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***How Do I Love You, Let Me Count The Ways, Here's How I Do It A unimarter UniMarter
***How Do I Love You, Let Me Count The Ways, Here's How I Do It At Solutions Ink !***

Having been in business for over 20 years I sit marvelling at the change of business. I first started out of University working for a large Canadian Bank. Each account manager had a secretary and the norm was seeing many bank employees with ten, twenty and even thirty years of dutiful service to their employer. Most of the account managers got nominal raises each year and for the most part they were very uncomfortable with computers or technology. If you look around at bank employees today, there are very few employees with over 5 years of experience. All employees are very comfortable with technology and computers. E-commerce and internet banking are very common. There are very few secretaries, and account managers do all their typing for correspondences by themselves. Stock options and performance bonuses are the norm. We have turned into the me generation, where we'll stay with the company as long as it's good for me. Like wise the companies today keep their employees until it doesn't suit their needs, quickly offering severance packages rather than being saddled with an unwanted employee.Is this really the wave of the future? Having left the large corporate world to start my own business in printing and promotional products, I watch as entrepreneur after entrepreneur tell me that the hardest thing to find, is good people to work for them. Being in this business I interact with all types of businesses both large and small in industries like education, fashion, finance, manufacturing, technology, accounting, medicine, pharmaceutical as well as the appliance industry. Technology is plentiful and you can find a multitude of softwares to run your business properly. Finding and retaining quality employees is the challenge. I decided that if I found that individual that I would do what I could to retain them. This mean't flexible hours, understanding personal problems and listening to constructive criticism. Giving the possibility for advancement to make employees look at their jobs as careers and not transient stops along the way, has also helped me retain my employees. Bosses today must treat their employees with respect and look at them as part of the puzzle rather than the last piece of the totem pole.Now that we have dealt with employees, how should we deal with customers or clients? The answer in my opinion is listen to them. Don't push something down their throat. What's good for one may be totally wrong for someone else. Don't be dogmatic. Flexibility and speed to react are key to any growing business. Service, service and service will help you retain accounts. As loyalty has become a relic term, and competitive pricing has become the norm, service and the ability to make your customers feel that they are special, will play an increasing important role in growing your business. Rest assured that the only guarantee you have in business is that no matter how hard you try, no matter how right you are in decision making, customers will come and customers will go. Learn to utilize your time effectively. If you lose a customer a wise business practice would be to try to find out why? Once you assertained the reason, see if you can rectify the problem. If after a couple of unsuccessful attempts you have made no progress, Move On. Wasting too much time could devistate your business further. Regroup and try to figure out how you can replace this customer and attract even more new ones. Business is business, try not to take it personally. Living and learning is your best education. If you need help or advice give me a call at 514-337-2238 or visit my web site at Solutions Ink, if I can help it would be a pleasure to help others as many people have helped and advised me.Steven SchneidmanSteven Schneidman has a B.A. in Psychology and an MBA in finance. He has worked a s a University Professor of Finance and worked for a large Canadian Bank before launching a successful printing and promotional product company.

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***The Art of Giving Great Service*** Sales is tough to get unimarter UniMarter
***The Art of Giving Great Service***

Sales is tough to get right, and depends on retaining those customers, yet people do it badly and unprofessionally all the time. It's really not difficult to learn the art of good service, and if you get it perfect, you will see those rewards.Let's look at an example of service from my point of view:I usually buy a sandwich from one place only. I always go there, as I get top services and the sandwich is nice. I could go anywhere, but I choose to go to this place.Price has nothing to do with it. I can get a sandwich cheaper elsewhere, but the reason that I don't go elswhere is so simple, and it's scary that so many businesses fail to capitalise on this easy technique. The answer is that the guy knows what my order is I only have to walk in and they prepare my sandwich without asking what I want. I suppose speed of service is part of it - never much waiting in there but it saves me from repeating my order every time I want the same thing.It's a nice little touch which is highly noticable by customers. Nothing major, but it shows they care about what they do. They are serious about service and yet it appears effortless, as if they aren't trying.That's the secret of service. Make everything effortless in the customer's eyes.About the AuthorDavid is an author, website promotion experthttp://www.eventdomain.co.uk*You can freely use this article for content purposes, but you must include the resource box and our weblink. Many Thanks!

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***Information Products as a Way Out*** Many information pro unimarter UniMarter
***Information Products as a Way Out***

Many information product authors look at booklets, audio CDs, workbooks, ebooks, and the like as a way out. It's a way out of earning money in exchange for time. It's a way out of certain aspects of customer service. It's a way out of having to be articulate and brilliant every waking moment. It's a way out of keeping someone else's schedule.In lots of definitions, yes, it is a way out. And, like everything else, it needs to feed a part of you in order to sustain you and it. For you, it may need to be interesting, lucrative, motivating, comforting, easy, varied, unlimited, and a few other things. Only you know (or discover) what those requirements are.It reminds me of the whole conversation about whether a move to a new location or a change in a relationship is going from or going toward something. I've done both and you probably have, too.Developing, marketing, and selling products might look like a way out for you if you're feeling limited and burdened by either a solely/primarily-service business or by being employed by someone other than yourself. No question that there are many rewards in product development. Don't be surprised, however, when you notice that it could be just different challenges, easier challenges, more satisfying challenges, and challenges nonetheless. These challenges are probably a whole lot more manageable.Repurpose your knowledge into hard copy and digital products. Start today with one product and let your imagination and your market guide your way out of limitations and toward endless possibilities.Visit http://www.tipsbooklets.com for sample tips to get you started on the next part of your journey. Paulette Ensign has personally sold over a million copies of her own tips booklet without spending a single penny on advertising. Find out how.

