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Thanks to this portal you will be able to get acquainted with the technical specifications of each car trailer, which have been made in accordance with European standards. Each car trailer complies with traffic regulations and, importantly, meets all safety rules during transport and movement among other road users. On the UniMarter portal you will find information on where to buy car trailers and some tips for good use and maintenance of car trailers.
7-pin trailer electrics plug Automotive shop UniMarter

7-pin trailer electrics plug

  Gross price: 7.00 PLN
  Availability: 8 products available
Adapter, reducer for car hook socket from 13 to 7 pin Automotive shop UniMarter

Adapter, reducer for car hook socket from 13 to 7 pin

  Gross price: 10.00 PLN
  Availability: 10 products available
Adapter, reducer for car hook socket from 7 to 13 pin Automotive shop UniMarter

Adapter, reducer for car hook socket from 7 to 13 pin

  Gross price: 10.00 PLN
  Availability: 4 products available

Browse the offer of car trailers for sale Marketplace UniMarter

Car trailers make it much easier for drivers who want to transport any goods of different sizes and weights. From the whole range of Neptun trailers available for sale in the UniMarter store, we distinguish several varieties characterized by specific design and purpose. All Neptun car trailers have been designed to meet European Union standards in terms of quality and safety during the transport of goods. In the UniMarter store you will find single-axle and double-axle car trailers, platforms, for transporting boats, for transporting motorcycles and standard box trailers. For each model of Neptun car trailer, you can buy a whole series of accessories to further enrich it with additional possibilities and thus facilitate your work with the car trailer during transport.
Car trailer Neptun Pratik N5-155 ptw UniMarter

Trailer Neptun Pratik N5-155 ptw [GN101]

  Box dimensions: 155 x 114 x 30 cm
  Capacity: 450 kg
Car trailer Neptun Pratik N7-202 ptw UniMarter

Trailer Neptun Pratik N7-202 ptw [GN102]

  Box dimensions: 202 x 114 x 30 cm
  Capacity: 633 kg
Car trailer Neptun Pratik N7-202 ptr resor UniMarter

Trailer Neptun Pratik N7-202 ptr resor [GN166]

  Box dimensions: 202 x 114 x 30 cm
  Capacity: 622 kg
Car trailer Neptun Pratik N7-202 svw UniMarter

Trailer Neptun Pratik N7-202 svw [GN103]

  Box dimensions: 202 x 114 x 26 cm
  Capacity: 645 kg
Car trailer Neptun Pratik N7-202 ptd UniMarter

Trailer Neptun Pratik N7-202 ptd [GN129]

  Box dimensions: 202 x 114 x 30 cm
  Capacity: 640 kg
Car trailer Neptun Pratik N7-202 pts UniMarter

Trailer Neptun Pratik N7-202 pts [GN146]

  Box dimensions: 202 x 1250 x 30 cm
  Capacity: 630 kg
Car trailer Neptun Pratik N7-236 ptw UniMarter

Trailer Neptun Pratik N7-236 ptw [GN126]

  Box dimensions: 236 x 129 x 30 cm
  Capacity: 615 kg
Car trailer Neptun Pratik N7-236 ptr resor UniMarter

Trailer Neptun Pratik N7-236 ptr resor [GN167]

  Box dimensions: 236 x 129 x 30 cm
  Capacity: 605 kg
Car trailer Neptun Pratik N7-253 ptw UniMarter

Trailer Neptun Pratik N7-253 ptw [GN169]

  Box dimensions: 253 x 129 x 30 cm
  Capacity: 610 kg
Car trailer Neptun Pratik N7-263 ptw UniMarter

Trailer Neptun Pratik N7-263 ptw [GN104]

  Box dimensions: 263 x 125 x 30 cm
  Capacity: 597 kg
Car trailer Neptun Pratik PR160 UniMarter

Trailer Neptun Pratik PR160 [GN116]

  Box dimensions: 155 x 114 x 40 cm
  Capacity: 440 kg
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Car trailers Neptun - User guides - Authorized automotive dealer

The internet portal about car trailers has been prepared for people who intend to buy a new trailer or are already their users. On the website you will find descriptions of trailer models and guides related to the safety of transport and moving on public roads. It is really a manual for the operation and use of car trailers that can be used for car trailers of different models and manufacturers. Compliance with all rules of car trailer operation will be a condition for trouble-free, correct and safe work in the transport of goods or large objects. Remember that compliance with the trailer's operating instructions will also be a prerequisite for the warranty on the car trailer.

