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***Blogging to the Bank*** First, I have to tell you that I unimarter UniMarter
***Blogging to the Bank***

First, I have to tell you that I have never made any money online, I am totally unfamiliar with e-marketing and, moreover, until recently I had no idea what ?blog? means. But I got in to a situation when I need big money and urgently.I have made quite a research on the Internet on making money and from all the methods out there the one described by Rob Benwell in ?Blogging to the Bank? looked the most reliable to me. I have a critical set of mind, and I will never put a cent into something that does not give me the promised returns. Somehow I believed in Rob?s e-book, maybe because of the way he wrote his ad letter or maybe because he promises a realistic income of up to $500 a day. Many others promise insane $60,000-80,000 a month for doing nothing. I consider them spam immediately.Once I?ve decided to buy ?Blogging to the Bank? I rushed doing so as I did not want to pay for it $97 instead of $47 what it costs right now. Soon he is planning to increase the price as he gets too many customers to manage the orders.However, already in my ?Thank you? letter I got an unpleasant surprise: another ad to buy a new e-book ?Blog Announcer Pro? helping generate traffic to your blog. I think it is not a smart move as customers who have already trusted him get an impression that he is just trying to squeeze money out of us. But as soon as I started reading his ?Blogging to the Bank? e-book I realized that it is a great stuff. It is full of useful information, without which I would not be able to do a thing, and he does reveal some secrets.I have just started to put everything he wrote into practice and eager to find out if it really works. Somehow I feel that it does.Sure, I am going to keep you posted on my results just keep returning to my blog.P.S. Rob also provides in ?Blogging to the Bank? a couple of software to buy. Personally, I will wait till I get some earnings using free methods he describes.P.P.S. You can learn about ?Blogging to the Bank? and get other useful links by visiting my blog at http: / / blogging-to.blogspot.com.

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Wyjątkowy Złoty Pierścionek - złoto 333 Pierścionek

Wyjątkowy Złoty Pierścionek - złoto 333

Ubrania i akcesoria > Biżuteria
Unikalna Srebrna Broszka - srebro 925, Cyrkonia Broszka

Unikalna Srebrna Broszka - srebro 925, Cyrkonia

Ubrania i akcesoria > Biżuteria
Wyjątkowy Naszyjnik - srebro 925 Naszyjnik

Wyjątkowy Naszyjnik - srebro 925

Ubrania i akcesoria > Biżuteria
Zjawiskowa Bransoletka Srebrna - srebro 925 Bransoletka

Zjawiskowa Bransoletka Srebrna - srebro 925

Ubrania i akcesoria > Biżuteria
Wspaniały Naszyjnik - srebro 925 Naszyjnik

Wspaniały Naszyjnik - srebro 925

Ubrania i akcesoria > Biżuteria
PROMOCJA Naszyjnik - srebro 925, Cyrkonia Naszyjnik

PROMOCJA Naszyjnik - srebro 925, Cyrkonia

Ubrania i akcesoria > Biżuteria
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***Sandals and Traditional Japanese Sandals*** Before the sh unimarter UniMarter
***Sandals and Traditional Japanese Sandals***

Before the shoes?were sandals. But in some regions, the shoes were first devised rather than the more comfortable and light sandals. Throughout the world, there are artifacts and strong evidences that sandals had been existing since human first inhabited earth. These evidences were not only found in the relics but may also be sighted in the similarities of terminology to connote something that is worn for feet covering. Take for example the Latin word sandalium, or the French sandale and even the Arabic andal. All these seem to be linked by a common idea of a sandal.The variety of sandal types today attests to man?s mastery over sandal making and the use he has found in the item. In the following sections of this article, we will discuss some of the most popular sandal types in the world. Most of the types mentioned here will only be discussed in brief since we will try to focus on the types of sandals traditional to Japanese culture alone.espadrille - is a type of sandal characterized by the rope sole or rubber sole with a cloth covering for its upper section.flip-flop - is Japanese in origin and is characterized by being backless. This sandal is held on the foot by means of a thong between the second toe and the big toe.Gladiator- named after the sandals worn by gladiators of the Roman arenas, straps that are fastened to the flat sole to hold the foot in place characterizes this sandal.huarache or huaraches - is a Mexican sandal with flat heels and woven leather thongs for straps.scuffer - is usually worn as playshoes among children and as sportshoe among adults. Scuffers are frequently made out of lightweight materials and are characterized for their sturdy sole.shoe - is a footwear that is patterned to fit the foot. Usually, the upper is made of leather, plastic or rubber and the sole is made out of much heavier and sturdier material.talaria - is frequently mentioned in most Roman myths. This is a winged sandal worn by Hermes, a Roman god.Zori or pusher - originally a Japanese, this is a sandal made of rubber sole and two straps that are held on either side which meets at the upper part between the big toe and the second finger.Among these general types of sandals, the most popular types are the zori, the huarache and the gladiator.Japanese sandalsThe three of the basic Japanese sandals are the geta, tatami and the zori. Geta sandals are more commonly known among Americans due to the popularity of Geisha women images. There are varieties of geta sandals but two of the best-known are the vinyl and the wooden. The latter is worn during ordinary days while the vinyl geta is worn on occasion. Geta is named as such because of the sound (click clack) they produce when being walked.The tatami sandals on the other hand are included in the casual category. These are typically worn for normal days and daily wear. The term tatami was derived from the Japanese word for straw. The tatami sandals are crafted from tatami, the same material used in making the mat flooring for traditional Japanese houses. Traditionally, the thong either comes in black or red velvet.For formal occasions, zori sandals are worn. Along with these sandals come tabi socks that are split between the large toe and the second toe.freenetpublishing.com is a free information site that offers articles and resources. If you want to read or share information on Home-and-Family, you're always welcome!

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***Mall Information Now On Customers' Phones*** An obvious w unimarter UniMarter
***Mall Information Now On Customers' Phones***

An obvious way to help customers decide where to shop is to let them know what is available, not just after they have arrived at the shopping centre but before they have even decided where to shop. Customers can now access this information on the screen of their mobile phones - and just about every shopper has a mobile phone.A new mobile phone application puts shop specials, a centre directory, details of what?s happening and coming up in the centre, marketing updates plus other information, even the ability to provide email feedback straight from the customers phone to Centre Management onto just about any mobile phone screen. Customers don?t even have to be in the centre at the time.Information is easily controlled and updated by Centre Management. Shoppers can be at home or on the bus or sipping coffee somewhere and can check out the shops specials or see what?s coming up in their favourite centre. Customers only receive what they request and it is easy to set up and use.It operates on the normal mobile phone network and does not use SMS or Bluetooth. It is the perfect complement to a centres website and is the ideal link to customers for those centres who don?t have a website. It all happens without customers being bombarded with ads and without the centre having to install wireless systems. There is no cost to the user (unless centres choose to do so) apart from any carrier charges.There are more than 2 billion mobile phones in the world today and, when you think about it, every one of those was bought by and is being used by a shopper!With customers? service expectations increasing, one of the most common customer complaints is the difficulty in finding particular shops and services within centres. It helps to overcome this hassle by providing location details of each shop and service such as ATMs and toilets.Once installed, customers can access it easily on their phone.It really seems to be the ultimate in customer services. No doubt, a customer's decision where to shop just got a whole lot easier!Stuart HelyFor more information, contact stuarth@bluepulse.com.au or see the blog at http: / / mallsonmobiles.blogspot.com.

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***Installing Nucleus Onto Your H4P Server*** In this articl unimarter UniMarter
***Installing Nucleus Onto Your H4P Server***

In this article I will explain how to download and install the Blog software Nucleus on your server. Nucleus is customisable in every way and you can have different authors using the same blog. I will be installing onto the Host4Profit.com server as this article is aimed at those who use H4P.Note: If you use a different host company most, if not all the instructions will hold true. Just the terminology will be a bit different.The only requirements are that you have a free MySQL database on your server and that your server runs PHP4+. If you are installing onto Host4Profit servers then you meet the requirements.First of all download the software from http: / / nucleuscms.org / download.php onto your desktop and then unzip it making sure you keep the directory structure.Next you will need to upload everything onto your server into a directory of your choice. I recommend using the name nucleus as then you will know what the directory is. To upload the files to your server you will need to use a FTP program, your File Manager on your server, or if you use Windows XP its? built in FTP program.Once all the files are uploaded onto your server you will need to change the permission of the file config.php to 666. To do this, find the file config.php and to the right of the name you will see 3 numbers. Click on that and in the new window, type 666 and enter.Before we go on you will need to set up a Database. If using Host4Profit it is an easy process. You will have to log into your WEBePanel and then click on the MySQL database icon to get started. Follow the instructions on that page and write down the database name (usually part or all of your domain name) and the password.Now open a new browser window and type in the address to the install.php in your Nucleus directory like this ? http: / / www.yourdomain.com / nucleus / install.phpYou are presented with some information and a set of instructions, one of which is to change the permissions of the config.php to 666. When the installation is complete you will need to change the permissions back to 444.Next you need to enter some information to set up the MySQL database. Nucleus can normally set this up for you automatically but as we are using Host4Profit, Nucleus has a problem which is why we created the database already. All we have to do is fill in the blanks as so-In the Hostname box you put - localhostUser Name ? the name you wrote down earlier. The default is yourdomain_com with 2 or 3 added depending on how many databases you have used.Password ? The password that you wrote down.After that when you scroll down the installation page there are a lot of directories and addresses that are already set up for you. The ones you should take note of are the ones that start with http: / / as these are the urls that you will use to access the admin section and to read your blog.Following on from there, you are presented with the Administrator User data. You need to fill this in and remember the user name and password that you use.Note: The username and password are different to the ones you used to set up the database. These are your admin details.After that you just need to name your blog and give it a short name. Then click the Install button.Once you have installed the Nucleus program, you need to do two things.1. Go into your File Manager and change the permissions to config.php to 4442. Delete the file install.phpThere is a wealth of information about using Nucleus both in the nucleus directory and at the http: / / nucleuscms.org / web site. You will also find a support forum, downloadable skins and plugins lot of helpful information.Martin Wood is one of a growing number
of people who have found working at home
on the Internet a rewarding experience.

