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***Whodunnit? I Have My Suspicions: A Review of
***Whodunnit? I Have My Suspicions: A Review of "Suspicion"***

Certain books were just not meant to be critiqued too harshly, nor examined too closely. Barbara Rogan's "Suspicion" is just such a book.I picked up "Suspicion" for three main reasons:One, it was a ghost story, and I simply adore ghost stories.Two, it was set on Long Island, where my roots are, and I was craving a taste of home.And three, I was desperate for something to read and didn't have the time to browse the bookstore.Honestly, I didn't expect it to be the greatest of fiction. I was just hoping for some passing entertainment."Suspicion" is part old-fashioned ghost story and part whodunnit, although throughout, it's a constant guess when it's supernatural doings, and when it's earthly mayhem. That, of course, is a good thing.Emma Roth, the heroine of "Suspicion," is a bona fide city girl, at home in the subway, content with the sound of car horns blaring. So when her husband wants to move out to Long Island, she is horrified. There is no way she is going to leave the security of Manhattan for the perils of the suburbs.But all that changes when she sees the beautiful old house that her husband has picked out. High on a bluff overlooking the Long Island Sound, it is a house right out of one of her novels.Yes, Emma Roth is a writer -- a writer of ghost stories, despite being a staunch disbeliever. And when Emma sees the library high in house's tower, the perfect writing room, she is sold. After all, what writer could resist such a perfect room?Not too long after Emma, her husband, and son move in, strange things begin to happen -- things that seem to leave Emma as the only witness.Once institutionalized for depression, Emma's family doubts the validity of her claims -- the noises in the night, the phantom editing marks that grace her manuscript, and, of course, the ominous threats that begin to plague her, from the most unlikely places."Suspicion" has all the markings of a good ghost story -- an old house with a history, threats from an unknown source, a heroine with a tragedy in her past, the scent of lavender in an empty room...So is Emma Roth being haunted, or is her past finally catching up with her?"Suspicion" might be a fine book indeed, if it weren't for Barbara Rogan's writing style. Written in third person present tense, the language is jarring and lacks immediacy, making "Suspicion" difficult to wade through. Roger hears it... Maggie says... Present tense, normally a viable option for short stories, is rarely used in novels, and is -- even rarer -- effective in novels. Had Barbara Rogan chosen a different tense for this story, it would have flowed much better.Still and all, "Suspicion" is not a bad read. The plot, with its twists and turns, held my interest, and -- though I had my own "Suspicion"s -- I wasn't quite sure "whodunnit" until the very end.Though I can't wholeheartedly recommend "Suspicion", I can say that this is the kind of book suitable to long plane trips, or perhaps a day at the beach. Blissfully mindless and moderately entertaining, this is perfect reading for a day you want to leave your brain at home.Lisa is an author on http: / / www.Writing.Com / which is a site for Poetry.

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***Slipping Into Something More Comfortable: a Review of
***Slipping Into Something More Comfortable: a Review of "The Last Precinct"***

Generally, for me reading the latest Patricia Cornwell novel is like slipping on an old pair of leggings and an oversize tee-shirt. It might not be the best thing I own, but it sure is comfortable.Patricia Cornwell's latest is usually comfortable in its familiarity. These are characters we know and have grown to love -- or hate. We know Kay Scarpetta -- her job, her tragedies, her family. We know Pete Marino in all his chauvenistic glory. We know Lucy, Scarpetta's renegade neice. We even know just how she likes to cook, and what her favorite drinks are.Unfortunately, after my struggle to even finish "Black Notice," Cornwell's last effort, I couldn't even look at "The Last Precinct". It sat on my shelf, unread, for weeks. I'd pick it up, put it down, stare at it, move it from one place to another, but I just couldn't bring myself to open the cover and actually read it.Eventually, of course, I did read it, and I can honestly say that I'm very, very pleased that I did.If "Misery" was Stephen King's love letter to his fans, then "The Last Precinct" is Patricia Cornwell's love letter to both her fans and to Kay Scarpetta.For those of you unfamiliar to the world of Kay Scarpetta, she is Virginia's Chief Medical Examiner. Having lived a life of both great tragedy and moderate fame, Kay Scarpetta is a character that is somewhat larger than life. As written by Cornwell, she is also a character that is rich in detail and in nuance. This is a character that lives and breathes and begs to step right off the printed page."The Last Precinct" actually picks up right where "Black Notice" left off, which is probably why I was so surprised to actually enjoy this novel. Kay Scarpetta, her home off limits to her after being attacked by the perpetrator of the "Werewolf murders", flees to the solitude of the home of her friend, Anna. There, she reexamines her life, opening old wounds and learning new things about those around her. Of all the Kay Scarpetta novels, this is easily the most reflectiveOf course, it wouldn't be a true Patricia Cornwell novel without tons of action, some serious plot twists, and prose that is compelling and immediate.Although it deals with many of the same characters as "Black Notice," "The Last Precinct" is by far more plausible than its prequel. In "Black Notice," I stumbled time and time again over the impossibility of events in the book. Though "The Last Precinct" does, inevitably, push at the limits, I was able to suspend disbelief for the bulk of it.The characters are truer to themselves, as well in The Last Precinct. Black Notice left me questioning again and again, whether or not these were the characters I'd grown to know so well.My one complaint with "The Last Precinct" is its ending, and since I started with a comparison to Stephen King, perhaps now is the time for another one...One thing I admire about Stephen King's writing is that he never seems to shy away, no matter how dark or disturbing the sequence of events. Patricia Cornwell's one major failing in "The Last Precinct"is that, at the novel's climax, she shies away at the last moment, and it leaves us with a wholly unsatisfying ending.Whatever happened to: show, don't tell?Otherwise, "The Last Precinct" is a solid entry into a long line of successful Kay Scarpetta novels. In fact, perhaps, it is no coincidence that Cornwell's latest is entitled "The Last Precinct". Perhaps with "The Last Precinct" it is finally time for Cornwell to move on to fresher ground.I'd certainly miss Kay, the way I'll miss my old worn-out leggings and oversize tee-shirt when their time has come to pass. But then again, isn't it always pretty wonderful to have a brand new outfit to wear?Lisa is an author on http: / / www.Writing.Com / which is a site for Fiction Writing.

#LastPrecinct #PatriciaCornwell #forensicscience #mystery #thriller #KayScarpetta
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***James Calder's In A Family Way ? Embryo Manipulation and Murde unimarter UniMarter
***James Calder's In A Family Way ? Embryo Manipulation and Murder***

Embryo manipulation, assisted reproduction, stem cell research and?murder.In A Family Way is James Calder?s third standalone book in the Bill Damen series, mysteries set against the unique backdrop of genetic engineering. In this latest novel, female partner Clementine Pirez joins filmmaker Bill Damen adding romantic tension to the already suspenseful story line.What led James Calder to use embryo manipulation in a mystery??This, to me, is one of the most fascinating aspects of the new science. We're literally taking the power of creation into our own hands. With the atomic bomb, we gained the power of destruction and apocalypse (the last book in the Christian Bible). The power of creation (the first book of the Bible) is potentially much more far-reaching. The ability to manipulate embryos raises a question that any future parent will find challenging: how far are you willing to go to give your child good health and special talents? And what is the price of entering into that bargain? Parents have always wanted to influence their children, and the new technology gives them unprecedented power to do so. I read several versions of Faust for this book, including of course Goethe's, and used the Faust story as a kind of armature for my story.?As genetic engineering is a key theme in Calder?s novels, research is key.
What does his research involve??I started out by reading the books on the subject (including books by Lee Silver, Gina Kolata, Gregory Stock, and Francis Fukuyama) to get a grounding in the field. Then I read articles on the web, some of them fairly technical, about recent developments. Finally, when I felt that I had enough knowledge about the field that I could talk about it in a reasonably intelligent way, I contacted scientists who are doing the type of research I'm interested in and picked their brains for knowledge and ideas about the aspects of the science that were to appear in the story. One embryologist at the University of California-San Francisco was especially helpful. Together we figured out the embryo-engineering scenario that ultimately appeared in the book.?Will Bill get his man (or woman)? Will Bill make a move on his new partner Clem? More importantly, will Clem get her own series?James Calder confided ?I could definitely see Clem having a series of her own.?James Calder is the author of the Bill Damen series, mysteries set against the backdrop of genetic engineering.
His books are available at http: / / www.amazon.com
He can be contacted at http: / / www.jamescalder.netKim Chin is the admin for http: / / www.BookWebWarehouse.com, an on-line database of published authors.

#James #Calder #Family #Way #Embryo #Stem #Cell #assisted #reproduction #bill #damen #mystery #science #biotech
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***"Jill 9" Author J.D. Tynan: BOOK REVIEW***

Jill 9
J.D. Tynan
A Better Be Write Publisher, LLC (2006)
ISBN 0976773295
Reviewed by Joanne Benham for Reader Views (5 / 06)Jill Wallokowski was the first female meteorologist ever hired at Vancouver, Washington?s Channel 12 news station. She thought Wallokowski was a bit too much of a mouthful and changed her on-air name to Jill Walker. Unfortunately, it was a bad time to be named Jill Walker. Someone was traveling across the country and killing women with that name. There had been eight deaths already and the pretty meteorologist was targeted as number nine.Ian Hamlin is the FBI agent charged with protecting Jill 9 and capturing the serial killer. Formulating a risky plan, he sets Jill 9 up as the unwitting bait in the trap to catch the killer. Complicating matters is the mutual attraction between Jill and Ian, as well as her relationship with Elias Webber, a rich, handsome man who wants nothing more than to take Jill away where he can keep her safe and make her his own.A well-written book with crisp dialogue, it makes for a fast read.J.D. Tynan was born in Portland, OR and still resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, two children and a red-heeler named Bogey. Tynan is a member of the Romance Writers of America, and the Mystery Writers of America and spends her time writing novels, working two jobs and being President of the PTA. With another eight manuscripts in the works Tynan has recently signed a two book contract with A Better Be Write Publisher.Joanne Benham is a Reviewer for Reader Views.
http: / / www.readerviews.com

#fiction #mystery #Tynan
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***"Under the Cloak of Darkness: The Story of John Apparite" author I. Michael Koontz: BOOK REVIEW***

If a fast paced and exciting mystery is what you yearn for, ?Under Cloak of Darkness? will give you everything you desire, and more. I love how author, I. Michael Koontz, has taken his lifelong, passionate interest in Cold War espionage and military history and put together such a well-written and thoroughly researched fictional tale. Without a doubt, the reader will be zealously turning pages to untwist the intense plot.?Under Cloak of Darkness? takes place about 50 years ago and is about a former FBI agent named John Apparite who is a huge fanatic of the Washington Senators baseball team. He now decides to join the most covert espionage program in existence with the promise of global travel, high pay and higher stakes. There can be no turning back once the commitment has been made, and complete secrecy is of major importance. Breaking the covenant of secrecy is immediate death. Many lives are dependent upon the outcome of the planned missions. The espionage program requires emotional detachment, learning to fight hand to hand combat, and mastery of the use of weapons. Apparite, who is known as Agent E, is given some very difficult tests to prove to his supervisor, the Director, of his readiness to progress to the mission he was hired to perform.Apparite is given a testing mission, and the goal will be to engage a barroom brawl while single handedly leaving everyone in the bar unconscious. The additional challenge is that no one is to be killed, if possible. Once this test task is successfully completed, Apparite is given his real mission. The American Scientist, Robert Kramer, is developing a portable solid rocket-fuel which is used to fire nuclear warheads from submarines, and the Soviets are trying to get Kramer?s missile secrets for themselves. Apparite?s mission is to kill Kramer, assume his identity, and trick the Soviets. I don?t want to reveal too much, but the adventure really takes off and never slows down with action and excitement on every page. All I can say is that one must read the book to feel the complete intensity generated in the ambience of the story. Knowing a friend from an enemy becomes almost impossible, thus the danger is extreme. Often time, the only thing to temporarily relieve Apparite from his stressful predicament is his love for the Washington Senators.What makes the story so unique is the personality of John Apparite and the relationship between himself, the Director, and Agent J. The required aloofness demanded of Apparite begins to take its toll, and we realize he has limitations and misgivings about killing others. He truly has human qualities after all! But, if Apparite shares these concerns, he must die. The demanded detachment becomes even more difficult when Apparite finds himself attracted to the pretty brunette stewardess on the flight to London, especially when he sees her a second time. Apparite becomes confused when his instinct to help another human being interferes with what he has been taught. Could not helping another have resulted in a best friend and colleague remaining alive?Koontz obviously did research on the historic locations Apparite visited and the numerous facts and figures scattered throughout the pages of ?Under Cloak of Darkness.? The descriptions of the British Museum and the famous Reading Room were enticing, as were the visits to St. Paul?s Cathedral.I have never thought of myself as being much of a fan of a thriller novel such as ?Under Cloak of Darkness,? but I have now changed my mind. Except for some parts which were a bit gruesome for my taste, but which unfortunately are probably only too accurate, I LOVED reading this story. ?Under Cloak of Darkness? is not for the meek, but if you like mystery, Cold War, and politics, I predict you will love it too! Personally, I found myself as entertained reading Koontz?s work as I was when I read ?The DaVinci Code.? I definitely look forward to the next book in this series on the adventures of John Apparite that I. Michael Koontz has promised us! I can hardly wait! This is definitely a must read!Under Cloak of Darkness: The Story of John Apparite
I. Michael Koontz
Five Star Publishing (2006)
ISBN 1594144311
Reviewed by Kelli Glesige for Reader Views (5 / 06)Kelli Glesige is a Reviewer for Reader Views.
http: / / www.readerviews.com

