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***Practice Visual Ergonomics and Avoid Computer Vision Syndrome* unimarter UniMarter
***Practice Visual Ergonomics and Avoid Computer Vision Syndrome***

It is hardly surprising that the symptoms of computer vision syndrome are so prevalent. The eyestrain that is caused by sitting at a computer screen for hours on end viewing text and graphics, results in headaches and blurred vision and diminished work performance. Practicing visual ergonomics offers a commonsense approach to reducing eyestrain and improving poor basic work habits.What exactly is visual ergonomics? Ergonomics is the study of human efficiency in a working environment. Visual ergonomics involves a more efficient interaction of your vision with the task you are performing on your computer, and learning how to minimize the strain on your eyes while you work.Putting this concept into practise requires following some simple guidelines which will ensure you adopt sound work habits when using your computer. Looking at these guidelines, "twenty" seems to be the magic number which comes up time and again.But it isn't just restricted to visual ergonomics. When designing an ergonomically-sound kitchen, for example, twenty feet is considered the maximum total distance between the work triangle of icebox, stove and kitchen sink.Let's look in more detail at these simple rules. We are all familiar with the term 20 / 20 vision to denote perfect vision. But to keep our eyes healthy, and avoid the symptoms of computer vision syndrome, we should be following the 20 / 20 / 20 rule. Every 20 minutes or so, look away from your computer screen for at least 20 seconds at an object 20 feet away.Why is this important? Studies have shown that constant near-point focusing on a computer monitor has contributed significantly to an increase in the number of cases of shortsightedness (myopia) among twenty to thirty-year-olds.As babies we are born longsighted and our eyes are not fully developed until we are 8 years old. Living in a "near-point" world, and exposed to prolonged computer use from an early age which takes its toll on the undeveloped focusing muscles of young eyes, today's young adults are increasingly at risk from developing myopia.Practicing visual ergonomics, therefore, helps protect young eyes, and monitoring software that reminds them when to stop is now available. Children are not as self-aware as adults, so regulating your child's time on the computer and encouraging him to follow the 20 / 20 / 20 rule is very important.For those of us who are older and spend long periods in front of our monitors, it is an equally good idea to keep doing this exercise. As we age, our ability to do near work in comfort diminishes. This is because the eye's lens stiffens, compromising its ability to become rounded and so impairing our ability to see comfortably close up.Focusing from near to far to a distance of 20 feet and back to near again several times a day can help slow down the hardening of the lens. This focusing and refocusing should form part of a general eye care program which should also include proper intake of vitamins and exercise. Visual ergonomics can, therefore, play a positive role not just in helping to counter the symptoms of computer vision syndrome, but also in keeping your eyes generally healthier.If you have reached the "bifocal" age, and already wear bifocals or trifocals when using your computer, another twenty rule comes into play. Make sure your monitor is no nearer than 20 inches and, if you have a monitor larger than 20 inches, position it so that the top of the viewing area is approximately 3? above eye level. Lowering the monitor provides more comfortable viewing through your lower lenses.Remember as well that, even with glasses, the computer screen can become blurred. Trying to read a fuzzy screen can cause a variety of vision-related aches and pains from a sore neck and shoulders to nagging back pain. When using a computer, your vision can adversely affect your body.If you're struggling to read the screen through the lower portion of your bifocals, or through half-eye reading glasses, you tend to adopt a poor posture. Computer glasses, which enlarge the intermediate zone of your vision making text and graphics much easier to read, may be appropriate to assist you in achieving greater comfort at the monitor.For some people the concept of visual ergonomics needs to be widened. Specific vision therapy programs, with the aim of improving binocular vision and efficient functioning of the visual system, have been developed for individuals suffering from ambylopia (lazy eye), strabismus (squint) and other eye alignment problems.These programs offer vision training to get the eyes to work at their peak efficiency and alleviate eyestrain. Diagnostic testing, training procedures, along with the use of lenses and prisms, may all be involved in successfully treating these conditions. Tailored to the individual's specific binocular problem, the resulting improvements in how the eyes aim and focus together can lead to greater concentration and increased efficiency for near work.Let's now go back to our work triangle in the kitchen and apply an important aspect of kitchen design to visual ergonomics in the office. The workplace in the 21st century differs markedly from the office of a few decades back. Then, typists did not have the modern work triangle of monitor, keyboard and copy, with its associated problems of eyestrain, to contend with.teksty work triangle is necessary in the kitchen, but why in the office? By using a document holder, and keeping your hard copy close to the screen, you remove one side of the triangle altogether and create a more ergonomic angle. This immediately reduces eyestrain by reducing the number of times your eyes need to focus and refocus during the working day.Here are three final tips for healthy computing. First, remember to blink fully and often to avoid dry eyes, a symptom of computer vision syndrome.Second, to relax your eyes, cover them with your palms, take several deep breaths for 20 seconds, uncover your eyes and refocus. Repeat several times during the day.Third, make sure you have an annual eye check-up. Take a note of your viewing distances, and give these figures to your doctor before the eye exam.Don't forget, though, the most important figure in visual ergonomics is the number twenty. Follow the above guidelines and near vision tasks will become more rewarding and enjoyable.? 2006 Maureen P CookIn this article, Maureen Cook shows you how visual
ergonomics can help avoid computer vision syndrome.To read more, go to Computer Vision Syndrome

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***teksty Different Type of Office Furniture - The Kneeling Stool unimarter UniMarter
***teksty Different Type of Office Furniture - The Kneeling Stool***

Given the amount of time most of us spend sitting at computer desks in our jobs and at home, it is not surprising that we put a lot of stress on our lower backs. Sitting in a office chair for 8 ? 10 hours a day is not natural for our bodies, especially as most people slouch or slump in their seats. An ergonomic office chair can be the easiest solution for those who must sit. These are designed to position the body such that the stress on the lower spine is reduced. Regular seating may not be the most effective for an office, even if it is less expensive or nicer looking, because uncomfortable seating can make it difficult for a worker to focus, especially if they have to keep getting up and stretching to make their back more comfortable, and then find they do not want to sit down again.Effective workspace seating encourages good posture and a strong spine. With this, productivity will increase by making it easier for the worker. When designing a workspace, one will want to consider the importance of an ergonomic desk chair. Office seating should also be designed so that it is adjustable for multiple users.teksty relatively new design of ergonomic office chair is the kneeling stool. This stool is designed to shift the hips forward and thus reduce the pressure on the lower back. These stools gained some popularity among some with back problems. However many still find them uncomfortable and difficult to sit in, or are reluctant to try them because they look unfamiliar. However, once a person becomes accustomed to these stools, they will find their posture improves and, when they get up from having sat and worked all day, their back is not sore.Kneeling stools are recommended by Chiropractors worldwide. This simple concept to sitting addresses the problems of ?right angle? seating. Its design shifts the hips forward, creating a balancing stabilizer for helping to sit up straight. This concept assists spinal alignment for the back, shoulders, and neck by shifting the hips forward and easing pressure on the lumbar area, improving breathing and increasing flexibility.There are four ways one can sit in an ergonomic chair; facing forward with your knees under you and your weight on your hips (essentially balancing on your hips without actually placing weight on the knees), facing forward with your knees in front of you (as you would sit on a stool), kneeling chair turned facing backwards and again sitting as you would on a stool, or actually sitting with your weight on your knees and shins on the bottom pad and your hips resting on the top pad. The ergonomic kneeling office chair is ideal for people who work at computer desks, artists, writers, and those who sit for long periods but suffer from back, hip, prostate, or other lower torso discomforts while using traditional chairs.When shopping for a kneeling stool, be sure to visit www.ergonomicbackstore.com. The www.ErgonomicBackStore.com, is an industry leader in providing ergonomic office solutions for individual needs or whole offices, designed with your health and comfort in mind.Harry teksty. Davis, Sr., was a pioneer in ergonomic design and the cofounder and former manager of the Kodak Human Factors Group, which authored the well-known two volume series "Ergonomic Design for People at Work."http: / / www.ErgonomicBackStore.com was founded by Harry Davis, Jr. in 2003 and carries a large variety of back-friendly furniture and accessories including ergonomic chairs and ergonomic office desks.

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***Computer Posture: Are You Making Work Harder Than it Should be unimarter UniMarter
***Computer Posture: Are You Making Work Harder Than it Should be?***

Is your computer posture correct? Do you suffer from neck pain, a burning between your shoulder blades, lower back pain, headaches, digestive problems, breathing difficulties, eye strain ... the list goes on. All of the above could be related to how you sit at your PC for hours at a time every day, barely moving, eyes fixed on the screen with deadlines to meet.If you have adjusted the position of your chair, computer screen and mouse but still find you suffer from the conditions mentioned above? You are not alone and for good reason. Whilst you can easily re-arrange your furniture it is not so simple to follow the instructions aimed at the human elements, that is, your body.Following advice on sitting correctly, such as, sitting straight with the shoulders back etc, is not as easy as it sounds. This is because the majority of adults have developed a poor body concept. What does this mean? We have lost the art of natural poise and movement through our sedentary lifestyles. Your computer posture is just one situation where it can go wrong.In my role as an Alexander Technique teacher I have taught many people over the last 10 years and one issue that usually comes up is the matter of sitting at a computer. Many make the mistake of trying to sit up too straight and tighten their lower backs, causing more harm than good. As soon as people learn not to try and sit up straight, they find it so much easier!Early warning signs that should not be ignored. Any discomfort experienced at your computer is a sign you are doing something wrong. You may not be too concerned if the aches and pains you associate with your work disappear at weekends. But prolonged periods (and we could be talking years) of sitting in a poor position will alter your posture gradually until you begin to suffer all the time.More serious signs that require you to take instant action are tightness or numbness in your fingers, hands, wrists, elbows or shoulders. This could soon lead to upper limb disorders, also known as repetitive strain injury (RSI). This is a difficult condition to treat successfully and in a many cases the sufferer has to change job completely to one not involving computers - not an easy career move to make in today's hi-tech world!
If you experience any of the above symptoms, talk to your Occupational Health Advisor or visit your doctor. The longer these conditions persist the harder it will be to treat.So your computer posture can have a huge influence on not only how productive you are at work, whether you get aches or pains, but also your body shape! You probably don't want to look old before your time, but if you pay little attention to how you sit at your PC you could be rapidly attaining the stoop normally associated with old age.
Remember, you don't have to sit up straight with your chin in, shoulders back ...it will only cause more problems in the long-term. Just allow your body to be poised and let the chair and floor support your weight and remember to take breaks away from you computer.Roy Palmer is a teacher of The Alexander Technique and has taught people about posture and poise for the last 10 years. He has advised many companies on issues relating to posture in the workplace. More information, photographs and online tests about sitting at your computer can be found by clicking Computer Posture

