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***Anxiety Symptoms - Anxiety & Panic*** I place anxiety unimarter UniMarter
***Anxiety Symptoms - Anxiety & Panic***

I place anxiety in two categories. Appropriate Anxiety and Inappropriate Anxiety. I will explain what I mean by this.Appropriate Anxiety; is an in-built system from birth. This type of anxiety can save your life. Take for example; you?re being chased down the street by a bunch of thugs that want to hurt you. What would happen? Well hopefully your anxiety will kick in, your heart will begin to beat faster enabling you to run faster, your vision will sharpen, your sense of smell will be turned up a few notches and your hearing will become more sensitive. This enables you to escape as fast as you can.Inappropriate Anxiety; this is where your anxiety gets confused and turns on in situations where it is not needed and can affect your daily living. For example; having to go to the shopping mall where there is minimal danger of you being hurt. Yet your heart begins to race, you feel short of breath, your senses are turned up and you feel the need to flee the situation.Here are a list of symptoms you may experience:
? Abdominal discomfort
? Diarrhea
? Dry mouth
? Rapid heartbeat or palpitations
? Tightness or pain in chest
? Shortness of breath
? Dizziness
? Frequent urination
? Difficulty swallowing / lump in throat
? Nausea
? Hot flushes or Chills
? Headaches
? Muscles tension / aches
? Fatigue
? Visual DisturbancesPsychological symptoms:
? Insomnia
? Irritability or anger
? Inability to concentrate / mind going blank
? Fear of madnessDepersonalization
? Easily frightened
? Fear of dying
? Feeling on edge
? Lose of sex driveIt is important if you experience any of these symptoms that you visit your doctor for a correct diagnosis as some underlying illnesses can mask anxiety symptoms.? Joanne King - http: / / www.anxiety-panic-free.comFree sign up of our newsletter! Discover more methods on treating Anxiety Symptoms
You can sign up here and begin eliminating your Anxiety Disorder - Click Here --> http: / / www.anxiety-panic-free.com

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***Anxiety & Panic - How to Help a Sufferer of Anxiety & unimarter UniMarter
***Anxiety & Panic - How to Help a Sufferer of Anxiety & Panic Disorder***

I have written this article for the family and friends of Anxiety and Panic sufferers, not for ?the anxiety sufferer? as I know some sufferers will not seek help for themselves and other sufferers are convinced that what they are experiencing is Anxiety and Panic Attacks.As I can imagine it is painful to watch someone you love and care for deeply go through what may appear as quite self destructing. Of course it affects you and takes its toll on you especially if you are living with a sufferer.I saw what it was doing to my husband (who nearly lost his job due to me constantly calling him telling him I needed to go to the hospital or I needed him to be with me). I saw my family?s heart just sink as they watched me lose my job due to my anxiety and panic disorder.I wouldn?t go visit them (they lived out of town and I was too frightened to travel). I couldn?t look them in the eye because I always felt I was gasping for air and I knew very well I wasn?t a pretty sight for the eyes. And of course I really did hate hearing ?you?re over re-acting?.If you are reading this then you are clearly looking for some answers for your loved one and I truly commend you for caring so deeply for their well-being. What you are doing will not be forgotten and one day they will be strong enough to thank you for your support. I also believe in karma, what goes around comes around; no good deed goes without reward.Here is how you can play a part in helping your loved one to become well.1. Never tell the sufferer they?re over re-acting. I can assure you what they are feeling is pretty dam frightening and the sensations are real. By informing the sufferer they are over re-acting will only agitate and upset them and may even make the panic attack worse.2. When the sufferer is having a panic attack get a wet washer and place it on their forehead and around their face.3. Stay reassuring and let them know they will be ok4. If the sufferer constantly asks for trips to the hospital and visits to the doctor, get them to write out everything they think they are suffering from. Every ache every pain. Be persistent in the fact they must not miss writing down one thing. Hold onto that piece of paper and schedule a doctor?s appointment for them. Accompany them at the visit and be firm with the doctor that you would like this investigated further. Sometimes there can be an underlying illness that has triggered the anxiety and panic disorder.5. Guide them to information that can help them with Anxiety and Panic Attacks (The more they are educated on Anxiety and Panic Attacks the less frightening the attacks often become, especially information that is written by former sufferers, it assures the sufferer they are not alone and they really can overcome it)6. If they ask something of you that is unrealistic or interferes with something you already had planned, be firm and say no. You need your time too.7. Don?t become ?their crutch?. If you run to every beck and call they will not learn to help themselves. And as scary and frightening as it might be, the only way they will become well again will be through helping themselves.Ensure that while caring for an anxiety and panic sufferer that you also take time for yourself. Your health and well-being is important too!? Joanne King - http: / / www.anxiety-panic-free.comFree sign up of our newsletter! Discover more methods on treating Anxiety Symptoms
You can sign up here and begin eliminating your Anxiety Disorder - Click Here --> http: / / www.anxiety-panic-free.com

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***Managing Anxiety - Anxiety & Panic*** Is there really unimarter UniMarter
***Managing Anxiety - Anxiety & Panic***

Is there really a way to manage your anxiety?The answer is yes. I know of many little nick knacks that can lessen the severity and reduce the amount of attacks and decrease how often they happen.But honestly do you really want to learn to ?manage? your attacks? I?ve got to ask why anyone would want to learn to ?manage? their anxiety when there is a way to eliminate them for GOOD!Is it because some sufferers are afraid of such a change? I guess if you?ve been living with it for 20+ years you might fear change. Or maybe it?s because you don?t truly ?believe? there really is a way to eliminate anxiety and panic disorder for good! And probably the most worrisome and debilitating thought you can get stuck with would be ?mine is different to everyone else?s, it won?t go away?.For as long as you keep a mind set like those I just mentioned, I guarantee you that you will be stuck with living and trying to manage your anxiety.But I can also guarantee you that if you make the change in your mind, start believing there really is a way out of this painstaking life limiting thing we call anxiety and panic disorder then it becomes possible.Start by removing the question ?How can I manage my anxiety? and start replacing it with this question instead ?What can I do to eliminate my anxiety for good!??When people eliminate anxiety from their lives that is the question they are asking themselves! They believe ?YES I AM GOING TO BREAK FREE OF THIS?. They refuse to accept the fact that this is it for life. They actively try methods to eliminate it, not methods that just manage it.? Joanne King - http: / / www.anxiety-panic-free.comFree sign up of our newsletter! Discover more methods on treating Anxiety Symptoms
You can sign up here and begin eliminating your Anxiety Disorder - Click Here --> http: / / www.anxiety-panic-free.com

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***Rituals - Anxiety & Panic*** I'd like to tell you abo unimarter UniMarter
***Rituals - Anxiety & Panic***

I'd like to tell you about a little learning curve I experienced in my Anxiety & Panic days.I was doing a lot of thinking this one particular day, and this one particular day, it actually turned out to be quite constructive thinking for a change.I realized that I actually had little "rituals" that I would do in order to stop myself from panicking. This may sound quite odd to you, but I believed that if I sat lower to the ground I
thought I was able to breathe better.I had quite a few little things that I would do like that. Even by taking comfort in being in my own home was another, I felt
safer. I?d also play my guitar and in that moment I wouldn?t feel these sensations, it had completely left my mind.And I then thought to myself, hang on a minute, if I can do these little "rituals" and it can stop some of my sensations then I really can't be dying here. If I was truly dying of something deadly then this wouldn't be able to take away that feeling. Think back to when you had a severe flu or stomach bug? Sure some drugs could lessen the severity, but you actually couldn?t do a darn thing to stop that sick feeling could you?THAT became quite a therapeutic thought for me. And helped with the healing process. Maybe it can help you too?Note: Never self diagnose. Make sure you visit your local GP first. All material provided is for informational or educational purposes only. No content is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Consult your doctor regarding the applicability of any opinions or recommendations with respect to your symptoms or medical condition.? Joanne King - http: / / www.anxiety-panic-free.comFree sign up of our newsletter! Discover more methods on treating Anxiety Symptoms
You can sign up here and begin eliminating your Anxiety Disorder - Click Here --> http: / / www.anxiety-panic-free.com

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***Insomnia and Anxiety? - Anxiety & Panic*** Often many unimarter UniMarter
***Insomnia and Anxiety? - Anxiety & Panic***