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***MCP Market News: Microsoft SQL Server & SQL Reporting Serv unimarter UniMarter
***MCP Market News: Microsoft SQL Server & SQL Reporting Services***

Are you ready? SQL Server 2005, the next-generation data management and analysis software from Microsoft, will deliver increased scalability, availability, and security to enterprise data and analytical applications.
SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services is a comprehensive, server-based reporting solution that can author, manage, and deliver both paper-oriented and interactive, Web?based reports.Develop better understanding of Microsoft .NET Developer Tools2.) ROI and Business Value of Microsoft SQL Server & SQL Reporting ServicesIn this session, we?ll take a look at technical and business scenarios where Microsoft SQL Server & SQL Reporting Services provide value. We?ll show you how to make basic value quantifications based upon those scenarios. David will also review the value proposition and selling points for Microsoft SQL Server & SQL Reporting Services. The key portion of this session will include introduction to and training on a value-based tool developed for the specific purpose of accelerating SQL Server implementations. This training will include guidance on how to position the results with your customers. In depth demonstration.Speaker: David Kirkman, MCSE+I and Partner Technical Specialist responsible for partner technical sales readiness and business case development for Northern California Small-Midmarket Solutions & Partners. 9 years in technology as a technical project manager, and business case developer.3.) Microsoft .NET Developer ToolsDuring this session you will learn how Partners can leverage developer tools and technologies to maximize customer impact with minimal investment. How the next generation of tools from Microsoft will increase efficiency in development projects; develop a better understanding and vision for Visual Studio .NET and Microsoft .NET.Speaker: Marc Wolfson is a Developer Solution Specialist on the Developer and Platform Evangelism. Marc has been with Microsoft for four years focusing exclusively on Developer Tools and technologies. Marc is responsible for supporting a healthy developer eco-system in Northern California highlighting the productivity of Microsoft?s developer tools as well as the ease of integrating Microsoft Platforms Technology. Marc was one of the founders and Chief Technologist of Nextera, technology consulting firm acquired by Knowledge Universe in 1999. While at Nextera, Marc provided development and platform architecture guidance to many fortune 500 customers. While at Nextera, Marc served on the Microsoft Partner Advisory Committee for developer technologies including the inception of .NET and C#. Marc has over 20 years of experience in the industry and has guided customers through the client-server trend, Business Process Engineering, Workflow and Document Imaging, the introduction of the Web, Year 2000, Dot Com explosion and implosion, and the adoption of XML, .NET and Java technologies.Jeff Steinmetz is a Senior Technology Specialist for Microsoft. Jeff has been working with SQL Server since version 4.2, and has co-authored books such as ?Microsoft SQL Server Unleashed?, ?Microsoft SQL Server Programming Unleashed?, and ?Microsoft Office Unleashed?. He has been a speaker at notable events such as TechEd and Comdex.

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***RSS: Get Notified When Your Favorite Websites Are Updated*** unimarter UniMarter
***RSS: Get Notified When Your Favorite Websites Are Updated***

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a way for a site to publish it's updates. RSS readers can read these notifications and display a listing of the updates to you, the user.It's sort of like having a special 'inbox' for emails announcing updates to your selected websites.Many applications and websites support RSS feeds. You can add RSS feeds to your My Yahoo! page, Firefox has several RSS extensions such as Sage, there are sites that deal w / RSS feeds such as Feedster and FastBuzz. Thunderbird even allows you to set up RSS feeds similar to your inbox.There are also stand alone applications for RSS feeds like Pluck, RSSReader and SharpReader.Different readers allow you to subscribe to a feed differently. Using Firefox w / Sage, for example, you can drag-and-drop the RSS icon into your RSS feed folder and it's done.What's the benefit?You can use RSS feeds to see if there's anything new at a given site before visiting the site. This wouldn't be a big help if you only had one RSS feed. However, if you have several sites you check routinely, this can cut the time down tremendously.It gives you more of an 'at-a-glance' view of all your monitored sites. Imagine if when you went to click on your bookmark for a site that it also said right then if the site had changed and how.Also, depending on the RSS reader you use, it can tell you when you have a new update on the site.Sites with RSS FeedsThere are many sites w / RSS feeds. To know if a site has an RSS feed, look for an "RSS" link on the site or a button / icon w / RSS, ATOM or XML on it.One cool use is to set the RSS feed for a news search on a site. At Yahoo! News you can search on a topic in the news and then subscribe to that feed using the XML icon.A lot of news / info / blog sites have RSS feeds that can help you keep up to date on the info you want.It's a collection of tech info that's updated regularly. You can see if / when it's been updated in your reader, see the title of the updates and a short summary and then decide if you want to load the site or that post or nothing.Bottom LineRSS readers allow you to see the latest updates to sites (and possibly be notified) at-a-glance without having to go to all your sites and load them. It's like peaking into many sites from a single place.Bear Cahill is a software engineer in the Dallas, TX area and runs a few websites including: The Armchair Geek (thearmchairgeek.com),
http: / / www.webpagehostinginfo.com, http: / / www.gotocollegeonline.com and http: / / www.videoexchange.orgPublish freely if this resource box is included and links maintained as links.

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***Software Review Blog: Web Marketing Tool Reviews*** Domai unimarter UniMarter
***Software Review Blog: Web Marketing Tool Reviews***

Domain Registration TipsWhat should I consider when choosing my domain name?? Any .com extension can be used.
To protect your online identity first and foremost you should register. If it is not available you may wish to register an abbreviation of your trading name, add a prefix or a suffix, or include a hyphen (-). You may also wish to consider registering additional domain names that reflect your brands, products, services, venue, events, activities, professions, and / or trademarks. If you have a brand name that is commonly misspelt it is recommended that you also register the misspelling as a domain name and redirect it to your main website.? .com
.com domain names may be registered by any individual or organisation anywhere in the world as they are unrestricted. Therefore, should your preferred domain name be available in the .com domain name space it would be wise to secure it as soon as practicable while it is still available.? Should I register .com or .com.au ?The .com domain name extension, being one of the original domain name extensions, gives the impression that your business has been around for a while and has a well established presence on the web. It is a matter of personal choice depending on what you wish to achieve.http: / / www.domainregistration.com.au / domains / tips /

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***I've Turned Into A...*** I?ve turned into a computer geek unimarter UniMarter
***I've Turned Into A...***

I?ve turned into a computer geek! Lord knows, I don?t know how it happened because it wasn?t that long ago that I didn?t even want to turn the thing on. I only bought one because I figured my teenage daughter would have to use it for research, essay papers or Whatever!I?m a member of the baby boomer generation. We didn?t grow up with computers. Besides, what would be exciting about sitting at a computer all day? That, to me, would be the equivalent of a ?time-out? or punishment. As children, my friends and I entertained ourselves outdoors with fun ?interactive? games like Hide and Seek, Tag, You?re It!, Kick the Can, Double Dutch jump rope, Red Light, Green Light and so on and so forth.Homework was done using brain power. And if you didn?t have it, you worked and worked until you got it. I?m not ashamed to say I used my fingers to do math problems sometimes. That may be because we didn?t have calculators, but we did have the Abacus. Remember that, baby boomer buddies? Reading was fundamental back then but we did it by reading the ENTIRE book---not using cliff notes. I?ll never forget the time my 9th grade English teacher made us read ?Moby Dick? as an assignment. I thought she must have been insane! But, in hindsight, I can now say I?m proud to have read one of the classics from cover to cover.But now here I am, thirty-five years later, doing the unthinkable. I wake up and---even before I?ve brushed my teeth or had breakfast---I get on the computer and start checking emails and responding to messages and browsing for News I Can Use for my website. But it doesn?t stop there. I?m BLOGGING?.(a word that wasn?t even in my third edition of the American Heritage Dictionary)? and I?m also networking with other folks who, for Whatever! reasons, are glued to their computers just like me. We exchange thoughts and ideas and sometimes even prayers. I do take periodic breaks to do less important things like exercise, cook meals and clean the house. But after that, it?s me and my computer until bedtime.I?m also learning there?s lots of money to be made through this machine! I haven?t quite figured out how that all works yet, but you can best believe when I do, you won?t be hearing from me as much anymore. I?ll be off somewhere enjoying the fruits of my labor and giving my fingers a much needed rest!

