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***Flawless Skin Without Airbrushing*** Today's models and f unimarter UniMarter
***Flawless Skin Without Airbrushing***

Today's models and female celebrity's are absolutely beautiful. Their skin is flawless. Their figures are to die for!Well, this is almost true. The fact of the matter is I actually thought this way until I saw a picture of a model whose knee caps were missing in a very popular magazine.The technique of airbrushing which is simply retouching a photo to make all the boo boos go away is utilized quite often is today's glamourous high fashion magazines.We can never hope to achieve the false perfection airbrushing bestows upon those familiar faces we've come to envy.Still, don't be discouraged. Your skin can be almost as beautiful with these simple steps:1. Wash your face twice daily. Make sure to wash your hands before cleansing. Always use tepid water to prevent excess drying or irritation.2. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily. This keeps the skin fresh and hydrated. Plus, it's great for your body.3. Invest in a multivitamin loaded with antioxidants. Antioxidants keep the free radicals away. Free radicals are associated with many diseases and premature wrinkling.4. If you don't smoke, don't start. If you are a smoker and haven't conquered the habit yet, invest in supplemental Vitamin C. The body isn't able to absorb Vitamin C as well in smokers as in non-smokers. Like all antioxidants, vitamin C counters the effects of cell-damaging molecules called free radicals. As an added benefit, it even helps the body recycle other antioxidants.5. Keep your hands and your hair away from your face as much as possible. This is pretty self explanatory.6. Gentle exfoliation. Exfoliation is a method utilized to remove the dead skin cells from the face to reveal the fresh new skin beneath. When purchasing an exfoliant make sure to read the fine print.Some exfoliants are a bit harsher than others and can only be used once or twice weekly.On the other hand there are gentler exfoliants available that can be used daily.Be consistent with whatever skin care regimen you chose and be on the road to beautiful skin.Roschelle is a work at home mom. She lives with her husband and two sons. View other resources related to working at home, parenting and other women's issues at http: / / www.wah4life.com and http: / / www.wah4life.blogspot.com

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Health & Beauty
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***How To Have Beautiful Skin In 5 Easy Steps*** If you're l unimarter UniMarter
***How To Have Beautiful Skin In 5 Easy Steps***

If you're like me, you're sick of the infommercials that pay these gorgeous celebrities to endorse their "wonder" product.The truth is these people are paid outrageous amounts of money simply to lie to the public about how product "teksty" made them beautiful.They post before and after pictures detailing the amazing transformation they've achieved by using the product. When in actuality most of today's super stars utilize the most expensive skin care treatments known to man.teksty leisurely afternoon at the most exclusive dermatologist's office is usually what makes and keeps today's celebrities beautiful.Well, I just don't have that type of cash. So, I started practicing some simple methods to achieve that perfect glow every woman wants.Here are 5 Easy Steps To Beautiful Skin:1. Wash Your Hands! We often get so caught up in cleansing our faces until we forget that one simple step. Handwashing prior to cleansing your face prevents putting more dirt and bacteria on the face.2. Watch Your Water Temperature. Use lukewarm or tepid water when cleansing. Hot water tends to dry the skin out over time. On the other hand, if it's too cold, dirt and bacterial residue can be inadvertently left on the skin's surface.3. Twice Is Nice. Unless you're rolling logs for a living I would advise that you only wash your face twice morning and night. Too much washing can irritate the skin which makes it more prone to bacterial infection and gives you more of an irritated look as opposed to a healthy glow.4. Know Your Skin Type. When purchasing skin care products make sure you choose the product for your skin type. We generally have 3 skin types: dry, oily or combination.5. Moisturize...Moisturize...Moisturize! As a woman with naturally oily skin, it was years before I realized that I needed a moisturizer. teksty moisturizer isn't designed to make the skin more oily. It rehydrates the skin. Our bodies are made up of quite a bit of water. Keeping the skin moisturized protects against premature wrinkling and those forces of nature we can't do anything about such as wind, cold weather and those extremely warm months of summer.Whatever skin care regimen you use or are planning to start make sure you're consistent. Regular exercise and a healthy diet are also great ways to look and feel younger and more beautiful.Roschelle Nelson is a work at home mom. She lives with her husband and two sons. Visit her website and blog for more resources on the work at home industry and other's women and parenting issues http: / / www.wah4life.com and http: / / www.wah4life.blogspot

