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***Bad Back Problem Solved*** I am 2m tall (6.6? in imperial unimarter UniMarter
***Bad Back Problem Solved***

I am 2m tall (6.6? in imperial measurement)
Therefore the World is not designed for one as tall as me.
I have had back problems all of my life because I simply grew too fast and then found that every chair or seat provided for me by my school or my workplace, the bus , the train and then of course the dreaded aero plane was too small or had no legroom. I have a particular problem with trying to sit sideways to allow my knees the opportunity to bend normally. How many flights have I endured walking around and standing in the cabin suffering from an aching lower or upper back, observing the little guys swinging their legs in the air in long leg seats! How do they get those chairs? I have been at the head of the check in queue on many occasions just to reserve a good seat on an exit or front row, to no avail. ?Oh I?m sorry Sir, those seats are reserved already?. How do they do that? Then I find either a short guy or cabin crew has them!Well if you are as tall as I am, you?re probably saying to yourself, ?Yep been there?So what has all this to do with solving the back problems that many of us endure? Nothing really, I was just giving you an insight into how life affects me and taking the opportunity to have a moan at an airline or two. Back problems can affect all of us the long, the short and the wide. Obviously if you complain to your Doc about a pain in the back your Doctor will tell you to lose weight if you are a little heavy, and yes it will give you back pain if you ask your spine to carry extra weight for which it is probably not designed for. However as I said I have had trouble for the last 30 years so I am probably an expert on back pain!Let me share a simple trick with you which you can practice whether you are infirm or a growing teenager on a daily basis for 4 minutes of your morning!Five years ago I went to see a chiropractor in Stamford England called Soren and he was a wonderful Dane. (Please notice I did not say Great as it doesn?t quite have the same ring!) He cured me of the particular problem I had that month and then surprisingly let me into a secret. Maybe he didn?t realize what he was giving away as I have not been back to him or any other professional since!I have passed this ?Secret? on to many people over the years, but most find it so simple that they don?t believe it can work for them. It does. The young especially are a fickle lot. I have to disagree with the song by Coldplay, ?When I was a young boy I tried to listen? because most of them don?t. Neither do the most of the older generation as they believe they are too old to take advantage of it or they know it all anyway. They do not.
So I thought I would save it for my Grandchildren as they will have an aptitude to listen for a while.Then yesterday I watched some sport on TV. It was a Rugby match in France. The kicker was about to take a shot at converting a goal kick. Well they can take a long time to concentrate on their work and the opposition players were just leaning on each other and generally waiting for what was an easy kick. One player however caught my eye as he was practicing my exercise! So someone else listened! Obviously he felt a twinge somewhere and he performed the one exercise that could unlock his temporary problem. There it was, he was leaning against the very post the kicker was aiming at and performing the ?Secret?. Please don?t get this wrong, you don?t need to be fit to do this exercise and you wont break into a sweat either, so this can be done anywhere at anytime by anyone.So I thought why not post an article on the internet and tell the World.
Well the trick is we are not naturally built to sit on chairs of any design. We stiffen up, at any point during the day we all stretch to try and straighten those back muscles and pop a few vertebrae back in line. That?s all fine but the problem wherever you have it, whether in the neck the shoulders the middle or the lower back all comes from the lower lumbar region and the hips.You all have seen pictures of our Chinese friends, in their suits and ties, exercising before work in the morning in the squares of Hong Kong without causing a sweat. After this article gets published I expect to witness a new phenomenon especially in the squares of London and New York! Perhaps it?s just as well that white collar workers don?t wear hats any longer.
So here we go. Stand still supporting yourself on a wall or another person, or something. Swing your other leg gently to and fro in a straight line as if kicking a ball but with a straight leg. There should be no effort it is supposed to be done gently. Just remember a straight line and as far as you can stretch without any pain for say 2 minutes. The leg should swing like a pendulum on a clock. Then change legs and do another 2 minutes on the other one. That?s it, that?s what the rugby player was doing and that is exactly what Soren taught me. I do this every morning and I have to admit I also do it in the swimming pool which is even better but you can do this whilst standing on the subway, on a train or waiting for a bus.So come on let?s see the World exercising to Soren?s secret everyday and attempt to stop the majority of back pain forever.Woops! I have just realized that if we do this all over the World many Chiropractors and Osteo practitioners may lose a lot of business, but save the rest of the World a lot more time in which to enjoy themselves.Hugo Raymond
http:www.mypropertypal.comhttp: / / www.mypropertypal.com

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***The Bird Flu Mystery Explained*** It?s not hidden how th unimarter UniMarter
***The Bird Flu Mystery Explained***

It?s not hidden how the bird flu (H5N1 virus) has spread all over the globe and has killed many people. And no doubt, bird flu is a very fatal disease. It was first found in Hong Kong and from there spread all over the world like wildfire. It has made hundreds of people sick and more than half of them have died and yet those who are still alive are poorer than the dead ones! Why..?Because.. No one wants to meet them as it can spread from human to human too..! There is no hope for them..! They are suffering from pain? Well, the common belief is that there is no cure to it and that?s why many people have died or are suffering from it. But if you'll keep an open mind and give me a few minutes of your time right now. There is a guaranteed path to protect yourself against this killer virus and save the life of your loved ones!The Bird Flu or Avian Bird Flu has experts concerned about a possible worldwide outbreak. The estimates are coming across that up to 100 million people could get infected and die. The last 'flu' affecting the world was the Spanish flu of 1918 which killed 50 million. Since this is not a question of if but more of when this pandemic will occur, many people are trying to find ways to prepare their families for an outbreak. Experts say humans will pass it to each other which will spread the flu like wildfire.Many people are looking to store vaccines and tamiflu to prepare for the outbreak in their country. This might sound like a good idea but be premature. Factors such as storage, source and administering are clouding how the supplies should be used.teksty new book has been published called The Bird Flu Mystery with the latest information about truths, misconceptions and myths about the bird flu. Read more about the Brd Flu Mystery at http: / / BirdFluMystery.com

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***Bird Flu Origins*** I am often asked,
***Bird Flu Origins***

I am often asked, "where did Bird flu come from." There really isn't a definitive answer, a variation of bird flu has probably been around since the dawn of humankind in one form or another. The first known avian influenza virus was identified in Italy in 1878 as a ?serious disease of chickens?.
In Hong Kong 1997, the H5N1 strain of avian influenza virus was first documented, when it caused severe respiratory problems in 18 humans, of whom six died. teksty total culling of all chickens and removal of chicken meat from all markets in the area was supposed to put a stop to the virus, however less then 6 years later in February of 2003 another outbreak of H5N1 killed 1 person and sickened another in Hong Kong.
Recent research suggests that the Spanish flu of 1918 was a mutated form of the H1N1 virus, the name associated with the then current Bird Flu mutation. Two teams of scientists conducted this research.
One led by Sir John Skehel, director of the National Institute for Medical Research in London and another by Professor Ian Wilson of the Scripps Research Institute in San Diego.
They used a sample of lung tissue collected from the remains of an Inuit woman, in Alaska, who died during the 1918 Spanish flu and DNA samples from the remains of solders who died during world war two of the disease.
The two teams analyzed the structure of the gene and discovered how subtle alterations to the shape of a protein molecule had allowed it to move from birds to humans with such devastating effects.
Since the Hong Kong strain of the bird flu in 1997 was reported, tens of millions of birds have died of H5N1 influenza and hundreds of millions of birds were culled (slaughtered and disposed of).
All evidence suggests that if in fact the H5N1 virus were to mutate into a human transmittable disease, somewhere around 150,000,000 human deaths directly due to H5N1 infection (or two to three percent of the world's human population) would occur.John Thompson
Research agent for http: / / www.avianinfluenza.org
Your source for Bird flu, Avian Influenza information.

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***Flu Dead Reveal Ghostly Secrets To Save The Living!*** As unimarter UniMarter
***Flu Dead Reveal Ghostly Secrets To Save The Living!***

As the dreaded bird flu spreads it's sub-microscopic virus tentacles across Asia, and makes an unwelcome European appearance in Romania and Turkey, scientists have returned to the past. They seek to unearth the hidden secrets of the dead in order to hopefully save our generation.The Spanish Flu or Great Influenza Pandemic killed as many as 40 to 100 million people globally during 1918-1919, and then mysteriously disappeared. The greatest plague in history decimated mankind – claiming more lives than the Great War.The social effects were extreme and horrific, due to the speed of the epidemic. AIDS killed 25 million in its first 25 years, but the Flu Pandemic may have killed more in only 25 weeks, beginning in September 1918.The sufferers were "tortured" by the virus, as it consumed their life force. Victims bled from their eyes, mouth, nose and ears. Skin, starved of oxygen turned blue, so that doctors were unable to distinguish between Europeans and Afro-Americans.It is possible that the stresses of combat, possibly combined with the effects of chemical warfare, may have weakened soldiers' immune systems thereby increasing their vulnerability to the influenza disease and accelerating its spread. Certainly the close, confined quarters and mass movement of troop ships and vehicles returning from the war fronts, advanced the flu process. Tragically those soldiers that survived the horrors of war, then fell to an "unseen" enemy.Now, in October 2005, scientists claim they have found that the avian flu that's emerging in the Far East shares some of the same genetic characteristics as the flu virus that caused the 1918 pandemic.Understanding what made the Spanish flu so virulent and lethal, may lead to new vaccine targets and antiviral drugs that might protect and treat people should the avian flu H5N1 (bird influenza) become a pandemic.Scientists are building protein-coding sequences of the 1918 virus. Samples of the virus were obtained from the lungs of victims bodies, exhumed from tombs in the UK, USA and the permafrost of Alaska."Using these materials, we have been able to piece together the entire genetic coding of the 1918 virus" said Study co-author Dr. Jeffery Taubenberger, chief of the department of molecular pathology at the U.S. Armed Forces Institute of PathologySo as the experts search the dead for answers – and race for vaccines and cures, we living can only wait, watch and prepare as we remember the warning issued by The World Health Organization's Klaus Stohr during 2004: "There is no doubt there will be another pandemic. The number of people affected will go beyond billions because between 25 percent and 30 percent will fall ill. Pandemics occur when a completely new flu strain emerges for which humans have no immunity. An influenza pandemic will spare nobody. Every country will be affected..."Arthur Craig Miller is a medical writer and researcher. He became interested in the common cold and flu cure, after almost losing his child to a near fatal lung disease. teksty staunch advocate of the ColdARREST™ 3 minute drug-free procedure. Breaking influenza news, help and treatments – website – video - RSS / XML feeds:
http: / / www.common-cold-cure-influenza-flu-vaccine.com / spanish-influenza.html

