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***Binge Drinking: teksty Contributor to Wasted Lives and Unfulfi unimarter UniMarter
***Binge Drinking: teksty Contributor to Wasted Lives and Unfulfilled Potential***

What is Binge Drinking?Binge drinking is defined as the consumption of four or more drinks for women or five or more drinks for men during one occasion, and / or getting drunk more than once per month. teksty drink is defined as 12 ounces of beer, 5 ounces of wine, 1.5 ounces or one shot of liquor, or 12 ounces of wine cooler. (One drink does not equal a keg-size cup. Keg cups can hold up to three drinks.) Binge drinking is drinking as much as possible as fast as possible for the sole purpose of getting drunk.The Dangers of Binge DrinkingBinge drinking increases the risk of alcohol related injury (due to high risk activities such as drinking and driving), unplanned / unprotected sex, pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV / AIDS, date rape, violence, suicide, alcohol poisoning, alcoholism, and death. Statistics have shown that people who binge drink are 2 to 5 times more likely to experience problems from drinking, including legal problems related to drinking, i.e., DUI / DWI. Binge drinking can also lead to liver disease, cancer, heart disease and brain damage.Facts You Should KnowOver forty-one percent of college students engage in binge drinking, according to the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention.The four leading injury-related causes of death among the under-20 crowd are motor vehicle crashes, homicides, suicides and drowning, with many of these being attributed to binge drinking and alcohol.?Center for Disease Control and Prevention.Non-binge drinkers often suffer effects and injury, including rape, sexual advances and property damage, as a result of their binge drinking friends, according to the Harvard School of Public Health.How to Help a Binge DrinkerIf you are with someone who has had too much to drink:Cut off the supply of alcohol.Help the person avoid dangerous situations (i.e. driving, sexual activity, wandering around in dark or unfamiliar territory or alone).If your friend is unconcious, roll him / her on his / her side to prevent choking on vomit.Never leave the person unattended.Dial 9-1-1 or call local emergency services in your area.If your friend has passed out, s / he is probably in the beginning stages of alcohol poisoning. Without professional medical treatment, alcohol poisoning can lead to coma and to death.Jill teksty. Ferguson is a writer, editor, public speaker and professor of creative writing, communication and literature. She spent the last half of the 1990s as executive director for a substance abuse coalition. Her novel, Sometimes Art Can't Save You, about a teenager trying to cope in a chaotic and violent household, was published in October 2005 by In Your Face Ink (http: / / www.inyourfaceink.com)

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***Alcohol Poisoning*** Alcohol poisoning, sometimes called unimarter UniMarter
***Alcohol Poisoning***

Alcohol poisoning, sometimes called acute alcohol intoxication, is what happens to your body when your liver cannot adequately process all of the alcohol you have consumed. Your liver takes two hours to break down the alcohol in one drink. (That?s one 1.5 ounce shot, 5 ounces of wine or champagne or 12 ounces of beer or wine cooler). If you drink more than one drink every two hours, your liver will not be able to process all the alcohol, and alcohol being a depressant, will slow down your heart rate and breathing and lower your blood pressure.Alcohol poisoning can slow down your vital functions to the point you become comatose or even die. If you do survive alcohol poisoning, you may have to suffer through the pain of having your stomach pumped, or you may have permanent brain damage from the unconscious or comatose state your were in.Drinking games, shots and beer bongs encourage the drinking of large amounts of alcohol and increase the chances of alcohol poisoning. Being in an unconscious state also increases your chances of being a physical crime, such as rape or sexual assault.There are no set amounts of alcohol that will cause alcohol poisoning. The amount each person?s body can tolerate depends on the size, weight and chemical makeup of his / her body. Basically, different people experience different effects from the consumption of alcoholic beverages.Just because a person has thrown up does not mean s / he is now sober, that it is safe for the person to start drinking again, or that the poison from drinking too much is gone from his / her body.If you are with someone who has had too much to drink and passes out (or seems to have fallen asleep):First, try to wake the person by calling his name or pinching his skin.Turn the person on her side, so that if she does throw up, she will not asphyxiate on her own vomit.Never leave the person unattended.Check the person?s skin temperature, color and breathing.Dial 9-1-1 or call local emergency services in your area.If your friend has passed out and will not respond, s / he is probably in the beginning stages of alcohol poisoning. Without professional medical treatment, alcohol poisoning can lead to coma and to death.Jill teksty. Ferguson is a writer, editor, public speaker and professor. In the late 1990s, she served as executive director of a substance abuse coalition. Her book, Sometimes Art Can't Save You, about a teenage girl trying to cope in a violent and chaotic household, was published by In Your Face Ink (http: / / www.inyourfaceink.com) in October 2005.

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***Rig Ship for Ultra Quiet***
***Rig Ship for Ultra Quiet***

"An emergency deep will get any submariner's attention." The US fast attack submarine--one could only imagine what John Holland or Horace Hunley would have thought if they could have been transport ahead a hundred years to see what their works had wrought. Andrew Karam's book gives the non-qual and civilian world an unfiltered look at the end product of those early pioneers' vision. Rig Ship for Ultra Quiet chronicles life aboard the USS Plunger over the span of a single patrol. As with most modern era submarine accounts, this is not a war tome. That does not mean Rig Ship for Ultra Quiet is a pleasure cruise. By nature, racing about at flank speed submerged to 600 feet and trailing Soviet subs by sound alone is inherently dangerous. Every man about the vessel plays a role in the success of the operations.Karam's story outlines the shoreside preparations, the drills, and the exercises conducted in the Cold War era in an orderly and comprehensive fashion. He is a 27-year old Petty Officer, in charge of the Plunger's chem techs. His duties include testing and adjusting the boiler water chemistry and monitoring radiation safety, duties every bit as critical to the sub's survival as navigation and weapons control. Plunger is one of the older Permit-class boats in the Pacific fleet, a complex machine that requires constant attention and maintenance. That does not spare her from frontline service against the Soviets. Plunger is tasked with picking up a Delta IV leaving Petropavlovsk. Karam manned the time-bearing plot as part of the tracking team. Plunger closed to within less than a mile to trail, occasionally within 300 yards when the Russian boomer reduced speed and drifted. Karam and Plunger follow the Delta all the way into the Sea of Okhotsk, a hotbed of Soviet sonar buoys and ASW activity. Her success is a testimony to the discipline and training of US submarine crews.Plunger's to-do list is expanded with the task of monitoring Soviet fleet exercises close-up. With a host of Soviet ASW planes, helos, and ships on high alert combing the area looking for American subs, searching diligently for Plunger... she obliges them by deliberating taking the bait and sneaking into their midst, working up fire-control solutions and taking photographs. It's an astonishing feat and Karam does an good job laying it out.Life aboard a fast attack during peacetime is not all battlestations and crash dives. Karam succeeds in reporting the mundane daily rituals without boring the reader. Amid the fires, events, and casualties there is still room for practical jokes, the kind that the armed services are noted for. During a film an argument erupts over John Wayne's sexual predilections. One crewman baits another with the fact that the Duke was gay. His joke is turned on him when one of the senior enlisted men points out that Wayne played a Navy officer and disparaging an officer's reputation is a punishable offence. The original prankster is taken aback and the episode becomes a running joke that escalates in humor and deed.The pinnacle of Plunger's operation is "bagging the Akula". The Soviet's premiere fast attack sub, characterized as capable of 688-level stealth. The Akula's job is to hunt American subs. Plunger locates the Akula and maneuvers into her baffles, recording valuable signature sounds for the rest of the US sub force.One of the subtexts I enjoyed was the attitudes and personal observations by the author. Karam started college and then joined the Navy as an enlisted man. It's clear he was a young man with a sound mind and solid aspirations who was seeking direction. He admits to being at odds with the Navy and its many bureaucracies on many occasions; he also praises the organization for instilling the discipline he would need to go on to complete his education and obtain his doctorate. A fairly steep climb for an enlisted man but one the Navy helped prepare him for.The Cold War is history and the mission for the US sub force is facing evolution. Rig Ship for Ultra Quiet is informative, interesting, and a worthy account of the fast attack sub and its Cold War legacy.Subsim.com
Book Reviews: http: / / www.subsim.com / books / index.htmAuthor: Andrew Karam, Ph.D
Publisher: Temple House Pty / Sid Harta Publishers
Year: 2002
Reviewer: Neal StevensNeal Stevens is the editor of Subsim.com and contributing author of the coffee table book United States Submarines.

