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*** Jerzy Radziwiłowicz: Nie udzielam się na portalach społecz bizneswiadomosci UniMarter
*** Jerzy Radziwiłowicz: Nie udzielam się na portalach społecznościowych. Z takiej aktywności często wynikają dość kłopotliwe sytuacje ***

Aktor stroni od portali społecznościowych i jest przekonany, że nic na tym nie traci. Według niego bowiem tego typu aktywność nie ma żadnej wartości dodatniej. Nie odczuwa potrzeby dzielenia się w ten sposób swoim życiem z obcymi ludźmi, bo z jego spostrzeżeń wynika, że często przynosi to opłakane skutki.

Jerzy Radziwiłowicz nie ma konta na Facebooku ani na Instagramie. Nie udziela się również na Twitterze. Stawia natomiast na kontakty face to face i pielęgnuje znajomości z ludźmi, którzy są dla niego ważni w realnym życiu.

– W ogóle nie jestem na portalach społecznościowych, na żadnym się nie udzielam, po prostu nie odczuwam takiej potrzeby. Nie widzę powodu, żeby zawiązywać jakieś znajomości z ludźmi, których naprawdę nie znam – mówi agencji Newseria Lifestyle Jerzy Radziwiłowicz.

Aktor choć sam nie udziela się w mediach społecznościowych, to nie krytykuje ani nie potępia tych, którzy lubią taki rodzaj aktywności.

– Jeżeli komuś to odpowiada, do czegoś jest potrzebne, niech się dzieli. Nie będę tego oceniał. Ale jak widzimy często, z tego dzielenia się i z tego udzielania się bardzo często wynikają dość kłopotliwe sytuacje, więc nie tęsknię za tym – mówi Jerzy Radziwiłowicz.

Aktor podkreśla, że on sam nie lubi ślepo podążać za trendami i walczyć o czyjeś zainteresowanie, a z obserwacji innych wie, że w poszukiwaniu sztucznego poklasku na portalach społecznościowych szybko można się zatracić i zgubić zdrowy rozsądek.

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Komunikat (c) Newseria Biznes
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***Wrinkles That Fold and Age*** With the media shoved in ou unimarter UniMarter
***Wrinkles That Fold and Age***

With the media shoved in our face everywhere that we go, our visual appearance has become a huge part in our every day lives. Whether it is tanning, hair coloring, plastic surgery, or "Anti-aging cream", we can see the dominance of image in our society. Everyone wants to look young, healthy, and like Brad Pitt, Right?As a result of this pressure on image, Anti-aging creams are a heavily marketed and advertised product, promising to deliver healthier and younger looking skin, while reducing wrinkles. Most of the time these creams are targetted at women, but we are now beginning to see products that are more targeted to men as well. This shift is because are society is starting to more readily accept men being conscious about their looks and image.There are several different forms of anti wrinkle treatment. The biggest advantage to using a ceram over another method such as plastic surgery and botox injections is the huge difference in cost. Many critics will tell you that the marketing and advertising that goes into these products is actually damaging, and is playing with the fears in women and men. Really there isn't huge proof that any of these products work well, if at all, which is another thing you will hear critics rave about.Do wrinkles in our skin matter, and do these products really work? I would recommened asking yourself that first question, and spending some time to answer the question for yourself as every individual is different.Feel free to reprint this article as long as you keep the article, this caption and author biography in tact with all hyperlinks.Ryan Fyfe is the owner and operator of Anti Aging Wrinkle Eye Cream - http: / / www.anti-aging-wrinkle-eye-cream.com, which is the best site on the internet for all Wrinkle related information.

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***Beta Releases and IE 7 Beta 3*** Now I am no big fan of I unimarter UniMarter
***Beta Releases and IE 7 Beta 3***

Now I am no big fan of IE, although I am a Microsoft Developer. In fact I rarely use IE except to do
website reviews, instead use Firefox with the Tidy engine predominately because it cuts down significantly the time required. But defer to Opera for XML and XHTML because of the DOM inspector and debugging capacity, which ultimately assist website developers. And my normal viewing is Mozilla because of the secure email client.So this is not a plug for downloading IE 7 beta 3, rather to try and explain something about Beta releases in general. The comments below come from a long history of both Alpha and Beta testing with Microsoft, Intuit, ID, Roxio, 3M and a host of other software developers, most of whom I still join in both Alpha and Beta testing today.In the mid to late 1990's virtually every software developer shifted
from in house design and testing which included Alpha testers, all of whom
squashed bugs, assisted in redesign, features and so forth-all before shrink
wrap or final distribution. Beta testing was firmly established for the general public and evidenced by multiple releases for every item of software and hardware released for consumption and the term
bug free hardware or software was notion in antiquity.The shift reduced the product delivery time significantly and formally set up a public beta testing which has prevailed ever since. The business model was simple: be
there first no matter how good or bad, the general public will now develop and
redesign the product.So where does that leave us as whether to download IE 7 beta 3 or not? You
may not have even been on the awards scene in the early 1990's and were not
witness to the very different rendering of web pages of the dominant
browsers at the time-IE and NS and the onslaught of questions and conflicting
answers along with throwing web pages into disarray, so let up jump forward in
real time to today, and the reason for the post about IE 7 beta 3 in the first
place.Today IE 6 will render web pages which are somewhat similar to any of the other browsers like Firefox, Opera, Safari or Mozilla, to name a few.Tomorrow IE 7 will render web pages the same as the browsers mentioned above, with one caveat.IE 7 will not be very forgiving, rather than lenient as was IE 6 for non compliant coding.Tomorrow we will awaken to a viewing public who have downloaded IE 7 through Yahoo and AOL in its beta form, who will bring developers into questions and answers of the 1990's where web page views are now different, but nearly the same for other browsers.Tomorrow we will awaken to a business reality that because of non compliant coding and code bloat, the world wide web is no longer a place for the little man. Internet Service Providers, Portals and backbones world wide are already feeling the pressure and time will dictate pricing and reasonable access to services.Today is the time to reduce code bloat with CSS.Today is the time to recognize that compliant coding significantly reduces time and reduces or eliminates the need for pricing changes to have reasonable access to services.Today is the time for many things. For tomorrow may never, ever come.