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***Italian versus Spanish Design*** I recently worked as Spe unimarter UniMarter
***Italian versus Spanish Design***

I recently worked as Special Features Manager for two lifestyle exhibitions, and as part of my brief, I had to deliver catwalk design shows for both a Spanish and Italian show.The Italian show, Viva Italia, was a huge success, easy to source designer outfits - we had some fabulous clothes and everyone fell over themselves to show on the catwalk. There was a huge enthusiasm amongst retailers, designers and models. Everything was enthusiastically received by the viewing public and for the next show, I have people lining up to take part. Everyone in the fashion industry are proud to be Italian - I can't wait until the next show.The Spanish show, Viva Espana, was still a great success, but it was so difficult to source designs that were Spanish. I contacted the PR teams who mostly came back with a resounding 'No'. Why? They want to be seen as International Designers. Refusals from Adolfo Dominguez, Mango and Zara were a huge surprise to me, as their clothes are very popular and would have been wonderful. Thank goodness for the wonderful PR team for Armand Basi - they were warm, friendly and incredibly helpful. Why are the Spanish not proud of their designs? Any ideas?Pam Bates
Special Features Manager, Viva Espana / Viva Italia 2006

#VivaEspana #VivaItalia #Italianfashion #Spanishfashion
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***Cell Phone and Children!*** I just heard from my sister i unimarter UniMarter
***Cell Phone and Children!***

I just heard from my sister in the U.S. who wished me a Happy New Year. She told me that my soon-to-be 14-year-old nephew got a cell phone for Christmas. I am trying desperately to understand this.To give you a little background, I worked for A.T. & T. when they unveiled this amazing technology. I can still remember the material the company put out about cellular phones. I was simply amazed. I remember thinking this invention could be a wonderful help for people.The group of people I thought would benefit most were doctors. They could be called and would be able to give medical advice and instruction at a moment?s notice. The old way was inefficient and slow. Doctors had to answer a pager, get to phone, find change or fumble with a phone card (which was always expired), and then call the hospital. Meantime, Mrs. Johnson had to deliver her own baby because Dr. Abdul wasn?t able to get off the Interstate to answer his page.Now, doctors, the group which benefits from this Star Trek technology, can be called almost anywhere on the planet. Mrs. Johnson no longer has to have her babies by herself. Although other professions most certainly benefit from this wonderful advance in communications, it was the medical guys that first popped into my mind.But, a 14-year-old boy? Cell phones for children? I find this idea almost impossible to grasp. I would love to tell you that giving cell phones to minor children is an idea limited to the decadently overindulged Americans and that Mexicans would NOT commit such a horror. But I would be lying. In this small, colonial Mexican town, where you simply could yell out the window if you needed to communicate (who needs phones, anyway?), Mexican parents buy their teenage (and younger) children cell phones.Why? Why? Why? Someone tell me why!So, in trying to figure this out, I want to run some reasons by you about why an almost 14-year-old child might need a cell phone.? The New World Order (a.k.a. King G. Bush the First) is run by immature and unthinking children who have formed a secret society called The Children and Crossbones. This has to be the case since no thinking, mature adult would have our country in the toilet that it is in now. The kids control everything and everyone. They have to have their cell phones to keep in close and intimate contact with whomever they need to direct.? Doctors are now graduating from Medical School at the age of 13 and have to have those unbearable cell phones to save their patient?s lives. They are the new generation of Dougie Howser, M.D.? Every child you see with a cell phone?and I mean every child without exception?has such personal family problems that a parent might have to call them at any moment and say, ?Quick, take a cab to the hospital! Granny is on her last leg!?? The CIA (and right now, this might be the most believable of these options) is run by 13-year-olds. They have to call in their spying reports and could not do this without their wonderfully annoying cell phones.? All the 13-year-olds with cell phones are actually members of the American Press Corps (another possible idea considering the state of the American press) and have to have cell phones to call in their stories.As much as I would like to believe one of these scenarios as a possibility, I am afraid the truth is that unthinking parents give their children cell phones as status symbols.No child needs a cell phone! Not one!Just like upper middle-class Americans think they need to drive huge, gas-guzzling SUV?s because the Jones?s have one, they think their little Buffys and Chads need to have cell phones.Because all their friends have cell phones, they have to have them too.Freelance writer, Syndicated Columnist, and book author, Doug Bower, has written a compelling new book titled, AMERICA'S ANTI-MEXICAN XENOPHOBIA. Have you wondered if the Minuteman Project is really on the "up and up"? Have you wondered if they represent all that is good and right with America?paragons of patriotic virtue? Doug Bower may have the answers you've been looking for. FREE CHAPTER: http: / / www.lulu.com / content / 140958

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***Foreign Language Software - Learning Method Breakthrough*** unimarter UniMarter
***Foreign Language Software - Learning Method Breakthrough***

Everyone is now affected by the information age, and the extensive benefits seen through internet, cell phone, and other communication usage. Connectivity has allowed business to span the globe at an unprecidented rate. It has become increasingly easy for people to connect with one another on a whim. The connection is the easy part; why should language be a barrier?Communicating with others that speak another language can be very cumbersome, unproductive, and increasingly frustrating. Although you may have information to share, or business to conduct, you are unable to clearly communicate.The most effective tool in communication is language, and those able to speak to others in their native tongue are at a huge advantage. The amount of information that can be shared by people speaking the same language, and with communication tools at their disposal, is staggering.Many individuals perceive learning a new language as a major task, but this belief is somewhat unfounded. With the correct tools, structure, and guidance learning a new language can be fun and rewarding.Turbo Language LLC. has conquered the challenges presented when teaching a new language. After extensive testing, the method preferred by Turbo Language is a flashcard based learning style focusing primarily on vocabulary and phrase building. The unproductive and distracting animations and games associated with most language programs are a thing of the past.For individuals or groups interested in enriching their lives and increasing their business worth, Turbo language is essential. The product benefits are many, including ease of use, concise teaching, portability, and affordability. Language software ranges from $30.00 to over $700.00, and Turbo Language being priced at $49.95 provides anyone interested in bettering themselves an opportunity impossible to ignore.Having been in the industry for some time now, I am very impressed by this product's ability to teach anyone interested in investing approximately 2 hours per week. Do yourself a favor, and visit Turbo Language to download your copy today!Product download, free trial download, additional information and benefits can be found on: http: / / www.turbolanguage.comJeremy Brinker - Foriegn Language Specialist

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***Why I Hate Computers, The Internet, and Mr. Bill*** I hav unimarter UniMarter
***Why I Hate Computers, The Internet, and Mr. Bill***

