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***Reducing your exposure to Carcinogens*** Reducing the exp unimarter UniMarter
***Reducing your exposure to Carcinogens***

Reducing the exposure to carcinogens is one of the "Major Recommendations for cancer prevention." The American Cancer Society.
Charles Jacobson, compliance officer of the US. Consumer Product and Safety Commission in the area of toxic chemicals, said, "If every carcinogenic ingredient were banned, there would be hardly any products on the market."Do you know anyone who is troubled by respiratory problems, liver damage, kidney problems, chest pains, rashes, dizziness, convulsions, shortness of breath, vomiting, diarrhea, tremors, fatigue, headaches, nervousness, nausea, drowsiness, irritation of the eyes, nose, throat, and skin or cancer ?
Well, ! It is likely caused by the "SEA OF CHEMICALS THEY ARE LIVING IN" !These chemicals are found today in most Name Brand household products that are sold in your Grocery Stores, products that most of us have bought. At the time, we believed that they were safe for us to use in and around our home and family.1: Isopropyl Alcohol poisonous, toxic & carcinogenic
2: Isopropanol poisonous toxic & carcinogenic
3: Benzyl - (benzene) poisonous, toxic & carcinogenic
4: Chlorine poisonous, toxic & carcinogenic
5: Phenol highly toxic & highly carcinogenic major killer in the US
6: Ammonia highly toxic & carcinogenic
7: Halogenated hydrocarbons highly toxic & carcinogenic
8: Aromatic amines carcinogenic
9: Amino Azobenzene carcinogenic
10: Methylene Chloride poisonous toxic, birth defects & carcinogenic
11: Perthloroethylene poisonous, toxic, birth defects & carcinogenic
12: Sodium Nitrite carcinogenic
13: Toluene toxic & carcinogenic
14: Xylene toxic & carcinogenic
15: Is amyl Alcohol toxic & carcinogenic
16: 4-Dimethylaminoazobenzene carcinogenic
17: Diethylene Glycol poisonous
18: Diethyl Ether poisonous
19: Sodium Hydroxide causes lung damage & destructive effect upon tissue
20: Sodium Hypochlorite bleaches) poisonous & toxic
21: Borax toxic
22: Hydrochloric Acid poisonous & toxic
23: Phosphorus highly poisonous & toxic (explosive)
24: Dichlorine monoxide extremely toxic
25: Chlorine monoxide extremely toxic
26: Chlorine dioxide extremely toxic
27: Chlorine hex oxide extremely toxic
28: Chlorine heptoxide extremely toxicIf you need more, read "teksty Consumers Dictionary of Household Yard and Office Chemicals" by Ruth Winters.
You can find a copy at your local Library.If you are ready to change the products you currently use and make your home environmentally safe for your family, I can show you how. I can also show you how to make a part time or full time income showing others about the harmful chemicals found in household products and how to replace the products loaded with carcinogens to products that have natural ingredients but are very effective.For more information you may email me at tc@thewinnersteam.net or visit my web site at http: / / tc.thewinnersteam.net.Tami Calendoposted by Tami Calendo @ 12:29 PM 0 comments

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***How to Stay Healthy in a Hi-Tech World*** Computers have unimarter UniMarter
***How to Stay Healthy in a Hi-Tech World***

Computers have changed our world but not without a price. Some of us are getting out of balance. Problems associated with computers are CDT (Cumulative Trauma Disorder), RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), or the worst SOZS (Spaced Out Zombie Syndrome). As with television, you can become addicted to a computer. You sit down at your computer, and seven hours later you finally notice your rear end is numb, your neck and shoulders are in a vice, you are hungry, thirsty, tired, and your spouse has left with all the kids. How did that happen? Where did your mind go? And why did you accomplish so little in that time?Much has been said about how to support yourself physically on the computer. Invest in a good chair, maintain erect posture, use a wrist rest, and use an anti-glare screen. But what about proper mental and emotional support? For example, if you look at a two-dimensional screen at close range for many hours, it can limit your binocular vision, depth perception and peripheral vision. The constant hum of electronic equipment can switch off auditory skills. These imbalances can cause you to over focus, and become so engrossed in the details of what you are doing on screen. Consequently, you lose track of the big picture, your priorities and goals. Also, the electromagnitic field of a computer can negatively affect body meridians, which in turn affect energy, mind and emotions.Below are some tricks you can use to stay alert, creative, positive, productive, clear and healthy on computer. Take a 3 minute break every half hour. Set up a timer that will go off reminding you to break. Here are some ideas that will re-balance your system. Try a different one each time:Drink water: Electrostatic energy around a computer can dehydrate you, which significantly slows down the firing of synapses in your brain. Drink a least 8 oz of water for every hour you are in front of a computer.Reconnect head & heart: This two minute exercise helps re-energize your mind, moves you out of confusion and helps you feel more positive. Sit in a chair, cross your legs at the ankle, then cross your arms at the wrist and interlace your fingers. Sit like this with your eyes closed breathing deeply for one minute. Then uncross your legs and arms and sit with your fingertips touching for another minute. This second pose is called The Spock Pose.Neck rolls: Tight neck and shoulders can impair binocular vision and binaural hearing. Roll your head from side to side letting your chin drop to your chest. Go slowly and breathe deeply.Gaze into the distance: Go to a window and scan the horizon taking in three dimensional shapes off in the distance. This will balance out your vision.Stretch: Constricted hamstrings, sacrum, spinal support muscles and shoulders can directly effect your mental functioning. Take a few minutes to lengthen these muscles. teksty great yoga pose to do this is the downward facing dog. Bend forward at the waist and place your hands flat on the floor about three feet in front of you, so that your body is in a V-shape. Keep you feet flat on the floor if possible.Fun: Fun restores emotional balance. Dance, sing, play solitaire (not on computer, use real cards), hug a tree, go visit a co-worker (don?t e-mail them), play with your pet, call a friend and compliment them on something, read cartoons, look in the paper for a movie to see tonight, plan a trip to the tropics.Be easy on yourself. Working on a computer can trigger certain debilitating belief systems such as perfectionism and the need for completion. Notice when you hear yourself saying "I?ll just finish writing these last four e-mails", then I?ll take a break. Create a list of Anti-Zombie Techniques nearby, such as the ones listed above, or add some of your own. Pick one thing on the list and go do it for three minutes. Tiny breaks throughout your day will ensure survival and success on your high-tech adventures.Carla Rieger is an expert on humanizing the workplace and employee engagement. If you want a motivational speaker, trainer or leadership coach to help your team stay on the creative edge, contact Carla Rieger.
Tel: 1-866-294-2988, email carla@carlarieger.com, Web site: http: / / www.carlarieger.com /

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***Stop! You Might be Injuring Yourself Just By Reading This Arti unimarter UniMarter
***Stop! You Might be Injuring Yourself Just By Reading This Article!***

Virtually everyone today uses a computer either for home use or at work. Did you know there are many injuries and ill health conditions associated with using a computer?Every time you look at your computer screen you are straining your eye muscles to a certain extent. The most common health complaints associated with using a computer monitor screen regularly are headaches, Migraines and eye strain.How do you overcome these health related conditions?The most important factor in preventing eye strain and headaches are simply to take regular breaks away from looking at your computer screen. The recommendation as per the Display Screen Equipment Regulations is between five and ten minutes break for every hour of constant use.When you use your keyboard you are applying force to the finger joints, muscles and your wrists. Without the correct precautions in place and guidance you could be setting yourself up for a condition widely known as RSI (Repetitive strain Injuries).Using a keyboard constantly without regular breaks in activity can also lead to a very serious health condition called Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. Sufferers of this condition once diagnosed usually have to complete surgery which will need full recovery for a long period of time rendering the hands and wrists unusable for the recovery period.Do you really want to have surgery and not be able to properly use your hands for a long period of time?The most common health problem when working with a computerThe most common problem people have today connected with the use of a computer is bad posture resulting in lower back pain and long term injuries. If your seating position is not correct in relation to the set up of all your other equipment, then there is a significant chance you are or will suffer from back pain or injury very soon which could affect you for the rest of your life.What I have attempted to do in this article is just inform you all of only a few of the health related problems that you are encountering when using a computer.If you use a computer at work, then your employer has a legal duty to assess you working with a computer so you do not suffer from any of the above health related conditions.The way your employer must do this is by completing what is called a display screen equipment risk assessment or DSE assessment. What is useful in this assessment is that you can copy this assessment and do your own personal assessment whilst working with your computer at home.If you have concerns for your health whilst using a computer, visit our free information site for more helpful tips and advice on how to carry out a display screen equipment assessment on the link below.Health Problems from using your computer! Display Screen Equipment Rid yourself of debt today! BEST RATE Loan ConsolidationFree Conference Calls Today! Reservationless Conference Call