#fiction #thriller #mystery #Koontz
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***"White Lightning Road" author Harry E. Gilleland, Jr.: BOOK REVIEW***

From the beginning, this book grabs your attention. We first focus on the story of Jenny. Immediately, we are told that Jenny has a killer watching her from the woods. We soon learn that it is uncertain whether the killer is human or a wild animal. Meanwhile, the story turns to romance and more uncertainty. Jenny has been through a year of trauma and tragedy, and we don't know what is in store for her.Then, the story focuses on Sally. Sally is Jenny's best friend. She is a part of Jenny's story, but not the focal point. Sally's story contains less mystery, but lots of romance and plot twists. Sally is at a different point in her life. With two divorces behind her, she is a single mother trying to make it in the world.The location, White Lightning Road, is in Louisiana. Both women did not enjoy growing up in this rural location. However, they are both brought back to this place several times in the book. The book also focuses on life in rural Louisiana, both positive and negative.I would say this book is geared toward female readers. It focuses on two strong female characters, and it contains lots of romance. Reading this book felt like I was watching a movie on the Lifetime for Women channel. I mean this as a compliment, as I love those movies. They draw you in and you are hooked. The same was true with this book. The writing was never boring. Every time I put the book down, I wanted to get back to it to find out what would happen next. There were surprises and plot twists, strong women
characters that I liked, and relationship oriented storylines. I would recommend this book to women of all ages.White Lightning Road
Harry E. Gilleland, Jr.
Lulu Press (2006)
ISBN 9781411686939
Reviewed by Lorraine Robins for Reader Views (6 / 06)Lorraine Robins is a reviewer for Reader Views.
http: / / www.readerviews.com

#fiction #mystery #suspense #romance #Gilleland
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***Interview for
***Interview for "Secrets" author Rebecka Vigus***

Today, Reader Views is very excited to be talking with Rebecka Vigus, author of mystery / thriller novel ?Secrets.? This is the third book published by Rebecka, and we at Reader Views are very happy to say, she is also one of our long time, highly respected volunteer reviewers. Rebecka is talking with Juanita Watson, Assistant Editor for Reader Views.Juanita: Thank you for speaking with us today Rebecka. Please tell us the story of your new mystery / thriller ?Secrets.?Rebecka: Secrets is about a small town whose beloved librarian is murdered. Constable Buck Wise who grew up in Oak Grove and thought he knew the town learns that things are not always what they seem. He stumbles on to several secrets on his way to finding a killer.Juanita: Where did the idea for this particular storyline and the characters come from?Rebecka: Miss Emily Meeks the librarian was a woman I happened to see sitting in a restaurant. I wrote her physical description on the back of my placemat. The original idea was to have her keeping diaries of all the people in town, but that did not fit with the character.Juanita: This is your third book, what inspired you to write this novel?Rebecka: I have wanted to write a novel for as long as I can remember. I even have several starts to novels, but the characters were flat and the plots were dead end. This novel just seemed to write itself.Juanita: When did you start writing, and can you give us a little insight into your writing career?Rebecka: I started writing in the sixth grade when my reading teacher had us writing nonsense poems. He said that I had talent. I believed that and wrote every chance I got. Poetry was my first venue. I took writing classes in high school and college. I had a college professor who told me that I had talent; however she didn?t know how to help me develop it. So, I?ve read every book I can get my hands on to improve my writing skills.Juanita: What fuels your passion for writing?Rebecka: Life. The things that happen every day make a story. If you think about it, you can put a spin on going to the market. Who did you talk to along the way? What did you see? A good storyteller makes the ordinary sound extraordinary.Juanita: Rebecka, where do you live, and how do your surroundings add to your creative environment?Rebecka: I live in a small rural town in northeastern lower Michigan. Small towns have a life of their own. Everyone knows everyone. Half the town is related to the other half. It helped to give me a foundation for the town of Oak Grove. I enjoy a good hike in the woods or swim in the creek, so it seemed only natural that my characters would too.Juanita: Small towns do have the reputation of not a lot of privacy. Do you feel that ?everyone knowing everyone??and everything is a good thing, or more of a hindrance?Rebecka: It has its pros and cons. If you are aware of your surroundings and what is happening you can be safer. It is a hindrance in that sometimes people think they know what is going on and they are misinformed and then pass along misinformation. If you like your privacy it is sometimes hard to find.Juanita: How did this reality of small town life translate over into Oak Grove, and the secrets just under the surface?Rebecka: I grew up in small towns and small communities. I know from experience that some people seem to know all the secrets. Whether or not they tell them is another story. Buck Wise grew up in Oak Grove. Bringing his family back there to live was for him a return to what was familiar. Things he had known as a child were still the same. Miss Emily was still the librarian. Some of his friends had taken over their father?s businesses. I think he was surprised to find out that although his home was the same if you took it at face value, it was something different when you started digging up all its secrets. Something he had to do to find a killer.Juanita: You have been a teacher for over 20 years. Can you tell us about your teaching career?Rebecka: Wow, loaded question. I did my student teaching in an inner city school in Flint, Michigan. I was teaching grades 9-12 English and literature. Then I spent three years substitute teaching, teaching adult education and summer school while I looked for a position. I was also working on my Masters Degree in Reading and Learning Disabilities. When I came to teach in the West Branch-Rose City School System, I was teaching middle school special education. In the mornings I taught in West Branch and the afternoons in Rose City. By mid year I was teaching grades 4-6 in Rose City. I have also taught developmental reading and writing at the local community college for eight years. While in the elementary I?ve taught grades K-4. I currently teach grades seven and eight special education. Next year will see me in grades 4, 7 and 8.Juanita: Rebecka, how important do your feel it is for school kids to explore writing?Rebecka: I think kids should be encouraged to tell stories from an early age. Kids have wonderful imaginations if people are willing to listen. Let them dictate stories and get someone to type them. Let the kids do their own illustrations. My daughter has notebooks full of the stories she wrote as a child. My granddaughter is starting to fill her own notebooks with stories.Juanita: ?Secrets? is written in a succinct way that allows a wide range for your reading audience. Tell us who you?d like to read your book and any insights you may have on your particular style allowing for such diversity.Rebecka: I believe in being straight forward. There is no need to add things that will slow down the story line. As to who might read it, my middle school students are buying it and those who cannot afford it are checking it out of the library. My father enjoyed it. This is one of those books that if you like a good ?who done it? you might want to read.Juanita: What do you hope readers take away after reading ?Secrets??Rebecka: A sense that justice was served, but also that you can be safe and make your community safe. It makes good sense to know who your neighbors are.Juanita: Rebecka, can you elaborate on the particular themes we will find in ?Secrets??Rebecka: There is the theme of family running through it as well as good vs evil. There is man against man. There is greed that is seen with the mob connections. I don?t know if self importance is seen as a theme but there is some of that also.Juanita: You?ve written a poetry collection, an honest book on single parenting and now a mystery novel. What is your next writing adventure?Rebecka: I?ve already started working on another novel. This one too will be a mystery. It is not yet titled and has different characters and a different setting. I will tell you that it deals with arson.Juanita: Rebecka, your website is titled ?Pen a Dream.? Elaborate on your obvious heartfelt mission to be a muse and inspire the imagination and dreams of your readers.Rebecka: I would hope that anyone who visits my website will find that you can follow your dreams. It may take time and hard work, but if you believe in yourself, you can attain your goals.Juanita: Rebecka, what has being a grandmother taught you?Rebecka: It?s taught me a whole new way of looking at the world. My most humbling experience came when my granddaughter said to me, ?Granny, I never had anyone dedicate a book to me before.? She was so awe struck by that thought. I hadn?t thought about what it might mean to her. My grandson is a storyteller in his own right, however he is more into ninja?s and power rangers, so his stories run along those lines. I just listen.Juanita: Thank you for talking with us today Rebecka. How can your readers find out more about you and your endeavors?Rebecka: My website http: / / www.penadream.com has all of my current books on it. It also includes some background on me and some insights to what is going on with my writing. I love getting e- mail so they can hit the contact me button and send me e-mail. I still answer it all.Juanita Watson is the Assistant Editor for Reader Views.
http: / / www.readerviews.com

#fiction #mystery #thriller #Vigus
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***"Secrets" author Rebecka Vigus: BOOK REVIEW***

Rebecka Vigus
Infinity Publishing (2006)
ISBN 074143105X
Reviewed by Beverly Pechin for Reader Views (4 / 06)You're captured from the start... but the killer isn't!There are very few books that will truly grab you from the very first page but Rebecka Vigus found a way. The story begins with murder and continues to pull you in with questions and half-answers about the mystery at hand.A beloved, very plain and ordinary librarian is found dead is a small Detroit suburb that rarely finds anything more exciting than their local drunk in the newspapers. From the first page where they begin with finding the body, to the last page where you hope they've found the answers, the author keeps your attention fully.Written in a text that is very different and somewhat "large" helps make the read not only easier physically but mentally as you truly feel like you're reading something real from someone's notebook. You almost feel yourself being brought into this small town and bit by bit finding out information that amazes you.Nothing is what it seems, the past is definitely not what it seemed and the future is truly in question as one of the main characters, Constable Buck Wise, weaves his way through a series of discoveries.A great read, well presented and thrilling enough to keep your attention from the beginning, Rebecka Vigus manages to present a thriller that truly is entertaining and enjoyable. Thrill readers of most ages from young adult to the very old can enjoy sitting back and reading a clean, well presented thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat until you close it. The ability to keep your attention without blood, gore and non-stop sex makes this mystery even more enticing to those looking for something exciting but not too intense.I think Ms. Vigus has captured the essence of a modern day Agatha Christie without all the pomp and circumstance. Grab it today, read it quickly and hope she comes out with another one soon!Beverley Pechin is a Reviewer for Reader Views.
http: / / www.readerviews.com

#fiction #mystery #thriller #Vigus
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***Interview for
***Interview for "Jill 9" author J.D. Tynan***

