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***Small Town, Big Fishing Problem!*** Port Renfrew is a sma unimarter UniMarter
***Small Town, Big Fishing Problem!***

Port Renfrew is a small Canadian town with a major fishing
problem. The problem is the sport fishing is great and only
a few people know that.We arrive in Port Renfrew in late afternoon. Captain
Quigley greets us at the entrance to Osprey Cabins. Quigley and his family provide these comfortable cabins in a
beautiful rural setting - and there's an outdoor hot tub to
boot! Their place is one of the most popular accommodations in Port Renfrew, and their rates are very reasonable.Captain Quigley is one of the most skilled and knowledgeable guides we've ever met. We've been out with the affable "Capt'n Quigs" before, at his other fishing operation in Sooke, BC. (45 minutes west of Victoria), so we know we're in good hands!The alarm shatters our solid sleep at 5 a.m. We're on the
water by 6:00. The sun is just coming up behind us as we
speed westward, heading towards the mouth of the San Juan Inlet. Quigley's boat is fast and powerful. We hang on
to our seats as we bounce over the big waves!We stop just off Camper's Bay, where the West Coast Trail
from Port Renfrew meets the "Pacific Ocean" for the first
time. The shoreline cliffs were spectacular and carved into
numerous huge dark caves.Captain Quigley points over the port side towards the open Pacific. "Next stop Hawaii, and that way, Japan!"The water is as calm as it ever gets out here, but the
rolling swells are huge. The sun is shining brightly now,
but cool dark fog is already rising from the water, cloaking
the cliffs. It looks like the trees are suspended in the air
far above us.Captain Quigley tells us we're sure to catch some big ones
today. Swiftsure Bank, where Juan de Fuca Strait drops off
into the deep blue Pacific, is where halibut and salmon are
most plentiful. It's hard to believe we're fishing on the
edge of the open Pacific Ocean.The first one I catch is a screamer! They call it that
because it grabs the bait and takes off. The line literally
'screams' as the fish runs. Quigley knows what to do. He
puts the boat in gear and chases the fish. My eyes almost
pop when I look down at the reel and there are only about 3 wraps of line left! In seconds, the fish has run almost 300
yards of line. I reel as fast as I can until the line's
tight again and the fight's back on.Non-stop excitement, boats all around us are getting strike
after strike. On Quigley's radio, we can hear the guides
sharing information about their catches - "Double strike, 40
feet down!" They all share their success so everyone else
can succeed too.Even when there's a lull, and the fish aren't biting,
Captain Quigley is entertaining us. He teaches us his latest
fish-luring chant and the accompanying dance: "Chinook,
Chinook - Bite on my hook, my hook!" There's never a dull
moment on board.And when the fish are biting, Quigley is a very patient
teacher: "Let him run! That's it? He's got the whole boat to
play with. Let him tire himself out?"Later, Quigley tells us a story about the biggest fish ever
landed on his boat. He had taken an elderly couple on an
expedition, and it was turning out to be a disappointingly
uneventful day - not one bite! Until they decided to turn
back?.Then, all of a sudden, they got a nibble. It was a huge
struggle, but with Quigley's help, they reeled it in - a 52
pounder! Now that's a really big salmon. It went on to win
several categories in the fishing derby.We catch our limit long before the charter's over, each fish
is in the twenty-pound range. We had about 100lbs of fish on board, enough to feed us all winter! (We were fishing for
spring salmon as the Coho and Sockeye fisheries were
temporarily closed.)When I made dinner that night, back in
Victoria, one fillet filled the grill on my barbeque! Five
people dug in and there was 2 / 3 left over! We're talking
serious salmon here, folks!Small town, big fishing problem - right? Now you know.by Ron Kirstein, edited by Lisa ColeRon Kirstein is owner of a travel & tourism website, http: / / tourismmall.victoria.bc.ca, a tourism directory for Vancouver Island. Ron has built the site and has gathered information, being a tourist on Vancouver Island for the last 30 years. Enjoy the benefits of Ron's research for your holiday on Vancouver Island. Ron is an educator, communications specialist and web designer.

