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***Customers "R" Us!***

It always amazes me how business people detach themselves from their customers, especially linguistically.Customers are referred to, over and again, as “they,” as in “What are they thinking?” and “They must be crazy!”It would make much more sense to change the pronoun to “we” and to “us.”For instance, if you want to know what will motivate customer retention and customer loyalty, ask yourself, what do I appreciate, as a customer? What keeps me coming back?For instance, I have frequented a small, family owned Italian restaurant in Hollywood for years. Tony, the proprietor of Palermo’s, happens to be one of the warmest people you’ll ever come across, and he always greets me that way, remembering my name.That’s simple, right? But I appreciate it, along with the effort he exerts to say thank you to me as I leave.Tony is more than warm. He’s smart.When he first opened, over 20 years ago, he offered a free glass of wine to people who were waiting for a table. FREE WINE!Now, it wasn’t vintage stuff, but it was drinkable, and always appreciated.The loyal, if slightly marinated throngs who frequented Palermo’s always welcomed this gesture, and I’m sure it kept many coming back. Moreover, it opened the spigot, when customers did get seated. They ordered more—guess what? More wine, of course, this time paying for the privilege.Today, the free wine costs 50 cents. Hey, everything goes up, sooner or later. But Tony is still subsidizing our pleasure, making a gesture, distinguishing his place from the pack.His secret isn’t crushed grapes.It’s identifying with his customers, treating us like family, like we’re “we,” instead of “them.”Dr. Gary S. Goodman, President of Customersatisfaction.com, is a popular keynote speaker, management consultant, and seminar leader and the best-selling author of 12 books, including Reach Out & Sell Someone® and Monitoring, Measuring & Managing Customer Service. A frequent guest on radio and television, worldwide, Gary’s programs are offered by UCLA Extension and by numerous universities, trade associations, and other organizations in the United States and abroad. Gary is headquartered in Glendale, California. He can be reached at (818) 243-7338 or at: gary@customersatisfaction.com.

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***Clients and Potential Clients - When Should We Say,
***Clients and Potential Clients - When Should We Say, "No?"***

As free agents, independent professionals, and freelancers, it is when we don’t have a current project with the income rolling in that we are tempted to say “yes” to almost any offer that comes our way. I suggest that we take our time to consider the pros and cons of all offers and have the gumption to say "no" when it is in our best interest to do so.Ask yourself, "Is this a project that I will enjoy working on?" Tempting as it may be - especially if the money offer is generous - you should still turn down any project that promises to be a drag or a threat to your artistic integrity. I am not referring to projects that don't use all of your creative ability - many good, solid projects don't. I am referring to projects that you would have to force yourself to work on and complete. It wouldn't be fair to you or your client. I believe that if we aren't enjoying what we are doing, the work will reflect our attitude.Next ask yourself, "Is this a project that I'll be proud to tell others I produced?" Even if you rationalize that you would never add a sample of this work to your portfolio, you will know that you produced it, and just knowing that can eat away at your self esteem.Now ask yourself, "What will I learn and how will I grow from completing this project?" I don't know if learning and growing are as important to you as they are to me, but the perfect project in my mind is the one that challenges me in new ways. It pushes me to try new approaches, learn new ways of accomplishing outcomes, and helps me achieve a higher level of expertise than what I had when I began the project. If I can honestly say upon completion of a project that I learned at least one new technique or fact, I am satisfied.Be honest and ask yourself, "Is this a project that I am capable of doing well, professionally, and within the designated timeline?" I know that I just finished suggesting tackling projects that are challenging and that force us to grow, but we do need to honestly consider the other side of the story. If completing a project will take up so much of your time learning new techniques that you can’t possibly complete it in a timely manner, it is probably better to be up front and say that at this time the work is not within your realm.And the final, trickiest and hardest question, "Do I want to work with this particular client?" We all know that there are "clients" both good and bad, both easy and difficult. Some are so delighted to work with a professional that they give minimal direction, value our suggestions, give us all of the information we need when we need it, and reimburse us quickly for completed work. There are clients who border on the impossible. I avoid working for these people. I don't need the stress or the hassle and neither do you.Remember to take your time accepting when offered a project. Be sure to ask yourself all the questions, and even more than I have highlighted. You will be glad you did, and so will the future of your career as a free agent, independent professional, and freelancer.Chris King is a free agent, professional speaker, storyteller, writer, website creator / designer, and fitness instructor. Chris has what she calls a “Portfolio Career” --many careers at the same time. If you wonder if you could handle and love having a “Portfolio Career” you will find a free assessment to take at http://www.creativekeys.net/portfoliocareertest.ht m Sign up for her eclectic E-newsletter, Portfolio Potpourri, at http://www.freelanceliving.com You will find Chris’ business website at http://www.creativekeys.biz

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***What Type Of Software Is This?*** The other day while at unimarter UniMarter
***What Type Of Software Is This?***