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***3 - Blogging: Let's Talk About SEO*** Copyright 2006 Chon unimarter UniMarter
***3 - Blogging: Let's Talk About SEO***

Copyright 2006 Chonticha MarijneBy now, you should have a blog well-fed with satisfying, juicy content that's meeting the needs of your niche. However, you'll require more traffic to be able to generate any profit from it. Lots more traffic!How do people search for information? Indeed, with search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo!, to name the most popular ones. In order to get people to visit your blog, you'll need to rank high in their search results. People don't generally look much further than the first couple of pages of search results, unless it's something very specific that they're after. So if your blog is listed on page thirty, then there's more work to do!Getting your website or blog a high page ranking is called search engine optimization (SEO). It's as complex as it sounds, but don't let that stop you from conquering a few easy techniques to get you good results for certain keywords or keyword phases. Let's take "freshwater aquarium fish" as an example. There are currently over 3.1 million search results on Google. I won't even attempt to beat that, so let's narrow that down to "freshwater aquarium fish care". That gives us the more manageable 963,000 results, so in this instance, let's say we optimize your blog for "freshwater aquarium fish care".Ideally, when it comes to monetizing your blog, you'll want to optimize for keywords or keyword phrases that get over 10,000 searches a month in a market that's not very competitive. ("Home business ideas and opportunities" for instance, yields over 113 million search results, so you could say that's pretty competitive!) You can download a free keyword suggestion tool from http: / / http: / / www.goodkeywords.com.We'll start with a simple on-page SEO technique: include the chosen keyword phrase in the title of your blog. "Freshwater Aquarium Fish Care Revealed!" would work very well. The term you're optimizing for should also be contained in your page heading. That's the HTML code enclosed within the h1 and / h1 tags. In a blog, these are usually the post titles, so try to use "freshwater aquarium fish care" as often as possible, where relevant. It's also important that you use it in the body of your posts whenever possible, but be careful not to overdo it! The search engines may think that you're spamming your blog with keywords and lower your ranking dramatically as a result. Just remember that you're blogging for visitors, not for search engines!Now, let's take a look at factors outside your blog that are of great influence to your search engine rankings (off-page SEO). First and foremost is the number of links to your blog (also called "backlinks"). Generally speaking, the more backlinks you have, the more the search engines will assume that you are an authority on your blog topic and the higher they will rank your blog in their search results. However, please ensure that your backlinks are relevant. Hundreds of online dating links are not relevant if you're blogging about freshwater aquarium fish care. On the other hand, a single link from an authoritative site about freshwater aquarium fish will get the search engines crawling about your blog like spiders in "Arachnophobia"...The most cost effective way to get high quality links from other sites is simply to ask for it. Presuming that your blog contains high quality, original content, then you stand a good chance of getting webmasters to include a link to your blog on their sites or even to write about you. Aim at community-based sites and other blogs, rather than commercial sites. Just send them an email, but state that you were "looking for information on aquarium fish" and not "looking for link partners". Mention how you think their site provides valuable insight, how your visitors would benefit from their information and that you have put their link on your blog and ask whether they'd be open to doing the same with your link on their site. Do this with at least 30 suitable sites and you should soon have a healthy number of backlinks. However, don't be surprised if some webmasters don't respond to your email at all. Just remove their links from your site and move on.It's also possible to automate your link building with link exchange services such as http: / / http: / / http: / / www.linkmetro.com
.Because many individual blog posts are time-sensitive, it's recommended that you get all the backlinks to point to your main page. The text of the link (known as anchor text) is also of great importance. Anchor text containing "freshwater aquarium fish care" will greatly boost your SEO rankings for that keyword phrase, so keep this in mind when you're requesting backlinks from other webmasters.Getting high-quality backlinks to your blog will help attract more targeted visitors, enable the search engines to find and index your blog and ultimately allow you to rank higher in search engine results.Chonticha Marijne runs several Internet ventures, including http: / / www.e-Abundance.com , http: / / www.e-AbundanceTools.com and http: / / www.e-AbundanceSystem.com . She is based in Gouda, the Netherlands and particularly enjoys publishing for newcomers. This article may be reprinted in its entirety as long as both byline and copyright statement are included.

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***Surreal Blog Directory*** Most of us know what a blog dir unimarter UniMarter
***Surreal Blog Directory***

Most of us know what a blog directory is. Most of us have some knowledge that everyone who has an online presence needs an online blog. Most of us do not realize that blogging in the wrong way is a waste of your time!Today you can search and find blogs everywhere on the net, it seems when you search the major directories that blogs show up in top positions. Is your blog appearing in these places? If not, then maybe you don`t know something that these other bloggers do know.Before getting into more information on Blog Directories it is important to know that your blog needs to be set up properly. Here are a few things to know:Install your blog directly on your site Make sure you are using full search engine friendly urls with these blogs Do not copy other blogs and post them on your blog as this is duplicate content and will hurt you Add at least 1 post a week if not more If you are unsure about these mentioned above contact us for assistance.The power of blog directories are incredible! These blog directories are supported by a large community of search engine experts who know that the only value in these is getting traffic. To test out these directories we did an experimesnt with I Loan Resource this blog is about 1 month old and is installed directly on a domain. Notice the page rank is pr4 and if you go to the main site www.iloanresource.com the page rank is lower there. Why is this? It is due to listing the blog on several high ranking directories!Don`t waste time on this anymore, get your blog, get listed on directories and increase your page rank.Blogging Tips that can help? Key word relevant content: Meaning, stay focused on 1 subject and about 2 - 4 related keywords or phrases. Decide ahead of time what you will write about, do research to see if the topic has keywords that match and use those keywords.
? With those keywords or phrases spread them out so they appear within every 100 words or so.
? Add your URL in the first sentence & approx every 100 words using it about 3 times max. Don?t do more then this as it won?t help at that point
? Make sure after you have written your article to do a spell and grammar check.
? Install your blog on your own URL. You will find that your links from your blog going to other sources will count more if these are installed directly on your site
? Notify Blog Servers by pinging them.Darren Dunner writes for http: / / www.surrealblog.com , offering the latest information about different stuffs, visit them today for more infromation on blogs. Visit today: http: / / www.surrealblog.com

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***Flat Screen Monitors: A Technological Wonder*** You proba unimarter UniMarter
***Flat Screen Monitors: A Technological Wonder***

You probably are already aware that there are two types of computer monitors available today: the big and clunky cathode-ray (CRT) tube monitors and the newer flat screen monitors. These flat panel monitors have a number of advantages over the older type of computer monitors. They are far sleeker, more space-saving and weigh much less. Flat screen monitors are also designed to be more energy-efficient and reduces eye strain. Flat screen monitors use the technology called Liquid Crystal Display or LCD. There are also flat screen CRT monitors available. Both LCD flat panel monitors and CRT flat-screen monitors are fast gaining popularity as a much sleeker and more modern alternative to traditional, bulky monitors of yesterday.An LCD or liquid crystal display is characterized by a thin and flat display device that is composed of either color or monochrome pixels that are arranged in front of a light source or a reflector. There are two types of LCDs: transmissive and reflective displays. These types differ according to the source of light. A reflective LCD is illuminated by exterior light. A common example of a reflective LCD is the display of a digital watch. Meanwhile, a transmissive display draws its light source from the back through a backlight. This category of LCDs usually requires high luminance levels. Televisions, computer displays, PDAs and mobile phones use transmissive LCDs.Flat screen monitors have significant advantages over the traditional CRT monitors. Because these monitors are perfectly flat visually and physically, they offer a clearer, more vivid and undistorted pictures from any angle. The images on a flat panel monitor is much more crisp and high quality. This is the reason why flat screen monitors significantly reduce eye strain among its users, another important advantage. There is no curvature on the screen?s surface that will distort any on-screen images. And since the pictures are sharper with more brilliant colors, staring at a flat screen monitor becomes more of a pleasure than a strain.Flat screen monitors are also much more ergonomic. This means that these types of monitors follow ergonomic requirements and thus add comfort and convenience for the worker. The flat screen monitor is viewable from any angle and is typically fitted on a swivel base with adjustable headlight. This allows for more freedom of movement for the user since the flat screen monitor can be easily adjusted to meet the specific viewing needs. Flat screen monitors are also very space-efficient taking up less desk real estate than older computer monitors. Most LCD flat screen monitors are only about an inch thick and weighs nearly five kilograms.If you are planning to buy a new flat screen monitor, there are some aspects you should consider. First, choose the resolution that is most appropriate to your needs. Next, assess the price. Generally, flat screen monitors will cost you about $200-$250 for a CRT screen while LCD flat panel monitors cost $500 to $700. Both LCD and CRT flat screen monitors have an average lifespan of about 5 to 7 years, and also come with warranty ranging from 1 to 3 years. Before you purchase, make sure that you do your research on the many different brands of flat screen monitors available in the market today. A flat screen monitor will definitely enhance your computing experience, whether for work or for play.freenetpublishing.com is a free site that offers articles and resources. If you want to read or share information on Home and Family you're always welcome.

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***The Arrogance of Technologists - Why They Should Treat End Use unimarter UniMarter
***The Arrogance of Technologists - Why They Should Treat End Users Like The Dummies They Are***