Reader Views is talking today with J.D. Tynan, author of mystery / suspense novel ?Jill 9.? J.D. is speaking with Juanita Watson, Assistant Editor of Reader Views. Juanita: Hi J. D., thanks for talking with us today. Please give your readers an idea of the storyline of ?Jill 9.?J.D.:Jill 9 is a suspenseful story of a weathergirl who has been targeted by a serial killer from afar. There is a bit of a love triangle also, keeping the reader very much on the edge of their seats, wondering why these men have come into her life at the same time.Juanita: What inspired you to write ?Jill 9??J.D.:I had started off writing women?s fiction and a little romance, but wanted to try my hand at a good mystery. To see if I could create diversions to keep the reader guessing around every turn of the page.Juanita: Who are the main characters and what motivates them in this story?J.D.: Jill is a weathergirl who has spent her life in pursuit of her career. In the back of her mind, she?s always thought about a boy she saw on a Connecticut beach many years before. She lives with her roommate, Anita who is a kick in the pants and the best friend a girl can have. Ian is the FBI agent who has been assigned to the Jill murders in CT. He?s divorced, incredibly bitter and a workaholic with no time for a life. His motivation is to stop a killer before they strike again, knowing full well what it feels like to let someone down, Ian is obsessed with never getting to personal ever again.Juanita: Are any of the characters in ?Jill 9? based on anyone you know?J.D.: I used a little bit of a couple different men I knew in Connecticut many years ago to create Elias. Sort of a spoiled, arrogant man who gets everything he ever wants. Anita might be a few of my friends all mixed together, but generally, everyone is a creation of my imagination.Juanita: Did you have to do any research in preparation for writing ?Jill 9??J.D.: Just a little bit of FBI research, like where the branches are in different US cities. I made up most of the locations in Vancouver, WA, although the story takes place in a city in which I live in. I just tweaked the scenery a bit to keep it fictional. Other than that, I just kept things general and didn?t go into too much detail about crime fighting and all that.Juanita: Tell us about the theme of love that runs through your story and the love triangle predicament Jill Walker finds herself in?J.D.:Jill has a long time thing for a boy she saw on the beach years ago. Her friend Anita finally convinces Jill to give up on the mystery boy and start dating ?real? men. So, Jill accepts a date with a handsome man she meets. When Ian Hamlin shows up, Jill is already involved with Elias and yet, seeing the boy (Ian) from her past again, has her heart torn in two. It?s a very steamy, exciting love triangle and I can?t say anything more than that without giving secrets away.Juanita: What do the main characters have to teach your readers?J.D.:Forgiveness is a huge one. Forgiving yourself and others. I guess following your heart would be another. But I think the huge one is that?Fashion magazines cannot be a deciding factor in who you love?LOL!Juanita: The book takes place in the Pacific Northwest. What is your connection with this area and how did you decide for this to be the setting of ?Jill 9??J.D.: I was born in Portland, lived in Bend, Oregon and then 6 years ago, I moved to Vancouver, where the novel takes place. I love the Pac Northwest. It?s a beautiful place to live and I like writing about my surroundings. It helps me stay connected to my characters.Juanita: Your book has the possibility of a wide range of readers. Who would enjoy reading ?Jill 9??J.D.: I think fans of both romance and mysteries will like Jill 9. There is a bit of swearing and some steamy love scenes, but it?s a lot of fun. It?s a quick read and very entertaining. I think it?s got something for every reader.Juanita: What motivates you to write and what about the process do you most enjoy?J.D.: I get motivated by the voices in my head. Sometimes it?s as if I have a soap opera going on in my head and people are talking and laughing and sometimes arguing. It?s quite distracting, but when I get a chance to sit down and get it all out, I feel at peace. I guess what I love most about the process is just being able to create an entirely different world and I get to say what goes on in that little private world. It?s rather fun!Juanita: Do you have any other books in the works?J.D.: Yes, I am constantly editing and rewriting the other 8 manuscripts that I have completely, but right now, I am slowly working on the sequel to Charlie Ford Meets Secret Agent Man, a novel that will be out next January through A Better Be Write Publisher.Juanita: What has been your experience with self publishing and getting ?Jill 9? out there the public?J.D.: Jill 9 is not self published. It?s published through a very small company called A Better Be Write. It?s difficult to get the word out just because I have a limited budget and I work two jobs. I think publishing has changed dramatically and now authors are expected to do much of our own publicizing, which can be a downer sometimes when I realize just how many books there are out there. It?s a humbling experience to walk into a bookstore.Juanita: How can readers find out more about you and your endeavors?J.D.: They can visit www.jdtynan.com for more information. Also, www.abetterbewrite.com for all the publishers information. We are small, but we are holding our own and getting our names into the publishing world.Juanita: Thanks for talking with us today J.D. We look forward to seeing many more books from you in the future. Do you have any last thoughts for your readers?J.D.: I?d like to say that reading fiction should be fun and I?m trying to do is bring a little entertainment to my readers. Happy reading!Juanita Watson is the Assistant Editor for Reader Views.
http: / / www.readerviews.com

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***Interview for
***Interview for "College Predators Missing College Students" Author Todd A Hemming***

Reader Views is happy to be talking with Todd A. Hemming, author of ?College Predator: Missing College Students.? Todd is being interviewed by Juanita Watson, Assistant Editor for Reader Views.Juanita: Thanks for talking with us today Todd. Please tell your readers about the storyline of your new book, ?College Predator: Missing College Students.?Todd: Juanita first of all I want to say thanks for the interview. I would say my storyline in simple terms is how three friends with all special gifts form a plan to catch a very intelligent serial killer. It also involves a serial killer that is very different from the typical mainstream predator.Juanita: What inspired you to write ?College Predator??Todd: I returned to college to get my graduate certificate in Geographic Information Systems. During this time college kids were being abducted and disappearing. They usually were last seen leaving a bar or a college party by their friends. Most of the cases were never solved and I felt very bad for these kids that got abducted during their fun years or youth. They should have not been concerned about being abducted or serial killers.Juanita: Who are the main characters and what do they have to teach your readers?Todd: The three main characters are Mark a man with mental illness that gets blessed with a new gift of seeing the crimes take place or medium capabilities. William a rural sheriff?s deputy that puts the whole plan of action together to apprehend the serial killer. Matt is the FBI profiler that lends his expertise and training to apprehend the serial killer.
The serial killer?s name is Steve and he is a vice president of a mapping software company, but when he isn?t working he preys on young college students.Juanita: What brings these particular characters together to catch the serial killer?Todd: Mark, the man with mental illness, has been keeping in touch with the Sheriff?s deputy William since high school. Once Mark started having the visions of the predator, he knew his best friend William would be the only person that believed in him. After William decided to have Mark move to Arizona, he called his old airborne buddy Matt who currently is a profiler for serial killers with the FBI. After discussing the situation Matt realized William and Mark would need his help apprehending the dangerous predator. So he took a long overdue vacation from the FBI and relocated to Arizona to join the team.Juanita: How real, do you feel, are the dangers surrounding colleges these days? Why?Todd:I believe the danger to college students are as real today as they were back in 2001. If you read the latest headlines, college students are still being abducted in various cities through out the nation. You can even use the Aruba disappearance for an example.Juanita: How have the drinking habits changed for college students?Todd: I went to a few parties when I was getting my graduate certificate. And the drinking on campus has definitely changed from social drinking or partying to all out binge drinking.Juanita: Do you have any stats on the amounts of real life missing college students?Todd: I currently do not have any stats on the missing college students. But during the span from 2001 to 2003 there were at least 5 missing college student in two states up north. I also believe that one missing college student is too much. It causes too much pain for the relatives, friends, and family that are left behind.Juanita: What happens to the atmosphere around a college when a student goes missing?Todd: Everyone in the community gets apprehensive and worried. The police and law enforcement are on high alert to catch the predator. The news media brings it up on the news everyday and the citizens of the community get worried. Mothers and fathers start rethinking schedules for their children and the purchase of personal firearms skyrockets.Juanita: What statement are you making to your readers casting your serial killer as a successful, well educated member of the community?Todd: I believe that the cases that haven?t been solved have a different type of predator. He most likely has some law enforcement training and is involved with the education system or has graduated from a college. He is no drifter or loser. I believe he is very intelligent and meticulous in his planning, and he knows where college kids hang out after they have had a few drinks.Juanita: Tell us a little about how the community and law enforcement react to reports of missing students and how this is portrayed in your book.Todd: The community pours there whole heart into finding the missing college student. They search endlessly through woods, swamps, lakes or whatever remote areas the community has. A lot of these people have kids the same age of the missing student. So they do everything in their power to find the missing college student.Law enforcement coordinates all of the activity. They call the FBI, they put a helicopter in the air, and they coordinate search teams. They go door to door looking for the missing person.Juanita: What makes college students so vulnerable?Todd: I am a little older now but I was young once. I believe when you are young you believe you are invincible. That nothing bad can happen to me. I can handle anything that comes my way. But alcohol gives you a false sense of security. It also affects your judgment and I believe some of these college students were just at the wrong place at the wrong time.Juanita: Todd, who should read your book?Todd: I believe anyone who is concerned about past and future abductions of college students. I believe the age group should be at least 18 years old and up. It is not as graphic as today?s horror movies but there is some violent content in my book. But I wanted more of a storyline than blood and gore. I guess the readers will have to read the book and make their own mind up.Juanita: Reading your book will undoubtedly bring insights for readers regarding protecting themselves. Can you give your readers a few tips on how to minimize the potential of becoming the victim of a predator?Todd: I guess this brings up memories of me and my shipmates in the navy visiting foreign ports. My chief always said use the buddy system and never be alone. Also never drink to much alcohol where you lose all of your reasoning and judgment. Always tell someone when you are going to come home or where you are going. At least if something happens, they will have a starting point to look for you. Lastly, carry a cell phone. Though you may not have time to use it, if you see someone else being abducted, you can call 911 immediately.Juanita: What type of research did you do to prepare for ?College Predator??Todd: I read a lot of newspapers on missing college students from the past and the current abductions. I talked to a lot of people when I was in school regarding their thoughts about the missing college students. I went to few college parties myself and saw how drunk some of these students got. I researched and read some articles about some of the notorious serial killers that have been in America. I also listened to some interviews on CNN from the missing college student?s parents - they broke my heart.Juanita: With all your research, did you get any type of understanding into the mind of a serial predator ? what motivates this behavior?Todd: Juanita I am no expert, but I believe once these predators kill their first victim, the only thing that will stop them is being killed or being locked up in some maximum security prison. I believe they don?t have a normal conscious like most human beings. Predators are only happy when they are planning and then killing their next victim. Most of them even keep small trinkets from the victim so they can relive the abduction and murder.Juanita: There seems to be a growing amount of information exposing predators in our society today. Why do you think this is?Todd: I believe the American public is sick and tired of these scavengers on society. People on the whole are good, honest, hard working individuals. They are trying to raise their family and enjoy life because we are here for a very short time. Then some predator takes or murders their loved one and it turns their whole life upside down.
People want to have freedom and security to walk the streets at night and not worry about some madman killing or hurting them.Juanita: How can readers find out more about you and your endeavors?Todd:I have a website http: / / www.toddhemmingbooks.com / . The website gives a bio of me and it also tells about my first book ?What I have learned since 1976.? It also gives a synopsis of ?College Predator: Missing College Students.? I have a guestbook on my website that visitors can sign. Also they can e-mail me at hemm64@hotmail.com.
I will try and write everyone that e-mails me.Juanita: Well Todd, we really appreciate you talking with us today. Are there any last thoughts you?d like to share with your readers?Todd: Juanita, I want to say thanks again for the interview and I hope the readers really enjoy my book. If my book makes the difference in one life I will be satisfied. I believe there have been enough killings and abductions for now and forever. I hope and pray no more abductions take place. In closing, I would just like to remind everyone be safe and have a long and happy life.Juanita Watson is the Assistant Editor for Reader Views.
http: / / www.readerviews.com

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***"College Predator Missing College Students" Author Todd A Hemming: Book Review***

College Predator Missing College Students
Todd A. Hemming
Outskirts Press (2006)
ISBN 1598004751
Reviewed by Beverly Pechin for Reader Views (6 / 06)A predator is loose and nobody has a clue how to catch him. Nobody until a schizophrenic, middle aged loser teams up with a childhood friend and his military alumnus decide that it's their mission to bring him down.Forty-six year old Mark was always called a loser. Diagnosed with schizophrenia when he was 19 his only real friend was in Arizona fulfilling his duties as a sheriff. Suddenly this loser starts to hear other voices in his head. Voices that aren't normal to him. What the voices tell him and what he hears help his friend catch a college co-ed predator.The author brings you along a roller coaster ride of suspense as Mark makes the decision to make something of himself and finally serve a purpose to the human race. He, along with his friend in Arizona and his friend's former airborne comrade turned FBI agent try to apprehend a serial killer that can outwit the best of those looking for him. Will they complete their mission or will the killer get away only to strike again?A quick, thrilling novel of suspense you can't put it down until the end. Long enough to give an intense storyline but short enough to take along for a weekend trip or leisurely day at the beach, this book will make you wonder what happened to the college days gone by when drinking on campus ended in passing out in your dorm room, not dead at the hands of a mad man.Beverley Pechin is a reviewer for Reader Views.
http: / / www.readerviews.com

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***Interview for
***Interview for "13 Days" author Raven W. Night***

