate settings. If you retain a lawyer to help your company avoid litigation, couple a reduced hourly rate with a bonus for successfully lowering your litigation outlays.
You also can establish an incentive based on a percentage of money won or saved in trial. If you're a defendant in a case where the plaintiff has a strong shot at a $1 million settlement, negotiate a flat fee if the case goes to trial, plus a bonus if the plaintiff ends up getting less than $1 million. If you're a plaintiff and estimate your case is worth between $1 and $2 million, you might negotiate services for a flat fee plus a percentage of any settlement over $1 million.
Contingency fees turn the matter into a shared risk or shared incentive, making the law firm your business partner, not just representation. Contingency fees can work well with both flat fee and reduced hourly fee arrangements. Because a number of variations on the "pay-according-to-success" theme exist, you should ask firms for the options they're willing to discuss.
Multi-layered tasks
If you're shopping for a firm for substantial legal work involving a number of legal specialties, consider using blended hourly fees. Rather than each attorney billing at the usual hourly rate, the firm calculates in advance an "average" rate based on the anticipated time each attorney spends on the matter.
The value of this arrangement is twofold?it helps define responsibility in a project and it provides a fair price schedule for the client, who avoids paying a senior partner's hourly rate for research that should be conducted by a junior associate
Legal "Insurance" Firms without in-house counsel that frequently hire legal services might consider contracting with a firm. In this legal billing option, firms and clients agree to a specific charge per month in exchange for a predetermined set of legal services. The contract fee permits the client to pick up the phone and talk to the attorney without needing to eye the clock. This approach works like a legal insurance policy. It encourages companies to contact their counsel on non-litigation, non-crisis matters, and to save money in the long run by engaging in more preventive legal action.

Just as in business, the impetus for change comes from consumer demand. The sooner businesses take the lead in securing more effectively tailored billing methods from their legal counsel, the sooner they'll get better, more cost-effective legal assistance.Dan Harris is an attorney with the international law firm of Harris & Moure, pllc, which focuses on assisting small and medium sized companies doing business in or involved with Asia, Eastern Europe, or North America.? http: / / www.harrismoure.com

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***World Cup Soccer Match Report from Poland v Ecuador at Germany unimarter UniMarter
***World Cup Soccer Match Report from Poland v Ecuador at Germany 2006***

After an rousing opening game in Group A between Germany & Costa Rica, there were high hopes of a similar affair here. A mainly Polish crowd was in noisy attendance hoping for a winning start to their World Cup tournament, while Ecuador were hoping to be stubborn, and spoil the party.There was a very cautious opening spell to the game, and as both sides tried to settle into their rhythm chances were few and far between. Valencia dragged a shot wide for Ecuador followed by a 30 yard strike from his compatriot Castillo after 11 minutes which was on target and well struck, but did not unduly worry Boruc in the Poles net.Poland's midfield now seemed to take a grip of the game and enjoyed lengthy spells of possession, with Kryznowek an eager runner down the left giving De la Cruz a torrid time. The Aston Villa full back was not having one of his better games.Plenty of good Polish build up play seemed to meet with a solid back four of Ecuador who definitely appeared to relish the challenge. Each time a Polish attack reached an area of danger it fizzled out, usually as a result of Hurtado's attentions. ecuador seemed to be content to play on the counter, and the pace and strength of Carlos Tenorio up front worried the less than spritely Bak & Jop on several occasions.On 23 minutes Ecuador won a throw in on their right side, deep in Polish territory. The throw by De la Cruz was the first good thing he'd done all night & was flicked on at the near post by Delgado to Carlos Tenorio, who ghosted in at the back post to head home easily. A classic sucker punch.Five minutes later Ecuador should have had a second when Tenorio anticipated another De la Cruz throw in to get to the bye line and drag back a great ball for the onrushing Delgado who blazed over.Poland meanwhile were still maintaining possession, with Symkowiak & Sobolewski probing frequently, and Kryznowek still getting the better of his marker. Hurtado & increasingly Espinosa stood firm as Ecuadors central defence, well supported by Reasco.The only real chance for Poland in the first half came right at the death when a great inswinging corner from Kryznowek passed straight through the area with Mora flapping nowhere near the ball.Poland emerged for the second period with clear intent and immediately took control of possession again. The response from Ecuador was the same. Symkowiak & Smolarek began to enjoy decent possession, but were always harried by an increasingly defensive midfield, who were prepared to run themselves into the ground. Still Hurtado & Espinosa kept the Poland attack shackled, and any decent through balls were intercepted.At the other end, Ecuador still possessed a threat on the counter whilst the Poles committed men forward. Kaviedes replaced Carlos Tenorio just after the hour, to give fresh legs up front while Sobolewski was replaced by a third striker in Jelen. Minutes later Hurtado was led off injured to be replaced by Guagua, and a Polish equaliser seemed to be on the cards.The Polish still enjoyed all the possession but could not produce a telling strike. Symkowiak volleyd a corner wide in a nice set piece move, and Jelen looked lively but still the resistance held firm.Ecuador on a rare sortie out of defence produced a second goal against all the play when Edwin Tenorio supplied a defence splitting pass for Kaviedes, who squared to Delgado for an easy tap in.Coach Pavel Janas introduced Brozek as a last resort for Poland, who still continued to press. With 5 minutes left Jelen cut into the box from the right and lashed a left foot shot off the bar, followed in the final minute by a delightful curling effort from Brozek which struck the upright. Perhaps Poland should have started these two?English Soccer at http: / / www.football-england.com.Norbert Wartle writes for English Soccer website Football England and is covering all the matches from the World Cup - Germany 2006.