Recent experience and and excellent article in CIO magazine have me thinking about some of the things that are wrong about the Culture of Technology.The article in CIO magazine "How to Save the Internet", the hilarious March 28 post (India Calling) at the Landmark.org Blog (I found them because they had signed up for my "Blinking Cursor PC Security Newsletter"), my own experience with HP Technical ?Support? and Technical Support with Western Digital about an external hard drive all have something in common.They all highlight the fact that Technologists (software and hardware companies) don?t get the fact that the vast majority of their consumers are not Technologists!One of the points that the CIO article (about improving the security of the Internet) makes is that Technologists should ?Treat End Users Like The Dummies They Are.?While the characterization may be offensive, the principle is legitimate (read the article).For example, why should updating a computer system?s software to enhance security (i.e. Microsoft SP2) NOT be automatic? (Yes, I know that for SP2 as of April 12 it is ? but it?s the principle I am discussing). Why should millions of computers owned by non-Technologists be vulnerable to becoming Zombies and tools of hackers to invade and compromise other computers?Yes, there should be an option for the Technologists to opt-out (they have more complex needs), but the default should mitigate towards a higher level of security.Another manifestation of the Arrogance of Technologists is the information that comes with virtually any technology. It is almost incomprehensible to anyone not specializing in that particular aspect of technology. Try reading any of the articles in Microsoft?s knowledge base. The information necessary is there, but it might have just as well been written in cuniform.I recently purchased a 250 GB Western Digital External Hard Drive as a backup, to follow my own advice in my PC Security eBook "Help! Something?s Got Hold of My Computer and It Won?t Let Go!? The instructions from Western Digital for dealing with the file structure of the hard drive were incomprehensible to me, and even confusing and incomplete for Western Digital Tech Support. I pity the non-Techie who tried to wend their way through this problem.Finally, there is the issue of outsourcing Technical Support to other countries.I know, the first thing that pops into people?s minds is ?Here?s a guy who?s an ?America Firster? who is prejudiced against any foreigners.?My history belies that perception. I?m an ex-Peace Corps Volunteer, speak several languages and was Director of the Human Rights Center in Portland, Oregon.However the issue is customer service, satisfaction and the costs involved. As documented in Bud Stolker?s Landmark.org blog, there is a difference not only in language (yes, I know that English is the primary language of India, where much of HP Tech Support is located - but just because it is "English" does not mean it can be understood!), but also culture.Here is the script with which the HP Tech Support phone is answered in India:?Denku for galling HB. Sor, id is my gol to make zhur you ar gombleedly sadisfied doday, ifa denny dime you need me to sbeeg slowoor or rebeet zumding, I will be habby do do zo.?That?s all very well and good, that they address up front that there may be some difficulty communicating. How much better would it be if they ELIMINATED the problem?Here are the other facts HP should be considering:
1) If the average computer user is calling Tech Support he / she is probably frustrated, upset, fearful that their data will disappear and usually are under some kind of deadline.2) They usually DO have to ask Tech Support to ?sbeeg slowoor or rebeet zumding,? often many times. This costs the customer additional time and stress and results in having to make multiple calls back to Tech Support (which costs HP more money and loses them customers).3) I was once told to ?take my computer to Radio Shack,? an ?authoorized HB rebair fazilidy where a benge tegnizhun will diagnoz the broblem.?Is anyone aware of a Radio Shack that actually has a ?bench technician?? It was obvious that the Tech Support rep had NEVER been in a Radio Shack.4) When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was told that they were all in a meeting. When I asked for the Tech Support?s name he said he was not allowed to tell me. When I insisted, he said his last name was ?Pavilion.? How strange that it was the same as the name of an HP product. See Bud?s Blog for a similar situation.In the U.S., most call centers give a first and last name, and often a Customer Service Representative?s ID number at the beginning of the call.The point is that Technology companies are insensitive to the fact that their Customers are NOT Technologists, they are ordinary people who are just trying to get the Technology to work.Steve Freedman
Author of Help! Something?s Got Hold of My Computer and It Won?t Let Go! a simple to use eBook which helps people protect their computers from Password Stealers, Keyloggers, Trojans, Browser Hijack Objects and other computer nasties.
Take our free Phishing Awareness Test and Keylogger testBlog: http: / / www.HelpProtectMyComputerDotCom.blogspot.com

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***What are Trolls, Zombies and Demons in The Online World?*** unimarter UniMarter
***What are Trolls, Zombies and Demons in The Online World?***

I'm surrounded by strange jargon and I feel like an extra in a B-grade horror
movie. One mailing list I'm on has "trolls", and the latest virus can turn my computer
into a "zombie", and my ISP keeps talking about "demons"! Egads! Do I need some
sort of exorcist to use my computer now??On the assumption that you aren't John Carpenter and that you aren't trolling my
weblog, let me tell the scoop here! First off, don't panic, don't call in an exorcist,
and for goodness sake, don't spill a bowl of pea soup on your keyboard!Like any community, the online community has evolved its own specialized
language to more accurately communicate concepts. There are some famous
examples of professional languages, but my favorite is that Australian butchers
created a language where they literally spoke backwards so that they could talk
without customers having a clue what they were saying.But back to our own particular form of communication!Participate on a mailing list or discussion board long enough and you'll find that
there are certain people who pop in and add messages that are either diametrically
opposed to the shared values of the group or subtly insulting or demeaning. If the
author is just offensive, well, there are people like that everywhere, unfortunately.
They're just, well, offensive.But there are other people who post offensive material for effect, to produce a
reaction and rile up the members of the community. They're trolls. If you go to an
Apple Macintosh discussion group and post "Macs are garbage and all cool people
use PCs", or go to a United Nations weblog and post "The UN is the tool of Satan" or
add a comment on the Holocaust Museum Web site that "the Holocaust is a fiction
invented by Zionists", odds are pretty darn good you're a troll.Most communities ignore trolls or, sometimes, one person responds with "troll:
ignore" or similar to ensure that even new community members avoid wasting their
time trying to engage the author in a debate. Sometimes, though, groups can spin
out of control completely where the troll engages in an increasing incoherent debate
with community members, who, predictably, start foaming at the mouth because of
this person assailing their core, fundamental beliefs.Referring to the original definition of trolls, I think they'd all do best to just climb
back under their bridges and wait for the next person to come across, personally.Zombie computers are, like the staggering mindless hulks that star in all those B-
grade movies, doing things without you being able to control them. Typically
nefarious things, like sending out thousands upon thousands of Web page or
network ping requests (that's called more formally a distributed denial of service
attack), helping spread a virus (which is so common that people forget that most
virii actually take over a computer), or, the latest twist, serve as spam relay points,
blindly sending out thousands of unwanted junk email messages.My understanding of how this works is that a computer - typically a PC running
Windows - is infected by a virus which then launches a program running secretly on
the computer. Think "brain eating fungus" here. That program then communicates
with a central control program that sends it a master email message and a list of
thousands of email addresses. The connection is severed, and your Dell, Gateway,
HP, Toshiba, or other PC suddenly starts opening up and firing off email after email.
All with your return address, your return IP on the tracking data, and without any
telltale "Mailer: Zombie Mail 1.35 (installed by B.xx virus on 2 Feb 05)" header to let
people know you're not the bad guy.To revive a zombie computer you need to sacrifice a chicken, pouring the blood into
the ... oh, no. Sorry, wrong article. What you need to do is run an antivirus program
from its boot CDROM (which, by definition, is clean and virus-free), which should be
able to at least quarantine if not kill the zombie infection.Finally, when your ISP talks about demons, she's really talking about Unix programs
that run "in background" 24x7, and they're properly spelled "daemons". If you're
reading this message, you've sent a Web page query to the Web server daemon
running on my own server, and if you then follow-up by sending me an email
message that explains why we never have angelic or positive metaphors in the
online world (which I'd love to discuss!) then your email program would connect to
my email daemon, running a protocol known as the simple mail transfer protocol
(SMTP).A long answer for a simple question, but in a medium built around writing and
broadcast communication, and initially designed by nerdy misfits who preferred
Dungeons & Dragons to cocktail parties with the sorority across the street, it should
be no surprise that the jargon is so colorful and evocative.Dave Taylor runs AskDaveTaylor!,
a popular website where he fields a wide variety of technical and business questions
on subjects as far ranging as business blogging, publishing contracts, C
programming, HTML page layout and Mac applications.

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***Using Alive Organizer As A Scheduler*** The program Alive unimarter UniMarter
***Using Alive Organizer As A Scheduler***

The program Alive Organizer is intended for controlling one of the most important resources?time. The better we distribute our time between what we have to do and plan the current affairs taking into account long-term goals, the higher results we achieve. But planning your time with Alive Organizer provides you with not only the standard set: a calendar, schedules and tasks?but also the indispensable list of contacts with the most complete information and comfortable access, the list of notes (making it considerably easier to document minor tasks) and tasks with a set time for starting and finishing them, the list of events, the list of diaries (for documenting processes extended in time and requiring further analysis), etc.
Alive Organizer has a distinguishing set of features making it much easier to plan and manage your time. For example, you can view the to-do list both for the current date and for several days ahead. You can set an automatic reminder about starting or finishing a task. You can set any task to be carried out regularly (each year, day, hour, etc.).
In order to effectively use Alive Organizer, you should clearly understand the purpose of planning and benefits you get as a result. In other words, you should realize that the main advantage of planning is that it saves your time. The overall practical experience proves that spending more time on planning results in less time being spent on carrying out tasks and eventually in saving your time on the whole. However, it is obvious that spending more and more time on planning cannot constantly lead to saving time and increasing the efficiency of your work. Practical experience proves that spending ten minutes regularly at the beginning of a workday on planning saves you a couple of hours a day and, what is no less important, improves the way you spend your time. In other words, it is necessary to spend maximum 1% of overall period duration (a month, a week, a day, etc.) on planning.
There are a lot of tools that are used to make your control over your plans and also the planning process itself more effective. It can be a usual sheet of paper or a paper organizer. There are also a lot of software products supposed to make the planning procedure easier.
The Vitolab Software company offers its product Alive Organizer that allows you to plan you time and control your plans. Alive Organizer was developed when there were a lot of similar software on the market and that is why Alive Organizer takes into account many drawbacks present in other software and also introduces several features allowing you to make your work with the program easier and the planning process simpler.
Originally, Alive Organizer was created to be used within the Vitolab Software company. All employees in Vitolab Software use Alive Organizer to make their own schedules, to control and document their tasks. The deployment of Alive Organizer in the company allowed us to considerably increase the efficiency of the team and cut down the number of prolongations in case with projects. The overall effect of planning our time and deploying Alive Organizer was considerably higher than expenses on its development and implementation.Zavada Andrey

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***Blogs Being Used to Transmit Malicious Code*** The popula unimarter UniMarter
***Blogs Being Used to Transmit Malicious Code***

The popularity of the weblog, or blog, on the internet has recently been exploited by hackers, making the blog the next in a long line of online elements of which to beware. If you've been following the Black Hat security event, you may have heard about the presentation in which spokespeople from SPI Dynamics discussed the new risk surrounding blog site visitation. In case you missed it, it goes a little something like this:

According to an SPI Dynamics new release, Hackers have begun transferring malicious JavaScript code to a user's computer via RSS and Atom feeds through which popular blogs are subscribed. The code is designed to run on the subscriber's computer, leaving it open for a hacker to install keyloggers, spyware, and other malware; scan the computer and network for open ports; and exploit vulnerabilities in the computer. Ways in which the code can be transmitted to a user's computer include:

Hackers can piggyback the code within the comments of a public blog.
Links on a web feed when clicked could lead to an infected blog.
The author of a web feed may accidentally paste the code into his blog.
The feeds themselves might directly transmit code through user download.According to Business Week Online, the Pew Internet and American Life Project reports that in September 2005, 27 percent of adult internet users admitted to reading blogs, which translates to a large number of people who could be affected by this new attack. Reading blogs, which can encompass every topic under the sun from international news to knitting to celebrity gossip, may seem like a harmless online pastime, but due to this new transferal technique, they may be more harmful than most hacker attacks. Since the JavaScript commands are code and can act without installing an outside file, the commands are able to bypass most antivirus software. Hence, there really is no way for a user to be sure that the blogs they enjoy aren't infecting their computer.