Often many Anxiety sufferers report having difficulties sleeping,
or wake up easily through-out the night.I was no exception to this rule. And when I suffered with it, I was
living in a household of 7 others. But here is a few tips you can try
that I found worked for me.Exercise - I don't recommend doing this a few hours before you go to
bed, otherwise it will have the opposite effect. But if you do this
earlier on towards the day, it will help burn up some of your energy.Don't go to bed until you are actually tiredRead a book that you have read before. Something light hearted, not
action or thriller. Those will more then likely keep you awake. I often
keep a magazine beside my bed that I've read before, and re-read one
of the articles.When lying in bed, think of something really boring. And no, thinking
of your bills will not cut it that will likely in turn increase your
anxiety and keep you awake longer. As odd as this may sound, I have
found thinking of tree leaves dead boring and drifts me off to the land of
nod (in other words sleep) quickly.Try to visualize something peaceful. Take your mind into a land that
you love, whether that be out in the country, at the ocean, in the mountains.
It?s the place you feel happiest and at peace. Not energized and ready
for action.You should try avoiding Alcohol, Caffeine and Nicotine before going to
bed. These are stimulates and will keep you awake longer.? Joanne King - http: / / www.anxiety-panic-free.comFree sign up of our newsletter! Discover more methods on treating Anxiety Symptoms
You can sign up here and begin eliminating your Anxiety Disorder - Click Here --> http: / / www.anxiety-panic-free.com

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***Night Panics - Anxiety & Panic*** Now as you may know unimarter UniMarter
***Night Panics - Anxiety & Panic***

Now as you may know, I have done a LOT of research
in my time about anxiety and panic disorder. But
I never just stopped there, I have read a heck of
a LOT of information on psychology and what makes
us do the certain things we do full stop!And something I never found an explanation for in
everything I read was "why" we can be asleep and
wake up with panic. Whether that be you feel you
cannot breathe and gasping for air, or your heart
is racing 50 to the dozen.Their are a few anxiety experts out there, and even
the top notch do not have an explanation for this.
However, I do believe I have stumbled across something
that just may explain it.You see, in my anxiety and panic days, I just didn't
stop searching for answers from Doctors, Psychologists,
Ex-Sufferers and what not. I delved much further. I
wanted to understand as much as what I could when it
came to the human mind.And here is my discovery...When I would wake up in these moments of panic, usually
during that day I had fixated on something like my
breathing or my heart rate. Another thing I sometimes
noticed was in my dream just before awakening I was
dreaming that I couldn't breathe, or my heart rate was
going insane.I did some research into dreams. And here is what I found.And what is assumed and I tend to believe since it makes
sense is that in our dreams we tend to replay certain events
in our life through our dreams, and is also used as a way to
deal with certain issues we may have subconsciously.I stopped waking up to these night panics when I dealt with
my panic and assured myself I didn't have these problems.? Joanne King - http: / / www.anxiety-panic-free.comFree sign up of our newsletter! Discover more methods on treating Anxiety Symptoms
You can sign up here and begin eliminating your Anxiety Disorder - Click Here --> http: / / www.anxiety-panic-free.com

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***Skipped Beats - Anxiety & Panic*** Some people also d unimarter UniMarter
***Skipped Beats - Anxiety & Panic***

Some people also describe this feeling as a sudden pause as if the heart stops then one big mighty thump. Or as if the heart forgot to beat for a second. Some people do find this sensation to be a little frightening.teksty question I am asked a lot is ?I get a lot of skipped beats do many other people get this??The answer is YES!Even people who do not suffer from anxiety and panic often report a sensation of a ?skipped beat?.Now of course I am not a doctor, however? When I wore a 24 hour Holter monitor I did record in my diary a feeling of a skipped beat a few times. And for every time I recorded feeling a ?skipped beat? it coincided with an ?ectopic heart beat?.My cardiologist informed me that almost everyone has an ectopic beat and they?re harmless.If you are concerned about it this is something you could maybe bring forth on your next doctors visit. There are certain things that can make this sensation more frequent, for example; stress, cigarette smoking, alcohol, caffeine, even exercise can bring it on.If it?s really worrying you, your doctor may recommend a beta-blocker to reduce the amount of skipped beats you feel.Note: Never self diagnose. Make sure you visit your local GP first. All material provided is for informational or educational purposes only. No content is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Consult your doctor regarding the applicability of any opinions or recommendations with respect to your symptoms or medical condition.? Joanne King - http: / / www.anxiety-panic-free.comFree sign up of our newsletter! Discover more methods on treating Anxiety Symptoms
You can sign up here and begin eliminating your Anxiety Disorder - Click Here --> http: / / www.anxiety-panic-free.com

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***Comic Relief - Anxiety & Panic*** My husband and I wa unimarter UniMarter
***Comic Relief - Anxiety & Panic***

My husband and I watched a movie over the weekend. "Without a Paddle",
have you seen it?What's interesting in this movie, is one of the guys is a doctor
and claims to develop a new phobia every day. In one scene he actually
resorts to repeating lines from Star Wars (he is a big star wars fan)
in order to block out thoughts of fear.Ok ok, so at the time that he was attempting this tactic he was
being chased by a bunch of thugs that wanted to kill him. I would
call that "appropriate anxiety", and "appropriate anxiety" is
built-in to us from birth, it can save your life.However, there is something to be learnt from the tactic that
he is using to block out the fear he is feeling. He is pushing
the bad thoughts aside and trying to replace them with something
he enjoys (Star Wars).So next time your feeling the mighty "big fear", try to push those
thoughts aside, and replace those fearful thoughts with something
you "enjoy" thinking about.I recommend you all get this movie out. Not for the factor of
observing "his" phobias, but simply because it is entertaining
and a barrel full of laughs. Watching comedy movies can very
therapeutic and will take you away from your day to day drudgery
of dealing with anxiety & panic.In fact, I once heard that a guy cured himself from cancer by watching
comedy movies for 8 hours each day. Think I heard that on one of my
Tony Robbins CD's. There is some food for thought for you ;-)? Joanne King - http: / / www.anxiety-panic-free.comFree sign up of our newsletter! Discover more methods on treating Anxiety Symptoms
You can sign up here and begin eliminating your Anxiety Disorder - Click Here --> http: / / www.anxiety-panic-free.com

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***Diet - Anxiety & Panic*** I think the old saying ?You unimarter UniMarter
***Diet - Anxiety & Panic***

I think the old saying ?You are what you eat? ? is so true, when your eating junk, you tend to feel rather lousy. I can vouch for this!I used to be a manager in a fast food joint, and because I could eat for free there I did. I was working 12-18 hour days, and I was expecting a bunch of junk food to get me through the day? NAH-UH!It was during this job that I developed Anxiety and Panic Disorder, my lifestyle was so unhealthy on so many scales its no wonder I was so vulnerable to develop to Anxiety and Panic Disorder.As I begun to change my eating habits, I noticed a massive improvement in my concentration and my over all well-being. I didn?t feel as tired through-out the day and actually felt more keen to exercise.I am no diet expert; I usually stick to the original diet pyramid. I start my morning with a bowl of cereal and toast. teksty sandwich for lunch (preferably salad with fresh ham, depending on how rich I am that week) *smiles* otherwise it might be the good ol? vegemite sandwiches, and usually a banana and a yogurt for through-out the day for morning tea or afternoon tea.For dinner I usually have a variety of either fresh chicken, fish, seafood or red meat. Read meat being the most frequent. With steamed vegetables as steamed vegetables are meant to lock in more of the nutrients compared to boiling them. And as I?ve been told, the more colours on the plate, the better it will be for you!This diet worked wonders for me. Of course at first it was hard to adjust to, I just didn?t feel full, and I guess I was craving a cup full of greasy oil haha. *ewww*However, a week or two later, my body had adjusted and then I could reap the benefits.? Joanne King - http: / / www.anxiety-panic-free.comFree sign up of our newsletter! Discover more methods on treating Anxiety Symptoms
You can sign up here and begin eliminating your Anxiety Disorder - Click Here --> http: / / www.anxiety-panic-free.com

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***Forgiveness - Anxiety & Panic*** You just might be su unimarter UniMarter
***Forgiveness - Anxiety & Panic***