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***Reducing your exposure to Carcinogens*** Reducing the exp unimarter UniMarter
***Reducing your exposure to Carcinogens***

Reducing the exposure to carcinogens is one of the "Major Recommendations for cancer prevention." The American Cancer Society.
Charles Jacobson, compliance officer of the US. Consumer Product and Safety Commission in the area of toxic chemicals, said, "If every carcinogenic ingredient were banned, there would be hardly any products on the market."Do you know anyone who is troubled by respiratory problems, liver damage, kidney problems, chest pains, rashes, dizziness, convulsions, shortness of breath, vomiting, diarrhea, tremors, fatigue, headaches, nervousness, nausea, drowsiness, irritation of the eyes, nose, throat, and skin or cancer ?
Well, ! It is likely caused by the "SEA OF CHEMICALS THEY ARE LIVING IN" !These chemicals are found today in most Name Brand household products that are sold in your Grocery Stores, products that most of us have bought. At the time, we believed that they were safe for us to use in and around our home and family.1: Isopropyl Alcohol poisonous, toxic & carcinogenic
2: Isopropanol poisonous toxic & carcinogenic
3: Benzyl - (benzene) poisonous, toxic & carcinogenic
4: Chlorine poisonous, toxic & carcinogenic
5: Phenol highly toxic & highly carcinogenic major killer in the US
6: Ammonia highly toxic & carcinogenic
7: Halogenated hydrocarbons highly toxic & carcinogenic
8: Aromatic amines carcinogenic
9: Amino Azobenzene carcinogenic
10: Methylene Chloride poisonous toxic, birth defects & carcinogenic
11: Perthloroethylene poisonous, toxic, birth defects & carcinogenic
12: Sodium Nitrite carcinogenic
13: Toluene toxic & carcinogenic
14: Xylene toxic & carcinogenic
15: Is amyl Alcohol toxic & carcinogenic
16: 4-Dimethylaminoazobenzene carcinogenic
17: Diethylene Glycol poisonous
18: Diethyl Ether poisonous
19: Sodium Hydroxide causes lung damage & destructive effect upon tissue
20: Sodium Hypochlorite bleaches) poisonous & toxic
21: Borax toxic
22: Hydrochloric Acid poisonous & toxic
23: Phosphorus highly poisonous & toxic (explosive)
24: Dichlorine monoxide extremely toxic
25: Chlorine monoxide extremely toxic
26: Chlorine dioxide extremely toxic
27: Chlorine hex oxide extremely toxic
28: Chlorine heptoxide extremely toxicIf you need more, read "teksty Consumers Dictionary of Household Yard and Office Chemicals" by Ruth Winters.
You can find a copy at your local Library.If you are ready to change the products you currently use and make your home environmentally safe for your family, I can show you how. I can also show you how to make a part time or full time income showing others about the harmful chemicals found in household products and how to replace the products loaded with carcinogens to products that have natural ingredients but are very effective.For more information you may email me at tc@thewinnersteam.net or visit my web site at http: / / tc.thewinnersteam.net.Tami Calendoposted by Tami Calendo @ 12:29 PM 0 comments

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***Ergonomic Questionnaire*** These days, computers have bec unimarter UniMarter
***Ergonomic Questionnaire***

These days, computers have become so inevitable part of our lives that we need to use it for various purposes. Be it a free time or working hours, except a very few people, all depend on this machine to get their jobs done. There are certain things you need to know about the computer work hazards and the preventive techniques you need to follow to make your stay in front of the computer, trouble free.I have come across some common worries shared by people who have to sit for long hours in front of the computer.Is there a term called overuse of computers? If so, where do I draw the line?If I have to use it on a daily basis, how many hours of my presence in front of this machine is recommended?Will I be able to finish my work if I am to follow my recommended time schedule?Here is a checklist that will help you create a safe, sound, and relaxed workstation. You can try using it in combination with the purchasing guide checklist. There are two options ? ?Yes? and ?No?. The questions relate to different topics like working postures, seating, keyboard, monitors, accessories, work area and some general questions. If the response is ?no?, it means that a problem exists.
Working Postures:1. Do your head and neck need to be upright, or in-line with the your torso (not bent down / back)?2. Do the head, neck, and trunk need to be facing forward without twisting?3. Does your trunk have to be perpendicular to the floor (you may lean back into backrest but not forward)?4. Do your shoulders and upper arms need to be relaxed and in-line with the torso, normally about perpendicular to the floor (but not elevated or stretched forward)?5. Do the upper arms and elbows need to be close to the body and not extended outward?6. Do your forearms, wrists, and hands need to be straight and in -line (forearm at about 90 degrees to the upper arm)?7. Do the wrists and hands need to be straight (not bent up / down or sideways toward the little finger)?8. Do both the thighs need to be parallel to the floor and the lower legs to be perpendicular to floor (thighs may be slightly elevated above knees)?9. Can your feet rest flat on the floor or should they be supported by a stable footrest?Seating (Chair):10. Does the backrest of the chair support your lower back?11. Does the seat width and depth have the capacity for the specific user (seat pan not too big / small)?12. Is the seat pan of your chair too long to press against the back of your knees and lower legs?13. Is your seat cushioned properly, rounded, and blunt with a "waterfall" front?14. Do the armrests of your chair support both forearms while working on the computer without meddling with your movement?Keyboard:15. Are the platforms for the keyboard / input device stable and large enough to hold a keyboard and an input device?16. Are the input devices (mouse or trackball) located right next to your keyboard so that they can be accessed and used without having to reach them?17. Can the input devices be easily activated with their size and shape fitting your hand (not too big / small)?18. Does your workstation ensure that your wrists and hands do not rest on sharp or hard edges?Monitor:19. Is the top of the monitor screen at or below your eye level so that you can read it without bending your head or neck down / back?20. Can the user with bifocals / trifocals read the screen without bending the head or neck backward?21. Does the distance of the monitor allow you to read the screen without leaning your head, neck, or trunk forward / backward?22. Is the monitor positioned directly in front of you so that you don't have to twist your head or neck?23. Do you ensure that glare (for example, from windows, lights) is not reflected on your screen that makes you sit in awkward postures so as to view the screen better?Work Area (Desk and Workstation):24. Between the top of the thighs and your computer table, do you have enough room or your thighs (thighs are not trapped)?25. Do you ensure that your legs and feet have sufficient clearance space under the work surface so that you can get close enough to the keyboard / input device?Accessories:26. Is your document holder stable and large enough to hold documents?27. Is your document holder placed at about the same height and distance as the monitor screen so that there is little head movement, or need to re-focus, when you look from the document to the screen?28. Is your wrist / palm rest padded and free of sharp or square edges that push on your wrists?29. Does your wrist / palm rest allow you to keep your forearms, wrists, and hands straight and in-line when using the keyboard / input device?30. While doing telephone and computer tasks simultaneously, do you keep your head upright (not bent) and your shoulders relaxed (not elevated)?General:31. Do your workstation and equipment have sufficient adjustability that ensures your safe working posture while allowing you to make occasional changes in posture when you work on your computer?32. Are your computer workstation, components, and accessories maintained in serviceable condition and do they function properly?33. Are your computer tasks planned in a way that allows you to vary tasks with other work activities, or to take micro-breaks, or recovery pauses while at the computer workstation?So that is all about it. Living carelessly is the easiest thing to do, but could be the most dangerous thing too. On the other hand if you take some precaution, it can be the foundation for a healthy living, later in your life.Remember that all the computer related hazards are not going to hamper your life in a very short span of time. But it may take years to show the symptoms. As I said earlier, prevention is better than cure.Nishanth Reddy is an Author and Publisher of various health related websites. For more information on Ergonomic Computing Tips visit:
http: / / www.safecomputingtips.com

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***Learn How to Deal with Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)*** unimarter UniMarter
***Learn How to Deal with Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)***

The work pattern of computer professionals carries a lot of orthopedic disorders. The chief complaint is constant pain in the upper limbs, neck, shoulders, and back. Upper limb disorders (also called RSI, or tenosynovitis) are the most worse as they may rapidly lead to permanent incapacity.Repetitive strain injury occurs when the movable parts of the limbs are injured. Most of the times, the victims of this injury are computer professionals, musicians, students, and others who have to use their hands regularly in a repetitive manner.SymptomsThe users experience constant pain in the hands, elbows, shoulders, neck, and the back. Other symptoms are cramps, tingling, and numbness in the hands. The hand movements of the user may become clumsy and the person may find it difficult even to fasten buttons.Another variant may produce painful symptoms in the upper limbs, but the site may be difficult to locate.The common diagnoses seen in this group are Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tenosynovitis, Bursitis, White Limb, and Shoulder pain. teksty major cause is strain due to long unbroken periods of work. Ergonomics or the lack of it plays a very important role. Lack of information about the condition leads to neglect by the concerned individuals.Palliative measuresPeople concerned should seek medical attention when early symptoms set in. Measures that can be adopted at an individual level include:Posture: The recommended posture to sit in front of a computer is semi-reclined with the forearms resting in a cradle or on an extension of the keyboard support. There should be ample support for the back. The hands should be free and point in the direction of the forearms. The feet should rest on the ground or feet support. The distance of the monitor should be 18 inches or more and at a slightly lower level than the eye level.Rest: The user should take short breaks every 15 minutes and slightly long breaks after every hour.Hydration: Drink adequate fluids to keep the tendons and soft tissues soft.Shortcuts: Use keyboard shortcuts instead of mouse. Touch the keyboard softly and do not pound at it. The wrist should rest on the table or wrist rest.Telephone use: Don?t cradle the telephone between the face and shoulder while working, as this can lead to neck strain.Messages: Don?t use the computer while conveying messages in person or through the intercom.No games: Games or surfing at work may increase stress on your hands.Preventive Measures at the Organizational Level: Organizations that use computers in a big way can also adopt certain preventive measures.These include:1.You need to educate your employees on the importance of adopting a proper posture.2.Ensure that all your employees are using quality ergonomic furniture that will save loss of working hours by guaranteeing full comfort of the employees.3.Give periodic reminders through lectures and audio-visual presentations by medical professionals on the importance of taking good care of health while using computers.When symptoms set in, consult an orthopedic surgeon. Do not make the diagnosis yourself. The diagnosis will be made from the history and clinical findings as there will be no changes in X-rays, since the soft tissues are involved. Nerve conduction studies can confirm the diagnosis. In cases detected earlier, attention to ergonomics will restore normalcy.In cases diagnosed late, orthopedic treatment like injections and even minor surgery may be necessary.Remember that all the computer related hazards are not going to hamper your life in a very short span of time. But it may take years to show the symptoms. As I said earlier, prevention is better than cure.Nishanth Reddy is an Author and Publisher of various health related websites. For more information on Repetitive Strain Injury and Other Computer Related hazards visit: http: / / www.safecomputingtips.com.