I have been meaning to write this column since the day I first bought a home computer in 1993. It probably was getting online that first prompted the desire to write this. What has been keeping me from writing this column until now is that every time I made an attempt, I would dissolve into a pool of tears and end up on the bed uttering vile profanities.But here I am. I am bucking up. I am finally going to write this column. Maybe I should call it, ?Why I hate computers, the Internet, and Bill ______!?Let me first ask you something. If you spent a small fortune (and in 1993, computers cost a lot) to buy a high tech piece of equipment, wouldn?t you expect it to work? If you bought, let?s say, a brand-new Sony flat-screen television set, wouldn?t you expect to see The Guiding Light (or whatever program was your pleasure) when you hit the power switch?What would you think if you hit the ?on? button and the television just sat there doing nothing except making clicking sounds and scary humming noises? What would you think if you tried changing channels but only got a nicely-written message saying that the channel you selected is no longer in existence (and furthermore never had existed)? What would you think if you turned on the satellite only to get an error message telling you that you don?t have an account and if you ever had one, it has expired?These are very legitimate questions. They get worse. What if you have been struggling with this wonderful, high-tech, never-before-has-the-world-seen-such-a-marvel television for years and years? What if you hit channel 4 but you get channel 4,450 instead? You call tech support and they tell you that your television isn?t programmed correctly. The geeks at Sony television lead you on a three-hour wild goose chase of fixes, after which they proudly announce that they have to be gods because they have miraculously cured your technical problem and your set will now work. Only, when you try it, it still does the same stupid thing.Excuse me if I am wrong here, but when you pay a fortune for something that is supposed to do that for which it was designed, shouldn?t it do exactly that?I about blew my flash memory when I read that Microsoft is releasing a new Windows Operating System.But?but?Mr. Bill _____, why doesn?t the one I have work? Why not make the one that currently exists and tortures everyone all around planet Earth work? Why not end my suffering with the one that presently sits on a desk in my house and works only when it wants to?Here is a problem, one that is probably all too familiar to you readers. I have had this problem for years with all the computers I have owned. Upon occasion, but not always, when I attempt to download the Windows Updates (which should be called The Windows OS killer!), they download and install nicely. Then it gives me the fatal, murderous message, You now must restart your computer.When I do this, it causes some kind of ?feedback loop? that makes my computer recycle FOREVER in the start-up mode. It never does anything but make a lot of noise, then reboots forever and ever, Amen!It sounds, acts, and looks like what I can only imagine what a hard drive must go through when it is having cardiac arrest or a stroke.If Sony television sold TVs that pulled this sort of nonsense that Mr. Bill ______ and his wunderkind geeks pull, they would soon not be selling many TVs.What are we, the consumers, to do? We keep buying and buying and buying PC?s with OS?s that consistently do not work!I have owned many computers since my first one in 1993. I have friends, co-workers, and colleagues who have owned many PC?s since PC?s were first born to make human?s lives miserable. All, and I mean all, have conspired to torture me and my friends with what is touted as ?The Mother of all Operating Systems?Windows!?Why do they want to release another Operating System when the one they?ve presently got does not work? Now, all of you reading this know that what I am writing is true. I am most certainly preaching to the Windows OS choir.Windows OS works when and if IT wants to.Not only that, with every single new, off-the-shelf computer I have ever bought, I have had to spend an additional amount of money in software just to get the OS monster to work right. With the computer I bought in Mexico, I had to buy software for virus protection, firewalls, registry cleaners, file deletion, error nuking and fixing, defragging, and more.You know this is so because you have had to do the same thing!So, there, I have said it and do not feel one bit better. I do not know who to be madder at?Mr. Bill ____ of Microsoft or myself for my insistence in buying PC after PC.I wonder if I can get a MAC in Mexico?Now excuse me, please, while I start crying and fall on the bed.If you are considering retiring or expatriating to Mexico then you need to read our book, THE PLAIN TRUTH ABOUT LIVING IN MEXICO. As an incentive to read this book we are offering a special deal. Buy our PRINT book and get 2 eBOOKs absolutely FREE!Buy my book, THE PLAIN TRUTH ABOUT LIVING IN MEXICO at:
http: / / www.zyworld.com / theolog / Special_Offer / Home.htmThen send me the receipt from Amazon.com that you bought the book and I will send you--via email--two FREE eBOOKs...One about learning Spanish and the other about living Central Mexico. I will send them to you as PDF eBooks and instructions on how to read them with your Adobe Reader.That's right--buy ONE book and get TWO free!!!For full details Click on this URL: http: / / www.zyworld.com / theolog / Special_Offer / Home.htm

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***Butterfly Jigs Create Buzz with American Fishermen*** A b unimarter UniMarter
***Butterfly Jigs Create Buzz with American Fishermen***

A big buzz within the fishing community that is spreading like wildfire is deep
jigging with the new "butterfly" jig. Deep jigging has always been a very
productive way of catching fish at all levels up and down the water column.
Large heavy bucktail or nylon jigs were typically the angler's choice of tackle.
The jig was allowed to fall to the bottom and then worked back up to the
surface.Recently, one of the leaders in cutting-edge fishing tackle, created a new series
of metal jigs that have really taken vertical jigging to the next level. These jigs
are widely known as the "butterfly" jig because of their distinctive flutter-like
zigzag motion produced under the water. The jig moves this way because of
the unique way the lure's edges are cut. Because of the sporadic movement and
action produced by the "butterfly" jig, it entices fish to strike more often than
traditional deep jigs.What people may not know is that it is the entire fishing rig set-up that makes
the "butterfly" jig so effective. In addition to the "butterfly" jig, anglers also
need to have the correct action rod and reel and also use braided line. This
style of fishing originated in Japan and was recently introduced to American
anglers with great enthusiasm and success.The "Butterfly" jig was most recently featured on ESPN2's number one fishing
show, Spanish Fly, with Captain Jose Wejebe. Since the airing of the show,
many intrigued fishermen are asking when the "butterfly" jig is going to be
available in stores. Good news to anglers, it is coming very soon and they
should check their local bait and tackle stores.To find out more about "butterfly" jigs and perfecting one's deep jigging
technique, please visit Captain Jose Wejebe's website at http: / / www.spanishflytv.com?Troy Denson 2005 http: / / www.BoldWater.com

#butterfly #jig #fishing #tackle #new #deep #jigging #Spanish #Fly #Jose #Wejebe #bait #metal #angler
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***Life in Mexico: Why Retire Here?*** Every year, more and unimarter UniMarter
***Life in Mexico: Why Retire Here?***

Every year, more and more people choose to spend their retirement years in Mexico. Some only live for a month or two south of the border while others pull up stakes in the USA and make the move permanent.Why choose Mexico? Why not just stay in the old hometown where everything is familiar?Retirees choose Mexico as a place to live for several reasons.Some want a new challenge in their lives after years of the daily grind. Learning a new language, experiencing a new culture, and meeting new people keep the mind active and give you a new perspective on life.Many want a break from harsh winters or blistering summers so they spend a few months in Mexico and the rest of the year in the States. Mexico provides a wide variety of climates so everyone can find the perfect locale to match his wishes. If you want to escape cold, snow, and ice during the winter, Mexico's beaches await your pleasure. If you want to leave hot, humid summers behind, Mexico's mountains provide a cool respite.Yet others choose to spend time in Mexico for financial reasons. With the skyrocketing cost of living in the USA, many retirees discover their Social Security benefits, pensions, and investment incomes (if they are fortunate to have them) cannot support them in the States. More and more retirees find they have to work, at least part time, after they "retire" to meet expenses. This prompts many to look for a less costly place to live.Almost everything in Mexico is less expensive than in the USA. Unless you want to live in a pricey resort area (and even there, you can find bargains) or only buy imported products, you will see your retirement funds stretching much further in Mexico. Some people find it is possible to live on 25-50% less than the amount they need in the USA.Finally, some retirees dream of living in a foreign country but don't want to be too far away from friends and family in the States. What better place is there than Mexico? International airports abound in Mexico so you can return home in just a few hours. Many retirees find they see their friends and family more often after they move to Mexico because their new, exotic location is a desirable vacation spot.If you want a new life after retirement; a life that is affordable, interesting, and fun; why not give Mexico a try?Expatriates Doug and Cindi Bower have successfully expatriated to Mexico, learning through trial and error how to do it from the conception of the initial idea to driving up to their new home in another country. Now the potential expatriate can benefit from their more than three years of pre-expat research to their more than two years of actually living in Mexico. The Plain Truth about Living in Mexico answers the potential expatriate's questions by leading them through the process from the beginning to the end. In this comprehensive guide, you will learn not only how-to expatriate but will learn what to expect, in daily life, before coming to Mexico. BUY BOOK HERE: www.universal-publishers.com / book.php?method=ISBN&book=1581124570

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***The Best Hotel Experiences in Valencia*** During my first unimarter UniMarter
***The Best Hotel Experiences in Valencia***

During my first visit in Spain, I stayed in Marina Atarazanas Hotel in Valencia for one week. I had friends who went with me in that summer escapade, but they stayed in a different hotel. Some of my friends also have relatives living in the nearby areas so they just settled with them instead of renting. As a whole, my one-week stay in Valencia was great and unforgettable because it was my first time. You know, when it?s your first time to go to a certain place, it?s always incomparable and special.I can say that this hotel has an advantage when it comes to its location because it is situated at the entrance of the port. So for any visitor who would like to see the beautiful sea and nice view, it?s a no-brainer to pass on this hotel. Compared with any other hotels in the area, this hotel has an excellent architectural design. This amazing design is a combo of glass and concrete, black and white, and wood and stone. This design alone is enough to satisfy any visitor, even those with the most discriminating taste. Visitors will also feel delighted with the hotel rooms? amenities and features like plasma television, wireless internet connection, and many others. They will also love the hotel restaurant located at the first floor which serves several Mediterranean cuisine.On my second visit in Spain, I decided to stay in Hotel Vincci Lys in Valencia because I want to try something new. I could say that my stay in Hotel Vincci Lys in Valencia is so great and unforgettable, that I would always want to come back over and over again. It?s great that all kinds of shops, restaurants and buildings of cultural interest are within the vicinity of the hotel that lies right in the center of Valencia. Inside the hotel, it is very pleasing to see the elegant and attractive decors that will definitely brighten up your day. The hotel also provides comfy and big rooms fully equipped with the most modern facilities intended to satisfy even the guest with the most discriminating taste.The hotel has different features to make your stay even more comfy. The hotel has Almud? restaurant, the Micalet Bar, a meeting room, a car rental, a laundry service, a room service, visitor information, and wireless internet connection throughout the establishment. Also, visitors can relax and enjoy at the Modariz Spa, where there is a sauna, a hot tub, and a massage parlor. It also offers hundred comfortable rooms, each with spacious ensuite bathroom featuring bathtub, hairdryer, and telephone. The hotel rooms have an air conditioning, direct dial telephone, safe, wireless Internet network, a mini bar, a television with Canal Sat?lite Digital, pay-per-view movies, radio, and heating. Aside from this, the visitor can also take advantage of the hotel secretarial, interpreting, translation, and banqueting services.For more details about spain and spainish hotels, you can visit http: / / www.exploring-spain.com /