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***FIFA World Cup 2006 -- Poland vs Ecuador*** After a thri unimarter UniMarter
***FIFA World Cup 2006 -- Poland vs Ecuador***

After a thrilling start of the tournament with Germany?s victory over Costa Rica by 4 goals to 2 the stage was set for a classic encounter between a European and South American teams.Poland qualified as a second best runner-up in the European group consisting of England while Ecuador qualified as a third team from South America after Brazil and Argentina. Though it may look impressive but critics believe that it is all due to home matches played at high altitude in capital Quito.Going in the world cup both teams has mixed results in friendly matches but the bookies rated Poland at hot favorite as they performed incredibly well in qualifying against England and secondly Ecuador players are feeling the effect of German cold weather.The match started as expected Poland started the match in great fashion and made some early inroads in Ecuadorian defense. Poland had better pedigree in world cup to Ecuador as they twice finished third while Ecuadorians only able to won one match in their history.As the game start settling in a pattern after 20 minutes, Ecuadorian team hit Poland on the break. In 24th minute of the game Tenorio slam the ball past the keeper Boruc after a super headed flick pass from Ecuadorian highest all time goal scorer Delgado.Ecuador 1 ? 0 PolandThe goal was bullet from the blues for Poland who did all the pressing in first 20 minutes and has two superb saves from the goalkeeper Boruc to show for their efforts.The team went in half time with the same score as Poland promises much of both teams.In the second half Ecuador asserted itself and Ivan Kaveides started a fine move culminating into a tap in from Delgado after his superb lay off.Ecuador 2 - 0 PolandPoland increased the tempo of the game in the second half, but found Ecuadorian back four in superb form, obstructing and anticipating every ball that came in from the flanks.In the last ten minutes even the woodwork came to the rescue of Ecuadorian defense as the ball twice struck the posts in the dying minutes.As the match finished we had one of the biggest upsets so far in the world cup. Germany?s largest neighbors are humbled and auguring bright signs for Ecuadorian football.Ecuador will play Costa Rica next while Poland will face the host German. It will be another titanic tussle between the bitter neighbors.Final Score Ecuador 2 - 0 PolandAnand Mann is the football fan in Germany, he decided to write for write term papers on this year global event. He has previously covered FIFA 2002 in Korea and Japan. You can contact him at http: / / writetermpapers.com Get the latest updates on world cup in daily newsletter from write term papers

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***World Cup Soccer - Group A. An Overview Of The World Cup Foot unimarter UniMarter
***World Cup Soccer - Group A. An Overview Of The World Cup Football Tournament In Germany***