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***Seven Great Gift Ideas for Any Occasion*** If you've ever unimarter UniMarter
***Seven Great Gift Ideas for Any Occasion***

If you've ever found yourself wracking your brain, trying to think of the perfect gift to give a family member, friend, or co-worker, you're not alone. A common refrain is that you don't want to give something out of obligation or just for the sake of giving a present; you want your gift to be meaningful and appreciated. Here, then, are seven great gift ideas for your next gift-giving occasion.1. Pick up on clues. You may know your daughter's or husband's interests, but you may be at a loss when it comes to a colleague or even your grandmother. Act like a detective and pick up on any clues they provide. When your co-worker raves about a recent camping trip, you can bet that she'd appreciate a gift that reflects the outdoors. If your grandmother is always chilled when she comes to visit, a gift of warm clothing, like a sweater, would make a considerate gift.2. Use your imagination. When perusing books as gifts, for example, go beyond the best sellers and find the funky title that will appeal to your recipient. Perhaps a book on auto parts will make the perfect gift for the teenager who's into cars, or a book on the history of fragrances will be just the thing for the girlfriend who can't pass the perfume counter of the department store without stopping for a spritz.3. Go for the artistic gift. It's true that art is a matter of personal taste, but virtually everyone appreciates handcrafted gifts like blown glass or a beautiful jewelry box. Even children will appreciate games and toys that have been made from materials that are meant to last.4. Kitsch can be fun. Don't turn up your nose at those "As Seen on TV" items. While some products are kitschy, others are truly useful. Even those "As Seen on TV" products that seem like they're out in left field can be fun to give, particularly if your recipient has a sense of humor.5. Rely on the safe bet. When you truly don't know what to give, there are always fallback categories of gifts. You can't go wrong when you give personal electronics like car video systems or headsets, sporting goods, or luggage.6. Cast a broad net. If you can't come up with gift ideas, it's time to let your fingers do the clicking - on your mouse, that it. Look for an online store that has tens of thousands of items in a variety of categories. When you go online, you're sure to find the perfect gift - often at low, wholesale prices.7. Wrap it up. Don't forget that the way you wrap a gift can also make it memorable. Think outside of the (gift) box, and get creative. Remember that great gift ideas come from the heart, and that your recipient will appreciate your thoughtfulness.Chris Robertson is an author of Majon International, one of the worlds MOST popular internet marketing companies on the web.
Learn more about Seven Great Gift Ideas or Majon's Gifts and Collectibles directory.

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***Five Tips for Buying Great Men's Gifts*** They can be lov unimarter UniMarter
***Five Tips for Buying Great Men's Gifts***

They can be loveable. They can be loathsome. And they can be notoriously difficult to buy for. Finding the right men's gifts is both a science and an art. Study men long enough, and you'll get the science part down pat. The art of the gift lies in both what you buy and how you present it. Here then, are five tips to help you find the perfect gifts for the man in your life.

1. Every Man is a Jock. Okay, so not all men play sports. In fact, many men don't budge too far from the remote control on the weekends. But they still harbor the fantasy that they're a jock. Maybe they reminisce about their glory days on the football field, or perhaps they live their sports fantasy vicariously through their favorite teams as seen on TV. Your man may truly be a jock, spending weeknights rounding the bases in his softball league or spending weekends training for a marathon. No matter. Sporting goods gifts are virtually always appreciated.

A corollary to the "Every Man is a Jock" rule is that "Every Man is an Outdoorsman." Maybe his idea of camping is driving a 40-foot RV into a campsite and plugging in, but he'll still appreciate a gift he can use in the great outdoors.

2. Every Man is Debonair. Whether he wines and dines you on a regular basis, or his idea of romance is grilling you a burger and sharing his six-pack, every man has an inner Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, or Clark Gable - take your pick. Giving him a gift that acknowledges his more cosmopolitan nature - a beautiful piece of jewelry like a watch, one of the wonderful men's fragrances on the market, a gorgeous set of luggage, or a lovely piece of clothing like a cashmere sweater - will endear you to him forever.

3. Every Man is a Kid. You knew that, though. If your man is like most, he has more games and toys than the kid next door. Indulge your grown-up little boy with grown-up toys. Any type of personal electronics is sure to be a hit, whether it's a car video system or headsets.

4. Every Man Has a Mind of His Own. Maybe he's an intellectual, or maybe he's not. Nonetheless, he'll appreciate you for appreciating his mind. Give him a special book - whether it's on auto parts or on the best sellers' list - and show him that you understand his interests.

5. Presentation is Everything. Gift giving shouldn't be an obligation. It should be fun. Give him the gift you selected in an appropriate setting. If you bought him sporting goods, take him to a sports bar and give him his gift. If you bought him something debonair and cosmopolitan, wear something provocative - lingerie will work - and give him his gift somewhere private. If you've bought him luggage, pack it and take him away on a surprise overnight trip.

With a little forethought, it's easy to find the perfect men's gift for the man in your life.
Chris Robertson is an author of Majon International, one of the worlds MOST popular internet marketing companies on the web.
Learn more about Five Tips for Buying Men's Gifts or Majon's Gifts and Collectibles directory.

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***Wholesale Guide for the Online Shopper*** Internet shoppi unimarter UniMarter
***Wholesale Guide for the Online Shopper***

Internet shopping is the choice of many with today's busy lifestyles. It's convenient, quick, and can be done from anywhere - even one's own home computer. However, finding bargains online is not always easy. You've probably seen many advertisements such as "over 35,000 items at low cheap wholesale prices" while shopping on the Web. But, how do you know if the prices really are wholesale prices?" Here's a quick guide to wholesale shopping so you can recognize a wholesale price when you see one.

Keep a Retail Price List

A serious wholesale shopper will keep an ongoing list of item retail prices as they shop or search online. If shopping for electronics, make a list of the general electronic product types and their average prices. Do the same with other products, whether shopping for auto parts, toys, As Seen on TV products, lingerie, luggage, sporting goods, pet supplies, clothing, jewelry, or any other item. Most retailers sell for near the same prices on popular items unless they are offering a sales discount.

Here is a sample list (prices are examples only):

Car video products - Average Price: $99.95
Video games - Average Price: $29.95
Outdoor furniture - Average Price: $399.00
Sporting goods - Average Price: $59.95
Pet supplies - Average Price: $19.95
Toys - Average Price: $9.95
Costume Jewelry - Average Price: $39.95
Real Gold and Silver Jewelry - Average Price: $149.95
Fragrances - Average Price: $39.95

The list can go on and on.

Compare Average Retail Prices to Wholesale Prices

Next, compare the average retail prices you have found with the prices at wholesale shopping malls. The malls that are advertising "over 35,000 items at low cheap wholesale prices" as mentioned above should have their pricing well below the average retail prices for similar items. If not, then they are not really offering wholesale prices.

Compare Apples with Apples

While comparing prices, also compare brand names. Sometimes, quality must come before price. If you find that the brand names are the same, but the prices seem to be at the wholesale level when compared to the retailers, then it's probably a good bargain. Some general items aren't going to matter as much when it comes to the brand name, such as pet supplies, small-ticket electronics, some non-essential outdoor items, or sporting goods supplies that are disposable such as practice golf balls and tees or practice paper targets for the outdoors.

Getting Gifts at Wholesale Prices

During holidays and special gift-giving occasions, you can take the same steps above to find great gifts at wholesale prices. You can get gifts like fragrances, jewelry, video games and toys, glass décor items, headsets, clothing, etc. depending on the recipient's sex - male or female. You can buy general gifts for large family or office gatherings. If you've always wanted to buy some of those unique As Seen on TV Products, you can find these at wholesale prices as well. If buying for someone who loves to read, you can often find best sellers at great bargain prices. The gift product ideas are endless.

Follow the steps above to find great wholesale bargains, and don't hesitate to shop at the Internet malls with "over 35,000 items at low cheap wholesale prices" once you've done your research. You'll be amazed at how much you can save!