You just might be surprised at the role forgiveness can play in Anxiety & Panic Disorder.Now I want to ask you some questions?Do you hold resentment against someone? teksty grudge?
Do you find your self feeling bitter, angry or upset often towards this person?If so, are you struggling to let go of these feelings?I can assure you, no matter what the circumstances, if you are holding onto these negative feelings, you are hurting yourself greater then you are hurting the person for holding onto these feelings.Heck, I?ve been guilty of this in the past! And when I choose to let go, I felt a huge weight lift from my shoulders. I didn?t feel so tense anymore, and I began to feel happier on the inside.Of course, I am not suggesting you brush off completely what this person has done to you to make you feel this way. I will show you how I have learnt to let go of these resentments and anger.First off, I deal with these emotions by writing everything down that I feel towards this person, what they did to me, and why I?m angry and hurt about it. I write down every word I can think of that describes how I feel towards to them. I then read what I wrote and then tear the piece of paper up and throw it out.From that moment on I tell myself I will not revisit these feelings. They are dealt with I will now let go.Depending on the circumstances of the situation, I may call the person, visit them, or say nothing at all. It strongly depends on how the person is connected to me.The power of forgiveness in its time can be very self testing and difficult, but when you can learn to let go and forgive you show amazing strength and integrity. You will ultimately self benefit and become the bigger person.Try it, and feel the great weight lift from your shoulders too!? Joanne King - http: / / www.anxiety-panic-free.comFree sign up of our newsletter! Discover more methods on treating Anxiety Symptoms
You can sign up here and begin eliminating your Anxiety Disorder - Click Here --> http: / / www.anxiety-panic-free.com

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***Environment - Anxiety & Panic*** Can the environment unimarter UniMarter
***Environment - Anxiety & Panic***

Can the environment that surrounds you agitate and prolong your wellness?The answer is definitely YES!If you?re living in stressful, negative and or cluttered conditions you can expect this to take a toll on you and how you feel on the inside and out.Take for example in part of my Anxiety & Panic days; I was living with my in-laws. Now they are very lovely people and I appreciate that they allowed my husband and I stay with them. But that didn?t prevent the fact it was very stressful (no doubt for them too). Our beliefs were very different from one another and with two women under one roof (both wanting to rule and make decisions in the cleaning and cooking areas) there was definitely some friction there.Then I was working in a negative environment, the thought of having to walk in there everyday knowing it was going to be one uphill battle with one of my colleagues, it just made me feel sick.Eventually I did eliminate both of these environments. Losing my job wasn?t particularly by choice but when I realized the difference in my mental health it was DEFINITELY worth losing!So what can you do to improve your environment?Start by looking at what makes you feel unhappy? What is making you feel worse?Once you figure that out, you?re halfway there. Maybe quitting your job isn?t realistic in your circumstances. But that doesn?t mean you can?t start looking for jobs else where. Or maybe your completely happy with your job, but your living arrangements is causing a great strain. If the mortgage repayments are causing you great stress and toying with your anxiety and panic then look at downsizing.Maybe it?s just a cluttered environment? Move furniture around then. Stick to a cleaning schedule to keep everything as clutter free as possible. One thing my mum has always told me??If your home is organized then generally you feel organized and happier in life?? Joanne King - http: / / www.anxiety-panic-free.comFree sign up of our newsletter! Discover more methods on treating Anxiety Symptoms
You can sign up here and begin eliminating your Anxiety Disorder - Click Here --> http: / / www.anxiety-panic-free.com

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***Signals That Suggest You Might Be Suffering From Anxiety Or Pa unimarter UniMarter
***Signals That Suggest You Might Be Suffering From Anxiety Or Panic Disorder***

Of course I am in no way condoning that you make a self diagnosis, as I strongly believe you should visit your doctor for a correct diagnosis. However I will show you a few warning signs that may signal that you have an Anxiety or Panic Disorder.Firstly, these are a list of symptoms you may feel (but not limited to);? Abdominal discomfort
? Diarrhea
? Dry mouth
? Rapid heartbeat or palpitations
? Tightness or pain in chest
? Shortness of breath
? Dizziness
? Frequent urination
? Difficulty swallowing / lump in throat
? Nausea
? Hot flushes or Chills
? Headaches
? Muscles tension / aches
? Fatigue
? Visual DisturbancesPsychological symptoms:? Insomnia
? Irritability or anger
? Inability to concentrate / mind going blank
? Fear of madnessDepersonalization? Easily frightened
? Fear of dying
? Feeling on edge
? Lose of sex driveYou will usually feel a combination of a few of these symptoms at any one time. The most common symptoms of Anxiety & Panic Disorder being; racing heart / palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness and fear of dying.As you can see, from the large list of symptoms (and not limited to this list) it is extremely important that you have proper test run by your doctor, as these symptoms can be from a large variety of illnesses.If you are experiencing some of these symptoms, your doctor will most likely run tests such as (but not limited to): Blood work, ECG ? Holter Monitor ? Echocardiogram (if you?re experiencing palpitations or chest pain), chest x-ray (especially with chest pain and shortness of breathe), he may want a urine sample and ultra-sounds (often with abdominal pain).Questions you can also ask yourself (as your doctor will most likely ask you when you visit him);Do you feel anxious before you feel these sensations?
Do you feel panicked?
What stresses do you have in your life?Anxiety and Panic Disorder can stem from many of things. An example of some;? Work stresses
? Family stresses
? Money worries
? School stresses
? Drug abuse
? Alcohol abuse
? Health issues
? teksty traumatic event from the past has resurfacedOver a period of time, you find yourself obsessing over your health. Waiting on edge for every little pain or twitch you feel, and eventually it takes over and runs your life.These sensations / pains that you are feeling can manifest itself into any shape or form. And some sufferers will seek comfort in drinking alcohol just for the sake of a few hours without the sensations and fears. These drinking binges usually contribute to the anxiety increasing the next day. Keeping the vicious cycle alive and prolonging your wellness.Now the good news is, if you have been diagnosed with Anxiety & Panic Disorder, you?re obviously NOT dying of a deadly disease. Secondly, you can overcome this and regain control of your life. And it doesn?t consist of taking medication.My doctor told me ?Jo, you will never get well again without medication?. I proved my doctor wrong? I did get well, and it was without medication. And so can you!!!If you think you might be developing an anxiety or Panic Disorder, go see your doctor for a proper diagnosis and start getting informed. The quicker you nip this on the butt the quicker you can get on with your day to day life. Instead of it being a constant battle.teksty special note to the long term sufferers out there, once you over come this, you will be mentally much stronger then most of the people around you! You won?t take your health or your life for granted and you will live each moment to maximum.Good Luck? Joanne King - http: / / www.anxiety-panic-free.comFree sign up of our newsletter! Discover more methods on treating Anxiety Symptoms
You can sign up here and begin eliminating your Anxiety Disorder - Click Here --> http: / / www.anxiety-panic-free.com

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***Skin Cancer: Coming to a Face Near You*** There are over unimarter UniMarter
***Skin Cancer: Coming to a Face Near You***

There are over one million new cases of skin cancer diagnosed every year in the United States, representing about half of all cancers diagnosed in the country. And skin cancer on a dramatic increase. There are twice as many skin cancers in our population today as there were 20 years ago. Given this rate of increase, chances are about 50 / 50 that you will develop at least one skin cancer lesion if you live to age 70. This is especially true if you are fair-skinned. While skin cancer can occur in people of all races, those with lighter skin have a much higher risk because their skin contains less of the pigment melanin, which helps protect against an overdose of the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays, which can lead to skin cancer over time. The effect is apparently cumulative. teksty body of evidence also suggests that this also applies if you decide to go the "fake bake" route of the tanning salons.Thankfully, most skin cancers, about 95 percent, are not life threatening. Skin cancer falls into two broad areas: basal-cell cancer / sqamous-cell cancer, and melanoma. The two most common of these cancers are the basal-cell and sqamous-cell carcinomas. These typically are easily treated, usually with surgery, and rarely lead to death. If neglected, however, over time, these can eventually lead to disfigurement and / or can spread with dire consequences. Only about 5 percent of all skin cancers are malignant melanomas, but these are far more dangerous and account for almost all deaths due to skin cancer. This aggressive form of cancer needs to be addressed immediately. Like most cancers, the risk of malignant melanomas will increase with age. If you feel you have developed any type of skin cancer be sure to see a dermatologist at once.Most skin cancers, as one might imagine, occur on the face, neck and hands as these are the areas that receive the most exposure to the sun due to the fact that most of us wear clothes. These are also the areas that are most exposed to the view of others. As the usual AMA's (American Medical Association) approach to skin cancer is knife and needle, this can leave unsightly scars just where you might not want any.But there are alternatives. Having had a number of non-melanoma skin cancers, I've had the opportunity to try both the AMA (have the scars to prove it) as well as several "alternative" approaches. The method of treatment that I've settled on is the herb Chaparral. Chaparral is a plant that grows in the deserts of the southwestern U.S. and has been used historically by the indigenous populations of the region for a number of ailments. Today, it can be found in powder form at most health food stores. teksty small bag is all one needs and only cost a few bucks.I make a paste by mixing the powder with wheat germ oil (also found at your local health food store) and apply it directly to the lesion. Then I cover it with a Band-Aid. I do this once in the morning (after my shower) and again in the evening for six or seven days- carefully removing the old paste with a Q-tip. The advantages I have found are as follows: No pain. Perhaps a slight tingling at first. As chaparral only targets the cancerous cells, without affecting the surrounding normal tissue, my skin can quickly begin to repair itself naturally after the cancer is gone leaving usually just a "new skin" pink spot for several months. And all this at a fraction of the cost of a surgical procedure.If this all seems a bit strange to you, please understand that this is nothing new. There are a number of books that have been written that offer other non-evasive, less painful methods of treating basal cell and squamous cell skin cancers as well. I would recommend the book, The Skin Cancer Answer: The Natural Treatment for Basal and Sqamos-Cell Carcinomas and Keratoses. This book is priced right, easy to read and provides you with what many might feel is a better method of treatment. But check around- and see what work best for you, knowing that many others have taken the non-AMA approach. In any event, use a dermatologist to diagnose what type of skin condition you might have, discuss it with him, but know that there may be cost effective, alternatives to the knife and needle.John Woolf is the founder of several successful Internet technology companies including the Book Price Comparison website CompareBook.com. As a pragmatist of the world around him, he is both a critic and crusader on international politics and energy policy as it relates to our security and our impact on the global environment.Visit CompareBook.com to read reviews, find similar titles, and search for the lowest possible price for The Skin Cancer Answer and other great books.