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***Take a Minute Out to Ease Computer Eye Strain*** The symp unimarter UniMarter
***Take a Minute Out to Ease Computer Eye Strain***

The symptoms of screen related strain include:blurred vision
poor long range focus after periods of computer use
and neck and shoulder tension from being locked in the same postureHere are some easy self-help methods for looking after your eyes during a working day in front of the screen:1. warm movements - Rub your hands together vigorously until they're warm, then place your cupped palms over your closed eyes.Sit calmly and quietly for a couple of minutes and breathe deeply. With your eyes still closed, look up, then down, and finally, to the far left and right. Now move your eyes in a full circle one way and then the other. Don't strain them, just move them within their comfortable range.2. long looks - Take regular brakes from the computer screen to look at different objects around the room. If you're near a window take a few seconds to gaze into the far distance. Look straight ahead at various far away objects for a minute or two.3. star gazing - Looking at the sky at night has long been believed to have a cooling and beneficial effect on the eyes. Take a few minutes out at the end of the day to scan the stars and gaze at the moon, for some long distance relief and a pleasant change from clicking on icons.4. diffuse tension - One of the quickest and easiest ways to diffuse tension in the neck and shoulder is to do some neck rolls. Here's how to do them. Simply take a deep breath and lean your head as far back as you can. Now roll your head to the left, and continue round until it is back where you started. Make sure that you keep your head down at the front, so that your chin brushes your chest as it passes. Repeat three times, slowly and deliberately and feel the stretch in your neck. Now repeat three times in the opposite direction.Some computer users find a timer useful to remind them to take regular breaks to refocus and stretch - it only takes a minute or two and can make the day a lot more comfortable.Ananga Sivyer is a contributing editor and health consultant for LifeScape magazine and the author of the self-help workbook: The Art & Science of Emotional Freedom For more articles likes this or to sign up for her free "Energy Points" teksty-zine, visit her web-site at: http: / / www.ananga.net

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***How to Stay Healthy in a Hi-Tech World*** Computers have unimarter UniMarter
***How to Stay Healthy in a Hi-Tech World***

Computers have changed our world but not without a price. Some of us are getting out of balance. Problems associated with computers are CDT (Cumulative Trauma Disorder), RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), or the worst SOZS (Spaced Out Zombie Syndrome). As with television, you can become addicted to a computer. You sit down at your computer, and seven hours later you finally notice your rear end is numb, your neck and shoulders are in a vice, you are hungry, thirsty, tired, and your spouse has left with all the kids. How did that happen? Where did your mind go? And why did you accomplish so little in that time?Much has been said about how to support yourself physically on the computer. Invest in a good chair, maintain erect posture, use a wrist rest, and use an anti-glare screen. But what about proper mental and emotional support? For example, if you look at a two-dimensional screen at close range for many hours, it can limit your binocular vision, depth perception and peripheral vision. The constant hum of electronic equipment can switch off auditory skills. These imbalances can cause you to over focus, and become so engrossed in the details of what you are doing on screen. Consequently, you lose track of the big picture, your priorities and goals. Also, the electromagnitic field of a computer can negatively affect body meridians, which in turn affect energy, mind and emotions.Below are some tricks you can use to stay alert, creative, positive, productive, clear and healthy on computer. Take a 3 minute break every half hour. Set up a timer that will go off reminding you to break. Here are some ideas that will re-balance your system. Try a different one each time:Drink water: Electrostatic energy around a computer can dehydrate you, which significantly slows down the firing of synapses in your brain. Drink a least 8 oz of water for every hour you are in front of a computer.Reconnect head & heart: This two minute exercise helps re-energize your mind, moves you out of confusion and helps you feel more positive. Sit in a chair, cross your legs at the ankle, then cross your arms at the wrist and interlace your fingers. Sit like this with your eyes closed breathing deeply for one minute. Then uncross your legs and arms and sit with your fingertips touching for another minute. This second pose is called The Spock Pose.Neck rolls: Tight neck and shoulders can impair binocular vision and binaural hearing. Roll your head from side to side letting your chin drop to your chest. Go slowly and breathe deeply.Gaze into the distance: Go to a window and scan the horizon taking in three dimensional shapes off in the distance. This will balance out your vision.Stretch: Constricted hamstrings, sacrum, spinal support muscles and shoulders can directly effect your mental functioning. Take a few minutes to lengthen these muscles. teksty great yoga pose to do this is the downward facing dog. Bend forward at the waist and place your hands flat on the floor about three feet in front of you, so that your body is in a V-shape. Keep you feet flat on the floor if possible.Fun: Fun restores emotional balance. Dance, sing, play solitaire (not on computer, use real cards), hug a tree, go visit a co-worker (don?t e-mail them), play with your pet, call a friend and compliment them on something, read cartoons, look in the paper for a movie to see tonight, plan a trip to the tropics.Be easy on yourself. Working on a computer can trigger certain debilitating belief systems such as perfectionism and the need for completion. Notice when you hear yourself saying "I?ll just finish writing these last four e-mails", then I?ll take a break. Create a list of Anti-Zombie Techniques nearby, such as the ones listed above, or add some of your own. Pick one thing on the list and go do it for three minutes. Tiny breaks throughout your day will ensure survival and success on your high-tech adventures.Carla Rieger is an expert on humanizing the workplace and employee engagement. If you want a motivational speaker, trainer or leadership coach to help your team stay on the creative edge, contact Carla Rieger.
Tel: 1-866-294-2988, email carla@carlarieger.com, Web site: http: / / www.carlarieger.com /

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***Computer Straining Your Eyes? Here's How To Prevent It!*** unimarter UniMarter
***Computer Straining Your Eyes? Here's How To Prevent It!***

Whilst our lives have become dependent on computers, our bodies haven't quite accepted the idea. Every day computer users complain of blurred vision, tired eyes, gritty eyes and headaches. Many start to wear eye glasses and blame their computers. Others are convinced that their computer has caused their Myopia (nearsightedness) to worsen. High tech employees worry about radiation from the computer screen. Can the computer lead to irreversible eye damage?The good news is that extensive eye care health research in Israel and in North America has shown conclusively and repeatedly that computers do not cause eye disease. Nor has it been shown that intensive computer work can lead to or effect myopia in high tech workers. (The situation with children is slightly more controversial but this will be discussed in another article) However there is no doubt that computers can lead to many temporary eye problems most of which can be solved by simple changes in work pattern.The sooner any symptoms begin, for instance within half an hour of commencing work, the more likely it is that there is a specific problem. Developing tired eyes after eight hours of non stop intensive visual activity is normal though. Try running the New York, London or Jerusalem marathons and see if your legs get tired.The following are some simple tips to prevent eye strain and to enhance your eye health care for many years to come.Have your eyes and vision checked at least once a year. Any minor vision problem will be aggravated by computer use. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, be sure they are appropriate for computer use and for the distance between you and your computer.Be sure to rest your eyes regularly, especially if you are new to computers. Remember the 20:20 rule. Every 20 minutes, look in to the distance for 20 seconds. Continuous use of any part of the body, including your eyes, will inevitably lead to fatigue.Your computer should be at a comfortable distance (about 30-40cm) and the top of the screen should be facing you and slightly below eye level. Adjust your desk or chair so that this is the case. Our eyes are designed to point forwards and downwards when looking at near objects, e.g. when reading. Looking upwards or sideways at your computer will rapidly lead to eye strain.Hang any material you are copying at the same distance and as close to the screen as possible. Use a manuscript holder. This will prevent constant refocusing to differing distances and directions.Minimise glare from your computer screen due to reflections from lights or windows. This can be done by adjusting the direction of your screen or by attaching a glare reduction filter. Your pupil changes in size according to the brightness of the screen and excessive movement of the pupil caused by multiple reflections can cause headaches. Bright sunlight from a window behind your screen will have a similar effect. Glare also causes you to screw up your eyes, which if prolonged, will lead to headaches. However make sure your desk and key board are sufficiently illuminated.Occasional use of artificial tear eye drops (as recommended by your eye doctor) can help dry eyes symptoms. We tend to blink less when concentrating intently, and when looking straight ahead much of the eye is exposed leading to increased tear evaporation and dry eyes. Remember to blink more.Keep your computer screen clean. Dust and fingerprints can reduce clarity.Poor quality computer screens can lead to eye strain. Low resolution, low pixel numbers and high contrast colors can put an extra strain on the eyes when reading from a screen. The Refresh Rate of a computer is a measure of how often the display unit refreshes or redraws the picture per second. In the past rates of 60Hz were acceptable, but flickering of the screen was evident at this rate causing headaches. It is now recommended that the rate should not be less than 70Hz and most new monitors are 75-85 Hz.Sensible use of your computer will reduce headaches and eye discomfort, and increase productivity.Dr Andrew Fink MDDr Andrew Fink MD FRCOphth is a practising Eye Surgeon in Tel Aviv, Israel. He specialises in Laser Vision Correction, and Cataract Surgery. He is medical adviser to Healthylens.com, an on line discount contact lens service. (http: / / www.healthylens.com)