World Cup group A places the home nation Germany against Costa Rica, Ecuador & Poland in a relatively easy group from which they should comfortably qualify.Although the German team is not thought to be up to the standard of their previous victorious teams, bookmakers currently have them as joint second favourites behind Brazil, and they must be respected as possible winners on home soil.
It is difficult to see any of their three opponents being able to challenge them as Group A winners and it would appear that Costa Rica, Ecuador & Poland are competing for a chance to qualify in second spot.History tells us that when the competition is played in Europe, the European nations tend to outperform the sides visiting from other continents. This coupled with Poland's impressive qualification from a difficult European qualifying stage must make the Poles most likely to progress along with the Germans. For the Poles, who will have an army of travelling supporters, the first game will be massively important, and a win over Ecuador in that game should ease their passage to the second stage.Ecuador are a talented but temperamental outfit who must be respected, because on a good day they can match most national sides. Germany 2006 is only the second finals they have reached and they will be keen to add to their single victory from Japan 2002. Discipline may be a factor for Ecuador, and the strict refereeing of the Finals may not suit them.Costa Rica will most probably be the groups whipping boys, first up for them is Germany in the tournament's opening game, a game they can't really expect to gain points from. Their second game against Ecuador will be the one that decides whether or not they can progress further in the Cup, and should provide good entertainment as both sides like to attack, sometimes at the detriment to their defensive duties.It is difficult to see any other outcome than Germany topping group A. Poland should take the second spot if successful in their first match versus Ecuador, but anything less than a win for them will give the edge to Ecuador. Costa Rica will probably sit at the foot of the table, unless they produce a couple of shocks...Norbert Wartle is a soccer writer for Football England and will be covering the matches at the Fifa World Cup - Germany 2006.Norbert also covers the England Football Team's matches.

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***World Cup Preview - Poland*** Outright Odds: 125 / 1 Gro unimarter UniMarter
***World Cup Preview - Poland***

Outright Odds: 125 / 1
Group A Winners: 4 / 1Following a disastrous 2002 World Cup campaign in which coach Jerzy Engel talked up his side?s prospects only for them to be beaten 2-0 by South Korea and hammered 4-0 by Portugal, Poland will be keen to recreate their former World Cup glories.Under coach Pawel Janas, Poland made short work of their qualifying group, enjoying home and away victories against Austria, Azerbaijan, Northern Ireland and Wales. Two narrow 2-1 defeats to England prevented a clean sweep but eight wins out of 10 matches was more than enough to cement their place in the finals.In qualifying they proved their ability to beat average teams convincingly and they will need to repeat this on the grand stage if they are to repeat their glorious campaigns of 1974 and 1982 in which they finished third. However, they also need to prove they have what it takes to beat the stronger sides as they did in 1974, when Argentina, Italy, Sweden and Yugoslavia were dispatched before beating Brazil to claim third place.They certainly have the firepower to do so and Poland?s main strength lies in attack. During qualifying they cracked in 27 goals, notably the 8-0 thrashing of Azerbaijan and scored at least once in all 10 of their qualifying matches. More importantly, they scored 10 more than group winners England managed for all their multi-million pound?s worth of strikers and only three sides scored more goals than the Poles during the European qualifying campaign.Elche striker Tomasz Frankowski, nicknamed ?The Goals Hunter? and Celtic forward Maciej Zurawski fired in 14 goals between them during qualifying while Southampton?s Grzegorz Rasiak is also in contention.Poland are also a side that is not short of experience. The expected starting line-up has an average age of over 30 while Jacek Krzynowek, Jamil Kosowski and Radolsaw Kaluzny have all played in the German Bundesliga. Four years ago the team struggled to cope with the climate in Korea and Japan but will have no such issues this time when making the short trip over the border into Germany.Their only real weakness is at the back where they have developed a habit of conceding soft goals which will not go unpunished when they face a team in clinical mood.Recommended Bet:
Poland have received a favourable draw in which they should arguably beat both Ecuador and Costa Rica with the local ?derby? fixture against Germany sandwiched in between. The dismal failure of four years ago means the Poles cannot be backed confidently to win Group A, although they are strong enough to qualify from it.Poland to qualify from Group A @ 8 / 15
Poland to beat Costa Rica @ 4 / 5David Walker runs a popular free World Cup bets website. A free 45-page World Cup preview guide is available from the website and features a "free World Cup football shirt for every reader" offer.

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