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***Exercise - Anxiety & Panic*** Yes, all I’m afraid t unimarter UniMarter
***Exercise - Anxiety & Panic***

Yes, all I’m afraid this does play a part in reducing anxiety and depression. As much as you may not like doing it (I’ve never been a huge fan of it myself) but once you get into it, you certainly feel better for it afterwards.Exercise is also helps increase your lung capacity, makes your heart stronger, helps your circulation, helps you sleep better, makes your muscles stronger, gives you more energy etc.. etc..Now there are four main types of exercise, these are;Endurance Exercise – This will be the main type of exercise you want to focus on. This one helps reduce anxiety and depression. It’s not particularly intense. Even a quick 10 minute walk a day will help. Optimum would be a half an hour a walk a day.Strength Exercise – This type of exercise builds muscles. Do this if you want a body like Arnold Schwarzeneggar from back in the 80’s. I won’t say from today, as from recent pictures I’ve seen of him, it looks like he has let his muscle turn to flab ;-)Balance Exercise – This is commonly used for older people, to help prevent them from falling over. Examples of this type of exercise would be balancing on one foot for a short amount of time.Flexibility Exercise – This is mostly stretching exercises, and something I highly recommend you do before you tread out for a walk. It can be quite painfully pulling a muscle, and easy to do, especially if you haven’t exercised in a while. Learn from my mistakes, I pulled a stomach muscle on a brisk walk I did when I began to do this, and then was out of action for a few days.Starting your day each day with a quick walk will lift your spirits dramatically, I cannot emphasis enough how much exercising will benefit you. If I’m wrong, I’ll eat my own words *smiles*© Joanne King - http: / / www.anxiety-panic-free.comFree sign up of our newsletter! Discover more methods on treating Anxiety Symptoms
You can sign up here and begin eliminating your Anxiety Disorder - Click Here --> http: / / www.anxiety-panic-free.com

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***Subconscious*** The subconscious is a scarey thing to com unimarter UniMarter

The subconscious is a scarey thing to comtemplate for some people.
We have been taught that it is a dark place that keeps deep dark
secrets about ourselves that could destroy our peace of mind at the
very least, and our lives at the very worst. And quite possibly it does.
But, that is not its only function.I think of it as a vast library full of books that has all my memories in it. It is not a dark place at all. There are bright pleasant lights, beautiful carpets and comfortable armchairs
there. I enjoy to my visits! Yes, I know there are some books that have
unpleasant memories and maybe some that have dark secrets, but I
know that when I visit there I am in control of what books are opened
and read. I know it is my choice and so my visits are comfortable and
relaxed. Sometimes when I go there I ask for specific memories. teksty
couple months ago I was trying to recall the name of a town. I had been
there are several occasions and I had sent mail to a relative that
lived there. But I just couldn't recall the name of that town! The only
thing that came to mind was the word wood and I knew there was more
to it than that. So, I went into my library(the subconscious) and talked
to the librarian there. I calmed my breatheing, stilled my mind and
relaxed my body. Then I told her that the name of that town was stored
there and I reminded her that I had been there and seen the name and
I had written the name myself. I pictured the town in my mind and then
I asked that it be given to my conscious mind. teksty few minutes later I
found myself thinking of trees and so I thought maybe that was a clue.
So, I started thinking about different kinds of trees and a second later
the name of that town popped into my head; Birchwood.The subconscious does intrude itself on our conscious lives and it takes
control to make it behave the way we wish it to. If we allow it to run
rampant it does have the ability to hurt us. But, we need the sub-
conscious to remain healthy in our body, mind and soul. The thing to do
is to train the subconscious. Train it to work with us and not against
us. The reason it works against us is because of the things it has
already been told. For those of us with low self esteem, the sub-
conscious tells us the things we have always thought about ourselves.
When we go there and tell the subconscious the truth about ourselves
it will reprogram itself to believe the new things we are saying and will
tell us those things which in turn will build self esteem.Set apart some of each day to spend with your subconscious mind.
First thing in the morning is a good time. Tell it what you want to hear
from it throughout the day and gradually you will replace the bad
messages with good ones. As you develope this healthy approach, I
believe that even the deep dark bad secrets it keeps won't have the
effect on you that they have in the past. It is all a matter of
perspective after all!I am a health conscious individual that spends a lot of time researching
different ways of thinking. It is important to me to think outside the
box or the matrix if you will! I do not believe and accept everything I
see, read, or hear. Some things I have found to be truths for my own
life and those things I pass on to you. My maxims are "think for
yourself" and "listen to your whole self, body, mind and soul!" I have
found that if I do those two things I am always happy! The goal of my
web site is to supply those of you that have made the choice to go
natural with quality products!http: / / www.naturallivingbychoice.com

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***Weight Loss Products And Services: Do They Really Work?*** unimarter UniMarter
***Weight Loss Products And Services: Do They Really Work?***

The weight loss industry is worth billions. Millions of people worldwide buy into it because they want to lose weight and feel great, yet many of these people are still overweight and feel bad about themselves. It is something of a paradox; weight loss products and services rake in the cash, yet the people who use them are still overweight. This very concept is what keeps them on the shelves.Suppose for example someone has played their latest fitness dvd so many times they are sick of it and decide to go and buy another one; there are so few recipes in their diet books they actually like that they have to add another book to their collection; they are bored silly slugging it out on their running machine every night and so they treat themselves to a rowing machine as well. Before they know it they will have a pile of dvds they never workout to, a pile of books gathering dust and a whole host of fitness gadgets just begging to wing their way to the nearest charity shop. Sound familiar?Diet books, diet foods, diet pills, fitness dvds, slimming magazines, gyms, health clubs, home exercise equipment; the list goes on. Although most do have something of value to offer, and initially they may work, the novelty often wears off sooner or later. Once someone stops doing something, they stop seeing the results.The sales pitch of many weight loss products is that they promise to give results, quickly. Today's fast-paced lifestyle means many people are easily sold on the idea of 'instant results' in return for very little effort. But the reality is they still have to do the work and when they realise this, their momentum goes right out of the window.That's the thing about weight loss products and services; they only work if people can put in the effort to stick at them, and many people don't because they either get bored, or they do not have the time. It is a well-known fact that diets are hard to stick to and gym dropout rates are high.The key to weight loss is actually very simple. It's really just about making lifestyle choices and adopting good habits that will allow us to lead a healthy way of life.In a nutshell we should: eat less convenience foods that are laden with refined sugars and saturated fats, eat more whole foods, fruits and vegetables, chew our food properly, stop eating when we have had enough to eat, drink more water, avoid smoking, watch our alcohol intake and take more exercise. All of these things need to be addressed continually throughout life and not just on a whim.How someone goes about incorporating these healthful behaviours into their life depends on who they are; people are different. What works for one person will not necessarily work for someone else.Lifestyle factors such as work and family commitments need to be taken into consideration. We all have different lifestyles; it is unrealistic for a single mother with three children to have the time or inclination to sweat it out at the gym for an hour every night. However, a person with no family commitments may spend all day looking forward to their evening gym session because they really enjoy it and they are able to stick at it.It is important to be realistic. Every small step someone takes is important, whether it is eating one more piece of fruit a day or getting off the bus one stop early, drinking more water or making a conscious effort to chew their food properly. If they gradually build these things up they will become habits of day-to-day life rather than just short-term fads, and they will see long-term results with seemingly little effort.So, do weight loss products and services work? The answer is yes, but only if they can be incorporated into someone's lifestyle on a long-term basis, and that will depend on the person not the product.Sharon Kirby is a freelance health writer who likes to write about exercise, fitness, nutrition and a multitude of other health issues. She also writes about eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia and binge-eating disorder.