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***How To Keep The Weight Off***
***How To Keep The Weight Off***

"Look at you.""You look absolutely amazing.""How did you finally lose the weight?"If any of this sounds familiar, you have at some point in life achieved your weight loss goal. The days of calorie counting, exercising, and venturing into unchartered territory every morning as you stand on the great equalizer - your bathroom scale, have finally paid off. You're perfect and you deserve to be praised for this tremendous accomplishment. But the true test has just begun.Thousands of us lose weight each and every year. The downside to this is that many of us gain the weight back after less than a year.And thus the vicious yo-yo is born. The yo-yo dieter is easy to spot. They are the ones who are a different size every time you see them. There sizes range from tiny, 5lbs. heavier, really gaining weight to the ultimate insult, "She's huge!".Your closet consist of about four different dress sizes. To your absolute horror, you probably can't fit any of them.You and only you can bring this cycle to an end. The first step is realizing that dieting is an absolute no-no! Changing your lifestyle by modifying your behavior is key.As humans, we are instinctively creatures of habit. We usually have a difficult time adapting to change. Nevertheless, it can be done.Start SimpleMeal planning is an excellent first line of defense. Abandon the fast food restaurants and start doing a little grocery shopping. Purchase fresh fruit, vegetable and low calorie, low fat snacks. When purchasing meats keep in mind that fresh is best. If the meat can be eaten without cooking, you don't need it. Luncheon meats are generally higher in sodium and other harmful additives to help preserve the meat's shelf-life.Meal PreparationThrough out the deep fryer! Baking, broiling or boiling cuts calories, fat and cholesterol. Once you've made the appropriate food selections make sure your preparation is on the same sheet of music.Make Exercising FunMake exercise a family affair. Take brisk walks in the morning after dropping the kids off at school or an evening stroll with the hubby and kids before or after dinner. Aerobic tapes and DVDs are great. But who wants to jump around in a house all alone? Even working in the yard can be a great source of exercise. Just remember - some sort of physical activity for at least 30 minutes 3 to 4 times a week can do wonders.HydrationGet back to the basics! Drinking plenty of water is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Water is a great way of flushing toxins from the body. Most of us cringe at the thought of drinking 6 to 8 - eight ounce glasses daily. Once I realized that an eight ounce glass was the same size as a standard white styrofoam paper cup I was hooked for life. Avoiding sodas and other beverages which are loaded with empty calories can be replaced easily with a refreshing glass of water.Take teksty BreakOne of the worst mistakes is never moving past your mistake. Okay, you've been doing great and one day out of nowhere you find yourself wrist deep in one of the biggest burgers you've tasted in a long time. After devouring it, you're riddled with guilt and decide to just give up. Wait just one minute! You've come to far. Get back up and forge ahead. We learn from our mistakes, right? Why should this be any different. I suggest having an off day. Choose one day out of the week to have a reward meal. Now, don't go over board. However, one of your favorite meals is a good way of keeping things exciting and not completely throwing your body into healthy eating SHOCK!Living The LifeOnce you've started eating and living healthier the weight will begin to disappear. Again, there will be a multitude of compliments. Who knows. You may even turn a few heads! Now ask yourself this, was losing the weight really that difficult? The answer is no. So, keep it up. Resorting back to the old you will transform you into the "old you". Isn't that the person you intentionally left behind?Roschelle Nelson is the founder of Wah4life.com. She lives and works at home with her husband and two sons. Visit her website: http: / / www.wah4life.com and http: / / www.wah4life.blogspot.com

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***A Shark Tale*** Sweat erupted all over the fisherman?s bo unimarter UniMarter
***A Shark Tale***