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***Are you Ready for Start-up Financing The Marketing Plan - from unimarter UniMarter
***Are you Ready for Start-up Financing The Marketing Plan - from a South African Perspective***

Marketing Mix:1. The product and service to offer your customers.2. How you will make your products available to your customers.3. How you will communicate the benefits of your products and persuade customers to buy them.4. The price that you will charge your customers.This is called the marketing mix. It consists of everything you can do to influence the demand for your products or service. Every entrepreneur must develop his own marketing strategy on the basis of these four elements.1. PRODUCT/ SERVICE2. PROMOTION3. PLACE4. PRICEThe entrepreneur has control over the marketing mix and can vary it to suit the needs of his customers and the resources of his business. Customers are continually matching their need with the products offered by your competitors. You know your target market and their needs and from analysing your competitors you can identify what they offer the consumer through the marketing mix. This determines what your marketing mix and your competitive advantage will be. All of the marketing mix elements must reinforce the image of the product or service that the business portrays to the potential customer.Product / ServiceA trade mark is used to distinguish a product or service from similar competitive products. Trade marks facilitate the identification of products at the point of sale and ensure the customer of a uniform quality product. Product sale also relies heavily on a good trade name, consumers usually associate a quality product with a quality name. Selecting a good trade name needs to be based on a few simple guidelines. It may tell something about the product (Rent-a-Car), try to keep it as simple as possible spelt and remembered easily (Ford), it may indicate high quality (Exclusive Cars), it could indicate a personal name (Johnnie Walker), it may also be a foreign name ( Nestle, Lux).Trade marks facilitate product diversification. A new product can be added with ease to a known product line as compared with one which has no trade mark. Packaging your product is an important aspect for most products. A well designed, attractive package can help catch the customers eye and boost sales. Product packaging is important to the consumer, especially tamper proof packaging, protection, storing and physical handling of products. Aspects such as safety, convenient sizes, hygienic storing and convenience of re-use are important. Effective packaging is a highly rated tool to attract consumers and to help retailers to realise maximum turnover.PromotionAdvertising on a regular basis is a critical element in sustaining a healthy, growing, vibrant small business. Because the lifeblood of every business is sales, the typical small business cannot prosper without a unified advertising programme. advertising can be an effective means of increasing sales by informing customers of the business and its goods or services, by improving the image of the firm and its products or by persuading customers to purchase the firms goods and services.Adverts encourage customers to visit the companys shop, in turn boost sales of merchandise. The entrepreneur can create consumer interest by advertising how their goods may benefit them. Once a small business establishes a solid reputation in the business community, the entrepreneur must use advertising to maintain an adequate volume of sales. Manufacturing businesses use adverts in trade journals and newspapers or direct mail campaigns to sell the company name and product line. Creating a good image will help sales representatives to close the deals. Engaging in a certain amount of institutional advertising designed to inform the public about the company, also called attitude advertising is also sometimes useful. Attitude advertising creates public awareness of the business name as well as its services or products, creating goodwill and customer confidence.There is no single formula for determining the ideal advertising medium to use, but there are several characteristics that make some media more suitable than others. But first consider the following questions:1. How large is your business trading area?2. Who are your customers and what are their characteristics?3. What are your budget limitations?4. Which media do your competitors use?5. Is continuity of your advertising message important?6. How much does the advertising media cost?Whatever your advertising media is depending on the above questions an effective advertising budget has to be established. The most common method is the simple percentage-of-sales-approach, which relates advertising expenditure to actual sales results. Most small businesses find it useful to plan their advertising expenditure on a monthly basis, and a simple calendar will help. Usually 6% of potential sales is a good start to work out your monthly budget. (FORMULA: Potential sales x 6% of sales = budget. e.g. $8000 x 6% = $480).Place You have told your customers how your products or services can satisfy their needs and what benefits they can offer them. Now, you have to make your products available to them. If you do not plan to start a business that you can operate from home then locality can be critical. Depending on the nature of your business and the products or services you sell will determine your locality. For example, plumbers are contracted by phone and work is performed on site. a hairdresser, travel agency or barber shop needs to locate themselves in high traffic areas to sell their products or services.PricingOne must consider what the customer is willing to pay and what the customer is likely to expect for that price. The price must be set high enough to cover costs and low enough to attract consumers and generate adequate sales profit. Pricing is a complex matter, visiting the Turtle Herb Estate website you will find articles specifically about pricing and various ways to price your products or services under advertising and marketing.http://www.turtleherbestate.co.za where you will find Global solutions and ideas.
Turtle Herb Estate Holdings consists of 3 forward thinking entrepreneurs with expertise in marketing & DTP advertising, farming culinary and medicinal herbs, web design and online marketing, horse breeding (sport horses),animal health products, import and export, engineering and industrial design (water solutions), arts and crafts. With a combined wealth of 80 years experience in various lines of business, we embrace a holistic approach to entrepreneurship.

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