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***The Truth About Diet Myths*** How do we know what we know unimarter UniMarter
***The Truth About Diet Myths***

How do we know what we know? Often, our knowledge comes from through repetition and stories. In childhood, we call them fairy tales or bedtime stories. They amuse or entertain and have with the occasional moral lesson. However, as adults these stories or myths can be harmful when we start making decisions based on their often inaccurate information.This often happens in food choices, especially when it comes to losing weight. Through repetition, even incorrect information can permeate our thoughts and get in the way of weight loss goals. The problem is, many ideas or stories surround weight loss get repeated so often, they become believable.Let’s examine the science behind some of this folklore:Myth #1: Initial weight loss on diet plans comes from a loss of water weight.There is no water storage gland in the human body that empties upon dieting. The proponents of this fallacy usually argue that the breakdown of glycogen in the liver, a common occurrence in the body of a dieter, causes a release of water. The human liver weighs about 3 pounds and glycogen accounts for only about 10% of this. So, water from the liver could only contribute to less than half a pound loss, and that’s if all of its weight were water.The fallacy mongers further suggest that the breakdown products of fat metabolism release water. However, for the technically minded, most of these chemical reactions actually use water initially, rather than release it.Myth #2: Skipping meals is a practical way to lose weight.When you skip a meal, your body uses stored sugar molecules which have been converted to glycogen. These stores are in the liver and muscle tissue. Once these are gone, your body turns to other nutrient sources for its constant energy needs. After skipping a meal under this circumstance, your body shifts into a “fasting” metabolism which leads to protein breakdown.If you are eating according to evolutionary guidelines, that is, the right combination of foods for your body’s design, you would actually break down fat, rather than protein, by NOT skipping lunch.Myth #3: The Food Pyramid is a good way to eat to maintain a healthy weight.The U.S. Department of Agriculture released the Food Pyramid in 1980 and released an updated version in early 2005. The Pyramid advocates a diet with plenty of breads, cereals, rice, pasta, vegetables, and fruits. However, decisions about food choices are much more complex than following a list of recommended foods. Our food choices are the result of a combination of body signals, cultural influences, habits, events, people, emotions, and beliefs. Since the introduction of The Food Pyramid, obesity has become of pandemic proportion. It seems economically driven agricultural promotion is not serving public health.Myth #4: Eating a low fat diet is the best way to lose weight.Low fat diets have been advocated for the last 20 years and the fat content of the American diet has actually decreased slightly during this time, but the obesity rate has more than doubled. Why? Part of the reason is that a low fat diet is not the correct fuel mix for the way the human body was designed. Over millions of years of evolution, our metabolic pathways developed. The original diet consisted mostly of available vegetation, seasonally limited fruits and nuts, and foods rich in protein and fat.Myth #5: Counting calories is essential to healthy eating and weight loss.The human body needs about 11-12 calories per pound of weight a day to maintain its current weight. For a 200 pound person, this would be approximately 2400 calories. Approximately 3500 calories are eaten for every pound of body weight. So, to lose 10 pounds, a dieter would have to eat 35,000 less calories. It would follow, that by eating 500 less calories a day, it would take over two months to lose those 10 pounds. However for most people, this significant calorie restriction is uncomfortable, and unsustainable. For anyone who has tried a reduced calorie diet, they are familiar with how difficult this way of life can be. What do you do when, at 5 PM all the day’s calories are gone and you are still hungry?The body processes various nutrients differently. It is not necessarily the total amount of food eaten that leads to weight loss or gain. It is the proportion of various nutrients and the shift to fat burning metabolism that is important.Unfortunately, competing interests rely on these “facts” and help perpetuate their existence. To lose weight, you must inform yourself of how your body evolved and your body’s process of metabolism if you want to know how you should eat and how to lose weight. Believing diet myths will only keep you in the cycle of the serial dieter.Board Certified Psychiatrist, Dr. Anthony J. Burlay is the author of "The Foundation Diet: Your Body Was Designed to Eat," a diet he developed after losing and keeping off over 50 pounds. Find out more at http: / / www.FoundationDiet.com

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***Movie and Book Critics and Amazon*** Have you ever in you unimarter UniMarter
***Movie and Book Critics and Amazon***

Have you ever in your life avoided going to a movie or reading a book because of a review you read in the paper or heard on television? Have you ever skipped a movie or didn't buy that book because you allowed a creature, commonly known as a "critic," make your mind up for you?I can honestly say, with no fear of contradiction, that I've never ignored a movie or failed to buy a book based on the opinion of someone else. If I've wanted to see a particular movie or to read a certain book, I've not allowed the temper-tantrum rantings and ravings, in the guise of a "reviewer," stop me. What's happened to rugged individualism? Have we become sheep?I had a couple friends (one, a former college roommate) who would never, and I do mean never, see a movie unless it got an all "thumbs up," or "five stars" (or whatever it is critics use to control people's minds). What is with that anyway?How do a bunch of people, who claim to be movie and book critics, control the minds and subsequent actions of so many? And, why do these so-called critics always seem to be in chronically rotten moods?Just what are movie critics or book reviewers supposed to be anyway?experts? If so, how did they achieve this status? How exactly did they become critics of anything?Did they go to the "University of The Chronically Angry?" Did they major in "How to destroy movie producers and book authors' lives?" Can they trash people just with a bachelor's degree or is this something learned on the graduate level? Do they have to sit for a licensure exam for "Now you are licensed to show people just how much of a ding-a-ling you can be and get paid for it?"Is it just me, or have you too noticed just how mad movie and book critics always seem to be about the work they are reviewing? They seem to have put much thought and effort into just the right destructive adjectives to convey just the right degree of utter gall and hatred for a work and its creator.I am quite sure they must sit up all night to do this.Just what is their problem?Where is any semblance of objectivity? Here is one line from someone who Amazon.com allowed to review a book:"What a load of amateurish drivel!"Here is why the confusing lack of any objectivity does not work when reviewing a movie or book.Just what does "amateurish drivel" mean exactly?Does this mean there is such a thing as "professional drivel?" Would it have been better if the author had written a work of "professional drivel" as opposed to "amateurish drivel?" What would "professional drivel" look like on the page of the book?(And you do realize I am not bringing this up to you, the reader, because of something a reviewer said about a book my hand had written. God forbid!)Subjectivism confuses. Objectivism makes thing clear.And what about these moods critics and reviewers always seem to be in? Do they need a medication adjustment or what exactly?Amazon.com confuses me to no end. You can read countless glowing reviews about books on the site from professional reviewers as well as "laymen" who will make you want to run, not walk, to the nearest bookstore and buy the book. Then, someone comes along who decides to review that same book, the book others have praised as heavenly literature, and says something like,"What a load of _____! What a crock! I can't believe some publisher allowed this author to put words on a page and then to actually publish it. Who does this book author (whose work is consistently in the top five of its genre on Amazon) think he is?a writer?"(Now remember, I am not talking about something I may have written.)Just how are we to understand this sort of thing? Ten readers come along and like the book enough to write reviews and offer objective reasons why they liked it. There are professional reviewers who liked the book and give their reasons. Then, along comes someone who calls the book a load of horse droppings. Sales for the book immediately plummet like a lead ball.Who is correct in his criticism? Do the terminally grumpy really hold that much power that they can control the masses? Whose review is the correct one?As a writer, I still struggle greatly with this issue. I, of course, love the positive reviews. But the bad ones still send me into a case of the vapors. It is not because I expect everyone to like what I write. Just how crazy would that be? It is the utter viciousness with which some people express their dislike for what you (or someone else) wrote.How is threatening to board a plane to come find me in Mexico so she can slap me an objective review of my writing? Why does Amazon.com allow that?And, that was one of the nice reviews.(In all fairness, Amazon did remove that comment when I complained. But, did they ban this woman from ever posting another piece of her insanity to their site?)Precious few "readers' reviews" of books on Amazon.com bear any objectivity. All you have to do is spend an afternoon reading some of them. Can a book be reviewed objectively? You bet it can. I've posted some criteria on my book's page on Amazon.com.What does not work, however, is using hideously inflated hyperbole as pejoratives to get the point across that you didn't like the book (or movie). Why try to hurt someone (like the author or all those involved in the making of a movie) just because you cannot express yourself in a rational manner? Why not offer critical proof for not liking the work?Why try to hurt someone?I've had people post "readers' reviews" of our books on Amazon. They actually say they must protect the unsuspecting from harm by exposing the "amateurish drivel" I dared to put on a page. They must protect mankind from making an error by exposing me.Now, that is someone thinking more highly of himself than he ought, wouldn't you say?If you do not bother to offer a critically reasoned review of a work, then isn't what you are offering nothing more than pure, unadulterated subjectivism?Subjectivism is about as substantial as the wind.Why even bother?THE PLAIN TRUTH ABOUT LIVING IN MEXICOInstant Download
http: / / www.universal-publishers.com / Merchant2 / merchant.mvc?Screen=BASK&Store_Code=upublish&Action=ADPR&Product_Code=1124570PDF&Attributes=Yes&Quantity=1Expatriates Doug and Cindi Bower have successfully expatriated to Mexico, learning through trial and error how to do it from the conception of the initial idea to driving up to their new home in another country. Now the potential expatriate can benefit from their more than three years of pre-expat research to their more than three years of actually living in Mexico.http: / / www.zyworld.com / theolog / amazon2 / Page3.htm