The other day while at the book store, I came across some accounting software CDs strewn with other CDs and books in garage sale box.How can any self respecting businessman (even a small one at that) pick up a copy of this cheap sale accounting CD from the box for his business to use? He'd think "what type of accounting system is this that would end up in a garage sale?"...and he's not even heard of free software yet! If he did, he'd probably figure "What type of software is this that you can just click and get it for free on the Internet?"In most cases, this thinking "..what type of..?" continues and applies to the person on the other end - the guy promoting it. It goes "what type of person are you to promote something that cheap (that ends up in a garage sale box) to me?". It follows "What type of company are you representing? Or do you even have a company?"Even small business owners have self respect when they shop for budget items.The guy selling free software tried "No sir. This is open source program, very popular and respectable. Do you know Apache? It's also free.."Businessman "You mean the one with war paint on his face fighting Custer in the movie?". Thanks to Hollywood, some things just get stereotyped.For those of us who promote open source applications the above scenario though hilarious, is not unreal.If we think about it, what do people actually buy from a garage sale box? Most likely something for a hobby, say something you want to learn about but a new book costs a bomb. Maybe a recipe book, taichi and of course the fast outdated tech books. We're talking about something 'light' or outdated that ends up in the garage sale box. Certainly not for something that's as important as accounting software for any business to use.Perhaps open source businesses need to emphasize on the word solutions instead of free or open source. Package the software into a decent looking box. Show the customer that there are costs by itemising, 'software cost' foc, show a charge for download, copy, packaging, transport and include training, upgrade, email, telephone, etc support services, add them up and show a 'total solutions' cost. Stack the costs up against proprietory solutions and very likely open applications looks a better option for the customer. The idea is to show that there is a cost for the solution you are selling - just like any other product. The marketing campaign may be capped by putting it as a summer offer - normal say USD400 now only USD199.James NK Khoo is the owner of Qwenkay Information http://www.qwenkay.com a company providing support for content management systems software and accounting software. Contact james@qwenkay.com

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***The Dissatisfied Customer*** We, as small business people unimarter UniMarter
***The Dissatisfied Customer***

We, as small business people, naturally dislike complaints from our clients and customers. Because we're intimately involved with our home businesses, small businesses, or freelance careers, any complaint takes on a personal commentator. A dissatisfied customer is a direct reflection on our performance and a blow to our egos. The common reaction of small business people to a consumer complaint is defensive posturing and/or avoidance.But ignoring a disgruntled customer can be much more damaging than small business owners realize.When consumer complaints are avoided or ignored, the customer still needs to vent. A study done at Western Washington University and Illinois State University, shows that consumers who had a bad experience at a store most often responded in three ways:They decided not to shop at the store again.They told their friends and relatives about their bad experience.They convinced friends and relatives not to shop at the store again.If the customer decides never to use your services again, you've lost one customer. But the damage may be worse. There may be a real problem that the business is unable to address because they aren't focused on it right now.If the customer tells friends and relatives about their bad experience, the business now has a negative reputation with several customers and potential customers.If the customer convinces friends and relatives not to use the business, the business has now lost several customer (probably for good), and the influenced customers will likely spread news of the original bad experience to their peer network in order to bolster the validity of their decision.Segarin Monk is a social program marketer for government and non-profit agencies. He believes in marketing from an integrity-based, pass-it-on, pay-it-forward stance.
See more articles from this author at: http://marketingyogi.blogspot.com/

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***Good Timing can Create a Better Deal*** Timing things rig unimarter UniMarter
***Good Timing can Create a Better Deal***

Timing things right in business can be the one dividing factor between success and failure. Sometimes good or bad deals can be simply put down to luck or being in the right place at the right time. A lot of people say you make your own luck in life and there is no substitute for hard work and research.Timing is a vital component when considering buying or selling a business, the timing of a purchase or sale is usually dependant on a few factors, these are;The state of the economy – The state of the economy is a large factor in any purchaser being able to acquire finances for the purchase of a business. When the economy is in a good state it is easier to get finances also a good economy gives a good feeling about the future.The state of your sector – Generally if the economy is doing well so will most business sectors, this will lower any perceived risk from a potential buyer.The financial state of the business – The first 2 are considered general factors, however the financial state of any business is key. A well run business with good finances should be able to attract a buyer for a higher than average price. If a business has good finances it makes the risk going forward appear minimal.No one can predict what the state of the economy is going to be in the future or how your particular sector is going to perform If your aim is to sell your business in the future, these factors are things you should consider.Timing in business is something no one should forget, in our lives we will always time things right and badly, generally the times we get it wrong are either because a decision is made in haste or inadequate research has been carried out.If you would like any more information on this subject then please visit our website at www.bizseller4u.com.Peter Arkwright recently retired from the military; he is now the Managing Director of Bizseller4u Ltd - Providing business solutions in sales, advertising, funding, debt collection and recovery plansThis article is free to republish with the signature block

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***6 Ways to Maximize Profits at Your One Stop Online Auction Sho unimarter UniMarter
***6 Ways to Maximize Profits at Your One Stop Online Auction Shop***

Online auctions have become very popular in recent years. They are great for finding bargains on all sorts of items. Many people shop auctions to find brand names at bargain prices, household items or even wholesale products. Some auction sites are actually one stop online auction shops that sell everything from antiques to automobiles while other sites specialize in only one type of product.