Hitching a car trailer before driving and transporting goods! Before driving a car with a trailer, it must be hitched to the ball hitch of the car. Each time, attach a safety cable that is attached to each car trailer or caravan. When connecting the trailer to the car, remember to attach the cable to a separate holder and not directly behind the tow ball. This method of attaching a car trailer will prevent the cable from clearing away from the towing car in the event of unhitching of the trailer while driving. Then make sure that the car trailer is correctly attached to the towing vehicle's tow hook (usually a passenger car or van). The ball head holder should be in a horizontal position. The lever lock pawl should be in the "locked" position. Perform a manual attempt to detach the drawbar from the towing hook to check that the trailer hitch ball is properly fitted. In the next step of attaching the trailer to the passenger car, connect the trailer's plug with the ball hitch socket. When disconnecting, do not pull directly on the cord. Finally, remember to always raise the support wheel attached to the drawbar of the trailer before every journey with a car or trailer on the road.

Before driving with a car trailer, check wheel bolts for tightness and tighten them with a torque wrench, if necessary. It is important to tighten the wheel bolts every 500 kilometers. When driving with a car trailer, the coating of hubs and rims will wear and the screws may loose. For this reason, you should not forget to tighten them.

Checking the lights in the car trailer before towing

Every time before towing a car trailer make sure that the lighting functions properly. Of course, all lights are checked by connecting the plug to the tow hook socket. Errors in the functioning of lighting in a car trailer can be checked using a suitable device or a second vehicle.

Possible sources of lack of lighting in the car trailer are: the plug has not been properly connected to the socket; the trailer lighting plug is dirty or tarnished; the plug cable is corroded or torn out; damaged bulbs; contacts in lighting are corroded as a result of moisture.

Lack of lighting in the car trailer can also be caused by defects in the towing car: defect of the socket to the lighting plug; for some cars, the electrical installation is constructed in such a way that the fuse blows - it is recommended to install a more powerful fuse; a detailed description of the electrical installation of all car trailers can be found on the attached wiring diagram and it contains all the elements making up the electrical installation in the trailers (nominally Neptun car trailers).

Questions and answers (FAQ) about car trailers

Can I register a car trailer of my own production?

Generally yes. You can register your own car trailer. However, for one piece it is completely unprofitable. Normalization of regulations in the European Union has led to the fact that the cost of legalizing a trailer design, obtaining approval and inspection costs for placing a trailer in service for one piece is so high that it is unprofitable for a private person. If you want to buy a trailer for your own needs, the best solution would be to buy it in any car shop, where the trailer already has all the documents and is ready for registration!

Do I have to take out mandatory liability insurance for a car trailer?

Yes. In Poland (European Union) there are regulations that impose the obligation on car trailers users to take out compulsory third party liability insurance (civil liability). Detailed rules for buying insurance for trailers may vary from country to country.

What accessories can you buy for a car trailer?

Each category of car trailers, sometimes also each model, has its own unique design. Most trailer manufacturers anticipated the possibility of buying additional accessories that will facilitate the transport of goods. In order to check what accessories you can buy additionally, go to the subpage of the given car trailer model. There you will find its specification and a list of accessories matching the given trailer model. Some may overlap between models and some of them will be unique. Each product / accessory has been assigned a unique article number by which it is recognized. For car trailers, you can buy supports, clamps, additional boards, tarpaulins and various types of handles.

How to care for and maintain Neptun car trailers?

Each Neptun car trailer or other trailer manufacturer should be properly cared for and maintained so that it is ready for transport at all times. In addition, the condition for maintaining the warranty is regular maintenance and compliance with the basic operating conditions of car trailers. This guide applies primarily to Neptun car trailers but also to car trailers from other manufacturers, because their designs and principle of operation are very similar. Our goal is to provide practical advice for all users who have a towed vehicle for transporting goods.

Cleaning Each car trailer should be cleaned with water, which is required after transporting aggressive substances. When cleaning the car trailer Neptun with water, avoid direct contact with the ball coupling parts, wheel hub, wheel bearings and lighting. For even better protection of the car trailer, each user can additionally cover the sides and drawbar with a layer of neutral wax to better protect the vehicle. We usually carry out similar cleaning and maintenance operations on passenger cars and it is worth not forgetting about them also at the car trailer.

One of the structural elements of every car trailer that is exposed to standard wear is a ball hitch. Here, too, you should remember to regularly clean the ball hitch to keep it functioning as long as possible. Before long trips on the road with the goods, it is worth checking whether the towbar mounted ball hitch does not have slack, which must be corrected. In the event of loose play between the towing ball and ball coupling, the owner of the car trailer should check the cause and replace worn parts immediately. When working with a car trailer, remember not to use the hitch handle (handle) to pull or guide the trailer around the yard. When taking care of your car trailer, remember another thing so that the ball hitch is always lubricated.