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***Can Headaches be Caused by Sitting at a Computer?*** Has unimarter UniMarter
***Can Headaches be Caused by Sitting at a Computer?***

Has it ever occurred to you that while you are happily typing away on your computer for hours on end you are actually creating a problem in your neck that can lead to chronic headaches? If you suffer from migraine headaches or tension headaches it may be something you should investigate.When a person with migraine headaches or tension headaches visits a chiropractor for their pain what does the chiropractor typically do for that patient? The usual treatment for most headache patients is to manipulate, or adjust, the neck. Chiropractors teach us that most headaches come from neck problems, and that by adjusting or manipulating the neck tension and migraine headaches can be relieved or cured.Over 80% of headache patients that receive chiropractic treatment show improvement that ranges from slight improvement up to complete elimination of their headache pain. If this is the case then it seems logical that the majority of migraine headaches or tension headaches originate from spinal (neck) problems. It also seems logical that if we knew what was causing these neck problems, and eliminated what was causing them, we could also eliminate the headaches, both migraine and tension.As a chiropractor for 25 years I have treated many patients with migraine headaches and tension headaches. After examining thousands of patients I discovered that as many as 95% who were experiencing headaches had one thing in common, a reversed cervical (neck) curve. From the side view a normal neck should have a slight curve in it. But in my experience as a chiropractor I estimate that approximately 95% of my patients with headaches had either a lessening of that curve, no curve at all, or a curve that was completely reversed. When these “poor neck curvatures” were treated with chiropractic adjustments most showed great improvement.Chiropractors know that headaches can be caused by “poor neck posture,” so the next question becomes “can sitting at a computer cause poor neck posture?” If the answer is yes, then it’s obvious that sitting at a computer can and does cause headaches.People usually develop poor neck curvatures because of poor posture habits. Anything a person does that places their head in a position forward to their body will lessen or reverse their normal neck curve. And poor neck curvatures DO cause headaches. Chiropractors have been teaching this for decades.The types of activities that can lead to poor neck posture include sitting at a computer for extended periods of time, reading with the head bent forward, sitting while slouching in a chair or on a couch, sleeping with the head or neck in odd positions, or any other activity that places the head in a position forward to the body. So, to answer our original question, yes, headaches can be caused by sitting at a computer. Sitting at a computer can cause an abnormal neck curvature to develop which can cause headaches.Good posture can surely prevent the development of poor neck posture, which would seem to be the best remedy, but what can be done if the lessening or reversal of the neck curve has already been developed? Obviously, chiropractic treatment is an option that could be considered. But there are many other alternative treatments for tension or migraine headaches.Most people just take a pain pill. But are pain pills the best approach? They surely are in some cases, but there are many other headache treatment options that don’t require the use of potentially harmful drugs. All drugs have side effects, some of which can end up being worse than the headaches themselves. Before treating your health problems with drugs it is wise to seek the advice of a health professional.There are many natural remedies for migraine headaches or tension headaches. These include stress and tension reduction, ice therapy (used at the base of the skull), eliminating food triggers, getting the proper amount of rest, biofeedback, headache pillows or cushions, exercise and many others. Some of these may help relieve headaches, both migraine and tension, and could be investigated further.Dr. Larry teksty. Johnson, D.C. has patented a unique neck pillow that was designed to correct neck problems that cause headaches, both tension headaches and migraines. For information about his natural approach for relieving migraine headaches please visit http: / / www.soothe-a-ciser.com

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***Low Price Mobile Phones, Ipods & Computers with the Online unimarter UniMarter
***Low Price Mobile Phones, Ipods & Computers with the Online Shopping Revolution***

There's a revolution going on, but you won't be hearing the shouting in the streets, unless it's over the great deal that your neighbour got on his new home cinema. More and more UK consumers are doing their shopping for mobile phones, computers, cheap ipod accessories and ipods and home cinema equipment online. What kind of low prices can you expect when you let your fingers do the shopping on your keyboard?How about the 4GB Nokia N91 Chromium mobile phone, a veritable jukebox that can carry along all of your favourite tunes and beats for a mere ?387, a savings of nearly ?100 off retail? Or the top rated Sony Ericsson at ?129, a 30% savings off the manufacturer's list price? Those are just a couple of examples of the sort of deals that you'll find if you're looking for low price mobile phones online.If you're shopping for computers, the discounts can cut even deeper. Computer manufacturers and discounting web sites are playing a game of 'how low can you go' with computer prices. By shopping online and comparing prices, you can find deals as low as ?360 for a full desktop system with all the bells and whistles you need to do your basic computing and online puttering. If you want to get really fancy, though, you can do some hardcore shopping for the sort of accessories that make computers into one of a kind gaming machines.How about an Ipod Shuffle for less than ?50? A 30GB Ipod for less than ?200? Shop online and you'll find dozens of offers at prices that low, some with free postage and 1-2 day delivery. There's virtually nothing you won't be able to buy online, and for far less than you'll pay at your local stores. Even home cinema equipment is priced at a bargain - and if you shop the right sites, they'll even deliver it and set it up for you to be sure it's all working right.But is it safe to buy high value items like computers, Ipods and home cinema equipment online? According to no less an authority than Consumer Reports, a long time consumer watchdog keeping an eye on issues of product safety and consumer satisfaction, it's not only safe, it may be better than shopping in a bricks and mortar store. In a recent survey, the well known magazine found that its' readers were more satisfied with their experiences shopping online for consumer electronics like mobile phones, digital cameras and computers than they were with the same products bought in a local store.You can find the best deals on mobile phones, computers, Ipod and Ipod accessories and home cinema equipment online where you can compare prices and offers to get the absolute best, lowest price on all your home and entertainment electronics needs.The website "http: / / www.cheapestonlineprices.co.uk" was set up by Jane Withers to help online shoppers search for and find the cheapest prices on the web for mobile phones, cheap ipods, computers & home cinema. Join the online shopping revolution for low price mobile phones, ipods & computers.

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***The Website Said Wholesale: How to Find Real Internet Bargains unimarter UniMarter
***The Website Said Wholesale: How to Find Real Internet Bargains***

If you're watching what you spend - and who isn't these days - you've probably already discovered that you can find great prices on just about anything you need on the Internet. There are some very good reasons for this. Internet marketers don't have to pay rent for brick and mortar stores. They don't have the high overhead of real world showplaces. Instead, they pay the much lower 'rent' on their web site space, which allows them to pass their savings on to you. That means that whether you're looking for a great price on computers and equipment or very special piece of lingerie for a very special date, your dollar goes further on the Internet.It doesn't mean, however, that every web storefront has the best prices - or even prices that will beat those you can get just around the corner. The word 'wholesale' in the store's name and advertisements isn't a guarantee that you're getting the very best prices you can find. Here are some tips on finding the best deals on the Internet for anything from computers to fragrances.1. Do your homework so you know what you're getting.Don't just shop for 'computers'. The more you know about the product you want to buy, the easier it will be for you to recognize an incredible price - and avoid the rip-offs. Being an informed shopper is doubly important online, where you can't touch and handle the merchandise before you buy.2. Research prices for the items that you want.Don't snap up the first deal that you see. Shop just as you would in the real world. Check the prices against other merchants, both online and offline. Keep in mind that web retailers often get their inventory from the same dealers - so if one website has an awesome deal on the Xbox 360, chances are that others do as well. Shop around for the best deal.3. Don't forget to factor in shipping, handling and insurance when comparing prices.Even with shipping and handling, you'll almost always find a better deal on electronics like digital cameras, computers and Xbox systems online. There may be a major difference in the cost of shipping from one website to another, though. Always figure up the total cost of your purchase when you're comparing prices online.As far as insurance goes - do you need it? If your credit card is one that covers any purchase made with it, skip paying for double insurance.4. If you're buying garments, be sure to check any info on sizing that the website offers.Keep in mind that many online retailers buy their inventory overseas where sizing conventions may differ. Check with the retailer's web site to see if they offer any info on sizing. This is especially important if you're ordering lingerie, which may not be returnable. No matter how great the price, it's not a bargain if you can't wear it.5. Specialty retailers don't always offer the best prices.We have a built-in predisposition to believe that specialists are best, but the best prices are often to be found at 'superstores'. There are online superstores as well - websites that specialize in finding the best bargains on all the things you want most. From camping and outdoor gear, night vision equipment, Xbox systems, digital cameras and computers to designer fragrances, high ticket garments and fanciful lingerie, you can find the best prices on any of them all in one spot. When you find an outlet web site that always seems to have the best bargains from the internet all in one place, bookmark it so you can check back frequently for the best deals.The rules for finding the best deals online aren't very different from those for finding the best deals anywhere else - you just have far more choices and options. Next time you need a gift for someone special - and who's more special than yourself? - fire up your browser and get ready to do some serious shopping. Follow the simple rules above, and you're guaranteed to find the best prices in the world on everything from computers to lingerie.Chris Robertson is an author of Majon International, one of the worlds MOST popular internet marketing companies on the web.
Learn more about How To Find Real Internet Bargains or Majon's Shopping - General directory.