Reader Views is pleased to welcome Raven W. Night, author
of the new thriller ?13 Days.? Thanks for sharing your
thoughts with us today.Juanita: Raven W., give us a little background into the madness
and mayhem of ?13 Days.?Raven W: Sometimes revenge is carried out beyond the grave. Just because we do not
understand something, does not make it any less real. The main characters in this story are constantly
struggling with the reality of this. What is real and what is not? All of the characters share the same
folly. They were all born with a destiny but not all destinies end with a happy story. Not every
person was destined for greatness. Some were destined for mediocrity, while others receive a more
tainted calling. There are three main characters in the story. William Grace was betrayed by the one
that he loved and now wants payback, not just for him but for all of humanity. Two other men, John
Savior and Colonel Justice, are searching for a serial killer that never leaves behind a clue and that
nobody has ever seen. The killer is ghostlike and the murders are gruesome. The twist resides in the
sanity of the men chasing the killer. One of them has a troubled past and the other has a more devious
secret. In this tainted tale, nightmares become doorways to possible realities and each reality has its
own set of rules.Juanita: Where did you get your inspiration for this story?Raven W: I?m sad to say, but I got the story idea from my father?s brother. I guess I should
probably give him a different title like Uncle, but he was never really around nor deserving of the title.
My father?s brother suffered from mass delusions. I considered him clinically insane, although he
was never officially tested. He was paranoid, and I would often catch him conversing with people
that were not there. I was only ten at the time so it was a lot for a young child to handle or even
comprehend. Some of his imaginary friends were constant fixtures in his everyday life. He was
always talking to one of them. I guess it was his most prominent delusional manifestation. That
manifestations name was John Savior, who subsequently is the main character in my novel. The
character also shares a similar disposition. As I got older, I started wondering about my father?s
brother. What if he was not crazy? What if I was the one that was crazy because I could not see
what he could see? So, I decided to write about it.Juanita: Through all the twists and turns, killings and death, alternate experiences and motivations,
what did Colonel Justice, John Savior, and William Grace have in common?Raven W: They are all searching for truth and understanding. Unfortunately, the truth is the last
thing they want to find because the answers are never as satisfying as the initial quest for knowledge.Juanita: You delve into parallel realities and alternate dimensions, what are your thoughts on these
subjects?Raven W: I grew up a science fiction fan. It was my father?s passion, and I just went along for the
ride. I graduated college with a degree in biochemistry. I love anything related with science,
especially theoretical science. I read a book when I was younger titled ?Black Holes & Time Warps,?
by Kip S. Thorne, foreword by Stephen Hawking. I was really too young to understand everything in
the book when I first read it but my imagination was not. Do I believe in parallel realities and alternate
dimensions? With my imagination, I believe in almost anything, of course my science background
tries desperately to keep me grounded. I still like things formatted with empirical evidence. Truth can
only be truth with evidence but my imagination is not so confined. It does not search for truth, it only
dreams of possibilities.Juanita: This reminds me of quantum physics (and the little I know about it), that suggests that
evidence may not be as concrete as one would expect, and imagination is truth yet to be proven.
Who are some of the writers that fuel your dreams, and keep you inspired?Raven W: When I was younger, my favorite author was Stephen King. The first book I read was
IT. The book scared the hell out of me. Then I read THE SHINING, which still is one of my
favorites of all time. Recently, I?ve been reading a lot of Dean Koontz novels. I like to see what my
competition is writing. It helps me stay original. Over the last few years, I have mostly only read
Biology and Astronomy textbooks. It?s been kind of boring but you would be surprised where one
can find inspiration.Juanita: I have read that you have an alter ego named Raven C. Night. Tell us a little about your
differing personalities and respective writing styles.Raven W: When I was younger I used to get in trouble a lot because I would always write about
evil things, at least that is what all of my teachers used to say. I used to tell them that the truth is the
most horrific fiction there is, and that is why sometimes it is so hard to believe. I was tired of getting
in trouble so I created an alter ego. I made him a lot like me but with a little more compassion and
sympathy. The altered identity started out as a joke but after awhile I stopped getting in trouble and
ironically enough, I was receiving praise.My teachers thought I was a changed person and stopped sending me to the principal?s office. My
father was happy because he no longer had to come down to the school, even though it actually never
really bothered him. He always supported me, regardless of what I did. My name is Raven W.
Night. My alter ego, I named Raven C. Night. I would sign my name either way, depending on
which writing style I was using. No one ever seemed to notice. I only changed my middle initial. It
seems like a small thing but over the years it has become so much more. Now that I am older and no
longer have incredulous teachers lurking over my shoulder, I write with both names. I am not crazy,
but I do feel that each person has a good side and a bad side. I just gave my good side a different
name and have maintained that name even in adulthood.Juanita: Is there any of you in the characters of ?13 Days??Raven W: There is a little of me in each character. Of course, after you read the book you might
find that statement a little disturbing. Especially considering one of the characters is a serial killer. I
am not so much the gruesome part of each character. I am more the underlying curiousness in each
of them; the relentless seeker of truth. Then again, after a couple of drinks that all changes. Just
kidding. That was my sad attempt at humor. I know, it was pathetic.Juanita: Reviewers are hailing ?13 Days? as being an edge of your seat thriller, keeping them
completely terrified throughout. Why do we like to be so frightened?Raven W: I am not sure why people in general like to be frightened, but I know why I liked to be
frightened. I like the feeling of having no control. I like not knowing what to expect next. My brain
is always racing, trying to figure out what is going on but never really finding an answer. Scary
stories offer me a sense of escape from an otherwise redundantly boring world. Perhaps fans of this
type of genre feel the same way.Juanita: What would you like your readers to be left with after reading ?13 Days??Raven W: I just want people to be entertained and of course, wanting more. I am here to satisfy
the fans and nothing more.Juanita: Your readers are undoubtedly eager to read your next book. Do you have another in the
works?Raven W: I am halfway done with my second novel. It is called Humanity Corporation. In a
constantly declining world of morality, taking place sometime in the near future, a law is passed
making it mandatory to abort the fetus of any child born with any type of handicap or mental
disability. Humanity Corporation is responsible for the passing of this law. Unfortunately, there
already exists a world full of physically and mentally handicapped people. These people are being
victimized everyday, especially after the passing of the law. They have become lepers in a non-biblical
world of hypocrisy. There are twists in the story, of course. There is a woman named Faith who
was born mentally retarded when she was a child but now in her adult life, she is not. She seeks
revenge on Humanity Corporation and all those who have betrayed her. Her tactics are relentlessly
shocking and macabre. Another man named Kevin Grave has lost his memory and strange things
keep happening around him- Death, Murderers, Time distortions, and Aliens. His journey revolves
around trying to fit together the pieces of the puzzle. The answer to all of the mysteries is somewhere
inside of Humanity Corporation.Juanita: Sounds like another edge-of-you- seat thriller. I know your reader will be anxiously
awaiting ?Humanity Corporation.? Thank you Raven W., for sharing your thoughts with us today.
How can fans reach you, and do you have any last thoughts for your readers?Raven W: My website is http: / / ravenwnight.com You can view free chapter previews for 13 DAYS
on this page, as well as some other short stories that I have written. As for my readers, I thank you
for your interest and support and hope that I continue to give you nightmares in the future.Juanita Watson is the Assistant Editor for Reader Views.
http: / / www.readerviews.com

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***"13 Days" author Raven W. Night: BOOK REVIEW***

13 Days
By Raven W. Night
Authorhouse (2005)
Reviewed by Claire Gilligan for Reader Views (3 / 06)Don?t answer those little voices in your head Little Johnny! He hears
his dad all the time. But the problem with this is that his father has
been dead for several years. Little Johnny is all grown up now and is
hunting for the person who had brutally slain his wife while he
watched, just feet away. He could see no one, and while his wife
swayed back and forth, he could do nothing? that, he will never
forget, nor will he stop looking for the person or thing that did that to
her.So many people that John has known have died, his father, his
mother and many more. The problem is that they haven?t left him?
they won?t leave him. He sees and talks with them, he can touch
them. They help him go to the other side, but where is that and why
does he go so often and not stay there? He wants to stay there as too
many people have hurt him.Have you ever seen the killer, and lived after? If you have, then you
are a very lucky person. As well, most people never live to tell what
he looks like. Colonel Justice is a man filled with vengeance, and is
set on finding the person who brutally killed John?s wife. As well,
most people never live to tell what he looks like.This book is wonderfully written and flows so well even between the
characters switching. The author takes you to places that you would
never think some one could. It is an interesting take on life and death
and everything in between. The end is something not to be missed. I
would definitely recommend this author. I will be looking for more
books to come, but not patiently.Claire Gilligan is a Reviewer for Reader Views.
http: / / www.readerviews.com

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***"The Caduceus" Author Dennis Edwards: Book Review***

The Caduceus
By Dennis Edwards PhD
Plain View Press (2006)
Review by William Phenn for Reader Views (3 / 06)?The Caduceus?, an amazing book by an amazing Author. Dennis
Edwards received his education at the University of Illinois. He has held
positions as a College Administrator, Counselor and Teacher. He is also a
Poet, Cartoonist, Writer and the Great Grandson of John Gray, one of the
most prestigious Welsh poets in America. With all he has going on, it is
no wonder Dennis and his wife would choose to live in the beauty and
tranquility of the Ozark Mountains.?The Caduceus? is Indiana Jones and James Bond wrapped in a nice
package of 130 pages. Conspiracy, drama, the paranormal and a little
romance for good measure. The main character (Dr. Francis Allenton) is
a shy and nerdy gent that gets himself into a web of murder, intrigue and
conspiracy that only Houdini could get out of. His quest for the proverbial
Caduceus and his infatuation with the healing capabilities of water, lead
him down a path that is both adventurous and deadly. Dr. Allenton is
accompanied along this narrow path by a most striking female character,
a boisterous Hospice Nurse named Cassidy Martin. Brash and outspoken,
the girl knows how to get what she wants.The way Dr. Edwards draws his characters into this dramatic sequence
of events is masterful. His use of a humorous situation in the introduction
of the female character (Cassidy Martin) showed me the lighter side of
both her and Francis Allenton.What these two discovered about the worlds water supply both shocked
me and made me think.What if there was a Water Cartel that was out to control the
world?s water supply?
What if someone could control what is in our drinking water?
What if someone wanted to control a state, a country, the world?
What better way, than to control that which is the source of life
on this planet.With what is happening in the world today, ?The Caduceus? is just liable
to be put on the Non-Fiction shelf. As our dependency for Oil decreases
our focus will hopefully turn to quality of life and what we are doing with
our world. If not, then ?The Caduceus? will most assuredly become a non-
fiction book. If you?ve ever wondered why there is such aggression in the
world, then this book is a must read for you. If nothing else, ?The
Caduceus? brings out some very interesting things to think about. I would
not be surprised to see it come out as a movie. I anxiously await the
sequel giving ?The Caduceus? my highest A+ rating, don?t miss it!William Phenn is a reviewer for Reader Views
http: / / www.readerviews.com

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***Interview with Ann Kelly, Author of the Award-Winning Mystery unimarter UniMarter
***Interview with Ann Kelly, Author of the Award-Winning Mystery Novel "Dead On"***

Ann Kelly is author of the award-winning mystery novel Dead On. The story tells of a medical examiner being stalked by a killer who claims to have killed her in previous lifetimes. Based in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, the gritty mystery with erotic undertones, and a hint of the paranormal, is a difficult book to put down. Ann Kelly recently answered some questions about her novel.David: The idea of a murderer being reincarnated to kill the same victim across multiple lifetimes is truly unique. Where did you get the idea for your book?Ann Kelly: Dead On started out as a paranormal romance and became something completely different. I don't want to give too much away, but when I started Dead On, a little way into it, a character came out of nowhere and took the book over. I didn't know it at the time, but I was finding my voice. Two major themes in my book are: Do any of us really know who we are? And do we have past lives or inherited memories? Perhaps that would explain things like sudden, irrational fears or memories. I found out that whether or not a person believes in past lives, past-life regression therapy can help a person deal with issues that haven't been resolved through other traditional therapies. In many cases, you don't have to believe in it for it to work. I was also fascinated by the idea of a group of souls being reborn throughout time and their histories repeating themselves.David: Who is your favorite character in Dead On?Ann Kelly: All I can say is my favorite character in this book is the character who writes the journal in the early 1900s (the story goes back and forth in time between the present and the early 1900s). I don?t want to give too much away!David: I know you sold the movie rights for the book. Congratulations. Who would you like to see fill the various roles?Ann Kelly: Yes, thank you. Gold Circle Films, known for the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, picked up film rights to Dead On and recently renewed the option for a second year. It?s exciting. I could see Lucy Liu playing Ann Yang, the smart, unconventional medical examiner and Leo DiCaprio playing Mark, Ann?s romantic interest and the carpenter restoring her Victorian home. Johnny Depp would be excellent as Farrell, a character in the 1900s. Loved him in Pirates of the Caribbean, and everything else he?s been in! Harrison Ford would make a great hypnotherapist. To play Nell, one of the main characters in the 1900s, I see Nicole Kidman or Naomi Watts. I can?t tell you who I see playing the character who writes the diary, because ? again ? that would give too much away!David: Did you know how Dead On was going to end before you started writing the book?Ann Kelly: No, not right away. But about two-thirds of the way into writing it, an ending came to me. I just let go, wrote it out and liked it. In fact, many of my readers tell me that?s one of the book?s main strengths?the ending. It?s a seat-of-your-pants kind of thing with a big surprise. Even the most seasoned of mystery readers told me I managed to fake them out with the ending.David: When talking to people who read your book, what are the one or two reader comments that stick out most in your mind?Ann Kelly: The things that mean the most to me are when readers personally take the time to tell me what they experienced reading Dead On. The comments that keep me going are things like "Dead On is pure poetry." "I stayed up until 2 am to finish it!" And "I couldn?t put it down--I read it in two days!" Also, a reader from Pennsylvania contacted me and pretty much summed everything up with the following quote: "I've finished reading your book. Loved it. You absolutely stunned me with the ending. I like your style. You use very few words and incomplete sentences and yet the meaning is enhanced rather than diminished. Your command of knowledge and understanding from history to forensics to emotions...is amazing."David: Do you have any other novels in mind? Can you give us some insights into what we can expect?Ann Kelly: I?m currently at work on two other novels, one of which is a sequel to Dead On tentatively titled Dead Faithful. In Dead Faithful, Ann Yang is now an FBI agent working in New Hope, Pennsylvania, to solve a series of bizarre crimes including grave robbing, stolen art, and murders with vampire overtones. She is paired with a politically incorrect, almost-retired, lame-joke-telling partner and a psychic medium. There?s a lot more of my odd sense of humor in this one. I sort of think of the tone as Janet Evanovich meets Peter Straub.I think of my other novel, Glass Wishes, as my dark literary experiment. This is a different set of characters and also goes back and forth between the present and another time, 1945, the end of WWII. Glass Wishes is set in Ocean City, New Jersey, a place I was introduced to as a kid and fell in love with. I?m working to release Glass Wishes next.Visit http: / / www.DeadOnNovel.com to learn more about Ann Kelly and her novel Dead On.David Tortorelli is president of Book Premieres ? http: / / www.BookPremieres.com.