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***La Cinuelica: A Typical Spanish Urbanisation*** North Eur unimarter UniMarter
***La Cinuelica: A Typical Spanish Urbanisation***

North European TV has been littered with ?live the dream? TV shows for several years now, with examples of prices and locations throughout the world, where we can have a second holiday home or even move to a sunnier climate permanently. This has inspired many North Europeans with the notion that you no longer need to a millionaire to own a second property abroad.Spain has become the favourite choice to have a second home, because of its climate, its location and up to recently cheap property prices. But in reality the dream that we often see on these TV shows like living in white washed villages or in a remote finca or in a villa by the sea, is not what most people end up buying in Spain.The most common purchase has been of apartments or a house within a modern housing estate, which are called urbanisations.La Cinuelica in Los Altos just south of Torrevieja is a typical type new Spanish urbanisation. It may look different and have different types of property, but the principles of everyone living together in a community is the same here as every other urbanisation in Spain.When the builders have finished building not only, the houses but also the swimming pools, gardens, car parks and roads, it has to be handed over to the community. By that time the community must have elected a president and at least 2 people on the committee to act on behalf of the residents to say whether they are happy to take over the community at this time and that the quality of work is up to standard.Once this is all handed over, the responsibility of the pool and its surroundings becomes the responsibility of the community, so it is normal for rules to be set at this point, like what time any noise must stop, when the pool will be locked, what kind of building work can be done on your house etc. From now on you can?t just decide you want to change the colour of you gates, house or do any building work without the agreement with the community. The community agrees the rates charges, which includes waste collection, pool maintenance and all utilities. Compared with the rates system in the UK, it is much cheaper at about 20% of the charge. Some urbanisations are too big for one community so there are often several, there are likely to be around 18 communities on La Cinuelica urbanisation as there are 18 bocks of houses planned each with a pool and separate gardens.Ironically most of the coastal urbanisations are dominated by North Europeans like the British, Swedish, and German with only a few Spanish owners per block, so this new way of doing things can be quite daunting until you see the benefits.Especially now with reportable hundreds of thousands of holiday homes owned in Spain by the Brits alone, you can?t help thinking when the building of these urbanisations will stop. Still everywhere you look you can see the familiar cranes building more homes like La Cinuelica, and this is even when prices have increased dramatically over these last 2 years.There are small signs that the local councils are recognising that building work must slow down with area around La Cinuelica has being given 2 years to be completed and then the builders must move on. For those of us who are already here, this is good news but for those who intend to come in future years, this may mean higher property prices.Mark is webmaster for Home Contents Insurance and Spanish Car Hire

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***Caribbean Travel Guides - Are They Worth It?*** As well a unimarter UniMarter
***Caribbean Travel Guides - Are They Worth It?***

As well as being a raving shopaholic, Jane Morris is also a dedicated Travel Buff. This is just one article on her many visits to the lush clear waters of the CaribbeanImagine all the stories and films you have seen on pirates in the Caribbean, Spanish galleons laden with gold, pretty girls all around, beautiful white sandy beaches, swaying palm trees, clear blue seas, and reefs that have ripped the bottom out of many a fine sailing ship, now beautiful diving territory.Well, this is what makes up the beauty, the mystery, and the attraction for many people as a dream holiday. In fact, there is so much to do that unless you plan your holiday carefully there is so much to miss.That us why it is so important that you know all there is to know about the vacation destination of your dreams - that is exactly what a Caribbean travel guide offers.But are Caribbean travel guides really godsend? Or are they just patronizing materials designed for commercial purposes?Well, they're probably a little of both actually. After all, the people behind Caribbean travel guides do need a source of income in order to continue to publish their guides. But a tremendous amount of research has been placed in these guides so don't dismiss them as useless sales and promotion material.What else is more nifty, informative and convenient than a Caribbean travel guide?Sure, the Internet may prove more updated when it comes to information, but you can't carry the Internet everywhere. And believe it or not, it's always much more gratifying to pull out a Caribbean travel guide from your carry case, flip a few pages open, then slip it right back when you're tired of reading. It sure beats having to wait in the airport, sitting bored silly and wondering whether or not your flight's going to be delayed.That said, don't cling to travel guides religiously. Many travelers make that mistake. They are not the bibles that they are made out to be by some people. You should know that published materials, including travel guides, are out of date the moment they are published, because by then, there would have been new updated material that came up and it would be too late to include them.So, how are you supposed to use Caribbean travel guides then? How would you know which information to believe and which facts are outdated? Unfortunately, there is no exact answer to that. To get the most out of your Caribbean travel guide, use them sparingly for basic orientation.So once you have the basics right down to a tee, go out there and discover the towns and cities on your own. That is, after all, what traveling is all about - adventure and discovery of new things. At the very least, when all other signs look foreign, the information on museums and places of interest are great.Remember where such facilities exist, always try and look for the local 'City' tour. I did just that on my first holiday in Cuba over 15 years ago. After a 2 hour tour on a coach, I was fully oriented with the sites, and then settled down to a delightful tour on foot - clutching my trusty travel guide of course, so I didn't miss any of the delights that the beautiful but run-down city has to offer.However, when it comes to hotels and restaurants, each to his own taste and budget. Remember that bargains rise in price with popularity, so there's every bit of chance that that hot new deal in your Caribbean travel guide isn't much of a deal anymore, considering how pricey it has become. And then sometimes, too, the places get easily full with foreigners and travelers like you, so you can't always expect your Caribbean travel guide to point you in the right place all the time.Then, if you do wander around on your own, you will surely find quality rooms with reasonable prices. They may be located in out-of-the-way places that Caribbean travel guide writers may not know about. Remember that because you in the destination, you are in a far better place to get what you want out of your vacation.So to close it off, don't be a sad type who writes to say that "it wasn't like what you said in the book".Here's a tip: open your eyes, and if the island you are on is Spanish - make sure you can speak some of the local language, as you will get such a nicer welcome from the locals in the infrequently visited spots - and make sure you take your time to explore for yourself!Jane Morris spends all her spare time visiting exotic locations around the world. Her favorite destination is any island in the Caribbean. Her OnLine Guide to the Caribbean can be seen at http: / / www.caribbeantraveller.info /

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***Part III - San Miguel de Allende*** After finishing the P unimarter UniMarter
***Part III - San Miguel de Allende***

After finishing the Part II article on San Miguel, I began racking my brain trying to come up with solutions rather than my usual polemics. I really believe that language insufficiency is a primary reason, if not the sole reason, why little English-only colonies or Mexican-Free Zones form when Americans expatriate to Mexico. The fear of learning a second language is real. It is called Xenoglossophobia.I've written about this extensively in several columns. I have even written an entire book on this subject. Basically, this is a real phobia. It could be the reason so few Americans are bilingual. In America today, less than 9% of its citizens are fluent in another language. In Europe, more than 52% have fluency in another language. Some are multilingual.I went to a university where a Bachelor of General Studies degree program was created for the sole purpose of avoiding taking a foreign language. Now, that is some phobia coursing through America.
From my research for previous articles and for the book I wrote, I've become convinced one reason Xenoglossophobia is running rampant throughout America is methodology. The way in which second languages are taught is so utterly and abhorrently difficult and boring that no one in his right mind would want to engage in this incorrect and archaic method.
Who wants to be handed a textbook, a workbook, a set of tapes, and a few thousand vocabulary words to memorize, and then have someone tell you to have loads of fun? And, let me point out, this is the way in which foreign languages are taught virtually all over the world.Worse yet, when you take Spanish lessons in Mexico at the private schools and in the Universities, the identical methodology is used, only all the instruction is in Spanish! Now, whose brilliant idea was that?Sitting in a classroom where Spanish grammar is being taught in English or Spanish is not going to teach you how to speak the language. It may make you a good translator, but will not, indeed it cannot, develop a high degree of spoken fluency.Some old and outdated science might be the explanation for why second language acquisition is taught to teenagers and adults in such a frighteningly horrid manner. The brain elasticity theory was the concept that as you grow older, your capacity to absorb a foreign language the way a child would becomes increasingly difficult. In other words, an older person's brain is not as able to learn as it was when the person was a child.What the research for the last 50 years shows is that older adults can learn a second language much the same way a child learns his or her first language. Modern diagnostic technology shows the regions of the brain that store languages, speech centers, are not the same regions that store scientific formulas or historical dates.The chief problem with how second languages are taught is the instructors try to pump a load of grammar rules and vocabulary into your short-term memory and hope everything lands magically in your long-term memory. The error is this is not how language is acquired. It is how language translation techniques are learned, but it is not how your first, second, third language is acquired.Language acquisition should be distinguished from language learning.Language acquisition is developing a speech center in your brain so you can go on to learn the grammar rules and more vocabulary in the target language. This is certainly a "which comes first, the chicken or the egg" dilemma.If your goal is to acquire spoken fluency, then you have to engage in a different method than the way Spanish is taught in almost every single school on the planet.The mechanism for acquiring spoken fluency in your native tongue is the identical mechanism for acquiring spoken fluency in a second language. True immersion courses are not--as almost all the schools in Mexico claim--coming to Mexico and sitting in a class where the same material you could have studied in the States is taught, only all in Spanish.That is not immersion."Let me say here that the term immersion is also ambiguous because some courses, as you also experienced, claim to be immersion systems, but in fact are grammar-translation courses taught in concentrated periods of time. The term immersion, as it is used in second-language learning, refers to massive amounts of input with meaning, similarly to the way we are exposed to and learn our first (native) language."Input first, and output second. This is so key to your understanding. This means that long before you begin trying to use the language, output, there needs to be a period of time, just as children do before speaking, in which you listen, input, to meaningful dialogue in the targeted second language. This, I remain convinced, is the reason for the lament that you hear so often,"I've tried learning Spanish and just can't. It's too hard."
You've got to resort to methods that mimic the way in which you acquired your native tongue. They are out there. You can get them.It is amazing so many people believe there is some hocus-pocus magic in coming to Mexico to study Spanish. There isn't any magic. Acquiring a high degree of spoken fluency in a second language is a process that is as natural and normal as the way you acquired spoken fluency in your native tongue.There are no shortcuts.I received e-mail from a woman in San Miguel asking my advice on how to find a community in which she could absorb the local culture. The issue is one could do that in San Miguel if one acquired a high degree of spoken fluency in Spanish.The San Miguel de Allende Mexicans I know and with whom I've spoken?your neighbors--are waiting for that very thing.Think about it!THE PLAIN TRUTH ABOUT LIVING IN MEXICOInstant Download
http: / / www.universal-publishers.com / Merchant2 / merchant.mvc?Screen=BASK&Store_Code=upublish&Action=ADPR&Product_Code=1124570PDF&Attributes=Yes&Quantity=1Expatriates Doug and Cindi Bower have successfully expatriated to Mexico, learning through trial and error how to do it from the conception of the initial idea to driving up to their new home in another country. Now the potential expatriate can benefit from their more than three years of pre-expat research to their more than three years of actually living in Mexico.http: / / www.zyworld.com / theolog / amazon2 / Page3.htm

