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***How Well Do You Know Them?*** It is often said that it is economictips UniMarter
***How Well Do You Know Them?***

It is often said that it is not who you know that matters, it is who knows you. Well I would like to extend this statement by saying that it is not only who you know and who knows you, but how well do you know them and they you?In business, networking is the ultimate form of promotion. It can help you to obtain new clients, a new job, or even help you to move up the corporate ladder. It is the process of building relationships. Any time that you attend a meeting, trade show, or a social function, you are networking whether you realize it or not. It is the relationship that you have with people, a prospect or a client that makes the difference between success and failure.Often we fail to realize the reasons that we have for doing business with an individual or a company. In the case of products that we regularly buy, what helps us to make the buying decision? There are those that will buy a specific brand of product because they trust that brand to be of a high quality or durability. There are others that will make a buying decision based on price, although this is less frequently the case. Often we simply do business because we feel good about it. In fact most purchases or decisions to do business are based on two things. Trust and comfort. Trust is a very intangible emotion or feeling. How do you measure it? How do you develop it?Trust is measured by the feelings that are generated by a process of letting someone get to know more about you than just product, features and price. I know a gentleman who provides a seminar on selling to C-level executives. He says that to sell to the C-level executive you have to be more than a salesperson selling a product or service. To sell to the executive level, you have to be more of an advisor. You have to find needs other than the ones that you can fulfill and help them to fulfill these needs. In doing this, you become a "trusted advisor". They feel "comfortable" that you have their interests in mind more than just making a quick sale and a commission.In our daily process of seeking prospective clients, do we often just look for a person to pitch, or do we spend a bit more time getting to know them before we try to sell?When we take the time to know a persons desires, dreams, and needs, and make an honest effort to help them realize that these things are important to us, we are really on the fast track to doing business with them. We are building the trust, confidence, comfort level, and most importantly the relationship that is needed to not only make the sale, but to create in them a resource for endless referrals.As we go into the community meeting people who are prospective clients, we should keep the following in mind. The customer is a person just like me. The customer has needs other than the one that I can fulfill. Until I understand what the ultimate goal or dream of the prospect is, I cannot fulfill it with my product or service.Selling and networking are about relationships. You sell in everything that you do whether you realize it or not. The time is now for more effective selling. Change the way you think about the prospect and the prospect will change the way that they think about you.Jeff Glaze is the Editor of http://www.AtlantaEvent.com, founder of http://www.privacy-first.com e-mail certification program and the author of several e-books. His company, Mostcool Media Inc.( mostcoolmedia.com ), specializes in marketing planning, coaching, business networking training, web and media development. His e-book "The Six Xtremes Of Power Business Networking" is available here: http://www.atlantaevent.com/ebook.htm Jeff Glaze is available to speak to your group and can be contacted at 678.508.5975 Copyright © 2006 by MostCool Media Inc.

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***How to Build Repeat Business, Testimonials and Referrals*** businessarchive UniMarter
***How to Build Repeat Business, Testimonials and Referrals***