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***"Snake Walkers" Author J. Everett Prewitt: BOOK REVIEW***

Snake Walkers
By J. Everett Prewitt
Northland Publishing Company (2005)
Reviewed by Beverly Pechin for Reader Views (3 / 06)When first approaching ?Snake Walkers? I wasn't so sure it was going to be my 'cup of tea'. It seemed to be another one of those stories set back in the days of racial conflict, one we've all heard before... but I quickly realized I have never seen this side of the race wars. Set in the late 1940's through the 1960's the story begins with a young black boy (Anthony) seeing another boy being hung and beaten by a group of 14 white men. Scared to the depths of his soul he holds this vision deep within for decades, allowing it to eat at him until he's finally forced to confront the issues of what he saw.Anthony vows to make right the wrongs he has seen, if even by making a small difference in the world of blacks but his ways of 'making a difference' seems to differ a lot from what many others are doing during this time of conflict. His father brings him up to believe that the colored folk are in the predicament they're in because of their own ignorance and violence. Anthony follows in his father's way of thinking and feels that he can make a difference by being the best he can be and not making those he's fighting against angry with such 'stupid' actions as marches and out right confrontation. He chooses to ignore the violence involved with often innocent black men and women or at the least, put it in the back of his mind.Then Anthony lands a job as 'the first negro to write for the Sun'. This position makes him feel as thought this is his chance to make the difference he's always wanted to make. He finds himself working on a story, which soon becomes a much deeper and darker story than he ever thought. Then to complicate matters even more, he seeks some answers from a beautiful, intelligent professor that he instantly has feelings for, but doesn't want to allow those feelings overtake his ability to write a good story. As he uncovers more and more information it becomes less and less clear who is 'on his side' now and he finds danger in every corner.During his quest, he also finds that perhaps his father's ways aren't the right ways. He finds that family isn't always as cut and dry as he thought, and begins to understand the true meaning of family ties and bonds.While the beginning of the book was a little slow, a little perseverance will put you deep within the soul of a touching, thrilling story like no other. You've never seen the times of racial wars like this before, I can assure you. It's a wonderful book that will open your eyes to many things, including what true love and family means.Beverly Pechin is a reviewer for Reader Views
http: / / www.readerviews.com

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***Interview with Alycia Ripley, author of
***Interview with Alycia Ripley, author of "Traveling With An Eggplant"***

We are pleased to have with us Alycia Ripley as she chats about her Mystery novel that is a combination of mysticism and paranormal experiences. Welcome to Reader Views Alycia.Juanita: Alycia, thank you for sharing your thoughts with your readers today. Your book ?Traveling with an Eggplant? is getting rave reviews and we are very delighted to have the chance to hear more. Please tell us how long your book was in the making, and what was your inspiration?Alycia: The basic concept and the title, I?m obsessed with titles and always come up with them at the very beginning, emerged in the fall of 1999 when I was a senior in college because of someone I met there at that time. It?s a strange time for men because they aren?t boys but aren?t men either- they?re guys, and that?s what he was. From the first time we met there was a strange sort of chemistry that was difficult to explain, a real kindred sense - he was just very unique and intuitive and sweet and bizarre and I loved being around him- there was just a spark in the air and this sense of anything could happen.The title comes from a time he drove me to my English class when I was late and couldn?t wait for the next bus- he had the passenger seat belt buckled because he had just brought back an eggplant from a wedding and I thought it was so fantastic that he traveled with it that way. Most people would put it in the trunk or in the backseat but this guy kept it next to him and buckled it in like you would a person or a child. I loved it- that summed up his unique qualities and the phrase ?traveling with an eggplant? took on several meanings- not just his car trip but the whole adventure of the story, the life lessons, and the concept that both the male and female main characters are such interesting, unique people. Think about it- if they were vegetables they wouldn?t be something common like corn or carrots or celery- they?d have to be eggplants!From the second month I met him I just thought, ?I?ve got to tell a story about he and I someday?I don?t know quite how or in what sense I?ll do it but it just needs to be.? And then the longer I knew him, the more necessary it was because the twists and turns were just unbelievable and I knew it was a relationship that people would enjoy hearing about because it was ridiculously funny, hopelessly sad, optimistic, doomed, totally absurd and yet really relatable.Juanita: Are any of the characters reminiscent of someone you?ve crossed paths with?Alycia: Besides Alison and Seymour which are definitely based on me and the aforementioned male, the character of Tara was based on two good friends of mine- one was my friend Kathy who is a platinum blonde, super organized, Polish lawyer from the suburbs of Albany as Tara is in the book. The other half came from my friend Baiba who was like a second mother to me - Tara has a lot of her adages and attitudes.The really sad part is that I began writing about Tara?s brain tumor and two months later, found out Baiba had one and was in the hospital. I couldn?t write at all for a while after that because I felt so oddly and irrationally responsible. She passed away in 2003 and I knew then I had to continue- I could use my heartbreak to make this character and her situation come alive in a greater way and seeing as how Baiba was the biggest fan of my writing and becoming an author, I knew she?d want me to do so. It was a chance to save them both. The rest of characters are all inspired by people I knew or came across but are not exactly them- they are the essences of people sponged up and tossed into these characters. I don?t think there is anyone I completely made up- they are all based in someone and I tossed in some close homages to my friends as well. And of course, the character of the grandmother in the book is my grandmother to a tee. She was incredibly important to the novel in a way that I hadn?t been aware of until I began writing and she influenced so much of it- she really is the heart of the novel and its sense of justice.Juanita: Will we find any of your personality colored into the characters in your book?Alycia: Outside of our occupations being a bit different, Alison is as close to me as you can get. That was a bit scary actually- even though it?s a fictional novel and thank God FICTION is in bright green letters on the back cover, I don?t need any of this nonsense surrounding James Frey to come anywhere near me, I won?t even get into how ridiculous I think that brouhaha is- I?m glad I said explicitly that it?s not a memoir- its based on people and events but it?s a large hodgepodge of magical, surreal fiction, an adventure story. This is my statement to the Smoking Gun- if I said someone was wearing a green t-shirt and it was actually aqua, it doesn?t matter.It?s a book, not a political manifesto?stay away from me! Now that I got that out I can get off my soapbox?it was a scary thing even if it IS fiction to put Alison out there because her personality is all me and it was like saying to people- here I am in all my strange contradictions- the people pleasing, the defiance, the inability to let go and the strange ability to make things happen, the past demons, the goals and semi-mistakes (I don?t see anything as a mistake, only a learning experience and I never regret anything) so here I am- write what you want about her / me. It?s definitely a strange thing to put yourself out there like that. And oddly and ironically enough- the character of Chloe is a tad like me in her dialogue style and blatant, twisty desire to help the situation.Juanita: What kind of research did you do for ?Traveling with an Eggplant??Alycia: I studied my journal for the first part- I?ve kept journals from very early on. I studied all of them to help me articulate myself into a character and provide her with the attributes I needed to make apparent. Luckily I kept a journal of my experiences and friendship / relationship with the person who inspired Seymour so that I could look back and really feel the good times and bad times and make the story as vivid as possible. The other thing that helped was that I had his exact words written down. When writing you usually have to change the dialogue of real life people because once written down it looks boring and uninspired, it?s a lot of ?Yeahs? and ?Ands? and whatnot. But this person, the soon to be Seymour, had such a wonderful, stylized way of speaking that I couldn?t have ever improved upon it or changed it one bit. He made my life easier and really was such a wonderful character before he ever hit the page.I had to do A LOT of research on music journalism as I had only a vague sense of what it was. I always read Spin and Rolling Stone and even had some vintage copies of Creem, but I read at least twelve books written by or about female music journalists through the years so that I could get a sense of how they spoke and what positive and negative experiences they had, in particular, because they were women. It was a really enlightening experience- doing that research, reading the books, shadowing people at rock magazines. It?s definitely a male-based journalism and to stand out as a woman you have to stand by your values and find a way to be one of the guys and cool without losing sense of your femininity and self and navigating your way around rock stars and the craziness that comes with them.I did a lot of research on brain tumors and neuroscience, even visited the lab of one of my neuroscientist friends, to get a feel for Seymour?s life that I wasn?t a part of and get the details right for certain scenes. The concept of audiokinesis is something I made up but having done research on similar kinetic abilities made it easier to bring it to life in a realistic way. And oddly, right after the book was sent to the publishers, the New York Times did an article about musical hallucinations and how they?re a valid problem and what it?s like to live with them?I couldn?t have been more thrilled. It made me feel the book was meant to come out, like I got a karmic sort of thumbs up!Juanita: Readers really like to know more about the authors that pen such creative works. Please give us a little more insight into Alycia Ripley. Where were you born? What are you passionate about? What is your underlying philosophy of life?Alycia: I was born and raised in Buffalo, New York, a city really close to my heart that I will always consider home no matter how much I move around for work or whatever state I settle in. My parents divorced when I was an infant and I was raised by my mother and grandmother. We had a small family of my mom, grandmother, aunt, uncle, and two cousins but our extended family was huge- family friends, adult friends that took a interest in me and my future, etc. When I was twelve my mother met a wonderful man who helped raise me from that point on. Before twelve, things were a tad rocky and if you read the book you?ll see in what sense I mean, but that soon came to an end. I blame no one for it because like I said earlier, everything happens for a reason and influences our character and I was provided with a great villain for the story- so no worries there. But my childhood and adolescence was happy and there was a lot of love around me- I was always treated as an adult and encouraged to be who I was- imaginative, crazy, and a little different. Definitely an entertainer. I always wanted to be an actor and a writer- nothing else. No ballerina stage, no firewoman, just acting and writing. Luckily both of those things have started happening or else I?d have lost my mind by now.I suppose that leads into my philosophy of life- that we can become who and what we want to be, what we?re supposed to be if we really try and really want it and believe in ourselves. We can always improve and change. When I was about ten I said to my mother, ?I?d rather die than be mediocre.? That was it- that sums me up perfectly. I wanted to be somebody- getting married, having children, that was all great, too- but above all- I wanted my work to mean something, to touch people, to stand out, to matter, to be known for something great and unique. To really validate my life and being here- my mother didn?t have it easy raising me as a single parent- she gave up a lot. So I felt that I needed to matter in a way that would make all the sacrifices done for me really WORTH it. I was capable of so much, she encouraged me to do so much and stand out- I wanted to be special- I wanted to matter and do good work and influence everyone else to be creative and colorful and do something different and fantastic that only they could do. God, I?m going to come off so hippie-dippy with this but I guess that?s how it goes.My philosophy is that we should strive to be special, to do work that is unique and different and matters and helps people and the human condition in some way, to not sit back and just live, what a waste! To color outside the lines and break some rules!Juanita: And of course, we all want to know, are you really a fan of 80?s music?Alycia: Absolutely! Even before I consciously knew it, music played a very important role in my life- I never had real allegiances to singers or bands - I saw them more as soundtracks and scores to images, stories, characters I was writing or watching in my head. Being so obsessed with films and books from such a young age, I saw music as a perfect accompaniment to words and people and scenes and so it became integral to everything I wrote. I?m actually sort of freaky in that sense- my headphones are always way too close to me at any given time. I grew up in the 80?s and so that music is especially important because I remember these albums and their singles in a really tangible, vivid way. There was something about the 80?s I don?t feel can be repeated again- a real sense of fun and heart and individualism, funkiness, and groove that had nothing to do with being ?alternative? or holding some greater importance or allegiance to anything other than exactly what they were.Juanita: Your book has been suggested to be a re-imagining of the classics ?Alice in Wonderland? and ?The Wizard of Oz?. Please elaborate on these comparisons.Alycia: I planned the structure of the novel as homage to these works because they are two of my favorite stories of all time. The beginning and end are like bookends and those are the sections that are most similar to these classic stories. If you read the very beginning up until the storm sequence, which is very similar to The Wizard of Oz, the events are a certain way. After that point, they change and it?s up to the reader to figure out what happened at the end of the book, after the second ?bookend.? Did the characters share the same magical dream or did they have a parallel life that Alison decided she needed to go back and change for the better? Either way- it?s a magical story with sci-fi elements that interested me as I wrote them. Alison is definitely a modern day Dorothy Gale and perspicacious readers will pick up on the fact that the college Alison attends is called Gale University. The theme of colors in the novel is also similar to Dorothy?s adventures.In terms of Alice in Wonderland, it has that same bookend style where you have to determine if it?s a dream or if it actually happened and there are certain characters that are reminiscent of Carroll?s story- Seymour (and Alison?s career goals) are the White Rabbit, Seymour?s friends have characteristics of the Caterpillar, Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dee, etc. Mostly, I think it?s due to the novel being structured in form and bookended like these stories, which was a very deliberate move on my part. Not only do I love the surrealness and magic of these stories, it was a subtle hint to readers to pay attention to certain passages and events. The stories are all similar in the fact that you begin in this definite ?reality? that changes and twists and turns into something still reality but warped and strange and odd and colorful and a heroine has to find her way out, and also decipher in what ways the adventure made her reality ?better.?Juanita: What is the underlying theme or message in ?Traveling with an Eggplant.?Alycia: That everything happens for a reason. Everything. That the journey of life is so much more integral to our character and to life itself than the destination. That negative things happen but ONLY if you look at them in a negative way. My pet peeve is when people say ?Life isn?t fair?, ?This shouldn?t have happened, this isn?t fair, why would God let this happen?? My perspective has always been- life isn?t fair! That?s the point! The point is that God or Fate or Karma or whatever you believe gives us challenges and how we react to it and what we make of it is what shapes and forms our character. It?s all about our personal mettle and what we?re made of. Alison is made of much more than she ever thought- that her self-reliance and sense of love and sacrifice is HUGE and that?s character, not whether she ends up with Seymour or becomes a hugely known music journalist. Both may happen but that?s not the point. That who we are has less to do with our occupations than people like to think- that we have a destiny that has nothing to do with our occupations and everything to do with our character and what we can do and who we can help and maybe there?s this one major thing that only WE can do and this one thing makes us who we are.Juanita: How can readers contact you if they have any more questions regarding your book?Alycia: There is a website, www.alyciaripley.com that has more information about the book and myself than anyone could possibly want.Juanita: Thank you so much for talking with us today. All the best with ?Traveling with an Eggplant? and your future endeavors. We will undoubtedly be hearing more in the years to come from this creative new talent. Alycia, is there any last thoughts you?d like to share with your readers?Alycia: I?m truly thankful for the reader support and thrilled at how they?ve been embracing the book and telling others about it. That?s the thing with indie publishing houses- you are awarded the creative control, the royalties, the copyright, but it?s up to you and any fans you make to push the book and get it out there- I don?t have a huge see all-know all publishing company behind me- I decided to go with the house that allowed me more freedom but the hard part is getting the book in the public eye. The readers have helped immensely with this. On that same note- I?d like to encourage people to write, all the time, anytime. So many people tell me in conversation that their work isn?t good enough, that they would never be able to get published.My theory is- if you believe you have a great story to tell, write it down- don?t edit yourself or let self-doubt creep in- just write and then edit to the best of your ability. Show it to a friend whose opinion you value, edit some more, and contact an independent house and see if they?d be interested. Publishing is changing- it?s no longer dictated by these huge houses that publish only two new authors a year. I believe there are great writers out there with wonderful stories to tell who are now much more likely to be heard. I?m always reminded of a line from that movie, Sideways, where Jack the actor friend says to Miles, the writer, ?I believe in your book, Miles, and I?ll help you publish it. The point is to get it out there, get it in libraries. Let the public decide.? That?s the whole point- let the public decide, not some huge publishing house that is just interested in moving a few units regardless of whether it?s creative or unique or good or not.Often, they just want something that is a rip off of something else that was a hit- not original work. So don?t let them intimidate you- just keep writing and when you?re ready- go with an independent label and see what happens. I have a bit of a workhorse mentality- keep your head to the ground, one foot in front of the other, but it works. Color outside the lines, go outside the box, write what you love to read and I guarantee you- there?s an audience waiting to read it, too.Juanita Watson is Assistant Editor for Reader Views
http: / / www.readerviews.com