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***Fashion and the Fisherman*** The one thing I have always unimarter UniMarter
***Fashion and the Fisherman***

The one thing I have always enjoyed about fishing is that you rarely see anyone wearing a tie.I suppose there is the occasional urban lunchtime warrior who might race from his cubicle to the Hudson river to get a few casts in for some glow-in-the-dark fish, but ties are certainly not the norm when it comes to suiting up for a days fishing on the river.When it comes to high fashion in the fishing world, a button up fast drying high tech shirt is about as close to fashionable as it gets.Unless of course you count the plaid jacket!!As it is, I can't quite figure out the purpose of the necktie anyway.Who in their right mind would come up with a part of the male wardrobe to wrap around your neck, and then cinch it up tight, and consider this a vital part of the function of clothing.For Gods sake,this is what they would do to condemned men just before they drop the floor out from under them, to create a rather discomforting constriction about the windpipe and neck.I could understand it if the tie somehow held all our other clothes up,like a belt, keeping our clothes from dropping to our ankles in a useless gathering of cloth. As far as I know there has also never been an instance of a tie keeping a shirt in tact in high winds.It's obvious the tie was invented by our female counterparts, and is the ultimate payback for all our manly sins that we commit everyday. I am sure it was produced under the guise of "fashion" at some point, with some weak feeble argument that a "gentleman" should always don a noose around his neck-lest he become a barbarian!!Other parts of the wardrobe I understand.Shoes?I understand shoes. They were developed to help protect our feet from the hostile environment of thistles, weeds,pavement,and hot coffee spills. Shoes make senseSocks?Protection from shoe rub and sneaky thistles approaching from ankle height.Pants?Well, outside of not developing them with an expandable waistband, pants have proven beneficial in adding warmth, again providing protection from yet even higher thistles and stickers, keeping the suns harmful rays off of pasty white anglo legs, and protecting us from hot coffee spills. As an added benefit, they also protect our eyes from viewing knobby knees and senior citizens who might otherwise have been walking around in black socks, Florisheims, and a loin cloth had pants not been invented.Underwear?The jury is still out on this benefit--BUTT-- we will give underwear the benefit of the doubt.Shirts?Again, sun protection, warmth in the winter, and a place to hide those man breasts and ape like features we men have worked hard to develop. Keeps ketchup and mustard off our bellys also.Hat?We all know where the heat is going to escape. A brilliant invention and very much like the thermos--it keeps you warm, it keeps you cool, how does it know???Coats, gloves,vests,belts,boots--hell-- even chaps, all seem to have a function behind them.But the tie?Unless it was developed for men to have a permanently available napkin, or snot rag---I see no purpose.Actually, you could make the argument that fishermen are the only men that SHOULD wear ties. As long as they were made of sheeps wool, the flyfisherman could use the "fuzzy tie" to have even a greater drying pad to keep his caddis, royal coachman, and brindle bugs handy and at the ready for quick pattern change out.But enough about the tie.Fashion, as a general rule has escaped the fishing world.This is a world where despite the efforts of Orvis and L.L. Bean, plaid is still the king, the t-shirt is still considered standard issue and drab greens and brown tones rule the day.Thank goodness, because I know the day is coming -when the Gods of fashion will begin to turn the fishing world upside down with trendy nouveau styles and colors.Before long, tall, emaciated, high cheek boned beauties will be "walking the runway", in Jordache waders showing us the latest designs of, breathable yet flattering river wear, in purple,yellow, floral and .......dare I say it....TAUPE!! Especially since more and more women are taking up the sport of flyfishing, can high fashion be far behind??I'm not sure you can feel like a snappy dresser with fish guts,bait and slime all over you but maybe with a diamond encrusted net dangling from your hip you will feel properly accessorized for an elegant evening on the river.The fishing world has already come a long way when it comes to fashion--or should I say style.Once upon a time, most fisherman looked more like deck hands, wearing rubber waders with big oversized boots at the bottom. You would slip these over your jeans and big thick wooly socks and if was cold, that red and black checkered jacket would keep you warm.It also would help to hide the tobacco juice stains that you would invariably always spit on yourself while fishing. It basically was one size fits all--and you couldn't tell if a person was 270 pounds or 140 pounds under the rubber--everyone looked 270 pounds.Today neoprene and lightweight high tech shredded milk carton shirts are being seen more and more, and the fishing vest has more cubbies and pockets than a colony of Kangaroos.And they look good on the cover of magazines to boot!!Speaking of boots.I remember my first wading boots were basically the same boots I wore to muck out manholes when I worked for the telephone company. Now, they look more like "Hush Puppies" and I'm not so sure I wouldn't be proud to wear them into the office.I suppose the day is coming when neoprene waders will be made to look like tuxedos or Armani suits--so we can really look like gentlemen out there. That might not actually be a bad idea, I for one could see the benefit in that--especially if the wedding ceremony runs into the evening hatch--one could still make it out to the river and save some valuable time avoiding "change time".All in all, it doesn't really matter to me if some style continues to creep into the fishing world, but if they start making the "river tie"--I'm taking up Golf!A.J. Klott
Author, writer of fishing humor,and "fly tack" peddler.A.J. writes about the people,characters and modern day events that surround the fishing world. His first book is due out in December of 2005.
If you need a laugh or a fun gift, visit his website at:
http: / / www.twoguyswithflys.com

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