Chris Robertson is an author of Majon International, one of the worlds MOST popular internet marketing companies on the web.
Learn more about Wholesale Guide for Shopper or Majon's Shopping - General directory.

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***Crokinole: The Latest Trend in Family Games*** If you've unimarter UniMarter
***Crokinole: The Latest Trend in Family Games***

If you've never heard of crokinole, it won't be long before you do. This traditional game is enjoying a resurgence, and is becoming the hot trend among family games in North America. Because everyone from young children to seniors can play crokinole (pronounced croak-i-noll), its popularity as a family pastime continues to increase. Because you never know when a family member or friend will bring out crokinole boards, here's a primer on the history of the crokinole game and a rundown of crokinole rules.

According to Miracle Ventures, a company that specializes in crokinole games and crokinole boards, the oldest known crokinole game was discovered in Ontario, Canada, in 1876. Also referred to as Pichenotte (pronounced peesh-nut), crokinole is a game where the players shoot discs in order to leave their discs in the highest scoring position while eliminating opponents discs from the playing surface. In this sense, crokinole is similar to shuffleboard or curling.

Crokinole Boards

A crokinole board playing surface is round, and is usually between 26 and 31 inches in diameter. Because the goal of crokinole is to shoot round pieces across the board surface into ring areas while knocking out the opponents' discs, there are three ring areas, worth five, ten, and fifteen points respectively. A crokinole board also has what's called a "twenty hole," a shallow hole in the center of the board. If a player's piece lands in the hole, he or she gets twenty points.

Crokinole boards also have what's called a "pin circle," a series of eight posts that are situated on the inner 15-point scoring line of the crokinole board. The discs often bump into these pins, adding both excitement and challenge to the game. The outer edge of a crokinole board is called the rim or the rail, and prevents the discs from falling to the floor.

Crokinole Rules

Crokinole can be played by either two or four players. When two players participate, they face each other across the board. When four people play, they play opposite each other in two teams. In a two-player game, each player has twelve discs; when four play, each player has six discs.

The typical crokinole game is played to 100 points, although players can opt to play a 50-point game. Play always proceeds in a clockwise direction. The player's rear end (or at least part of it) should be on the chair, and both feet on the floor while shooting.

The first player attempts to shoot his or her disc into the twenty hole. If the disc misses but stays within the fifteen-point zone, the next player attempts to hit the first player's disc into the ditch of the crokinole board. If the player misses, his or her shooting disc is removed to the ditch. Play then progresses, with other crokinole rules pertaining to bouncing a disc off of other discs or posts, when a disc lands on the starting line, and shooting from the player's own quadrant. Once all of the discs have been shot, scoring commences. The number of points awarded depends upon the zones in which the discs rest. Once the scoring is completed, the next round begins.Chris Robertson is an author of Majon International, one of the worlds MOST popular internet marketing companies on the web.
Learn more about Crokinole: Trendy Family Game or Majon's Toys and Games directory.

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***Online Shopping Can Provide You Access To Great Products In a unimarter UniMarter
***Online Shopping Can Provide You Access To Great Products In a Very Convenient Way***

Online shopping is a great way to buy all of the things that you want or need without leaving home. Many people have taken up online shopping because they can get popular items without dealing with the crowds and pressure from sales representatives. You can buy everything you could want or need online, and then some! Some new online shoppers are shocked at just how much you really can get online, as well as the fact that you can get things at great prices!

Many shoppers have taken to the Internet because they can buy from their favorite retailers without braving traffic or the crowds. Many times when you buy online you can get great deals that you won't get in the retail store, even if you buy from the retail stores website. Online offers often make it worth your time to browse the Internet before you leave home for the store. Many of the things that you would go to the store for such as cameras, camcorders, televisions, Xbox systems, PlayStation systems and games, home theatre components, and more can be ordered online and you can save a lot of money doing so. Not only can you save money, many of these things can be delivered to your door, so that it is also the most convenient way to shop.

Another reason you might want to shop online for your electronics is that you'll find more inventory. Of course, when you shop at your local electronics store they only have so much retail space to display product. Often when you shop online you can find new products or products that you just cannot find in the store. If you want the most up to date electronics, they can often be found online before the local retail stores have the products on their shelves.

Shop Online For Home Décor

You can also shop online for your home. If you are in the midst of redecorating or building a new home, you can find some great home décor products for your home for less. If you live in an area where you don't have all that much access to home décor products, you can find a whole world of stuff when you shop online. Online shopping can also put some great promotional products in your hands for very little, items that you may have never even heard of before but can make your house a home. Home décor can usually be purchased for very competitive prices, as well. And, if you are in the middle of redecorating or building, you probably do not have all that much time to shop around, so shopping online can help you get your home decorated without spending a lot of time away from home.

Online shopping has become more and more popular over the years. Many people shop online not only for themselves, but for their friends and loved ones. Shopping online during the holidays for cameras, Xbox systems, games, and more for your friends and family will be a lot easier than fighting the crowds in your local area. Not only can you shop any time without the crowds, you can get the gifts shipped right to your door, or gift-wrapped and sent to the doors of the people that you love. Holiday shopping, or shopping any time of the year has never been easier than that!

If you have a busy lifestyle but you love to shop, online shopping is the way to go! If there is something you want or need, you can shop in just minutes and have the items delivered to you at home. Online shopping can fulfill your need to shop, without actually taking time out to go to the mall.Chris Robertson is an author of Majon International, one of the worlds MOST popular internet marketing companies on the web.
Learn more about Online Shopping is Fun and Easy or Majon's Shopping - General directory.

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***How To Purchase Electronics Online Through Discount Sites*** unimarter UniMarter
***How To Purchase Electronics Online Through Discount Sites***

So there you are, searching through the hundreds of online discount stores, seeking those low-priced electronics that you are longing for. You know, the latest cameras, computers, cell phones, games, and other toys. Your wife is dreaming of some new home d?cor lamps and art work, and you are dreaming of that new shotgun from the outdoors section. But, what about jewelry?and clothing? With all the low-priced e-malls out there, how to you know which ones to buy from?Well, do some homework! Check out each one that carries the item, or items, that you want to compare the prices. If that digital camera is only $50 here, why is it $75 there? If the home d?cor piece that your wife is dreaming about is only $100 here, why would it be $200 there? While there might be a small fluctuation in price from site to site, a large variation is enough to raise suspicions on your part. Electronics are a big thing on discount sites, mostly because they are expensive new, and people don?t want to pay top dollar for something that will be out of date in a week. So, check out all of their electronics before you buy. Seeing the condition of other electronics that are in the same category will help you to know the type of condition that one is in.Make sure that the item is the same, not bigger or fancier, and make sure that you are looking at the real thing. Check to see if these are new or used items. If they are used and are selling for the same price as new items on another e-mall, you?re better off to go to the other e-mall! Jewelry is another big challenge. Make sure that you are seeing a picture of the actual item that you are buying. If you aren?t comfortable, don?t buy!From outdoors equipment to electronics, eBay, and companies like it will have what you are looking for. If the other e-malls are turning you off by their high prices, click on over to eBay or another site like it to check their merchandise and pricing. You might just find that new video game a lot cheaper here than the site you were just on. Also, most people who sell on eBay or other similar sites have to go through a process just to sell their things here, new or used. There is also a return policy in place, so if you aren?t happy, you can return it. EBay is a great place to find everything that you could want, jewelry included. You can even find some one of a kind jewelry items here that will wow her when you give them. You will still need to make sure that you are seeing the actual item, and not a pretty picture.While there are hundreds of low-price, high quality, e-malls out there, there are also the high-price, bad quality ones as well. You can always look through their ?About Us? information to get a good idea of what the company or site is about. If they don?t have a lot of information, or it?s sketchy, you might consider emailing them with questions or just don?t purchase from them. You can also look in the ?Contact Us? section and email them with any questions that you might have about their company or products. Ask as many questions as you want until you feel comfortable with them.Also, don?t give out your credit card number anywhere on any site unless you are purchasing an item or two and they have a secure site so hackers can?t get to your card number as easily.Basically, just make sure that you check a site out completely before you jump in and buy from them. You should be able to tell right away from the look and feel of the site if it is a company that you would like to do business with or not. If they advertise millions of items and then only carry three, you might consider searching somewhere else. Also, if their shipping isn?t through a major carrier, there is another red flag that you need to head on to the next e-mall! Use your common sense and have fun seeking out that new ?toy? that you want.Chris Robertson is an author of Majon International, one of the worlds MOST popular internet marketing companies on the web.
Learn more about Online Malls and You or Majon's Gifts and Collectibles directory.