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***Read This Article if You Want to Stop Mad Cow*** Mad Cow unimarter UniMarter
***Read This Article if You Want to Stop Mad Cow***

Mad Cow disease of BSE is not very funny and we must defeat this problematic disease. The best way of course that cattle ranchers have found to prevent this is to not feed slaughtered cow parts back to the cattle in there feed. Secondly cattle ranchers are always on the look out for early signs of the disease to prevent its spreading. This has worked very well and our beef supply is safe. Some people have decided not to eat beef, yet that most likely is a mistake because human brains need the protein and being a vegetarian is hard enough, but trying to get the protein without eating meat is even tougher. Many beefeaters say this is why all the liberals are so stupid, because they lack the protein in their diets to see beyond their petty and vindictive, bogus and hokum filled, ridiculous and rhetoric riddled research claiming that meat is bad for you.With new technologies cattle ranchers are developing better tracking systems of our American Beef from cradle to grave similar to other industries which continually monitor where their products end up from the time they are created until the sold on the shelf or used and then disposed of. The American Beef Association now has a good handle on this problem and is keeping our beef supply safe and healthy. As technology progresses and the prices come down we will see cattle with biometric sensors, RFID tags and computer tracking systems. The Beef supply is safe in America and it will only get safer in the future thanks to new technology. Think on this.Lance Winslow - Online Think Tank forum board. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; www.WorldThinkTank.net / wttbbs /

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***Ergonomics: Workstation Set-up Do's & Don'ts*** Many unimarter UniMarter
***Ergonomics: Workstation Set-up Do's & Don'ts***

Many of us spend most of our workday sitting at a desk working on the computer, talking on the phone, sending & receiving fax messages. Poorly designed workstations can lead to debilitating neck, back and shoulder pain. This article discusses the importance of a good ergonomically designed workstation that does not necessarily require a large investment in time or finances. The term ERGONOMICS comes from two Greek words: ERGON which means work and NOMOI, which means natural laws. Roughly translated, ergonomics is the study of human posture and positioning as it relates to the work environment. Proper posture is the key to a healthy musculoskeletal system. Good posture leads to proper alignment of the joints supporting the system against the forces of gravity. This allows our muscles to be positioned at their mid-range where they are strongest and under minimal tension. When the body has assumed proper postural alignment less demand on the joints and the muscles is required to perform movements, thus the body conserves energy and performs daily functions more efficiently. Decreased wear and tear on the joints and surrounding structures is also reduced which is a large factor for decreasing early onset of arthritis.Work Station Set Up It is well documented that low back pain is a leading cause of missed work days in the United States. More than $4 billion dollars are spent on low back pain each year. Various research studies have demonstrated the effect on poor posture leading to low back & neck pain. Extrapolating this information, we see a direct correlation with poor workstation set up in the office. Below represents an inexpensive means of improving your workstation to decrease the affects of poor posture. The Chair teksty properly fitted chair is essential considering much of your time is spent sitting. The ?PERFECT CHAIR? for everyone does not exist. Each of us has different requirements based on our height, body proportions and anatomical structure. It is important that the chair has the ability to move in a vertical direction. The hips should be positioned slightly higher than the knees. This will take pressure off the lower back. teksty chair that swivels 360? is also very important so you don?t have to twist your back when reaching away from the frontal plane. Arm rests are very important for taking stress off the shoulder girdle. The elbow should be positioned at a 90? angle, resting the forearm on the rest. This position will relieve tension on the muscles of the neck and shoulder. Lumbar support is imperative for preventing the slouched position. Slouching in a chair occurs when the lower back forms a ?C? shape and you end up sitting on your tail bone. This position places a lot of stress on the lumbar discs which can lead to bulging and eventually slippage of the disc out from their central location. This bulging can lead to numbness, tingling a weakness down the legs. If not corrected, permanent damage to the nerves can occur. teksty thin pillow, towel or foam can be used in the back of the chair to fill in the space between the chair and your lower back. This will assist in sitting upright, maintaining good spinal alignment. Your weight should be distributed over your pelvic floor muscles. Envision a string tied to your belly button with a 5lbs weight on the end pulling you slightly forward toward the floor. There should also be some weight through your legs and feet, further reducing pressure on the spine. If you are in the market for a chair, test out as many as you need until you find one that works. The most expensive chair does not always equate to the one that is best for you. When you find a chair you think is right, sit in that chair for twenty minutes and see how you feel. Giving the chair an honest workout is the only way you will know if it is right for you.The Desk and keyboard should be at the height of your arms, maintaining a 90? angle at the elbow. There should be enough room under the desk to slide your legs and chair under the desk. If you are using a computer, the monitor should be high enough so that you are looking straight ahead. If you have to look down, this causes you to come out of a neutral alignment and adds stress to the muscles in the back of the neck. It also increases pressure on the cervical discs.Telephone If you are on the phone frequently, the best investment you will ever make is a HEADSET One of the most common faulty postures is the phone / neck cradle. This is when you are on the phone cradling the receiver between your ear and shoulder. This causes increased muscle tension throughout the neck and often leads to severe neck pain. teksty headset will free your hands for typing and allow you head to remain in a neutral position. Other useful tips Never twist your back to reach for something. If you are sitting in a chair that swivels, use your feet to rotate your body. Twisting the spine may lead to increased stress throughout the back and shoulders. If you are working on a fax machine, telephone, keyboard, etc., try to position the equipment in front of you so there is no twisting required. Finally, try not to sit for a prolonged period of time. You should stand up every half hour just to get the blood flowing through your neck, back & legs. Stand up and stretch by walking around a bit. This will relieve tension from your system and reduce overall stress.Dr. Brad teksty. Gilden, DPT, MSPT, CSCS has been practicing orthopedic and sports physical therapy over the past six years. Dr. Gilden works with a diverse patient population treating high level athletes to adolescents. He has extensive post-graduate training in manual physical therapy and sports related injuries. Dr. Gilden practices physical therapy in Westchester, NY and will soon be joining Elite Health Services, LLC a company that offers in-home physical therapy and personal training in Lower Fairfield, CT and Westchester, NY. For more information on Elite Health Services, LLC please visit http: / / www.elitehealthservices.com.

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***Eye Strain Caused By Your Computer*** Did you know that s unimarter UniMarter
***Eye Strain Caused By Your Computer***

Did you know that spending long hours at your computer can put your health at serious risk?
Most people does not even consider that possibility, but t does, Working at a desk is extremely hard on your body, and I would like to share this with you so maybe you can avoid some of the most common health risks.
One of the most common one is: eye strain.SAVE YOUR EYES FROM EYE STRAINVisual problems like eyes strain may result from overusing the muscles of your eyes. If not careful, eye strain will occur in any eye muscle held in one position for a long period of time. These eye straining activities are as follows: reading, watching television, or staring at the computer.People with occupations that require lots of staring such as dressmaking, designers, or computer engineers are prone to developing eye strain. Even people who do a lot of reading is prone to developing eye strain like medical students, lawyers, scientists, and researchers. The muscles of your inner eye tightens and irritates your eyes, making you feel very uncomfortable, resulting to eye strain. teksty five-minute break from time to time is very good to your eyes.Eye strain may be caused by improper lighting, excessive glaring at the computer screen, bad position of the computer screen, or difficulty reading copy material. Eye strain may present with the following symptoms: pain and burning in and behind the eyes. There may also be headache and eye fatigue. Blurred vision, dry eyes, itching eyes, and burning eyes. It is important to consult a qualified eye doctor at once when you experience such symptoms to prevent possible damage and to learn eye exercises that you can do.In people over 40 years old, eye strain is usually a sign that they need to get prescription glasses. So it is important to have your eye refracted and see if its what is causing the problem. They may also have chronically dry eyes, and the eye strain may also just be tiredness from overuse of the eyes. To solve this uncomfortable eye strain problem, simply close your eyes for a few minutes ? it will help refocus your eyes. Blinking also helps because it gives moisture to the eyes. Artificial tears also help since strain can lead to eye dryness and re-moistening your eyes ? either artificial tears or by blinking ? is a great way to ease your tight eye muscles.It is important that people wear eyeglasses that correctly fit because wearing the wrong kind of glasses will just contribute more to the eye strain. It is also possible that wearing these ill-fitting eyeglasses will predispose the individual to develop eye strain.If you suspect that your eye strain is due to too much staring at the computer monitor, then you may adjust the contrast of your monitor to high. Also try to reposition your screen to avoid glare. When outdoors, do not be caught dead without sunglasses. Squinting due to the sun tightens the eye muscles, so remember to bring nice pair of sunglasses all year round. teksty big hat also protects you from the harmful rays of the sun, as well as baseball caps which, along with sunglasses, are cool and stylish and protects you fro eye strain.You may try to arrange your work station so the lighting will not hurt your eyes. Vision breaks are also recommended, so is changing your eye focus once in a while to relax the eye muscles. Eye exercises such as rolling the eyes and tightly close the eye will greatly relieve you with your eye strain. Making sure that the computer screens are clean and streak-free.teksty good exercise for relieving eye strain is to lie down, close the eyes, and put a cold compress over your eyes and let it for about ten minutes. People who suffer from eye strain should get enough sleep every night to lessen the symptom.Dietary supplements help in the reduction of eye strain. Vitamin teksty is good for all eye disorders. Intra-ocular cellular metabolism is improved by taking in vitamin V complex. Eye fatigue is greatly reduced by taking in Riboflavin.If the condition persists, then you should see your eye doctor to help you with your eyes' sensitivity to light. Consult an expert before any permanent damage will occur. It might also be an acute glaucoma attack. Anyone who has eye straining occupations should undergo annual exams. People more than 40 years should get more frequent check-ups.Perform such eye strain exercises and save your eyes.There are other risks as you sit in front of that computer but it would be to much to write about in this article, so if you would like to learn more about other risks such as:Eye strain
RSI (Repetitive Stress Syndrome)
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Constant Head Aches
Breathing Problems
Difficulty ConcentratingYou can learn all about this in the book: ?The Painless PC?Hege Crowton is establishing her self as an expert copywriter.
She is known for doing in-depth research before writing her articles.
Many of her articles are posted on http: / / www.EzineCrow.com and she also does a lot of writing for http: / / www.Crowsites.comCopyright 2005 HealthCrow.com