Earn Profits

There are several ways to earn profits through online auctions. You can build an entire business through online auctions or use auctions to attract new customers to your existing website. And, you can use online auctions occasionally to sell some of your old household items. You can even advertise wholesale products through auctions. Some online "auctioneers" are earning thousands of dollars each month!

Either way, there are a few simple techniques you can apply to maximize your auction profits. Choosing your one stop online auction shop is only the first step to success. Next, you'll need to start building your business.

Here are six ways you can maximize your auction profits:

1. Include Photos

One way to maximize auction profits is to include photos with your listings. Most auction sites allow one photo to be displayed next to listing titles. It's very important that you include a photo to catch the shopper's eye. People naturally look at pictures and then read the nearby caption. Newspapers and magazines have trained us that way. So, it's understandable why an auction shopper will look at photos and then read the titles beside the photos. Unfortunately, listing titles without photos can be easily missed.

Another reason to include photos is because auction buyers want to see what they are buying. They are more willing to trust a new seller if a photo of the item is available. If you are selling an expensive item, include several photos at different angles if necessary. For printed materials such as reports or e-books, you might try creating a few colorful banners and even a mini banner for the photo that will appear next to your listing titles. Banners will have the same eye-catching effect as a photo!

2. Write Compelling Listing Titles and Copy

Don't be afraid to apply proven marketing techniques to your auction titles and copy. You're a seller, so don't hesitate to sell! Use key phrases that will get the buyer's attention. Words like "free," "no reserve," "low or free shipping," or "like new" always get the buyer's attention.

3. Use Banners at Your Website

If you own a website and are using auctions to attract more customers, don't forget to place some banners at your website that link to your auction store as well. Some customers who reach your site by other means might love auctions. They might buy from you both ways!

4. Don't Under-price your Items

Not many sellers have a problem with over-pricing, but under-pricing seems to be a huge problem with auctions. Don't sell yourself short. Price your items reasonably, but be sure to include a little profit for yourself. Remember, your time is valuable. If you ship items, you must take time to package and mail them. If the items you are selling offer very little profit, try to find popular items with higher profits that are also unique. The more scarce the supply of a popular item, the higher bids you will receive.

5. Keep Contact with Customers

Be sure to keep in contact with your auction customers after they buy. Send them a personal "thank you" email and include an email signature to get them back to your auction site or to your regular website. An email signature is actually a "P.S." after your thank you message.

Here's an example...

P.S. Be sure to visit our auction site again. Some new items have been added recently, and you will receive FREE SHIPPING with your next purchase. (Your auction site address here.)

6. Ask for Feedback

Be sure to ask for feedback after someone makes a purchase. Good feedback helps other buyers to trust you. Some buyers will not buy from a new seller if no feedback is available. The more positive feedback you receive, the more your business will grow.

Keep these tips in mind as you list items at your one stop online auction shop. You'll see profits increase in no time!
Chris Robertson is an author of Majon International, one of the worlds MOST popular internet marketing companies on the web.
Learn more about 6 Ways to Maximize Auction Profits or Majon's Business and Entrepreneurs directory.

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***4 Free tips for new eBay sellers*** Tip # 1 This tip unimarter UniMarter
***4 Free tips for new eBay sellers***