Sweat erupted all over the fisherman?s body. The strain of pulling against the as yet unseen force below rippled the muscles in his arms and torso. Blood ran in trickles down the opaque monofilament line cutting into his hands dripping into the open Pacific Ocean as if to some instinctive ritual rhythm. The Bull shark rose towards the surface slowly. There was no hurry. It spun the hand hewn dugout canoe in a lazy circle like the hand of clock running backwards. He could see it now. It looked nearly as long as the canoe. He got to his knees for better leverage. On the next pass a cold, unblinking left eye met his. Knowing it was hooked, it bolted for deeper water nearly capsizing the canoe. Warm bile-colored urine quietly ran down his leg in a soft stream to mix with the turquoise seawater that now half-filled the dugout. Minutes later it rose to just below the surface, still circling. Unafraid now, it stared at him pulling against the line. Salt water and tears stung his eyes. An eerie acrid smell assailed his nostrils. An icy grip clutched at his heart. He thought of his wife and children. Tomorrow would be Christmas. But today, one of them was going to die.This was a three week fishing vacation on the Pacific Coast of the Choco Region of Colombia. I'd moved up to do some salt water big game fishing in addition to pursuit of other species in freshwater rivers, like the Chori, Jurubida and Tribuga that empty their tropical rain forest fed waters into the Pacific. Fifty-pound plus catfish species and monster Red Snapper often fed just outside these river mouths. Other bragging-size predator fish like Sierra, Aguja, Tuna, Albacore, Wahoo and Dorado also frequently feed in these areas. Sharks frequent the area too, lots of sharks.A Bull SharkFishing guide Pepe Lopez and I caught a two meter long Bull Shark on Saturday, the 24th of December 2005 that was harassing a local fisherman in a three and a half meter long dugout canoe just outside of Utria Ensenada National Park. The shark had already swallowed the fisherman?s bait: a whole, live 18-inch long Tuna and was circling the fisherman and his canoe. The shark still had the 120 pound test nylon line and double number four hook rig in its mouth and was spinning the canoe and fisherman in circles. The fisherman still had the other end of the line providing tension against the fish. The line could hold the fish but was no match for the razor-lined jaws. Soon the line would be bitten through or break from the strain and repeated abrasion of the shark?s sandpaper-like skin. Now if you?re thinking, ?Just cut the line and the shark will go away?, then you don?t know Bull Sharks. No chance. It had just eaten a free, easy meal and was looking for the next course. That shark wasn?t going anywhere, at least not just yet.You Do the MathIf the fisherman won, he could look forward to a hefty payday. The shark?s fins alone would command a tidy sum at regional markets, while the shark?s meat, called ?Toyo?, is a highly-prized commodity on its own. The situation didn?t look too good for the home team at the point we joined in though. Two meter long Bull shark, one of the three most dangerous and aggressive shark species in the world, three and a half meter long wooden dugout canoe with no motor, just single-paddle manpower. No stun gun. No machete. No knife. The shark had just swallowed a free, easy meal and was on the make for yet another. They were miles from shore on the shark?s turf. You do the math.If the Bull shark broke, capsized or sunk the canoe and won ? well, the fisherman would never see home again. In this region of the world, ?it happens all the time? said Doris Lopez a resident of Jurubida, a local fishing village. Fortunately, our boat was a seven meter long heavy wooden launch equipped with an outboard motor. We also happened to have a detachable head harpoon with 250 pound test braided line and a wooden float attached. As we approached the scene the fisherman frantically waved for help. The look of terror on his face spoke volumes. Salt spray stung our eyes and nostrils. Our lips tasted of brine. The wind-whipped, humid air reeked of death.A Friendly ChatOnly an hour or so ago we had pulled alongside and chatted briefly with him. He was after Bravo and fished a single live-baited line with a double-hook rig weighted to a depth of about thirty feet. The live bait of choice was Tuna which run in schools of 40 or so and are from 14 to 20 inches long weighing six to ten pounds in these waters. Already he had two thirty-pound Bravo in his hand hewn dugout canoe and was going for the hat trick. A third Bravo had ?just thrown the Tuna bait and broached the surface, apparently spooked by something else?, the fisherman related. He wasn?t sure what. The shark was worked up to a depth where he and it could see each other. That?s when all hell broke loose. It then became a fight in earnest but the home team was losing ground.The Final BattleWe circled the scene and decided to harpoon the beast to aid in the battle to first tire, then subdue it. Three of us took nearly an hour to vanquish and land the menace. The fisherman?s original nylon line finally broke under the strain. I manned the gaff. Finally, we had to knock it out using an oar with repeated heavy blows to the gills and brain areas above and behind the eyes. We killed it and hauled the creature onboard our launch. The fisherman cut out his double-hook rig and took the shark's dorsal and front fins which were worth almost as much as all of the rest of the shark. He headed off in his battle scarred dugout to Bahia Solano. That was the last we saw him and never got his name. Pepe sold the shark carcass to a commercial fishing vessel, the ?ARES?, whose captain took it south along Colombia?s Pacific coast to the port of Buenaventura for weighing and wholesale. Interestingly enough, my wife and I took this same boat ourselves back to Buenaventura on the return trip home the next day. On the same trip in fact, as the shark.Prof Larry M. Lynch is a bi-lingual copywriter, expert author and photographer specializing in business, travel, food and education-related writing in South America. His work has appeared in Transitions Abroad, South American Explorer, Escape From America, Mexico News and Brazil magazines. He lives in Cali, Colombia, fishes the South American Pacific coast, Amazon and Orinoco River basins for exotic salt water and fresh water game and food fish. For no-obligation information on how to get original, exclusive Exotic fishing stories, fishing technique articles, fishing-action photography and one-of-a-kind content for your fishing-related newsletter, blog or website contact him today at: lynchlarrym@gmail.com for more free, action photo-packed, South American fishing adventure articles.

