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Turkey for a vacation is a public tourist guide to Asia Minor, combined with a description of the history of selected places. Every year Turkey is visited by several million travelers from around the world, which proves its great tourist values. Discover Turkey now with UniMarter magazine in one place!

On a perfect summer day we went to the local restaurant!

On a perfect summer day we went to the local restaurant, then headed up to the restaurant's main counter and sat down for a sandwich. I looked down and found my favorite sandwich, not a sandwich at all, but a steak with a good dollop of cheese on it,...

What is computer?

For many people, the computer is a basic working tool. A common misconception is that the computer is a means of getting things done but if you're doing it with a program, no one will understand it. In fact, it isn't. The computer can be used to do a...

How to build website?

Creating your own web page is more difficult in the beginning but it can soon become so easy once you take that first step and learn how to code. The easiest way to master websites is to think of them like products: their value is what they offer,...

How to feel relaxed?

If you have insomnia, some people try to relax by staying awake and feeling light or quiet (for example, a short nap in bed). If you're too tired to nap well, you might still feel alert once you go to bed. Sleepiness and restiness can cause people to...

Discover the fascinating history of Turkey and tourist attractions at your fingertips...

Get to know Turkey before you visit it in person! Read about its history and check what is worth seeing while being there. An online tourist guide to Turkey has been prepared especially for you with a description of the most interesting places to visit. This guide will also allow you to explore different regions and cities of Turkey in a systematic way. We make every effort to ensure that the content presented is interesting for every reader and allows you to explore the history and geography of Turkey in one place.

Using the potential of the UniMarter magazine, we want to present our readers at every step to the history of Turkey and discover the most valuable treasures of Asia Minor. With us you will not be bored...
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