Tip # 1
This tip is the best for new ebayers starting out on eBay. This is how I started my eBay business back in 2002. You can check my id out if you want its mjbsurplus. I needed to start getting feedback so I gathered a pile of stuff I have in my basement collecting dust. I gathered some DVD’s I didn’t watch anymore, a few books that I was finished with. Remember you want to pick smaller stuff you can easily put in an average USPS box or UPS if you prefer.
I recommend using USPS for new and senior ebayers. You don’t have to buy boxes; they are free at the post office. You can print out your labels online with free confirmation (I do this on all my packages)When you pay and print your postage online you can schedule a FREE pickup of your packages. UPS charges you for this feature. This is a life saver for me because I can do this and set the packages on the porch before me leave for work. This way your don’t have to rush trying to get to the post office before or after work. They leave you a note on the door telling you they picked up the packages and how many, very important. Now on to the next tip.Tip # 2
You should have many free advertising newspapers in your area. We have Penny Saver the Shopper to name a few. These are usually delivered weekly or monthly. Go to your local quick mart (most are located here) and grab a few to take home your have nothing to loose they are free. Now for the fun part, you will need a pen or pencil and a note pad. You will also need your computer connected to the internet and have the eBay site loaded on your browser. Now write down a few items and the prices of the items. Remember its best to look for items you can ship easily. I recommend starting with 10 items on your list. Leave a few spaces between you items so you can write notes under each item.Tip # 3
Now go to your computer with the eBay page loaded. Go to the eBay advanced tab below your main search bar in the upper right of the page. Click on the tab and type in the item name from your list. Example: Garmin nuvi 350, Bearcat scanner (with model number) DVD player, you get the idea! Make sure you place a check in the box next to completed listings only. Now click search a list comes up with the item or similar items of recently ended items. You will see a price in green which are successful auctions that ended with a winning bid and you will see a price in red which ended with no bids or reserve bid not met. You want to click on the listings that were successful. And write notes about how the listing was laid out and maybe some key notes about the description. If you don’t know much about the product take note for you to use in your own auction. Remember NEVER cut and paste (Copy) someone else’s auction, eBay forbids this. If you are caught which eBay looks all the time your auction will be canceled and you will not get a refund. My final tip for you newbie’s.Tip # 4
Always you some sort of spell checking software like Microsoft word and I believe if you use the eBay sell tab to list your auctions. This is already built in to there listing software for you to use. This could lead to higher bids (people tend to believe you may be bogus if you have many misspelled words in your listing).Conclusion:
I hope this helps you with starting a new life on our eBay community. Good Luck and God Bless.Michael Booher is the author living in Mount Union, Pennsylvania. You can find more of my free tips at my personal website that I own. www.myebay4profit.com

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***Your One Stop Online Auction Shop: Finding that Perfect Aucti unimarter UniMarter
***Your One Stop Online Auction Shop: Finding that Perfect Auction Site***

Selling through online auctions is a great way to earn extra cash or even start a full-time business. When you find your one stop online auction shop that's just right, it can become a very lucrative business. There are many auction websites, but you'll want to find a site that best fits your selling needs. Here are some tips.

Be an Auction Lurker

Before listing your items, observe the auctions for a while. See what's hot and what's not. Every auction site will have its own unique audience. Some will attract more of certain types of buyers than other auction sites. The auction company might advertise more to certain groups of people using banners or paid search engine listings. If you're selling wholesale products, then you will naturally want to list with an auction shop that attracts wholesale buyers who are looking for great bargains. If selling household items, you'll want an audience of people who buy household auction items.

Also, observe how the site operates on a day-to-day basis. Do the auctions seem to end with more bids on certain days of the week or a certain time of the day? For instance, auctions that end on late Saturday night get more bids than those ending on a Tuesday night. Lurking at different auction sites will help you find a one-stop online auction shop that's right for you.

Test Your Auction Items

When searching for your one stop online auction shop, try several test auctions with some of your items. Monitor the response as well as the amount of traffic the listings receive during the auction's running time. Many auction sites allow you to place a visitor counter on your auction pages so you can know how many people view your auction. If you sell many types of products, advertise several items from a few categories.

Minimize Auction Expenses

There are many online auction shops that offer free or low-cost listing capabilities. Some auction sites only take a percentage of each sale while others may charge a fee for each listing whether you sell or not. Those auction sites that offer free listings and/or only take a percentage of each sale are very beneficial to you as a seller. You only pay when you sell items instead of paying high fees just to advertise your products, so you are taking no risk when listing your items. Though these auction sites may have smaller amounts of traffic than the larger bidding sites, you might find the savings will make it worth your while. After all, auctions are supposed to be "bargain" sites, right?

Some auctions charge a fee AND take a percentage of each sale. These may have more traffic, but the charges add up in a hurry and every listing can become a financial risk when you're just starting out.

With so many options, you can easily find a one-stop online auction shop that fits your budget and listing needs. Use these tips to find that perfect online auction shop and sell those unwanted items today!
Chris Robertson is an author of Majon International, one of the worlds MOST popular internet marketing companies on the web.
Learn more about Find the Perfect Auction Site or Majon's Business and Entrepreneurs directory.

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***I Want My Own Business – My Parents Want Me To Get A
***I Want My Own Business – My Parents Want Me To Get A "Real Job"***