How to properly store a Neptun car trailer for a long time? Here you will find practical tips on how to store a Neptun car trailer if it is immobilized for an extended period of time. In this case, the manufacturer recommends all users to do the following. First of all, you should wash your Neptun car trailer and protect it with a thin layer of sheet metal preservative. You should also garage such a Neptun car trailer, i.e. it is best to place the vehicle for transport under the roof. In order not to occupy a large area, you can put the car trailer vertically on hardened ground, resting it on special carriers located at the back of the car trailer, or place the car trailer on the goats. A stable and dry surface is required for proper storage of the car trailer. You must know to avoid moisture and snow cover in such situations. All accessories (such as tarpaulin with frame) must be removed. Parking the car trailer must be done with the participation of a second person. Be careful of sharp edges of the car trailer. Activities should be carried out in protective gloves.

How to replace a light bulb in a car trailer? Replacing bulbs in a car trailer is not a complicated activity and should be handled by every user. Access to the bulbs in the car trailer is possible after unscrewing the screws fixing the optical elements from the luminaire (lamp shade) and disconnecting the electric cable supplying the car trailer. The procedure for replacing light bulbs in a Neptun car trailer should be carried out according to the further instructions. We proceed in order: unscrew the lamp shade in the car trailer, replace the burnt bulb, check all contacts and screw the lamp shade on the end. Car trailers usually use the following bulbs: direction indicator, fog lamp - 12V / 21W; rear lamps + stop, license plate lighting - 12V / 21W / 5W; front lamps, license plate lighting - 12V / 5W.

Connecting cables in lighting electric (plugs, sockets, electric wires). Protect all plugs from dirt in the car trailer. It is imperative to avoid moisture so that the contacts do not corrode. Always ensure that the cable is attached to the chassis with clamps. If the electric plug in the car trailer was damaged for repair, the attached diagram can be used at the UniMarter automotive service. Remember that all lighting materials in a car trailer have a limited life. The plug and cable are also subject to natural wear and must be replaced as required.

Changing the wheel on a Neptun car trailer If the tire is damaged when the car trailer is loaded, follow the further instructions. Secure the car trailer against movement: apply the handbrake in the vehicle and block the opposite wheel. Loosen the wheel bolts. Place the jack base on firm ground and support in the center of the frame or axle. Undo the fastening screws and remove the wheel (protect the thread from dirt). Install a new wheel. Slightly tighten the wheel mounting bolts evenly crosswise. Lower the car trailer and remove the jack. Tighten the wheel mounting bolts evenly crosswise. Check the tire pressure in the replaced wheel. After changing a wheel, it is recommended to balance it at a service station.

Corrosion protection in transport trailers! After driving with a car trailer on salt covered roads, wash the caravan and apply a protective layer of wax. In the case of zinc coating defects, chips, pitting, degrease, clean, dry and apply 2 or 3 layers of cold galvanizing agent (e.g. aerosol zinc). All metal elements of the car trailer are protected by a layer of zinc. The goal is corrosion protection. Because zinc reacts for a long time with oxygen in the air, some surfaces darken. This is the result of oxidative processes and at the same time it is not a defect. The protective layer is not resistant to acids, salts and some chemical agents. Zinc corrosion white corrosion does not under any circumstances reduce the corrosion resistance.

Periodic inspections of the car trailer performed by the user!

For proper maintenance of the car trailer, further actions are performed by the user. The first inspection should be carried out after driving 100 kilometers, and the next after every 500 kilometers. Such a review made by the car trailer user includes a general inspection of the technical condition. Visual inspection and checking of the function of the ball hitch, axle mounting, drawbar, wheel bearings and lighting. In addition, after driving 100 kilometers, and then after every 200 kilometers, check and tighten the wheel bolts, axles and drawbar fastening regularly. After 100 kilometers and every 500 kilometers traveled, check the tightness of the bolts securing the drawbar under the chest on selected models of Neptun car trailers. Every 300 kilometers, it is recommended to check the condition of tires and pressure in the wheels of the car trailer. Every 500 kilometers, lubricate individual structural elements of the car trailer. Lubricate hinges, locks and ball joint joints.

Before each use of a Neptun car trailer or other car trailers, inspect the technical condition, in particular the efficiency of the ball hitch, the running gear and the tilt protection of the drawbar. The ball joint and the ball bearing points should be regularly cleaned and lubricated. Maintain tire pressure according to the manufacturer's instructions and carry out ongoing tire checks.

Spare parts for Neptun car trailers is recommended to use only original factory spare parts. When ordering spare parts, please provide model and year of manufacture, or identification number on the nameplate.
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