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***Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Poland*** Poland unimarter UniMarter
***Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Poland***

Poland is a country located in central Europe. It is situated between Germany, which lies to its west, and Ukraine, Belarus lie towards east. Towards south of Poland is Czech Republic and Slovakia. Lithuania and Russia of erstwhile USSR and Baltic Sea are to the north Poland. Poland has been a member of European Union since 01 May 2004. Most Polish companies have come under the central authority of European Union since then. Old currency of Poland no longer exists and there have been several reforms in trade and commerce.Poland has a very interesting and turbulent history and is called Polska or Rzeczpospolita Polska in its native language. It all started 1000 years ago, when Piast dynasty took over and reformed Poland. The country witnessed a golden age under the leadership and command of Jagiellonian dynasty by the end of the sixteenth century. This dynasty took Poland to great heights and at one time became the wealthiest and most powerful regions in Europe. On May 3, 1791, the Sejm of Polish and Lithuanian commonwealth adopted the constitution of Poland, making Poland the only country in the entire world to adopt democratic governance apart from United States. Poland thus became the second country in the world to have adopted a constitution along with US.The perils of World War II had completely demolished Poland had left the Polish absolutely penniless. Until 1989, communist parties from Russia ruled Poland. Poland then had to face a new crisis of Communism. After the cold war, Poland gained partial independence in 1989. It then reverted back to its democratic rule. Today Poland is a far better country then what it used to be after the country lost to German forces during World War II.With free trade and booming economy under the European Union, Poland has reformed in leaps and bounds. Today's Poland is indeed a new country marching on the route of economic and political freedom.Poland provides detailed information on Poland, Poland Travels, Poland Tours, Poland Real Estate and more. Poland is affiliated with Portland Oregon Hotels.

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