If you have recently graduated from college, I’m sure that you have considered having your own business. You may even be well on your way. However, your parents may have other ideas, even be hostile to the idea of you running your own business, especially if you have little business experience to speak of. What could be the consequences of your decision later? Let us examine this classic career dilemma, blow by blow.Parents Have ExperienceIf you are in your late teens or early twenties, it is possible that your parents are in their 50s or at least late 40s. But what difference does this make? Forty to fifty years ago, there was a great economic depression in the United States. Stock markets have crashed; corporations and small businesses went into a tailspin, job cuts and inflations persisted for years at a time. This was when your parents were your age. They have survived the hard way and they want you to play it safe today because of all they have experienced.Living on Salaries Make It Difficult To Support Uncertainties of Business VenturesThis is true as the life eventually comes down to living on fixed incomes (salaries), monthly bills, mortgages upbringing children etc. The ability to face uncertainties is more measured in terms of monetary strength than on anything else. You may be upbeat about your new venture but they are afraid as they pay more attention to the negative aspects.If You Have a Great Job Offer, Then Take ItI know how difficult it is to ignore the entrepreneurship bug; especially when you may have tasted some success. But what happens if you receive a job offer that is hard to pass up? A pragmatic comparison, much like your bank balance in 5 to 10 years to a hassle free life should tell you what to do. Additionally, great jobs come with many advantages, such as raises, bonuses, car allowances and so forth, which clearly offset the income from a small business with limited support.Your Parents Want You to Generate Wealth the Risk-Free WayAnyone who loves their children would want to see them grow up safely into “responsible citizens”. However, working for a salary doesn’t mean you should limit your intelligence to earning a salary alone. There are legal avenues where you can invest and create wealth in a less risky way, but spread over long periods.Real estate and stocks have appreciated hugely in the last decade surpassing all other asset classes in wealth creation. Mortgaging is easy for a new employee rather than new entrepreneurs, which is an added advantage.You can still continue in your own business, provided the fundamentals are at least near perfect, that is, there is no debt needed and you have a steady stream of reliable customers. Weigh the options practically before making your decision. In the end, it is your life, but you should still be mindful of the consequences.Tony Jacowski is a quality analyst for The MBA Journal. Aveta
Solution's Six Sigma Online ( http://www.sixsigmaonline.org ) offers online six
sigma training and certification classes for lean six sigma, black
belts, green belts, and yellow belts.

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***Freelancers and Entrepreneurs -- Let's Examine Our Present and unimarter UniMarter
***Freelancers and Entrepreneurs -- Let's Examine Our Present and Recently Past Influences***

What are the influences that are either helping or hindering you in your business and personal life? By making ourselves aware of them, we are more likely to work toward positive changes. In this article, my goal is to get you to examine your present and recently past influences.The people we know, work and play with. Yes, we are heavily influenced by the people we let into our lives. If we hang out with negative, critical, complaining people, we can easily lose our enthusiasm and drive. If we join groups and make friends with those we want to emulate, we will be on our way. It is just like tennis and chess. The way one gets better is to play with someone who is better than we are. I am not suggesting that you drop the friends you have now, but I am suggesting that you join groups of winners, network with people who are known as successes and volunteer for worthy causes.Life-long learning with books, tapes and magazines. It is astonishing to find out how few people read a book after graduation. I am sure that none of you reading this article would fall into that category. However, I must mention the wonderful scope of topics available today in book form, the plethora of tapes that inform and motivate -- I listen and re-listen to tapes by Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Earl Nightingale and am always influenced to take a new action step toward success.Visit your public library. It offers a wealth of influence -- I always use my driving time to listen to tapes and CDs. In addition, there are almost too many magazines to read. I have found that the best way to benefit from the great information is to scan and then only read those articles that pertain to some part of my business or life. No matter what your specialty is, there are magazines that address your problems and situations.Physical activity and a focus on health. One of the strongest influences on my well-being, business acumen, and energy level is daily exercise and sensible nutrition. Studies have shown that there are so many side benefits from regular exercise and proper eating that one could easily fill a wall with post-it notes listing them.By pushing oxygen to the heart and brain, we keep both healthy and smart. If you are having a difficult time getting started, I suggest finding a buddy to go to the gym with you or work out with you. In the fitness classes I teach, the people who participate have become friends and they cheer each other on -- another positive influence.I ask you again, what are the influences in your freelance living? Are they helping or hindering your progress? What new and better influences can you and will you embrace in the future? What bad influences and toxic companions are presently draining you of your energy and passion for living?It is time to make two lists -- one with the bad influences (past and present) and one with the good influences. Congratulate yourself on the good influences and continue to pursue them. On the list with the bad influences, add an action step and a new influence to replace each one. Take action and you will be on your way to success!Chris King is a free agent, professional speaker, storyteller, writer, website creator / designer, and fitness instructor. Chris has what she calls a “Portfolio Career” -- many different careers at the same time. If you wonder if you could handle and love having a “Portfolio Career” you will find a free assessment to take at http://www.creativekeys.net/portfoliocareertest.ht m Sign up for her eclectic E-newsletter, Portfolio Potpourri, at http://www.freelanceliving.com You will find Chris’ business website at http://www.creativekeys.biz

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***Freelancers and Entrepreneurs -- Let’s List Our Early Influe unimarter UniMarter
***Freelancers and Entrepreneurs -- Let’s List Our Early Influences: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly***