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***Books On Financial Freedom*** Financial freedom is the mo unimarter UniMarter
***Books On Financial Freedom***

Financial freedom is the most important thing a person can have, but it can also be very difficult to achieve. Most people will need assistance from an outside source. For those of you who cannot afford to hire a financial expert to manage your finances, there are many books available that will teach you how you can use your money wisely and eventually achieve financial freedom.There are many financial experts, as well as people who have already achieved financial freedom, writing self-help books for people wanting to free themselves from the clutches of living in debt. The hardest part is choosing the right one. You will need to make sure that the advice you follow is the right one; you do not want to follow the wrong advice and go further in debt.These books are not very expensive, and they are very helpful. They will be able to give you very valuable advice. There are also books available on the Internet that contain the same material.If you are able to access the Internet, you should first look for online books on financial advice. This will save you money, considering these are usually free. If you have the need to have a paper copy of the book, there are many places from which you would be able to obtain one. Obviously, bookstores carry books of this nature. You will also be able to buy financial books on the Internet, since most major bookstores have a website where you can place orders. There are many websites available from which you can purchase your book. In fact, some of these websites will offer these books at a lesser price than if you buy them at a bookstore.Debt is the number one cause of many problems in people?s lives. Getting out of debt is the first and most important step a person needs to take in the process of achieving financial freedom. If you think this task is too difficult to achieve without assistance, then it is best that you buy a book that will aid in your struggle to achieve financial freedom.Financial Freedom provides detailed information on Financial Freedom, Steps To Financial Freedom, Financial Freedom Resources, Financial Freedom Services and more. Financial Freedom is affiliated with Commercial Equity Line Of Credit.

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***Taking It to the Limit: a Review of
***Taking It to the Limit: a Review of "The Ice Limit"***

The waters near Isla Desolaci?n are dangerous and unpredictable -- littered with shipwrecks and circled by perilous currents. In these waters, blow the panteoneros, the dreaded cemetery winds that can steer an unsuspecting ship into a mariner's nightmare such as the Screaming Sixties. The Screaming Sixties, a place "where both waters and wind can circle the globe together without striking land," a place where the waves just build and build, growing sometimes to be 200 feet high.And then, there is "The Ice Limit", the Antarctic Convergence, the place where the ice begins...One of the richest men in the world, Palmer Lloyd gets what Palmer Lloyd wants -- and what he wants is the largest meteorite ever to strike the earth's atmosphere. Buried deep in Chilean soil, retrieval of this meteorite will require some of the most innovative engineering ever.Eli Glinn is the man with all the answers. President of Effective Engineering Solutions, he has been called upon to carry out the most dangerous, the most challenging, the most impossible schemes the world has ever seen -- and he has never failed.And then there is Sam McFarlane. Disgraced as a scientist, unwilling or unable to be held within the structured halls of academia, McFarlane has always wanted to validate his pet theory -- that interstellar meteorites have found their way into the earth's atmosphere.Together, the trio (and a multitude of supporting characters) set out to get this meteorite at all costs -- even if it means coming perilously close to "The Ice Limit".From the promise in Relic to the more-polished Thunderhead, it has been obvious that Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child were a duo to watch. Strong on imagination and suspense, each book improved, taking their writing to new levels.With "The Ice Limit", they've come into their own."The Ice Limit" finds Preston and Child in an ideal position somewhere just north of Michael Crichton and south of Indiana Jones. And though "The Ice Limit" gets off to a somewhat slow start, this is adventure fiction at its best."The Ice Limit" is scientifically intriguing and certain to bring out the hidden scientist in anyone. Could this be the McFarlane's much-awaited interstellar meteorite -- or is it something beyond the wildest ramblings of our collective imagination?"The Ice Limit" is fresh in concept and in execution, and has one of the most innovative chase scenes I've ever read.The characters -- much improved over those in previous novels -- are dynamic and layered, with rich histories and quirks and multi-leveled motivations. But characters aside, this is a novel that works on many planes. Complete with danger, intrigue, and the prize of a lifetime, "The Ice Limit" will keep you holding your breath straight through to the end. And what an ending it is.The prose is fresh and immediate, the pacing (at least once you pass through the beginning) is perfect, and the tone suspenseful.So many books deliver as promised up until the end, when they fall painfully, frustratingly flat. When you've invested so much time and heart into a novel, there is nothing worse than a disappointing ending.Lincoln and Child do not disappoint. If anything,like the waves in the Screaming Sixties, the tension grows and grows and grows, until it is almost unbearable."The Ice Limit", by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, pushes it to the limit of adventure fiction.The only question that remains is...Do you dare to follow?Lisa is an author on http: / / www.Writing.Com / which is a site for Creative Writers

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***Unraveling Fears: A Review of
***Unraveling Fears: A Review of "Fears Unnamed"***

Rarely has a new author captured me as quickly as Tim Lebbon. An award-winning British author, Lebbon is quickly becoming a U.S. favorite as well, and "Fears Unnamed" is a marvelous introduction to his work.Consisting of four novellas, "Fears Unnamed" is an adventure in creativity and creepiness. What's captivating about this collection is the breadth of its scope. From sprawling post-apocalyptic scenarios to the most intimate, personal horror, Lebbon captures the essence of fear.For fans of the post-apocalyptic genre, there are two such stories in this collection. There's "White", with its claustrophobic landscape which breathlessly follows an isolated group of survivors, and there's, "Naming of Parts," whose unlikely protagonist guides the reader through a terrifying new world.One of the most charming things about "White" is the simplicity of the voice. It has an authenticity to it. The protagonist of this particular piece doesn't sensationalize anything. There's emotion without melodrama, even as events escalate from the finding of a body at the story's inception, and the reader finds themselves swept along throughout. Lebbon also uses weather throughout the piece to lend it a moody, surreal feel which is deliciously creepy.Though "Naming of Parts" isn't the most original story of the lot with its "Dawn of the Dead" like feel, it's still a satisfying read all in all. The story follows a family -- mother, father, son -- as they try to escape the horror of a world changed overnight. And yet this was somehow a very personal story, too, peppered heavily with pertinent and emotionally satisfying backstory. And perhaps it's because the protagonist in "Naming of Parts" is a child, but the story read with a sense of wonder in addition to the increasing disquiet. Again, in this story, the narrative flowed flawlessly, the pacing excellent.For those who like horror of a more personal nature, there are two enchanting stories as well, "Remnants" and "The Unfortunate"."Remnants" carves a mesmerizing, if surreal path through the pages, following two friends into a place that no human eyes should see. When Pete receives a plea from his old buddy Scott to come see what he's found on his latest dig, Pete cannot resist. What happens from there is an exercise of hallucinatory quality. What's charming about this story is the relationship between Pete and Scott, which is fleshed out beautifully throughout the story. Though this story is at times over the top, Lebbon makes it easy for the reader to follow into his twisted maze.Then there's "The Unfortunate," arguably the creepiest story in the collection, the story of one of the "lucky ones". One of the more original premises in horror fiction, "The Unfortunate" tells the story of Adam, who is told by angels (or demons or pixies or Gods -- he's never quite sure) that he is one of the lucky ones. But from Adam's point of view, that hardly seems to be the truth. Adam's plight is compelling and terrifying, and in this story too, what drives the narrative is a unique plot and a character that a reader can really care about.To give away any more of the plot in any of these stories would be a disservice to the reader, for the unraveling of their plots is best done by Lebbon himself.Lebbon has an easy style which flows well and moves quickly, rarely (if ever) getting bogged down in unnecessary wordiness. "Fears Unnamed" isn't going to win any prize for flair of language or metaphor or having deep, hidden meaning, and that's okay. These stories are meant to entertain, and entertain they do.Lebbon's characters are charming and three-dimensional and quirky. Each one is distinct and compelling in his own way. These aren't the most memorable characters you'll ever read about, but they're sympathetic and able to carry their own respective stories.Overall, the book is a quick read, and part of the charm in a collection like this is that each story can be read in a sitting. It's a good thing, because the stories are captivating enough that you won't want to put them down.Fair warning though. For those who like neat endings where everything is wrapped up, this isn't the book for you. Also, horror fan with a penchant for violence and gore will be more satisfied looking elsewhere. Though Lebbon doesn't shy away from being graphic at times, he uses this tactic sparingly.For all other horror fans, particularly fans of the post-apocalyptic genre, this is a must-read.Lisa is an author on http: / / www.Writing.Com /
which is a site for Writers.