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***The Insiders Guide To Secretly Enjoying Spain*** With eve unimarter UniMarter
***The Insiders Guide To Secretly Enjoying Spain***

With every airport in the world now seemingly built to the same template, it is all too easy to fall into the trap of not observing the culture and behavior of the people of the lands we visit.But beware - this is how not to get the most out of your travels. I know many of us just go anywhere there is sun, sand and cheap plonk, but believe me, you will be missing a lot of fabulous experiences if you don't look that little closer at the people and the culture of where you visit.Also, if you are going to a 'foreign' speaking land, try to learn at least a little of the local tongue - you will be amazed how delighted people are when they hear you - perhaps very haltingly - respect them by trying to speak their language. In fact, for those of you that go to my World Travel site, you will notice that I have provided the opportunity for people to view this site in eight different languages.That being said, when traveling to Spain, be prepared to indulge in a variety of culture and traditions. With its many regions, each with its different government and ways of doing things, travelers to Spain will sure be treated to a plethora of rich sights, sounds and experiences.Within Barcelona, one the world's famous tourist destinations, travelers to Spain will find the openwork spires of the El Templo Expiatorio de la Sagrada Familia or the Church of the Holy Family.The neo-Gothic architectural masterpiece known for its undulating curves and flamboyant design was the personal obsession of Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi y Cornet just before he died in a trolley accident. Travelers to Spain's Barcelona will also find the paved thoroughfare Las Ramblas leading to Plaza de Catalu?a fascinating.In the oldest section of the city, travelers to Spain will get to see the Church of San Pablo del Ocampo and the Gothic Cathedral of Santa Eulalia, which is a monument to Christopher Columbus. In Barcelona, the Barri Gotic and the red brick Arc del Triomf can be found. Both were designed by Josep Vilaseca.Travelers to Spain will love touring Barcelona's finest educational and art institutions. Among them are the University of Barcelona, the Autonomous University of Barcelona, the Royal Archives of Aragon, the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Ancient Art, the Museum of Modern Art and the Contemporary Art Museum.To repeat, when in Barcelona, be sure to walk La Rambla. Sooner or later, every visitor joins the locals swarming day and night down La Rambla, the most famous walkway in Spain. Start from one of Barcelona's beautiful Squares, and walk down a whole cacophony of little shops, bars restaurants, until you meet the magnificent harbor area.Madrid, the capital of Spain, is a city known for its nightlife. Travelers to Spain will be entertained with its bars and summer terazas. Areas of note are the Chueca and the Circulo de Bellas Artes where travelers to Spain can enjoy relaxing and drinking in its many bars and discotecas. Three of the finest museums in the world can also be found in Madrid. Travel through Spain's art history as you view the country's art collection. Museo del Prado is the most famous of the lot. Travelers to Spain will be able to see in the museum Velazquez's Las Meninas and Goya's Las Majas.The Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, on the other hand, houses Pablo Picasso's Geurnica, a depiction of the Spanish Civil War. Other notable museums that travelers to Spain should visit are the Thyssen-Bornemisza art museum that houses close to 800 paintings; the Lazaro Galdiano Museum; the National Library, which houses every book published in Spain; Museum of Bullfighting; the National Museum of Decorative Arts; and the Cultural Center of Madrid, which contains a theater for zarzuela, Spain;s version of the opera. Of course, no place will compare to the Royal Palace itself, where travelers to Spain can walk through the residential rooms of 18th and 20th century royalty.With its Metro system, most of central Madrid is readily accessible without the hassle of cars and busses. But be warned - pickpockets can be very active in some areas of central Madrid. I had a leather handbag sliced with a knife, and did not even realise it had happened until I went to go for my (missing) phone.Another sight that travelers to Spain should not leave without seeing is the Alhambra Palace, which is perhaps the greatest work of the Moorish art in Spain. Consisting of several courtyards and patios, this Palace in Granada is a superb piece of architectural work with its intricate inlaid walls and ceiling designs.I actually have a number of off-plan properties just outside Alhamba, which is close to one of the best and most southerly Ski slopes in Europe, as well as being just over an hour's drive from the Costa Del Sol tourist beaches.Traveling to Spain will not be complete without visiting Cordoba, a city in the South. Look for the Mezquita, Europe's grandest and most beautiful mosque. Alcazar is another great tourist destination. Now largely in ruins, this Moorish palace was the venue for the Inquisition.So , although many thousands of tourists flock to Spain's fabulous and sprawling beaches - after all they do offer the perfect tourist destination.- there is far more to be enjoyed in Spain virtually at any time of the year.The moral of this story then is - take in more than the tourist view when in Spain, and try to speak at least a little of their language, and see how much more you will get out of that wonderful country.Jane Morris gets intoxicated by the
merest whiff of aviation fuel. Share in her
Travel Buff adventures with
Horizon World Tours

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***Living in Mexico: The Friends of Animals*** If one is not unimarter UniMarter
***Living in Mexico: The Friends of Animals***

If one is not a writer, an artist, or an ESL teacher, just what does an expat find to do all day when he moves to Mexico? You would be amazed at just how often I am asked that question.Many assume life in Mexico would be too boring. In fact, some have come right out and told me this to my face. They think there would be nothing to do with their time. That assumption could be true or false, depending on where one lives in this wonderful country.Many expatriates get involved in something that "gives back" to Mexico. The motive is they don't want to be people who just occupy time and space but want to do "something" that will return the favor to this country for allowing them to live here. In some areas where Gringos congregate, there are all manner of charitable groups in which one can get involved.In the city of Guanajuato, there is a group called, Amigos de los Animales.The harsh reality is that this group is much needed for the sadly neglected dogs and cats. While much progress has been made north of the border in the humane treatment of animals (though constant vigilance is required), south of the border, a different worldview exists about what does and does not constitute the humane treatment of animals.A most difficult adjustment my wife and I had to make when we expatriated here in 2003 was witnessing how people treat dogs and cats. A common thing to see in this city is the roof dog phenomenon. This is so common. For reasons both imagined and real, Mexicans strand their dogs on the flat roofs of the houses and do not always treat them with the best of care.Another hideous act we've personally witnessed is the wholesale abandonment of the animals they perceive they can no longer care for (or no longer desire to care for). Some regard it kinder to "cut the animal loose" on the streets in hopes that it will find a home. They think this is better than having the impossible-to-place pet put down.Some neighbors, an "educated" couple (both had university degrees), thought it appropriate to leave six cats behind in an empty house after they moved out. They expected their landlord to deal with the situation. He didn't. Our landlady had to call someone to come over and turn the animals loose. The poor cats were without food or water.I cannot tell you why so many Mexicans in Guanajuato treat their animals like this. Not all without exception do, of course. However, sufficient numbers do that it constitutes a huge problem in the city.Subjectively speaking, it appears that only a small minority bothers to sterilize and vaccinate their animals. Fewer still will humanely euthanize their animals when they cannot place them elsewhere.Amigos de los Animales (Friends of Animals) is out to change this.This organization is a group of Gringo and Mexican animal lovers committed to doing something about the deplorable conditions many of the city's dogs and cats find themselves in. A nonprofit organization, recognized under Mexican law, this group is dedicated to:? Educate
? Be aggressively involved in the rescue of dogs and cats
? Hold periodic low-cost spay and neuter clinics
? Work towards implementing humane local policies in treating animals.Though they have no shelter, they do work with local veterinarians who provide sterilization and medical care for stray and unwanted pets at a reduced cost. Funds are constantly needed to support this group's efforts. If you are interested in more information about this group and how you can help, please visit their web site at:www.amigosanimalesgto.orgAs Americans, we should not regard how some Mexicans treat their animals with too much contempt. I can recall the situation being much the same in the States. Bad conditions still exist in some areas. The puppy and kitten mills in the Midwest are just as cruel as what you see here in Mexico.We have a friend on a farm just outside where we lived in America who constantly gets dogs and cats turned loose on her property by passing motorists who do not, for reasons unknown, bother to take their unwanted or implacable pets to a shelter to be dealt with humanely.To point fingers and to click the tongue with incriminations is not what works here. What's the point of that time-wasting activity?The solution is massive education, providing affordable health services for the animals, and the last-resort humane euthanization of the pets when they cannot be placed elsewhere or are too ill to continue living.It is a matter of changing a worldview. People always act according to their cultural and personal worldviews. It is time to change it here. It can be done.Amigos de los Animales can do it!OUR NEW BOOKGuanajuato, M?xico--New Book offers survival tips in the Land of FrogsGuanajuato, M?xico ? According to the 2000 Statistical Yearbook of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, published by the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Service, an estimated 300,000 Americans would expatriate to other countries each year between 2000 and 2005. Some estimates predict the number will continue to increase each year after 2005. Americans are leaving the country in droves, most of whom settle in Mexico. The authors of The Plain Truth about Living in Mexico have written a new book targeting a specific area of Mexico where Americans are moving as expatriates, study abroad students, or retirees. This new book is titled, GUANAJUATO, M?XICO: Your Expat, Study Abroad, and Vacation Survival Manual in the Land of Frogs. http: / / mexicanliving.access.to / E-BOOKS
http: / / my.lulu.com / mexicanlivingTRAVEL WRITER E-BOOK
http: / / www.zyworld.com / theolog / PlainTruth / Home.htm