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***The U-Boat War*** Any book covering the U-boat war of 193 unimarter UniMarter
***The U-Boat War***

Any book covering the U-boat war of 1939-45 naturally begins with the decisions by the Nazi state that ultimately ensured the defeat of the U-boats. David Westwood's moderately-sized and reader-friendly volume picks up the narrative after the defeat of Imperial Germany in WWI. Banned from operating submarines, the Germans circumvented the Versailles Treaty with a program of advising, training and contracting-out submarine construction for neighboring Turkey, Spain, and Finland. As the Nazis took power and plummeted the world toward catastrophe, Chief of the Navy Erich Raeder and Commander of U-boats Karl Doenitz undertook a rapid construction program that initially put commerce-raiding subs on equal footing with battleships. Hitler's desire to ignite the war in Sept. 1939 (due in part because opposing powers began to take his rhetoric and re-arming programs seriously) denied Raeder the time necessary to build the 300 U-boat fleet that would be required to take on the Royal Navy. Instead, Germany had a scant 49 U-boats ready to begin patrol and fought a game of catch-up that would doom the Kriegsmarine.Foremost on the mind of the U-boat planners was the problem of British ASDIC (sonar), the sound locating system developed near the conclusion of the First World War. The British Navy had such confidence in the technology that they seriously considered the submarine threat neutralized. The German Naval Command had other ideas, namely to develop tactics that could marginalize ASDIC and still allow a submarine to attack and retreat against enemy shipping. This included mental training to "immunize the U-boat (crews) against the Asdic sonic transmissions". U-boats would seek conditions favorable to their strengths: attack at night on the surface, where Asdic would not have the power to find them; to use the low and narrow profile of the U-boat to avoid visual detection; and to gather en masse in "wolfpacks" to overwhelm the escort screens and ensure maximum havoc and confusion.Another tactic, employing modern radio technology to allow headquarters to concentrate and guide the U-boats to convoy positions, would work against the Germans. Frequently excessive use of the radio ("chatting" with top commanders in the field of battle is rightfully characterized by Westwood as "criminally negligent" of Doenitz) allowed the British code breakers at Bletchley park to read the Germans' Enigma signals. U-boats reporting back to headquarters routinely suffered as a result of giving away their position to British direction finding teams.Doenitz was of course aware of the problems arising from U-boat radio traffic, but to have control he had to receive information from all boats. He needed to know not only about his U-boats, but about enemy traffic (air, naval, and merchant), weather, and inshore, details of lights, shoals, sandbanks, and harbor defenses. All this and more was needed to keep BdU in the picture. To cut transmission time to a minimum, the system of short signals had been developed, but non-standard information needed non-standard signals. He hoped to balance the value of the information he received against the risk to the U-boats.Ultimately the efforts not only failed but contributed substantially to the destruction of the U-boat service. Allied (mainly British) intelligence routed convoy traffic around and away from wolfpacks. Intercepting the enemy's reports assisted hunter-killer groups in tracking and sinking U-boats in the vast oceans.The U-boat War skillfully chronicles the logistical issues and technological gains that worked for and against the U-boats. Early in the war the Germans suffered from torpedo failures that were incredibly similar to that of the Americans in the Pacific; the Germans solved their problems quickly while the American sub crews suffered from defective torpedoes for nearly three years. German and Allied development of radar is examined. Each side sought to gain a step in this critical technology which led to measures and counter-measures that would swing the fight back and forth. When the Allies ultimately refined radar midway through the war, it took away the one element that the U-boats needed most to be effective (and indeed, to survive); radar meant U-boats could not use cover of night for surface attacks. Escorts could pinpoint a surfaced U-boat miles away, direct an attack. When the U-boat dived the escorts could strike using Asdic to track it until the boat was sunk or driven to the surface.Doenitz favored simplified design and logistical answers to the problem of developing and constructing boats under the press of war. The Type VII was considered his primary weapon. It could dive quickly, had a tight turning radius, and the small size was harder to detect by Asdic. However, its dreadfully slow underwater speed and limited range were no match for experienced Asdic operators. With the entry of the US in the war, the larger, longer-ranging Type IX, which could carry more torpedoes and fuel, began to surpass the Type VII in sinkings. With the turning of the war in May 1943, it was evident that better designs would be necessary for success against Allied convoys and hunter-killer groups; a "true submarine" was the only hope. The Type XXI U-boat, a larger, dramatically more powerful design with more than twice the underwater speed of the earlier types, was recognized as the German answer in the convoy war. But shipbuilding would be hindered by shortages and Allied attacks. Westwood pays out close attention to the struggle for resources between the Army and Navy over steel and manpower.The war economy was not running at full stretch at the beginning of the war, and the slack began to be taken up only when the war turned against Germany. This meant that the Type XXI program would not overburden shipbuilding capacity if it were well planned, and the completion targets were not set unrealistically high.... The pace of the program initially resulted in delays, and this, plus the strict completion date of the first of the Type XXIs, led to her being unseaworthy, gaps in welding having wooden plugs.... The program had approximately 50 per cent of German steel production devoted to it; the general priority in all matter was one which would have delighted Doenitz four, or even three, years before, but was now a matter desperation.Desperation being the breeding ground for failure, the new, vastly superior U-boats saw very little action in the last stages of the war. Had the Type XXI design been adopted and implemented earlier in the war, there is little doubt the Allies would have suffered great setbacks.Understanding why the war was lost, what events contributed to the defeat of the German U-boat arm, added measurably to my knowledge. The U-boat War devotes several sections to specific convoy attacks and patrols--the exploits of noted U-boat warriors--which make good reading, but it is Westwood's studied analysis of the tactics, planning, technology, and logistics that elevates his book above mere war chronicle.Subsim.com
Book Reviews: http: / / www.subsim.com / books / index.htmAuthor: David Westwood
Publisher: Casemate Publishing
Year: 2005
Reviewer: Neal StevensNeal Stevens is the editor of Subsim.com and contributing author of the coffee table book United States Submarines.

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***The Savvy Shopper's Guide: Lowest Price Online Shopping for Ho unimarter UniMarter
***The Savvy Shopper's Guide: Lowest Price Online Shopping for Hot Gift Items***

If you're going to be a savvy online shopper, finding the lowest price for hot gift items is going to require a little work - but it's worth it. Here are some quick tips to improve your online shopping skills and to empower you to find those low prices you've been dreaming about!

Find Quality Products

Search for the brand names you trust before considering prices. The reason for doing this is you'll still want excellent quality even if the price is low. Searching for a low price only may result in getting a low-quality product. You're only wasting your time and money when buying items of poor quality. This is especially true with high-ticket gift items in electronics, games and toys, sporting goods, luggage and computers.

Shopping at Small Online Stores Versus Online Shopping Malls

Both small online stores and online shopping malls have their advantages and disadvantages. At small Web stores, you can usually enjoy a more personal shopping experience and find specialty items that you might not find anywhere else, online or off. However, these types of stores are usually limited in what they offer, and they might only focus on one particular type of product. These tend to be higher-priced on gift items as well.

At online shopping malls, the experience is more similar to that of shopping at large department store. You have a variety of categories to choose from, and can usually get items at a low price. These "low price" online shopping malls are great when you need to buy several gift items at once. They usually offer a wide selection of housewares, electronics, giftware, games and toys, headsets & phones, fragrances, candles, lingerie items, and much more.

A disadvantage of using a mall is you may not always find the brand name you're looking for, but a similar one is usually available. Also, you should check to be sure the items will be shipped quickly enough to give the gift to your loved one. Some online malls use international distributors or manufacturers to ship items, so be informed before you buy.

*Extra Tip: No matter where you shop, look for sales and bargains over the holidays to get the lowest prices while shopping online!