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***Ten Simple Ways to Beat Computer Eyestrain*** If you work unimarter UniMarter
***Ten Simple Ways to Beat Computer Eyestrain***

If you work in an office, do your eyes hurt by the end of the working day? You aren't alone: about 88% of all people who work with computers experience a type of eyestrain known as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). After all, a computer screen isn't exactly the most natural thing to look at. Perhaps a couple of thousands of years of evolution would solve the problem ? but I am sure you aren't prepared to wait this long. Fortunately there are a few simple things you can do to minimize computer eyestrain.1. From time to time look into the distance, to readjust the focus of your eyesThe human eye has trouble staying focused on computer images and text. Our eyes involuntary drift away, so we tend to force them to remain focused on the screen.This flexing of the eyes' focusing muscles, all day long, is a real struggle for your eyes. So take your gaze away from the screen as often as possible. The key, here, is not to take long breaks but to take frequent breaks. Every few minutes look away from the screen and focus on a far away object - out the window, for example.2. If you wear contact lenses, go for the best quality not the lowest priceBecause computer users blink less often, their eyes tend to dry out, and some contact lenses contribute to this dryness even more. Ask your doctor to prescribe contact lenses that don't dry your eyes.Acuvue Advance with Hydroclear or Focus Night and Day might work well for you. See suggestions on soft contact lenses for computer users.If money is an issue, find out how you can get discount contact lenses online. This usually turns out to be 50% - or more - cheaper than buying them from the doctor's office.3. Close your eyes for a few seconds Because looking at the computer is a constant struggle for the eyes, people concentrate and tend to blink much less often than normal. This causes dryness of the eyes.It is difficult to force yourself to blink more often, but you can close your eyes every time you are waiting for your machine to do something.4. Take a short break every hourIt is recommended that you take 10 minutes away from the computer for every 50 minutes spent at it. Move around the room, stretch your back and do a few simple exercises.If you can teach yourself the habit of closing your eyes often, looking away to readjust your focus and taking short but frequent breaks, your eyes and your head will feel much better even after long hours of work.5. Make page designs "eye friendly"If you have to do a lot of online research, you probably have seen pages that look like they were designed to inconvenience the reader as much as possible. Don't you love those pages with tiny, white type on a black background?Most Web browsers let you change the font size of a page; in Internet Explorer it is done by opening the View menu, and then choosing Text Size. And here is a trick for dealing with pages with dark or busy backgrounds: drag your mouse across the text to select it - it inverts the colors, and you will see dark text on a light background, just as nature intended.6. Whenever possible print pages for reading; don't read from the screenReading printed material is much less stressful, for your eyes, than reading from the screen. And you will be more productive too - it is a proven fact that people read printed text 25% faster than they read text from the computer screen.7. Adjust the lightWhen working at the computer you don't need a very bright light. Direct sunlight and lighting in most offices are way to bright. Put the blinds down on a sunny day. It is best to turn your monitor so the window is on its side, not in front or behind it. Soft light of a desk lamp from the side is also an option. If the light in the office is too bright, you can wear tinted computer glasses.8. Adjust the brightness of your monitorThe color white, on your computer screen, shouldn't shine like a light source. You can adjust the brightness of your monitor to a little bit below default. However, remember to keep the contrast high, otherwise it will be even more difficult for your eyes to stay focused.9. Get your eye examined every 12 monthsIf you need vision correction it is important that your eyeglasses or contact lenses fit your needs. Wearing corrective eyewear that isn't up-to-date increases the stress on your eyes.10. Ask your eye doctor about special computer glassesThese are usually multifocal glasses that help you to focus better on computer text. They can also be tinted, which helps if the lights in your office are too bright.Follow these simple rules and you will notice that, by the end of the day, you won't feel so exhausted and your eyes won't hurt nearly as much, if at all.Tanya Turner is a contact lens expert and a founder of http: / / www.1-contact-lenses-consumer-guide.com / , where you can find unbiased information about eye health and all types of contact lenses with reviews and pictures.

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***Stop! You Might be Injuring Yourself Just By Reading This Arti unimarter UniMarter
***Stop! You Might be Injuring Yourself Just By Reading This Article!***

Virtually everyone today uses a computer either for home use or at work. Did you know there are many injuries and ill health conditions associated with using a computer?Every time you look at your computer screen you are straining your eye muscles to a certain extent. The most common health complaints associated with using a computer monitor screen regularly are headaches, Migraines and eye strain.How do you overcome these health related conditions?The most important factor in preventing eye strain and headaches are simply to take regular breaks away from looking at your computer screen. The recommendation as per the Display Screen Equipment Regulations is between five and ten minutes break for every hour of constant use.When you use your keyboard you are applying force to the finger joints, muscles and your wrists. Without the correct precautions in place and guidance you could be setting yourself up for a condition widely known as RSI (Repetitive strain Injuries).Using a keyboard constantly without regular breaks in activity can also lead to a very serious health condition called Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. Sufferers of this condition once diagnosed usually have to complete surgery which will need full recovery for a long period of time rendering the hands and wrists unusable for the recovery period.Do you really want to have surgery and not be able to properly use your hands for a long period of time?The most common health problem when working with a computerThe most common problem people have today connected with the use of a computer is bad posture resulting in lower back pain and long term injuries. If your seating position is not correct in relation to the set up of all your other equipment, then there is a significant chance you are or will suffer from back pain or injury very soon which could affect you for the rest of your life.What I have attempted to do in this article is just inform you all of only a few of the health related problems that you are encountering when using a computer.If you use a computer at work, then your employer has a legal duty to assess you working with a computer so you do not suffer from any of the above health related conditions.The way your employer must do this is by completing what is called a display screen equipment risk assessment or DSE assessment. What is useful in this assessment is that you can copy this assessment and do your own personal assessment whilst working with your computer at home.If you have concerns for your health whilst using a computer, visit our free information site for more helpful tips and advice on how to carry out a display screen equipment assessment on the link below.Health Problems from using your computer! Display Screen Equipment Rid yourself of debt today! BEST RATE Loan ConsolidationFree Conference Calls Today! Reservationless Conference Call

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***Ouch My Aching Wrists: No More Keyboarding Or Golf*** You unimarter UniMarter
***Ouch My Aching Wrists: No More Keyboarding Or Golf***

You may have heard either experienced computer users or serious golfers lamenting that Carpal Tunnel Syndrome has affected them big time. Just what is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and how can I prevent it from affecting my computer keyboarding and golf activities.The hand to keyboard relationship is the most strained interface between you and your computer. Typing can be more than a bothersome task. Typing can cause permanent damage to your hands and wrists. It has been found that approximately 60 % of keyboard operators can be found to have recurring symptoms of keyboard related injury. Damage to wrist and hand function can be so severe that in approximately 10 % of those affected have had to contact health care professionals - be it Physiotherapist, chiropractor, medical gp or orthopedic medical specialist.The most serious of the health problems associated with keyboard use is the same ailment suffered by chicken puckers and meat packers. The formal medical name for this ailment is Repetitive Stain injury (RSI). The name explains the cause. Straining to perform the same hand movements over and over again and again eventually leads to physical wrist and / or hand damage. The most common manifestation of RSI among computer keyboard users is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). In addition a similar ailment ? wrist tendonitis has also been associated with extensive regular keyboard use.The carpal tunnel is a narrow passageway in your wrist through your median nerves: it carries sensations for your entire hand. As well the median nerve affects the finger flexor tendons, which link your fingers to the muscles in your lower arm. The tunnel is formed by walls of solid bone on three sides with the bottom enclosed by the transverse carpal ligament, a tough inelastic cartilage.Carpal Tunnel Syndrome occurs when the tendons protect themselves from overuse. Each tendon is surrounded by a thick, fluid filled sac called a synovial sheath, which swells with extra fluid to protect the tendon. Scientifically, this swelling called tendonitis. When these sacs swell in the carpal tunnel, they can pinch the median nerve against the bones of the carpal ligament. This can result in the loss of sensation in the hand and debilitating pain.Although the problem develops over a period of years, the onset of pain caused by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, the onset of pain is often sudden. Some sufferers have no symptoms at night and wake up the next morning with excruciating pain. Often these people with carpal tunnel syndrome are unable to work for months. And it is not only the computer skills that suffer.
It is not as if these people can lead normal lives. Other enjoyments such as the game and sport of golf may not be possible to be played. In most cases those afflicted with carpal tunnel syndrome have ignored all the pain warning signs: a minor pain in the wrist after a day of typing or some numbness in the thumb or fingers.People have been typing for over 100 years, yet Carpal Tunnel Syndrome appears to be a recent phenomenon. The diagnosis is not new, and the condition is not caused by a recently evolved virus or bacterium. People?s typing habits have actually changed.Today, a computer user?s fingers stay as close to the home row on the keyboard as possible, a simple press of the pinkie is all that is needed to issue a carriage return. Old typewriters required a definite change of the position and a resounding right hook to send the carriage back to the left after each page, and the end of the page, the typist had to extract one sheet and roll a new one in the typewriter. All of these simple necessary acts added variation to the typing process. Computers encourage extended use, resulting in hour upon hour of entering and editing text and data.These difference between classic typing and modern keyboarding hint at one way of avoiding Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: What can you do to prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or reduce your symptoms?First you may wish to replace your keyboard with an ergonomic friendly model. Avoid the following hand and wrist postures ? ulnar deviation where the wrist is bent outwards in the direction of the little finger, abduction ? where the hands and arms are angled together in front of the body rather than at shoulder width. Avoid flexion which is the anatomical term where the wrist is bent down in such a manner where the fingers are lower than the wrist joint. Extension of the wrists and hands where the wrist is bent up and back so that the fingers are higher than the wrist joint. Finally pronation is a bad idea. Pronation refers to the anatomical term describing a forearm and hand position in which the hand is open, palm down and parallel with the flat surface of the desk or floor.If you are involved with computer keyboard tasks for very long period of times of time here are several tips to spare your keyboarding and golfing abilities and skill levels. Try to keep your wrists straight while typing. Adjust your chair so that as you type, your elbows are at the same height as your wrists. teksty proper computer desk which lies at the proper height rather than an old office desk that you just happened to have lying around is an excellent idea. As well spring on a proper, adjustable ergonomically designed chair. Be sure that you rest your wrists often.Lastly and most importantly take frequent rests and relaxation periods along your conquests.
It may be important to be on par with the other players in your office. However it is false economy at the end of the game if both your keyboarding skills and golf game on the fairway suffers.Syd Nohcud
Vintage Computer Manuals
Glendale Golfs
http: / / www.glendalegolfs.com
http: / / www.vintagecomputermanuals.com