Since this is such a new threat, there aren't really any widespread solutions for it. The code itself is difficult for browser security settings to recognize as an infection because the feeds themselves are stored as HTML files instead of executable files, and HTML files are not considered a threat by security software. Turning off JavaScript capabilities can block JavaScript code, but it is not a practical solution, since so many websites rely on JavaScript for operation. According to SPI Dynamics spokespeople, JavaScript could be re-encoded, but at this time there exists no software to do this job. Bloggers and blog readers alike are advised to filter their feeds to ensure the absence of malicious JavaScript and scan their computers for existing spyware or malware that may have been deposited by a hacker. In the meantime, switching to a less vulnerable reader may help provide extra protection.home.stopsign.com

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***Promote Your Blog For Free With These 10 Effective Traffic-Gen unimarter UniMarter
***Promote Your Blog For Free With These 10 Effective Traffic-Generating Tips***

To the majority of people, a blog is simply an online journal where computer
nerds, geeks, lonely teenagers or political activists record their views and
thoughts in cyberspace. However, a few savvy Internet marketers have seen the
true amazing potential of blogging in generating online business and sales.
Blogs have been quietly revolutionizing the way business is done on the web. Now
is the time to join the "blogging revolution" and to get your share of
the blog profits.
The huge advantage of blogs is the ease at which non-technical people can set
them up and update their blog content almost immediately. Once set up, blogs are
easier to drive traffic to than regular websites. Here are some practical tips
to get traffic zooming to your blog in minutes: ( for more great tips on how to
promote and profit from your blog, visit http: / / www.optimizeblogtips.com
1) Submit your blog to the regular search engines such as Google,
Yahoo, MSN etc.
2) Also submit your blog to blog directories such as Yahoo, DMOZ, Moreover,
Syndic8, Newsisfree etc.
3) Find other blogs in your niche area, read them and make comments on them.
Your comments must be useful and interesting to get noticed. Incorporate a link
to your own blog to promote it via your posted comments.
4) Place a subscription form on your site. Readers who subscribe
get sent a single email informing them of your blog updates.
5) Pinging refers to the process by which a blogsite notifies one or more
servers every time new content or material is posted on that blog. Use various free pinging services or software to ping the blog directories. Try and do this whenever you update content.
6) Make sure every page on your website has a link to your blog.
7) Also include a link to your blog on all outgoing correspondence, including
emails, autoresponders, reports, sales copy etc.
8) It is important that you have an RSS feed URL that people can subscribe
to. RSS( Rich Site Summary / Really Simple Syndication) is a group of file formats
used by blogs and websites for creating web syndicates. RSS feeds are used to
provide items containing short descriptions of webblog content together with a
link to the full version of the content.
9) Keep posting to your blog to attract readers to return and also to
recommend you to others. It's a good idea to include links to other websites,
blogs and articles in your posts.
10) Regular blogging is a must. Try to add new content to your blog daily or
at least weekly to attract search engine spiders and boost your ratings.
With these top blog promotion tips, you will have traffic swarming to your
blogsite in record time. Make your blog the new "buzz" everyone
is talking about!Note to publishers: You may freely republish this article as is, without editing or modification, and all
links must be kept live.
The author writes on a variety of Internet and computer related topics. Visit www.optimizeblogtips.com for more valuable tips on blogs and blogging.

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***Fashion and the Fisherman*** The one thing I have always unimarter UniMarter
***Fashion and the Fisherman***

The one thing I have always enjoyed about fishing is that you rarely see anyone wearing a tie.I suppose there is the occasional urban lunchtime warrior who might race from his cubicle to the Hudson river to get a few casts in for some glow-in-the-dark fish, but ties are certainly not the norm when it comes to suiting up for a days fishing on the river.When it comes to high fashion in the fishing world, a button up fast drying high tech shirt is about as close to fashionable as it gets.Unless of course you count the plaid jacket!!As it is, I can't quite figure out the purpose of the necktie anyway.Who in their right mind would come up with a part of the male wardrobe to wrap around your neck, and then cinch it up tight, and consider this a vital part of the function of clothing.For Gods sake,this is what they would do to condemned men just before they drop the floor out from under them, to create a rather discomforting constriction about the windpipe and neck.I could understand it if the tie somehow held all our other clothes up,like a belt, keeping our clothes from dropping to our ankles in a useless gathering of cloth. As far as I know there has also never been an instance of a tie keeping a shirt in tact in high winds.It's obvious the tie was invented by our female counterparts, and is the ultimate payback for all our manly sins that we commit everyday. I am sure it was produced under the guise of "fashion" at some point, with some weak feeble argument that a "gentleman" should always don a noose around his neck-lest he become a barbarian!!Other parts of the wardrobe I understand.Shoes?I understand shoes. They were developed to help protect our feet from the hostile environment of thistles, weeds,pavement,and hot coffee spills. Shoes make senseSocks?Protection from shoe rub and sneaky thistles approaching from ankle height.Pants?Well, outside of not developing them with an expandable waistband, pants have proven beneficial in adding warmth, again providing protection from yet even higher thistles and stickers, keeping the suns harmful rays off of pasty white anglo legs, and protecting us from hot coffee spills. As an added benefit, they also protect our eyes from viewing knobby knees and senior citizens who might otherwise have been walking around in black socks, Florisheims, and a loin cloth had pants not been invented.Underwear?The jury is still out on this benefit--BUTT-- we will give underwear the benefit of the doubt.Shirts?Again, sun protection, warmth in the winter, and a place to hide those man breasts and ape like features we men have worked hard to develop. Keeps ketchup and mustard off our bellys also.Hat?We all know where the heat is going to escape. A brilliant invention and very much like the thermos--it keeps you warm, it keeps you cool, how does it know???Coats, gloves,vests,belts,boots--hell-- even chaps, all seem to have a function behind them.But the tie?Unless it was developed for men to have a permanently available napkin, or snot rag---I see no purpose.Actually, you could make the argument that fishermen are the only men that SHOULD wear ties. As long as they were made of sheeps wool, the flyfisherman could use the "fuzzy tie" to have even a greater drying pad to keep his caddis, royal coachman, and brindle bugs handy and at the ready for quick pattern change out.But enough about the tie.Fashion, as a general rule has escaped the fishing world.This is a world where despite the efforts of Orvis and L.L. Bean, plaid is still the king, the t-shirt is still considered standard issue and drab greens and brown tones rule the day.Thank goodness, because I know the day is coming -when the Gods of fashion will begin to turn the fishing world upside down with trendy nouveau styles and colors.Before long, tall, emaciated, high cheek boned beauties will be "walking the runway", in Jordache waders showing us the latest designs of, breathable yet flattering river wear, in purple,yellow, floral and .......dare I say it....TAUPE!! Especially since more and more women are taking up the sport of flyfishing, can high fashion be far behind??I'm not sure you can feel like a snappy dresser with fish guts,bait and slime all over you but maybe with a diamond encrusted net dangling from your hip you will feel properly accessorized for an elegant evening on the river.The fishing world has already come a long way when it comes to fashion--or should I say style.Once upon a time, most fisherman looked more like deck hands, wearing rubber waders with big oversized boots at the bottom. You would slip these over your jeans and big thick wooly socks and if was cold, that red and black checkered jacket would keep you warm.It also would help to hide the tobacco juice stains that you would invariably always spit on yourself while fishing. It basically was one size fits all--and you couldn't tell if a person was 270 pounds or 140 pounds under the rubber--everyone looked 270 pounds.Today neoprene and lightweight high tech shredded milk carton shirts are being seen more and more, and the fishing vest has more cubbies and pockets than a colony of Kangaroos.And they look good on the cover of magazines to boot!!Speaking of boots.I remember my first wading boots were basically the same boots I wore to muck out manholes when I worked for the telephone company. Now, they look more like "Hush Puppies" and I'm not so sure I wouldn't be proud to wear them into the office.I suppose the day is coming when neoprene waders will be made to look like tuxedos or Armani suits--so we can really look like gentlemen out there. That might not actually be a bad idea, I for one could see the benefit in that--especially if the wedding ceremony runs into the evening hatch--one could still make it out to the river and save some valuable time avoiding "change time".All in all, it doesn't really matter to me if some style continues to creep into the fishing world, but if they start making the "river tie"--I'm taking up Golf!A.J. Klott
Author, writer of fishing humor,and "fly tack" peddler.A.J. writes about the people,characters and modern day events that surround the fishing world. His first book is due out in December of 2005.
If you need a laugh or a fun gift, visit his website at:
http: / / www.twoguyswithflys.com

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***Golf Blogs Crucify Phil Mickelson*** In case you have bee unimarter UniMarter
***Golf Blogs Crucify Phil Mickelson***