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***When You're At Your Wit's End: Shopping Survival Tips for Moms unimarter UniMarter
***When You're At Your Wit's End: Shopping Survival Tips for Moms***

Each month there are special days to celebrate, whether it is someone's birthday, anniversary or a major holiday. Many times the task of choosing gifts becomes Mom's responsibility.Getting StartedIt is good to organize your list if you are shopping for the holidays or several things at one time. Before you go, write suggestions on your list for the gifts you have to buy.Making choices for individuals is sometimes the hardest part of shopping. Relating to a person's interests or hobbies can be helpful to get started. For someone who likes to use computers and laptops, buy accessories for them, such as Skype extra services. Other popular electronic gifts are Xbox and video games. Children and grandchildren will get many hours of pleasure in these activities.Traditional gifts are always appreciated. For ladies, jewelry, perfume, and clothing accessories. If the man you know is hard to buy for, consider a gift card, luggage, gym bag or laptop bag. Gifts for the home could be decorative or ornamental, such as a water fountain for the front yard, pewter charger plates, holiday decorations, food gifts, and floral arrangements.Before You BuyBefore shopping, take time to research products and browse the sale papers to find the best prices. As you make your list, decide on the prices you can afford for each item and stay within your budget so you don't come up short. Many times toys, electronics and computers have a wide range of prices. It might be wise to compare before you shop instead of impulsively buying the first one you see in a store. You may be able to save on one item and spend a little more on another one and stay within your budget.More people are finding out what a convenience it can be to shop online. There you can search out products and compare brands and prices without leaving home. When shopping online, keep in mind shipping costs that will be added to the final prices. There are sites that offer discount shipping when you purchase multiple items. This could save in the final costs. Some of the best bargains are at online auctions and discount store web sites. Also, by state law you aren't charged sales taxes on purchases made outside your state.Be PreparedIf you decide to go shopping at your favorite stores, make sure you are prepared. Have your list ready and wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Start shopping early and during the week instead of waiting for the weekend. Also, buy heavy gifts last to avoid carrying them around all day and take advantage of gift-wrapping. These practical steps will make your shopping experience more enjoyable.Chris Robertson is an author of Majon International, one of the worlds MOST popular internet marketing companies on the web.
Learn more about Shopping Survival Tips for Moms or Majon's Shopping - General directory.

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***The Computer of the Future Will be Your Mobile Phone*** T unimarter UniMarter
***The Computer of the Future Will be Your Mobile Phone***

These days, many devices are "converging". There is nothing new about it. Everyone will tell you that in a few years time, you will be able to buy a mobile phone that is also an FM radio, digital camera, PDA, MP3 player, universal remote control, USB drive, clock, have untold wireless connectivity protocols, and computer (with web browser, email & other general computer abilities).Many experts would hesitate to include the "computer" in the above list. They mention many technical difficulties, such as: screen resolution, keyboard, pointing device (mouse), processor speed, heat dissipation & battery life.I argue that Similar arguments can be made about laptop / notebook PCs. Take a look at many offices today, & you will see many laptops being used as a normal desktop computer. People will connect external mice, keyboards & monitors & then you hardly notice you are using a laptop.Now, you are also seeing many wireless keyboards & mice... All that is missing are wireless monitors. The reason that there are no wireless monitors is most likely because there are no wireless protocols that can handle the sheer volume of information that is sent to monitors.Once wireless monitors become feasible, the paradigm shift to using your mobile phone as you PC is very easy to make.In fact, your mobile phone will truly embody the meaning of the word "PERSONAL computer": you take it with you wherever you go. While using the built-in screen will give you limited PC functionality, as soon as you walk into your office or home, place the phone near the wireless screen / keyboard / mouse, and press the "synchronise" button on these devices, and they will automatically become extensions of your phone.You can surf the internet, read emails, & play games using your phone as the computer, except a hi-resolution screen & a full keyboard & mouse will make it much easier to do what you want.As far as I can see, the major piece in the puzzle that is missing, is the ability to connect a mobile to a monitor (regardless of whether the monitor is "wireless")All the building blocks for this scenario are almost in place, so the next few years should be quite interesting.Computer Aid : We can help you.
http: / / computer-help-brisbane.blogspot.com
http: / / www.ComputerAid.net.au
http: / / www.beadmobile.com.au

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***An Introduction to Text Messaging*** Why Text?Text messag unimarter UniMarter
***An Introduction to Text Messaging***

Why Text?Text messaging is a quick way to stay in touch with people for personal or business purposes. With text messaging, you can chat with a partner by typing on the keyboard and reading what they write to you on the screen. Many text messaging products can work with cell phone text messaging (aka SMS or Short Messaging Service) so you can chat with people who aren?t in front of their computer. So, why not just pick up the phone and talk?It?s faster than e-mail and phone calls. And you don?t have to pay anything to text. If you need to chat with someone briefly or ask a quick question, it?s much less intrusive than calling someone. As with most developing technologies, several types of text messaging are available and each one is incompatible with the others. But don?t let that keep you from trying it out. The main text messaging products are ICQ (www.icq.com), MSN Messenger (www.msn.com), AIM (www.aim.com), and Yahoo Messenger (www.yahoo.com).btw (By the Way...)Each one is free and simple to download, install, and sign up. You can locate your ?buddies? by searching in an online directory by their screen name, e-mail address, name, or telephone number. Once you get the hang of it, text messaging can be extremely addictive. As you continue to use text messaging, you will find yourself learning to abbreviate words and sentences. When you leave an online chat, you might say BRB (Be Right Back), I?m afk (away from the keyboard), or TTYL (Talk to You Later). See glossary below.Some text messaging products are beginning to offer voice and video chat. The future of digital communication is an integrated product, since voice, video, interactive text messaging, and e-mail are all effective means of communication. In the future, you will be able to switch between text, voice, and video with ease. Until then, we will continue to use different methods for different communication needs :-(Glossary:-) Smiley face. Means that someone is happy;-) Smiley face with wink.:-( If someone sends you this in an e-mail, they?re probably not having a good dayBTW - By the WayFYI - For Your InformationFWIW - For What It?s WorthIMHO - In My Humble Opinion (or IMO)
TIA - Thanks in AdvanceWRT - With Respect ToLOL - Laughing Out LoudROTFL - Rolling on the Floor LaughingAFK - Away From KeyboardTTYL - Talk To You LaterCYA - See You LaterAbout The AuthorDeryck Richards is the founder and managing partner of Desktronix. With an extensive educational background in computer information systems, Deryck currently manages hosting and data center operations for Desktronix. He also provides system administration and technical support directly to small businesses as he has since 2000. His areas of expertise include networking, Windows, Linux, and Macintosh systems and he is the author of The Guide to Technology for Small Business. For more information on Desktronix, visit www.desktronix.com.

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***Selecting a Cell Phone*** More Than Just a PhoneSelecting unimarter UniMarter
***Selecting a Cell Phone***

More Than Just a PhoneSelecting a cell phone is no longer just about mobile communication ? it is now a lifestyle choice. If you don?t select the phone that fits your personality, you won?t be happy with it. New cell phones are beginning to have little in common with earlier cell phones. The new models feature color screens, digital cameras, high-speed internet connections, multimedia games, and music playback. In case you were wondering, you can also use them to make phone calls. It?s only a matter of time before everyone has these features on their cell phones.Text messaging or ?texting? is now available standard on most cell phones. It is similar to instant messaging except that messages are sent and received by cell phones instead of computers. Multimedia messaging allows you to send audio, video, and pictures as an attachment to a text message. Multimedia messaging was once seen as entertainment, but is rapidly becoming valuable to the business world. Real estate agents take photos of houses with their cell phones and employment agencies may use camera phones to photograph job applicants ? all away from their office.Dial In On the OptionsCellular providers in the United States use either GSM or CDMA technology. When you buy a cell phone, it is tied to either GSM or CDMA cellular network, but can't be converted from one to the other. If you ever switch cellular providers, you may also need to switch phones. Most cellular providers now have high-speed data networks. These data networks work with high-end cell phones and special network cards you can purchase for laptops. Data networks usually transmit data slightly faster than a dialup internet connection. These networks are still being developed and are yet to be available everywhere. Look for higher speed networks to be much more common by 2006.If you want to purchase a camera phone, consider what quality of photos you need to take. Most camera phones have less than a one megapixel resolution, which produces low-quality images. If you need to take clear photos, look into a camera phone with 3 or more megapixels.Voice Dialing and Bluetooth are becoming standard in many phones to make it easier and safer for people to use their phones while driving. Voice Dialing allows you to speak a person?s name into your phone, which will automatically find the person in your address book and dial the number for you. Bluetooth lets you connect a headset to your phone without wires. Some luxury cars are beginning to offer Bluetooth connectivity so that you can take calls in your car through the built-in speaker system.Some newer cell phones are being designed with an emphasis on entertainment. They can be used to play music MP3 files, stored video and even movies, and video games. In general, the newer phones are all getting smarter and more specialized.After you?re done choosing the features that you want, don?t neglect the practical aspects. Look at how often you will need to change the battery, whether the screen and keypad are too big and too small. Also, caveat emptor: most cellular providers lock you into a one or two year contract when you purchase a phone from them. If you cancel your service, they will charge you an early termination fee.About The AuthorDeryck Richards is the founder and managing partner of Desktronix. With an extensive educational background in computer information systems, Deryck currently manages hosting and data center operations for Desktronix. He also provides system administration and technical support directly to small businesses as he has since 2000. His areas of expertise include networking, Windows, Linux, and Macintosh systems and he is the author of The Guide to Technology for Small Business. For more information on Desktronix, visit www.desktronix.com.