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***"Truth Told" author James Nash: BOOK REVIEW***

Truth Told
By James (J.J.) Nash
iUniverse, Inc.
Review by William Phenn for Reader Views (3 / 06)J. J. Nash, a Jacksonville, Florida schoolteacher, has a penchant for fiction writing. After serving his country in the Navy, Nash went on to get his BA in public relations from the University of North Florida. How this man managed to write a book with having a wife and six children is a feat in itself.?Truth Told? is exactly that, a 129 page book of truth. This is a book that describes the daily life of people that are entangled in a web of murder, sex, infidelity and power.When the main character (Trina Robinson) has to help defend her Uncle (Dr. Vaughn Lee Robinson), who decided to ?Free the souls? of twenty nine people by murdering them, it makes for interesting reading. There is everything one would expect in a good fiction novel. Poor Trina is strapped with helping her Uncle who clearly admits to the crimes.She tries different strategies with her uncle, hoping to find something to use in his defense. But even with all her efforts, Uncle Vaughn continues to admit that he ?Freed their souls.?With quick witted swiftness Trina employs the help of her boss, Ann Wright, at the law firm she works at and together they fight to free her Uncle. But as the story continues, Trina is faced with one hurdle after another. She has to deal with another tragedy involving her Uncle, problems with her fianc?, an offer from her boss, and many other things for her mind to contemplate. All these things go on in Trina?s life while she is trying to save her Uncle?s.?Truth Told? is a fast moving and compelling novel that is dramatic and exciting. Although I personally think that the web of lives could have been woven tighter, it does not keep me from giving the book an excellent rating.William Phenn is a reviewer for Reader Views
http: / / www.readerviews.com

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***Interview with J.J. Nash, author of
***Interview with J.J. Nash, author of "Truth Told"***

J. J. recently published a novel that has a very interesting plot to it. It?s a pleasure to talk to him. Welcome to Reader Views.Juanita: You have penned a compelling and intriguing novel, what inspired you to write ?Truth Told??J.J. Nash: My simple want to tell a story and create a forum for discussion inspired ?Truth Told.? I wanted to share my opinions of Truth, whether it was correct or not. As a life-long learner, I constantly read. I?m not someone who talks a lot; therefore, the only avenue I have to voice my opinion is through written words. All of my stories are inspired from my reading. It is my way of continuing the conversation of the previous author, and inserting my views on a particular subject or theory.Juanita: The premise of your book comes from Plato?s ?Apology?. Please elaborate on this.J.J.: The ?Apology? gives us the details of the trial of Socrates, who was put to death because he refused to stop educating the youth of Athens. Socrates, like my main character Vaughn, never apologized for what he did. Actually, he told the rulers of Athens that if they let him go he would continue doing just what was being accused of doing. Vaughn, the main character of ?Truth Told,? never apologizes for his actions, and contends that he was totally justified through Truth.Alice Walker said the only perfect book published was the Bible, and the rest of us practice the craft of writing; trying to write our own perfect book. When I practice writing, I am practicing to join ?The Great Conversation.? ?The Great Conversation,? as described by scholar / philosopher Mortimer Adler, is a continuing conversation written through time where writers build upon the premises of other great writers, answering the questions the others have presented. Therefore, in my writing I like to take other major works of literature, and try to answer the philosophical questions that have been presented.?Truth Told? is based on Plato?s ?Apology.? My upcoming title, ?On A Pedestal,? tries to answer questions of love presented in Plato?s ?Symposium.? I?m even working on a work that incorporates, Machiavelli?s ?The Prince,? and ?The Lost Books of the Bible.? It is my goal that soon, we will have an African-American?s voice inside ?The Great Conversation.?Juanita: Who are the characters in the book and are they inspired or reminiscent of anyone in your life?J.J.: Vaughn Lee Robinson, was originally the main character in ?Truth Told.? His character was formed from my thoughts about Socrates. Socrates declared that the more he learned, the more he realized that he knew nothing at all. Vaughn makes a statement in the book that he doesn?t know the truth, but he believes that he can recognize the truth when it comes along. Vaughn?s character is totally fictious growing from a base which is Socrates. The other characters in the book are based from concepts about Truth itself. I wanted to place an individual from every thought of truth in the book. For example, Trina, Vaughn?s niece, has no clue what Truth is, or what it means. It is her job in the book to find Truth. Ann, Trina?s mentor, and Carlos, Vaughn?s cell-mate, live by her / his own truth. What is relative for them, is true for them, whether it is someone else?s truth or not. Vaughn and Keith (Trina?s life-long friend) live by a concept of truth that is true for all, whether that thought does them good or not.Juanita: What is the underlying message you would like ?Truth Told? to convey to your readers?J.J.: With hopes ?Truth Told? would change the way we look at ourselves causing mankind to start living for truth. It is imperative that we not allow society to define how we are supposed to live. In addition, it is vital that we cease to look for other people?s approval. We should live for what is right.Keith is a character in ?Truth Told.? Keith works a simple job that only pays enough for him to sustain his level of life, and he?s fine with that. But Keith has a talent for singing Country and Western music. Keith loves singing; therefore, he doesn?t care if society says that African-Americans are not supposed to sing, or like, country music. He sings because he feels that is what God put him on Earth to do. To further that thought, he feels uncomfortable accepting money for singing. Why? Because, in his mind, that is what he?s suppose to do, as prescribed by God. Whether he gets paid or not he?s still going to sing.To bring greater understanding to this character let us take the example of a preacher. If a preacher is called by God to preach the Word of God, why should that preacher receive huge amounts of money to do what God told him to do? Why should a preacher get paid enough money to buy a Rolls Royce and a million dollar home, while his parishioners don?t have enough money to adequately provide for their families? If we didn?t pay the preacher so much money would they still preach? That is what God commanded them to do. Pasterhood is their mission; whether we pay them or not. Socrates didn?t receive huge amounts of money to educate the youth of Athens. Jesus didn?t receive any money to spread the doctrine of his Father. If we live in Truth, we don?t need payment, or huge amounts of it, for the Truth we are suppose to spread.Juanita: J.J., you have had quite a life journey so far. You were a Marine, joined the Navy, graduated from the University of Florida with a BA in Public Relations, then went on to receive your MA in Education from the University of Phoenix, and are a schoolteacher in Florida. How has your life experiences contributed to the depth of content in your novel?J.J.: God, my lovely wife, and children along with my educational and occupational experiences have contributed everything to my writing. Traveling and reading have taught me that the world in which I lived in was only a small part of a bigger existence that we all share.We should have as many experiences in life as possible. For example, I?m a mediocre educator, but what I teach my students transcends English and social studies. Today?s global society is about survival and advancement. I use every experience that I?ve had in life to give the youth the tools that they need. I?m highly effective in that task with my students because I have failed in so many things I have attempted in life myself. I?ve failed classes in junior high, I?ve failed classes in high-school, I even flunked out of college in my first attempt. Therefore, through my experiences I have become what many of my students claim me to be ?the best teacher they ever had.? I don?t know if that?s true, but I try to teach them through my experiences without holding back any of the details, no matter how much I would love to keep them hidden in my past.Juanita: You have mentioned that you have overcome adversity and many failures in your life. Do you feel this has led you to write a novel with such a strong underlying theme?J.J.: Yes, and it will keep me writing fiction and nonfiction that stimulates the growth of the mind. I want to write using philosophy as the premise in all of my work. I want to bring the pains and views that I?ve experienced to the consciousness of all readers, all people. Even more, I believe that African-Americans have been intellectually dormant for too long. We had / have brilliant scholars in our community, but as a whole we have been trained that African-Americans have no worth or history that is relevant to mankind and today?s world. This is evident in numerous American History school curriculums. We have been told that we do not have a voice, that we are incapable of producing intellectual thought. Civilization began in Africa. Africans held the first civilizations for 4000 years in the Nile Valley before being conquered by the barbarian European nations. African-Americans, are just reawakening our glory. We are not a people who need to be constantly entertained. We are a people who can write and believe in our own history.Juanita: Well J.J., you are a shining example of someone who definitely can write. Your inspiration to the African American community is invaluable. Have you always wanted to write a novel? What led you to becoming a full-time writer at this point in your life?J.J.: I have always been a writer. I?ve been writing since before I started grade school. I won my first writing contest in the fourth grade. It?s time for me to fulfill my destiny. I have to write. I consider myself a true life long learner. I read books in every genre, on every subject. When I find something that I never noticed before in someone?s book, I can?t wait to tell someone about it. My wife constantly reminds me that like a pastor?s mission is to preach and bring lost souls to God, it is my mission to tell / create stories that engage readers in a world that is very realistic yet sometimes beyond belief.Juanita: J.J., you have six children ranging in ages from three to nineteen. How have you found the time to write and what do they think of Dad?s new book?J.J.: My wife and children are my life. Anyone who knows me knows that I let them spell out the words that make up the pages in my book of life. It is my love for them that keeps me writing, because I know that through writing, one day, I will be able to provide for their future. What do they think about the book? I don?t know, I think they are more in awe that it actually exists. That I could create something that the world has the opportunity to read. It has given them the hope that they need to pursue their goals in life.Juanita: Thank you J.J., any parting thoughts, and when can your readers expect your next book?J.J.: ?On A Pedestal? is the next book and will be available through iUniverse ` around the end of May or early June. I will like to take the time to thank you for this interview and opportunity to share my world with an even bigger world. Peace.Juanita Watson is Assistant Editor for Reader Views
http: / / www.readerviews.com