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***Can Headaches be Caused by Sitting at a Computer?*** Has unimarter UniMarter
***Can Headaches be Caused by Sitting at a Computer?***

Has it ever occurred to you that while you are happily typing away on your computer for hours on end you are actually creating a problem in your neck that can lead to chronic headaches? If you suffer from migraine headaches or tension headaches it may be something you should investigate.When a person with migraine headaches or tension headaches visits a chiropractor for their pain what does the chiropractor typically do for that patient? The usual treatment for most headache patients is to manipulate, or adjust, the neck. Chiropractors teach us that most headaches come from neck problems, and that by adjusting or manipulating the neck tension and migraine headaches can be relieved or cured.Over 80% of headache patients that receive chiropractic treatment show improvement that ranges from slight improvement up to complete elimination of their headache pain. If this is the case then it seems logical that the majority of migraine headaches or tension headaches originate from spinal (neck) problems. It also seems logical that if we knew what was causing these neck problems, and eliminated what was causing them, we could also eliminate the headaches, both migraine and tension.As a chiropractor for 25 years I have treated many patients with migraine headaches and tension headaches. After examining thousands of patients I discovered that as many as 95% who were experiencing headaches had one thing in common, a reversed cervical (neck) curve. From the side view a normal neck should have a slight curve in it. But in my experience as a chiropractor I estimate that approximately 95% of my patients with headaches had either a lessening of that curve, no curve at all, or a curve that was completely reversed. When these “poor neck curvatures” were treated with chiropractic adjustments most showed great improvement.Chiropractors know that headaches can be caused by “poor neck posture,” so the next question becomes “can sitting at a computer cause poor neck posture?” If the answer is yes, then it’s obvious that sitting at a computer can and does cause headaches.People usually develop poor neck curvatures because of poor posture habits. Anything a person does that places their head in a position forward to their body will lessen or reverse their normal neck curve. And poor neck curvatures DO cause headaches. Chiropractors have been teaching this for decades.The types of activities that can lead to poor neck posture include sitting at a computer for extended periods of time, reading with the head bent forward, sitting while slouching in a chair or on a couch, sleeping with the head or neck in odd positions, or any other activity that places the head in a position forward to the body. So, to answer our original question, yes, headaches can be caused by sitting at a computer. Sitting at a computer can cause an abnormal neck curvature to develop which can cause headaches.Good posture can surely prevent the development of poor neck posture, which would seem to be the best remedy, but what can be done if the lessening or reversal of the neck curve has already been developed? Obviously, chiropractic treatment is an option that could be considered. But there are many other alternative treatments for tension or migraine headaches.Most people just take a pain pill. But are pain pills the best approach? They surely are in some cases, but there are many other headache treatment options that don’t require the use of potentially harmful drugs. All drugs have side effects, some of which can end up being worse than the headaches themselves. Before treating your health problems with drugs it is wise to seek the advice of a health professional.There are many natural remedies for migraine headaches or tension headaches. These include stress and tension reduction, ice therapy (used at the base of the skull), eliminating food triggers, getting the proper amount of rest, biofeedback, headache pillows or cushions, exercise and many others. Some of these may help relieve headaches, both migraine and tension, and could be investigated further.Dr. Larry teksty. Johnson, D.C. has patented a unique neck pillow that was designed to correct neck problems that cause headaches, both tension headaches and migraines. For information about his natural approach for relieving migraine headaches please visit http: / / www.soothe-a-ciser.com

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***Key Features That You Should Be Looking For In Ergonomic Seati unimarter UniMarter
***Key Features That You Should Be Looking For In Ergonomic Seating***

Today our economy has been described as knowledge based which is why many of us work at a computer desk and are familiar with ergonomics. teksty large percentage of the workforce spends most of their time sitting at an office desk in front of a computer. Combine this with the sitting most of us do in our free time, either in the car or in front of the television, or at computer desks at home and this means that we place a lot of stress on our lower backs. Our bodies are not designed to sit for 8 – 10 hours a day and doing so can potentially cause injuries. By using ergonomic seating in workplaces, we can reduce the amount of stress on our bodies. This will keep us healthier and more productive, and reduce potential injuries.Ergonomic office seating comes in a wide variety of styles and prices to match any office needs. These can be a good addition to a well designed workstation, and allow workers to be more comfortable while working. When one thinks of ergonomic seating, one often thinks of the kneeling stools. These were the first type to get widely noticed. Today, this description is applied to many more modern chairs, which are available in a variety of styles. These provide varying amounts of support.There are some considerations that one should take into account when looking for ergonomic office seating. You should choose a chair that is properly sized for the user. teksty good rule of thumb is that the height of the chair seat should be one quarter the height of the user. Of course, not everyone has the same body shape, so this rule is not necessarily hard and fast. teksty more convenient solution might be to get an adjustable chair that the user can set to the correct height. This is more useful for an office where multiple people might share a workstation, or for conference room chairs. Another feature you should be looking for is adjustable arm rests. Obviously arm rests are not suitable for all applications, but they are a good idea for anyone working at a computer. By choosing adjustable arm rests, you allow them to be set to the correct height for whoever is sitting in the chair.To sum up, today what is advertised as an ergonomic desk chair does not look very unusual at all. Many new designs are easy to sit in and look and feel very comfortable when we work at our computer desk. There are some key features that you should be looking for.These include:• Adjustable height that has enough range to suit all users• Adjustable arm rests• Sturdy base (a five prong base is preferred)• Adjustable lumbar supportWhen you are in the market for ergonomic seating, be sure to check out www.ergonomicbackstore.com for a large selection of chairs, workstations and other office furnishing that are designed with your health and safety in mind. These can be an asset to any well designed office.The www.ErgonomicBackStore.com is an industry leader in providing ergonomic office solutions for individual needs or whole offices, designed with your health and comfort in mind.Harry teksty. Davis, Sr., was a pioneer in ergonomic design and the cofounder and former manager of the Kodak Human Factors Group, which authored the well-known two volume series "Ergonomic Design for People at Work."www.ErgonomicBackStore.com was founded by Harry Davis, Jr. in 2003 and carries a large variety of back-friendly furniture and accessories including ergonomic chairs and ergonomic office desks.

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***Interview with Privacy Expert, Dan Tynan, Author of
***Interview with Privacy Expert, Dan Tynan, Author of "Computer Privacy Annoyances"***

Award-winning journalist and TV commentator Dan Tynan has been writing about technology and it privacy implication for 20 years. In his book, Computer Privacy Annoyances, Dan offers practical solutions for protecting your personal information both on the Net and in the physical world. And does so in a surprisingly entertaining way. The following interview with Dan Tynan provides a behind-the-scenes look at Computer Privacy Annoyances.David: What attracted you to the privacy issues addressed in your book?Dan Tynan: I'm concerned about where our society is going in terms of respect for privacy and civil liberties in general. I feel like most people are asleep at the wheel, and the ship is being steered by people who do not have our best interests at heart -- out-of-control (and largely unsupervised) data brokers and an increasingly encroaching federal government, to name two. We are at an absolutely crucial and unprecedented point in our history where technology can enable the kinds of snooping even Orwell couldn't have dreamed up in his worst nightmares. We've always had government eavesdropping, we've always had people who would sell us out for a nickel. Computers and the Internet enable a kind of a one-stop-shopping for data thieves of every type that was not possible before. Everything you buy online, everything you read, your financial info from online banking, your medical information (from web browsing), your hobbies and interests and dark secrets (from Web browsing, email, and newsgroups), all of it gathered in one place that someone 8,000 miles away can access without your ever being aware of it. Thank God J. Edgar Hoover never had this capability. I wish to god George W. Bush did not.David: Why did you decide to write this particular book?Dan Tynan: The simple reason: Because Robert, my editor at O'Reilly, asked me to, and eventually offered a decent enough deal for me to say yes. (I've known Robert for nearly my entire writing career; he was a mentor to me at one point.) Privacy is a subject that has long interested me; I've written and edited many stories about it. Frankly, I thought it would be a topic that could sustain my interest long enough to complete a book (I'm a magazine writer, where a short attention span is a plus, professionally speaking.)David: How did your own viewpoints evolve from the time you started the book to the time it was complete?Dan Tynan: It was more of a confirmation of my suspicions than a change in viewpoint. One of the things that developed as I was writing this was that not only was the personal computer a single point of vulnerability, it was also the strongest weapon against privacy invasions. You can lock it down. You can research your options, and fight back, and tell others how to fight back. But only after you understand the problem first.David: When talking to people who read your book, what are the one or two reader comments that stick out most in your mind?Dan Tynan: People seem genuinely surprised that the book is not a complete snooze, that it's actually an interesting read. Even funny, in bits, if not exactly a laugh riot.The original title of this book was to be "Privacy Annoyances" (part of the "Annoyances" series). O'Reilly tacked on "Computer" as the book was being finished, over my protests, because they said 'otherwise, staff in different bookstores may not consistently stock it in the same category.' It seemed like a logical argument. But people I know who've read it have all commented on how they were: a) surprised to find it wasn't all about computers, and b) were equally surprised to find how much of it applied to their lives. It's really a general interest book.Visit www.PrivacyAnnoyances.com to get free privacy tips and to learn more about Dan Tynan and Computer Privacy Annoyances.David Tortorelli is president of Book Premieres ? http: / / www.BookPremieres.com

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***5 Ways to Find Discount Brand Name Products Online*** Dis unimarter UniMarter
***5 Ways to Find Discount Brand Name Products Online***

Discount brand name products are not always easy to come by when shopping online. You might try several websites only to discover the items are priced the same as they are on the shelves of your local specialty store. But with minimal effort, you can find many great discount brand name products online. Here are five ways to find those hidden bargains.