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***How Safe is Your VoIP Service?*** The day begins and ends unimarter UniMarter
***How Safe is Your VoIP Service?***

The day begins and ends. Do you know where your unused VoIP (Voice-Over-IP) minutes are?That?s a fair and urgent question we all must ask ourselves after a Florida businessman down in Miami is accused of stealing the unused minutes of unsuspecting VoIP customers and reselling them to pocket a cool profit of $1 million dollars.VoIP technology allows people to carry phone conversations over the Internet, and usually at rates much cheaper than the regular phone companies. The VoIP company that I use, for example, allows me to talk within the United States for 1.8 cents a minute. A lot of overseas destinations, including China, cost between 2 to 5 cents a minute.The alleged crime in question involves hacking into a company?s network and using its IP connection to route the stolen VoIP calls without paying any network fees.The Florida man is accused of selling 10 million phone minutes and is facing 20 years in jail and a fine of $250,000 if the charges are proven to be true.Seems like after the ubiquitous e-mail viruses, IM spam and denial-of-service attacks, now it?s VoIP?s turn to bear the brunt of these criminal attacks to scam the consumers and held businesses hostage.Seshu Madhavapeddy is the chief executive of Sipera Systems of Richardson, Texas, which markets security applications to protect against similar VoIP attacks. Quoted by eWeek.com, Madhavapeddy said the threat is very real and the people ?need to know that older data-oriented security systems will not adequately protect their VoIP infrastructure.?-----------------------------------------------------Ugur Akinci, Ph.D. is a Creative Copywriter, Editor, an experienced and award-winning Technical Communicator specializing in fundraising packages, direct sales copy, web content, press releases, movie reviews and hi-tech documentation.He has worked as a Technical Writer for Fortune 100 companies for the last 7 years.In addition to being an Ezine Articles Expert Author, he is also a Senior Member of the Society for Technical Communication (STC), and a Member of American Writers and Artists Institute (AWAI).You can reach him at writer111@gmail.com for a FREE consultation on all your copywriting needs.You are most welcomed to visit his official web site http: / / www.writer111.com for more information on his multidisciplinary background, writing career, and client testimonials.While at it, you might also want to check the latest book he has edited:http: / / www.lulu.com / content / 263630

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***The Many Advantages of VOIP*** A rapidly increasing numbe unimarter UniMarter
***The Many Advantages of VOIP***

A rapidly increasing number of businesses of all sizes are jumping into the VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) bandwagon. This is hardly surprising when you consider the numerous revolutionary advantages and benefits that VOIP has brought to the business scene.Probably the most obvious is cheaper phone calls. By utilizing their existing data networks, businesses can now talk all over the world to field offices, clients, potential clients and anybody they need to talk to.
Actually most of the focus has been on the costs savings that VOIP has brought to businesses all over the world. And while those costs savings are no doubt enormous the business improvements and new revenue opportunities that have suddenly and dramatically been opened up far outweigh the savings that this wonderful new technology has brought about.The fact that VOIP has made it extremely easy to communicate with remote or home workers has opened up an amazing number of brand new business and revenue generating possibilities. The fact that workers and consultants are no longer hindered by geographical reach or obstacles related to their location has forever changed the way business is done.VOIP has suddenly made businesses that were previously not viable, extremely viable. Just to give one example, the Internet has created a huge new market for translation services. However the main problem has been the fact that low cost translation services were an impossible dream. The regular telephone contact with your translators based all over the world, on its? own meant a very high regular telephone bill. The VOIP technology has not only opened up the market for more translators and therefore more competitive rates, but it has also swiftly and powerfully wiped out the telephone charges while allowing for more frequent and regular telephone contact and consultation.This is but one instance, there are numerous other examples.Andrew McNaught runs the website http: / / www.first-voip.com which aims to provide a knowledgebase for this emerging technology.

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***VoIP Overview*** Since we're using computers all the time unimarter UniMarter
***VoIP Overview***

Since we're using computers all the time to do our work, let's make it easy and add the phone to the pile. VoIP also known as (voice over Internet protocol), Internet telephony, IP telephony, and Internet voice is catching on and is expected to grow in the next few years. The technology has been around for about a decade, but it isn't till now that we have the supporting technology to handle it and an market reaching critical mass (hate using jargon, but there isn't a better way to say it).VoIP requires users to have broadband connections. With 22 percent of Americans connected to the Internet by broadband, the numbers are large enough for making money with Internet voice and big telecoms are already in the game.How VoIP worksVoIP works like email. TCP / IP networks consist of IP packets with a header for controlling communication and information for transportating data. VoIP uses the IP packets to send the human voice across the Internet using IP packets to its destination.It digitizes a voice into data packets, sends them through the network and converts them back to voice when arriving at the destination. Digital format can be compressed, routed, and converted to other and better formats.When calling someone using VoIP, you use a phone with an adapter. Just like we use a telephone to make phone calls on POTS (plain old telephone service), the adapter is a device to connect the phone to the network. The VoIP phone has its own phone number for callers to dial.The good and bad thingsAn advantage of VoIP is it can avoid charges typically found on PSTNs (public switched telephone network). For customers, there is less worry about how long or how often they make phone calls. Calling another state costs the same as calling another country even on the other side of the world. IP-based boxes are cheaper than analog PBXes.However, service reliability is an issue. How many times has a download or connecting to a Web site faltered? That may not be such a big deal, but it is more disruptive to phone calls. Network issues are complicated by customers getting broadband from one company and VoIP from another. When a call gets switched from network to network, it impacts quality.When the Internet is down, so is VoIP. Traditional phones aren't affected by power like VoIP since they have its own power and work during blackouts.Money and regsCompanies make their money by selling features and services. Connect anytime and anywhere there is an Internet connection or while in Wi-Fi-enabled hot spots. It's also exempt from traditional regulations and taxes, but that could change tomorrow though telecoms are working to keep it unregulated. This exemption is keeping prices down, and current prices are anywhere from $20 to $65 a month.Meryl K. Evans is the Content Maven behind meryl's notes, eNewsletter Journal, and The Remediator Security Digest. She is also a PC Today columnist and a tour guide at InformIT. She is geared to tackle your editing, writing, content, and process needs. The native Texan resides in Plano, Texas, a heartbeat north of Dallas, and doesn't wear a 10-gallon hat or cowboy boots.

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***World On IP Community versus Telecoms' Monopoly*** World unimarter UniMarter
***World On IP Community versus Telecoms' Monopoly***