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***American Theocracy, a Book Review*** In his two most rece unimarter UniMarter
***American Theocracy, a Book Review***

In his two most recent books, American Dynasty and Wealth and Democracy, Kevin Phillips has perhaps rightly earned the prestigious moniker of America's premier analyst and critic. Now, in his new release, a doom and gloom tome some 480 pages long, Kevin Phillips assails three overlapping, growing, forces that threaten to rain on the parade of the American way of life. Actually, American Theocracy : The Peril and Politics of Radical Religion, Oil, and Borrowed Money in the 21st Century, at $26.95 retail is still a great value because it is really three books in one, with just enough threads woven between the very different but often interrelated fabrics to help illustrate the upcoming perfect storm.Kevin Phillips, as a former Republican strategist and observer for over 30 years, has a keen sense of the current political and economic landscape. When contrasted against his commanding historical perspectives, the author is aptly able in his book to show how past world powers, from the Roman to the British empires, have faced and failed the same critical circumstances the United States currently faces at the beginning of the 21st century. American Theocracy demonstrates that essentially every world dominating power is lured by the sirens of global over-reach and ultimately falls into the traps of resource depletion, runaway debt and the wars of militant religion.In Part I of American Theocracy, Kevin Phillips looks at the ramifications of our preocupation of oil, past and present. The book maintains that American supremacy was derived by our exploitation and effective use of a newly useable form of energy on the world stage. While other nations were trapped in their inertias of coal, wind and water infrastructures, America quickly realized the versatility of this black gold and leveraged a nation around it. In fact, with only roughly five percent of the world's population, Americans still consume over 25 percent of the world's oil. But supply of this precious resource has always been a concern. American Theocracy points to World War II especially, which was waged by Japan and Germany to secure their hold on this vital fossil fuel for modern economies. The book takes care to explain that America itself has been heavily involved in its own petro-imperialism over the last century. Moreover, the life blood of our economy is becoming more difficult to find and extract even as the world economies are demanding more. One little know fact in all of this, as other Middle East supplies are being exhausted, is that Iraq is the last large pool of oil on the planet. And all of this still virtually untapped, near the surface. American Theocracy describes how Iraq has never been able to pump much of its oil, with U.N. sanctions in the 90's, war with Iran in the 80's and so forth. With the thinly disguised cloak of spreading democracy and fighting terror, it is of little surprise, given our history of petro-imperialism in the Middle East, and the fact that there is an estimated one trillion dollars in estimated profits for the (American) companies who will pump it, that we found ourselves with troops in Iraq.Complicating matters further, Part II of this book explores the unprecedented rise in evangelical religion and its surging influence in American politics, especially under the presidency of George W. Bush. Kevin Phillips believes Republicans view the world in apocalyptic terms and endeavor to shape domestic and foreign policy around fundamentalist religion. This undue influence of faith over fact, and religion over (prudent) reason has resulted in inept policies, which only serve to weaken our respect, prestige and effectiveness in the world. This zealous underpinning has put us on a collision course with much of Islam, swelling the ranks, ironically, of terrorists, not to mention many other miscalculations, putting us in peril of a self-fulfilling prophecy. American Theocracy describes how we are endangering our future, as virtually every war is fought over resources or religious ideology. We seem to be running out of the former and have an over abundance of the latter.In Part III, American Theocracy contends what is the traditional hallmark of an overextended world power: over consumption and massive public and private debt. Huge trade deficits, trillions of dollars in national debt and financial speculation, made worse by the influence of big business and Wall Street on Washington only serve to exacerbate the problem. The Republican Party, once the icon of sound fiscal policy, has discarded its ideals by mortgaging our country's financial health and future to the whim of other countries in order to fund and maintain our status quo around the world.American Theocracy : The Peril and Politics of Radical Religion, Oil, and Borrowed Money in the 21st Century is not without its critics. Many feel Kevin Phillips is biased and bigoted in his view as he tackles the concerns he has for the Christian right and their influence in America today. Others may feel he is not always accurate in his facts. But this is to be expected by stirring the pot and necessarily not always being politically correct. Having said that in view of the import of the thesis presented in no way detracts nor dismisses these vital problems all Americans face.John Woolf is the founder of several successful Internet technology companies including the Book Price Comparison website CompareBook.com. As a pragmatist of the world around him, he is both a critic and crusader on international politics and energy policy as it relates to our security and our impact on the global environment.Visit Compare Book to read reviews, find similar titles, and search for the guaranteed lowest price for American Theocracy : The Peril and Politics of Radical Religion, Oil, and Borrowed Money in the 21st Century, and other great books.

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***Urgent Task of Preserving and Restoring Old & Rare Books** unimarter UniMarter
***Urgent Task of Preserving and Restoring Old & Rare Books***

Don't listen to the ?paperless office? rhetoric. If it's that ?paperless? how come printer sales are going through the roof and an ever increasing number of books are published every year?Just like TV did not replace radio, digital media and computers will never replace books. These two media, paper and digital, will continue to exist side by side just like TV and the radio.Just like the digital media faces the peril of getting wiped away and thus need to backed up regularly, paper also has its enemy ? time.Millions of rare and valuable volumes are crumbling away in the nation's libraries and museums, and are attacked by mold, mildew, humidity, bugs, rats, and worse.The chief culprit is the WOODEN PULP which has a very high acid content.Did you know that most of the books published between 1840 and 1980 are printed on high-acid paper manufactured from wood pulp?That's why about 120 million volumes are getting cracked and brittle with every passing day. Some just disintegrate when you lift them up and open their cover. They are like very old patients that need to be handled and treated extremely gently.There are various book restoration centers and programs around the United States and one good one is at Sheridan Libraries Preservation Department of Johns Hopkins University. Here, trained students and curators do their best, resources and funds permitting, to bring some of decaying treasures of the past back to life.However, a change of mentality across the land is probably what's needed to save this precious link we have to the recorded past. Most of us do not think of a book as something that needs ?service.??To have a library without an active preservation department is like buying a Rolls Royce and never taking it to be serviced,? is how Johns Hopkins faculty member Stephen G. Nichols put it in the latest issue of the JOHNS HOPKINS Magazine (June 2006, pp. 32-28). ?For some reason, people think books don't need to be serviced, but that is just not the case.?Given the lack of adequate resources to save all the rare books facing extinction, someone suggested that ?perhaps encapsulating a little-used damaged book in mylar could be the best way to preserve it until it's needed by a user? (ibid, p.38).I also have a suggestion:Since most of the damage occurs due to the presence of humidity, mildew or certain other microorganisms in the AIR, can these books be saved by keeping them in VACUUM CHAMBERS?No air, no decay, it seems to me. And in the meanwhile average users can access these treasures through their digitized copies on the Internet.Ugur Akinci, Ph.D. is a Creative Copywriter, Editor, an experienced and award-winning Technical Communicator specializing in fundraising packages, direct sales copy, web content, press releases, movie reviews and hi-tech documentation. He has worked as a Technical Writer for Fortune 100 companies for the last 7 years.In addition to being an Ezine Articles Expert Author, he is also a Senior Member of the Society for Technical Communication (STC), and a Member of American Writers and Artists Institute (AWAI).You can reach him at writer111@gmail.com for a FREE consultation on all your copywriting needs.You are most welcomed to visit his official web site http: / / www.writer111.com for more information on his multidisciplinary background, writing career, and client testimonials. While at it, you might also want to check the latest book he has edited: http: / / www.lulu.com / content / 263630