1. Search Engines

If you need a specific product, you can type keywords into your favorite search engine that will make it easier to locate the product. Here are some search phrase examples to use when looking for certain discount brand name products.

*NASCAR products discounts
*NCAA gear discounts
*NFL gear discounts
*PGA gifts discounts
*PDA discounts
*XBOX 360 discounts
*IPOD discounts
*Computer games discount
*As Seen on TV discount products
*Die-Cast discount products

Any product you wish to buy, type in the product or brand name specifically along with the word "discount" or "low price." The more specific your phrase is, the more likely you are to get relevant results.

2. Online Auctions

Shopping at online auctions is another way to find discount brand name products. You can search through listed items at almost any auction to try and find the products you need. Most auctions offer many different categories. Whether you want to buy a DVD player, cell phone, PS2 or PS3 player or a home security system, you can find all of these at general auctions. There are also auctions that specialize in only one market, such as golf, football, electronics, video or computer games, etc.

3. Discount Store Websites

You can also find discount brand name products at websites belonging to off-line discount stores. Many large companies are finding they can do business both online and off-line. This gives you the opportunity to shop for discount brand name products at your favorite store without ever leaving your home!

4. Online Directories

Directories provide listings of Web stores where you can shop for discount brand name products. These are great if you're not sure where to shop. There are millions of online stores, but only a few may carry the product you need. An online directory narrows your search by categorizing stores by product, price or brand name.

5. Online Shopping Malls

Probably one of the easiest ways to buy discount brand name products is through an online shopping mall. You can search by category or with specific keywords through a variety of products including cell phones, DVD players, auto parts, perfume, jewelry, watches, electronics and much more. Online malls are able to offer brand name products at a tremendous discount because the items are usually drop shipped directly to you from the manufacturer. You can take advantage of wholesale or near-wholesale prices without leaving your desk!

Malls offer many types of products so you can do all your shopping in one place - and save on shipping costs as well. Other products you might find at an online mall include PS2 and PS3 consoles and games, XBOX360, As Seen on TV products, sports items such as NCAA gear, PGA gifts, NFL gear and NASCAR products, and don't forget - IPODS!

When shopping for discount brand name products, be sure to locate a store or online mall that's easy to navigate and offers secure shopping and plenty of great products that will save you time and money.
Chris Robertson is an author of Majon International, one of the worlds MOST popular internet marketing companies on the web.
Learn more about Find Discount Brand Name Products or Majon's Shopping - General directory.

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***How to Find Unique Holiday Gifts at Internet Shopping Malls - unimarter UniMarter
***How to Find Unique Holiday Gifts at Internet Shopping Malls - And Save Time and Money!***

If you're pressed for time during the holiday season, you can find all the gifts you need at an Internet shopping mall. Many holiday shoppers are turning to Internet shopping malls as an alternative to department stores. Why? They can do their shopping online from home or work (during break, of course), and they can buy many of their holiday gift items at only one website. This leaves more time to spend with family and friends, and less time to worry about when they're going to get their holiday gift shopping done. You can do the same! Just use the tips below.Finding a Dependable Internet Shopping MallTo find a great place to shop online, use the search engines for starters. You can search specifically for an Internet shopping mall or for specific holiday gift items you'll need. For example, if you need to buy a backpack for a friend who loves to hike, search for "backpacks mall" or a similar phrase. If you plan to buy a new computer for your spouse, search for "computers mall" or a similar phrase. The same goes for other holiday gifts such as digital cameras, luggage, IPods, radios, portable DVD players, phones, lingerie, etc.Once you locate an Internet shopping mall, take time to look around at all the mall's merchandise. Ask yourself these questions:*Does the mall offer plenty of products so you'll have a variety of choices?*Does the mall have secure ordering?*How much are shipping costs, or will the site combine shipping for multiple orders?*Are there any hidden processing fees when you order?*Does the mall offer quality brand names?If you feel comfortable after answering these questions, then it's time to shop!Shopping AroundSearching for products at an Internet shopping mall is fairly easy. Most malls offer a general search or advanced search that enables you to locate products easily. For example, if you want to buy pet supplies, simply type in "pets or pet supplies" in the search box. If you plan to buy a portable DVD player as a holiday gift for your loved one, type in "portable DVD player." It's that simple.General CategoriesMaybe you're not sure which holiday gift you want to buy. The great news is that many Internet shopping malls have their items categorized for easy shopping. You can browse categories such as "Electronics," "Pet Supplies," "Lingerie," etc. This enables you to narrow your search to specific types of products. You may still browse through hundreds or thousands of products in one particular category, giving you many possibilities for holiday gifts.One you find the Internet shopping mall that's right for you, just sit back and relax as you shop for holiday gifts. Take your time, look around, and enjoy being home while shopping. It beats fighting the holiday crowds any day!Chris Robertson is an author of Majon International, one of the worlds MOST popular internet marketing companies on the web.
Learn more about Gifts at Internet Shopping Malls or Majon's Shopping - General directory.

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***Buying a Laptop or Notebook? Choosing the Right Laptop for You unimarter UniMarter
***Buying a Laptop or Notebook? Choosing the Right Laptop for You!***

Buying a laptop may at first seem Herculean task with the many different models and brands on the market. By doing little online research for suitable pricing and features makes this task as easier as possible to choose exactly the machine you?re looking for. If you?re going to read this laptop guide article, you must be shopping for one to. So, let?s cut to the chase and get to it right?The common reasons for looking into cheap laptop include corporate purchasing for their employees, laptop for your teens who breaks anything he or she touches, and tight budget. The key to choosing the perfect one for you depends on how you plan to use your laptop. Once you decided your need before you go shopping made the process of purchasing the right machine becomes much easier.The common factors that guide you to select a laptop are:Price
Network connections
Hard drive
SizePriceThe first and foremost thing you should research online is the cost of your appliances. Nowadays there are plenty of laptops to be available for under $1000 whereas a few years ago, it is hard-pressed to get one for under $2500.You can select a lower budget laptop if you only want to do word processing, browse the web and access your e-mail. The main secret for fixing price of a machine is ? the more features your laptop has, the more costly it will be.Network ConnectionsYou will end up in a profit side if you buy a laptop, which includes built-in network connections to connect them all. The common network connections required in a laptop are online service, home network, wireless network, corporate network, and Internet connection.Today Laptops include 10 / 100 Ethernet (RJ-45) and 56Kbps modem (RJ-11) connections as standard features. Some feature wireless technology for connecting your mobiles, PDA devices, and printers includes Infrared port, and Blue tooth.MemorySelection of memory of your laptop mainly depends on your usage. If your need concentrate on word processing, spreadsheets, e-mail, etc- 256 MB of RAM is more than enough. Since it is a normal configuration of most of the laptops, there is no need to spend your extra penny on the RAM.If you do want to upload your digital pictures in your notebook, the RAM size should be more than normal for which you need to spend extra money. Search through e-bay shopping malls for bundles extras such as more RAM.Hard driveThe hard drive is the center of program control and provides the long-term storage. Size of the hard drive can be fixed by the utility of the laptop. If you?re using your notebook as primary computer, you should go for bigger hard drive of 60 GB or more. Whereas your laptop replaced as a supplementary to your desktop system, you may be able to manage with a 20-30 GB hard drive.SizeSize definitely plays a vital role in choosing your laptop. Portability and display size are the two key elements, which determine the size of your laptop. If you will use the computer only for a short spell of a time in a day, you can go for ultra weight.On the other hand, if you?re going to spend hours together in front of your system, then wide screen computers of extra-large is always preferred to comfort your eyes. The only thing is that these systems of 17 inches are three times heavier than the Ultra weight models of laptops.This quick laptop guide will cost you nothing other than saving some dollars. Good luck for your happy laptop shopping!Charlotte Alice is a professional author for Free SEO Friendly Directory and webmaster for Xsitepro Sites

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***A Beginner's Guide to Online Shopping Malls*** If you're unimarter UniMarter
***A Beginner's Guide to Online Shopping Malls***

If you're new to Internet shopping, then you're going to be overwhelmed with how many shopping malls are available online today. There are online malls that offer everything from jewelry to DVD players to cell phones. There are malls that specialize in one particular category such as sporting goods, toys or electronics. There are even shopping malls that offer products from many different countries. The choices are endless.Here's a quick guide to online shopping malls that reveals how to choose the right Web site for a fantastic shopping experience.Product OrganizationA key ingredient for a great online shopping mall is site organization. Make sure the site is divided by categories and subcategories to make finding your products quick and easy.One example is a category such as "Sporting Goods" and then a subcategory named "Camping." Under the "Camping" category, a shopper can locate different types of camping equipment.Another example might be a main category called "Video Games," a subcategory called "Game Consoles," and then the actual products - Xbox 360 and PSP 2.Having organized categories helps keep the mall homepage from being cluttered with hundreds of unrelated products while also providing a quick way to find what you're looking for in the shopping mall. There should also be a quick search feature that enables you to search for specific items or brand names.Payment Methods and SecurityBe sure the shopping mall offers secure, convenient payment methods such as credit card acceptance. Some malls accept checks, money wires, money orders, COD, or other methods as well.To be sure the payment page is secure, check the bottom of your Web browser for a secure lock / key symbol and also check the Web URL address for an "S" after the "HTTP." Example: "https: / / " in the browser's Web address field. This means the page is an SSL encrypted page that has been designed for processing orders in a secure fashion.If you feel uncomfortable about ordering at a particular shopping mall, do a Web search to find out if there are any negative comments about the mall's customer service. Silence about the company is usually a good thing!Shipping and HandlingBefore ordering from any online shopping mall, you should understand their shipping terms and costs. Make sure there are no hidden fees for processing the order. If the item is being shipped overseas, be sure to keep all receipts and tracking information for your shipment. Some malls have several distribution centers in a variety of locations, giving you the benefit of a faster, less expensive shipment.Products GaloreMany online shopping malls today can offer hundreds, or even thousands, of products at discount prices because they don't actually carry inventory. Once you find a mall that's dependable, you can literally do all your online shopping there!Imagine shopping for the holidays at only one location - and never leaving your home. You can purchase a new home theater for your spouse, a camcorder or digital camera for your son or daughter, a new TV for yourself, or even luggage for your friend who is a frequent traveler.Products are available for men and women, boys and girls. Whether buying perfumes, a car audio system, a computer or lingerie, a shopping mall on the Web usually has it all. The product list is endless, and buying in quantities usually means savings on shipping as well.The next time you're thinking of driving to the nearest mall, go Web surfing first to discover the many benefits of online shopping malls.Chris Robertson is an author of Majon International, one of the worlds MOST popular internet marketing companies on the web.
Learn more about Online Shopping Mall Guide or Majon's Shopping - General directory.