In case you have been hiding in a mud hut in Namibia with Angelina and Shiloh for the past month, Phil Mickelson came to the 72nd hole at Winged Foot last Sunday, slipped on a banana peel, fell sideways into the pond and drowned. He only needed to par 18 to win the U.S. Open. Only. The hole was a 450 yard par 4 into the wind on which the average score on the hole among the leaders on Sunday was 5.8. The accusation against Phil is that he should have forsaken his new longest ever shafted Driver and gone with the 4 wood.Why?He had hit 2 fairways that day. Who says that he couldn?t hit a third? Johnny Miller absolutely crucified him for this decision and Phil Himself crucified Himself as being the biggest idiot since Roberto DeVicenzo signed his scorecard incorrectly at Augusta thereby costing himself the tournament. Phil over cut his driver onto the roof of the hospitality tent and the ball kicked back in bounds into the rough. Phil had no sickle and was caught in a big pickle. Earlier in the round he had tried to hit a 4 wood out of the rough from 140 yards and whiffed. Perhaps he felt that the 4 wood had cost him enough shots that day.Had Phil Mickelson hit one good drive on 18 then today and for the next month every golf blogger on earth would have been cheering him on wildly for the next month as he went to Liverpool going for the Tiger Slam and then the real slam. Phil Mickelson is The Modern Bobby Jones aka The guy who has brought unheard of excitement to golf for the first time since Arnold Palmer went for the first green at Cherry Hills, or somewhere, I wasn?t there, I wasn?t alive, I didn?t do it.Who says that Phil didn?t do it on purpose? The crucifixion didn?t hurt Jesus? popularity. Jesus didn?t have to go into the Temple in Jerusalem and tell all of the Priests to take a hike, and threaten the rule of the Roman?s puppet Governor Pontius Pilate. He could have stayed silent, or moved to Egypt, or India. He could have taken Paul?s advice and Let it Be. Would Michelle Pfieffer have left Don Johnson and bedded Kevin Costner if he had layed up on 18 in Tin Cup? I am you and you are me and we are all together, We are the walrus, coo coo coo choo. Speaking of Semolina Pilcher, Golf is like life only on a larger scale. People from every country get along like gold on the golf course and at the Olympics and the World Cup but in real life Geoff Ogilvie?s caddie Kim Jong Il is strapping on a suicide bomb and running into the hospitality tent. Golf Bloggers are screaming that because he smiles on the course Phil Mickelson is an evil megalomaniac. Phil Mickelson smiles to trick his body from total fear into relaxation because Bob Rotella told him it works and this trick came one hole from giving him his third straight major.Hindsight is a wonderful thing. If we had listened to the global warming scientists like Stephen Hawking instead of the Exxon executives running the United States White House, Congress, and Supreme Court then we wouldn?t all now be facing an extinction level event - the thawing of the Arctic Siberian Alaskan Permafrost which will instantly release the carbon from the twigs and bones in the Permafrost up into the atmosphere releasing 1000 times the amount of carbon dioxide already up there and turning the Arctic into Phoenix in the summer. The Arctic and Antarctic Ice will soon melt completely and the earth?s one ocean will rise 50 feet and Denver will be prime beach front property. You would think from reading the golf blogs that Phil Mickelson had caused 911, the war in Iraq, global warming AND betrayed Jesus Christ.Lets look more deeply at the root of what really is going on here. We all have a killer instinct. We needed to kill animals in the jungle for 5 million years to eat. We needed to kill other tribes for land to survive. We are all also racist. People will admit that they have a killer instinct but not that they are racist. White people have not had a heavyweight boxing champion for 75 years. They had to invent Rocky Balboa who won the title 5 times. Shaq and Michael took over basketball. Barry Bonds and Hank Aaron took over baseball. Tiger Woods took over golf and married a Swedish Supermodel to boot. The white male ego is so wounded now that Sigmund Freud, Bob Rotella and a case of Prozac couldn?t heal it. Then along comes Phil Mickelson and gives white males the sense that maybe just maybe they aren?t totally useless. And then he blows it. He blows the chance at the slam. Then all of our pent up fears and anxieties over Al Qaeda and Bin Laden and trillion dollar deficits and global warming and Twin Towers imploding come flooding out like a Tsunami washing Phil Mickelson into the Indian Ocean blogosphere.The sick thing about golf is that no matter how successful we are in real life we tie our sense of self worth right to our latest score. Isn?t Geoff Ogilvie white? Didn?t he make the best chip in on 17 since Tom Watson? Yes, but he isn?t American. He wasn?t about to become the great white hope legend. Look at Monty? Americans hated him until only Britain joined them in Iraq. Now they love him. Monty stands on 18 tied for the lead in the center of the fairway 160 yards out for 10 minutes holding a 6 iron. At the last second a thought comes into his mind that the adrenaline will give him another 20 yards, switches to a 7 iron, comes up 20 yards short in the junk, and makes the same double bogey as Phil. If he had stayed with 6 iron he would have hit his normal fade stiff and gone from being Tom Weiskopf into becoming another Phil Mickelson. What was Jim Furyk doing out there, the salsa? He backed away from his 5 footer on 18 more times than Sergio Garcia used to regrip his club and then choked the 5 foot putt that would have put him into the playoff. Is there a point to any of this? Yes. We did fine without cars for 5 million years, we know that if we keep driving we will go instinct, yet we keep on driving SUV?s that get 9 miles per gallon. Human beings are the most intelligent and the least intelligent species on the planet. Would a Panda have hit Driver?The Temple of Love ? The World Peace Religion makes peace among and unites Christianity Islam Judaism and Everyone else and the countries they all live in as the first step towards World Peace. This is a good thing because as every nuclear scientist knows, including Dave Pelz, Phil?s short game coach, Nuclear World War 3 and its aftermath nuclear winter then ultraviolet summer will have exactly zero survivors and we are now involved in a world war in case you hadn?t noticed because you were too busy blogging about what an idiot Phil Mickelson was.The good news is that The Temple of Love is the first Religion in which golf figures prominently. You don?t even need to believe in God. You just need to follow the rules of nature carved in stone by your own God Himself just like golfers do in the legend of Bagger Vance. You cannot break the rules of nature but if you do it will break your back. We are too technologically advanced for Nuclear World War 3. Like Monty we have outsmarted ourselves. All we are saying is give peace a chance. We are calling upon the golfers of the world to lead the people of the world away from world war to the safety of world peace.Karen Fish is a writer currently living in Los Angeles California. The Temple of Love http: / / www.thetempleoflove.com /

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***Travel Blogs - What are They Good For?*** Why Travel Blog unimarter UniMarter
***Travel Blogs - What are They Good For?***

Why Travel BlogsA "Blog" is an abbreviation for web-log. A Travel blog thus is a travel website that has entries pertaining to a particular travel topic / travel subject or a person, similar to a journal or a diary. The contents of a travel blog are generally displayed in the reverse chronological order in order to display the latest entries made.Travel Blogs normally deal with a single travel subject and provide latest travel news, commentary or opinions on the travel subject. The subjects could be as diverse as food, politics, Alaskan fishing or Japanese pearls. Contents of travel blog can also be as diverse and normally consist of travel images, text, travel links to other blogs or travel websites and anything related to the topic. Most blogs consist of text; however, many blogs also focus on images (photoblogs), videos (vlogs) and audio content (podcasts).Popularity of travel BlogsOf late, travel blogs have become the most sought after by internet marketing professionals to get their wares across or to describe their products in detail. Many global service industries use blogging as a tool to enhance and distribute information of their services by requesting their clients to put up their comments on their services. This helps them to market their services through word-of-mouth publicity at the same time distributing relevant and information from the client?s experiences.Professionals on the move and jet setters who travel the world can find a lot of information built into travel blogs especially relevant information that may not be available in a standard printed travel brochure. First hand information on a location can come in great use to a regular traveler, especially if it concerns local travel, hotel and food information and local weather information. These facts have facilitated the popularity of travel blogs across the world.Downsides of travel BlogsHowever, a downside of blogsploitation has been observed and all facts that are put up on blogs can result in being nearer to fiction. Blosploitation has resulted because of the use of blogs as advertising media. For example, as a writer some travel company has paid me to write blog entries about probably Shanghai, Abu Dhabi and Fiji Islands, I would be able to write them with ease, but as a person that has never been to these places, I might be far removed form facts. These blog entries that I pen will be posted on blogs solely for marketing the travel company and people who read them may be misled into believing everything that is said there.How to use a travel BlogIt is important to check the credentials of the writer before you draw inferences from the blog entries. One traveler's dream vacation rental may be another's mosquito-infested hut. Search and check the profile pages of the person who made the blog entry for travel experiences and personal traits.Do not depend on a single travel blog for information. Use the indispensable Google tool, blogsearch.google.com to find alternate blogs for the subject. Many travel blog entries make tall claims but probably they never live up to it.How to make a travel blogThere are various ways for making your own travel blog. Creation and maintenance of travel blogs is very easy and even free at times. A host of blogging software is available to be installed on your web server and start off. Managing the software is absolutely almost nil, there are a host of dedicated web application achieve this. Many systems are available where one does not even need a web server, and a blog can be created from any nook and corner of the globe. Tools like Elicit, w blogger and Ecto facilitate users to have a web hosted travel blog and even compose and edit posts offline. Many a website is offering blog creation tools and blog hosting facilities like tripod, AOL, Google and Yahoo 3600. Custom blogging tools can be created using server side scripting with password protection and management built in.Some good travel Blogs:Hawaii Holiday Homes BlogDisney Holiday Homes BlogThailand Vacation Homes Blog

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***Confessions Of A Book Junkie - Addicted To The Written World** unimarter UniMarter
***Confessions Of A Book Junkie - Addicted To The Written World***