Use the Power of the Search

Finding the lowest price is easier than ever once you learn to use the "power of the search!" The Internet is built on searches, but millions of people still do not understand "how" to search for what they want. You can start with major search engines, and type in specific items or brand names you want to buy. Be very specific at the start. Then, if you are unable to find the specific item, do general searches.

For example, you might type in the search phrase "15-inch Magnavox PC Monitor" for starters, but then a more general term such as "magnavox monitors" if you are unable to find it on your first search. If you find an online shopping mall that you feel comfortable with, you can do searches within the mall to save time. Then, you can compare brand names and prices right there to find the best gift items available at the lowest prices.

Use this guide to become a savvy online shopper, and find all the hot gift items you need at the lowest prices possible!
Chris Robertson is an author of Majon International, one of the worlds MOST popular internet marketing companies on the web.
Learn more about Lowest Price Online Shopping or Majon's Gifts and Collectibles directory.

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***Mobile Gaming: An Explosion Of Fun In Your Hand*** Mobil unimarter UniMarter
***Mobile Gaming: An Explosion Of Fun In Your Hand***

Mobile gaming is not really something new. Games have been on phones for a long while. They started out on some of the earliest mobile phones as very simple, very ordinary games. Today, the mobile game industry is much larger, encompassing hundreds of different games all of which can be played virtually anyplace that you are. For those that love to keep something to do no matter where they are going, this is the way to do it.Mobile games are vast and there are hundreds of different types that you can take advantage of. For those who are after something with tons of graphics and color, there are a large amount of new games, just like these being added to the collection each day. For those who are looking for a quick game to tide them over at the doctor?s office, well, those are available in all sorts of styles as well.Why the big thrill anyway? Why are mobile games such a big deal? For many, this is not something that they think twice about. They really don?t care what games are on their phones. But, for others it is quite important. It is necessary for those that want to have the ability to play a game to be able to do so at anytime that they want to. Mobile gaming is an amazing thing because it connects people with things they love to do any place that they go.There is no doubt that the mobile gaming industry will continue to grow. There will be even more graphics and high quality sound effects. There will be more linking to your buddy to play. There will be more internet based games to get your fill of. And, really, it is pretty cool to be able to tell your friends that you have the latest and greatest game on your mobile phone now, isn?t it?Sandy Baker is a well respected writer and recommends these cell phone games, for your mobile phone. Its unique, as its the only all you can play, unlimited downloads games site, for the serious gamer!

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***When Was the Last Time You Heard a Tring... Tring!*** Whe unimarter UniMarter
***When Was the Last Time You Heard a Tring... Tring!***

When was the last time you heard a Tring..Tring?! The genuine sound (ringtone as we say today) of a TELEPHONE ringing (TELEPHONE as in Alexander Graham Bell). Long time I guess.. 3 years? more?Communication technology in the past 100 years has come a long way, gone far beyond a common man?s expectations giving or gifting him the toys to communicate on the move. Be it laptops, palmtops, mobile phones, satellite phones and the wireless internet. What else can we expect in the next 100 years of existence? Hard to imagine, harder to believe. Whoever believed in a mobile phone 20-25 years back?Well, the gizmos have arrived and are here to stay. We?d better get used to them before we are left far behind in the past. In order to stay abreast of mobile technologies and mobile gadgets one needs a simple basic know how of using a telephone. Believe it or not, despite all advertisements and promos (with feature lists) that we see everyday for mobile phones, they are very, very easy and simple to use. The fun lies here.Apart from being a basic telephone, the mobile phone has evolved into a personal accessory which speaks a lot about the person who carries it. Thereby, it also carries a snob value, because of which a person always tends to have the latest, with the best features despite the cost of procuring or replacement.Once a mobile phone has evolved into a personal accessory, a lot of customization goes into it. Therefore the need for software and content viz. ringtones, wallpapers, screensavers, logos, games, themes, headsets, facia, software, comes to the fore. Thank god we?ve always had a resource called the ?Internet?, the source of all information, be it the basic phones or the content or the software.Customization of a mobile phone to suit your personal tastes is not the work for an engineer. You can do it yourself, if you fiddle around with one for a couple of days or so. Every mobile phone model is different in itself as far as looks, features, menus etc go, but basically the same. It only takes some getting used to.A mobile phone?s future is that it wants to grow to be a computer. Well, pretty much so when we see PDA?s evolving from mobile phones and computers shrinking to Palm tops. You know where you are headed, just use a little compu-sense when you use your mobile, you will get off to a flying start.Let?s get on a little ?What is? on these features?Wallpaper: A background picture that you see when you look at the LCD of your mobile phone.Ringtones: The sound that is played by your mobile phone when someone calls you.Games: Gaming software that you can load into your mobile phone to play when you are free.Themes: Wallpaper, ringtone, logo, color schemes etc all rolled into one so that you don?t have to set them individually.WAP: Internet access settings for your mobile phone, these have to be set manually as per your service operator specifications.Software: Miscellaneous stuff viz. games etc. Other software to lock, unlock your phones, diagnosing problems etc.A mobile phone now-a-days comes with a lot of features like a built in camera, an MP3 player, a voice recorder etc?. You can use all the features, or you can learn to use all the features, alternatively decide on what features you need and make a buying decision.Believe it or not, many people want to say that their mobile phone has a camera, many people use it regularly, and most people who have a mobile phone with a camera hardly use it after the first week. Imagine that they must have spent at least ?50 - $100 extra for the camera?why? It is primarily the decision of the user, what phone he / she wants, but keep in mind the primary use of a mobile phone is to be connected on the move.All I have done is given you a fair picture of a mobile phone and highlighted the pros and cons to help you make the right decision while buying one. As far as accessories, content and software are concerned, I will strongly suggest you that you check out http: / / www.mobilebuz.comNOTE: This article may be freely reprinted in your ezines, ebooks, off-line publications, or on your websites. We only require that the entire article - including the clickable links, and the resource box at the bottom of each article remain unchanged.Wayne Brown, Webmaster, is the co-owner and webmaster of http: / / www.mobilebuz.com which is a resource site for mobile phones.

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***The Changing Face of Mobile Phones*** Wallpaper, as my gr unimarter UniMarter
***The Changing Face of Mobile Phones***

Wallpaper, as my grandmother describes, is something that you can use to make your room look good and leave a lasting impression on anyone visiting. You should really choose the paper with care, so as to reflect your taste and temperament.The concept of Wallpaper has evolved drastically since those dark ages of our grandparents. ?Wallpaper? has become a very important part of the vocabulary in the past three years or so. Today everyone knows ?Wallpaper? by what their computer screens show on the background when they start up and more recently when their mobile phones are switched on.Time has moved on and so has the usage. These wallpapers or for that matter any accessory, should be selected with utmost care, since you would be looking at it or hearing it more than anyone else (no one will come visiting as in the dark ages). My idea is that it should be soothing to your senses, relaxing to your vision and most importantly, should pep you up. Again, this is just my idea, but ideally one should rather go by instinct and use according to their personal appeal i.e. what appeals to their senses the most.The technology movement has made this software like wallpapers, ringtones, screensavers, logos etc. available to almost all mobile phones today. These tools serve, not only as incentives to buy a mobile phone but also to make the use of these gadgets interactive and interesting.Today, irrespective of the mobile phone brand (many are available viz. Nokia, Motorola, Siemens, Samsung, Panasonic, Sagem, Sharp, Alcatel, LG, Mitsubishi etc.) that you own or buy, these software are available to all, be it as a built in feature or through download from various sites on the internet or from your mobile service provider, either free of cost or at a nominal charge. However you should take a little care (as follows), when you procure or download software for your mobile phones.For Wallpapers, firstly check the resolution that your mobile phone supports and download only those that can be displayed.For Ringtones, check if your mobile phone supports polyphonic ringtones, if it does you can download any tones, otherwise download only those tones which are not polyphonic.For Screensavers, just check the resolution of your mobile phone and download any screen saver that is equal to or less than that specified.For Logos, follow the same rules as the screensavers.These add-ons are also very easy to use. You could change your ringtone, wallpaper, screensaver or logo in less than one minute on any mobile phone once you get the hang of it. Why, you can change them everyday like your clothes. The accessories instill newness in a mobile phone user?s life when their daily chores have become habitual.Their (the add-ons) beauty does not lie in their usage or in the simplicity of usage, but in the relevant fact that they bring freshness to one?s otherwise routine life.In today?s life of scientific diversity and extreme competition, a mobile phone has become an irreplaceable part of our lives and lifestyle. And similarly, the ringtones, logos, screensavers and wallpapers have become absolutely indispensable part of our mobile phone?s life.In the world of pretty, pleasing, small, colorful, camera laden mobile phones vanity has taken a front seat in the war for better, sleeker, feature laden gadgets in the users psyche. The software is not far behind. The developers are striving harder to achieve more and more compatible, smaller and good quality wallpapers, ringtones, logos and screensavers. All this to make our mobile phone usage more fun, interactive, entertaining and easier.In support for the cause of all (you, us, the developers and most importantly your mobile phones) and to pep up your mobile phones with the latest software visit http: / / www.theunlocker.co.ukNOTE: This article may be freely reprinted in your ezines, ebooks, off-line publications, or on your websites. We only require that the entire article - including the clickable links, and the resource box remain unchanged.Wayne Brown, is Webmaster of http: / / www.theunlocker.co.uk which offers free downloads and resources for mobile phones.