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***3 Color Combinations That Drive Fish Wild and Can Help You to unimarter UniMarter
***3 Color Combinations That Drive Fish Wild and Can Help You to Catch Your Limit***

The most successful fishing lures seem to imitate natural forage either in size, color, action, sounds or a combination of these. Some color schemes may also promote visibility by providing contrast to existing visual conditions that the fish (not you) have. This may help explain why seemingly ?strange? or ?unorthodox? color combinations catch fish. We don?t see what the fish see. The lure presentation must entice them or there?s no interest on their (and later our) part.Color Combination 1: Red Head with a solid white bodyTo a fish this may appear to be a bleeding wounded baitfish. The white body is clearly visible at a distance and the red head also accentuates the large white eye. The effect is even more pronounced if the lure has a ?wobbling? action imposed on it. If the trolling speed or retrieve is erratic and the lure passes within striking distance of any predator ? Look out! Why should sharks have all the fun?Color Combination 2:
Green Head with a yellow body and green vertical stripesMany salt water baitfish follow this color pattern of a variegated body when viewed underwater. If you scuba then you know what I mean. Some examples include Mackerel, Tuna, Tiger Shad (Sabalo) and many baitfish seen in cover. If the size (from 3? to 5? in length) is imitative of the regional forage and your lure passes through the predator?s ?feeding depth? as it shimmies by ?ole saw-tooth?, you?ll have a fight on your hands before you can say, ?Cahuna en la luna? three times.Color Combination 3:
Blue Head with a blue back and a silver bellyThis is another color pattern that visibly imitates a number of baitfish and adult species. The effect is even more exaggerated if you use large white eyes on your lure. The silvered belly also reflects light from below with every movement of the lure and provides contrast which helps the larger predator fish to see it. Especially a greater depths where light is much dimmer, contrast and reflection are even more important.
By the way, don?t worry about retrieving your lure ?too fast?. Not only can most predatory species can swim faster than you can reel, but some like Tuna, Wahoo, Mackerel and Barracuda, can swim faster than your boat for short distances!Make your own luresIf you make your own lures, it?ll be much easier and much more economical to maintain an extensive variety of lure selections. You?ll also tend not to have heart failure if you lose a lure as it?s replaceable at minimal cost. For some lure styles and color combinations you find that work well, you?ll of course, make up a half a dozen or more so there?s always a supply of your ?old faithful? on hand. It's not all that difficult to do. You can get a line on the basics by reading "Dynamite Salt Water Lures: Make Your Own for 75 Cents or Less Each with These Easy Steps" online at: http: / / EzineArticles.com / ?id=79278Don?t just copyDon?t just copy commercial lures either. Try out new, different and ?unusual? color combinations and styles on each of your fishing trips. Make note of successes (like I have to tell you that) as to site, species and conditions. Make more of that model, a little larger, a little smaller, a bit heavier, etc., to have available for testing in the field. Lure manufacturers sponsor the ?pros? to do this on tour. But if you ?stumble? onto something that?s irresistible you can patent, sell or market your exclusive design. That?s essentially what an elderly Norse fisherman named Rapala did. Ever hear of him?Prof Larry M. Lynch is a bi-lingual copywriter, expert author and photographer specializing in business, travel, food and education-related writing in South America. His work has appeared in Transitions Abroad, South American Explorer, Escape From America, Mexico News and Brazil magazines. He lives in Cali, Colombia, fishes the South American Pacific coast, Amazon and Orinoco River basins for exotic salt water and fresh water game and food fish. For no-obligation information on how to get original, exclusive Exotic fishing stories, fishing technique articles, fishing-action photography and one-of-a-kind content for your fishing-related newsletter, blog or website contact him today at: lynchlarrym@gmail.com for a free action photo-packed, South American fishing adventure article.