How Do You Score with your Clients?Your clients will verbally and silently let you know how you are performing. Do they routinely give you repeat business, testimonials, and referrals to others?The only way to accomplish the above is to initially work for a win-win solution, then continually deliver on extraordinary service, follow-up promptly on promises, listen carefully and make certain everyone is satisfied. This is relationship selling at its best.The real estate agent stories below exemplify how service will work for you dependent upon how you work with your client. You will read why one agent will never be called again, the second needs to move on to another career and the third has all the business she wants.How can the outcomes be so different for the three agents in the same industry? It is all dependent upon attitude and a willingness to work hard on the client’s behalf. Here are their stories:A rental agent was recommended to me for getting the word out about a condo. The recommended agent came with a “partner” on a Friday afternoon to meet with me. By Monday morning the recommended agent was gone. She never once mentioned her upcoming leave. We felt it was less than honest and would never seek her help in the future after she returns.The partner, or second agent, was dedicated to our account. Not only did this agent not follow up on promised advertising on our behalf, he does not communicate. Unless I called a minimum of 2 times, he would not return a call let alone initiate a call to provide status updates. Realizing he did not have our interests in mind, we terminated the agreement.The third agent represents the model of how this service should be. She immediately took over on our behalf, and offered to host an Open House for our rental. The reason for selling soon disappeared. This agent did not give up. She then put us on her distribution list to sales comparables for our area. Once I a while she will write to ask what’s new and send holiday greetings. When we are ready to sell, she will be the one invited in to help us.Ask yourself – am I doing everything possible to accommodate my clients in a friendly and reasonable manner to encourage repeat business and referrals? Am I building a team event each day to improve employee and client loyalty?To further ensure repeat business, referrals and testimonials, check in frequently with your clients. Thank everyone involved with the purchasing decision. Thank each employee involved in each sale. Encourage employees to offer suggestions for improvement. Implement a bonus program for exceeding goals. Offer relevant training for each level. Build employee loyalty.Ask your clients how service may be improved. Stay involved with their future growth plans. Keep your clients abreast of new developments within your own company and how your improvements may help them grow their business.Every time you see a write- up in the newspaper about their company or industry, let your client know. Ask how the news will affect them.Become an information resource for your prospects and clients. Recommend others who can use your clients’ services and refer your clients to others who can help them. Let your clients know that you are not only a vendor but also a partner. Strive to build client loyalty. Once you routinely implement these suggestions, the repeat business, testimonials and referrals will follow.© Smooth Sale Tips Newsletter by Smooth Sale 2003-2005. All Rights Reserved.
Smooth Sale requests that if you wish to re-print this article, please contact us first for permission, and provide us with full credit.Your center of influence will grow And Your Business Will ProsperElinor Stutz, CEO of Smooth Sale and Author, has transformed her successful award-winning corporate sales career into a business training entrepreneurs and network marketers on how to sell better and build business more quickly.Smooth Sale Delivers: Full Day and Half-Day Sales Skill Training for Entrepreneurs and Network Marketers; Community Sales Tele-Classes, and Speaking Engagements to benefit your Group.
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***"Can You Help Me?" The Hidden Customer***

I was an assistant manager for a major consumer electronics chain, and I was where you would expect an "assistant" manager to be, doing what you would expect an "assistant" manager to to do. I was on top of a ladder, less than ten minutes before closing time, trying to hang the signs for the new sales special starting the next day. I was tired, cross, worried about personal and financial problems, and not in a mood to deal politely with anybody about anything.As I looked down at the scruffy, nondescript person who seemed to be a laborer in need of a bath and a change of clothes, I especially didn't feel like being helpful and polite. But, my parents had raised me that way, so as I wearily descended the ladder, I gathered it all together, turned towards the man, smiled, and said, "Yes Sir! How can I help you?", as sincerely as I could.To make a long story short, he was the yard foreman at a local quarry, and his boss had sent him to us to see if we had some way he could communicate with his truck drivers who were going in and out of his site all day long.Well, to make the story even shorter, I sold that man and his boss several hundred dollar's worth of communications equipment and made them regular customers, which earned me lots of commissions, and made lots of money and free publicity for the company I worked for.All the training courses will tell you it is best to "target" your customer. Focus on reaching the specific individual who is interested in your product or service. They will tell you to go to where those people are found, either on the internet, in magazines, or other advertising venues.True, most of your sales will probably come from targeted advertising such as that, but you can never tell when you will run into a "Larry" who will want to put some money in your pocket.Who's Larry?Well, in my younger, wilder days as a young soldier stationed in San Angelo, Texas, I used to spend a lot of time at the J&J Tavern, drinking beer and shooting pool. One of the regulars was an elderly man (about the same age I am now, only I am NOT elderly). He dressed in the same old beat-up outfit, and seemed to be content to spend his social security, or whatever he lived on, betting on his pool playing abilities and drinking beer. We would shoot him, beat him, but never play for high stakes because he wasn't very good, and we didn't like taking his limited funds away from him. We couldn't stop him from playing, however, and the games were always for money...and he always lost.One hot summer day, in the middle of a pool game, a flashy brand-new Cadillac pulled up to the curb, and an older woman with way too much make-up and more than enough jewelry, and wearing a fur coat in the summer heat got out. Standing in the doorway of the Tavern, she yelled, "Larry! Get out here now! You know we've got to be some where!"Poor old Larry slunk off without a word. Always laughing, drunk and boisterous, he now seemed a weak shell of himself.As they drove off, we asked the bartender who that was.She said, "Oh. That's Larry's wife."She let it lay there a minute, and then said, "Bet you thought Larry was living on a Social Security check, or something?"We nodded.She said, "Larry scratched out a living for several years with a few head of cattle on a dirt poor ranch outside of town until one day they found oil directly under his little piece of land. Larry's been a filthy rich millionaire for several years. All he wants to do is drink his beer and shoot a little pool, and that keeps him happy, but his wife wants to be queen of the walk and every once in a while she ropes him in, cleans him up, and makes him go somewhere and do things he doesn't like to do with people he doesn't like to be with. He likes being here with you boys and shooting pool. I'm glad you never let him play for high stakes. That's nice of you. Have a beer on me."Don't ever be so sure who ISN'T your next best customer.The author is retired from the Army after 21 years of service, has worked as an accountant, optical lab manager, restaurant manager, and instructor. He has been a member of Mensa for several years, and has written and published poetry, essays, and articles on various subjects for the last 40 years. He has been an active internet marketer since 2000, and now makes his living online. To learn more about improving your marketing performance, please visit http://marketingsecrets.xtramoney4me.net. To read more articles by the author, please visit his blog at http://donovanbaldwin.blogspot.com/.