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***Parappa the Rapper*** This game has some unique graphics unimarter UniMarter
***Parappa the Rapper***

This game has some unique graphics that no other game uses and that makes the game different from other games. All the characters are flat paper-like figures and you will notice this when someone turns to the side. This graphic style makes the game fun to watch and play, but learning the game play will take a little time.When you start the game, you will easily figure out how to play and once you get the hang of it, you'll have a blast. On the screen in the first stage is the main character Parappa and a Karate instructor. When the song starts, the instructor will sing and tell you to kick or punch and you must press the correct button, either X, square, triangle, or circle when prompted to. The game rewards you for pressing the buttons correctly, but if you mess up, the music slows down and you start hearing quacking-like sounds. On the bottom left side of each level is a bar that shows if you're rapping bad, good and so on and if you miss too many notes, the game is over. Stage one is easy to complete and there are not many buttons on the screen that you need to press correctly. Songs get much more difficult after stage one, but with practice you will be able to complete them.Speaking of the songs, there are quite of few of them and each one is great and fun to listen to over and over again. In stage 2, Parappa needs to get his driver's license, so you get to hear a song rapped while he's driving in the car with a mean instructor. She will rap about what you have to do during the test and you will have to repeat what she says. It's a very catchy song, but one of the most hilarious songs in the game is when you have to bake a cake. This time Parappa's instructor is a proper and elegant chicken that raps about which ingredients go into the recipe. What's unusual about this stage is what items the chicken puts into the cake. Also, the chicken is not a good rapper because of her properness, however she pulls the song off and it's another classic song that will have you singing along.The best song in the game is quite possibly the music in the last stage. Once you play the whole game you will notice that there is an overall story being told and the final song features all of Parappa's previous teachers. In most of the songs, all Parappa does is repeat what his instructor says, but in the last song, he raps with his own ability. During this song, he is on a stage with a popular rapper, while his all his teachers are back up singers. The audience is also packed full of people shouting and screaming while Parappa raps. The best part happens when you play through this stage without mistakes; you get a chance to freestyle rap and earn extra points. When you finish playing the game, you can go back and play any of the stages if you have a memory card. If you don't have a memory card, you should get one if you don't want to have to play the entire game over just to listen to the best song, which is sung in the last stage.If you want to play a unique game that has awesome music and game play, you should play this one.Michael Russell
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***Street Fighter 2*** When Street Fighter 2 was in the arca unimarter UniMarter
***Street Fighter 2***

When Street Fighter 2 was in the arcades, people would put quarters or tokens in the machine to fight each other and show their skills. You had to be good to challenge someone in the arcade because if you were not, your opponent would win each round in a matter of minutes. To get better in the arcades, you had to use a lot of quarters or tokens to keep playing and learning your favorite characters' moves. There were also some strategy guides to teach you how to pull the moves off, but without actually trying it out in the arcades, it really didn't help much. The Street Fighter 2 game stayed packed with people playing it and everyone would stand around the machine watching the matches.Once the Super Nintendo was released, a Street Fighter 2 game debuted and everyone enjoyed this arcade hit from their home. Now people can choose their favorite fighters and improve their skills, or just play for fun. This port is almost identical to the arcade game and all the characters have their same moves and levels. Street Fighter 2 for the Super Nintendo does have one minor difference, its controller. The home game's system controller is flat and the arcade machine has a stick. There is an optional controller that you can buy to play this game just like in the arcade. Everything else is awesome about this game and by playing at home you can finally test out all characters without having to spend lots of tokens.Street fighter has some interesting characters and when you play this game you will probably find someone who suits your play style. The most popular and maybe the easiest characters to start out with is either Ken or Ryu. These two have identical move sets, so choosing who you want depends on if you like Ken's coolness, or Ryu for always being serious. Another popular character is Chun Li; she is fairly easy to control if you're new to the game. Chun Li also has a move that makes her leg kick at a high speed, just by pressing one button repeatedly. There is also an unusual character called Blanka; he is an animal-like creature with green skin and orange hair. His most popular move is an electric current that comes from his body also by pressing one button rapidly. For the sumo fans, there is a sumo wrestler in this game named E. Honda and he fights mainly using his hands. There are many more fighters, so picking the right one depends on your style of play and the character you like.Each fighter has their own stage or home town in which they fight; stages range from a great variety of indoor and outdoor levels. Ken is from the USA and his stage is near a ship in the ocean, while Guile, also from the US, is an army man; his level is by a parked military jet. Chun Li is from china; her stage is in a town filled with people in the background watching the fight. Every stage is unique to each character and the music that plays suits the fighter. When you play through the story mode, your fighter visits each character in their own town or stage. Playing against a friend is a bit different; before the start of the match you get to choose whose level you want to fight in.Street Fighter 2 is a classic game that is worth playing; the learning curve is not that tough and with some practice you can beat your friends every time.Michael Russell
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***Nintendo's Punch-out*** When Nintendo was still making ga unimarter UniMarter
***Nintendo's Punch-out***

When Nintendo was still making games, one particular unique boxing game was released in two formats called Mike Tyson's Punch-out and Punch-out boxing. There is a slight different between the two games and it's dealing with the final boxer you face. Mike Tyson's game has him at the end of the game and he is tough to beat, while the other game has Mr. Dream. Punch out's Mr. Dream character acts just like Tyson, so choosing which game you want depends on whether you want to fight Tyson or not. Both games; however, have all the same boxers that you must face to reach the final bout.There are many different boxers to face, but the fun part is finding their weaknesses. The first boxer is really easy to defeat and his name is Glass Joe. It does not take long to put him down for the count, but things get tougher when you reach Bald Bull. This boxer starts the fight at a normal pace, but when he jumps to the back of the ring you better watch out. This is when Bald Bull does his charge attack and if he hits you, you're going to hit the mat hard. The best part about this game is you can earn power ups just by hitting and connecting with your opponent. If you're successful, you earn a super uppercut which completely lowers the other boxer's health meter. This skill will come in handy for Bald Bull, but do not use it during his charge attack, it is best to dodge it, but you can time a belly punch to knock him down. This is a great game with many characters that have unique weaknesses that you must discover in order to win.When the Super Nintendo was released, an improved Punch-out debuted call Super Punch-out and many of the old boxers were replaced with new ones. The first boxer in this game is Gabby Jay and he is easy to defeat because of his age. Bald Bull is one of the returning boxers from the older game, but this time he is rather easy to knock out. He still has his bull charge; however, he is not as tough to knock down when he does this like in the Tyson game. Many of the newer boxers are difficult to defeat and some of them don't belong in a boxing match.In the second circuit, after you beat the first boxer, you face Dragon Chan; he is a kick boxer and he uses his feet to kick you during the match. There also is an old man in the last circuit that uses a stick to fight you and you will have to learn his moves to win. The final boxer, Nick Bruiser, is hard to knock out in this game, but before you reach him, you have to face his twin brother, Rick Bruiser. Once you defeat Rick, you're going to have to work hard to knock out Nick Bruiser, because he acts like a steel man. He has ways to block all your punches and his hits will lower your health a lot. Once you beat him you can play the other modes in the game like the time trial. This mode keeps track of your best time for knocking out a boxer and wining the match. You can now challenge a friend to see if they can beat your time or just try to top your own time. This game has many boxers that all have their own style of boxing, which make this game fun to play.Punch-out games are awesome to play no matter which one you choose. Mike Tyson's game has boxers that get tougher the more you advance through the game. Super Punch-out has better graphics and the boxers start out easy, but once you pass the Minor Circuit the boxers fight you with more skill.Michael Russell
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***Getting Game Server Hosting ? What You Should Know*** Gam unimarter UniMarter
***Getting Game Server Hosting ? What You Should Know***