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***Fishing Charter
***Fishing Charter "Need To Know"***

There are several elements that go into creating the ideal charter fishing experience. The most important of these elements are not within the control of the charter service, captain, or the customers:THE WEATHER: By weather, I am not just talking about rain, hail, sleet, snow, fog and other forms of precipitation. I'm talking about wind, and its effect on the water. Depending on the boat, the size of the waves will determine if and how far out you can go. This is actually one of the huge advantages of hiring a charter - an experienced captain will save the whole group a lot of grief by knowing when NOT to depart, or setting the proper expectations for the most probable outcome of the trip.THE FISH: Another element that is not in the control of the participants is the condition and location of THE FISH. This is part of the charm and allure of fishing, but it can lead to disappointment, frustration and perceptions of incompetence. Again, an experienced captain can do much to set expectations based on weather, time of day, and permitted types of fish most likely to bite for the conditions, but ultimately you must realize it's the fish that control this part of the equation, and have been known at times to be somewhat unreliable.Now, on to variables we can control, and the more you know about them, the better decision you can make about your prospective captain and accommodations.THE BOAT: This is more than a hull displacing enough water to keep you from swimming. The size, power and hull design of the boat combine to determine the limits of the trip. For example, a 32 ft Sport Fisher will carry 6 guests, will cruise at about 20 MPH, and often cannot proceed because the sea conditions seem to frequently exceed its capabilities by 1-2 feet. That means the happy party met at the dock for no good reason. Contrast this with a 27-ft Catamaran, which can also carry up to 6 guests, cruises at about 35 MPH, and slices comfortably and safely through much heavier seas than the standard ?V? hull craft can handle. The huge bonus here is the speed - you spend much less time shuttling out to and back from the fishing spots, and much more time actually fishing. If you look at this whole proposition in terms of fishing time per charter dollar spent, you quickly realize that for twice the fishing time, the type of boat makes all the difference. One other advantage - on those days when it is just not possible to get offshore, the shallow draft of the catamaran gives you the opportunity to fish in the bay system. A word about safety - again the newer catamarans have all the advantages with unsinkable foam-filled hulls and twin outboard motor redundancy - much safer than the bigger inboard boats that try to convince people that size equals safety (which can sink in seconds), and much safer than the boats with inboard gasoline engines that have earned a bad safety reputation for blowing up.THE CAPTAIN: Experience, intelligence, personality and certification are the keys to success. It's difficult for you to assess a potential captain's experience and intelligence, but you can get some clues. Have him talk to you about trips he has cancelled and why. Have him talk to you about the kinds of fishing locations he will be taking you to. Ask him how many years he has been doing this. With these simple questions, you can get a pretty good idea about experience and horse sense, and you will have talked with him enough to find out if his personality is the kind that will knit a group together for a good time. You will also ask about Coast Guard certification, which is required of any charter captain.Now I'll rate some of the other amenities:AIR CONDITIONING: While we are all used to this convenience, in practical terms, it is pretty useless in the fishing charter context. First, you are on the water, and there will usually be a breeze. It's a lot more tolerable than being on the land. Second, you can only air condition a closed space, and closed spaces generally make people sick in an ocean environment, no matter how cool they are. Also, most air conditioned areas of fishing boats don't give you a view. You have to ask yourself why you wanted to go on this trip, and then decide if this is really important to you.SHADE: This is important, even if you bring SPF 3000 sunscreen and wear a hat, you need a place to get out of direct sunlight.TOILET (Head) - Unless this is a total frat party, this is usually a good idea.Things you need to be aware of:SIZE OF PARTY: Generally, more intimate groups have more fun than larger groups. Think about it: You stay more connected to a smaller crowd, and the captain has more of his personal time to share with fewer people.CAPACITY: This is usually expressed in terms of ?average sized people?. Weight is of primary importance for the comfort and safety of everyone, especially on the smaller boats. If the people in your party are exceptionally husky, you might want to drop the count by one. Consult with the captain if you have any concerns. NOTE: Often, you'll see the boat rated by the manufacturer for 10 people, but the limit imposed by Coast Guard regulations on the same boat for charters may be 6.WHAT'S INCLUDED? - Usually everything needed to fish is included - rods, reels, bait, ice chest (for fish), instruction (if you want / need it).WHAT'S NOT INCLUDED? - food, drinks, fish cleaning (often offered as an extra option for ?tips?).REFUND POLICY: You need to know what this consists of, because of the uncontrollable variables listed above. If you are happy to keep the outing going when seas are too rough to go offshore, and you want to be able to convert to bay fishing, make sure that's an option.DEPOSIT: Most fishing charters will require a non-refundable deposit of some kind, because the company or captain has already committed resources to you that have to be taken off the market. This is a part of the deal. You need to get comfortable with it.GRATUITIES: Your captain will provide you with the best time he knows how to deliver. If you think he did a good job, an appropriate tip is customary and is always appreciated.I hope this outline of what goes into a successful fishing charter trip has been of some use and interest to you.Kent Walters is loosely affiliated (as a customer) with Captain Anthony's Fishing Charters in Freeport, TX, a fishing charter service that has been in operation in the Freeport / Galveston area for over 7 years. Captain Anthony Blewitt hails originally from England, and has a delightful ?Crocodile Dundee? style of relaxed competence - Coast Guard certified and passionate about fishing. If you are in his area, there's no need to look any further. If you are not in his area, look over his website, and look for someone playing the same general tune.See http: / / www.freeportfishingcharters.com. For additional resources, articles and a web directory, see http: / / www.fishingcharterinfo.com