World on IP community versus the TELECOMS' monopoly or a dream of a visionaryWhy VOIP will grow over the usual telephonyWithout qualification, if one had to choose between usual telephone lines or IP telephony for carrying the voice, the first would be a better fit for the needs of voice communications. Also, IP telephony is generally subject to transmission delays.Voice communications is highly sensitive to delays or irregularities in the transmission of voice signal components.Even when transmitted in digital form, not only must the transmission delay be small (so as to be imperceptible to the listener), but also the time between the arrival of digital signal samples at the receiving end of a transmission must be at regular intervals. Any significant form of delay, whether delay of all samples or one sample relative to the other, can significantly degrade the quality of the voice signal recreated at the far end of the transmission.Besides, Ip telephony during network congestion is subject to the loss of "packets" and with them part of the words of a conversation.In the usual telephone lines, this doesn't occure, because new calls are blocked from entering the network and there is no network congestion.Why so much activity was spent in the last few years to overcome these problems?Now, we are definetly able to offer a very good and reliable VOIP , with phones that can be used also on a Modem or ISDN connection. ( very attractive for the countries that are mostly penalized with high cost of telephone charges: India, Africa and rural zones in general.) A high compression and a new algorithm for it will allow the transmission of voice without any delay, the priority given to the voice packets will kill the congestion, all this resulting in a gorgeous quality of voice.Although voice communications continues to dominate the market today, this will ultimately change as data communications grows at 100% per year, ( in Italy last year we had a 250% growth of DSL lines and they say next year will even be better) while voice only increases by 8 to 10% per year. Thus, the doubling of the existing lines ( creation of voice over IP world ) only makes sense in the case the data customers want to use the data line for voice communications as well. For example, a multi-location user that uses a commercial data network service to connect those customer locations might want to cut down expenses by using that same network for voice communications, as well. It has been estimated that companies can lower their communications costs by as much as 80% by placing their voice traffic through the unused space in their data networks .How we plan to compete with the giant Telecoms of todayEntering the market against the Telecoms is downright dangerous and potentially fatal in today's capital environment. The net revenue derived from investment should be small relatively to the size of the investment. A single large business may generate many thousands of dollars per month in revenues for an investor , while a big residential consumers investment would generate very little revenue compared to the infrastructures required.That considered, it should not surprise us if firms try and serve large businesses rather than residential customers.If competition is less likely when the revenue is small relative to the size of the investment, there are three ways to increase competition in a market:a) increase revenueb) reduce the investment requiredc) do both.What has all this to do with being a Utopistic dreamer or visionary as many defined me while I explained my project?I have an exciting project, which, if succesfull, will allow all the people who own a DSL line to be able to call the world with a portable IP phone. I will try to explain it as much as possible ( you can also see my web pages at http: / / www.worldonip.com / community. )It is very simple.Instead of sharing the bandwidth to download illegal MP3 or movies, we share it to telephone for free.You need to connect to your DSL line an Access Point, to place the antenna on a window. You do not even need to have the computer on 24 hours a day, just connecting the access point. You will create a " Hot Spot" that every other member of the community will be able to use. You will then need a (real) portable IP phone, you will connect to the Net either through your own Hot Spot or through the hot spot of any other member, wherever you will be ( all the continents will have people sharing hot spots. )A call with our device consumes maximum 20 k, thanks to to high compression of the voice and the quality is absolutely gorgeous.Our telephone will have a price around 200 - 250 US dollars. An access point costs not more than 100 US dollars. The value of the investment highly overcomes the amount.Imagine, being able to call for free for the rest of your life!!! And imagine what kind of doors opens a connection like that!Going back to the market competition.In my particular casea) Increase the revenue. Every member would have enormous revenues under the voice" Free call wherever he wants".b) Reduce the investment. Being a shared investment, every member will invest in the enterprise the cost of an Access point ( around $100 or even less). Considering that in the beginning we will have members who already have a DSL line with a flat rate, and already use it for other purposes, also the cost of running the system and relative bandwidth will amount to almost zero. The cost of the phone is irrilevant compared to the benefit of having FREE CALLS.Not only does the Community reduce the investment required to provide a competitive service to almost ZERO, it also significantly reduces the risk involved in funding a telecom start-up venture. The Community allows an entrant to begin a new service at minimal sunk capital cost.Further, once a critical mass of customers is signed up on the Community, it becomes far more cost effective for the entrant to build a new " Hot Spot".To the unskilled eye, it appears as if the competition envisioned by the authors of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 for residential and small business markets was not much more than a dream - an unrealized and unrealizable nirvana.The project of the Community is making that dream a reality and offers the potential for building a really strong TELECOM able to compete against the World Telecoms' monopoly.Our model is easy to realize ( because the infrastructure already exists), brings enormous revenues to the members of the Community and the investment is really minimal.Without considering the NON-Polluting system that will be created in competition to a Highly polluting system existing.World on Ip community versus Telecoms' monopoly. A real challenge?Patrizia DemariaAbout The AuthorPatrizia is an italian pharmacyst, fond of Internet and Internet related subjects. She is also an e-books publisher with a website of more than 700 free classic literature e-books in English, French, Italian, German http: / / www.easymediabroadcast.com all personally published by her.Her english is not always perfect, but the temperament and passion with which she espouse a cause overcome her (eventual) mistakes. Lately all her efforts are devolved to the creation of the World on IP community.http: / / www.worldonip.com / communitypatrizia@worldonip.com

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***Voice Over IP - Saving Money*** I was on a tech support c unimarter UniMarter
***Voice Over IP - Saving Money***

I was on a tech support call with a client in Australia for over forty-five minutes. Guess how much that cost me. If I told you less than a dollar, would you believe it? Well it is true indeed.I called my friend in England just the other day. We talked for about half an hour and it didn't cost either of us a nickel. Free and clear as crystal, I used my computer. Nothing fancy, just a simple sound card, speakers and microphone is all I needed.If you haven't heard about Voice over IP yet, you most definitely will soon. There are several different methods to the crazed digital telephony protocol that could change the way you make calls and save you a bundle.What is VOIP?Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the concept for managing the delivery of voice information in digital format through the Internet rather then conventional voice telephone lines. In the simplest form, VoIP turns any computer into a telephone.Although there are complex and costly ways to do this in the enterprise level, there are also simple, nearly free ways do use VoIP on the personal level. All that's required is a broadband Internet connection of some type. Now I am not here to advertise for any single organization selling VoIP equipment or services, but just to let you know, there are some that offer very nice package deals with equipment, Internet phones, headsets and all the fixings of standard enterprise phone systems. There are also software based systems that operate like your everyday chat systems and require only computer speakers and a microphone.Why would I want this?One major advantage of VoIP and Internet telephony is that it avoids the tolls charged by ordinary telephone services that use the standard public switched telephone network. Sure Pac Bell and ATT don?t like the sounds of that, not unless they figure out how to jump on the bandwagon and capitalize on this somewhat new form of technology.Actually VoIP has been around for a while, yet it is starting to pick up speed now as an alternative means of communication. And the primary reason is that it will save you money.Another money saving fact about VoIP is that since VoIP utilizes your broadband Internet connection for its delivery, customers do not pay Federal USF and FCC Line Charges and pay lower Federal Excise Tax.WI-FI and VoIPNow we're getting serious! Where is this going? Can it really compete with the cell phone? Well, at this time the wireless technology has some security risks and setup difficulties to overcome before it becomes a significant player in the game. But on a local, enterprise level, we are not far off.What is the bottom line?If you are tired of lofty telephone bills, perhaps there is a solution for you that will help with this years budget. You don't need to transform your entire phone system to utilize the benefits of VoIP. Start small and learn its potential.A Rule for the Road:Keep up with technology or else technology will pass you by; and the ignorance will cost you more than you will know.Greg Richburg runs KlickCommerce, a web based marketing system for Women's clothing. He is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and the owner of Netricks, Inc. a network consulting, web design and hosting company located in Fresno, CA.View his work at http: / / www.klickcommerce.com. Visit Netricks at http: / / www.netricks.com559-431-3775

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***Why Computer Certifications Really Don't Matter*** I am c unimarter UniMarter
***Why Computer Certifications Really Don't Matter***

I am currently a Network Administrator that supports about 100 Servers and 2000 Clients that has 8 years experience in Network Engineering. This article explains why certifications really dont matter.When I was in school all that my classmates talked about was how you need this certification and that certification. Now that I am responsible for interviewing technicians I learned that they really dont matter.How many times did your Interviewer ask you to see your actual certification. NEVER or almost NEVER. As long as you know the material you can say you have any certification you want. Since 95% of employers will never really check does it make it right to lie about what certifications you really have. I would have to say YES and NO. It is not right to lie about what certifications you really have but on the other hand most companies have a non technical person interview you so all he wants to hear is what are you CERTIFIED in.My suggestion would be to just know the information that the job is for and now about saying you have all the certs. I still personally go and get all the certifications but that is because I am required to show proof at my current position.Thanks,arsbargainsCheck out our website WWW.ARSBARGAINS.COM

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***Backup Your Priceless Memories*** Data loss can be a big unimarter UniMarter
***Backup Your Priceless Memories***

