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***Dear Sirs -or- Is Anybody Home?*** You've read all about unimarter UniMarter
***Dear Sirs -or- Is Anybody Home?***

You've read all about the all-important need to provide quality customer service - follow up - if you're selling ANYTHING online (or off).Now, before you groan and flip further into this
ezine, take a moment and read on!Customer service CAN and DOES make or break your
business.How often have you purchased some service or
product online only to wait and wait to hear
from that company? I'm not talking about the
"here's your receipt" autoresponder, though of
course that is vital, too. I'm talking about
that personally written note that says you
meant something to that merchant!Think about it... Somewhere someone is online
at this very moment spending their own hard-
earned cash to purchase something from someone.No doubt they'll find, hopefully, the receipt
that says "oh yes, we took your money." But,
don't you think they deserve just a bit more?There is a HUGE amount of TRUST on the buyer's
part in parting with their cash. He or she
should mean enough to the merchant that a real
live person follows-up and says "Thank you!"At our own service, http://www.mywizardads.com
we take purchases extremely seriously! In fact,
we OVER respond! By the time a sale has
completely finalized, our advertisers receive
up to 4 autoresponders AND a personal note
from us thanking them for using our service.
Overkill? Maybe, but we don't think so!We are honored that that person has chosen our
program above all the rest to make their
purchase!Here's an example of what I mean when someone
doesn't follow through:Today, we purchased advertising. Yes, we
immediately received the autoresponder receipt
(much appreciated!). But then, we had to make
the initial contact to ask for information
that should have been immediately supplied to
us regarding our purchase. I don't know about
you, but that bothers me. I AM an "important"
customer, please treat me like one!Do the same and it WILL show! We are given
testimonies and receive quick notes and longer
letters from advertisers expressing their
appreciation and satisfaction. We love it!AND... they come back!In closing, NEVER underestimate the need to get
out from behind the autoresponder and type your
very own PERSONAL thank you!I know I look forward, and hope, I get one!© Theresa Cahill - All Rights Reserved. Feel free to distribute this article. Please keep it intact and with the resource box included below.ABOUT THE AUTHOR:Theresa Cahill, a two decade veteran of marketing, is the owner of http://www.mywizardads.com and invites you to take a look at the services of MWA and download fr.ee helpful information and more at http://www.mywizardads.com/sitemap.html

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@unimarter UniMarter Blog@unimarter
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***Entrepreneur Marketing Advice*** Marketing your business unimarter UniMarter
***Entrepreneur Marketing Advice***

Marketing your business is essential to its success. You can have the greatest service or the best product, but if you don't market it and let others know about it, then it's doubtful that you'll be very successful. When considering your marketing, you first want to take into account who your clients are, and what your clients might be looking to you to do. To do this, you need to do the following:1. Know Your Client's Business: The first step is to know your clients. Do some research so you can have a clear understanding of what your clients' business is and what they do. What does this business hope to achieve? What are its needs and how can you meet those needs? What can you do that will allow that client to perform better in business? By knowing your client and finding answers to these questions, you can become an immediate asset to their firm.
2. Offering Clients a Convenience: One of the main conveniences you can offer is that of time. Clients realize that their time is valuable. Anything that will allow your potential clients more freedom with their time is an immediate plus. But you need to be able to show them this in your marketing. Take for example a virtual assisting business, when you market to potential clients letting them know that you will do their correspondence typing, answer their e-mail, handle all their publicity needs and even keep their office running while they travel, they realize they will have the time they need to do the work that often so desperately needs done. They will have the time to draft that pleading or finalize the proposal. For the realtor, when you do their marketing they can see how they would be allowed the freedom to be out there selling.
3. Solving clients’ problems: If you can find a way to solve a client's problems, then you are able to make your business a valuable asset to them. For example, let's say they are having problems with their website and getting visitors to it. You can send them a letter addressing specifically how you can bring more visitors and also mention what other advantages you can offer. You become a very valuable asset when you do this. They have a problem they need fixed. You have a solution you can solve that problem. They are eager to talk to you immediately to get their site up and running and not miss out on any more missed revenue from their site being down.
4. Providing Clients with Something Better Than What They Have: In your marketing efforts, make sure to mention anything that might be of interest to your clients to run their business better. For example, you might have Voxwire capabilities. This allows you to do web conferencing. You can offer your clients the convenience of having meetings, classes online, etc. Or perhaps you are an expert at Outlook and e-mail management. You can emphasize how much time you can save them daily when you handle this for them. Also, how much more they can connect to their clients when you organize their contacts with Outlook so they can keep in better touch with them.These are essential key points to remember in marketing to obtain clients or even to keep those existing ones. Now, it's also important once you get those clients to keep those clients. To do this, you just provide the best possible service always.For additional marketing tips, you can look to our articles at http://www.virtualwordpublishing.com for articles on all topics of marketing, as well as other business needs.Diana Ennen is the author of numerous books including Virtual Assistant: The Series, Become a Highly Successful, Sought After VA. She specializes in publicity and book marketing and offers a complete online bookstore on her site at Virtual Word Publishing http://www.virtualwordpublishing.com and http://www.publicity-va.com. She is also the publisher of the fiction thriller, Sledgehammer, http://www.pauloreyes.com. Articles are free to be reprinted as long as the author’s bio remains intact.

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