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***Play Fair, Get Fare: The Business of Video Game-Testing*** unimarter UniMarter
***Play Fair, Get Fare: The Business of Video Game-Testing***

When asked about their concept of heaven on earth, many video game maniacs would answer it is the limitless opportunity of spending their whole time playing new and interesting games. What if?angels existed under the disguise of video games developers? And the wildest dreams of the gamers became true? Spending hours playing video games can even be well-paid by some advanced video games companies, if you become an official game-tester of the new products.To become a game tester is even easier that you may consider it. The only thing that is taken into consideration is your true devotion to games. What you need is one video game system to get started. You don?t need to be a professional to be hired as a game tester. ANYONE can test video games, with the single pre-condition that they are older than 15. If you are a video addict who cannot live a day without playing, that job would be the perfect opportunity for your future career. The payment for testing varies between $9- $80 an hour. What is more, you may keep the games that you tested as a present from the company.As if that weren?t enough, if you work as a game tester, you get the loosest possible working schedule. No-one can oblige you to fill up a certain number of hours testing. The weekly payment depends on the hours you spent playing games and on the completion of a given assignment. But the games are so interesting and innovative that you probably won?t feel your time being consumed by the cruel economic system.As a game-tester myself, I have been earning my salary in that way for 4 years. I must admit that the pleasure is enormous. I have about 300 XBOX game library from the games that I have tested.Finally, I suppose that the logical question has already propped up in your minds: Why ME become a tester? Why not anyone else? BECAUSE THE COMPANY NEEDS YOU. Video games developers need an ordinary customer to play their new games and assess them. The emphasis they put on the testing is that everyone?s opinion matters, and yours can help them elaborate the games and make them more competitive with the other companies? products.If you are already hooked on the opportunity of becoming a tester, visit my Website and consider it a Game Tester Guide. It will help you find a job as game tester sooner than you have imagined.Article by Robbie Darmona. For more information click here get paid to play

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