Game server hosting is a specialized version of internet hosting, designed to for gamers to use to play games via the internet.Usually, gamers use a piece of software called a game client to connect to the game server. Many individual game clients may be connected to a game server at once.There are actually two basic types of gamer servers ? listen servers and dedicated servers. Listen servers are mostly used by individual players. For example, you might use a listen server at a LAN party.Dedicated servers are generally setup on a remote server (i.e. The server is not in the same locality as the gamers). Usually, this server will be part of a data center, which is a facility which contains many servers for various purposes.Maintaining a dedicated game server can be very expensive, as a game server usually will require large amounts of bandwidth. (Bandwidth, also called data transfer, is a measure of the amount of data that comes and goes from the server.)Sometimes a gaming clan will collectively pay for a game server for their use, but often times the best way to get access to a dedicated server is to pay for access. There are many Game Server ProvidersGame Server hosting may also come with extra features, such as voice capability. Ventrilo is a good example of this. Ventrilo is a voice communications system that gamers can use to communicate between themselves. Using a headset with microphone, game players can communicate, plan strategies, etc, without taking the time to type.Another interesting feature available to you with some game server hosting providers is advanced stats. With this feature, you can get advanced statistics on every player on your server. Some servers even allow you to use Google Maps to pinpoint where each user is from, or view a map showing the location of all the players on your server.Get Dedicated game server hosting from Leet Game Servers.

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***Download Video Games! The Game Is On And The World Is Waiting unimarter UniMarter
***Download Video Games! The Game Is On And The World Is Waiting For You***

I'm not trying to reveal my age, but I remember the days when video games were introduced to me, and how excited I was playing the first version of games available. I barely could make out the choppy looking characters and graphics, but I didn?t care, it was technology in the making that later in life showed me how much we have evolved in the video game market.Moving forward into the new millennium, it?s brought about many exciting changes for the video game industry. It?s a great feature to be able to conveniently download your favorite games from the Internet right to your computer, and in my opinion, it has changed the face of gaming like I have never seen before!Gamers from all over the world can click a few buttons and before you know it, the game of your choice is downloaded to your computer in minutes! Depending on how fast your Internet service is, and the speed of your computer, in most situations you can get games downloaded in a matter of seconds, and then you can play them immediately.Challenge Video Game Players From All Over The World, And Who Knows Maybe Also From Beyond!Imagine playing other game enthusiasts that has access to these online games worldwide. This is another exciting option for you in this day and age of Internet gameplay! You and other players from all over the world can compete in the same video game no matter where you live on this planet! This is a great way to challenge yourself and others, plus meet great friends from other countries.Downloads online are available through specialty gaming sites that let you to sign up and get access to start downloading and playing once you?re a member. This concept provides an exciting and competitive multiplayer environment for the video game enthusiasts.When A New Game Title?s Released, You Can Be The First To Experience Them Online Before You Buy!When many game releases that hit the stores for Nintendo, Playstation, and Gamecube, you just don?t know what you?re getting in a game. The packaging looks good, the advertisements entice you to buy them, but when you start to play the video game you purchased, you may realize it was all hype and no substance.This is another great feature when you download and play games online, you have an opportunity to play the latest and new video game releases, and this allows you to determine if you would like to purchase the select game or not. You can purchase and keep the ones you enjoy, and the games you don?t, you save time by not having to go back to the store and try to get your money back.If game playing is high on your list of favorite things to do, and you have access to a computer and Internet, consider downloading your favorite games to play, and experience the convenience and unique features that our new world of technology has given us.William is the Author and owner of "Online DVD and Game Rental" available at http: / / www.online-dvd-and-game-rental.com Your source for DVD and Game Rental Services available online! Find top online video stores offering DVD and video game rentals such as Blockbuster and Intelliflix, and have your entertainment conveniently delivered right to your door with no late fees or shipping charges.

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***Online Game Reviews Make People Buy and Play*** Informati unimarter UniMarter
***Online Game Reviews Make People Buy and Play***

Information along the lines of performance ratings, genre, review on the actual game play or special features of the game, the positive and negative aspects of the game, what console it plays on, who created the games, and the overall rating for the audience it is initially targeted to.The gaming industry has become a multi-billion dollar enterprise, which has infected everyone from, every known aspect of society. From rich to poor, child to adult, everyone has had come in contact at on point in time with video games, so much now that there is a need for these reviews to act as advertising to the masses. Also for the amazing amount of different genres and more realistic video games being produced monthly, it has become so much easier for adult content, violence, and even nudity to find its way to the wrong type of audience, say children.That type of mishap has happened before and to a grand scale. The many video game bodies of America and the world have been given ultimatums by the censorship boards that have to clean up these sort messes, and tighten their grip on what is the correct thing to do. They now have a tougher criterion when handing out these ratings for Mature, Everyone, Teen etc. And there are now stiff penalties for anyone choosing to stray from the rules that have been set by these boards.These reviews are done by any number of individuals, websites or business that revolves around the innumerable characteristics of the gaming industry. And reviews on every single game has to provide some kind of useful information to not only the users of these games, but also the reviews work as an advertising post and putting the game out there for potential new gamers that may be interested in the games.The majority of these reviews are done for online gaming sites, and various e-zines that relay that information to a wide number of people. Some examples of these sites and search engines are: Tech TV, Game Spot, Game Zone, IGN Games, Game Rankings, Computer Games Online, Business Week / Game Room, Gamers, Review Center etc. And these are just a few of the popular reviews that are available to the public. There are actually millions of sites on line that give out this information, and the games are reviewed by a lot of players also, so you always get great feedback on the games of your choice.These games are reviewed by any and everyone and are for the many consoles out there; Xbox, Xbox 360, Playstation, PS2, Nintendo Game Cube, Nintendo DS, and even for the PC. Games are already being tested and reviewed for the highly anticipated PS3. I just shudder to think about it, such grandeur. Anyway these ratings are very important, it lets you know what to spend your money on, what games are right for children, if you highly awaited game sucks, or scores, or if you just want to know what the competition is up too.Kevin Dark is an online marketer. You may find more information on game reviews on his new site.

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***Top 5 Time Pressed Games*** Are you pressed for time? Are unimarter UniMarter
***Top 5 Time Pressed Games***

Are you pressed for time? Are you too busy to really sit down and play Halo 3, but you've got some downtime and want something small, quick, and fun to pass the time? These time pressed games might just fit your needs!
Popcap Games

Admittedly Popcap Games is actually an entire company, but almost every game they publish is perfect for the geek on the go. Everything -- from Dynomite, Zuma, and Bookworm to Bejeweled, Chuzzle, and Alchemy -- is easy to pick up and play, plus they offer free games to play on their website.
Trivia Machine

If you like Trivial Pursuit then you'll love Trivia Machine. You get three levels of questions, which have a random topic, and you need to answer these questions correctly in the allotted time. It's fast, simple, and fun. I can only get to level 3, how far can you make it?
Funky Truck Arizona

Sometimes a game comes out that's so simple its fun. Funky Truck Arizona is a simple game of balance: you drive a truck through some rough terrain and you don't want to flip over. A simple concept, but once you start playing you'll be amazed at how engaging this game can be.
Battle Pong

While it has been around for a while, Battle Pong continues to be one of the best games to play when you only have a few minutes to spare. Battle Pong is pong, but with weapons at your disposal. Simply smack the ball into the side of the walls and you'll get access to a random power-up, which you can then use to defeat your computer opponent. A quick, game, but far from easy, as the computer has access to the same weapons you do, so be careful.