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***The Best Kind of Advertising*** He was a little old man, unimarter UniMarter
***The Best Kind of Advertising***

He was a little old man, and he was confused. All around him were huge, confusing technological marvels, and he had no clue what he was really looking for...or at, for that matter.I was on commission, so the higher-end merchandise meant a bigger commission for me.I began by asking him what he was trying to do.It was simple. He had a huge record collection (you remember records, right?), and he just wanted to sit and listen to Bing Crosby, The Andrews Sisters, Perry Como, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra...artists like that.This led to one of my next questions. Were any of the records 78's?Yep, he had a bunch of those.Well, in that time and place, the standard reply was that it was very hard to find anything that would play a 78 rpm record. Most people were looking for high-end sound reproduction also, so that cut out the few units that would play 78's.In talking to him a little more, I learned that he didn't care that much about sound quality, he just wanted something that would make Dean Martin sound like Dean Martin or Peggy Lee sound like Peggy Lee. I also learned that he was on a fixed income and didn't have much money, but, as he looked around at the systems valued at several hundred dollars, he made it plain that he was willing to pay whatever was necessary, but his means were limited.Well, after talking to him, I assured him that I had exactly what he was looking for, and walked over to a unit that was almost hidden behind a big entertainment center. The price was about $89.00 if I remember. It played 33's, 45's, and 78's, had good sound quality, had an AM/FM radio, playe cassette tapes (I'm showing my age here) and it was light. He had also mentioned that he would have to get it in his car as he lived several miles away, and would have to get it in the house as well when he got home.This seemed to hit the spot with him. In fact, he became very excited. He had not been able to listen to his favorites for a couple of years apparently.It felt good to have helped him out even if I didn't get much of a commission on the sale, but I soon forgot about the event.A few days later, however, I came in to work, and one of the clerks called to me and said, "There's a guy over there who has been waiting for you all morning. He was here when the store opened, and said he would wait, even though you weren't coming in for a couple of hours."I looked over, and it was the little old man. I got a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. Something was wrong! He lived pretty far away, and wouldn't have come in unless something was wrong with the system.He saw me, and as he started towards me, he proclaimed in a loud voice that carried across the store, "Don! That system you sold me is GREAT! It's exactly what I wanted. I've been listening to my favorites for days. It was so easy to get into and out of the car, too. Thanks for thinking of that. I just wanted to come over and tell you how much I enjoy the unit you helped me pick out. Thanks for not pushing that expensive stuff on me. I know you didn't make much on the sale, so I really wanted to come in person and tell you thanks!" He shook my hand vigorously and walked smiling out of the store.There were several customers in the store who heard his remarks, and I am sure a few friends of his who heard similar remarks from him as well. Even if they didn't come to see me, I am sure some of them went to other of our company stores near to them.Flyers and newspaper ads are nice, but few types of advertising are more effective than the enthusiastic comments of a satisfied customer.The author is retired from the Army after 21 years of service, has worked as an accountant, optical lab manager, restaurant manager, and instructor. He has been a member of Mensa for several years, and has written and published poetry, essays, and articles on various subjects for the last 40 years. He has been an active internet marketer since 2000, and now makes his living online.

