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***Data Recovery First Aid: 3 Tips To Increase Your Chances Of Su unimarter UniMarter
***Data Recovery First Aid: 3 Tips To Increase Your Chances Of Success***

Let's get to the important part first - if you've just lost your data, skip past this introduction and go directly to our first tip, so you can start your rescue operation. If not, a few minutes spent now might help you a lot in the future. Pay special attention to our third tip.I always thought of myself as a reliable guy with reliable data. I never deleted my files accidentally, I made regular backups and had a power supply for my computer to protect me against surges and outages. However last year I experienced two cases of data loss where I needed to use recovery software. The first was a dead hard drive that'd hardly served a year. Subsequently, I accidentally deleted a large project file that was too big for the Recycle Bin. Happily I've got all my data back, thanks to good advice and a little preparation.These handy tips will help you stay confident in the face of data loss, no matter how it occurs.Tip #1: Use your system as little as possible until you recover all of your lost files. The more activity taking place on your hard disk, the greater the chance that some of your lost data might be written over.- Don?t copy any files to the disk containing your lost data;
- Avoid browsing the web, because your web browser saves cache files on the disk;
- Don?t launch any unnecessary programs, because they can also use your disk;
- Don?t restart your computer.Tip #2: Before you go further, take steps to free up some space on the disk containing your lost files. The more free space your system has, the less chance of overwriting any lost files with new ones. You can do one or more of the following things.- Delete old files that you don?t need anymore (you can also move them to another source, like a USB flash drive, instead of deleting);
- Empty your Recycle Bin - making sure that you haven?t put any important files in there by mistake;
- Empty your browser cache. For Internet Explorer, click on the "Tools" menu, then select "Internet Options". Then, on the "General" tab, click the "Delete Files..." button.Tip #3: To install any software after data damage increases the risk of your data being overwritten, so if you haven?t had any data problems yet, consider installing a data recovery program just in case. Prevention is always better than cure, and a recovery program is good insurance for your data. However, if you don?t yet have a recovery program, find one and - if possible - avoid installing it to the disk where your lost files are located.Most recovery programs work fairly similarly. You need to select the disk where the lost files are located, let the program analyze the content of the disk - this can take a while - and then select the file you want to recover. Then, provide a location where you want to save that file. You should try to avoid recovering files to the same disk. You could use another hard drive, a network or removable media like a floppy disk or USB flash drive.After you recover your files, check that they are correct. If you?ve recovered applications, check that they still run, or if you?ve recovered documents, check that your words are still there. Even the best recovery software can?t guarantee 100% results. If some parts of your files were overwritten - meaning that other data was saved to their location on your disk - after recovery they might contain invalid information. Depending on the type of file involved, partially recovered files like this can be mended by special utilities.http: / / www.softwaretalks.com / first-aid /

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BEURER Jonowy włosów 2200 W HC 80

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***Dual Boot Windows 9x with NT or Linux*** Installing windo unimarter UniMarter
***Dual Boot Windows 9x with NT or Linux***

Installing windows is pretty easy if you know what you are doing, but it can be a complete mess if you are still learning. Dual booting can have advantages if you have a game that support one platform or you want to learn to use a different operating system.You can install windows NT(Windows 2000 and Windows XP) as part of a dual boat or multi-boot combination, with windows 9x. It is also possible to run any Microsoft Operating system with Linux.The Requirements for setting up dual-boot system are relatively minimal compared to a single boat. The biggest disadvantage of dual boot is Disk space, and depending on whether you will be dual booting windows 9x with windows NT or Microsoft operating system with Linux, you my have to install a second hard drive or partition the one you are currently using. There are software?s available that you can use if you want to partition your hard drive. The good one is partition magic; it allows you to create a second partition without losing your data. It is possible to install windows 9x and Windows NT on one partition but in different folders, I wouldn?t recommend it to anyone who is still learning dual booting.Choosing the right file system for your Windows NT can be advantages to users of windows 9x as this will allow them access to windows NT partition. Windows NT support both Fat32 and NTFS while windows 9x only support Fat32. Which means 9x can?t read NTFS partitions, so it is recommended to choose the correct file system carefully, and put under consideration the file system you want to use.When you are ready to install your operating system, it is very important to start with windows 9x then Windows NT. Your primary partition must be formatted with Fat32. If you?re dual boot is a combination of Microsoft OS and Linux, then I will recommend you start with Microsoft OS, but make sure you have a second partition as Linux is going to create its own file systems and partitions.Prior to your installation make sure you do backup of your Data for incase something goes wrong. Start windows 98 installation from windows boot CD then follow the instruction on the screen, once installation is complete, insert windows NT or Linux CD and follow instruction on the screen, don?t forget to select a different partition, this partition will be D: or F: depending on how many drives you have.You will have to install your software applications on both sides. It is pretty easy to dual boot your operating systems, although I personally don?t recommend it, as now days we have virtual pc?s that can be used, and you don?t have to reboot your pc in order to access the other operating system. The good virtual machine is Microsoft Virtual PC.Alfred Moloto is a computer consultant and owner of http: / / www.compuplanet.co.za He can be reached at moloto@compuplanet.co.za

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