Data loss can be a big problem for any business, but sometimes it?s an even bigger issue for home users. Think about all the family pictures you keep stored on your computer, the e-mails between family and friends, the home videos, etc. In today?s world, most home computers contain data that you simply cannot put a price on.Just for a moment, while you?re sitting there reading this, think about what?s on your computer. Maybe you have digital pictures celebrating the birth of your baby girl, or maybe it?s a graduation video. I?m asking you?.no, I?m begging you?.if you have anything like that on your system and it?s not backed up, back it up today!Data recovery companies can help you, but the costs can be high, and in some cases the data is simply unrecoverable. A data recovery company recently received a case that really hit home with how important it is to back up personal data.A gentleman sent his crashed drive into them for recovery, and over the phone, the symptoms he was describing didn?t sound good. The drive had been making some unusual noises, wouldn?t spin up properly, and was not seen by the system BIOS. This is usually indicative of a major mechanical issue with the drive.The man said he would pay anything?..anything at all?..no matter how big the cost, to recover the data on that hard drive. Obviously very emotional, he then informed the tech that the drive had pictures of his daughter who had been killed recently, and he had no backup of them. It was probably one of the most heartbreaking moments imaginable. This was not someone?s Quickbooks file, or a years worth of spreadsheet data, this was someone?s life. This was one of the few things this man had to remember his daughter. You simply cannot put a price on something like that.After much work, they were able to get a good image of the drive and eventually got to the point where a recovery of the data could be made. Everyone had their fingers crossed, hoping beyond hope that they had been able to make it work. You can imagine the excitement as a search for images from the recovered data was performed and thousands of pictures of this man?s daughter were found. It was an unbelievable moment, and his reaction was beyond words.While this particular case had a happy ending, 2 out of every 10 cases won?t be so happy. It?s just a fact within the industry that around 20% of the hard drives received will not be recoverable, either due to excessive platter damage or severe data corruption. Why even take the chance?Please, go out and buy yourself one of the many cheap and affordable external backup devices available at just about any store. If you can afford it, buy two of them and keep them in two separate locations. This may seem extreme, but trust me, if you ever hear that ?click of death? coming from your computer, you?ll be happy to know your most precious data is safe and sound.Greg Duffield is the founder of ACS Data Recovery, a premier provider of hard
drive data recovery services. You can reach them toll free at 1-877-646-0546 or
on the web at http: / / www.acsdata.com.

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***Data Recovery - The Solution For Data Loss*** Is there so unimarter UniMarter
***Data Recovery - The Solution For Data Loss***

Is there something more annoying than losing a paper you saved in your computer, on which you worked for weeks? I guess not. For this reason, data recovery is the word of law for people who use computer in their jobs or for school or college.Many things can cause data loss, such as accidentally deleting files, having your system invaded and corrupted by hackers, power failure when you hadn?t saved what you had been writing and other hundreds of possibilities. The truth is: everybody that uses a computer will experience data loss at some point in their lives.Well, if we are not safe from experiencing data loss, what can help us recover the data we?ve lost. If we lose something personal, in our homes, it's not as serious as if we lose some important paper from work.There are mainly two categories of data recovery: Common Recoveries and Complex Recoveries. The first one consists of recovering the data of a single user, either from a floppy disk or hard disk. Complex Recoveries consists of recovering data from a computer with multiple users.Using data recoveryMany people think that just because they can't find the file in the folder it was saved to means that they have lost the data and they need data recovery. It's not always like this. We may have accidentally changed the location where the file is saved or even renamed it. Before using data recovery, we have to be sure the data is lost. In general, people can use data recovery either if:- they deleted the file by accident
- they deleted the file, but regretted it later
- the power failed and they haven't saved the information
- they had their data corrupted, usually caused by intruders
- they found some drives or partitions simplly are not accessible.Recovering dataExperiencing data loss for any reason is really a nuisance. However, recovering the data may not be that difficult.We in general forget - or simply are not aware - that all the files we lose, especially if we accidentally deleted them, remain in our computer, hidden somewhere where we can no longer see them. In order to recover the data, we just have to find where it is hidden and save it all again.The best way to recover data without suffering for days and nights in order to accomplish this task has to do with creating backups of important data. You can save your data on CDs or floppy disks in order to always have a second copy of the file in case you lose it. It's important to keep it as up to date as the original saved in the computer because if you don't do that, the files will be different and you lose information in the same way.Creating backups of dataOne of the biggest problems people have is choosing the data to backup. It is a difficult task, we have to admit it. So, here is a simple list of things considered important enough for people create backups of:- Financial information, including bank records
- E-mail address book
- Important correspondence
- Business information, especially if we are talking about companies and offices that deal with clients
- Papers from school or college
- Personal projects
- Important documentsPeople can create backups on the computer, however if they experience a theft, fire or flood it will be lost. That's why it's advisable to backup and save files in different places. In order to get the most of your backups, try to follow some guidelines:- Always backup! If you are a home user, creating backups once a month is a good idea, however, if we are talking about companies and offices, the best option would be to create backups once a week.
- Avoid volatile data, which is data that is not saved in your computer because you are creating it and haven't saved it yet. - We are humans and we forget things, for this reason configure your computer to create automatic backups.Safe data recoveryData recovery is not that simple do to, but it's not impossible either. In order to do data recovery in the right way, the best thing is to observe some rules:- Don't try to continue doing data recovery if your computer starts making weird noises
- Running the scan disk is not the best option since it puts more pressure onto the system
- Running utilities that you don't know how to deal with can cause even more damage
- Formatting or reinstalling systems is not the solution either.A last word: the best thing to do is to create backups and keep them up to date in order to avoid the problem of data recovery.
Michael Russell
Your Independent guide to Data Recovery

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***When Disaster Strikes: How Long Would Your Business Survive if unimarter UniMarter
***When Disaster Strikes: How Long Would Your Business Survive if Files On Your Computer Disappeared?***

A Tornado? In Birmingham? In The United Kingdom? Unthinkable!Yes, in July 2005 (while I was putting finishing touches to my cave-house in Spain) my house, along with many of my neighbours' houses was struck by a powerful tornado that literally tore up the streets. Leaving people homeless as their homes were bulldozered (with all their possessions inside).Thankfully, my house was still, pretty much intact and won't be being demolished but I work from a home office. I have lots of critical data and information on my computer - marketing information, accounts information, key contacts, books in progress to name a few. If my house was bulldozered (and I didn't have an adequate off-site backup system) I would have lost the lot. As it was, I was still able to access my key files even from Spain.But how would you fare? What if your computer went kaput this very minute? What if a freak accident, theft, or natural disaster literally destroyed your computer and you lost all your files? Would you be able to get back up and running with minimal fuss or would your business be crippled for a long time to come?No one wants to think about it, but in light of recent world events it makes sense for every company to have in place a business continuity plan. This might include installing a backup generator for power, having a second office available for re-location, and ensuring your insurance policy is current, relevant and up to date.Some of the above may be more applicable for larger companies, however one element that's 100% critical for ALL businesses regardless of size, is to keep an up to date copy of your computer files.Files can be lost instantly by a power surge, fire, flood, theft, virus and of course the most common risk ? human error (i.e. accidental deletion)!This information is the lifeblood of your business, and needs to be backed up regularly. Unlike your office or the computer itself, your computer files cannot be replaced, yet without them you have no business.For most companies, files to be kept safe will include:* Databases* Client records* Presentations* Invoices* Emails* Historical work archives* Research* Digital photosA simple risk assessment question to ask yourself:"How long would my business survive if the files on my computer disappeared right now?"Unless you have a current 'back-up' or copy of your information it is quite likely that your business will cease to operate for some time, if not indefinitely soon after. In our business our database (of people like you) is extremely important. It's taken years to build up and is irreplaceable. Which is why we have taken active steps to protect it.There are a number of ways for you to make back up copies of your information, and these methods can be divided into 2 main categories.1. Manual processes, which use recordable media such as tapes or disks.2. Online backup services, which use your Internet connection to transfer data.Manual processes rely on you carrying out the backup, rotating the media and then removing it off-site every day. Consequently they can be labour intensive, costly and in addition the media can be unreliable (i.e disks can be scratched). You don't need me to tell you that doing it this way is certainly not lean. It's a boring, time consuming, yet critical task, that's not automated (but should be) that simply gets in the way of you doing your real work while putting you at unnecessary risk. See the 'Pain or Gain' chart in your free Lean Marketing Detox eBook for a recap.For this reason, many companies are now signing up to online solutions, which via a small piece of software backup your information securely and automatically each day for you.Furthermore your information is stored safely off-site so if and when disaster strikes your files are completely safe and can be instantly restored to any machine.It's human nature to think, "it?ll never happen to me", however it is more accurate to think, "when will this happen to me?"Don't gamble with your business, back it up today and keep it safe.For our online data backup we use and recommend www.DepositIt.com, why not check them out and make sure to set up a backup plan as soon as you can. You never know when disaster will strike!'Dangerous' Debbie Jenkins
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***Backup Your Data Or Lose Your Life!*** Oh the perils of c unimarter UniMarter
***Backup Your Data Or Lose Your Life!***