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***"Traveling With an Eggplant" Author Alycia Ripley: BOOK REVIEW***

Traveling with an Eggplant
By Alycia Ripley
Trafford Publishing (2005)
Reviewed by Danielle Feliciano for Reader Views (2 / 06)In her stunning debut novel, Traveling with an Eggplant, author Alycia Ripley takes the reader on a wild ride through the life and mind of Alison Olson. Alison finds herself revisiting her past, both literally and figuratively. She finds herself haunting the remnants of her college life, aimlessly wandering around her old campus and apartment. As she haunts her old life, her old life begins to haunt her. She lives with an onslaught of memories, as well as a hallucinatory soundtrack running through her head at random. As she attempts to deal with her past, she struggles with the present; her tumultuous and maddening relationship with Seymour, her friendship with her best friend Tara, and her fight for respect and recognition at her job where she is one of a handful of females working in a male-dominated world.The characters in this novel are so well developed, it is hard to forget they are not actual people. The writing is so vivid and detailed that you can easily imagine yourself taking this journey with Alison. When she begin hallucinating, your mind is right with hers as she dances the line between what is real and what is our imagination. As you watch Alison deal with finding herself, finding her destiny, and commit an amazing act of heroism, you can?t help but cheer her on. Your heart breaks with hers, but she gives you a reason to believe there is hope in midst of the chaos we call life. In the end, you celebrate with her as she faces her demons and realizes that to move forward in life, you have to ultimately deal with your past.Traveling with an Eggplant is a incredibly bizarre book, yet so beautifully written you are never confused about what is happening. It takes you on a journey from the present to the past to the dream world and back again, but is written so smoothly that never once does the reader feel lost. Alycia Ripley has done a splendid job of writing a novel that not only acts as an escape, but as a catalyst for examining our own lives. Alison Olson is a character that we can all identify with, and can all admire for her strength and heroism.Danielle Feliciano is a reviewer for Reader Views
http: / / www.readerviews.com

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***Interview with J. Everett Prewitt, author of
***Interview with J. Everett Prewitt, author of "Snake Walkers"***

Reader Views is very excited to talk with author J. Everett Prewitt, winner of four first place awards for his debut novel, ?Snake Walkers.? Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us today.Juanita: J. Everett, please tell us the meaning behind the title of your book, ?Snake Walkers.?J. Everett: The title is based on a mythical African tribe that teaches its children from birth how to walk through a nest of poisonous snakes without being bitten.Juanita: Give us a little insight into the main character, Anthony Andrews.J. Everett: Anthony comes from an upper class family of Blacks that are more concerned with maintaining the status quo than seeking justice in the turbulent fifties and sixties. Through no fault of his own, he is book smart but na?ve about life. Because of his new job, Anthony is thrust into life threatening situations where he meets people he learns to respect. They have a different viewpoint about dealing with racial injustice and life in general, and Anthony's perspective eventually changes.Juanita: Is Anthony based on anyone you know?J. Everett: I didn't have any friends like Anthony, but I belonged to a social group of upper class blacks when I was a teen because of my mother's status as an elementary school principle. I quit after a year. Some of them were as close as I got to someone like Anthony. There are some Anthony's in the world today, so it wasn't too hard understanding their thoughts about issues like civil rights.Juanita: How does Anthony make peace with his childhood trauma by attempting to solve the mysterious abandonment of a small town, and disappearance of fourteen white men?J. Everett: To Anthony's credit. He confronts his demons head on. He works out and runs hoping that somehow this will alleviate his problem. Although he is a little gun shy at first, he continues to confront the violence that unfolds because of his discoveries and eventually becomes a stronger person because of it.Juanita: ?Snake Walkers? is a refreshing new look into the racial conflicts of modern American history. How common was it for ?white people? to go missing?J. Everett: I'm not sure how common it was, but once I wrote the story, I began to hear numerous accounts of blacks in the south fighting back. One person told me that his family had a farm that was attacked by the Klan. His grandfather in telling the story simply said "They came on the property, but they didn't leave the property". I imagine there are quite a few stories like those out there. I'm hearing more and more as I give talks around the country.Juanita: I would imagine you will continue to hear stories like this as your book reaches more and more readers. Who have you seen to be your audience, and what else are they saying about ?Snake Walkers??J. Everett: My audience is as varied as the characters in the book. I've spoken to all white audiences, black book clubs, library groups and was even the keynote speaker at a real estate installation banquet. I've received only positive responses to the book thus far. Some questioned whether there were any people like Bobby Joe Byrd, a white man who fought for the rights of black people. I ask them if they remembered John Brown. I've been approached by both black and white members of the audience who say they could identify with something that happened in the book. I'm hoping that I can eventually address young adults, especially young black men.Juanita: Tell us about the research you did for ?Snake Walkers.?J. Everett: I visited the cities I wrote about (except for Evesville), talked to a number of people there and others that were from there, read news articles and searched online for a lot of my historical information. An Arkansas writer was very helpful in referring me to books about Arkansas. The most helpful person however was a little old white lady who was in the library in Wynn, researching her ancestry. She told me more about the area than all of my other sources combined.Juanita: How important is the need for a voice regarding this unacknowledged aspect of history?J. Everett: It is very important. In portraying a minority culture or race, there needs to be balance. I can find a thousand books on hangings, beatings, castrations etc., but very few on families that confronted physical violence and won. Without balance, both those inside and outside of the culture or race tend to see that group as victims and act accordingly.Juanita: What is / are the underlying theme of ?Snake Walkers??J. Everett: There are a few. No one is "above the fray" when it comes to fighting injustice. Your strength comes from within. A strong, supportive family is essential when confronting insurmountable odds. Persistence and an open mind are necessary to navigate the treacherous mazes of life.Juanita: You graduated from high school, went on to Lincoln University, was drafted into the army, all throughout the turbulent 60?s. What was your experience coming of age in these historic times, and how has that influenced your writing?J. Everettt: Ever since I was young, I felt compelled to fight back against all the injustices I encountered. Although I was prepared, fighting was seldom physical. It did however require a mindset that color does not make a person inferior or superior. During those tumultuous times, this belief was challenged, but subsequently reinforced so many times that it was no longer a question. Because of that, my writing is based on telling stories of people with similar mindsets resulting in triumph and victory. That is the life I lived during those times and that was the life my family lived. My father, mother, uncles, aunts and cousins were great mentors in that respect since they repeatedly overcame barriers and went on to become very successful people.Juanita: What was your inspiration for writing ?Snake Walkers??J. Everett: I remember hearing stories in my youth about retribution, rebellion and confrontation by blacks in the south from different elders, and those stories stuck with me. A Mr. Johnson put it most succinctly when he observed that "They didn't all win and we didn't all lose." I also videotaped my father, an uncle and an aunt about their history growing up in Arkansas and I often wondered why nobody ever wrote the stories I was hearing. I decided I would. There is an African proverb that states, "Until the lions have their own historians, tales of the hunt will always glorify the hunter".Juanita: ?Snake Walkers? is such a stunning, debut novel, receiving many awards and high recognition. Will you be writing another soon, and if so can tell us a little about it?J. Everett: My next book will be called Two Wolves. It will be a sequel to Snake Walkers. The setting will be Cleveland, Ohio in 1969 after the Glenville Riots. Anthony, the protagonist in Snake Walkers is a reporter at a small newspaper and Raymond Williams (the heir apparent as family patriarch) has just come home from the Vietnam War. There will be a number of subplots, but Raymond's girlfriend, Myra, is missing, and although he graduated from college, it will require all of his street knowledge to find what happened, and deal with the consequences.Juanita: Thank you for this enlightening interview J. Everett. Are there any last thoughts you?d like to share with your readers?J. Everett: I've been a little overwhelmed at the response to the book. I started writing to fill a void due to, in my opinion, the inadequate representation of strong, solid black families and the positive outcomes some experienced when they resisted injustice. I guess this has resonated with a lot of people and I'm grateful. I'm only sorry that my father who passed a few years ago at 95 could not share this experience with me.Juanita Watson is Assistant Editor for Reader Views
http: / / www.readerviews.com

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***Interview with Mike Johnson, Author of
***Interview with Mike Johnson, Author of "Blonde to the Bone"***

Mike Johnson?s book, ?Blonde to the Bone,? has just been released this week (2 / 27 / 06). We are proud to be able to interview Mike in all his excitement. Welcome to Reader Views, Mike.Irene: ?Blonde to the Bone? was just published this week. This is exciting news. Tell our readers the gist of the story.Mike: Leo Calvet, a fashion magnate, disappears. Daniele and Michele, his feuding, beautiful twin daughters, embark on a baffling journey to find him, following surreptitious clues. Things are not as real as they seem when Michele?s fianc?, Rick, vanishes right before their eyes and the sun stands still. The search takes the sisters, Rick and Jack ? Daniele?s ?date? ? on an extraordinary quest from Washington D.C. to Paris where they discover a terrorist conspiracy to topple the Eiffel Tower. In the course of the adventure, the sisters uncover the truth about their rivalry while each falls in love with the other?s man.Irene: ?Blonde to the Bone? is your second published novel. What inspired you to write it?Mike: I could say that it was the full moon on a beautiful August night in San Diego. That night in the backyard I had already decided that I was ready to begin another project, and while staring at the moon Blonde to the Bone just came to me ? of course it was a take-off on George Thorogood?s song, Bad to the Bone. I just liked the title. Sounded fun. So you could say I reverse-engineered a story that I thought would fit the title, but with enough depth to keep it out of the slapstick comedy arena.Irene: Although this book is entertaining, it also gives a unique approach to familial problem solving. What was your mission to include this approach in the book?Mike: No real mission there. My primary intention for the book was entertainment. Something to give the reader a mini-vacation. Just fun. Beyond that, I suppose you could say that I wanted my characters to be ?good? and ?loving? people. The world will never have too much of people caring for each other, and in my novels I espouse those virtues. But anyone who reads the book will know that the approach presented is impossible considering the current state of technology. I would like to think that Leo is acting like any loving father: willing to go to any extreme to ensure his daughter?s happiness and well-being. I actually worried quite a bit that many readers would hold his approach against him. Personally I wouldn?t advocate spying on one?s adult children in order to learn the truth ? but it sure would feel good, wouldn?t it?Irene: How did you create the characters in your book?Mike: I create them on demand. A writer has to ask, ?Who needs to be in this book?? With Blonde to the Bone for a title, I thought I needed a beautiful young na?ve woman (isn?t that who we would normally associate with such a phrase?), and thought the idea of identical twins would be much more fun to work with than one character. Thus Michele and Daniele came to life. They are actually the same person with a juxtaposition of internal decisions about two plausible paths to be taken in life by the same individual. Michele chose one way and Daniele the other, from basically the same Tabla Rosa. Naturally, any light, entertaining story needs some romance, so Rick and Jack came around. But what was happening? The characters needed problems to be solved.Although I wanted the book to be fun, life is full of serious problems. I think Daniele?s problem is probably fairly widespread at one level or another, and something that a great many female readers would understand at a depth of experience beyond my own. I had no intention of making light of what I?m sure are very serious issues for many women, but I do believe that the ability to laugh at life?s problems, even the serious ones, makes for a more healthy mental state. And I like to think that most men, as they age and have children, are loving like Leo, and would like to find a means to resolve their daughter?s issues. Thus Leo was the catalyst to resolving the conflict. Other characters come and go as needed ? though I think I fell in love with Valerie! (Don?t tell my wife?)Irene: How much of ?real-life? is there in this book? Is there much of you in ?Blonde to the Bone??Mike: How can there not be? Writing, especially novels, comes from one?s own experience. Even if you?re writing something completely unknown to you, you must embrace it before you can write convincingly about it. Therefore, it becomes a part of your own experience. When you express yourself in writing, your personality will, by definition, come out. On the other hand, it is a novel, and completely fictional. None of what happens in the book ever happened to me or anyone else I know, other than minutia, those little things that help to bring life to a scene, or those personality traits that define a character.To say what those things are specifically, I?d have to go back page by page and see which one?s came from my personal experience and which one?s I projected into characters based upon observations of real people. One does come to mind: In one scene, one of the main characters says he thought the CIA was in a different part of the D.C. area. That was actually me. While on business, I?d driven through Langley a couple of times on my way to Patuxent River, and thought the facility was located there. It wasn?t until I was researching that I found, in a global satellite image program, that the CIA is in a different Langley.To answer your question more directly, I guess I?d have to say I?m a combination of Jack and Rick, leaning toward Jack. Maybe someday when I grow up, I?ll be Leo.Irene: When reading your book, I found that you set up the scenes very well. I felt like I was ?right there? with the characters. Would you tell our audience how you set up these scenes so that the reader feels like they could take on the character and be part of the plot?Mike: I?d say it?s a combination of imagination and searching. I imagine myself in every scene and become every character. From there I just look around and write down what I experience, trying to engage all five senses, and look for those details that are common to everyone. For details that might not be so common to an average American reader, I make a painstaking effort to describe them such that the reader will understand, and thus, share the experience. For example, in an action scene I try to feel what the character is feeling so that I can put those sensations in the writing. If a car is driven off of a pier, the driver would have a feeling of weightlessness. The vicarious experience becomes much more real, and enjoyable, if when the character is feeling it, the reader is feeling it as well.Irene: What kind of research did you do before you wrote the book? Did you actually visit some of the places you mention in your book?Mike: My wife and I did go to Paris on vacation, and I did go with the intent of researching locations for the mystery. I was pleasantly surprised at some things I learned, and without giving away too much of the plot, a certain line from a certain monument actually did point to our hotel room. Most of the Parisian scenes were based upon locations that we visited ? including a plethora of sidewalk caf?s. But Blonde to the Bone was a lot of fun to write because I didn?t need a lot of research. In the age of the Internet, research is at the tips of our fingers ? or primarily the grip of a mouse, in my case.Most of what I needed to know came from web sites ? like the CIA example in your previous question. To make the technology in the book plausible, I researched DNA computing ? both the current state of technology and projecting the potential out into the future. I have also been to Washington D.C. many times on business. And the original cover art for ?Blonde to the Bone? was purchased from a Parisian artist halfway across a bridge over the Seine near the Louvre.In a little side note, I work for a company called Computer Sciences Corporation, who was the sponsor of the Lance Armstrong Tour de France team. Our trip to Paris just happened to coincide with the ending of the Tour de France, and Lance Armstrong was up for his record-breaking seventh Tour de France win. Our return flight was on the morning of the final day of the race. At around eight o?clock or so, we left our hotel (the Hilton Paris) and circled the Arc de Triomphe on the Champs Elysees on our way to the airport. They were already setting up the boulevard for the final race. We were halfway across the Atlantic when the race ended, and the pilot announced over the PA system that Armstrong had won. So I will forever be able to say that I was on the Champs Elysees the day Armstrong made history in the Tour de France. I just didn?t happen to see him do it.Irene: Thank you Mike. Is there anything else that you would like the readers to know about you or your book?Mike: First of all, many thanks for providing me the opportunity to appear on the Reader Views website! I really appreciate it! ?Blonde to the Bone? is published by Suncoast Publishing. Readers can visit Suncoast?s website to read the first chapter and get a glimpse into the story at http: / / www.suncoastbooks.com ?Blonde to the Bone? can be ordered at your local bookstore, but is also available at the following online stores.
I hope you enjoy it!Irene Watson is Managing Editor of Reader Views
http: / / www.readerviews.com