Recently I took part in a lively tele-seminar that was presented by a panel of renowned Internet successes. These four are known for their lucrative on-line businesses, their sincerity, honesty, integrity and obvious desire to help others succeed. One of the panelists made a statement that inspired me to think about and write this article, along with using the theme of "Influence" for my upcoming e-newsletter, Portfolio Potpourri.Alexandria Brown, the E-Zine Queen, said that she wasn't sure where she heard it but to paraphrase, "As people, we are the average of those people we hang around with." This started me thinking about those who have and still are influencing my life, my business and me. It also made me think of other influences that have directed my journey. In this article, I share thoughts, experiences, ideas and questions that will help you on your successful journey as a free agent, independent professional and freelancer.Early influences -- the good, the bad and the ugly -- must be addressed. You and I both know people who dwell on the past. They talk about how their parents messed them up; their friends as they grew up were a "terrible" influence; they had poor teachers, few or no privileges and a continual struggle for everything they wanted or needed.I submit to you that no matter how good or bad our pasts were, we can find nuggets of influence that will still prove to be positive strengths and helps today. The success stories abound about those who grew up in poverty and are now millionaires, those who were raised by illiterate parents and today have their PhDs, and those who have faced incredible challenges health wise, yet keep on plugging along with determination.I value making lists. Look way back and make a list of all of the hard times, obstacles and challenges in your past. Next to each, write how these unsavory experiences influenced you for the better. Usually, it is the obstacles and failures that we face that spur us on to greatness. When you finish this exercise, you will be surprised by how much better those past times will appear to be. Now, for the fun part!Make a list of all of the good influences you enjoyed in the past. Here are some of the questions to answer:What are some of the lessons my parent(s) taught me that have helped over the years?
What teacher made the most impact on my future? How and why?
Who are the friends that I still think of with love and how did they affect my life and influence me?
What books and movies did I love as a child? Why?
What games and sports did I pursue and what did I learn from participating?
What did I want to be when "I grew up?" Do I still have that goal, or am I already living it? Should I be?
What are the very best and happiest memories from my childhood? Why?By now, you should be re-evaluating the past influences in your life and the ways you can make them work to your advantage today. What have you learned that you can use to enliven your business and bolster your success?Chris King is a free agent, professional speaker, storyteller, writer, website creator / designer, and fitness instructor. Chris has what she calls a “Portfolio Career” -- many different careers at the same time. If you wonder if you could handle and love having a “Portfolio Career” you will find a free assessment to take at http://www.creativekeys.net/portfoliocareertest.ht m Sign up for her eclectic E-newsletter, Portfolio Potpourri, at http://www.freelanceliving.com You will find Chris’ business website at http://www.creativekeys.biz

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***Entrepreneurs - Use Successful Thinking to Examine Our Careers unimarter UniMarter
***Entrepreneurs - Use Successful Thinking to Examine Our Careers and Our Direction***

It takes courage to examine what we are doing and where we are going. But if we honestly stop and think about it and then pull out of those non-productive activities and rectify those poor decisions we have made in the past, we will never look back.While we are on the topic of successful thinking, I would be remiss if I didn't mention Carlson's "back burner thinking." Richard Carlson, Ph.D., stress psychologist and writer of Don't Sweat the Small Stuff … and It's All Small Stuff, describes my favorite way of solving problems and finding solutions. When we have a project, problem and/or challenge, we should state it to ourselves with all of the different approaches (seasonings) and then put it on the "back burner."Work and focus on completely different tasks and activities. Meanwhile, that problem on the "back burner" is simmering, with all of the different parts cooking together to come to a solution and/or answer. Suddenly, the solution is ready and we get the perfect answer or answers to our problem. This has always worked for me. I think one important rule is believing in the system. Because I know and expect "back burner thinking" to work, it does.Along with finding your solutions, I also urge you to think about the following and ask yourself the following questions:
What results are expected of me, and do I have a reputation for getting results?
What is my direction? Do I have long-term goals?
What are my patterns? What do I do right, and what could I do differently in the future?
Do I continually work on improving my area of expertise, my knowledge, my wisdom and my experience?
How do I handle my time? Do I waste this valuable resource or manage it with excellence?
Am I committed, patient, disciplined and willing to take responsibility for my future?To get onto a successful path, stop now:
Hurtful and draining relationships that are not working and never will.
Business products and services that are not producing income and joy.
Investments of time, money and emotion that are producing stress, not rewards.