Oh the perils of collecting those precious photos on your PC for years, only to have your hard drive crash one day, and not have made a SINGLE BACKUP COPY of any of your priceless pictures. Well, now is the time to backup your hard drive. A few simple steps will set you on your way?so let?s not think about it anymore: let?s DO it.There are several ways you can backup your PC data.1.) CD?s and DVD?s are one of the simplest ways to go. It?s a very simple process to pop in a CD-ROM and burn a copy of your important information, but there?s a catch: you?ll have to be disciplined enough to do this on a regular basis. You?ll also have to burn new CD?s weekly in order to keep up with the new information you?ve just stored on your PC for the past week and this can get rather expensive as you go out to buy new CD-ROMS every month. So there are other solutions?2.) Another way to go, is to purchase an external hard drive. You can drag and rop all of our new data onto your hard drive and it will replace the old data. This way you don?t have to burn new CD?s or DVD?s for each backup. However, you still have to be disciplined enough to remember to do this each week?so there is yet another solution.3.) If you have Windows XP Professional, you can use what is called Microsoft Backup, a utility that lets you create backups of data that you choose and be able to run these backups on schedule. The only disadvantage to using Microsoft Backup is that you must use your backups with the same operating system. For example, if your Windows ME hard drive crashed, you couldn?t use a backup you created there in Windows XP.So, there you have several ways you can backup your PC data and be safe. Keep in mind that despite the disadvantages of CD-ROM and DVD backup (purchasing new CD?s and performing backups regularly), you can?t beat the fact that CD?s and DVD?s last for years and are transportable, which is great for traveling.If you?re anything like me, you probably have a whole slew of information stored on your PC, much of which is personal in nature (such as family pics), and most of which is business-related (which is crucial to your business success).Being sure that you select at least one method of backup is your first step. Your second step is to make sure you follow through with this plan each and every week.Remember, consistency is key.Back up your data, and save your life!Demetria Zinga is the founder and owner of http: / / www.faith-media.com, a technology and consulting firm which specializes in web design and hosting, graphics and print designs, internet marketing, and e-training. She is also the founder of http: / / www.christianladies.net, an interactive ezine, blog, and podcast for Christian women.

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***Big Time Disaster Recovery Solutions Available for the Little unimarter UniMarter
***Big Time Disaster Recovery Solutions Available for the Little Guy***

There was a time ? not too long ago ? that Data Disaster Recovery solutions were available only in the domain of multinational corporations and big business in general. However, with the proliferation of high speed internet access and the ability to store large amounts of data in a much more cost effective manner due to plummeting storage costs, the ability to perform a secure backup of data to a remote location engineered specifically for the purpose of securely storing massive amounts of information is now in the reach of the general public.As we come to depend on computers more and more every day, we also make a considerable investment in the data we produce with those computers. Massive data sets were once generated only by large corporations and scientific institutions. But now with the monstrous surge in computer use by millions of individuals and small businesses, there has become a need to provide the same data protection solutions on a smaller scale to facilitate the efficient backup and retrieval of all kinds of data for nearly all types of computer users.Think about the type of information you store on your personal computer at home. Many computer users store hundreds (or even thousands) of files ranging from word processing documents to personal finance information to educational materials. The fact is: We use our computers every day and have the potential to suffer a great loss of productivity and irreplaceable data from something as common as an electrical storm. What would you do if you woke up one day to find that the entire contents of your computer were now inaccessible to you?Fortunately, it is now extremely cost effective to implement a Data Disaster Recovery solution that not only backs up all the files of your choosing at an interval set by you, but also provides access to your data 24 hours a day, should you need to recover your data at any time.Gaining immediate access to your backed up data is as simple as loading the software, typing your password, and enjoying a direct connection to your own secure online data repository with instant data recovery. The process is completely automated and can be initiated in seconds from any computer in the world. You can be secure in knowing that your data is safe and sound, stored in a world class facility with redundant power backup and as much storage as you need to ensure your most important files are there for you when you need them.Protect your data by implementing a Data Disaster Recovery plan. It doesn?t get any easier than using an online data backup service.Your DATA is your LIFE. Protect it.Harald Anderson is a freelance writer and webmaster for
http: / / www.safeharbordata.com
an online backup service. Experience the Digital Peace of Mind that accompanies a secure disaster recovery routine for your business. Online Backups

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***Disaster Recovery Made Easy With Online Backups*** Whenev unimarter UniMarter
***Disaster Recovery Made Easy With Online Backups***

Whenever disaster strikes the most critical asset that every company should have protected from sudden loss due to fire, flooding, or theft is their data. No matter what happens to your hardware you can be sure to be able to be up and running no matter how sudden or how severe your damage or loss is ? if you use an online backup system.Online data back up is the most cost effective way for you to protect your investment by securely storing your data with an offsite data backup provider. No matter when incidents of data loss occur you can be sure that you will have immediate and complete access to your critical documents as you need it. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year you will be able to access and restore countless hours of work and unlimited amounts of data and documents of any type.You can choose to restore an entire backup of your account or just the documents you need to get going in the event of a system failure. Access is available to any machine connected to the Internet (with proper authorization to the system) at any time, so you can access your backups from any remote location you choose. Access to backup data can keep employees up and running so even while facilities may be shut down indefinitely, your team can continue to do business as usual with little to no downtime.Upon configuration of the backup software, offsite remote backups are performed transparently to the end users, so backups are performed thoroughly and consistently without the need for user interaction. There is nothing to remember when using a remote secure backup, you can just ?set it and forget it? and be comfortable in knowing that your data is protected from accidental loss due to disaster or user negligence 24 hours a day 7 days a week.With just a few mouse clicks, you can be back up and running within minutes of a complete system failure, allowing your business to remain productive even under the worst circumstances.Harald Anderson is a freelance writer and webmaster for
http: / / www.safeharbordata.com
an online backup service. Experience the Digital Peace of Mind that accompanies a secure disaster recovery routine for your business. Online Backups

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***3 Ways Computers Can Hurt Your Ministry - Part 1 - Ineffective unimarter UniMarter
***3 Ways Computers Can Hurt Your Ministry - Part 1 - Ineffective Data Backups***

Our computers have become almost indispensable ministry tools. What would you do if the worst happened and you had to function without your computers? Would your ministry survive?This article is the first in a 3-part series on how to protect your ministry from serious computer-related loss. This time we?re going to focus on protecting your critical data with effective backups. In the next two installments, we?ll cover the basics of network security and finally what you should know about software license compliance.Ineffective data backups really do have the potential to hurt your ministry. Here are some frightening statistics:31% of PC users have lost all of their files due to events beyond their control.60% of companies that lose their data will shut down within 6 months of the disaster.Armed with the right knowledge, you can protect yourself and avoid becoming another statistic.Back Up Your Data!Most people would agree that computer data is one of their most valuable organizational assets. What would you do if all your donor and accounting files were suddenly gone forever because a hard drive on your server crashed? This could also happen through disgruntled employees, accidental deletion, corruption in one of your software programs or even because of an attack from an outside hacker. The first line of defense in protecting your ministry data is to perform regular backups.What exactly is a backup? It?s when you make a copy of your important data and keep it in a safe place, so you can restore that data if it ever becomes necessary later. The most common method of backing up data is to use a tape drive and backup tapes. I?ll have some important recommendations for you later in this article, but the critical thing to understand is that you MUST do something?any kind of data backup is better than none at all. If you ignore your data, it just might go away!Back to the FutureRemember the 1985 movie ?Back to the Future?? Just like the character in that film used a sports car to travel back in time, you can take your ministry back in time, too. Instead of keeping just one backup copy of your data, you should set up a system that keeps copies of your data for set time intervals (every day, every week, every month, every quarter, every year, etc.). Use a different tape or disk for each backup you make and then label them by date, and you will soon have a library of archived data backups you can restore from as needed.Why go through all that trouble? Well, suppose you find out that a very important Excel spreadsheet is now corrupted and you can?t open it. You haven?t used it for several months, and your backup strategy has been to keep writing over the same tapes every week. Chances are all the backups of that Excel file are probably corrupted, too! But what if you would?ve used a different strategy and kept an archive of your backups for each month of the previous year? You could then easily go back in time to the month when you knew the Excel file was still working and restore that copy?the issue would be quickly & easily resolved. Time travel can be pretty useful sometimes!How to Make Effective Data BackupsIf you have multiple computers networked in your office, keeping all your data in a single location (like a file server) and backing that up every night is the recommended way to perform backups. I would also recommend using a 20-tape rotation, which gives you the ability to ?go back in time? up to a whole year (in various intervals) to restore important files.You should also keep the most recent copy of your backup off-site (i.e., at another location away from your office). This is critical because if your building burned to the ground, your data backups would be destroyed right along with it. With a recent off-site copy, you could restore what you need on new equipment and get back to the business of ministry quickly.I recommend using enterprise-quality backup software to perform your data backups. Good software, like Veritas Backup Exec and Computer Associates BrightStor ArcServe will schedule everything for you, run automatically and keep logs of everything that does and doesn?t get backed up. These programs can also notify you by email (or some other method) when a backup is finished, if it was successful and whether or not you need to address anything. Aside from a little ongoing monitoring, everything can be automated. All you have to do is remember to change tapes every day.If you?re a home office or small office user without the resources to do tape backups, a ZIP drive, an external hard drive, a CD / DVD burner or even one of those cool little USB jump drives that fit on a key ring would all be options to consider. There are also services that let you do online backups over the Internet for a monthly fee. These are good options, as long as the amount of data isn?t too large. Some services you can check into include Remote Data Backups, U.S. Data Trust's LiveVault Online Backup Service and iBackup.Another Form of InsuranceBackups are really like another form of insurance. What kind of problems would you have if your ministry data was wiped out? Could it be replaced at any price? With a relatively small initial investment in equipment and some ongoing monitoring and maintenance, you can practically guarantee that your critical data will be available when you need it.Protecting your data by effective backups is only part of the solution. Next time we?ll talk about some simple steps you can take to protect your network against hackers, viruses, disgruntled employees and other potential vulnerabilities.Donnie Schexnayder is a ministry technology expert. He holds industry certifications from Microsoft and CompTIA and has over 10 years experience in supporting churches and Christian ministries with technology. With a mixture of passion and expertise, Donnie helps ministries advance their mission of bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth by using cutting-edge technology. Donnie lives with his wife and 2 children in Colorado Springs, CO.Eternitek: Advancing Christian Ministries Through Technologyhttp: / / www.eternitek.cominfo@eternitek.com