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***Benefits of Portal Content Management*** Organizations ne unimarter UniMarter
***Benefits of Portal Content Management***

Organizations need to provide timely, relevant information to customers, partners, and employees anywhere in the world, to meet today's business requirements. Some of the hurdles that the organizations face in achieving this are IT bottlenecks, information getting lost, irrelevant and outdated information. If these problems are not looked at properly, then this will lead to escalating costs and erode customer satisfaction which will be a great loss for the organization. One good solution for all these problems is to create and deliver highly relevant content on a portal.Companies can deploy a unified content and portal infrastructure to meet its business goals. This infrastructure should have tools that can unify content and infrastructure between portals to provide a consistent user experience and tools that can empower non-technical users within the organization to create, manage, and publish their own information to enterprise portals. In addition, the tools enable distribution of trusted, up-to-date, and accurate information to support multiple portal initiatives including partner extranets, and employee intranets and add content intelligence to increase the relevance and targeting of information for end users.Problems that arise due to IT bottlenecks in the content contribution process and problems due to administrative overhead in the portal publishing process can be solved by empowering non-technical business users to contribute content to the portal. When you need to provide a unique infrastructure for the portals of partners, employers, and customers, you can unify the content and content infrastructure between portals to provide a consistent user experience. When end users need to access multiple applications and repositories for all of their content, content across enterprise applications can be integrated and delivered to accessed portals. Portal content management solutions not only empower non-technical users to within your organization to create and publish their own portal content but also ensures that the information published is relevant and personalized to serve multiple portal audiencesSome of the key benefits of portal content management include the ability to manage more content assets at lower cost, publish portal content faster and improves the reach of relevant content to the appropriate audiences. In addition, portal content management also empowers non-technical users to easily publish content on their own, increase online collaboration with partners or customers, and achieves better, faster integration of content via integrations with enterprise applications.Portal content management software provide a simple, web-based user interface for creating and publishing content to portals, to empower non-technical, line-of-business users to create, manage, and publish their own content. The Portal content management software also provides a powerful navigation system for editing and updating content within the portal. Portal content management solutions ensure that only relevant content is delivered to each audience based on an enterprise taxonomy that drives content tagging and categorization for creation and powerful attribute search within the portal. This ensures that the content and metadata published are mapped to personalization rules created and deployed in the enterprise portal.Powerful attribute finders of Portal content management software enable end users to easily locate content within the enterprise taxonomy that is exposed as intuitive, browseable categories in the enterprise portal. The enterprise content management platform of Portal content management software provide robust enterprise content management services such as workflow, versioning, lifecycle management, and security. Enterprise integration services provided by Portal content management solutions enable easy integration of transactional data from enterprise applications such as ERP, CRM, etc.To access online version of the above article, go to http: / / www.content-management-junction.com / portal-cm.htmlTo learn how to create, manage and publish content using different types of content management systems, solutions & softwares visit http: / / www.content-management-junction.com

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W ciągu kilku ostatnich dni na stronie informacyjnej o zdrowiu U unimarter UniMarter
W ciągu kilku ostatnich dni na stronie informacyjnej o zdrowiu UniMarter pojawiło się kilka ciekawych poradników o różnej tematyce. Z każdym kolejnym dniem serwis rozrasta się o kolejne wartościowe poradniki oraz bieżące wiadomości o rynku zdrowia w Polsce. Wszelkie nowości osadzane są na stronie głównej portalu o zdrowiu i leczeniu chorób UniMarter! Pamiętaj o tym, że stosowanie różnego rodzaju porad nie zastąpi nigdy konsultacji lekarskich.
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Portal o zdrowiu UniMarter.com to część grupy serwisów tematy unimarter UniMarter
Portal o zdrowiu UniMarter.com to część grupy serwisów tematycznych PrzyczepyMarter.pl Na stronach internetowych znajdziesz wiele praktycznych informacji dla osób zainteresowanych motoryzacją, przyczepami samochodowymi, zdrowiem oraz w najbliższym czasie nas zasób publikacji powiększy się również o tematykę samochodów.
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Chciałbym przedstawić wszystkim mój tematyczny portal informac unimarter UniMarter
Chciałbym przedstawić wszystkim mój tematyczny portal informacyjny o zdrowiu UniMarter, na którym publikowane są wyspecjalizowane artykuły. Wszystkie publikacje podzielone zostały tematycznie na kilka kategorii związanych z tematem przewodnim. Dodatkowym atutem serwisu są funkcjonalności społecznościowe, umożliwiające prowadzenie własnego profilu i publikowanie unikalnych postów!

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