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***How Well Do You Know Them?*** It is often said that it is economictips UniMarter
***How Well Do You Know Them?***

It is often said that it is not who you know that matters, it is who knows you. Well I would like to extend this statement by saying that it is not only who you know and who knows you, but how well do you know them and they you?In business, networking is the ultimate form of promotion. It can help you to obtain new clients, a new job, or even help you to move up the corporate ladder. It is the process of building relationships. Any time that you attend a meeting, trade show, or a social function, you are networking whether you realize it or not. It is the relationship that you have with people, a prospect or a client that makes the difference between success and failure.Often we fail to realize the reasons that we have for doing business with an individual or a company. In the case of products that we regularly buy, what helps us to make the buying decision? There are those that will buy a specific brand of product because they trust that brand to be of a high quality or durability. There are others that will make a buying decision based on price, although this is less frequently the case. Often we simply do business because we feel good about it. In fact most purchases or decisions to do business are based on two things. Trust and comfort. Trust is a very intangible emotion or feeling. How do you measure it? How do you develop it?Trust is measured by the feelings that are generated by a process of letting someone get to know more about you than just product, features and price. I know a gentleman who provides a seminar on selling to C-level executives. He says that to sell to the C-level executive you have to be more than a salesperson selling a product or service. To sell to the executive level, you have to be more of an advisor. You have to find needs other than the ones that you can fulfill and help them to fulfill these needs. In doing this, you become a "trusted advisor". They feel "comfortable" that you have their interests in mind more than just making a quick sale and a commission.In our daily process of seeking prospective clients, do we often just look for a person to pitch, or do we spend a bit more time getting to know them before we try to sell?When we take the time to know a persons desires, dreams, and needs, and make an honest effort to help them realize that these things are important to us, we are really on the fast track to doing business with them. We are building the trust, confidence, comfort level, and most importantly the relationship that is needed to not only make the sale, but to create in them a resource for endless referrals.As we go into the community meeting people who are prospective clients, we should keep the following in mind. The customer is a person just like me. The customer has needs other than the one that I can fulfill. Until I understand what the ultimate goal or dream of the prospect is, I cannot fulfill it with my product or service.Selling and networking are about relationships. You sell in everything that you do whether you realize it or not. The time is now for more effective selling. Change the way you think about the prospect and the prospect will change the way that they think about you.Jeff Glaze is the Editor of http://www.AtlantaEvent.com, founder of http://www.privacy-first.com e-mail certification program and the author of several e-books. His company, Mostcool Media Inc.( mostcoolmedia.com ), specializes in marketing planning, coaching, business networking training, web and media development. His e-book "The Six Xtremes Of Power Business Networking" is available here: http://www.atlantaevent.com/ebook.htm Jeff Glaze is available to speak to your group and can be contacted at 678.508.5975 Copyright © 2006 by MostCool Media Inc.

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***Networking Success Strategies*** Using networking as a sa unimarter UniMarter
***Networking Success Strategies***

Using networking as a sales and marketing tool is the most effective way to promote your product or service. The unfortunate reality is many simply can’t network effectively and often times end up standing around with a group of people they already know and leave an event with no new contacts. The good news is networking is a skill that can be learned.There are many organizations which can provide excellent networking opportunities for a business. However, the key to attending networking events is planning ahead and maximizing the opportunity.Before attending an event, it is important to clearly identify the members you would like to get to know better and what you hope to achieve. Members of an organization are usually listed on a member’s directory web-page and many organizations have photos of each member, as well as a brief description, making it easy to get a head start. Although it may prove an interesting evening, if you are an interior decorator just starting out, spending half of your evening with a group of industrial engineers may not prove to be the most productive use of your time. Often times those who don’t feel they accomplish much at networking meetings and struggle to blend in are those who know nothing about the group or its members.It is much easier to strike up a conversation with someone when you already know a little about what they do and how knowing you may benefit them. To be effective, networking is just as much about giving as it is about taking. In fact, a great networking strategy is to work hard at getting business for others. Other members of the network will reciprocate and you will be well on your way to linking tangible results to your efforts. For this to be accomplished, keep things short and to the point when talking about your business to someone for the first time. A brief description of your business and its highlights is ideal, followed by a short conversation with as much focus on your new acquaintance as possible before moving on to someone else. The key to networking when you are new is getting acquainted with the group and its members.If you are armed with a business card and an enthusiastic attitude almost any situation can be a potential opportunity to network. Your capacity to connect with others’ interests, wants, and needs is essential to the networking process. And once you’ve met interesting people, don’t forget to follow up and keep in touch with a phone call or an email. After all, networking is all about building business relationships that will last far longer than one event.Jason Gadbois is a business expert, having spent a decade with Canada's leading Pharmacy retailer, opened two start-up companies himself, and worked for Government as a business consultant helping hundreds of entrepreneurs start-up successful businesses.

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