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***An Overview of Bolivia*** One of only two land-locked cou unimarter UniMarter
***An Overview of Bolivia***

One of only two land-locked countries in South America, Bolivia is a mountainous country. Here is an overview of the countryThe official name of Bolivia is the Republic of Bolivia. Bolivia covers an area of 425,000 square miles, a surprisingly large country. The capital is La Paz, which has a population of just over 800,000 people. Santa Cruz is the largest city by population with over 1.4 million residents.The terrain of Bolivia is one of high mountains and plains with some elevations so high as to result in altitude sickness. La Paz, in fact, is located at an elevation of nearly 12,000 feet above sea level. This makes the highest capital city in the world. The climate varies from arid in the high elevations to tropical in lower locations.Historically, Bolivia was considered to be part of Peru during the reign of the colonial Spanish. When Spain was weekend through wars with the French, independence was sought by many of their colonies. In 1809, the country known today as Bolivia declared independence, naming itself after a general of the same name. It took another 16 years to actually gain autonomy from the Spanish.Independence did not bring peace or stability to Bolivia. The country was rife with corruption and coups by various factions. This weakness led to disastrous results during the late 1800s when Chile annexed the entire area of coastline held by Bolivia on the Pacific Ocean. Bolivia has never recovered the land in question and has suffered economically for it.The people of Bolivia are known as Bolivians. The total population for the country is 8.973 million as of the last census in 2004. Growth rate is a strong 2.7 percent per year, meaning an additional 230,000 people may have been added from 2004 to 2005.The ethnic breakdown of Bolivians is 62 percent indigenous and 38 percent European and mixed race. The people primarily adhere to the Roman Catholic faith, but a small Protestant group of adherents is present. The official language is Spanish, with Quechua, Aymara and Guarani indigenous languages also used. The literacy rate is 85 percent. Life expectancy figures are currently unknown.Bolivia is a country that seems to sway between chaos and moves towards stability. The future of the country is hard to predict as there appears to be no steadying influence in the region.Richard Monk is with FactsMonk.com - a site with facts about everything. Visit us to read more about Bolivia.

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***Overview of Spain for Travelers*** A land of romance and unimarter UniMarter
***Overview of Spain for Travelers***

A land of romance and exotic tastes, Spain is a place to be taken in with great gulps. If you are planning a trip, here is an overview of the country.The official name of the country is the Kingdom of Spain. It covers an area of approximately 194,000 square miles. This includes both the mainland and the Balearic and Canary Islands. This total square mileage makes Spain one of the bigger countries in Europe, approximately the size of the combined states of Arizona and Utah.The capital of Spain is Madrid, home to roughly 5.5 million residents. Other major cities include Barcelona with 4.9 people, Malaga with 1.3 million, Seville with 1.8 million and Valencia with just over 2 million residents. The terrain of Spain varies from flat to mountainous. Temperatures range from cool in the winter to baking hot in the summer, particularly in cities such as Madrid, which do not have access to costal breezes.Until 1975, Spain was a functional dictatorship ruled by General Francisco Franco. Following his death in 1975, the Prince Juan Carlos de Borbon y Borbon was named King and Chief of State. He subsequently moved to liberalize the country and assigned an independent head of state that is now an elected official.Spain has been in a near constant state of civil war for much of the last 100 years. Basque factions seek independence from the rule of the King and federal government. This has manifested itself in the form of bombings and such. Barcelona is considered a Basque city, which makes for a major rivalry between the city and Madrid. If you have an opportunity to attend a soccer game between the two, do so! Violence is rare, but the insults are definitely unique.The people of Spain are known as Spaniards or Spanish. The total population is just over 44 million and growing at one percent a year. Ethnic breakdowns are geographically oriented, but include Basques, Catalans and Galicians. The religious tendency of the country is overwhelmingly Roman Catholic.The official language of Spain is Spanish. That being said, Catalan-Valenciana, Galician, and Basque languages form a prevalent minority. Education is compulsory through age 16 and literacy rates are in the 98 percent range.Spain is a unique country. Whereas much of Europe seems to be in a rush to mesh cultures, Spain stands uniquely apart.Richard Monk is with FactsMonk.com - a site with facts about everything. Visit us to read more about Spain.

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***Living in Mexico: The Effects of Tourism*** Have you ever unimarter UniMarter
***Living in Mexico: The Effects of Tourism***

Have you ever wondered if mass tourism actually spoils the very thing it comes to observe in a foreign country? I've been wondering this a lot lately. Does the onslaught of tourists flooding into a particular place to enjoy what that place has to offer end up becoming the source of that place's ruination?This is both confusing and, of course, a bit hypocritical of me, a travel writer, to even suggest. It has, however, been on my mind.More than once, I've met or corresponded with those who have visited my adopted home of Guanajuato because of the articles my wife and I write. Based on our first two books, one couple attributes their moving to Guanajuato to us. So, in a very real sense I am a source of this problem. I am drawing people here. Hypocrisy?Massive tourism can put a strain in the infrastructure of any place. Basic services such as water gets stretched to the max. Water, something Americans take for granted, is not as renewable a resource in Guanajuato as it is in most places in the States.Guanajuato is a mountain desert with a Steppe Climate. It is dependent on the annual rainfall (or lack thereof) to refresh and replenish its reservoirs. The current problem is the last two rainy seasons have not been "up to snuff." The rains have been sadly lacking and now we're in trouble.The influx of tourism this year is making it worse. It seems the tourists just keep coming and coming. This is a good thing for the merchants but how will the city keep the water flowing? Normally, the city implements water rationing measures.The city cuts off the water supply to certain residential areas throughout the city in hopes of conserving water. Rationing in the neighborhoods is even more severe when the tourists come in hordes, straining the system in the hotels and hostels. The city officials cut water off from the residents so the tourists can bathe and flush the toilets.The priority here seems a bit a skewed. Are not the city services meant for those who support these services by paying their taxes? I mean, who should come first, the tourists or the citizens of Guanajuato?One of my wife's private ESL students told her a horrifying example of how this water shortage works:1. They have to take sponge baths with their bottled drinking water that they heat on the stove.2. They have to find a friend or family member somewhere outside the neighborhood with running water to take a weekly shower.3. Her husband and son have to walk to a public water source to fill buckets with water to flush the toilet.This goes on while water for the tourists flows freely. I can guarantee you the tourists don't have to go in search of water to go potty or to sponge out their pits.It would be lovely if there were a steady and renewable supply of water all the time for everyone. There isn't!
And it seems to me that those who live here, who raise their families here, should have priority.The main problem is the tourism season for most Americans and Canadians is June through August. That is our rainy season, and if the rains don't come?there is no water.Would the tourist season suffer? Maybe. But, the tourists would then be able to have an opportunity to see first hand how real Mexicans in Central Mexico are often forced to live.OUR NEW BOOKGuanajuato, M?xico--New Book offers survival tips in the Land of FrogsGuanajuato, M?xico ? According to the 2000 Statistical Yearbook of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, published by the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Service, an estimated 300,000 Americans would expatriate to other countries each year between 2000 and 2005. Some estimates predict the number will continue to increase each year after 2005. Americans are leaving the country in droves, most of whom settle in Mexico. The authors of The Plain Truth about Living in Mexico have written a new book targeting a specific area of Mexico where Americans are moving as expatriates, study abroad students, or retirees. This new book is titled, GUANAJUATO, M?XICO: Your Expat, Study Abroad, and Vacation Survival Manual in the Land of Frogs.http: / / mexicanliving.access.to / E-BOOKS
http: / / my.lulu.com / mexicanlivingTRAVEL WRITER E-BOOK
http: / / www.zyworld.com / theolog / PlainTruth / Home.htm

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***Living in Mexico: Telephones*** A basic service Americans unimarter UniMarter
***Living in Mexico: Telephones***