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***Review for
***Review for "Blonde to the Bone"; Author Mike Johnson***

Blonde to the Bone
By Mike Johnson
Suncoast Publishing (2006)
Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views (1 / 06)In the mystery novel, ?Blonde to the Bone,? Mike Johnson captures a plot that is hilarious as well as entertaining in many aspects. Johnson focuses on the constant feud between twin sisters who seem as different as night and day. After the mysterious disappearance of their father they find themselves in middle of a conspiracy to blow up the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Then to top off all that, each falls in love with the other?s fianc?. As the plot thickens, so does the candor of the story.While reading ?Blonde to the Bone? I was drawn into Johnson?s writing. He describes each scene and scenario to the fullest leaving me with no questions. In most cases I felt I was right there in the story, often taking on the roll of the character.Unlike many mystery novels, the sequence in ?Blonde to the Bone? is unpredictable making it a book hard to put down. A good novel is to entertain and keep the reader in suspense. Johnson did that remarkably well.Mike Johnson was born in Los Angeles, the son of a Nazarene minister and his wife. He graduated with a degree in Biblical Literature, and then promptly became a waiter and a beach bum, spending his days surfing and nights working. After several years he moved on to a job with the U.S. Navy which took him to Japan, the Philippines,South Korea, and his present position in Southern California. He presently lives in San Diego with his wife and two children.Irene Watson is Managing Editor of Reader Views
http: / / www.readerviews.com

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***Martha Whittington, Author*** Fragment taken from the sto unimarter UniMarter
***Martha Whittington, Author***

Fragment taken from the story ?The Witch?
The Storyteller, Volume I?Armando! Armando!? I heard Benito screaming as the wind and madness increased
inside the jail cell. I looked to the bench and saw his arm reaching out to me and
gesturing for me to join him under the bench.I didn?t go to him; instead, I looked up at the window in time to see a flash of light,
and I could have sworn I saw a human figure leaning over the window?s bars,
looking at me from outside. I thought it could not be possible, as the window was
probably nine feet high and that strong wind would have made it hard for someone
in his right mind to be out there on a ladder trying to spy on us.Thunder followed a little while after.The rushing wind blew out the flames of the only two gas lamps near the cell,
outside it; we were now in complete darkness. I felt debris from outside coming in
through the window and flying all around me; I closed my eyes and covered my face
the best I could.The wind intensified and I realized we were being hit by a huge tornado. After a few
more minutes I felt that the air was being sucked out of the cell through the
window; all of it was being sucked out. The noise receded a little, followed by a
constant whistling sound.I clearly heard a dog growling somewhere inside the cell, and then heard Benito
scream.?Damn,? I said as I tried to approach the bench in the dark to check on Benito.?Benito! Benito!? I yelled but got no answer.Another growl came from my right; too close to ignore it, I turned my head, trying
to see in the dark.The wind was now starting to pick up again; we must have been in the eye of the
tornado a minute ago, when the air was being sucked out of the cell. Something
jumped on me and knocked me to the floor. I hit my head on the cell bars.At first I thought it might be Benito, but I had to discard that, as it felt more like a
huge dog. There was thick, stiff hair all over it, and it also was way too heavy. I tried
to get it off me; I looked in the direction where his head should have been and saw a
pair of red eyes looking at me. It was impossible.There was no time to think; the creature was struggling to bite me. I poked both its
eyes with my thumbs, pushing as hard as I could. I heard it cry in pain. I then turned
to look for the shotgun on the other side of the cell; I found it in the dark and was
able to get it inside the cell. I saw a fading red light approaching me and assumed it
was one of the creature?s eyes. I hit the creature on the head with the shotgun as
hard as I could.I tried pushing myself away with my legs and out of the creature?s reach, but that
creature was much too heavy and was still on top of me, trying to bite me. I couldn?t
see it but I knew it couldn?t see me either, at least for the moment. I loaded the
shotgun and aimed at its face.I fired.I loaded the shotgun again; the wind was picking up frantically again. The load on
top of me started to feel lighter, as if the creature were shrinking or was somehow
being lifted up. I fired the shotgun again at it and I heard a loud dog?s cry.Its painful cry echoed all around the cell.I suddenly felt as if there was someone on top of me beginning to choke me; I could
have sworn it was a small person with unusually big and strong hands. I put my
hands on top of his and felt a lot of rings of all sorts and shapes on long, thick,
crooked fingers. I felt sharp nails on my neck and I couldn?t breathe.Lightning illuminated the cell and I saw the most horrendous face I had ever seen in
my entire life. The face belonged to a very old and wrinkled woman; long, black hair
was flying all around her head and my face; she had a pointy chin and a curved,
long nose; she had no eyes under the bushy black eyebrows, only two empty,
bleeding eye sockets; and there were teeth missing from her mouth.The side of her face was bleeding heavily.Thunder came with a terrible sound that concealed what seemed to be a woman?s
scream; a few seconds later, the weight on top of me completely disappeared.Once free, I pushed myself along the floor until I got to a corner; the wind was
beginning to calm down but was still whistling around me.?Saritaaa, Saritaaa.?I got up, a little shaken from the attack. I searched for the shotgun in the dark and
found it; I reloaded it and stood by in the pitch-black cell.A few minutes passed. The wind was finally calming down. I heard Benito?s voice but
I didn?t answer, as I was still certain there was a third person inside the cell with
us.I heard footsteps coming from outside the cell. I turned my head and the shotgun in
that direction; a minute later I saw the spark of a match being lit and I followed the
flame with my eyes, as it was the only thing I could see. That little flame lit up a gas
lamp.The guard walked to the second gas lamp and lit it with the same match. He then
brought the second gas lamp with him as he approached the cell to take a closer
look at us.He found me pointing his own shotgun at him; he saw Benito still curled up under
the bench.?Open this damn door right now,? I calmly said.===========================
www.storytellersbookclub.comMartha Whittington was born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico; at 21 years old she
to 'go out there and see the world'; thus beginning an incredible tour around the world that
lasted for a few years.She graduated from College majoring in Communications and has a Masters Degree
Public Relations.She comes from a family of published writers;
at a very young age Martha began writing short
stories that made it to international Poetry and
Short Novel contests, winning a few of them in
Spain and England.Writing has always been a fun and loving
hobby to her.She currently resides in the US.Martha Whittington currently has 8 books with fiction stories out. Here is a fragment of one of her stories. For more infromation please go to =>http: / / www.storytellersbookclub.com

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***Black Monday-Molly's Reviews*** The narrative opens as St unimarter UniMarter
***Black Monday-Molly's Reviews***

The narrative opens as Stan Turner laments Mondays. By late afternoon a frantic telephone call from an old client, Tex Weller closely followed by a visit from Derek Donner convinces Stan that Mondays really should be banned. Donner, Stan?s casualty insurance agent, has arrived with the news that one Lottie West has been found dead and Stan is the executor of her estate. The widowed Mrs West and her dozen or so dogs all have apparently died as result of a gas leak. Stan?s last appointment of the day is with Robert Huntington, who needs an attorney desperately, however Huntington cannot really say much about why. ?This is a matter of national security. You don?t have the proper clearance.? Once again Stan Turner is off on an invigorating, if at times puzzling, series of events that will ultimately lead him to uncovering not only unintentional homicide but also the looting and recovery of the long lost Ludinburg collection of priceless art treasures.
Set in Dallas during the savings and loan emergency of the late 1980s Black Monday is an easily read tale filled with conundrum, chicanery and mystery. Dallas Police Department Detective Bingo Besch, accused murderer Jimmy Bennet, Stan?s partner Paula Waters and Rebekah, his wife, all figure in the tale. Included in the narrative are a polemical turf battle between the FBI and CIA involving the Iran-Contra Scandal, three Dallas homicides in a single night and a profusion of flash backs to various 1987 events.

With his invariably astute adroitness, writer William Manchee has once more crafted one of his greatly enjoyable Stan Turner mysteries. Stan is again embroiled in scenario and subplot as Manchee intertwines the diversified elements of the tale with his usual dash and skill. Fully drawn characters are well fleshed, filled with imperfection and foibles and often given to perplexing artifice.
Black Monday is a thrilled packed compelling read filled with a masterfully engineered story line, snappy, first class dialogue and spine tingling action. Liberal conflict is judiciously resolved in this cleverly written work Black Monday provides the reader a glimpse inside the daily lives of characters who are engaging and interesting and thoroughly supposable. Black Monday is another in what this reviewer hopes is to be a very long series of William Manchee?s ?Stan Turner? mystery thrillers. The work remains my favorite type of book of good solid writing filled with credible characters and circumstances. As with other Manchee works there is no graphic sex thrown in an effort to sell the book or to try to cover up lack of writing skill. Black Monday is just a satisfying, well written edition.

Fans of a fast paced suspense thriller are sure to find Black Monday more than satisfies their longing for an excellent book for whiling away a long winter evening or during a summer after spent reading out on the front porch. A must have for the home library, the pleasure reading shelf and high school reading list. We who enjoy suspense filled mystery thrillers can only hope writer Manchee continues hard at work on the next in the series. I look forward to that next one and each of the ones to follow. Black Monday is a narrative that will grab you from the first line and will hold interest steady right on down to the last page.
Enjoyed the read, happy to recommend.
Genre: MysteryAuthor: William Manchee
http: / / billmanchee.com /
Line / Publisher Lean Press Portland, Oregon
www.leanpress.com ISBN: 1-932475-08-7Author, reviewer, parent, educatorReviewed by: molly martin
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