It is time for reflection and for some successful thinking. We live in a world filled with opportunities. We just need to think about how we can take advantage of them. Chris King is an entrepreneur, professional speaker, storyteller, writer, website creator / designer, free agent, and fitness instructor. Sign up for her eclectic E-newsletter, Portfolio Potpourri, at http://www.freelanceliving.com You will find her information-packed E-book How to Leave Your Audiences Begging for MORE! at http://www.OutrageouslyPowerfulPresenter.com and her business website at http://www.CreativeKeys.biz

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***Sell What You Write: A Freelancer's Guide to Winning Bids*** unimarter UniMarter
***Sell What You Write: A Freelancer's Guide to Winning Bids***

Freelance writing is a cutthroat business. It can be unpredictable and merciless if you are depending upon it for a living. On the other hand, it can be quite lucrative if you know what you are doing. If you are a writer then you probably love what you do and going to work isn’t really work. However, (and there’s always a ‘however’ isn’t there) you have much more to do with your business than simply write. If you want to use your writing to put food on the table, you have to sell it as well. There are three factors in selling what you write and actually, selling is the easy part. The other parts to the sale are things that many people don’t ever even consider when they put up their bid or send in their query. Just remember boys and girls, it is the small detail that tells the big story. In this business, you cannot afford to do things half way from the beginning of your project to the end. These areas, and everything in between, are facets of the freelance sale.Writing. Sure you pay attention to your writing – most of the time, right? Well, may attention all of the time. When you send an email, write a query, place a bid and, for heaven’s sake, when you write a sample! So many times a writer will take the time to painstakingly write a query and sample and hurry to submit it – without a final edit or spellcheck. What the potential client receives is a mess. Typographical errors, syntax errors, poor sentence structure and incorrect grammar are glaring red flags to a potential client. They all scream, “Don’t hire this guy! If he won’t even take the time to proof his sample work, what kind of work is he going to do for you?” It is all about appearance on the page. You have a reputation to build and if you ignore it you will stay right where you are until you decide you are starving and get an office job.Proof your work. Better yet, when you are finished with a piece, read it aloud. Edit as you go along then spellcheck. Then, and this is the clincher, edit again. If you want to get the high paying jobs, submit high paying work. Everyone has to do his or her time with the low paying jobs at first. Think of is as paid training. But write for the job that you want, not the job that you have. Just because you are getting $3 per article doesn’t mean that you cannot write as if you are getting $300 per article. If you want to eventually get the $300 article writing gigs, you have to write as if you are worth it. The same goes for you bids, pitches, queries and communication with your potential client. Never, ever skimp on quality.Deadlines and Quality Work. Deadlines are a biggie in this business. You miss a deadline, your client misses a deadline and it goes on and on; where it stops you may never know. The writer is usually at the bottom of the chain so you never know where the domino effect will end when you miss a deadline. This looks bad and ruins your reputation. And what happens when you get a bad reputation? People don’t hire you. When people don’t hire you, you do not get paid. So, there is some incentive. Meet your deadlines and give quality work. Communication is key to maintaining a relationship with your client. When they see that you are cooperative, timely, professional and turn out fantastic work, they will send you more work and often better paying work. This gets you out there, you get more experience and you get a great reputation.The Pitch. This is the easy part because it involves no self-discipline or motivation, just some writing styles that sell. When you pitch your writing, keep in mind that you client is likely sifting through hundreds of letters and samples just like yours. Two things: Keep it brief and make it shine. Your potential client does not want to wade through a dissertation on why he or she should hire you, just give ‘em the high points. Great writer, published, experience, and so on. Two or three well thought out paragraphs should suffice. Attach a well-written sample and let your work speak for itself. Your pitch should make him or her want to read your sample. Your sample should make them want to adopt you as their own child. OK, well maybe not as their own child, but certainly take you on board as the writer that they cannot do without.In your pitch introduce yourself. Try to address things in the ad or posting directly in your pitch. It makes your pitch more personal and less like a form letter. Tell them about your experience briefly. Briefly address how you would attack their project. Send samples and add links. Never, ever mudsling. It looks unprofessional and you look desperate. You should never need to say anything negative about your competition; your work should make you far outshine that rascal.You can sell what you write with a little discipline and attention to detail. This is just a start. It is a process and you will get better as you go along. Have patience, take your time and make sure that you always turn out an exemplary job no matter what the pay. Always write every article as if you are being paid top dollar – and one day you will.Stephanie Partridge is a professional freelance writer, public relations specialist and marketing specialist. You can read more about her at http://stephaniepartridge.zenmooncreations.com.Ste phanie is also a mentor to budding writers. At http://FreelanceDirect.zenmooncreations.com, she helps writers improve their writing skills, teaches them how to find writing jobs, how to sell themselves, how to prepare a portfoilo and much more.