I admit it; I am addicted to the written word in all its glorious formats. If I am awake and not talking or working, I am reading. I was watching Capote the other day and was stunned by the difference 50 years can make in the accessibility of things to read. In the movie they show a scene of the author reading selections from his third book. This was a big event that drew a large crowd and garnered much media coverage. So many fewer books were published in those days, and the availability of what a reader could get their hands on were limited to the local newsstand, bookstore and library. Nowadays, the true junkie has a multitude of options available and can spend every waking minute reading and still not make it through all the available text that they find interesting.The Internet offers enough options to keep the most avid reader going night and day. It may take some time to separate the wheat from the chaff, but there are fantastic offerings for everyone, no matter how obscure your interests may be. Personally, I have my ?can?t miss? blogs that I check in with everyday; I want to know the latest happenings for the folks that I find interesting. I love the multitude of voices within several forum communities that I visit often, and sometimes feel that I simply must chime in. The Internet gives me the option of checking news from other places. I am out here on the left coast and love to read the right coast view in the online version of the New York Times, as well as the views of the middle as represented in the Chicago Tribune.Magazines are another way to kill some hours reading. Running a company, I am sent free subscriptions to a multitude of publications that offer insight into my industry and the newest technology. I skim them all, reading articles that catch my interest and scanning the rest. Additionally, my business partner is always trying to help me with my pop culture cluelessness by passing on his Stairmaster reading, like People, TV Guide, and Entertainment Weekly. I keep these to read in the car when early to an appointment, or pop them in my bag to peruse while waiting in line. They are great for situations where I will be reading in bursts, as nothing requires full attention or concentration.Books, printed and bound, will always be my number one love. My space is truly overrun with books, as I read 5-9 books a week and always have more coming in. I read in the morning, before I sleep, while I enjoy a hot bubble bath and any extra time I can squeeze out in my day. I try to trade them as much as possible so I have as many going out as coming in, but they are still stashed in every available nook and corner. I adore everything from non-fiction books on building a business to biographies of people who have achieved greatness in their field. Mysteries are a great way to exercise my powers of deduction from the safety of my own bed. Some fiction offers insight to far away lands or into the lives of people who experience life differently or from past times. Trashy romances provide pure escapism and mindless entertainment.Some people say that books will soon be a thing of the past, replaced by ebooks and other electronic formats. While I love reading the reading I do online, I only read books in their printed format and don?t think they will ever disappear. After all, I can?t take my laptop into the bathtub.About the AuthorJessica Hardwick is founder and CEO of a startup, http: / / www.SwapThing.com that changes the way people barter goods and services through the Internet.SwapThing is a site focused on building a strong swap community online for consumers and businesses.This article comes with reprint rights. You are free to reprint and distribute it, as you like. All that we ask is that you do not make any changes, that this resource text is included, and that the links above is intact.

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***Mexican Living: Bathroom Warnings*** You potential male e unimarter UniMarter
***Mexican Living: Bathroom Warnings***

You potential male expatriates must bear something in mind if you plan to move to Mexico. Apparently it is a normal sight to see women walking into men?s public rest rooms while one is trying to take care of business.I don?t see this happening daily but often enough to warrant a warning. I have, in fact, experienced this four times since our moving to Mexico. It is strange, unnerving, and takes some getting use to.The business of women entering men?s public bathrooms is because of two necessities. One is that they hire women janitors to clean them and the other is when some gal needs to make potty really badly!The first time I saw this was on my 50th birthday. My wife and I went to Leon, Guanajuato, to celebrate. We were eating at a steak place when my 20th glass of iced tea finally demanded to escape via my bladder. Finding the men?s room, I got a little surprise.It was a fair-sized bathroom with the usual wall lined with urinals and three stalls. The urinals were ?occupied? with a row of middle-aged gentlemen. Directly behind these guys was a woman dressed in a janitor?s uniform mopping the floor! Neither the men, who kept on tapping their bladders, nor the women acted like this was an unusual event. I was freaked out!When one man finished his biological duty I knew that I could not step up to the vacated slot. I would have had bladder lock or died of embarrassment, so I ditched it into a stall.I was sitting there taking care of business when I heard, in the next stall, a woman talking on her cell phone. At first I thought I was hallucinating but it was a lady (or some guy sounding much like Michael Jackson)!I left the stall at the same time she did and, though I felt weak from the shock and almost swooned, she exited while more men entered the bathroom like this was an everyday occurrence.The other three times were at this local department store where you can, for three pesos use their bathrooms. The first time I walked in, I found two female janitors talking together. Apparently the ?janitor?s closet?, where they store supplies and equipment, is in the men?s bathroom. Can you believe that?We stood there for a brief moment staring at one another when they said, almost in unison, ??Buenos Dias!?, and then resumed their conversation that my presence had interrupted. My goodness!So, once again, I ditched it into a stall, which by the way was built for midgets, and took care of my waste disposal while they kept on talking as though this was a normal event.I cannot possibly explain this since I am much too embarrassed to ask anyone about it. I am sure there is some culturally specific explanation. I don?t know. I don?t know if I want to know. Don?t let anyone tell me!This would not fly in America. I can recall that some lady once got arrested for entering a men?s room for a pee-pee emergency. The women?s room was either out-of-order or occupied. The poor thing could not wait.What am I to make of this? I guess that we Americans are anal (absolutely a pun intended!) about our bathroom needs and habits--we should get over it.Meantime, perhaps Mexico can have mercy on us male expats and put warning signs on the doors:?Caution: Women may be working or using the bathroom. Prepare for a shocking experience. You may be prone to fainting to the floor.? -- Vicente Fox, President of the Republic of Mexico.Doug Bower is a freelance writer and book author. His most recent writing credits include The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Houston Chronicle, and The Philadelphia Inquirer, and Transitions Abroad. He lives with his wife in Guanajuato, Mexico.His new book Mexican Living: Blogging it from a Third World Country can be seen at http: / / www.lulu.com / content / 126241

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***Mexican Living: San Miguel de Allende*** Long, long ago i unimarter UniMarter
***Mexican Living: San Miguel de Allende***

Long, long ago in a faraway land called Mexico (you may have heard it) was a small, insignificant, flat piece of real estate located in the highlands of Central Mexico. Ringed by mountains, this "low region" was founded and by a lowly and humble Franciscan monk named Juan de San Miguel in 1542.This town played an important role as "an important stopover on the Antigua Camino Real, part of the silver route from Zacatecas." [1]But alas, this role was soon to evaporate as the amount of silver the filthy-rich could squeeze out of the mountains played out. By the 1900's, San Miguel de Allende looked doomed to become a ghost town. What was to become of poor San Miguel de Allende (from here on it is SMA?I tire from writing out that entire name!) no one knew.Hark! Lo and behold! Someone had the idea to make SMA a national monument in 1926. How this was to save the poor town, I have no idea. What happened next gets a little muddy.Some would say that SMA survived until the 1950's because of Mexican tourism. SMA's resort-like qualities of natural beauty and natural hot springs were the attraction.SMA did revive as a tourist attraction shortly after World War II, but the reason for its sudden population boom was because of American Influence.The creation of The Instituto Allende, An International Institution of Higher Education for the Arts, Crafts, and Spanish, brought a flood of American art students to the town. Eventually, an expatriate community of more than 10,000 followed. Many of these expatriates are mostly rich Americans.One cannot help asking the question what this gigantic gringo population has done to SMA. A screaming gringo pointed out that the locals in SMA should appreciate and thank the Americans for all the money that has been thrown at them.What is this? "Look what we've done for you?now kiss our hands and feet?" Is this what my in-my-face, screeching gringo meant? I just don't know.I would attribute what GOOD the gringo population has done for the citizens of SMA as Divine Providence rather than the (un)righteousness of American money. Money may improve a standard of living but it cannot buy friendship or love.And, there is no doubting if the gringos were to vacate the real estate tomorrow, economic horrors would result. But, I must ask, there has been economic improvement at what cost? Standards of living have gotten better but at the cost of losing a distinctive Mexican identity. I don't think the gringos would say this.The Mexicans, however, do.It is hard to get the locals to discuss this issue especially when they instinctively understand on what side of their bread gets a healthy application of butter.Those who have talked to me have told me that the following bothers them a great deal. I am sure you've heard this from your fellow SMA expats:1. "I don't have to learn Spanish. All those who come to work for me have to speak English."2. "Why should I have to learn Spanish when one can live one's entire life here and not have to utter one word of Spanish?"3. "I have plenty of English-speaking friends. Why should I have to learn Spanish?"And the list goes on.Another specific thing said to me from those I interviewed is, "Why won't the gringos associate with us and why won't they learn our language?"Perhaps another way to phrase this is,"Why do the Americans expect of us, when we expatriate to America, what they are UNWILLING to do themselves when they come here?"You cannot very well associate with someone with whom you cannot communicate, now can you?Think about it![1] http: / / www.sanmiguelguide.com / history.htmOUR NEW BOOKGuanajuato, M?xico--New Book offers survival tips in the Land of FrogsGuanajuato, M?xico ? According to the 2000 Statistical Yearbook of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, published by the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Service, an estimated 300,000 Americans would expatriate to other countries each year between 2000 and 2005. Some estimates predict the number will continue to increase each year after 2005. Americans are leaving the country in droves, most of whom settle in Mexico. The authors of The Plain Truth about Living in Mexico have written a new book targeting a specific area of Mexico where Americans are moving as expatriates, study abroad students, or retirees. This new book is titled, GUANAJUATO, M?XICO: Your Expat, Study Abroad, and Vacation Survival Manual in the Land of Frogs.http: / / mexicanliving.access.to / CHECK OUT OUR E-BOOKS ==>http: / / my.lulu.com / mexicanliving

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***Mexican Living: Solving the Ugly American Syndrome*** We, unimarter UniMarter
***Mexican Living: Solving the Ugly American Syndrome***