A basic service Americans have traditionally loved to hate and one about which they complain most vociferously is the telephone. Americans have scorned the phone company for years and yet few would think of living without it. In fact, though we've hated "Ma Bell," we knew that when the chips were down and the service went south, promises to show up to fix it were always honored.We trusted that which we despised.Here in Mexico, it is a different scenario. Many Mexicans still do not have a phone line in their homes. It simply hasn't always been available, even in fair-sized cities. Mexicans would have to go to a store that had banks of phones in small, closet-like booths inside to receive or place calls (for a price).When I was a telephone operator for the infamous Ma Bell, I would place calls to these phone stations. The proprietor would take the name and address of the person my customer was calling and have to send a "runner" to get him or her. Then I would place the call again after an agreed-upon time when the person would show up at the station.When residential phone service did become more widely available, it was still virtually impossible to obtain. This was because a "deposit" (bribe) was required to convince a phone company "official" (Mafioso) to get a phone line installed in your house. Even then it would take years to get it installed in your home. Sometimes more "deposits" were required.What a house rents for in Mexico is often determined by whether or not there is a phone line in the house already. If a phone line is in the house, the landlord can rent it (extortion) for more money.Today there still isn't universal phone line installation in Mexican homes as one finds in the States. Can you even begin to fathom a house or apartment in a fair-sized city in the States not having a phone line? Where would that be?In our present apartment in Guanajuato, there was already a phone line installed. For that reason alone, we snatched the place immediately. When we went to the "State Owned and Operated Tel-Mex" (narcissistic monopoly), they informed us the clearly visible phone line in our apartment didn't exist?naturally!We had to tell our landlady that without phone access there would be no Internet access. Without Internet access there would be no working. Without working there would be no money to pay the rent.Our landlady told her influential husband who knows someone who knows someone who knows everybody (and, by the way, getting along in Mexico is entirely dependent on "who you know") and suddenly a several-year wait turned into a two-week wait. The phone service mysteriously materialized.Some will go down to the Tel-Mex office and offer an "incentive" (bring lots of pesos) to the service guys getting into their trucks in the morning to move their service application to the top of the pile. This strategy apparently works for some with whom I've spoken.With the difficulty involved in obtaining service, try to imagine what happens when that service goes out on you. Try to imagine just how quickly Tel-Mex moves to come out and repair your lines.I will soon be able to tell you since our service suddenly, without a storm, without warning, stopped working.It will very likely take Divine Intervention to get our phone turned back on.As an American expat living in Mexico, you will sooner or later reach the point of giving up and giving in to a fact of life in Mexico. Problems in Mexico get solved when some mysterious, unknown force?totally outside you?decides to solve the problem. Solutions will never come before that point.You can do nothing about it but sit and wait. If it gets fixed, then it gets fixed. If it doesn't, then it doesn't. Do nothing but give in to this. The Mexicans say:"Ni Modo."THE PLAIN TRUTH ABOUT LIVING IN MEXICOInstant Download
http: / / www.universal-publishers.com / Merchant2 / merchant.mvc?Screen=BASK&Store_Code=upublish&Action=ADPR&Product_Code=1124570PDF&Attributes=Yes&Quantity=1Expatriates Doug and Cindi Bower have successfully expatriated to Mexico, learning through trial and error how to do it from the conception of the initial idea to driving up to their new home in another country. Now the potential expatriate can benefit from their more than three years of pre-expat research to their more than three years of actually living in Mexico.http: / / www.zyworld.com / theolog / amazon2 / Page3.htm

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***Working In Costa Blanca*** There are many North Europeans unimarter UniMarter
***Working In Costa Blanca***

There are many North Europeans especially the Brits who dream of a better quality of life.
We go on our holidays to sunnier climates to get away from he wet and cold weather back home and to experience the more relaxed life of other European countries.The Costa Blanca in Spain has been especially popular for several decades now, with a great climate, cheaper living and now many low cost airlines flying there. Whilst Lying on the beach or chatting over lunch in the many outside restaurants, inevitably the subject of what it would be like to live out here crops up. No more wet and cold mornings, a better quality of life, more time with family, cheaper living, less importance to belongings the list goes on and on. Many have now left their country of residence bought or rented a property and have decided to take on this new challenge in life. After all, we only live once.But living the dream does not always live up to the holiday. Take Costa Blanca for instance. This is one of the most popular destinations for starting a new life. Many believe that they can find work with their existing skills, but this is where reality hits home. Spain's average wage is about one third less than say UK, there is still a high unemployment rate and the Spanish expects to work linger hours than most of northern Europe. So whenever a job does become available, there are plenty of Spanish already there to fill the position. The Spanish will accept a lower wage, know the hours they will be working and of course will be able to speak the language and know the Spanish system of doing things.What tends then to happen for us visitors, is to work for themselves or work for their own expatriates in services such as Air conditioning, security grills, satellite TV but again there're are so many people doing this now that it becomes difficult to start up and your pretty likely to step on someone's toes. Many buy a bar in the hope to be more successful than the last owner, but the Costas now have an abundance of bar owners who would love to sell up if they could and only a small percentage of owners are actually living the dream.So if you are determined to leave your country and head for the Costas and intend to work there, here are a few tips.You must speak the language fluently. Knowing few words is not enough.
Have a skill that is in demand. Just being a builder is not enough; being a very good builder may swing it.
Expect a much lower wage that your home country.
Expect to work longer hours or at least have your day split up with siestas time in summer.
It is only likely you will get a job if there is not already local Spanish worker to do it. However this may work in you advantage if you are employed by a fellow countryman.
Get a job before you move out. Do not go through the learning stage when you get there.Many have found themselves doing work they never did in their home country this may also be an option for you. If you were a secretary and would short hand well in English, you may have some way to go to do the same role in Spain, no matter how good you are.
If your expectations are low and preparation and planning well executed you could be one of the more successful families than move there every week. However if you that think just by applying for a job like you would in your home country, will get you the same job, you should think again.
Good luck!Mark has a second home in Spain but is also webmaster for several websites including Home Contents
Insurance and Elephant Insurance and Credit Card Deals

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***Learn Spanish In Spain*** While there are many approaches unimarter UniMarter
***Learn Spanish In Spain***

While there are many approaches to learning a second language, nothing can beat visiting and studying in the country where that language is spoken. Daily immersion in language and culture is the key to gaining real proficiency in any language. So where better to learn the Spanish language than in Spain itself! Spain is a fascinating and diverse country with friendly people, fantastic food and an astonishingly rich cultural heritage.Spanish is the third most widely spoken language in the world after English and Chinese, and is the official language of around 30 different nations, the majority of which are located in Central and South America. While good language schools are found in most Spanish-speaking countries, Spain is an excellent choice for anyone wishing to learn Spanish. The original home of the language and culture, Spain is a country of distinct regions each very different from the other. Learning Spanish in Spain is by far the most effective and enjoyable way to truly master the language.Learning any language in the country where it is spoken is easier and more efficient, any invariably results in better outcomes. You get to know a people and a culture, as well as a language. Language learning involves much more than simply learning grammatical structures - real fluency involves learning to communicate with the people that speak the language. By speaking and listening to native Spanish speakers in real-life situations every day, you learn how to think and behave in Spanish.Spanish language schools are located throughout Spain, from world-famous Barcelona in the north-east to Granada in the south. Choice of location is one of the most important factors in deciding which language school to attend. In the process of acquiring real language proficiency, time spent outside the language classroom is as important as time spent in class. In larger cities, language programs frequently emphasise amenities and activities but, depending on class sizes, may neglect individual student learning needs. While there may be no shortage of cultural activities and museum visits in large cities such as Madrid, Barcelona or Seville, more intimate cultural experiences are far more likely to be found in smaller towns and villages. It is also much easier to fall back on speaking English in the larger cities, which of course defeats your original purpose entirely!Throughout Spain, English is less commonly spoken in smaller towns and villages than in cities. In such locations, it is almost impossible not to speak the language you're there to study. Generally, people in the more rural areas of Spain will be quite honored that you've chosen to learn Spanish in their home town and will tend to be more welcoming, making it easier to establish lasting friendships and feel at home.The type of Spanish language program you opt for will of be determined partly by your specific needs. There are many different types of program offered by language schools in Spain, including general Spanish, Spanish for business, Spanish for academic studies, and Spanish for art courses, music, design and culinary arts.Whichever program you choose, there are several features to look for which are shared by all good programs: flexible, communicative instruction methodologies, a friendly atmosphere, personal attention, enthusiastic and qualified teachers, small groups. Depending on your requirements, the program should also provide a language qualification recognised by national and international colleges and universities.In summary, to get the most out of an Spanish language program in Spain, seek out language schools with qualified native-speaking teachers, small groups and programs providing opportunity for individual student attention. Excursions and other extra-curricular activities are important elements in any cultural program, but they should not crowd out real language learning which always occurs best in smaller, more intimate contexts. Whatever happens during your time in Spain, the most important thing is of course that you thoroughly enjoy your language learning adventure! At the end of the day, you will learn much more much faster if you are happy with your program and enjoying yourself!Miguel Scaccialupo writes regularly about Spain Tour and Portugal Tour topics, and regularly reviews Online Spanish Course programs.