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***HOT! HOT! Free Internet Marketing Opportunity*** Internet unimarter UniMarter
***HOT! HOT! Free Internet Marketing Opportunity***

Internet MarketingIf you are interested in making money from home there are a couple of avenues that you should explore. Of course the biggest one being an internet based home business. In today’s world, almost everybody is online. So if you are interested in getting in touch with the largest amount of people on an international basis, you will want to have a strong internet presence.Having a website is great, but doing something with it is even more important. This is where internet marketing comes into play. Promoting a website for your company may be the single most important thing that you can do in order to increase profits. And if you work from home, and do not have other employees to help you out, this area of promotion is even more essential.In addition to promoting your site, there are several other internet marketing strategies that you can incorporate into your business.A great way to get the word out about your new home based business is to run ads on high traffic web sites. For example, if your business has to do with web design, pay for ads on sites where a lot of people from this industry gather. This will give you targeted traffic to your site, which will turn into more business for you.Another great internet marketing technique is including a link to your site in every email that you send. Does this sound too simple to work? It probably does. But the bottom line is that this simple internet marketing technique can boost your traffic, referrals, and profits.Overall, internet marketing is essential in growing any home based business. If you want to work from home, you are going to have to get good at several different areas of internet marketing. If you do, you will be moving up in your industry in no time.daniel48.leadsomatic.comStephen Daniel Email Me!Quikonnex

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***Networking Success Strategies*** Using networking as a sa unimarter UniMarter
***Networking Success Strategies***

Using networking as a sales and marketing tool is the most effective way to promote your product or service. The unfortunate reality is many simply can’t network effectively and often times end up standing around with a group of people they already know and leave an event with no new contacts. The good news is networking is a skill that can be learned.There are many organizations which can provide excellent networking opportunities for a business. However, the key to attending networking events is planning ahead and maximizing the opportunity.Before attending an event, it is important to clearly identify the members you would like to get to know better and what you hope to achieve. Members of an organization are usually listed on a member’s directory web-page and many organizations have photos of each member, as well as a brief description, making it easy to get a head start. Although it may prove an interesting evening, if you are an interior decorator just starting out, spending half of your evening with a group of industrial engineers may not prove to be the most productive use of your time. Often times those who don’t feel they accomplish much at networking meetings and struggle to blend in are those who know nothing about the group or its members.It is much easier to strike up a conversation with someone when you already know a little about what they do and how knowing you may benefit them. To be effective, networking is just as much about giving as it is about taking. In fact, a great networking strategy is to work hard at getting business for others. Other members of the network will reciprocate and you will be well on your way to linking tangible results to your efforts. For this to be accomplished, keep things short and to the point when talking about your business to someone for the first time. A brief description of your business and its highlights is ideal, followed by a short conversation with as much focus on your new acquaintance as possible before moving on to someone else. The key to networking when you are new is getting acquainted with the group and its members.If you are armed with a business card and an enthusiastic attitude almost any situation can be a potential opportunity to network. Your capacity to connect with others’ interests, wants, and needs is essential to the networking process. And once you’ve met interesting people, don’t forget to follow up and keep in touch with a phone call or an email. After all, networking is all about building business relationships that will last far longer than one event.Jason Gadbois is a business expert, having spent a decade with Canada's leading Pharmacy retailer, opened two start-up companies himself, and worked for Government as a business consultant helping hundreds of entrepreneurs start-up successful businesses.

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***Network Marketing – Why is it the Number 1 School for Self-D unimarter UniMarter
***Network Marketing – Why is it the Number 1 School for Self-Development?***

Network marketing is often described as the ultimate “people’s” business. The very term “network” immediately makes us think of a company of people working together, linked by powerful connections.If you are involved in network marketing (also known as Multi-level marketing or MLM) you are in business FOR yourself. But your company assures you that you are not BY yourself. Your organization is not employing you. You are not accountable to a boss. You don’t have to start or finish work at set hours. You don’t have a quota. Your success or failure is dependent on what YOU do. But your company is committed to helping you succeed.In a network marketing business you are responsible for recruiting customers and prospects to buy the product. You may also be responsible for recruiting others to work in your organization in the same way that someone recruited you. The people you recruit become part of your down-line and your success depends, in part, on their success. This means that just as others are helping you grow your business, you now want to help others in the same way.A lot of people do grow rich in network marketing. But for many people in this field, there is much more to it than financial success. They find that here, they can learn lessons about life that they would not have learned anywhere else.Network marketing is a people-to-people business. An ordinary entrepreneur or businessperson is solely concerned with himself or herself and how he or she can succeed. Entrepreneurs boast about being “self-made”.A network marketer cannot be “self-made”. Those who are in this business testify that they are never really alone. More than in any other business, they depend on working together and being a team.Why is this? It has been said that the three steps to success are Being, Doing and Having, in that order. Until you ARE, you cannot DO. What you are must grow and develop until you reach the point at which you can do. You can only discover why this development is needed is by failing.In marketing, you fail all the time. In ordinary marketing, you either give up or you pick yourself up. In network marketing there is someone there to show you where you went wrong and how you can get over this to succeed next time.So you need to learn how to deal with rejection. How to come back from a run of poor results. How to believe in yourself. How to communicate effectively. How to relate to people. How to be honest with yourself and evaluate yourself. To learn these things on your own is almost impossible. You need support, you need people to be honest with you. You are on a voyage of self-discovery, but you are not on it alone.As a result, you build strong relationships. You find power and skills you never knew you had. You also learn your own limitations. So ultimately you unleash your personal power and effectiveness.What other type of business will give you all this?Diana Lee is an Online Entrepreneur. To know how easy it is to build your home based business and earn a substantial income, check out: http://www.maximiseearning.com