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***Market Entrepreneurs and Political Entrepreneurs*** What unimarter UniMarter
***Market Entrepreneurs and Political Entrepreneurs***

What is an entrepreneur? Well, in the United States of America there are two types of very successful entrepreneurs. There is the market entrepreneur and there is the political entrepreneur. The market entrepreneur makes money in the free market by delivering the lowest prices and the best quality and service to its customers and the consumer. The market entrepreneur wins markets and beats out the competition because they are better and more efficient.The political entrepreneur uses the influence with government through various methods such as lobbying, political campaign contributions and networking with government bureaucrats to either win government contracts and make money or use this influence to get the government to make new rules and regulations and he is industry.The political entrepreneur will also use his influence to get government bureaucratic regulatory bodies at all levels of government to attack his competition. There is a big difference in market entrepreneurs and political entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, genuine Capitalism getting clobbered by political entrepreneurs coaxing government agencies to constantly attack market entrepreneurs.The economy and the free market and capitalism for that matter works better with the most efficient companies compete on a level playing field where the consumer and the buyer votes with their dollar for the best products and services at the best possible prices. There is nothing wrong with capitalism there is only something wrong with the way it is applied in United States of America. It could be done a lot better.Lance Winslow - Online Think Tank forum board. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; www.WorldThinkTank.net/wttbbs/

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***Is a 2X2 Matrix Marketing System Legitimate*** I bet if y unimarter UniMarter
***Is a 2X2 Matrix Marketing System Legitimate***

I bet if you have been on the internet very long you have seen a few programs that market themselves with a matrix system. In the 2X2 matrix, the recruit would sponsor two and those two would sponsor two, filling the 2X2 matrix with six people.There are questions by many whether this is legal or not. That is almost like asking if concrete is legal. It really depends on how it is used. The matrix system itself is not illegal, unless it is used to perpetuate a fraud or a transaction or exchange of money without any substantial product or consideration for the money spent.The 2X2 is limited in its width, but is still based on a pyramid with three levels. Level one has 1 person, level two has 2 people and level three has 4 people for a total of 6. A pyramid is not illegal in itself unless it is a pyramid scheme designed to separate people from their money and not deliver any goods or services in exchange.If a company or individual is selling a product and uses a matrix system as a means of measurement then it certainly is not illegal or fraudulent. If the person parting with funds receives a tangible good or service for their money regardless if there are other considerations or possible bonuses for doing so, then that transaction is legitimate.There are many products being marketed with a matrix system. Usually you fill up a matrix and move up to another level, which measures your performance and entitles you to move up to the next level, which has greater rewards for filling it.You most certainly should do your due diligence to check out any program before you become involved with it, but don’t let names, titles or fears rob you from benefiting from these legitimate programs.As long as there is immediate transfer of goods or services and not just a promise of hot air, you are good to go. Then there is the question of the main product the system is marketing. Is it a good product? Is there a great need or market for the product? Is it something you could see yourself being involved in with pride?The biggest question of all is, will you be left on your own after you give up the money? There are many great programs around, but even a great program, great marketing plan and exceptional product does you no good if you can’t sell.Oh yes, someone has to make contact, and make sales. There are systems now springing up designed to answer this difficulty. Some systems now offer to do the selling for you. Now isn't that nice. You get leads and let someone more equipped on the team do the talking.I know that most of us fit into that category. Who wouldn't like to have a sales force built into their new business venture?No doubt there are opportunities popping up and you have to be careful to choose the right one for yourself. I am involved in a few of these myself, so I have had to make many of these choices.Do your homework. Check everything. Check it again. Make sure of the people involved. Take your time. If they want your money before you get much information, run for the exit.Any legitimate company will be willing to give you most any information you need to make a decision. If not bid them goodbye. There are some great opportunities to make some real residual income. Just make sure you do your homework before you take the critical step.But don’t become paralyzed with fear to the point you can’t be objective or you might as well unplug your computer.Free Vacation Offer
Author Terry L. McGee resides in West Virginia with Wife Valerie. He is an internet marketer and writer. For more information call 304-210-2297 of email tmcgee@charter.net.

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***How to Value Your Business*** There are many ways of putt unimarter UniMarter
***How to Value Your Business***

There are many ways of putting a value on your company. One method is to analyse future income and profits. This process is known as the investment approach to valuation. To produce accurate figures the vendor needs to make calculations based on the amount of income that is likely to be generated in the future. This income then has to take inflation into account.
There are a few things to consider when evaluating your company’s future earnings:1. Past profit
2. Future orders
3. How is the sector performing
4. Will any new owner have to carry out any essential improvements?
5. Economic growth of the area/countryOther methods that can be used when attempting to find a value for a company are; asset based, market approach and income approach. All these methods are tried and trusted, however all of them will produce different figures. In fact there are that many the whole processes that produce differing amounts it has made the whole process more complicated.I like to use simple methods one I use is that a small company should sell for 1.5 to 2.5 of there annual earnings; this method will give you a benchmark to start with.I would always aim 10% higher than what I would like to pay as that leaves natural space for negotiations.If you would like any more information on this subject then please visit our website at www.bizseller4u.com.Peter Arkwright recently retired from the military; he is now the Managing Director of Bizseller4u Ltd - Providing business solutions in sales, advertising, funding, debt collection and recovery plansThis article is free to republish with the signature block

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