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***Low Price Mobile Phones, Ipods & Computers with the Online unimarter UniMarter
***Low Price Mobile Phones, Ipods & Computers with the Online Shopping Revolution***

There's a revolution going on, but you won't be hearing the shouting in the streets, unless it's over the great deal that your neighbour got on his new home cinema. More and more UK consumers are doing their shopping for mobile phones, computers, cheap ipod accessories and ipods and home cinema equipment online. What kind of low prices can you expect when you let your fingers do the shopping on your keyboard?How about the 4GB Nokia N91 Chromium mobile phone, a veritable jukebox that can carry along all of your favourite tunes and beats for a mere ?387, a savings of nearly ?100 off retail? Or the top rated Sony Ericsson at ?129, a 30% savings off the manufacturer's list price? Those are just a couple of examples of the sort of deals that you'll find if you're looking for low price mobile phones online.If you're shopping for computers, the discounts can cut even deeper. Computer manufacturers and discounting web sites are playing a game of 'how low can you go' with computer prices. By shopping online and comparing prices, you can find deals as low as ?360 for a full desktop system with all the bells and whistles you need to do your basic computing and online puttering. If you want to get really fancy, though, you can do some hardcore shopping for the sort of accessories that make computers into one of a kind gaming machines.How about an Ipod Shuffle for less than ?50? A 30GB Ipod for less than ?200? Shop online and you'll find dozens of offers at prices that low, some with free postage and 1-2 day delivery. There's virtually nothing you won't be able to buy online, and for far less than you'll pay at your local stores. Even home cinema equipment is priced at a bargain - and if you shop the right sites, they'll even deliver it and set it up for you to be sure it's all working right.But is it safe to buy high value items like computers, Ipods and home cinema equipment online? According to no less an authority than Consumer Reports, a long time consumer watchdog keeping an eye on issues of product safety and consumer satisfaction, it's not only safe, it may be better than shopping in a bricks and mortar store. In a recent survey, the well known magazine found that its' readers were more satisfied with their experiences shopping online for consumer electronics like mobile phones, digital cameras and computers than they were with the same products bought in a local store.You can find the best deals on mobile phones, computers, Ipod and Ipod accessories and home cinema equipment online where you can compare prices and offers to get the absolute best, lowest price on all your home and entertainment electronics needs.The website "http: / / www.cheapestonlineprices.co.uk" was set up by Jane Withers to help online shoppers search for and find the cheapest prices on the web for mobile phones, cheap ipods, computers & home cinema. Join the online shopping revolution for low price mobile phones, ipods & computers.

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***How To Purchase Electronics Online Through Discount Sites*** unimarter UniMarter
***How To Purchase Electronics Online Through Discount Sites***

So there you are, searching through the hundreds of online discount stores, seeking those low-priced electronics that you are longing for. You know, the latest cameras, computers, cell phones, games, and other toys. Your wife is dreaming of some new home d?cor lamps and art work, and you are dreaming of that new shotgun from the outdoors section. But, what about jewelry?and clothing? With all the low-priced e-malls out there, how to you know which ones to buy from?Well, do some homework! Check out each one that carries the item, or items, that you want to compare the prices. If that digital camera is only $50 here, why is it $75 there? If the home d?cor piece that your wife is dreaming about is only $100 here, why would it be $200 there? While there might be a small fluctuation in price from site to site, a large variation is enough to raise suspicions on your part. Electronics are a big thing on discount sites, mostly because they are expensive new, and people don?t want to pay top dollar for something that will be out of date in a week. So, check out all of their electronics before you buy. Seeing the condition of other electronics that are in the same category will help you to know the type of condition that one is in.Make sure that the item is the same, not bigger or fancier, and make sure that you are looking at the real thing. Check to see if these are new or used items. If they are used and are selling for the same price as new items on another e-mall, you?re better off to go to the other e-mall! Jewelry is another big challenge. Make sure that you are seeing a picture of the actual item that you are buying. If you aren?t comfortable, don?t buy!From outdoors equipment to electronics, eBay, and companies like it will have what you are looking for. If the other e-malls are turning you off by their high prices, click on over to eBay or another site like it to check their merchandise and pricing. You might just find that new video game a lot cheaper here than the site you were just on. Also, most people who sell on eBay or other similar sites have to go through a process just to sell their things here, new or used. There is also a return policy in place, so if you aren?t happy, you can return it. EBay is a great place to find everything that you could want, jewelry included. You can even find some one of a kind jewelry items here that will wow her when you give them. You will still need to make sure that you are seeing the actual item, and not a pretty picture.While there are hundreds of low-price, high quality, e-malls out there, there are also the high-price, bad quality ones as well. You can always look through their ?About Us? information to get a good idea of what the company or site is about. If they don?t have a lot of information, or it?s sketchy, you might consider emailing them with questions or just don?t purchase from them. You can also look in the ?Contact Us? section and email them with any questions that you might have about their company or products. Ask as many questions as you want until you feel comfortable with them.Also, don?t give out your credit card number anywhere on any site unless you are purchasing an item or two and they have a secure site so hackers can?t get to your card number as easily.Basically, just make sure that you check a site out completely before you jump in and buy from them. You should be able to tell right away from the look and feel of the site if it is a company that you would like to do business with or not. If they advertise millions of items and then only carry three, you might consider searching somewhere else. Also, if their shipping isn?t through a major carrier, there is another red flag that you need to head on to the next e-mall! Use your common sense and have fun seeking out that new ?toy? that you want.Chris Robertson is an author of Majon International, one of the worlds MOST popular internet marketing companies on the web.
Learn more about Online Malls and You or Majon's Gifts and Collectibles directory.

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***The Website Said Wholesale: How to Find Real Internet Bargains unimarter UniMarter
***The Website Said Wholesale: How to Find Real Internet Bargains***

If you're watching what you spend - and who isn't these days - you've probably already discovered that you can find great prices on just about anything you need on the Internet. There are some very good reasons for this. Internet marketers don't have to pay rent for brick and mortar stores. They don't have the high overhead of real world showplaces. Instead, they pay the much lower 'rent' on their web site space, which allows them to pass their savings on to you. That means that whether you're looking for a great price on computers and equipment or very special piece of lingerie for a very special date, your dollar goes further on the Internet.It doesn't mean, however, that every web storefront has the best prices - or even prices that will beat those you can get just around the corner. The word 'wholesale' in the store's name and advertisements isn't a guarantee that you're getting the very best prices you can find. Here are some tips on finding the best deals on the Internet for anything from computers to fragrances.1. Do your homework so you know what you're getting.Don't just shop for 'computers'. The more you know about the product you want to buy, the easier it will be for you to recognize an incredible price - and avoid the rip-offs. Being an informed shopper is doubly important online, where you can't touch and handle the merchandise before you buy.2. Research prices for the items that you want.Don't snap up the first deal that you see. Shop just as you would in the real world. Check the prices against other merchants, both online and offline. Keep in mind that web retailers often get their inventory from the same dealers - so if one website has an awesome deal on the Xbox 360, chances are that others do as well. Shop around for the best deal.3. Don't forget to factor in shipping, handling and insurance when comparing prices.Even with shipping and handling, you'll almost always find a better deal on electronics like digital cameras, computers and Xbox systems online. There may be a major difference in the cost of shipping from one website to another, though. Always figure up the total cost of your purchase when you're comparing prices online.As far as insurance goes - do you need it? If your credit card is one that covers any purchase made with it, skip paying for double insurance.4. If you're buying garments, be sure to check any info on sizing that the website offers.Keep in mind that many online retailers buy their inventory overseas where sizing conventions may differ. Check with the retailer's web site to see if they offer any info on sizing. This is especially important if you're ordering lingerie, which may not be returnable. No matter how great the price, it's not a bargain if you can't wear it.5. Specialty retailers don't always offer the best prices.We have a built-in predisposition to believe that specialists are best, but the best prices are often to be found at 'superstores'. There are online superstores as well - websites that specialize in finding the best bargains on all the things you want most. From camping and outdoor gear, night vision equipment, Xbox systems, digital cameras and computers to designer fragrances, high ticket garments and fanciful lingerie, you can find the best prices on any of them all in one spot. When you find an outlet web site that always seems to have the best bargains from the internet all in one place, bookmark it so you can check back frequently for the best deals.The rules for finding the best deals online aren't very different from those for finding the best deals anywhere else - you just have far more choices and options. Next time you need a gift for someone special - and who's more special than yourself? - fire up your browser and get ready to do some serious shopping. Follow the simple rules above, and you're guaranteed to find the best prices in the world on everything from computers to lingerie.Chris Robertson is an author of Majon International, one of the worlds MOST popular internet marketing companies on the web.
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