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***Living in Mexico: My Wife Was Attacked*** In our first bo unimarter UniMarter
***Living in Mexico: My Wife Was Attacked***

In our first book, "The Plain Truth about Living in Mexico," I wrote a chapter about crime. In that chapter, I tried to drive home the point that by "comparison," Mexico is safer than the United States. I quoted FBI statistics and stories to make the point that Americans, when regarding crime in Mexico, needed to have a little perspective.I no longer hold that view.Statistics and proclamations to get a little perspective become nothing but empty words when someone you love, like your wife, gets attacked by a Mexican male.My wife was assaulted.My wife was walking home from the store in the early evening when she became aware someone was following her. She was being stalked. She didn't know exactly when the guy began following her. At some point, he was walking parallel to her on the opposite side of the street.She had her hands full of plastic shopping bags and momentarily struggled with them. That's when the freak-a-zoid asked her, "?Puedo auydarle?"?Can I help you? She replied politely, "No, gracias."A polite reply, from a woman walking alone, was probably not a good idea according to the experts. That's how a predator gauges vulnerability. But, my Beloved, the epitome of politeness, raised in a "Heidi of the Himalayans" family could give nothing less than a "Sound of Music" polite reply.She turned off the main street onto our cul-de-sac.That's when he struck.The assailant ran up behind her and grabbed her breasts. That's all he did. Thank God! It could have been much worse. He then took off.I don't know which is more upsetting: the fact that it happened or that this changes our entire worldview of Mexico. Statistically, it is safer here. These sorts of attacks are rare. Our neighbors were shocked when we told them. Everyone tried to comfort us with, "It rarely happens here?"But, "it rarely happens" is absolutely meaningless when it happens to you.The small central Mexican town, Guanajuato, where we live has fallen from grace. Where we once felt safe, we no longer do. We can no longer boast that a woman, alone, can walk the streets safely?day or night!I will have to adjust what I wrote in our book in its next edition.I suppose I expected more out of Mexico. Call me whatever you wish regarding my naivet?. I reasoned that a country in which the Judeo-Christian Ethic has not been extinguished by the secularization that killed America's ethic probably would not have the same events one hears in the American news reports every day.Statistically, it is true.But, to my wife's attacker, the Judeo-Christian Ethic?or any ethic?meant nothing. Wait, apparently he had an ethic that gave him permission to violate my wife.He violated both of us.Statistics? Stories? Comparisons?I was wrong.I will never again underestimate this culture.Never.DON'T FORGET OUR NEW BOOKGuanajuato, M?xico--New Book offers survival tips in the Land of FrogsGuanajuato, M?xico ? According to the 2000 Statistical Yearbook of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, published by the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Service, an estimated 300,000 Americans would expatriate to other countries each year between 2000 and 2005. Some estimates predict the number will continue to increase each year after 2005. Americans are leaving the country in droves, most of whom settle in Mexico. The authors of The Plain Truth about Living in Mexico have written a new book targeting a specific area of Mexico where Americans are moving as expatriates, study abroad students, or retirees. This new book is titled, GUANAJUATO, M?XICO: Your Expat, Study Abroad, and Vacation Survival Manual in the Land of Frogs. http: / / mexicanliving.access.to / E-BOOKS
http: / / my.lulu.com / mexicanlivingTRAVEL WRITER E-BOOK
http: / / www.zyworld.com / theolog / PlainTruth / Home.htm

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***Your Car is in Danger in Spain Part Two*** Your Car in Sp unimarter UniMarter
***Your Car is in Danger in Spain Part Two***

Your Car in Spain
(Part 2)
More Trouble on the CostasIn Part one we dealt with a new Spanish law change, obliging car owners who are driving in Spain on UK or Irish number plates, to change to Spanish plates within 30 days. This rule actually applies to residents but not to non-residents who may use their car for 6 months of any year in that country.
However Spanish Police are not really too worried about drawing a difference between the two and are very happy to impound any car for a week until you can prove which you are!
As a non-resident you need to carry all your vehicle documentation and a document in Spanish explaining you are a tourist staying in the country for less than 6 months, may help solve a volatile situation.
For residents there is another danger lurking amongst the ex-pat population. Just when you think you are receiving good information about your car and its future in Spain, you could be lured into an information trap. There are now ex-pats offering the service of conversion of non-Spanish car to a Spanish registration. This could be a genuine offer. It might not be!Janet Long moved to Malaga in the Spring. She drove her car out last month and was made aware of the law change on number plates by an English friend who did not know all the facts but put her in touch with someone who did! She had heard that this chap could do all the paperwork for her and change everything over to a Spanish registration for about 550 euros. Paul Meadows was an ex-pat who had lived in the area for many years, he had many jobs in his life and knew his way around the local police stations and tax office. He offered to help Janet with her problem and indeed confirmed it would cost little more than 550 Euros. He advised her to go to the local British Consulate and obtain an importation certificate for 36 Euros and have her passport stamped. Then she needed to go to her local Town Hall and obtain a ?Padrone?, a certificate showing she was a resident in her local Authority. He offered no help in these matters and it proved fairly difficult to obtain the ?Padrone? and took her a whole day! Then Paul suggested he would order the new lights for her car, a Chrysler Voyager.One day later he called back. The lights were more expensive than he had thought and would cost 950 Euros plus fitting. The bill was likely now to be 1500 Euros. A week later he rang again and said the additional MOT paper would cost another 100 Euros and that VAT would be payable. Yes you can calculate like me that Janet is now in for 1600 Euros. The day of the appointment came and Paul rang again to advise her to bring at least 2000 Euros in cash so that there would not be any problem! Later that day the final bill came to 1864 Euros.When I caught up with her last week it was too late and it had all been done, and so had she!The British Consulate advised me what a person should do if they wished to convert their car to a Spanish registration. Yes you need their import declaration form, the ?Padrone? and a valid MOT certificate which would only be given if the correct lights were fitted. Armed with all this documentation Janet should have gone to the local Tax office and submitted her case. Having bought the new car one year ago in a legitimate deal in the UK she had paid English VAT and purchase tax, she had the bill of sale and the DVLC document which she had filled in to state that she was exporting the car to Spain. (After this DVLC would have no further interest in the vehicle.)The Spanish tax office would agree that tax has already been paid and that the British Consulate had checked that she was a declared bone fide UK citizen. Her document would be further stamped.At the Traffic department with all these documents, she could obtain her Spanish registration and her number. Back to the Garage to fit the new plates and she was done! This sounds horrendous, but it?s not, just a few days of your life, which someone may charge a fee to help you achieve or a Spanish speaking friend can hold your hand.It?s that fee really which worried me. I checked with the Chrysler dealer in Malaga. The price of 2 new headlamp units was 800 Euros total. The price fitted was 850 Euros, 30 minutes work and fairly charged at a minimum hourly rate. The labour carries VAT at 16%, 8 Euros. The MOT should cost no more than 150 Euros depending on whether there is other work involved.
My maximum estimate for the total was 1050 Euros.You may draw your own conclusions.Hugoraymond@mypropertypal.comhttp: / / www.mypropertypal.com
http: / / www.UKinSpain.com

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***Life in Mexico: Water, Water Everywhere But Not a Drop to Drin unimarter UniMarter
***Life in Mexico: Water, Water Everywhere But Not a Drop to Drink***

In the USA, we take it for granted that we can go to the sink for a glass of water anytime we are thirsty. We don't have to wonder if the water is clean or if it is safe to drink. We don't even wonder if it is available. It is just there whenever we need it.This is not so in most of Mexico. The water is not safe to drink, it is not always clean, nor is it always available. Whether you move to Mexico or just come for a visit, you will have to break your habit of drinking water straight from the tap.So, if you cannot drink the water in Mexico, how do you get water for drinking, cooking, and brushing your teeth?Residents use one or more of the following methods:1) Boil ? In my research, I have discovered a wide
range of opinions concerning the length of time necessary to make the water safe. Some say letting the water come to a rolling boil is sufficient. Others say the water must boil anywhere from five to forty minutes. I personally don't use this method here in Guanajuato because the high mineral content of the water gives it a metallic taste.2) Purification drops - These drops, usually
iodine or chlorine, are sold in most grocery stores. The directions are printed on the label.3) A water filtration system ? You can buy an
inexpensive unit that attaches to the faucet or a more expensive whole-house unit.4) Bottled water ? You can go to a neighborhood store
and buy bottled water. However, these five-gallon jugs are quite heavy. I cannot lift one to carry it across the kitchen, let alone carry one from the store to my house (especially up a long flight of steps!). Fortunately, the water companies in Guanajuato send their trucks around the streets to deliver water. The employees walk through the streets shouting, "Agua" and the name of the company. I call out the window to get the employee's attention and tell him how many jugs I need. He brings them all the way into my kitchen for me. Though the delivered water costs more than the same water at the grocery store, the difference in price more than makes up for the hassle.DON'T FORGET OUR NEW BOOKGuanajuato, M?xico--New Book offers survival tips in the Land of FrogsGuanajuato, M?xico ? According to the 2000 Statistical Yearbook of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, published by the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Service, an estimated 300,000 Americans would expatriate to other countries each year between 2000 and 2005. Some estimates predict the number will continue to increase each year after 2005. Americans are leaving the country in droves, most of whom settle in Mexico. The authors of The Plain Truth about Living in Mexico have written a new book targeting a specific area of Mexico where Americans are moving as expatriates, study abroad students, or retirees. This new book is titled, GUANAJUATO, M?XICO: Your Expat, Study Abroad, and Vacation Survival Manual in the Land of Frogs.http: / / mexicanliving.access.to / E-BOOKS http: / / my.lulu.com / mexicanlivingTRAVEL WRITER E-BOOK http: / / www.zyworld.com / theolog / PlainTruth / Home.htm

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