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***The Advantages of Building your own Gaming PC*** As has a unimarter UniMarter
***The Advantages of Building your own Gaming PC***

As has already been established, custom gaming computer systems can offer wonderful performance numbers and sleek styling, but they can often be cost-prohibitive. Furthermore, even non-custom computer systems can represent more than you are looking to spend, and the component quality is not always up to par. For gamers looking to achieve the highest possible performance at the lowest cost, building their own gaming system has become a more viable option, especially when a tower is all that is needed.One of the key advantages to building your own gaming system is the cost efficiency of it. If you know where to shop for your components, you stand to spend a great deal less money assembling your system than you would for a comparably-powered, pre-made computer gaming system. Furthermore, the statement above is true: creating your own gaming system allows you to closely monitor the quality of individual components. Many computer manufacturers will save money on the manufacturing of their systems by cutting corners in specific hardware areas, from motherboards to onboard audio. By purchasing each component separately, you are afforded the opportunity of comparing the reviews and reputations of each piece and determining which brand or incarnation will be best for your system. It is possible and recommended to create a system using only the highest-quality parts by purchasing each piece separately and assembling the gaming rig yourself.How do you Go about Building your own Computer?Once you decide to build your own gaming system, how exactly do you go about it in an efficient and effective manner? The first step seems simple enough, but it is often the one that proves most problematic in the long run: determine what you are looking for from your system right at the outset. Do you want to go for a complete top-of-the-line gaming monster, or would you prefer to keep the setup at a more cost-effective midrange level? Do you plan on running multiple monitors separately, or will a standard display setup suffice? What types of activities do you see yourself doing on your newly-assembled computer system? Is gaming going to be chief among those activities? Once you determine exactly what you want from your new computer system, you can start looking at individual components.The logical place to start when looking at computer components is the central processing unit, or CPU. The CPU is the heart of your computer system, and every other decision from memory to motherboard will be based on your choice at processor. The most important factor in selecting the proper processor remains the cost-to-performance ratio. As mentioned in an earlier article, AMD?s latest dual-core 64-bit processors represent the pinnacle of technological achievement, at least for the time being. The performance numbers generated by these processors indicate that the gaming experience found through them is unparalleled. However, at the highest end the cost for just the processor is over $1000. Obviously, not everybody is prepared to spend a grand on one particular component regardless of how well it performs. It is still possible to get a very well-performing processor for significantly less money, one that will anchor your new gaming system for years to come. Websites like NewEgg offer some of the best prices in the industry for computer components, and they allow you to compare both price and product reputation before buying.Once you have determined the type of processor you will use in your gaming system, the next step is to select an adequate motherboard. Again, the key is to determine what it is that you want from your system. Certain motherboard chipsets work better with different types of processors, and it is recommended that you research these things before making your final decision. Moreover, the performance and configuration that you are ultimately looking for will determine your motherboard selection. How much system memory to you plan on running? What type of graphics card and interface are you leaning towards? The current industry standard is PCI Express, so if you plan on running more than one of these cards, your selection of acceptable motherboards narrows considerably. Once you determine exactly which components you plan on using with your system, selecting the right motherboard becomes significantly easier.You will want to determine fairly early how much system memory, or RAM, you plan on using with your system. This decision will help determine which of several main components you will end up purchasing. If you plan on using your new computer system primarily for gaming, it is recommended that you purchase and run at least 1GB of RAM. The old level of 512MB of RAM simply is no longer acceptable for most heavy gaming applications, especially when the rest of your system utilizes so many resources. For higher-end gaming, or if you plan on running most games at their highest possible graphical level, you will probably want to upgrade to 2GB or RAM. DDR2 is the latest memory standard. DDR stands for dual data rate, and it essentially means that the memory operates at a higher overall speed than traditional SDRAM. DDR SDRAM itself is rated at several different speeds, so check the specifications on your motherboard to see which memory speed it supports.Once you determine your ideal storage device configuration (DVD-ROM, DVD-RW, hard drives, etc.), one of the last ways that you can directly impact your new gaming system?s performance is through its graphics card. As stated previously, the current standard in terms of graphics card interface is PCI Express as it allows for the greatest transfer speed between card and motherboard. Furthermore, both of the major graphics chipset manufacturers, nVidia and ATi, now offer support for multiple-card configurations. nVidia calls their particular offering SLI, and ATi refers to theirs as Crossfire. By running multiple graphics cards together, you stand to dramatically increase your gaming system?s 3D-processing capabilities, greatly boosting the gaming potential of your new computer. In fact, nVidia now offers quad-SLI technology, allowing users to simultaneously run four graphics cards. Obviously, the cost and heat output associated with doing so is quite high, so this option is not for everybody. The debate between nVidia cards and ATi cards is a subject for another discussion; their rivalry is almost as storied as the Intel-AMD rivalry, and there are stalwarts on both sides that will not be swayed. However, determining which video card configuration you plan on using will ultimately decide which motherboard, computer case, and power supply that you end up purchasing.
Research, Research, Research!If you have never before assembled your own computer system, it is recommended that you research the process thoroughly before finalizing any decisions. The components listed above will give you flexibility in terms of your system?s performance, but there are other important components to consider including storage devices, a computer case, and cooling solutions. This latter is particularly important; today?s components operate at drastically higher temperatures than their predecessors, so it is important to do so at all costs. The actual assembly of the components is quite easy as they are primarily plug-and-play, but research is again recommended for those who have never done so or who are the least bit uncomfortable with the process. If all else fails, turn to a computer professional to handle the actual assembly of your new gaming system.Jordan Hall, the editor of http: / / www.Best-Gaming-Computers.com is an avid computer gamer and technology enthusiast who enjoys providing consumers with advice concerning gaming computers and gaming laptops.

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***Call of Duty 2 - Game Review*** Infinity Ward has selecte unimarter UniMarter
***Call of Duty 2 - Game Review***

Infinity Ward has selected to follow the same method for Call of Duty 2 as they did for Call of Duty and focus on doing what it does best, only this time they do it better. In other words, expect to find a whole lot of enemy troops down the sights of your rifle. And they'll be waiting there on the front lines in three campaigns where you will be playing as a soldier in of each of the allied armies as a Russian, British or American trooper.To really get the full effect you need a top of the line computer system, including a decent sound card and upper end video card. If you have that, what you get is an awesome gaming experience. The excellent sound design brings together the deafening explosions, sounds of gunfire, ricochet echoes as bullets whiz by, and the shouts of your commander as he screams orders directing you and your squad. It really merits 5.1 surround sound and some decent speakers to do it justice.With all the latest and greatest hardware, Call of Duty 2 is one of the best looking games on the shelf. What makes this game so incredible is the attention to detail, the use of particle effects that blow snow and smoke or clods of dirt from an artillery round's impact, and the distorted vision when one of those goes off close to your position in clouds of smoke. This also brings a strategic element into the game. In the up close fighting, cover was crucial to survival, and when you didn't have it, obscuring the enemy's view with smoke was an excellent option to create your own cover. Throughout the game your squad's success will depend on your laying out smoke to help cover your advancing troops.With support for up to 32 players in online play, including nine new maps and the excellent HQ mode, Call of Duty 2 should be on your playlist for a good while to come. As for vehicles in online play unlike the (original Call of Duty), there are none and that is really to bad as there was nothing like jumping into a tank and taking out a whole squad of enemy troops.All in all, Call of Duty 2 is one of the best pc games I have played to date, I only can hope to an expansion pack or a Call of Duty 3 to follow this great game.Andy Klynstra is the webmaster for Oil-Net.Com.

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