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***Multi-Monitor Madness*** In today?s multitasking computin unimarter UniMarter
***Multi-Monitor Madness***

In today?s multitasking computing world, it?s not unusual to see people constantly switching from window to window trying to transfer data form one program to the other. I myself have gotten fairly adept at the Alt-Tab window-switching hotkey sequence. It is as a result of this that the popularity of multi-monitor computer setups has increased dramatically. Studies have shown a significant increase in employee productivity when a multiple monitor setup is used. There is less mental stress, less time spent on switching programs, and less eye strain. So how can you get multiple monitors? You have several different options.Your first and probably most common option for a desktop system is to buy a multi-port video card. These cards generally have a DVI and a VGA port, both of which can be hooked to any monitor with the use of adapters. These cards can either be PCI, PCI-Express, or AGP-compatible. Generally speaking, the drivers for multi-monitor support come with the card.Another desktop option is to buy multiple video cards and put them in your system. As far as we can tell, this only works so long as the chipsets are the same and each card uses a different type of slot (i.e., an ATi PCI card and an ATi AGP card.) Conceivably you could use two two-port cards, giving you a total of four monitors. This is a good way to go if you want to go to the trouble of matching everything up.These solutions are all well and good for the desktop user, you say, but what about my laptop? Well, don?t worry, there are options for notebooks as well. Probably your best option is to spring for the VTBook DVI / VGA Dual Display Video PCMCIA Card. It?s a bit pricey, but it?s the only card like it on the market. The VTBook gives you an additional DVI-out port on your computer, which can be plugged into a high-def display. If you crave even more monitor madness, you can buy a VTBook Dualhead Cable, which splits the out port, giving you yet another monitor. With this setup, you could have up to four monitors (your laptop screen, the laptop out port, and the two VTBook ports).The last, and probably most expensive method to add multiple monitors to your laptop is to buy a PCMCIA to PCI card. Realistically, this $1000-plus item is for more specialty PCI cards that aren?t available in PCMCIA version, but if you have an amazing and absolutely necessary PCI or PCI Express video card that you want to use with your laptop, this is the solution for you. As far as I can tell, I have only found one such adapter, made by Magma.I?m sure that somewhere there is some engineer dreaming up other ways to add multiple monitors to computers, but for now, these are the most common and most feasible options I know of. Now go to, and enjoy the greater productivity of multiple monitors.Nathan Kartchner works in Product Development for Sewell Direct, an online retailer of hard-to-find computer connectivity products like the VTBook DVI / VGA Dual Display Video PCMCIA Card, the Magma PCMCIA to PCI cardbus, and the USB to Serial Adapter.

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BEURER Jonowy włosów 2200 W HC 80

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***Give Your Old Laptop the High Def Monitor It's Always Wanted** unimarter UniMarter
***Give Your Old Laptop the High Def Monitor It's Always Wanted***

There it sits: the shiny new high-definition monitor that you just picked up for a killer price. You pull out your laptop with dreams of sharp, hi-res graphics dancing through your head, only to realize that your laptop only has a VGA out port. You could always get a VGA to DVI adapter, but with only an analog signal, what do you do about the picture quality? The resolution? The definition? Without the digital, what?s the point?You?re not alone. With the proliferation of high definition TVs, monitors, and projectors, laptop users looking to get a bigger viewing surface than the sometimes miniscule laptop screen now have the chance to see their desktop in sharp, clear, digital high-definition. Until recently, most laptops have only had a VGA out jack. Even the nicest multimedia platforms have only had S-Video and RCA video out in addition to the ubiquitous VGA out. Unfortunately, all of these video options are analog, resulting in a loss of clarity and resolution. The loss isn?t devastating, but those wishing to experience high-def in all its glory will want to go digital.Happily, you can now add a DVI port to your analog laptop, letting you take full advantage of the luscious visual goodness that DVI offers. The VTBook DVI / VGA Dual Display Video PCMCIA Card (the best, and as far as I can tell, only option as far as a DVI expansion card is concerned) plugs neatly into a PCMCIA slot on the side of your laptop, giving you a DVI digital high-def signal your parents would be proud of.So go ahead and buy that hi-def monitor you?ve been looking at, but don?t forget the VTBook. You won?t regret it.Nathan Kartchner works as a marketer for Sewell Direct, an online retailer of hard-to find connectivity products like the VTBook DVI PCMCIA card, or the USB to Serial adapter.

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***Laptop Repair and Upgrade*** Laptop repair isnt always ea unimarter UniMarter
***Laptop Repair and Upgrade***

Laptop repair isnt always easy, but sometimes it can be. If the laptop isnt under warranty and you dont feel comfortable replacing some of these parts yourself, youll have to find a professional to do it. If you only want to upgrade then you cant send it back to the manufacturer and you'll have to find a tech to do it. You can bring it to a well known retailer like Best Buy and have their Geek Squad work on it since they're pretty well trained and always do a good job on repairs, or you can find a professional someplace else to do it for you.Easy to replace parts:Wireless adapter- if your wireless stops working for some reason, you can just go out and get a USB wireless adapter or a PCMCIA wireless adapter to put in the card slot.RAM / Memory- Memory is pretty easy to install and fairly inexpensive. In many cases, you can drastically improve the performance of your laptop just by adding some more memory. Most places that sell laptops can install it for you, or if you feel comfortable installing it yourself you can put it in. There's an enclosure on the bottom that you unscrew in order to install the memory.Hard Drive: A hard drive can be a little more tricky to upgrade. If your hard drive gets corrupted, youll probably lose most of your data unless a professional can recover it. Then you'd just have to toss it out and buy a new one and have it installed. The #1 reason for hard drive corruption is abuse, so be careful with your laptop if you wanna keep your hard drive safe. If you just want to uprgrade to have more space, first youd need to back up your data and then take the old drive out and put the new one in. A hard drive upgrade is similar to a RAM upgrade. There is an enclosure usually on the bottom that contains the hard drive. In Gateway laptops it's usually in the front for easy access.Not so easy to replace parts:For these repairs you'll definitely have to take it to a professional, or sometimes it'll actually be more worth it and less hassle just to junk it and buy a new oneCPU: If you want to upgrade the CPU in your laptop, you're going to have a hard time because usually the motherboard has to be changed as well. You'd be better off just buying a new laptop. On the other hand, if your processor goes bad for some strange reason and you want to install the same one or even a higher speed version of the same processor, it is doable. Youll probably have to ship it out or find a professional to do this.Motherboard: Upgrading or replacing the motherboard can be a hassle as well, and costly. Again, you'd probably be better off just buying a new laptop unless you have a good warranty and you're willing to go through the hassle of shipping it out.Keyboard Keys: When a key pops off the keyboard, it usually cant be put back on, so if your laptop is under warranty youll need to send it out for repair. Otherwise you can take it to a tech and have them order the keys you need.Graphics card: Since laptops dont have as much room as a desktop computer, the graphics card is usually integrated onto the motherboard. If you really think it's worth it to spend the money and replace the guts of your laptop, go right ahead. Otherwise I'd say buy a new laptop with a very good graphics card so you'll never feel the need to upgrade.Various other upgrades and add-ons can be done through USB or the PCMCIA card slot. For example, if you get more involved with things like sound and video, there are certain expansion cards you can buy depending on what you're trying to accomplish. They're usually plug and play and very easy to install.I work in retail, and my website is a buyer's guide for laptops for people
who don't really know which direction to go in. I'm 22 now and computers
have been my hobby since i was twelve. If you wanna check out my website or
e-mail me with suggestions visit http: / / www.laptop-buyers-guide.com. My email is

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