Taking its roots from the Sierra On-Line's Incredible Machine, Blueprint gives players a mental challenge: how to get Ball A to Point B using only these few tools. It's difficult, if not downright frustrating to finish some of the puzzles in the time allowed, but if you're just looking for a game you can start playing and go, then Blueprint is for you.

While we only looked at 4 games (and one development company) everything listed will provide you with either endless hours of entertainment, or help you pass 5 minutes of downtime. These simple, easy to learn, easy to play (but difficult to master) games are just the cure for your Monday (or Tuesday) blues.A gamer for 24 years, Jason Pullara write game reviews for Geekstreak, a site dedicated to the inner geek in all of us.

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***Designing Computer Games*** Computer game design has evol unimarter UniMarter
***Designing Computer Games***

Computer game design has evolved as the career of a dream come true for hard core gaming fans. Designers of computer games are generally the people who love to play computer games as they can better understand the needs and desires from a game.Every one who loves to play computer games dreams of having a career in computer game design. I also like to play computer games and since I played computer games I always dreamed of designing my own game.Computer game industry is a huge industry and there are many jobs available in the computer game design industry. But the computer game design is very difficult, and requires a rigorous working knowledge of programming languages on different operating systems. For a good start in this field one can get a degree in computer science but this is also not an easy task. Only one, of my six friends I had in college that were computer science majors, could complete the course. This course is overloaded with advanced mathematics classes, tedious programming exercises and much more.It?s only for people who love programming and don?t find it tedious. A computer game designer must be able to tolerate the tedium. Everyone have love for computer games in some or the other way around. One of my college friends that got his computer science degree is currently working for a well knowing game design company readily admits that this industry is not like he thought it would be.Earlier, computer games used to be small programs and design teams consisted of just few people to program the game but today computer games are enormous programs that may take several years to complete even though many games have several production teams consisting of up to hundreds of different people working simultaneously on different aspects of the game. The sky is the limit for a good programmer as an every company desires an expert programmer. Seasoned programmers with several completed games in their records or profiles not only demands large salary but also have a lot say over the direction of the game.Even if you are not good at programming there is nothing to worry about. There are many other jobs in the computer game design field. Good artists and writers are also required by game makers although they generally don?t make as much money. Graphic designers and other artists are all required to make a good game today as in today?s games graphics are extensively used.http: / / www.gamesdirectorysite.com is a site dedicated to providing information and aeticles on all types of games, online and offline.

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***PS3: Will the $499 / $599 Price Tag Hurt the PS3?*** As unimarter UniMarter
***PS3: Will the $499 / $599 Price Tag Hurt the PS3?***

As I'm writing this, Sony is still on top of the video game world. With over 100 million PS2's sold, we all have one. I play my PS2 daily and I have a PSP. But after the price announcement at E3 I don't know if I'll be able to afford to stay with Sony on the next-gen bandwagon. A $499 price tag means that if you ask for that for Christmas 2006 then THAT"S ALL YOU'RE GETTING! No action figures, no clothes, nothing else but the PS3.And then tack on a game or two to that and you're looking at asking your mom and dad to shell out almost $700 for your Christmas. i don't think Sony is looking at who their core market is. The PS3 is now like buying a Lexus. It looks nice on the outside. It has pretty games, but are they going to be that fun out of the gate? And with the new Dual Shake controller which from reports was added two weeks before E3, will it be all that? Or are we buying into a over-priced lemon?So if you want a PS3 you better start saving ALL your pennies, beg your mom daily, and start eating cheese and crackers for lunch.Sony's top guy, Ken Kutaragi, even goes as far to say ""It's probably too cheap."Here are his words of wisdom, as translated by consumer website IGN:"This is the PS3 price. Expensive, cheap ? we don't want you to think of it in terms of game machines. Because the PS3 is like nothing else.""For instance, is it not nonsense to compare the charge for dinner at the company cafeteria with dinner at a fine restaurant? It's a question of what you can do with that game machine. If you can have an amazing experience, we believe price is not a problem.""When we announced the PlayStation price, it was said to be expensive. Same for the PlayStation 2. However, when released, both had sales that were unthinkable for previous game machines. This is because both offered experiences that could not be had on previous game machines.""With the PS3, you can have next generation game experiences that could previously not be experienced ? things like next generation graphics and various services via the network. And, as with the PS and PS2, we believe people who like games will, without question, purchase it."So let us know what you think? Do you think the PS3 is over priced? Will you get one at launch or will you wait until the price has gone down alot?Mike Street is a pop culture critic and owner of http: / / www.GreasyGuide.com This site is read daily by thousands of people and has been featured in various publications. He is also Executive Editor for http: / / www.ResidentGamer.com

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***Gamasutra Review*** Gamasutra is a site which says it's a unimarter UniMarter
***Gamasutra Review***

Gamasutra is a site which says it's all about 'The Art & Business of Making Games'. I know at one point in my life I've wondered about how cool it would be to create the next Grand Theft Auto or Crash Bandicoot. We've all said to ourselves about how we can make a better video game than some of the crap out there.The colour scheme of the site is very irregular to what you usually see and it can be a bit off putting but I think it works because it's original and memorable. So when you talk about this site with your friends and they go 'What was the site's name?' and you tell them, then they already have spread their name around the world. All that just from the layout and colour scheme. I haven't even gotten to the content yet.Now for the content. After checking out the links at the top, some parts of the site you can't get into unless you're a member but if you're someone that likes playing their gmes and just has a vague interest on developers then those parts probably wouldn't be of much use to you. If you're interested in working on creating or developing games then you can check out their 'Jobs' section and look at the various listings there. Most of the jobs seem to be in the United States with the odd few in Europe so if you're really talented then the company might pay for you to move to the US. Doesn't seem too bad.Gamasutra have their own store where you can buy guides, help books and pretty much any sort of book / CD that's related to the programming and development of games. The site is American so you'll be paying in Dollars so if you're in Europe then you can take advantage of the economy for once :-PNow, their 'News' section is very industry-related as you would expect from a site like this. Now, most people wouldn't really care about this sort of news but some of it I find is rather interesting and they do have some good exclusive articles such as the PS3 E-Distribution one. They are very good reads and defnitely worth a look.As for the rest of the site, you have a part of it dedicated to the education of learning how to make games as well as a place to submit resum?s if you're interested in getting into the gaming industry seriously. If any of you do, please make something good like Darwinia which shows you don't need a big budget to make an industry success ;-)That about wraps the site up. This is definitely one for the hardcore and enthusiastic so if your interest in games is only casual, be wary. A very interesting site.Written by Adam at http: / / www.sitereviewer.net - Visit us to find more reviews.

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***Mahjong Fun*** Mahjong is a traditional Chinese game that unimarter UniMarter
***Mahjong Fun***

Mahjong is a traditional Chinese game that involves skill, intelligence, and a little bit of luck. Mahjong means ?the game of a hundred intelligences? in Chinese and it lives up to that meaning. It?s traditionally a gambling game and it has gone by many different names in the past. Ma Chiao, Mo Tsiah, Ma Cheuk, Ma Jong, Ma Chiang, Ma Chong, Man Chu, Mah Diao, Pung Chow, Mah Chong, Ching Chong, Mah Cheuk, Ma Chiang, Kong Chow, Mah Deuck, Lung Chan, Mah Lowe, Pe Ling, Baak Ling.There are many different versions of the game, but it is generally played by Chinese, Japanese, and American styles. There are tournaments held all over the world. There is even a World Championship for the game.Mahjong normally is played by 4 players, but you can play with 2-5 players. You can choose to play with mahjong cards or tiles, but tiles are commonly used. There are 136-152 tiles that are used when playing.The point of the game is to make a set of four defined groups of tiles. The first player to complete the sets is the winner. All tiles have a value on them and that is how scoring is based. Many people enjoy the game of mahjong. You can also play it on your computer at home.http: / / funandgamessite.com is a fun and games information portal founded by Jakob Culver.To find out more information about this topic and more visit the website:http: / / funandgamessite.com

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