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***How to Cook Wahoo*** Wahoo! I have to admit, I love the unimarter UniMarter
***How to Cook Wahoo***

Wahoo! I have to admit, I love the name of this fish. I also love how it tastes.Wahoo is not exactly the cheapest fish in the seafood market, nor is it one that?s always readily available. There are two reasons for this that I?m aware of:1) Wahoo is in high demand from seafood connoisseurs who prize it for its delicate, white, high-quality flesh.2) Wahoo is a real loner among fish. It rarely schools with others of its kind, so fisherman are lucky to ever find more than one or two in any given haul. Solitary individuals are generally taken as a ?bycatch? with tuna and other large species.As a side note, wahoo is a very fast running fish?some say the fastest fish in the world. A few people have claimed that its name comes from the shout of ?Wahoo!? by those fishermen who manage to hook one. (Others say, though, that it comes from the name of Oahu, one of the Hawaiian islands.)Wahoo can reach up to 6 feet in length, and weigh up to 100 pounds, so a single fish--if and when someone is lucky to find and catch one--can provide a good deal of meat.You can bake or grill wahoo and it will make a fine meal either way. Baked Wahoo Ingredients3 lbs. of wahoo1 cup mayonnaise2 tablespoons lemon juice1 tablespoon lime juice1 / 2 cup pickle relish2 tablespoons chopped chivesDirectionsMix mayonnaise, lemon and lime juice, pickle relish, and chives. Coat the fish all over with this mixture. Wrap fish in aluminum foil. Bake for 1 / 2 hour in oven preheated to 350 degrees F. If fish does not appear to be thoroughly cooked after 1 / 2 hour, bake for another 10 minutes.Simple Grilled WahooIngredients4 wahoo steaks1 tablespoon olive oil1 / 2 tablespoon lime juice1 tablespoon lemon juice1 tablespoon paprika1 teaspoon crushed red pepperDirectionsWhisk together olive oil, lime and lemon juice, paprika, and red pepper in a small bowl. Place wahoo in a dish. Pour the marinade mix over the fish, place in refrigerator, and let stand for half an hour. Remove wahoo steaks from fridge, remove from pan, and grill directly over charcoal for 15 minutes, turning once during that time. You can use the leftover marinade mix to baste the fish while it is grilling.Sarah Sandori is the food and entertaining columnist for the Solid Gold Info Writers Consortium. Have you ever wanted to be able to exactly duplicate a favorite dish from a favorite restaurant? Check out Sarah's article where she reveals her source for the most mouth-watering secret restaurant recipes in America: http: / / www.solid-gold.info / most-wanted-recipes.html

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