We, and who I mean by we are those who moved to Mexico to spend the rest of our lives sincerely absorbing the culture and language, have to got to come up with a solution to the Ugly American Syndrome.I think I have?at least partially.If you have been reading my columns (and hopefully memorizing them), you know that I've been reporting the Ugly American Syndrome is alive and well in the expat communities in Mexico.You see it as well in many of the tourist and students who come here. They come to Mexico with huge chips of their little psychopathologies on their shoulders daring any Mexican to knock them off. They expect nothing less than to be waited on hand and foot and to have their every need anticipated and met.In short, Americans generally run all over this country acting as though Mexico's very existence is to serve them. They are doing it because they believe their American dollar earns them the right to do so. They act out like children.What has bothered me for the longest time in my constant observation of the gringo behavior is this,"Why do they bother to spend the hefty sums of money they do to come here if they are going to act so unhappy?like depressed, spoiled children?" (Some of my Mexican neighbors have even asked me this.)Ok, here is the partial solution I've come up with: "They act like this, when they come to Mexico, because this is how they act all the time no matter where they are!"No matter what country they are in, they are simply being themselves. Let me explain.I wrote an op-ed piece a while ago called, The Liberal Solution: Assault a Conservative. In that piece, I reported on two incidents involving two conservative speakers in which they were physically assaulted while speaking onstage to a hostile liberal audience. I asked, in that piece, whether this would be what we could come to expect of a liberal's ability to deal with a cogent argument. If you don't like what you hear then commit assault and battery on the speaker.Well, low and behold, I guess I was prophetic. This behavior has escalated and reoccurred recently with conservative pundit Ann Coulter. You may have heard of it on Fox News. [1]Whatever you think about Ann Coulter and her conservative position on ANYTHING, the woman should be able to speak (isn't that what free speech is about?) without the fear of having some thug college student rushing the stage and attacking her with a pie. He missed her, thank God.Here is my point: Americans act like jackasses at home as well as abroad. Believers in free speech and tolerance apparently will now physically attack those with whom they disagree. If they act like this "at home," why should we expect any better behavior when they move to another country? And indeed, you do not see better behavior!It is no surprise when these conservative-attacking liberals come to Mexico they act the same way they do at home in America. Oops. Was that a generalization?I think not.When we vacationed in Puerto Vallarta, with an unbelievably large liberal expat community, we weren't sure we would get out of there in one piece. Never had I heard such vitriolic pontification about the President of the United States or anything remotely Republican. There was bitter hatred spewing faster than the booze they were guzzling.These were the liberal grandparents and the mommies and daddies of the miscreant conservative-attacking college students back in America.The Ugly American expat, tourist, or college student is just being himself or herself. They act like an Ugly American abroad because it is how they act when "at home."Now "we" have to figure out what to do with them![1] The Pie-Proof Ann Coulter on Hecklers; http: / / www.foxnews.com / story / 0,2933,155550,00.htmlDoug Bower is a freelance writer and book author. His most recent writing credits include The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Houston Chronicle, and The Philadelphia Inquirer, and Transitions Abroad. He lives with his wife in Guanajuato, Mexico.His new book, Mexican Living: Blogging it from a Third World Country, can be seen at http: / / www.lulu.com / content / 126241

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***Mexican Living: How Many Does it Take?*** How many people unimarter UniMarter
***Mexican Living: How Many Does it Take?***

How many people have to come forward with horror stories of gringo behavior coming out of San Miguel de Allende before someone realizes there is a problem? Last week, a gringo walks into a restaurant and announces to an Australian expat, "All Mexican women are bitches."My Australian friend finds out from the American nutcase that he has been traveling all over Mexico and that while in San Miguel, some Mexican woman "bumped into him" and did not say "excuse me." Convinced that this woman had plotted all her life to bump into him "on purpose," he went on a cursing streak calling this woman every nasty name known to the English language.Just two weeks ago, a dear friend, who would have no reason to lie or exaggerate a bit, told me of being in San Miguel at her daughter's art show when there was a band of tattooed, body pierced Mexicans playing music in the Jardin. One surly American expat decided it was his duty to stand in front of the band and give them the finger. And I think you know of which finger I speak.What is going on in San Miguel?I did an informal e-mail survey of gringo expats in San Miguel, revealing 100% of those surveyed being unaware of any miscreant gringo behavior. Give me a break!My wife and I have written an entire chapter in our book with stories from former San Miguel expats (who now live in Guanajuato) and tourists who have told us the most horrific stories about San Miguel's gringo population.Routinely, we introduce ourselves to new gringo faces we see here in Guanajuato. Without having to ask, some of these tourists ask us if we know what "the deal is" in San Miguel. They explain their observations and, folks they are not good!I think I have an idea that would solve this problem;? The sane San Miguel American expats will start sitting incognito in the Jardin waiting for the insane Americans to begin their nasty business.? Seeing someone getting out of line, the sane American expats will begin blowing whistles--Much like in England with the English Bobbies when they see a crime being committed and they whistle for back-up.? All the sane Americans expats, who will be hiding behind their newspapers munching on bagels, will leap into action.? The offender will be dragged, kicking and screaming, into some isolated callejon and beaten senseless.? The offended local Mexican will receive profound apologies and assurances that this crazy American will never again bother them.? The beaten senseless American will be escorted, hogtied, to the airport in Leon and flown back to the United States. His passport will conveniently be found missing.Seriously, it is a problem?this ugly American Syndrome--and it drives me batty each time I hear one of these stories. I do believe that self-policing will be a big step in solving this problem.Those San Miguel de Allende gringos who do know how to act in someone else's country need to confront those who do not. And I mean confront them in groups. Get your friends together and go knocking on the doors of these Americans who have brought their little pathologies with them to San Miguel.Tell them, and I mean this, that you (the good guys) don't want them in Mexico if they don't know how to behave as a guest in someone else's country. Remind them that this is what they are?guests. Put their names in the paper, post it on lampposts, do what it takes to pressure them into a compliance of decent behavior. Document everything, get your witnesses together, and put these ding-a-lings out of their Ugly American Syndrome business!Do whatever it takes!For more info on San Muguel go to this link: http: / / www.sanmiguelguide.com / Doug Bower is a freelance writer and book author. His most recent writing credits include The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Houston Chronicle, and The Philadelphia Inquirer, and Transitions Abroad. He lives with his wife in Guanajuato, Mexico.His new book, Mexican Living: Blogging it from a Third World Country, can be seen at http: / / www.lulu.com / content / 126241

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***Mexican Living: ¿Habla Usted Espanol?*** If you ar unimarter UniMarter
***Mexican Living: ¿Habla Usted Espanol?***

If you are an average American as in GI Joe and Mom's apple-pie, did you know that you suffer from a debilitating condition called, xenoglossophobia? Before you go running off to the nearest emergency room let us define this mouthful of a word.Xenoglossophobia means the "fear of foreign languages." It is a genuine phobia that has symptoms."The problem often significantly impacts the quality of life. It can cause panic attacks and keep people apart from loved ones and business associates. Symptoms typically include shortness of breath, rapid breathing, irregular heartbeat, sweating, nausea, and overall feelings of dread, although everyone experiences foreign languages fear in their own way and may have different symptoms." (http: / / www.changethatsrightnow.com / problem_detail.asp?SDID=4837:1925)This fear or xenoglossophobia has been a significant phobia in American history. There was a time in U.S. history when 22 states had laws prohibiting the teaching of foreign languages. It was in 1923 that the U.S. Supreme court overturned those laws.By 1954, 56% of public high schools still had no foreign language courses available for their students. In those schools that did, only 14.2% of high school students were enrolled in a foreign language course. (Clifford, R. (2004, Jan. 16). Remarks at National briefing on language and national security, National Press Club, Washington, DC.)Even today, schools with available courses are thinking of dropping any foreign language requirement or making it an elective. Today, 30 states have no foreign language requirement for their students to graduate from high school. (A retreat from foreign languages? By Patrik Jonsson Special to The Christian Science Monitor from the October 29, 2002 edition KAREN SCHNEIDER - STAFF ATHENS, GA)These xenoglossophobics are expatriating to Mexico and most do not bother to learn Spanish. Because of their fear of learning a foreign language, they doom themselves to living in areas of Mexico where there are enormous gringo English-speaking populations. I totally get that. It is sad but I sympathize with their fears of the language barrier. How sad. They miss so much!Is this an incurable condition? No sir, it is not!I would like to offer some suggestions that might help those afflicted with xenoglossophobia to overcome it. To do so will open a Mexico to you that you would never know otherwise.The key to mastering Spanish is in two words: motivation and methodology. If you are highly motivated then all you need is the right method. I would like to suggest that you do use the following methods in the order I suggest. These methods are based on the way you learned your native language?like when you were a child. I have used them and they worked for me.Consequently, I am able live in an area of Mexico not dominated by English speakers.? Pimsleur Language?Spanish: http: / / www.language-programs.com / pimsleur / language-programs / spanish / ? Learnables Spanish: http: / / www.learnables.com / ? Immersion Plus Spanish: http: / / www.pentonoverseas.com / immersion-cd.htmThese courses are not cheap. However, look at it this way: You would waste hundreds of dollars on Spanish classes in a school so why not do something that works? Then, once you have some confidence in spoken fluency, you can take some conversation courses and maybe a grammar class or two with a native speaker.I am so convinced that you can overcome culture shock if you develop a high degree of spoken fluency in Spanish before moving to Mexico. In addition, the added benefit is that you demonstrate to your Mexican neighbors that you respect their culture enough to try to learn their language. This will immediately elevate you in their estimation and they will accept you quickly into their lives as their friends.Now, if you are wondering if I have any financial interest in these courses I have begged you to buy, the answer is I do not!Damn it!Doug Bower is a freelance writer and book author. His most recent writing credits include The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Houston Chronicle, and The Philadelphia Inquirer, and Transitions Abroad. He lives with his wife in Guanajuato, Mexico.
His new book, Mexican Living: Blogging it from a Third World Country, can be seen at http: / / www.lulu.com / content / 126241

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