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***Review; Greg M. Sarwa's Debut Novel, The Cattle*** Autho unimarter UniMarter
***Review; Greg M. Sarwa's Debut Novel, The Cattle***

Author: Greg M. Sarwa
ISBN: 0976620200If you have any preconceptions about the recently enacted Real ID Act in the
USA, I heartily suggest you read Greg M. Sarwa?s debut novel, The Cattle.
Although the narrative is a work of fiction, it certainly reflects some of the
reality transpiring in the USA as a result of 9 / 11.The USA in 2005 enacted the Real ID ACT that creates a ?machine readable"
federally approved ID card. Supporters of this card argue that the ID card will
help combat terrorism and it will also follow the advice of some of the
recommendations of the 9 / 11 Commission investigation. What it boils down to is
that commencing in 2008, if you live or work in the USA you will need a
federally approved card to travel on an airplane, open a bank account, collect
Social Security Payments, or take advantage of nearly every government service.
In other words, the Real ID Act would establish a national identity card. In
addition and what is alarming about these ID cards is the information that could
be stored on them. The Homeland Security Department has the power to decide what
information will be included. This may be more than just your name, birth date,
sex, ID number, a digital photograph, and address. Furthermore, it will employ a
common machine-readable technology. This could mean that it could end up being a
magnetic strip, or a sophisticated bar code, or even a radio frequency
identification chip. Would they go as far as implanting a microprocessor in your
body?The last possibility is the focus of the plot of Sarwa?s novel, where a day
before the National Identification System is to become a reality, all hell
breaks loose. A level 3 computer techie, Brian Warburton, in the employ of the
Homeland Security Department and working out of O?Hare Airport in Chicago
discovers that when he makes a final check of the complicated system that was to
be in operation the next day putting into effect the NIS, he discovers that he
was inexplicably already logged in. Moreover, the technology he witnesses on his
computer screen was only for those individuals with a level five clearance.
According to Brian, the information was supposed to be years away and it should
never have been permitted- it was in his words ?against the law."Brian had to do something about this newfound information and he decides to copy
it on a computer disk in order that he may be able to warn everyone. However,
unfortunately, after he has completed his copying, Brian mysteriously dies, but
not before he manages to place the disk into the baggage of Anna Tabor, a Polish
visitor who just arrived in the USA.Trevor Clifton, a high official with the Department of Homeland Security in
Chicago and likewise working out of O?Hare Airport is informed by one of his
subordinates that there was an unauthorized access to the higher level of the
computer system or as it was termed, Digital Gabriel. He just about goes
ballistic and immediately figures out that it could only be Brian Warburton who
was doing the copying.As all of this is transpiring, newspaper reporter Jacob Reed is working on his
editorial for the next day?s edition pertaining to the National Security
Identification Act. He receives a phone call from police officer Ron Lacosta
requesting that they immediately meet because he has something extremely
important to tell him. When they get together Reed is given a video cassette
that came from one of the video cameras at the airport. Apparently, Lacosta
received the tape from a colleague before the latter died in a mysterious auto
accident in the parking lot of the airport.What is on the tape and the ensuing chase between Clifton's men and Reed occupy
the remainder of the novel, wherein Sarwa weaves together a briskly paced
mystery thriller with the requisite elements of detecting and menace.Sarwa?s writing is sprinkled with some vivid detail and his characters are
nicely drawn and distinctive. And while the novel sounds like the set-up for a
routine thriller, the surprising ending is far from predictable. The Cattle is
Sarawa?s first novel and he has effectively set the hook for future thrillers.Norm Goldman is the Editor of the Book Reviewing & Author Interviewing site http: / / www.bookpleasures.com Bookpleasures.com comprises over 30 international reviewers that come from all walks of life and that review all genre. Norm also offers an Express Review Service. You can find out more about this service by clicking on http: / / www.bookpleasures.com Norm is ranked among the top 1000 Amazon.com reviewers.In addition, Norm is the editor of the travel site http: / / www.sketchandtravel.com Together with his artist wife Lily, the couple blend words with art focusing on romantic destinations.

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***Review: We Are The New Auroras Authored By Adam Daniel Mezei** unimarter UniMarter
***Review: We Are The New Auroras Authored By Adam Daniel Mezei***

Author: Adam Daniel Mezei
ISBN: 0595380697As a loyal Canadian, I am delighted to see that within the last several years
there have been quite a few Canadian authors who are making their mark in the
international literary scene. Just looking over the undergraduate calendar of my
old alma mater, I noticed that there are now 7 courses devoted to Canadian
Literature, whereas when I attended University over 50 years ago there may have
been one or two. As a side note, when Canada?s famous poet, Irving Layton, who
recently passed away, was teaching in a Hebrew parochial school, he had been
dismissed, as he had the audacity to sell his risqu? poetry books to his
students! This was back in the 1950s. How things have changed!Today, Canada can boast many literary figures who have gained international
reputations as: Margaret Atwood, Hugh MacLennan, Mordechai Richler, Irving
Layton, Michael Ondaatje, and several others. Yes, Canada is alive and kicking
and still continues to produce some fine young authors, whom I am sure will be
shortly taking their place among their Canadian peers, as well as within the
ranks of many well-known international authors.This brings me to a fine young author, screenwriter, and novelist, thirty-two
year old Adam Daniel Mezei, who is of Czech extraction, and now makes his home
in Vancouver, B.C. Drawing on his background as an incessant traveler that has
exposed him to many ?delectable" cultures, Mezei has compiled a collection of
thirty short stories crafted within a period of thirty days all contained in We
Are The New Auroras. Mezei mentions in his Forward, ?he wished to immortalize
the many things I had read about, heard, and seen with my very own eyes over
this eventful three decade-long period in my life."Mezei is a born story teller in every sense of the word. In succinct and
unencumbered prose he narrates tales about individuals, wherein some are
tragically flawed or are perhaps flawed due to political, social or economic
circumstances beyond their control. However, most of them endear themselves to
the reader, as Mezei captures their unique and sometimes mesmerizing
personalities, as well as the conflicts they endure.Among Mezei's gripping depictions is Bhimrao Yadav, a Dalit from Bangalore, India,
who on his way to work one day comes to the aid of an elderly man run over by
an errant rickshaw. As a result of being the Good Samaritan, Bhimrao was more
than sixty minutes late for work- something he never previously experienced.
When his superior questioned him as to why he was late, Bhimrao proceeded to
explain, and ?to his shock and dismay the boss was unmoved," resulting in his
being reprimanded for his tardiness. Apparently, Dalits are looked down upon in
Indian society and if they should succeed in gaining employment, they should be
grateful, according to the companies that hire them. Eventually, Bhimrao is
fired because he will not sign a form that will dock an hour from his pay
cheque.We learn about Valeriy Branko, the drunk, whose only saving grace had been from
his books, and who strives to quit drinking Karel Handzak, the youngest mayor
of Prague, who was untouched by scandal and brings breath of fresh air the
gross and overweight Internet addict who falls in love with Sheila, whom he is
too frightened to meet for fear he will be rejected.These are but a few glimpses of the many poignant powerful stories portraying
touching inner voices that produce a lasting lingering effect long after you put
the book down. Certainly worth a read!Norm Goldman is the Editor of the Book Reviewing & Author Interviewing site http: / / www.bookpleasures.com Bookpleasures.com comprises over 30 international reviewers that come from all walks of life and that review all genre. Norm also offers an Express Review Service. You can find out more about this service by clicking on http: / / www.bookpleasures.com Norm is ranked among the top 1000 Amazon.com reviewers.In addition, Norm is the editor of the travel site http: / / www.sketchandtravel.com Together with his artist wife Lily, the couple blend words with art focusing on romantic destinations.

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