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***Entrepreneurs: Family Laundry is HUGE Market*** Technolog unimarter UniMarter
***Entrepreneurs: Family Laundry is HUGE Market***

Technology entrepreneurs are always looking for a huge "need" in the marketplace and then coming up with a new product that "fills that need". Maybe laundry isn’t exciting, but if you are an entrepreneur looking for that huge market, consider this: every second of the day approximately 1000 loads of laundry are started in the world. An enterprising marketer, with a plan and a respectable networking machine only needs to capture a small fraction of less than 1% of this market to create a powerful business for themselves. If they have a large, established network, then huge fortunes can easily be made. Environmentalists love this too, because this system can potentially reduce anywhere from 25,000-30,000 gallons of phosphate laden rinse water back into our environment every second of the day. An amazing new technology has just hit the market that is revolutionizing the way families have historically washed their clothes. What a paradigm shift!!This is a WIN-WIN situation- cleaner clothes and cleaner environment. Clothes aren’t just cleaned; they are sanitized and deodorized with this system. Because cold water is used, colors and whites can be mixed. Colors are more vibrant. Fabrics are softer and fluffier. Because detergents are eliminated there are no chemical skin sensitivities. Use the existing washer in most cases. Your time doing family laundry is reduced.This is not a toy, or a gimmick. It is a rugged system that simply attaches to the washing machine. It has undergone 2 years of field testing. This is not a start-up company; they have a history of bringing high quality innovative technology to the market that works, and is affordable. There is a proven marketing plan in place and training and support is already available. The company controls manufacturing in their own U.S. facilities.BCB Associates is a group of individuals, professionals and companies working together to disseminate information and supply products and services that address air, water, nutritional and environmental issues in today’s home and workplace. We are interested in establishing and maintaining communication with individuals, qualified local professionals and companies involved in indoor environmental issues and appreciate your comments and input.Bruce Bley is founder of BCB Associates, a marketing consulting firm that deals with issues pertaining to family health and wellness. He has a B.S. Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University, an MBA from University of Hartford as well as numerous corporate sponsored management training programs conducted by major universities. He has served on the Boards of Directors of several professional organizations, has represented international corporate co-owners of joint-ventures and has been responsible for product management of industrial environmental controls and air handling equipment.

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***Today's Vent Emotional Business Train Wreck*** In Today unimarter UniMarter
***Today's Vent Emotional Business Train Wreck***

In Today’s Vent I’d like to talk about emotional business practice. This is a subject in my network of colleagues that unfortunately has become more popular in the recent months.To determine your action by emotion rather than reason will derail you in seconds away from what you should be focused on. When you run your own business or even work for another company as an Independent Contractor your daily activities should square up your pay or rather what you do and how you conduct yourself will determine your paycheck.I network among very bright individuals in the same field; network marketing. I’ve seen an emotional environment filled with negativity that I’m sure has placed us all back a few steps.We are being sized up by the public eye and whether we like to admit this or not, we make an assessment of one another all the time. Now I’m not suggesting we cannot “tell it like it is!” But in a public environment we should use discretion and if not for anyone else at least for our own sake. Yes, we have the freedom to act or judge on our own, but we should be doing this wisely and objectively.We as human’s are emotional creatures. I’ve stated this before. I’ve also made note that network marketing is almost like a religion to some of us. It becomes a huge part of our daily lives. So it’s no wonder that when we feel we must protect or defend that emotions will fly and sometimes right off the handle and especially when in an arena of others equally feeling anxious to challenge criticism.No matter what happens to us individually or the companies we work for we must remind ourselves that in this public event we need to be mindful of others and ourselves. It’s only in our best interest and that of our company we work with.Well…I’m taking my Tension Headache Excedrin and Therma Care Heat Wrap to bed tonight!Lisa Alexander | Professional Business Coach | Independent Business Owner |
http://www.NuIBO.com Top Network Marketing Company
http://www.MLMUnplugged.com The Truth Be Told

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